his chubby cheeks and his face glows

beneficial (m)

word count: 13780

a/n: this literally took weeks to write and plan, and i’m so happy with the way it came out :)

|| You’ve been friends for as long as you can remember. So you guess it has its perks.

> Friends with Benefits! Jungkook


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New environments were never a comforting thought for a young child. Y/FN Y/LN was no exception. Having moved into a new suburban home close to her kindergarten, Y/N didn’t have many friends to begin – if any at all. The world seemed too big for her tiny mind. Five years of living and Y/N was still as shy as they come.

The first day of kindergarten arrived, and Y/N wanted to show off her new glitter shoes – the ones that glow and sparkle in the sunlight when she’d walk. Of course, she was way too shy to ever ask her classmates what they thought, and to her, it was almost as if they never cared. Swinging her feet as she sat in her chair, listening to the teacher introduce herself, Y/N bowed her head, shamefully staring at the shoes she thought would bring her friends.

A tiny, chubby cheeked boy with straight black hair turned his attention towards Leg-Swinger, her pretty hair put up in pigtails as her shiny shoes rocked back and forth. His straight and stern face was tough for a fellow five-year-old, his eyes staring at the little girl across the room intently. Diverting his attention back to the teacher, the little dark-haired boy began to swing his feet.

Mrs. Park had finally released the tiny children, sending them off to the playground. The sun beamed down as Y/N sat on the edge of the sand box, her tiny legs burying her shoes and hiding the glitter. It was embarrassing – all the other little girls had regular pink Barbie shoes and the boys had their trucks and racecars. Y/N had glitter.

“I like your shoes, lady.” A tiny, squeaky voice piped up from behind Y/N, making her tiny body shake and whirl around. Her eyes landed on a timid boy, his hands wringing the hem of his shirt as his hard gaze met her surprised face.

“Y-you do?” Y/N questioned, pink rushing to her cheeks. A reassuring and forceful hum rumbled his throat as he nodded vigorously. His black hair bounced as he nodded.

“I’m Jungkookie,” the little boy nervously pointed, “Who are you, lady?”

Y/N’s nose crinkled as she crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m not lady, Jungkookie.”

“Then who are you?”


“Y/N,” Jungkook swallowed, “You’re pretty.” He blurted out before running away, the dirt flying from his shoes as he ran.

“Wait!” Y/N called out, watching him disappear into the playground slides. Turning back to face the shoes buried in sand, Y/N’s legs slowly pulled out, letting the sand fall off from the glitter.

Someone actually likes her shoes.

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am i the only one who's noticed louis gained a bit of weight? i noticed at coachella his tummy was squishy when w/ danielle it was super flat and in these new pics his face looks a lot fuller. harry's put on a bit of weight too his cheeks look extra chubby i'm happy mia time together is treating them well they're both so giggly and glowy :')

they always emerge looking even more angelic than they did before whenever they’ve spent time together i call it the Husband Glow™

Healthy Fighting | KS

Pairing: Husband!Jin X Wife!Reader

Summary: After overhearing a conversation Jin had with BTS y/n couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious about herself. She felt like she wasn’t enough to fufill her husband’s needs anymore and soon finds herself starving. Jin notices the lack change in y/n and one day decides to find out what’s going on, only to find her doing something that breaks his heart.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Warnings: Mention of Sex?

Word Count: 3,300+

Note: To anyone who has suffered with an eating disorders or depression because of their weight, please understand that you’re beautiful the way you are and don’t need to change who are at all. Stay strong and fight the battle, don’t give up yet. I love you.

Jin had been at the studio all day, y/n glanced at the time and realised that she should go get some food and bring it to him and the rest of the group. She knew they had been practising hard for their next tour coming up and they all would be very hungry. She quickly jumped up from the couch and grabbed her keys and wallet, she was currently in a black baggy t-shirt and some grey sweatpants. Some sandles on her feet and her hair in a messy bun, she was only going to see BTS so it wasn’t a big deal to get ready. Jin and y/n had been married for a year and a half now and they hadn’t had any big fights in their relationship. Just little bickers of Jin telling y/n she needs to take care of herself and not get lazy and eat, she always said she would but she couldn’t deny that she had gotten a little more chubby. She arrived at BigHit Studio fairly quickly with three bags of food ready to be eaten. She walked in and began making her way down the hallway and seeing the door slightly open and the loud voices of them all. “Yah!~Tell us. What’s wrong?” She heard the voice that belonged to Yoongi ask. Just as she was about to open the door to surprise them with food she heard her name leave a familiar voice’s lips. “It’s y/n…” She wanted to walk in and just ignore that he had something to say about her but she wanted to know what he was going to say. “She’s…been alright. But it’s just…she hasn’t been taking care of herself properly. And she hasn’t noticed it yet but I have, and she’s gotten fatter. Like the bad fat. I want her to lose some weight but I don’t know what’ll she’ll say. But if I leave it she’ll just get worse and soon she’ll be big that she’ll hate her body. I know it sounds horrible but…y/n is fat.” She didn’t understand why it hit her so hard. Even when he had a caring tone to it, the words burnt in her skin forever. She could hear it going all through her head again, saying it over and over. She didn’t realise that Jin felt that way about her and her body. She gripped her stomach, feeling it sit in her hand when she realised she had gotten fat. She shook her head and sighed, finally going in and acting natural. “Hey!” She yelled with a fake smile on her face as she stepped in. Jimin was about to say something but decided not too since she was in there. Jin was a little suspicious and thought she might have heard that but saw how she acted and had a sigh of relief she didn’t hear him say that. She sat down next to her husband as he popped open the container lid and snapped the chopsticks and got right into it. “You going to eat anything jagi?” He asked looking at his wife of a year and a half curiously. She had to think of something quick. “I ate before I came. And I’m not really hungry.” She said, feeling her stomach grumble the slightest but no sound was made from it. She sent him a smile and he smiled back before pecking her soft lips and starting a conversation. Y/n sat there feeling disgusting and hungry as she watched them eat, as much as she wanted too as well she knew she couldn’t. She decided that starting from now she was going to get skinnier. But she didn’t want to tell Jin otherwise he would interrogate her until she told him why. It started getting late and all the containers were practically empty. Y/n was almost falling asleep on the floor, her eyes closing before popping open again to try and keep herself awake as long as she could. The song ended and a very sweaty and hot Jin walked over to his wife, brushing some hair behind her ear as he smiled at her sleepy face. “Alright guys! I think I’m going to go home now. Y/n is really tired and I don’t want her to drive home tired either. I’ll see you all later.” He said leaning down and picking her up. Y/n pretended to be asleep as he carried her, she knew that Jin wasn’t all that strong but he used to be able to carry her like she was an empty box. She could hear the small grunts and curses he would make every time he almost dropped her. “Shit.” He said almost dropped her when fishing out the car keys, he managed to unlock the car and placed her in the passenger seat. Putting her seatbelt on and closing her door, before running around to the drivers side and getting in. Y/n did end up falling asleep on the drive home and Jin had to carry her sleeping body inside. He loved y/n, he really did. But he just wished she would take better care of herself. He layed her down in the bed and went to take a quick shower, shrugging off the tight jeans and simple white t-shirt he had been wearing it all day. He took a shower and walked into his cold room with a towel hung around his waist. He looked over at his wife, watching her sleep was one thing he loved doing. It may sound creepy but in his eyes it was the most romantic thing ever, he loved the way she would curl into a little ball when having a nightmare, and would begin to whimper. He had woken up to her crying in her sleep, and had to wake her up and wipe her tears away. He knew of her having bad nightmares in the past, he also knew about her sleep anxiety she used to get. He heard a small whimper come from y/n and watched as she began moving around, trying to curl into a ball. She yelped again but this time a little louder and he ran over to her. Hugging her body from behind and soothing her. “It’s alright baby. I’m here.” He whispered, kissing her chubby cheek softly before quickly getting dressed into some sweat pants and jumping into bed next to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and struggled a little when moving her body into his but he managed. He tucked his face in the crook of her neck and drifted off to sleep.

