his chicken nuggets

Been working on something that required designing a young adult Ricardo pre-janitor era (and just a few years shy of his hair turning that signature Rick shade of blue). I liked how this test sketch turned out so I cleaned it up.

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Any chance you can explain the AIMH and chicken nuggets thing? I'm lost! And I can't seem to find anything that actually explains it...

LOL okay so some guy on twitter @’d Wendy’s and asked them how many retweets they’d need for Wendy’s to give them a year’s free supply of chicken nuggets. Wendys said 16 million. It became a viral thing and lots of celebrities and companies have been retweeting for him. He’s currently got about 1.8 million retweets.


So the Larries obsessed with AIMH are freaking out that he may actually dethrone their big and only Larrie accomplishment so are trying to @ him to tell him to stop because they won’t have his “nugget fetishizing” get in the way of their gay civil rights issue.

And that’s the story of how the Larries went to war over a tweet about chicken nuggets.

me six months ago: reaper and soldier have such a dynamic, dark relationship teemed with guilt and anger, and years of suppressed attraction that never amounted to anything, so now they feel lost and regretful for not using their years together wisely

me now: gabe betrayed overwatch because jack ate his chicken nuggets



exo as shoppers you see at the supermarket


• has to shop on a full stomach (last time he shopped hungry he bought too much food and it went to waste since he couldn’t finish them in time) 

• loves to meal prep so he has an organised shopping list

• his trolley is filled with lean meats, protein powder, vegetables, fruit and cat food

• has trouble reaching items on shelves sometimes, embarrassed to ask for help so he’ll just buy a different brand that he can reach

• he tastes the free samples and the way he eats make it look very delicious so other customers tries it and buys the product.

• prefers organic food if he can find them

• reads gossip magazines whilst waiting for the line to move


• has a shopping list written on a small notebook, crosses items off as he buys stuff

• his trolley is filled with the most basic ingredients needed to make classic dishes that will feed and please the whole family

• bulk buys items if they’re on sale (especially if it’s 50% off)

• he has multiple coupons to use from the newspaper and flyers

• it annoys the employees but he’s a regular so…plus he’s so polite

• still blows his budget for some reason

• brings his own shopping bags (environment friendly!)


• he did write a list, but he forgot to bring it

• is a regular shopper at this particular supermarket, all the workers know him and he loves talking to them

• “I’ll give you a little extra for free” says the deli workers since they love him (he is thankful but feels guilty at the same time)

• “Do I have some at home already?”. Buys it anyways. Already has 5 of them at home. 

• tries the free samples since he is walking past. He buys the item even if he doesn’t like it because the employee is so nice and he doesn’t want to upset them.

• helps the elderly customers use the self checkout machine and carries their groceries to their car

• after putting his shopping in the car, he’ll put the trolleys together and push them back to the store (people mistake him as an employee) 


• doesn’t buy groceries until his fridge only has a bottle of beer in it and only has one packet of instant noodles left

• he doesn’t really have a list, just as long he has the necessities and some instant noodles

• tries the free samples, but never buys the product. Comes back after 5 minutes to try some more

• places his trolley in the way of people trying to get past

• pushes his trolley like a racing car, he turns too quickly and nearly hits people. 

• goes crazy in the snack aisle

• holds up the line because he dropped his change on the ground 


• what’s a shopping list?

• he’ll know what to buy when he sees it

• goes in and out every aisle even if there’s nothing there that he needs

• wants to go in and out of the shop in less than 30 minutes but he is delayed because he helps people reach stuff on shelves because he is tall

• awkwardly leaves the cashier to run and get something he forgot

• accidentally uses a “card only” self checkout when he only has cash

• when he reaches home he realises he forgot to buy the one thing he went to the shop to get


• has a crumpled up piece of paper with a list

• plays with the security cameras, security workers are always amused

• pushes the trolley and then lifts his feet while going forward (wheeee~~)

• buys those bulk packages of water (24 bottles) 

• always visits the kid toys section

• enjoys reading the funny birthday cards in the party aisle (people can hear his laugh all across the store)

• forgets to put the divider for the next person after he finishes putting his items on the belt


• enjoys trying out new recipes so his list is different each week

• buys fresh ingredients, rarely buys instant food

• you can see him smelling each fruit and vegetable he buys

• he also struggles to reach things on high shelves, proceeds to step up the shelves

• “do you have anything fresher out the back?” “do you have this cut of meat available?” “why don’t you guys stock this anymore?”

