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curious abt your take on 44!

44. “If you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice.“

“Hanzo, no. We’re not doing that.”

“And why not?”

McCree doesn’t answer, his gaze on the road ahead. If he looks at Hanzo, he knows he will falter, and then the argument will be over entirely. “Because. We already talked about this and decided. We’re not choosing again.”

“If you really loved me,” Hanzo says, his voice steely and cool, “there would not be a choice.”

McCree turns an incredulous look on him. Hanzo stares back at him, dark eyes beseeching, silently begging McCree to change his mind.

“Are you shittin’ me?” McCree asks. 

Hanzo does not answer, but tilts his chin up slightly, defiantly.

“Fine!” McCree shouts. He grabs the screen of the car’s GPS and yanks it forcefully towards him, typing in a new address. “We’ll go get goddamn sushi, instead of real food, if it makes you stop looking at me like that.”

Hanzo laughs, bright and victorious, and leans back in his seat with a satisfied grin. McCree tries to stay angry, but one glance at his sweetheart looking like a cat who got the cream and his anger dissipates completely.

He supposes it’s worth it to sacrifice the enchiladas that he really wanted, if it makes Hanzo look like that. He does love Hanzo, after all.

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What about RFA reacting to an MC with lost memories? The route proceeds like in the main game, until they start to ask questions about her personal life, what she did before the RFA... and her answer to everything is "I don't know."

I thoroughly writing this request anonny, it’s super interesting! I sort of made it a little bit angsty but mostly fluffy so I hope that’s alright! But regardless, I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung sighed, idly twirling the pencil he was holding in one hand while the other had his chin rest on top of it
  • His course work for his classes were tough, more difficult then usually and he needed help
  • Opting out of asking the other members, Yoosung dialed your phone number, whether you would help him or not didn’t really matter since all Yoosung wanted to do was talk to you
  • When you picked up, you and Yoosung casually talked for a bit until Yoosung started asking some personal questions
  • “Yeah my classes are too tough ya know? So are you still a student MC or did you have a job or something before you joined the RFA?”
  • Yoosung was met with silence but as he saw that you were still on he line as your voice came out in a whisper
  • “… I-I don’t really know what I did before I came to the RFA. I have no memories of anything.”
  • Nearly falling out of his chair, Yoosung gasped at your words unable to hide his surprise and immediately knew how to answer your response
  • “That doesn’t matter MC! We’re going to make all new memories together. I promise you MC, I’m going to give you the best memories imaginable!”
  • Yoosung did keep true to his words, after the party the first place he took you to was an amusement park where the two of you spent the day laughing and enjoying each other’s company
  • You felt Yoosung’s grip on your hand tighten as he reassured you that he would make your life filled with only happy memories


  • You were all that Zen could think about ever since your first word in the chat room
  • It didn’t matter when, he could have been at rehearsals, out to eat, or at home, you were always the topic on Zen’s mind
  • That meant lots of phone calls to you, something that you didn’t mind, until one particular night’s phone call that changed things
  • The two of you were on the phone and as he was finishing up his beauty routine for the night, Zen casually asked you
  • “It’s just so tough being this gorgeous, but it’s nice having you at my side. Have you ever had a boyfriend as beautiful as me before MC? Oh better yet, let’s tell each other about our past relationships to help strengthen ours!”
  • Zen giggled to himself by asking the silly request but when he heard you sniffling quietly on the other side he ceased
  • “To be honest, I don’t remember anything about myself or my life before I joined the RFA. It’s stupid I know but it’s the strange truth.”
  • Zen shook his head furiously, a new sense of determination building up within him as he exclaimed to you
  • “We’ll make our own memories together MC and they’re going to be the best ever! I promise you that we’re going to share a loving life together from this point forward.”
  • And Zen was correct, after the party he took you to plenty of musicals and showed you some of his past performances on dvd
  • One of the many memories that Zen wanted to engrave in your mind is his absolute love for you, and that was something that was easily accomplished by his acts