Y/n woke to see Jin was asleep next to her, his body that was hugging hers last night now laying back and his slightly toned chest glowing in the sun peeking through the curtains. She smiled and went to dance her fingers over the exposed skin but decided against it, he was up early yesterday and practising all day so she decided to let him rest. She also wanted time to shower alone and quickly go out to the gym before he woke up. She slowly stood up making sure not to make the mattress move around, she watched as Jin rolled over onto his side and hugged the pillow that she was just sleeping on. She made her way into their shared bathroom and ran the water and her desired temperature. She stripped down and her eyes scanned over her body in the mirror. Her hands gripping at the fat on her thighs and stomach. Her breasts had gotten a bit bigger as well. She could feel the tears in her eyes as the words she overheard last night returned to her mind. She couldn’t believe it, her own husband found her disgusting. Soon enough he would probably want nothing to do with her. He would move on to something else. She stepped into the steamy shower and felt the burning sensation of the water. She quietly hummed to herself as she tried not to think too much, but she couldn’t help the thoughts that ran through her mind. She didn’t even realise that Jin had woken up and gotten into the shower with her until she felt his cold hands placed onto her hips. She jumped at the contact and quickly spun around to her smirking husband. “Morning Jagi.” He smiled and she couldn’t help but hear the words in her head again. “Yah!~What are you doing?” She asked covering herself up as much as she could with her arms. “What? It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before.” He said laughing, y/n though felt gross whenever he looked at her now. Like she wasn’t good enough for him. She pushed past him and out of the shower, grabbing the white fluffy towel off the rack and wrapping it tight around her body. “Why’d you get out?” He asked popping his head out and looked at her through the mirror. “I was finished anyways. I’m going out to meet my mum later. So, I’ll see you later.” She said stepping out and into their shared bedroom. She tried to make herself sound casual and normal as much as she could. Y/n quickly got dressed and walked out, getting in her car and turning on the radio. She listened to the news playing as she pulled up at a small café, her mother sitting at a table outside with lunch ordered. She got out and walked over, exchanging hugs and kisses before they sat down. Her mother began eating but y/n just stared at the unopened container of food. “You going to eat?” Her mother asked with her mouth slightly still full. “I had a big breakfast with Jin, I’ll save it for later.” Y/n placed it in her purse, knowing exactly what to do with it when she got home. “Speaking of Jin, how is he? How are you guys going?” She asked before shoving more ramen in her mouth. “He’s good. He’s been working hard in the studio the past three weeks. They’re getting ready to tour again soon. But yeah, and I’ve visited them a few times.” she said and her mother nodded. They continued to talk for a little while before y/n decided to go home and rest a little. As soon as y/n got home she grabbed the container and threw it in the bin, her stomach growling as soon as it was in there. She walked over to the bowel of fruit and bit into an apple. She hated the taste at first but soon got used to it. I can be an apple person, she thought to herself a she continued to eat it. One apple led to two more as well. Jin had gone out to hang out with Jimin for the day so y/n had the house to herself. And since she wasn’t planning on being lazy she decided to go work out in the training room. Jin rarely used it, but y/n would now finally put some use to the equipment. She started with the treadmill, running 30 kilometres straight and not stopping. Her phone ringing stopped her and she saw Jin’s face and name come up on her screen, she turned off the treadmill and sighed. “Hey.” She said answering, feeling tired and exhausted. “Hey, are you okay? You sound like you’ve been running.” Jin joked lightly as y/n played along and laughed too. “No, I was just watching a scary movie and I jumped.” I said and he agreed. “Okay, well I’m on my way home. I’ll be there in ten. Love you.” He said as she wiped over her face with a towel. “Okay bye.” Was all she said, wiping her chest over too. Jin was in the car with Jimin driving and was confused. She didn’t say it back. Was she mad at me? He thought before looking at Jimin. “Jimin~ah…you don’t think that y/n heard what I said last night do you?” He asked but Jimin shook his head. “Ani, even if she did I am sure she would have asked you about it by now.” He said as Jin nodded but was still on guard. He doesn’t really think y/n would be stupid enough to start losing weight even if she didn’t hear him. “Get me home as fast as you can.” Jin said and Jimin took off, getting Jin home so he could catch y/n just to see if she was trying to lose weight. But y/n had already gone upstairs and taken a shower and was dressed and lying in bed online by the time Jin got home. He ran upstairs to see her laying there, a small smile on her face. “Hey baby, how was your day?” She asked and he smiled, panting from running inside and upstairs to see her. “Alright..I just…nevermind.” He said not bothering to even touch the subject, but he knew something was up. “I was actually wondering if you wanted Chinese for dinner tonight?” He asked and she nodded her head. “Yeah.” But she knew exactly that she wouldn’t eat it. She had already begun planning what to do so she didn’t have to eat.

“y/n! Dinner is here!” Jin called from downstairs as he set up the table and had containers of food out and ready to be eaten. Y/n didn’t answer or move from the bed, Jin wondered what was taking so long and went upstairs. “Jagi, you coming?” He asked and she shook her head with her hand placed on it. “I don’t feel so well. I’ll eat later.” She simply said faking a weak smile. Jin sent a smile back but inside he didn’t understand what was going on. She’s never been like this; she usually would be downstairs in a flash and eating with him. He thought to himself. He went and ate alone for the first time in a while, he looked at y/n’s seat that was empty. He ate a little more than he should have but he was stress eating. After the meal he placed the containers in the fridge for y/n to heat up and eat later on. But so he would believe her, y/n knew a way to get Jin to fall asleep quickly so she could throw away the food and he would believe she ate it. Jin went upstairs and got into just some sweat pants and laid on his stomach at the end on the bed. Watching the TV intently. Now it was time for y/n to make her move. She slowly moved from her spot and straddled his back legs. “Baby, what are you doing?” Jin asked before he felt the contact of her soft fingers running along his back. He loved it when y/n would massage and tickle his back, it made him feel more relaxed and it also made him very sleepy. In a matter of minutes y/n could hear the small snores leaving his lips indicating he’s asleep. She got up off the bed and went downstairs, opening up the fridge and taking out the small left overs he had left just for her. But what y/n didn’t know was that Jin knew she was up to something as soon as she began tickling his back and faked falling asleep. He crept downstairs and stayed behind the wall with only a slight bit of his face showing as he watched her in the kitchen. He watched as he saw her throw away the food and then cover it up with some other rubbish so he couldn’t see it. He felt so hurt. She heard me. He thought. He ran his fingers through his hair as he tried to think of what to do. He went back upstairs and laid back down on the bed, his back leaned up slightly against the bedframe with the blanket off him. Y/n came back upstairs and smiled once she saw him. “Hey, have a nice little snooze?” She teased crawling into bed next to him and kissing him passionately. He placed his hands on her hips and that’s when he realised that she had lost weight. A lot in just a day? He knew she hadn’t eaten all day and that was exercising earlier. He was kissing back but suddenly pulled back to tell her something he’s been wanting to say. “You’re beautiful. You know that?” He said looking straight into her eyes. Y/n just smiled and said “I know” but she just knew he was saying that because he didn’t want to tell her the truth. They connected their lips again to continue the hot make out session. He suddenly pulled back and got up, frustrated and in need to tell her how he feels. “It’s just—“ Y/n rolled her eyes and sighed, she knew this would happen sooner or later. “I swear that when I called you, you sounded like you had been…running?” He arched an eyebrow as he stood at the end of the bed looking down at her. She said with her legs tucked under her butt as her bottom lip caught between her teeth. “Oh, no. I went for a swim and was underwater and then came up.” She said, forgetting her excuse from earlier. “Y/n…” Jin said catching her attention. “I saw you. I saw you throw away the food. Why did you do that?” he asked and she sighed. She stood up and grabbed her pillow, ignoring his question. “I’m going to sleep on the couch.” She began heading for the door but Jin was quick to block her way. He picked her up and threw her back onto the bed. “No! We are going to talk about this! Is it because of what I said? Are you doing this because you heard me tell the guys about you?” He asked, tears were in y/n’s eyes but she wasn’t the only one. “I know what I said was hurtful and I regretted it as soon as I saw the way you were acting. I—I can’t w-watch you d-do this to yourself.” He said as tears began to slip from his and y/n’s eyes. He walked over and got down on his knees, grabbing her feet and pulling her so she was sitting on the edge. “Please.” He begged grabbing her hands and placing them on his cheeks. “I can’t watch you destroy yourself because I was an ass. You’re beautiful. You’re so free and sexy and I love every part of you. I love your cheeks.” He said leaning forward and kissing both of her cheeks. “I love your arms.” He said kissing her arms each. “I love your belly.” He lifted her shirt and layed a few kisses on her stomach. “I love your thighs.” He said peppering kisses on both. “I love your smile.” He said kissing her lips passionately. His hands tangled in her hair and hers in his. They both pulled back for air. “I love you y/n l/n. And don’t you ever think you need to change, because to me you are perfect.” He said smiling as tears ran down both of their faces. “I love you too…Kim Seokjin.” She said sniffling and smiling, and for once it wasn’t fake, or planned. It was real, and so was her kiss.