• places his items on the conveyor belt in the order he wants them bagged

• feels flustered when he hasn’t put his change away yet and the cashier starts serving the next customer


• leaves his dogs outside and tells them that dad won’t be long

• he did write a list but misplaced it somewhere along the way

• his trolley is mostly bags of dog food

• loves his chicken: chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, whole rotisserie chickens etc…

• stays in front of a shelf a bit longer than normal people, he’s trying to think if this item was on his list. people awkwardly go around him to get an item.

• accidentally knocked into a tower of canned soup, helps re stack it

• uses the self checkout however he really should use the checkout with a cashier 


• he has a list, he just doesn’t follow it

• his trolley always has gummies, candy, chocolate and chips

• suho has to accompany him so that he does get proper food to eat for the week

• without suho, his trolley is filled with instant and reheatable food

• he’s that person that takes out an item he decides he doesn’t need and puts it on a random shelf rather than putting it back on it’s original shelf

• buys a lot of unnecessary items (”I do eat this often!” “Since when?!”) Item expires at home and/or goes bad in the fridge

• tries to sneak in extra candy and gum at the checkout but suho ends up taking it back out

On a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in late May, the boys taking El to McDonalds and, as they’re ordering their meals, Mike notices El staring at the play place with interest and a little confusion in her soft brown eyes. He realizes, all at once and with a sinking feeling, that crawling around in those plastic tubes and jumping into the ball pit are things that she never got to do as a child. He figures that, at that point, they’re too old to be allowed inside the play place, so he doesn’t mention anything. Yet, as Mike digs into his chicken nuggets, his brain is working a mile a minute, thinking about exactly how he can recreate such a quintessential childhood experience for El. Looking up from her hamburger, drawing her eyes away from the brightly coloured pool of balls in the other room, El asks Mike if everything is alright. He smiles at her and nods reassuringly.

The solution hits him as he’s falling asleep that night and he practically leaps out of bed and bounds down to the kitchen, where his mother is still preparing lunches for the next day. With haste, he explains his plan and his reasoning and begs her for both permission and help; though it doesn’t take much to convince Karen. She absolutely adores El and is more than happy to help bring Mike’s plan to life. 

A month later, on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in late June, Mike Wheeler turns fourteen years old. He had been planning to invite his friends over for pizza and a Star Wars themed sleepover, but as he answers the door for El, his stomach flips with excitement and he knows that this will be a hundred times better. Mike, blushing, takes the pink and polka-dotted gift bag she offers him and places it with the rest in the living room (the guys have already arrived and are waiting impatiently for El outside). 

Mike thanks her and asks her to close her eyes, informing El that he has a surprise for her. She looks at him sideways, her brow wrinkled in confusion. “But Mike,” El says, “It’s your birthday. You should get the surprises.” 

“Please, El?” Mike is almost whining and El can’t help but to grin, wondering what this surprise could possibly be. She closes her eyes, covering them with one hand for good measure. Mike takes her other hand in his, intertwining their fingers and leading her carefully through the house, glad that she trusts him enough to let him do so. 

“Ready?” he whispers as they reach the back door. El nods her agreement and hears the sliding door open, feels a wave of warm air hit her body as Mike leads her out into the backyard. “Okay,” Mike says, “You can open your eyes.” 

El’s eyes flutter open and her lips part into a gasp as she takes in the scene laid out on the Wheeler’s perfectly kept green lawn. There’s something that looks oddly like a pool a few feet off from where they stand. Except instead of water it’s filled with those brightly coloured balls that El instantly remembers from that day at McDonalds. A little further off is a large, almost balloon-like structure shaped like a castle swaying calmly on the grass. Dustin, Lucas, and Will stand, without shoes, by the castle, also swaying—though impatiently. 

Holding back tears, El turns to Mike and purses her lips. She’s unsure what to say; if there’s a word that means more than thank you. Instantly, she opens her arms and wraps them around Mike’s shoulders. He tenses for a fraction of a moment, before relaxing into the hug and shyly pressing his lips to the top of her curls, hoping the guys aren’t paying enough attention to them to have noticed. 

“Come on,” Mike laughs, “What do you want to try first? The bouncy castle or the ball pit?” 

The remainder of the afternoon is spent full of smiles and laughter; pepperoni pizza, and ice cream birthday cake. 