  • Even though it took her a while to trust you, Jaehee soon valued her friendship with you
  • Your phone calls to her greatly helped Jaehee by giving her a person to talk to and vent to when needed
  • So one night when Jaehee was stirring her hot cup of coffee, she decided to ask you some things about yourself since all she usually did was rant about her tyrannical boss
  • “Yes Mr. Han wants to start another cat project, this time to open up a beach only for cats. I swear his ideas get more peculiar by the day. Have you ever had a boss like Mr. Han before joining the RFA MC?”
  • When Jaehee was met with silence, she glanced down at her phone to make sure you didn’t hang up but she saw that you were still on the line
  • “This is going to sound made-up and dumb but… I don’t have any memories of before I joined you guys.”
  • Jaehee sat there with her mouth open, not quite sure how to process the information, but after quickly regaining her composure, Jaehee spoke in a firm and determined voice
  • “It’s not nonsense MC, I completely believe you. After the party I swear we’ll make so many good memories together.”
  • Jaehee kept her promise, especially after seeing how shy and somewhat confused you looked at the party
  • She took you to every cafe around the town, both of you determining which place had the best coffees and desserts and how Jaehee’s cafe was going to beat them all
  • Seeing you smile and laugh made Jaehee more happy then she could describe as the two of you continued living a life full of positive memories


  • The amount of emotions that you helped Jumin experience is something that he’ll be eternally grateful for
  • He’s finally found a woman who respects and loves him for himself and it for his wealth
  • So it was only natural for Jumin to want to know all about you and your life before you joined the RFA
  • He dialed your number, patiently waiting for you to pick up as he petted Elizabeth’s soft fur absentmindedly
  • When you picked up, the sound of your voice instantly made him smile as the two of you causally chatted until Jumin brought up some personal questions
  • “I wish that you were here now MC, Elizabeth’s fur is even more perfect then usual. That remind me I’ve been meaning to ask, have you ever owned a cat before? If you own one now tell me and I’ll send you plenty of food for them.”
  • As Jumin waited for your response, he felt himself become more anxious as you didn’t says word until your voice came out quietly
  • “I’m actually not sure if I ever owned a cat, you see I don’t really have any memories from before I joined the RFA.”
  • Jumin was truly stunned at your answer but swallowed his surprise as he answered you in a gentle voice
  • “It must be hard for you to not know anything about yourself MC. But I know that you’re an amazing, kindhearted, and strong woman who I’d be honored to create new memories with.”
  • So after the party, Jumin invited you to visit his garden with him, the two of you talking about yourselves until the sun rose the next day
  • From that day on Jumin helped you in any way that he could to help regain your memories while also creating new happy memories together


  • For the first time in a long time, Seven was able to be himself around you and always enjoyed your presence in the chat room
  • You joked around with him in the messages but listened to him whenever he needed to call you for serious matters
  • So Seven found it odd that he could barely find any information about you when he was doing a background check
  • Seven decided to call you one night to talk to you plus he wanted to find some answers so he figured casually asking some personal questions would do the trick
  • “I think that everyone should own a pair of glasses like mine, they’re so cool! I’ve worn glasses for a while now but what about you MC? Did you wear glasses when you were younger or do you have perfect eye sight because if you do, I’m so jealous!“
  • Seven laughed but didn’t hear anything in return, making him fidget with the strings of his hoodie wondering if maybe he said something wrong
  • “I um, I don’t really know. You see I don’t really remember much from my past. Actually, I have memories of anything before I joined the RFA.”
  • Seven felt his chest tighten, he couldn’t even imagine not having his memories so he promised himself to stop pushing you away
  • So Seven would take you star-gazing as much as he could, the two of you would talk about anything and everything
  • Seven wanted to give you the best memories he could so he thought that proposing to you would definitely help make that dream a reality

Any fans of the WB “The Batman” out there?

Remember that one episode that takes place in the future?

And in 20 years Bruce’s chin grew like, 3 sizes?

What the fuck was up with that???

being hoseok's girlfriend includes...