Part Two? 

All it took

- This isn’t something I really wanted to keep working on since another project caught my interest, so it may be a bit poorly finished and edited. But I might return to it and maybe extend it to a more reasonable length-

All it took was a phone call and David found himself on a three hour ride to a city not so unfamiliar to him. The car protested the long distance drive by giving threatening sputters and occasionally turning the radio off an on when hitting a particularly hard bump.

All it took was a faintly muttered, “David come get me,” and he was already speeding to his destination, getting there in half the time. Speed limits didn’t matter when a life could be at stake.

All it took were those few words and David’s head was reeling with unimaginable terrors. Visions of his hurt camper swarmed his imagination, pictures of shattered bones and echoing screams haunted him the entire drive.

All it took was too follow the sounds of sobbing and David found himself trekking through the maze of hallways into the only lit room in the entire house. David had let himself in to the large home, much too large for a family of three, and found himself almost tripping over two unpacked bags in the dark, that lay haphazardly thrown in the entry hall. They were decorated with familiar patches and badges that David had on his own pack.

All it took was seeing a shell of a child playing the part of the parent too a woman who only seemed just a few years older than David, and he knew what he had to do. There on a red cushioned couch, placed in the middle of an extravagantly decorated room, laid a young woman dressed in a short white dress, with her head buried in the lap of a nine year old with a mouth much too foul for Davids taste.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Max cooed, uncertainty ghosting over his words. He looked up from her dark curls that spilled over his lap in search for tissues and spotted him.

The two stared for a long time, Max exchanging a look of fear and David returning it with one of concern.

A high pitched whine came from the small woman.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Max whispered, stealing a glance down at the dark haired woman who clutched his pant leg so tightly.

He looked back up at David, who made his way over to Max and perched himself on the very edge of the couch next to the smaller boy.

The sudden shift in weight caused the woman to look up in a panic, fear coursing through her veins. David offered her a small smile, but her eyebrows creased in worry and she gave a confused look in return. Her brilliant blue eyes were bloodshot from hours of crying, they looked exactly the same as when Max told him goodbye only a day ago.

Max took after her, that much the camp counselor could tell. They’re skin both had been sun kissed, they glowed the same way, even the same thin black eyebrows. They sported same chubby cheeks, eyes, curly hair, and the same unsure look that David had received a million times from Max.

“Mom..” Max started, she quickly turned to look up at her son, awkwardly craning her neck too look him in the eyes. Max stared hard, his eyebrows upturned and his bottom clenched between his teeth. Realization flashed across her face, her bottom lip quivered and another sob tore its way from her throat. Max bit down harder, and David could see the hesitance clouding his eyes.

A conversation of looks passed between the two, and David watched on with baited breath.

Max wiped away a stray tear from her cheek and she her head bobbed in a nod.

She sat up fully and enveloped her son in a hug. David saw the bruises coating her arms, he visibly winced at the sight of them. Max pulled away from the hug and placed a kiss on her cheek after a few minutes. She set him back next to the tall male and looked to David.

She nodded at him, and he understood.

He gently scooped up Max, who in return wrapped his arms around his neck. He waved goodbye over David’s shoulder, she offered a tearful smile. The red haired male packed Max into his car, being extremely gentle as if Max would break with the slightest of touch, stopping inside only to grab the bags Max had laid in the entry hall.

They drove at the speed limit all the way back to David’s cabin, this time the car was more forgiving at the softer speed. No conversation passed between the two, just the soft hum of the engine and the flickering tune of the fritzy radio.

Max pulled a face when they arrive, of course David would live in a cabin, but settled once David assured wifi and Tv. When Max walked in he felt as though he was floating, his eyes drifted everywhere, to the green walls, to the ceiling that was covered in hanging plants. David had a decent set up, a tv and a gaming console, and decent but old furniture.

“I’ll throw some of your clothes in the washer, I’m assuming they haven’t been washed since camp. When I get back we can have some hot chocolate and talk.” Max turned back to David and nodded.

David patted his shoulder, and ushered for him to sit on the couch.

Max breathes a large sigh of relief, feeling more relaxed then he had in what felt like an eternity.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

destiny pt.1;

⇢ summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

⇢ relationship: jeon jungkook/reader, min yoongi/reader.

⇢ genre: supernatural, angel!au, demon!au, romance, thriller.

⇢ words:  4.3k

⇢ warnings:  depressing thoughts, attempted suicide.

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Rule I: Each angel is granted three warnings. If an angel sins, a warning is given. If an angel uses up all three warnings, that angel is stripped of their wings and cursed to live out their days as a human, with no guardian angel of their own to protect them from harm. When this fallen angel dies, they are headed for hell. No exceptions.

Hanging from above Han River, you couldn’t help thinking about how inviting the water looked below. You could already feel the icy water enveloping you, biting your skin until you felt nothing, as the same water filled your lungs and your eyes shut for the last time. That’s what you would have liked to have happened, at least. 

You were just seconds from letting go of the railing, thoughts of nothing but emptiness and calmness overtaking your mind, when a strong arm wrapped around your middle and you felt yourself being jerked backward roughly, right back onto the gravelly ground, nowhere near as peaceful as the water you had almost plunged into. Your eyes were shut tight still, the anticipation for death so mercilessly ripped from your fingertips that you all but screamed out of frustration. You shot open your eyes, ready to yell obscenities at whomever had dared play hero this time. This wasn’t your first brush with death, yet somehow, somehow, every time you got close to the edge, something ended up pulling you back. A phone call, a last, sudden thought of someone or something that you loved, and now this asshole.

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You should write something about Em and Ali in the hospital after Ali gave birth and each of the girls come in to meet the baby!!! :)

short but sweet (i hope) x

“you look beautiful” Emily mumbled, her arm wrapped around her girlfriend who was, frankly, exhausted, as she held their new born baby in her arms. One hand rested over Ali’s shoulder, the other stretched around her as she gently stroked her sleeping son.

“don’t say that” Ali blushed, her eyes not leaving her baby’s, voice weak. It was nearing 4 in the morning, but she couldn’t let herself fall asleep, she couldn’t bare the thought of being separated.

“you are” Emily repeated “I’ve never been more proud of you, Ali” She delicately pressed her lips to Ali’s forehead, breathing heavily. Ali smiled softly, her eyes burning a little but she refused to give in. “you need to sleep, baby” Emily said reluctantly “you’ve been awake for almost 24 hours” Alison shook her head stubbornly.

“Not yet. I wanna see the girls first. I want him to meet them” Emily chuckled softly.

“Please?” She asked “for me, go to sleep. The girls are in the waiting room which is where they promised they’d stay until we were ready for them” She let her hand weave its way through Ali’s hair, trying to untangle the knots that had grown their with her fingers, knowing that Ali would sleep easier with her hair straightened.

“I’m ready for them now, Em. Please” She swung her gaze upwards, a look she knew Emily could never resist. “I wanna see them”  She pouted a little, and Emily frowned. With a sigh, she pulled herself carefully away from Ali.