A Flash Before the Line Gets Blurry

Summary: Dan gets dared to date Phil Lester, a guy from his school who only dates people for seven days before breaking up with them.
Word Count: 8962
Song Creds: The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit - La Dispute
A/N: Based somewhat off of the yaoi manga, Seven Days ^_^ I’ve been writing this for like three months so I’m so relieved it’s done with! xD Enjoy xoxo. Also, thanks so much to @whalefairyfandom12 as usual for being my wonderful beta and for urging me on with this. ilysm!!!


There’s a rumour going around about a year 13 who only dates a person for seven days. Once those seven days are finished he breaks up with them, eventually continuing on to date the first person who confesses to him the following day.

Dan has never seen him before, but he knows that this guy’s name is Phil Lester and that he’s apparently so nice to everyone he dates that nearly the entire school jumps at the chance to claim him, hoping that they would be ‘the one’ to go over those seven days. Even if that has never happened yet.

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Interruptions ( Lin x Reader )

Request: okay, reader gets pregnant and is about to tell lin, but then something bad happens in lins life and he rants to reader, so shes like “okay, maybe i’ll put this off a little bit longer. no problem.” and so they try again, but there’s another problem, and there’s just always something preventing her from telling him and the bump is starting to show up and she’s getting more and more impatient and then finally there’s just like “LISTEN ! THIS EGGO IS PREGGO" -Anon

Warnings: curse words, pregnancy(?), vomiting.

Word count: 1,146

a/n: I took a break from writing after that week long write-a-thon haha. Anyways, I am back with MORE FICS. The next part of A Lovely Situation should be coming out sooooon. Enjoy this, and request anything!



You stared at the little stick that you held in your hands. Two lines. Positive. Oh my god. You couldn’t believe it, you and Lin had been trying for months, and all the tests were always negative. You never thought this day would actually come. You were actually, pregnant! How were you going to tell Lin? You stood up from the bathtub, ran to the kitchen and rummaged through the clutter on the counter, looking for your phone. Eventually, you found it and began to call Lin within a second, after 2 rings, he picked up.

“Hello, hello, hello honey. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Lin always sang that whenever you called him, and every time it made you giggle.

“Heya Lin, where are you right now?” You questioned, you couldn’t wait to find him and tell him to good news.

“I’m at the Richard Rodgers rehearsing. Whyyy?”

“Well I’m going to pop by!”

“Can you get me a snack? Please please please baby.” He whined in a playful tone.

“Of course, I love you.”

“I love you more.”

With that, you threw on a jacket and headed out to Lin’s favourite cafe. You smiled to every stranger you saw. You were pregnant, and you wanted to tell everybody. After a few minutes of waking, you reached the cafe and ordered a coffee with one cream, five sugars and a cheese toasty that Lin seemed to like.

When you arrived at the Richard Rodgers, the cast was just finishing one of your favourite songs, Yorktown.

“The world turned upside down!”

You squealed in excitement and clapped your hands.

“Ha! (Y/N) you look like a little kid!” Shouted Oak.

“Oak! Quit teasing her!” Lin tapped Oak and ran over to you, embracing you in a warm, tight hug. He loosened the hug and gave you a sweet peck on the lips.

“Hey honey.” His nose was touching yours.

“Hey Lin.” You smiled as the cast were shouting at the pair of you.

“Get a room you two!” Pippa exclaimed as she ran to her dressing room.

Lin realised you were still holding his coffee and toasty and took them out of your hands before kissing your cheek to thank you.

“Yes! Cheese Toasty!”

You glanced behind you to the stage and saw that it was empty. Taking a deep breath you held Lin’s free hand. He tilted his head and looked at you curiously, taking a bite of the food.

“Lin, I have to tell you somethi-”

Before you could tell him, you were rudely interrupted by Daveed.

“Hey Lin! Jav needs something from you!” He shouted.

“Oh okay I’m coming. Oh (Y/N) what were you going to say?” Lin asked you as he took another bite of his toasty.

“It can wait,” you told him as you realised maybe this wasn’t the right time to tell him.

“I love you, I’ll see you in a bit.”

You sat there and beamed a smile at him as he went over to the dressing rooms. Swiftly, you walked onto the stage, admiring the set as you looked up to the ceiling. Renée surprised you by walking up to you.

“Beautiful, right?”

Nodding your head you looked at your watch and it was 05:27PM and an idea popped into your head. “Hey, can you tell Lin I’m heading back home to cook some dinner?”