- being “couple goals” for all the other members
- having cute lil inside jokes that sound dumb but are really sweet and meaningful
- lots of quick tiny kisses on your nose + forehead
- playful hugs on the couch
- singing off key together to your favorite songs
- crying together from emotional kdramas
- walks on the beach
- him begging you to cook for him, thankful kisses when you do
- cute pda, heavy stuff reserved for the bedroom ;)
- hoseok showing off dance moves he knows you like
- gaming together even if you don’t want to, he’ll make you do it or ambush you with tickles
- sitting in between his legs during scary movies
- him resting his chin on your head; you seem super smol compared to him
- tennis on sunday mornings
-making random weird faces at each other
- facetiming whenever he’s gone, making more random sounds and aegyo poses*~
- “im bored come over” afternoon texts
- rapping to asap rocky in car rides
- annoying all the other members even though they highkey ship you
- wearing matching clothes
- going on bike rides late at night, with deep conversations on the way
- tons of love
- did i mention tons of love?

-admin grace;)

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He was supposed to be an  a n g e l  but they took him from that  l i g h t  and turned him into something  h u n g r y ,

something that  f o r g e t s  what his hands are for when they
aren’t  s h a k i n g .

He will  l o s e  s o  m u c h ,

and you will watch it all happen
because you had him first,

and you would let the world
break its own neck if it means keeping him.

Start by wiping the blood off of his chin and
pretending to understand.                                                                                      

Repeat to yourself                                                                                                

“ I  w o n ’ t  l e a v e  y o u ,

I  w o n ’ t  l e a v e  y o u ”                                       

until you fall asleep and dream of the place                                                             where nothing is  r e d .

W h e n  i s  a  m o n s t e r  n o t  a  m o n s t e r ?                                                

O h ,  w h e n  y o u  l o v e  i t . 


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Reaction HC's for Muu,Judal and Aladin if a girl approches them, being really shy,stuttering and having a red face. Somewhat trying to confess to them, stating they do not mind getting rejected but they watend to get it off their chest. Praising them, pointing out they really admire them and obiviuosly being really in love with them yet trying to be strong and bowing to them after theire done waiting for the rejection.


> Blushing, Muu will be taken aback by her sudden confession, not being able to neither reject nor accept what she just told him. Sheepishly scratching his chin and looking away, he’ll slightly lean forward, so that not everyone can hear their conversation right away, suggesting the two of them could go on a date some time, so he can think about her words once more, before having an answer to her feelings


> Normally it’s so easy for Judar to keep a collected mind, but a confession out of nowhere doesn’t even leave him unaffected. Staring at her bowing, he’ll huff, crossing his arms and turning away slightly, before replying that what she said isn’t anything new to him and he already heard these words ever so often. Facing her again, he’ll order the girl to straighten up again, adding that even though she’s not the most original, he feels like rewarding her courage in some way, inviting her to accompany him on a stroll around town sometime


> His cheeks turning light pink, he’ll urge her to stop bowing to him, taking a split second to look her deep in the eyes, once she raises her head. Taking a step back and breathing out worriedly, he’ll give her a big smile, thanking her for being so open with him, going quiet before adding, that as the things are right that moment he can’t reciprocate her feelings, but if possible would like to meet up again in the future and see where it takes them

Upcoming Seasons Anthology

So a few of you have seen me reblogging stuff about the @spnshortstories Anthology book. It’s a big collection of about 100 authors from the fandom, all getting together and writing gen or canon fics, all put into a beautiful anthology for y’all to buy! All proceeds will be donated (AO3 and IMAlive). 

There will be a kickstarter going up soon where you can purchase the anthology and I highly encourage y’all to check it out and signal boost it. (You can find a lot more information on the blog page linked above). A lot of folks have worked super hard on putting this together, and it’s a great piece of the creative beauty of the SPN Family. 

We were encouraged to share a line from our contribution to the fic, and here’s mine, from a fic entitled It’s Just Life, written for Winter

The pain on his dad’s and Dean’s faces as he held his chin high and walked into the night; he was sure those expressions would haunt him forever.

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193 with kenny omega? Please and thank you

You were quite, trying to hold in the moans as Kenny lapped with his tongue at your clit. Grabbing onto the sheets feeling your stomach on fire and toes curling. You were close, Kenny gripped your hips digging his nails into them as he watched you come undone. 