“Fine” she muttered “stay here. I’ll be two minutes” She kissed Ali lovingly on the lips before leaving the room, hating leaving her alone. She rushed down the hallway and was met with the 4 faces of her best friends, none of them even close to sleep as they sat in silence, waiting with bated breath. As she walked in all 4 heads snapped up, anticipation sweeping the room. Hanna jumped up, walking over to Em and hugging her as Spencer downed the last of her coffee and Aria grinned.

“It’s time” Em announced “come on, they’re ready for you” Hanna took her hand as she walked her through the corridors, none of the able to say anything because they were too overcome with emotion. When they reached the door, Emily took a steadying breath before pulling it open, and she couldn’t help but chuckle as she heard Hanna let out a little squeal as they walked in. Ali sat on the bed, cooing at their son, completely glowing. She looked up, and her face broke into the most angelic smile Emily had ever seen. Spencer smirked at her, cautiously walking forward.

“Baby” Ali whispered “this is your auntie Spencer” She said, happily passing her bundle of blankets into her arms. Spencer froze.

“Hi” she whispered, her eyes brimming with tears as they stared at his chubby cheeks, the little dimple hiding at the sides of his lips. Hanna stood eagerly at her side, Aria placing a restraining hand on her arm. “it’s a little surreal that you’re actually here” she said, her voice echoing disbelief. Ali laughed as Emily sat back down beside her, entwining their hands as she curled up into her chest. Spencer passed the baby to an increasingly eager Hanna, who already had tears falling down her cheeks.

“I’m your Auntie Hanna” she introduced herself with a sniffle “I know you don’t have a name yet but, you know, don’t worry your moms always did take the slow path” she teased as Aria wiped away a tear. “he looks just like you, Em” She muttered, her eyes fixated on him. Emily smiled proudly, as Ali looked up, her eyes heavy but thankful that she could witness this. She handed the baby to Aria who took him tentatively in her arms,stroking her thumb across his cheek as he drifted into sleep.

“I’m just Aria” she told him “and you’re very handsome” Emily raised her eyebrows but said nothing, not wanting to jog Ali who, despite putting up a good fight, was beginning to let her eyes droop shut. She handed him back to Emily as he drifted to sleep with a tiny yawn, who placed him into his bedside coat.

“How long until you guys can go home?” Spencer asked, taking a seat at the end of the bed, careful not to shake Ali. Emily shrugged, her eyes not leaving Ali as she resumed her stance next to her.

“Whenever she’s ready” she said simply “she’s been through a lot”

“You both have” Hanna pointed out, standing behind Spencer, placing a hand on either one of her shoulders. Tears raised in Emily’s throat which she unsuccessfully tried to squash as she watched Ali’s gentle breath, suddenly becoming overwhelmed with a multitude of emotions.

“Hey, are you okay?” Aria asked quickly, noticing her eyes dotted with red lines. Emily smiled, wiping away a lone tear.

“I’m more than okay” she said gleefully. “it’s just a little overwhelming” Hanna sighed.

“He’s the luckiest kid in the world, Em” She said comfortingly “you guys are gonna be amazing” Emily chuckled. Her gaze was still locked thoroughly on Ali, scared that something was going to happen to her if she looked away for even a second.

“I’ve never seen you so sappy” Spencer teased, trying to lighten the mood. Aria laughed in agreement, perching next to Spencer on the hospital bed and leaning her head on her shoulder.

“I know” Emily allowed “I didn’t think it was possible to love something as much as I love him” She said, her heart swelling. Hanna grinned, motioning to Ali who slept soundly in Emily’s arms.

“And her” She pointed out with a knowing smirk.

“Yes, Hanna, and her” Emily conceded “I didn’t know how I was gonna be able to love them both as much as I do” she attempted to explain her feelings “but it’s like, instead of having to half how much I love Ali in order to fit in my love for baby, it’s like, I don’t know, my heart as just doubled in size” She sighed contentedly, pressing her lips to the top of Ali’s head.

“It’s been a long time coming” Aria said “we couldn’t be more happy for you, Em”

“Yeah” Hanna backed her up” you guys are like, the most perfect lesbians ever” The room filled with hushed laughter, Emily sending a disbelieving smile in Hanna’s direction.

“I’m glad you guys are here” Emily said, finally allowing herself to look away from Ali. “and I know she is too”

“We wouldn’t have missed it for the world, Em” Spencer told her “you’re as much our family as any of our blood relatives” Emily smiled adoringly, not moving from Ali’s side but sending her appreciative smiles to each of them. And so they sat in quiet, watching both Alison and the baby sleep with loving glances, there to support Emily supporting her little family, remembering for the thousandth time that day how blessed they were to have each other.

Hardships & Joys

Characters: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 2448 words
Genre: Fluff
thank you @shadehasamagiccarpet (the numbers thing still has me weak) for inspiring lots of this

and @donewithjeon I think you might like this one ∩(︶▽︶)∩

The cold porcelain under your fingers grounded you from the sickening feeling of nausea cursing through your body. You could feel the cold sweat covering you, making your hair stick to your face as you knelt in front of the toilet, shivering from the cold tiles on your naked legs and the exhaustion of retching over and over again until your stomach was empty and your body worn out.

You leaned your forehead on your arm, resting in that position over the toilet bowl for a minute, waiting for another wave of nausea to hit you, when you heard his voice.

“Babe? What’s wrong?”

He sounded worried and it took you more effort than you would’ve thought to raise your head and look at him.

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GOM+Kagami’s favorite part of their Chunky S/O

Anonymous asked:  Like the one from free, Can you do Gom + kagami’s favorite part of their chubby/chunky s/o or one when there chubby s/o hugs them.

Coming right up dear Anon!~ I hope I do these basketball dorks justice with this! Enjoy! 

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Daiki Aomine:

This boy adored your ass and practically worships it on a daily basis. His favorite pass time is touching, caressing, nibbling, just any contact with your overly soft globes of flesh. Being the pervert he is, he’d always buy you those cheekster panties. “Come on babe, you walk around with no pants anyway, why not show that nice ass off?” Even in public he gets a feel and no matter how many times you hit him and scold him, he just can’t take his hands off you. “What am I supposed to do (y/n), it’s jiggling so deliciously, it’s practically an invitation.” “Jeez Daiki! Can’t you go a day without touching my butt?” He’d just smirk and shake his head, “Naw, besides, I think you like it babe.”*SLAP* “OW! What was that for?” “Pervert…”

Atsushi Murasakibara: This giant loves your big, squishy tummy and he tells you every single day, multiple times. He likes to rub it when you get tummy aches from eating too much candy with him and just using it as a soft pillow whenever he gets tired. “(y/n)-chin has such a cute tummy, so soft that I can nibble on it.” In public, he likes to drape himself over you, his long arms going straight to your tummy where he’ll rub, pinch and kneed it gently. “Mu-kun, we’re in public!” “I want to love on (y/n)-chin though…” He’d always try to get your to buy crop tops and tighter shirts just so he could see more of your belly since you like to cover up with baggy shirts. “My (y/n)-chin looks cute with these shirts.” He’d hold up the crop top and insist you try it on. “See, (y/n)-chin looks good and scrumptious…” “Mu-kun! Don’t say things like that!” “Why not? It’s true and I think I’ll eat you up when we get home.”

Shintarō Midorima: This megane boy loves your chubby hands that are always so soft. Every time he gives you your lucky item for that day, even just the slight brush against the plush skin of your hand can drive him wild. “H-Here’s your lucky item (y/n)-san, that’s a lovely color of polish you have…” He doesn’t like PDA that much, but sometimes he’ll just grab your soft hand and won’t let go unless you tell him too and even sometimes he acts like he didn’t hear you and continue to hold it. He’ll stroke his thumb over your knuckles which were still so soft and even run a finger down each of your digits lengths softly. “Shin-kun, I need both hands to eat this ice cream.” “Nonsense, I’ll feed you (y/n)-san, no reason to let go of your hand now is there?” He’d give your hand a squeeze and lift the spoon full of ice cream up. “I-I guess, you’re lucky I like holding your hand shin-kun.” 

Ryōta Kise: Model boy here loves your big, wide hips and he likes how soft they are compared to the bony hips he has to hold in photo shoots. When he gets to hold you, he feels like he’s in heaven and you’re his angel. “(y/n)-chan’s so soft, especially here.” He’ll latch his hands onto your hips and won’t let go for anything really. Whenever you stay the night at his place, he wants you without pants so he can see your hips sway when you walk and he’ll break out those puppy dog eyes if he needs to. “Please (y/n)-chan, you’ll be more comfy anyway and it’ll feel better when we cuddle!” “O-Okay Kise, just try not to grab my hips so much…” “I can’t help it! They’re so plump and they’re mine, they’re a wonderful part of my cute (y/n)-chan!” “Kise! I’m losing my balance!” Toppling to the bed, he’ll latch on and refuse to let go. “Just let me love you (y/n)-chan!”

Seijūrō Akashi: This absolute boy here worships your thighs like they were royalty on the daily. After a day of stressful meetings and dealing with everyone on the team, he loves laying his head on them. “(y/n), my princess, let me rest on these exquisite pillows for a moment, then I’m all yours.” Whenever you two are intimate, he loves to see you in nothing but thigh high socks. He loves the way they cling to your succulent thighs and he can’t wait to have a taste for himself. “Are you sure about these Sei?” You’d shuffle out shyly. He’d smirk and eye you hungrily, “Of course my queen, you look absolutely ravishing right now and all I want to do is take you over and over.” He buys you a lot of tight skirts and thigh highs and you’ll sometimes wear them out when you two go on casual dates, but even he can’t keep his hands to himself around you. “Sei! Stop coping a feel, we’re in public!” “I see nobody around love, let’s see if you can hold it in…” He’d move his hands up and under your skirt gripping your thighs. “Sei!!”

Tetsuya Kuroko: This quiet boy just adores your chubby cheeks. They’re just so squishy and plump just like you, how could he not love them? He enjoys not only making you laugh, but watching you laugh and the way your plumped cheeks would glow and jet out, it just brought a smile to his face. “You’re too cute (y/n)-chan.” You’d blush at his words which would make him want you more. “T-thanks Kuro-kun!” He likes to cook for you and even watch you eat just to see you cheeks fill up with the food like a little chipmunk which he calls you sometimes to your embarrassment. “Would my little chipmunk like more?” “I-I told you not to call me that Kuro-kun!” He’d put more on your plate and smile at you, “Why not, it’s true, you’re my little chipmunk.”

Kagami Taiga: This dork loves your ample chest and even though he tries his hardest not to stare, sometimes he just can’t help it as his eyes just gravitate towards the area. They suit you and your body and tells you every day, “(y/n)-chan, that shirt looks amazing on you.” “Taiga, my eyes are up here.” He likes to use them as pillows when you two are cuddling or watching movies, they make him less stressed. “I take it you’re comfy there?” He’d nuzzle his face into them and let out a soft sigh, “Very comfy. You’re so wonderful (y/n)-chan…” He buys you a lot of corsets to wear in the bedroom, ones with the lace and leather. Whenever he sees you wear them, he honestly loses his mind. “(y/n)-chan, you look so sexy…come here and let me show you how much I love you…” “I-It’s not too tight is it Taiga?” He’d lick his lips and shake his head, “It’s perfect, it’ll be on the floor in a minute anyway…”

How The World Changes.

Prompt: Could you write the finale from Jackson’s point of view?

A/N: Sorry that this took me forever to post! Hope it’s enjoyed!

His mother always said. For as long as he remembered, she would always say it. Repeat it. Whether she was saying it to him, or to a friend, or whispering it under her breath when something horrendous came on the news. She always said it. So he always remembered. He always promised to use it in his life.
‘Good people raising their babies right, that’s how the world changes.’

That pat phrase was one he always repeated, as soon as he learned he was going to be a father. He said it with Samuel, even when he lost Samuel. He said it when he found about this baby, and every time he thought about the idea of him raising a child. It comforted him, put his mind at ease, he was a good person, and he could do it, he could raise his baby the right way. He could change the world. But now, in this moment. He hates that phrase. It offers him no comfort, no help, it only creates a deep overwhelming fear in the pit of his stomach, because it didn’t matter how good of person he was. It didn’t matter how right he raised their child. It didn’t matter that he had the opportunity to change the world, it didn’t matter. None of it mattered, because he knew in that moment, he couldn’t raise a child without her.

Her screams were repeating in his head, over and over, she was so scared and in so much pain. He felt cruel for not trusting Ben, but he couldn’t. Every time Jackson felt himself trust him he remembered Ben killed a child. And a mother. He killed a mother.
And now here he was, he tried his best, to calm her, to be there for her, but now the line was cut off. Now any communication he had with her was gone. And this were this pain in his gut this deep burning pain when he thought about how he just has to beg Ben to save both of them. Beside him, Arizona was trying to reconnect the call as a tense but calm Bailey began making calls, to god knows who. “Jackson.” Arizona snapped, waking Jackson from his daze, “Did you hear Bailey? They’ve got an ambulance, with her, they’re directing her here. We are going to wait at the ambulance bay, and we will work from there, okay?” Arizona droned out, explaining to Jackson at patting his back as if he was a child. Jackson’s mind was elsewhere, as he struggled to focus on Arizona’s words, he nodded his head, as the two, with Bailey following close behind, still attempting to make phone calls.

As Arizona decided to prep an OR for April, Jackson and Bailey waited for the ambulance. Jackson expected a million thoughts to be racing through his head, his mind moving non-stop with every possibility, for him to have constant outlook on the fate of his child and his - April. That’s what he supposed would happen, when the worst is happening, you expect it to get even worse, that’s what he thought would happen. Yet, here he was waiting for an ambulance which carried his possibly dying ex-wife and child, and he was just blank. He was frozen. He couldn’t think about anything. He wasn’t going to get hopeful, because hope is dangerous, because if things do crash and burn, it’ll be even worse to fall from the high hopes, so you think, maybe it’s better to be completely negative, believe the worst possible scenario, just so you can experience that adrenalin from a good outcome. That’s what he believed, that he would think the worse, would have no faith or hope, unlike her, she would, well he thought in this situation he would be thinking the worse, you’d think he’d at least be thinking about something. But he wasn’t, his mind was blank, he heard no sounds, his vision was focused on where the ambulance would arrive, the thought on his head seemed to be timer, it was as if everything was moving in slow motion. Everything was so still, even with all the movement all around him, all the chaos, his mind was still, blank, empty. All at a pause.

The red and blue lights blinding his eyes, his minds only thought was move. Slowly everything began to un-pause, as he moved towards the ambulance, as the doors swung open, and he saw her lying there, practically lifeless, as he saw how all attention surrounded her, helping her breathe, fixing her wounds, saving her life, he had to scream her name, it was his only thought nothing else, he couldn’t think about anything else, just her, as he grabbed the ambu bag, rested his hand on her hand, anything he could do was for her, because in the moment she was his only thought.

From everything being still, paused, dead, just moments ago, everything was now moving so quickly, so rapidly. She was pulled away from him, to an OR, and it let him stop, let him breathe, and he finally thought about someone else. Bailey pulled on his arm, leading him away from the OR, “She’ll be okay.” She whispered. “Meet your daughter.”

A small gurgle was erupting from the tiny person, as Jackson took her into his arms, a small gasp fell from his mouth as he took in all her details, she had these soft, chubby cheeks decorated with her mom’s dimples and his freckles, her nose and mouth reminded him of April’s, as they sleekly spread across her face, her eyes locked onto his and he was met with her pretty mixture brown green eyes that was molded perfectly from her parents. her skin was similar to his and she seemed to have a soft glow surrounding her tiny body. She was perfect. “You look just like your momma.” He whispered to her, as she grabbed onto her fathers finger. “I love you, baby. Me and your mom, we love you so much.” He whispered down her again. Bailey watched down in awe, as Jackson sat down on a gurney, fearing still churning through his stomach at the thought of April’s fate, till Bailey assured that she was okay, that she was safe, that she was nearly out of surgery, and it he felt a deep feeling of relief spread through him as he completely agreed with what Bailey said to him, she’s got a strong mother.