“ Good girl” he mumbles against your core. He pulls away with your juice dripping down from his bottom lip and chin. He swipes his tongue licking off as much as he can as he crawl on top of you. 

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Can we get Alaude with a really adorable cat soul mark? (I just love the idea of super intense characters paired with something mildly ridiculous!)

Thanks, it was fun to think about it!

🐱  - Alaude

- A little cat head in water color with a pink bow under his chin on his nape..? Really? Do you understand why he wears high collar now?

- When he first saw his as he changed in front of a mirror in the changing room, he was too shocked to even react, and when he was going down from the new, he checked every corner of the room, to be sure no one was around.

- He locked the door of the rest room and threw his jacket on the sink, looking into blue shaking hues, griting his teeth and with a frown he tried to wash it off..hard.. but nothing faded.

- He put a bandage on it as he Really doesn’t want anyone to discovers something like that, the guy needs to be taken seriously in his job and something like this, even if it links him to his Life-Love, would discredit him for sure.

- When he first saw yours as you put his coffee in a bag on a rainy day where he was late at work with a big bright smile, he answered with a snort, contempt painting his face. So.. with this innocent sweet face, not surprising you inherit something ‘that stupid’ as a symbol..

- He can’t help but come back twice a day to see you from afar until he finds the guts to approach you in a bold clumsy way.

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7. routine kisses where the other person presents their cheek/forehead for the hello/goodbye kiss without even looking up from what they’re doing. For Aveza and Lucian

Not really a hello/goodbye kiss and it kinda morphed into something different but eh.

It was one of those days when Aveza was on a roll.  She was working on an assignment Ravage had given her and she’d started early in the morning, rising while Lucian still snored away, and now it was near dinner and she’d hardly eaten.  Apparently Lucian noted this because he came into her office with a soft smile and a plate of food.  She barely looked up.

“Hey, sweetheart.  I know you’re busy but I brought you this.  You need to eat.”  He moved into her peripheral vision to set the plate down and, scarcely looking away from her computer screen, Aveza turned her cheek towards him so he could kiss it.

What she was not expecting was Lucian taking her chin in his hand and turning her face so he could kiss her mouth.  She quickly relaxed into the kiss, hands slipping from the desk and sliding into his hair.  It was a soft, slow kiss, the kind that always made her head spin, and she sighed when he pulled back.

“I’ve been ignoring you, haven’t I?” she murmured.

Lucian made a face.  “Who cares about me?  You’ve been ignoring yourself, baby.  Here.”  And he pushed the plate towards her.  “I’m not leaving till you eat.”

Aveza smiled and decided the report could wait.

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“We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

Harry had a short break before touring and you decided to make a quiet getaway. You’d gone home to visit family. Your hometown was a rural Midwestern American city where 80% of the town hadn’t even heard of One Direction let alone Harry Styles. Most of the town was old farmers and ranchers and their wives. The younger folks felt it was impolite to point out someone famous or make a big deal about his presence. Harry loved it. Maybe a little too much.

When you got out of your car he was immediately there to open your door and take your hand. You waited in line for coffee at the grocery store where he wanted to rest an arm around your waist. When you were picking out produce for dinner he had his hands on your waist and his chin on your shoulder. When you suggested ice cream for dessert you got a pert kiss to the cheek. All in public, plain view of anyone. It was a tidge shocking- he wasn’t much into PDA, at least not when it would be documented. He was an attentive boyfriend when it was just friends and family. It seemed that now that no one cared if he showered you with affection he was gonna give it.

By the end of the shopping trip you were actually getting a bit confused by it.

“H, stop touching me for just a sec,” you pleaded. “What has gotten into you?”

“Jus’ finally have the chance to be touchy in public,”he responded with a shrug. “Tryna feel normal fo’ a change.”

We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about,” you responded with a chaste kiss to his lips.

“I guess we have,” he said as he bit his lower lip.

“Hyung, what’s this?” Yoongi picks up the thick stack of papers, squinting at the content in the low light of the lamp on the stand beside Seokjin’s bed and sees Seokjin’s transcript of records at the very top. He had just slipped into their room after a productive night at the studio, peeling off his jacket and scarf, when he spotted the pile of papers on his work desk. He thought it was the usual drama scripts or contracts from variety shows that Seokjin has lying around everywhere in their room, but the logo of Konkuk University caught his attention.