Jackson went to wait in April’s room with their daughter in tow, as they moved April out of post op. Arizona promised him the surgery went well, that there would be no long term deficits. That she was lucky. Sitting on a couch in April’s room, he looked down at their daughter, she had latched onto his thumb and was making a constant string of new sounds which made Jackson’s heart beat harder every time. “Hi, baby girl. You’re gonna make me a promise okay? You have to do this for me, because I promised someone else this, but I guess I forgot, I let it go, and I ruined everything. So you got to promise me this, If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground, you say it, and you say it loud and you go from there. You’ve got to do that, you’ve got to stand up, and fight for love, even though I didn’t, I let her go, don’t ever let anyone you love go, okay?”

Hearing the door open, Jackson snapped up his head, watching as April tilted her head up from the bed she was being rolled in on, a glow practically surrounding her and a small smile was spread across her face.

“April, meet our daughter.”

Characterization through appearance

I still remember some of my very first character descriptions.  “He had golden hair and silver eyes.” DONE.

Except a character is more than just eyes and hair. Think of character description as a way to help characterize, especially if you focus on describing their face. For example, if your character is stubborn or uncompromising, perhaps they have a firm/strong jawline. If they’re sexualized, how about some nice juicy lips? If they’re more of a pessimist, maybe a pouted mouth or some angled eyebrows? It can even be a testament to their habits, which might speak to their personality. Maybe your character gets nervous easily or has anxiety. As a result, they’ve got chewed down fingernails.

Other things to consider:

  • eyebrows
  • face shape (round, long, flat?)
  • jaw/chin
  • lips
  • facial hair
  • nose
  • cheeks (high cheekbones, chubby/rounded, shrunken/thin?)
  • eyes beyond color like shape/size
  • hair beyond color like length/style

Here’s an example of one of mine:

The angel’s silver wings did not gleam in the town’s pathetic glow of light. Likewise, his angel’s tattered silken cloak of black and gold would not reveal him on this evening, when the night’s events would be invaluable as he neared his hunt’s inevitable conclusion. Only when he landed in the town square did he feel exposed, all too aware of his contrast against the snow-covered cobblestone. The angel threw back his cowl to survey the scene around him, revealing fair skin, shimmering golden hair, and a sharp, chiseled face set with determination.

It’s a physical description with a bit of commentary sprinkled in, but what do we get from it? The inventory of a “tattered cloak” can mean a lot—he’s too poor to buy a new one? He’s an outcast? Even if this question isn’t answered, if you can prompt questions in a reader, go for it. It’s only a physical description, but already you should have a sense of Tristan’s character before he can even open his mouth.

Another example. What can you glean from this one? It’s got a single line of dialogue so that helps with the initial characterization, but as far as physical appearance, what information can you glean from two paragraphs?

A beautiful, ivory-skinned woman stepped from the shadows across the square. Long, raven-colored locks tumbled down her bare shoulders. Her outfit was striking—a black, skin-tight dress, cut to reveal the more appealing parts of her body.

“Tristan, dear! How nice of you to show up,” the woman purred, fluttering her long black eyelashes. Her face was narrow and angled, with full, delicate lips and round eyes, resembling an exotic and alluring nymph. With the known experience of her effect on others, the demon grinned, her deep purple eyes gleaming.

While maybe these aren’t the best examples, don’t feel like you have to describe every detail of the character all in one go. Yeah, when they’re initially introduced you probably want more description than normal, but don’t give details down to the show size. Sprinkle these things out over a few chapters. Especially if it’s important to their characterization! Tristan’s blond hair, for example, is important to the storyline and his character, so it’s occasionally mentioned. Occasionally. Don’t bring it up every single page, or you reader will get annoyed or feel like you’re hitting them over the head with the “pay attention, stupid!” stick.

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drown. (yoonmin)

Yoongi has spent his whole entire life by the seaside.

He stands on the cliff overlooking the wide, blue expanse, hair whipping in the cold breeze. The salty smell of the ocean comforts him; he can almost imagine himself losing all control of his body and just letting himself fall, body hitting the waters below. It would creep into his clothes and seep into his skin before filling his lungs and crushing, suffocating, killing-

He jerks out of his reverie, breaths coming out short and fast. It was even worse this time round.

Yoongi has spent his whole entire life by the seaside.

And everyday, he resists the pull to drown himself in the dark, inky waves.


He doesn’t know when it started. Doesn’t understand why.

He just knows that it hits when he’s near the sea; when he can feel its breeze on his skin and taste the salt on his lips. It’s always been this way. He remembers when he was younger, being so terribly afraid of why he felt this way but even more terrified of what his parents would say, so he kept mum. He stayed away from the ocean for days, weeks, months, until he could no longer take it and burst out of his home and ran to the same cliff where he stood now, just barely resisting the urge to throw himself down to drown.

He could control it now, keep it restrained. But it was always there, beneath his chest and etched deep into his heart, threatening to spill.

It wasn’t the only thing he felt that was always there, though.

Yoongi’s eyes dart around, trying desperately to pinpoint where, where, where does he feel those eyes from? Staring, pulling him apart, wrecking him. He feels their intensity, and slowly he backs away as he feels pressure build up in his chest.

His eyes finally land on the dark blue waters. Impossible. He shakes his head.

Just before he turns, however, a movement from the corner of his eye turns his head towards the ocean below. The last thing he sees is a silver flash, and a shadow disappearing beneath the waves as the water ripples on the surface.


That night, as he gets ready to settle down for the night, he glances out his bedroom window towards the sea.

Their cottage, his cottage, was built on a small hill just above the cliff reaching out towards the sea. It used to be filled with laughter and love before his father disappeared without a trace and his mother died of a broken heart, before his brother left and never looked back and his sister threw herself off the very same cliff.

He was the only one left.

He tries his best to keep it as clean as he can, for he knows his mother preferred it that way. He is careful not to touch any of his siblings’ stuff, and not to disturb his father’s pipe. In the back of his mind, he wonders if it’s because he believes that one day he’ll wake up and his family will be back, hustling and bustling about like they used to.

Nothing but wishful thinking.

He lays a hand on the window, eyes still trained on the far silhouette of the ocean. Yoongi frowns, briefly remembering the flash of silver and the shadow that disappeared beneath the waves. Probably nothing but a fish.

He slips beneath the covers and blows out his candle, closing his eyes to the darkness that welcomes him.

Almost immediately his eyes open again, and he sits up, slowly, carefully, wondering why his movements are slow. He looks down and his heart nearly stops.

He isn’t in his bed.

He’s laying down on a bed made of seaweed, the green plant tickling his arms and legs as he moves to shuffle away. He looks up and realises that he’s not in his bedroom, either. He sees an opening at one end of the room and assumes that it must be some sort of cave. There is little sunlight illuminating the cave, but just enough so that he can make out pale, white sand all over the bottom of it. Corals are dotted throughout, and there is a curtain of seaweed hanging over the opening.

Yoongi tries to stand up and opens his mouth to call out-

-and realises he’s not breathing air.

He grabs his throat immediately, afraid that his worst dream might come alive. It takes him awhile to realise that he’s been breathing in water all this time- and he hasn’t drowned.

He exhales slowly, and breathes in again. It doesn’t hurt. He doesn’t feel the sting of pain or water filling his lungs.

Movement behind the curtain makes his head whip towards it. He staggers back, afraid of whatever might be behind it. But he couldn’t have imagined the great beauty that was now reaching a hand through the seaweed and carding it to one side, before gliding slowly in.

It takes Yoongi’s eyes a while to adjust, but slowly he comes into focus, and Yoongi gapes.

The creature before him is… beautiful. His upper body is chiselled bronze, chest hard and arms muscled. His face, however, contrasted greatly. Chubby cheeks that plumped up to a sweet smile, and warm brown eyes that stared straight into Yoongi.

But what caught Yoongi’s eye, what captivated him the most was the boy’s… tail. It started his waist, where shiny, silver scales gleamed and travelled down for about twice the length of Yoongi’s arm before it slowly came to a point, where two fins splayed out on either side. One more fin was attached at the back of his tail about halfway down and, just like the rest, glowed a silver light. It was difficult to stare at, the silver shining at his eyes, so he tore his gaze away from the tail and locked eyes with the boy.

A merman… Yoongi breathes, careful not to say anything in fear of scaring him off.

For a while, neither of them say anything. They just stare at each other, one mouth agape in awe and the other smiling in amusement.

The boy is the first one to break their silent game. He opens his mouth, and out comes the most beautiful sound Yoongi has ever heard, and it’s saying his name: “Hello, Yoongi.”

And Yoongi swears his heart skips a beat.


Yoongi is perched at the end of the bed, fingers idly playing with the seaweed bunched up around his legs. The merman, Jimin, hasn’t said much, just introduced himself and glided over to float in front of Yoongi. Yoongi tries not to look up at the boy’s face too much, partially because he didn’t know what to do, mostly because he couldn’t bring himself to look at someone so gorgeous. But he wants, and needs, answers, and he figures that if he just plays with seaweed all night he wouldn’t get them. So he clears his throat and looks up, “What am I doing here?”

Jimin stays quiet for a moment before, “You’re dreaming, Yoongi.”

Yoongi stares. And stares. He blinks. A dream?

“You’re not really underwater,” Yoongi doesn’t miss the implication of yet, “I just… I brought you here in your dream.”


Jimin bites his lip, and carefully he reaches out and cups the side of Yoongi’s face. Yoongi freezes immediately, body going numb and cheek feeling hot from where the merman is touching it. He flicks his eyes down and stares in concentration at the seaweed in front of him, refusing to look anywhere else.

“I’m one of the merfolk, as you can tell,” Jimin answers. “And I’ve been searching for my lost tide for quite some time now.”

Yoongi frowns at the pile of seaweed. Lost tide?

“We merfolk… we have this… process. Our lost tide is the one who we are supposed to spend the rest of our life with. Our… forever. You, Yoongi,” Jimin’s voice catches in affection. “You are my lost tide.”

Yoongi feels as if his whole body is on fire. He swallows, heart beating and mind whirring too fast. He’s- he belongs to-

He opens his mouth to tell Jimin that there must be something wrong, that he’s got the wrong person when suddenly Jimin draws his hand away and takes Yoongi’s hand, pressing something into it.

“I don’t have enough time left, I’m sorry.” Jimin stutters, desperately meeting Yoongi’s eyes. “Please, please, think about it. Think about me, and- and if you’re willing, just crush this pearl. I’ll come for you.”

He’s stroking Yoongi’s hand, thumb rubbing circles on the back. Yoongi finds himself nodding, even though he’s not entirely sure he’ll do as Jimin says.

“Goodbye… I hope to see you soon.”

And suddenly there are lips on his. Soft, warm lips on his chapped ones, melding and fitting to his. His heart speeds up and his breathing becomes laboured again, and he’s about to throw his arms around the boy’s neck when-

His eyes fly open and he wheezes, coughing and spluttering. Shooting up from his bed, he looks around to find himself still in his cottage. It was all a dream, he thinks, though a pang of disappointment pierces his heart.

That is, until he opens his clenched hand and sees a single, white pearl resting gently on his palm.


Yoongi stands on the cliff overlooking the sea again, holding the pearl up to his eyes.

It’s worth a shot, he thinks. He’s got nothing left here, nothing holding him back. If it turns out to be just some senseless dream he concocted, then he’ll just go back to his normal, lonely life.

He places the pearl on the ground before raising his foot above it, then bringing his foot down hard onto the pearl.

For a while, nothing happens. Yoongi waits for seconds, minutes, before he convince himself that it was just some dream he created to pine for a different life. He turns, when he hears a familiar voice inside his head, “Hello.”

Yoongi turns and sprints over the edge of the cliff, but he sees no one there. He frowns and the voice speaks again, “You have to jump.”

Jump? Yoongi turns pale. It’s his worst fear, the one thing that he’d never, ever do. He wouldn’t survive that fall; he’d drown almost immediately.

His thought is pushed away by the voice, this time gentler and softer, “I’d never let you drown.”

“I promise.”

Yoongi thinks about it. Thinks about how he’s got nothing left here, how he’s got nothing left to lose. Lastly, he thinks about how the voice sounded so… sincere and affectionate. Slowly, his feet find their way to the edge of the cliff. He closes his eyes and feels all control leave his body, before he pitches forward and falls.

He feels air. Wind pushing his hair back, wind pushing against his body as if it’s trying to stop him from falling. Too late.

He hits the surface of the water and feels its sting all over his body as he plunges down, the ocean enveloping him in a cold hug. It’s strangely peaceful as he drifts along, slowly running out of oxygen to breathe and losing the air in his lungs, when he feels a pair of arms circle his waist and the same soft lips he’d dreamt about last night crash onto his.

And suddenly he can breathe again. He gulps in water as the lips leave his, chest heaving up and down. Yoongi stares directly into Jimin’s face, still unbelieving, still thinking that it was all a dream.

Jimin brushes his nose affectionately against Yoongi’s and murmurs, “I told you I’d never let you drown.”

And Yoongi feels as though he’s drowning again, except this time, not in water.


All his life, Yoongi’s been afraid of drowning.

Now, however, he’s found that if it meant being able to be with Jimin, he wouldn’t mind it anymore.

He’d drown over and over again, if it meant being in Jimin’s arms.

The Littlest Winchester In San Francisco (Chapter 1 of 10)

(Note: This story is the second part in the The Littlest Winchester series. My readers liked The Littlest Winchester, which was a 5-chapter Destiel mpreg, so I’m doing a new 10-chapter story here about Dean, Castiel, and their newborn nephilim. You can see the entire series on Ao3 or on the Tumblr masterpost.)

Ten fingers. Ten toes. A pair of sparkling blue eyes still trying to open and examine the world. One halo, a set of wings, and one-half grace fusing every day with one-half soul. At least, that was what Erica’s angel doctor, her angel nurses, and Castiel each told Dean since he couldn’t see those things about her. Stretched out on the changing table, Erica didn’t look any different from newborn human babies with the exception of the piercing silver glow in her pupils when she cried. Her inner light reflected metallic silver, whereas Castiel’s inner light was a blinding bright blue because he was a full-fledged member of his species. It took Dean some time to get everything straight in his mind, but in the end, it didn’t really matter. She was his baby girl, right down to the shape of his chin miniaturized on her sweet face.

“Chubby Cheeks, did you know you’re a week old today?” he told the baby as he peeled off her dirty diaper. “What do you think about that? You got a college picked out yet? Better get on it before Uncle Sammy puts you in some baby Stanford program.” His head tossed back and he whistled loudly. “Woo, baby, what’ve you been eating? Yuck!”

Dean rolled up the dirty diaper into a tight ball and threw it in the garbage can next to the changing table. It was only the fourth morning at home in their little San Francisco apartment. Before that, the nurses at Dr. Galvan’s clinic had been taking care of Erica and Castiel almost exclusively for Dean. So when they came home four days before, he threw himself into learning the art of fatherhood. He’d had some experience before, though quite limited. Those kids weren’t his flesh and blood and somehow that made the instincts completely different.

He selected a diaper with pastel flowers from the plastic pack. Erica reminded him of little pink tea roses, sweet smelling (well, not with a dirty diaper) and delicate petals. It inspired him to buy things for her nursery with tea roses in mind or soft colors. Her skin’s soft pink undertone looked quite a bit like Castiel when his emotions flushed his face. Truthfully, Dean was enamored with that tiny little flowering life. He really didn’t care who knew it either.

Moving with the slowness of a person still recovering from major abdominal surgery, Castiel shuffled into the baby’s room. He held onto furniture as he walked.

“Dean, I just got off the phone with Jody,” he announced, a bit agitated.