“Hmm?” Seokjin briefly looks up from his laptop, eyes the papers Yoongi is currently perusing then turns back to the anime playing on his screen. “Just stuff I need for school. Sorry I must have left it on your desk. Just leave it there.” He juts his chin towards the edge of his bed, not planning to move from his position.

“But you’ve graduated.”

“I’m planning on taking my masters.”

“You’re going back to school?” Yoongi asks, incredulous. Memories of nights where Seokjin had to forgo sleep just to catch up with all his lessons, stressing over projects and papers and deadlines, attending classes on three hours of sleep after an exhausting week of promotions flood Yoongi’s mind. He remembers vividly how Seokjin’s bright demeanor dimmed when he missed yet another important exam, frustrated at his inability to balance idol and student life, as if he had a choice between attending his Media Studies class and K-Con halfway across the world. He remembers Seokjin going quiet the moment they stop recording, closing in on himself until one of the younger members gathers the courage to mess with him and pull him out of his thoughts for a while, offering respite in the form of loose hugs and playful teasing. He remembers that awful month when Seokjin had to take medication to reduce his stress before fans would take notice. He remembers Seokjin losing his appetite, rejecting an offered cake date with Hoseok for the first time in their friendship and shocking everyone. He had gotten so thin and Yoongi hated it. “But you hated school.”

Seokjin scoffs from the bed, pauses the episode. “No I didn’t. We just got too busy sometimes.” He shifts uncomfortably against the headboard and frowns a little. “Besides, it’s my fallback. Not everyone is going to end up a successful music producer, Yoongi.”

“You’ve got your acting career,” Yoongi tries.

“What career?” Seokjin smiles weakly at him, the knowledge of the scripts shoved under his bed, scripts from rejected roles over the years, heavy in the air. He closes his laptop and places it gently on his nightstand. “It’s just in case things don’t work out as planned. Life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. I’m just trying to soften the blow when it happens.”

And just like that images of Bangtan no longer consisting of seven members flash across Yoongi’s mind and his heart aches. He doesn’t like thinking about it, the fact that they’re getting closer and closer to their contracts ending, that maybe someone might not want to renew even if they all promised to stay together for as long as their fans wanted, that he might not live with the same idiots he’s grown to love over the years, might not have the same roommate anymore. Seokjin is the only member who has remained as close to the person he was when they debuted but that doesn’t mean he’s the same person. A lot of things can change in three years, even the ever reliable, ever sturdy Kim Seokjin.

He doesn’t know what comes over him then, what cosmic force pushes him to reach out and grab at Seokjin’s arm, but before he knows it he’s kneeling down beside Seokjin’s bed, cool fingers pressing into the warmth of Seokjin’s skin.

“Hyung, don't…” is all his lips can form. Don’t leave us. He tightens his grip, trying to convey his message through his exhale, traveling in the molecules between them, in the way their eyes meet. Don’t leave me.

This explicit display of concern is out of character for him that he half expects Seokjin to pull back, to laugh and tease, to remind him of their roles in the group and in their own lives. But Seokjin turns to him, eyes deep with understanding and says nothing for a few thunderous heartbeats.

Seokjin twists his captured arm to card his fingers through Yoongi’s hair and ultimately rests his palm against his cheek. Yoongi leans into it a little, hand hanging from it’s now loose hold on Seokjin’s forearm, eyes closing on their own accord. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to overwork myself anymore. I’ll be more careful.”

Seokjin pulls his arm back, places his laptop to the side and slips under the covers, turns his back to Yoongi and mumbles against his pillow, “Goodnight, Yoongi. Get some rest.”

It takes Yoongi an hour, two, three, until the dark outside has lightened enough to be noticeable even behind their dark blue curtains, of staring at his hyung’s back before he surrenders to the call of sleep. He dreams of sand slipping through his fingers and he wakes four hours later with a heavy feeling in his chest.

Seokjin’s bed is already empty.

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.