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Loves Me - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Koriand’r
Summary: Part 2 - Father & Son. In which a promise is kept.
A/N: The biological universe. To spite Bruce/in a moment of weakness, Talia and Dick come together. While he missed the birth, he was told of Damian’s existence as soon as he was born. Due to other life struggles - namely, her father - Talia relinquished custody to Dick, though the two aren’t on good terms. Whether Batman does or did exist in the universe is up to the reader.

Nobody | Loves Me | Like You | Love Me


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baby bangtan au #4

even a little hope can light up the dark

imagine a pocket sized you playing hide and seek with hobi in the woods. it’s nearly nightfall and the sky is lit up in brilliant purples and pinks and gold. you can clearly hear the 5-year old shouting out his countdown, and when he finally reaches ten, he screams, and you hear his giggling quickly increasing in volume as he dashes closer and closer to your hiding spot under the canopy of a large red-and-white-speckled mushroom.

suddenly, hobi’s giggling stops, and the eerie silence that follows send shivers down your spine. worried that something horrible has happened, you abandon the game and sprint out from under the mushroom. when you finally spot the little boy, he’s standing silent with his hands clasped to his heart. he sees you in the distance and immediately scuttles over, all the while keeping his hands pressed close together. he stops breathless in front of you, and when you look into his eyes, instead of fear, you see pure joy. he smiles his tiny heart-shaped smile and crouches down so you can see his hands. when he opens them, two little fireflies float lazily into the air. for a moment your faces light up with the honey-glow from their luminous bodies, and hobi pouts when they fly out of sight into the treetops.

after a few more seconds of straining your eyes to see the two escaped fireflies, you give up and sigh. it’s then that your eyes catch on something behind the small boy with his face still turned up to the sky. with a smile on your face, you tell hobi to turn around, and what he sees makes him reach his chubby hands to his cheeks as he gasps in awe. for the rest of the evening until you’re both called in for dinner, you and hobi dance and sing surrounded by the light of a hundred fireflies twinkling in the warm summer night.

baby bonus:
hobi ends up coming back outside to collect some fireflies in a jar. he later gives the jar to jiminie, and when you ask him why, he simply says that jiminie is afraid of the dark, and “hobi wants to give him the light.”

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To me narry seems really one-sided. Like Harry could definitely be in love with Niall but I don't see anything to indicate that Niall is even remotely interested in Harry.



LOOK AT THAT SMILE. HE’S LIKE “Jesus Christ, Harry is adorable. I love him.”

Those floating hearts are such an accurate representative of the hearts in Niall’s eyes.

What’s with the arm, Niall? Why are you so close? Why are you so fond?


In love or not, Niall has SO MUCH platonic love for Harry, and it’s still really important, okay?

not to be dramatic everytime suho smiles really big like this and he shuts his eyes really right and his whole face is shining and his chubby cheeks are glowing then i know that life is worth living

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Iwatobi and Samezuka boys seeing their newborn baby for the first time. Love the blog! <3

{ Thank you very much! c: }

Haruka:  He held the baby naturally, if a bit awkwardly at first, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his son.  Haru felt intimately connected to the child from the first moment he held him, and pulled him into a tighter, protective cradle.  A smile grew slowly on his face, inch by inch with every minute his eyes lingered, until he turned to his partner- beaming with teary eyes. “He’s here!”

Makoto:  Tears and laughter spilled out of the red-faced new father as he smiled radiantly at his daughter, bundled in a blanket held to his chest.  ”I can’t believe it!” and “She’s amazing!” were two of his many breathless exclamations, and he kept looking up from her to the other people in the room.  Makoto kept rubbing his face on his shoulder, trying to brush his tears away without jostling the baby.

Nagisa:  Love was always easy for him, he gave it away and wanted everyone he cared about to feel it.  But holding his newborn son, admiring the matted hair and chubby cheeks, made Nagisa consider his love on an entirely different level.  The father was unusually quiet, but when he turned his head away from the child to his partner, his wet, shining eyes and smile glowed with the awakening of a new side to him.

Rei:  The stress of the whole ordeal had him rattled, but he knew he needed to remain calm and supportive for his partner.  Only when their daughter was safely in his arms did Rei involuntarily drop his guard, his analytical side gone.  Quiet moments passed, as with gaping eyes he began to believe he really was a father now, and tears began to fall without his notice.  Nothing in the world was more beautiful than this child, he decided, and the sobs spilled out of his mouth- taught, wide, but undoubtedly a smile.

Rin:  The waterworks had began earlier in the day, flowing out slowly, without his consent, through gritted teeth and a deeply furrowed brow as the intensity of the situation escalated.  Rin’s focus shifted entirely when his son was passed to him, and the new father’s face relaxed, transfixed.  He ran a thumb lightly over his son’s hands, over his cheeks, cupping the child’s head in one hand.  Tears reemerged, falling faster and harder, but Rin couldn’t bring himself to care this time.

Sousuke:  If he wanted to, Sousuke could have held his newborn in one hand.  The doctors passed his daughter over after cleanup, and the mesmerized new father got his first real look at her   A still, open-mouth smile pulled his bewildered face up, and heavily lidded eyes observed every miniature feature.  Using only his gentlest, carefullest touch, he cradled the tiny child to his chest.  Parenthood became reality for him in this moment, emotionally overwhelmed him, and he silently promised the child everything he could ever hope to offer them.

Aiichiro:  His support was invaluable throughout the day, keeping a strong facade up over his terrified heart.  Holding the baby was what shook Ai, made him drop the guard he worked so hard to maintain for his partner.  His face softened, damp eyes cast down.  One or two stray tears were all that fell as he held his son close, closing his eyes and taking in the baby’s presence.  Ai had already handed his entire heart over to the child long before he was born, but in this moment where the reality was right before him, staring him in the face, he found even more to give.

Seijurro:  The new father couldn’t take his eyes off his daughter as she passed from doctors and nurses to him at last.  With a hand gently on the back of her head, Seijurro held his newborn daughter to his shoulder, leaning his head into her.  His brow furrowed around shut eyes, the tight corners of his mouth turning up and down.  When his eyes opened, a decisive broad smile appeared, and he looked to his partner, whispering, “I love her so much already.”

Momotarou:  Holding his newborn son for the first time had utterly silenced him.  Momo held a tiny hand poking out of the bundle of blankets, and his jaw relaxed, leaving his lips parted and ajar.  The baby would suddenly fuss and start to cry in his arms, and he would gently rock and hum to calm him down, startled every time.  The realities of parenthood intimidated Momo deep down, and despite how incredibly happy he was, these fears only became more real as he held the baby.  Holding him close, Momo’s eyes watered as he vowed to do his best for his son.

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josh blowin raspberries on chris's tummy !! josh rubbing his cheeks against chris's!! josh grabbin chris's lovehandles and loves them so much bc it's squishy and soft !! josh !! adoring !! every part !! of chris's !!!! body !!!!

oh my god i was about to go to bed but!!!!

YES!!!yes to all of this!! honestly josh absolutely loves chris’ doughy body and hes both so sensitive towards chris’ insecurities, understanding that chris also has bad days sometimes on which josh makes sure to focus on other parts of his body and avoids putting any emphasis on the parts chris doesnt like even if, dear lord, he loved them

as well as just being completely turned on by the littlest of things abt his boyfriend’s body. getting buzzed at a get-together w the entire group and josh, after a long night of teasing and unresolved sexual tention, noticing chris’ pudgy tummy being more and more reveiled as his shirt slowly creeps up while he sits there cracking jokes w everyone, a huge smile sitting on his face; complete with chubby cheeks that glow a reddish hue from the alcohol, and josh being unable to resist the urge to grab chris’ hand and steal him away to the nearest bedroom for ‘’just a second’’ aka a sloppy makeout session, feeling his tipsy boyfriend all over, and chris just being way too loud, as per usual, when they get hot and heavy, so everyone else knows exactly what theyre doing but josh doesnt even care at that point

chris and josh cooking together!!! movie nights w snacks and soft, warm cuddles!! josh snuggling up against chris’ chubby body and being held by his big n safe arms!!!!