“Sure! I’ll see you soon (Y/N).”

“You too!” You said as quickly made your way home.

You arrived at the homely apartment you shared with Lin and you knew exactly how you were going to tell him. You started off by preparing his favourite food, chicken nuggets and potato chips. After an hour of slaving in the kitchen, all the food was laid out on the table with a few candles to set the mood. You heard Lin’s keys jingle at the door so in excitement you ran towards him as he came through. You put your arms around his neck and his arms were around your waist.

Lin gasped. “Chicken nuggets? Really baby? Oh I love you so much right now.”

“So you’re saying you don’t love me so much all the time?” You replied smirking

“Such a smart ass.” He laughed. “I can’t wait to eat the chi-”

The ringing of his phone interrupted him, causing him to flinch and grab his phone from his pocket, giving off an apologetic look on his face.

“Hello Alex!”
“A new addition?”
“You want me to hear it now?”
“Are you sure?”
“Fine fine.”

Lin hung up the phone, a sad expression took over his face.

“I gotta meet up with Alex, sorry baby for ruining our special dinner.”

Instead of frowning you grinned. “It’s okay! You can have it for lunch tomorrow!”

“Bye (Y/N)!”

As soon as Lin walked out the door a weird feeling hit your stomach. Oh fuck. You ran to the bathroom quickly and kneeled in front of the toilet as you hurled. This was one of the things you didn’t want to experience during your pregnancy. Ever. Yet again, another interruption was made, denying you from telling Lin about the baby you both had created. You stood up, flushed the toilet and went over to the sink to splash some water on your face. You suddenly didn’t feel like eating anymore so you put all the food in the fridge and went to bed. Your tummy still feeling weird.

The next morning, you opened your eyes as the morning sun was rising. You breathed out and smiled, you knew today would be a good day. Lin was by your side, facing you as his arms were wrapped around you. Maybe you would tell him when he woke up. You moved a little and Lin instantly woke up, you knew this meant that he didn’t get that much sleep.

“Heyo Old man Miranda.”

He laughed at this. “Mornin’ love of my life. What time is it?”

You raised your head up to look at the clock on the wall.

“It’s quarter past seven, so quite early.”

Lin bolted up and ran to the wardrobe which shook you. “Shit I’m gonna be late”
he shouted as he put his clothes on.

You took a deep breath and shouted “LISTEN. THIS EGGO, IS PREGGO!”

He stopped in his tracks and turned his body to face you, wide eyed. “No. No!NO fucking way. S-Screw the interview!” He uttered as he jumped onto the bed beside you and hugged you. Tears of sheer joy were brimming his eyes. “I-I’m going to be a daddy! You’re going to be a mommy!” His face was close to yours now.

“We’re going to be parents Lin.” You said as your voice broke.

You let go of you and put his face to your stomach, lifting your shirt up.

“Our legacy” he whispered.

“Our legacy” you repeated.

Remember that singer!Derek au Z sent in a while ago? Well I can’t shake it out of my mind. 

Imagine Stiles waiting backstage during a concert, mouthing along to the songs he knows by heart or just watching dreamily as Derek sings and dances.

Originally posted by ventus679

Originally posted by beyourownperson

Imagine the rest of the pack being in the band - Scott and Isaac on guitar, Boyd on drums (and Stiles sometimes) and Erica on backup vocals (and solos sometimes).

Imagine Derek pulling Stiles onto the stage to serenade him while the crowd goes nuts.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Imagine Derek riling the crowd up until Stiles is forced to sing with him, shocking everyone when they realise Stiles can actually sing.

Imagine all the cute tour photos that Derek puts online: photos of Stiles falling asleep on the tour bus or on a plane, of band practice, of their lunches out (and how much Stiles loves his chicken nuggets), etc.

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Imagine Stiles vlogging their tours, videoing all of them being idiots backstage or between shows.

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Originally posted by call-me-velvet-thunder

Imagine Derek drags Stiles onto the stage, stopping the show because he has an announcement to make and then he proposes to Stiles in front of 100,000 audience members.

Of Paparazzi and Succulents

Summary: Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.
Word Count: 10,927
Warnings: Mobbing fans, anxiety attack, swearing, sexuality denial
A/N: Special thanks to @humhallephan and @moondaniel for giving me editing tips, you guys are awesome! This was originally a prompt from an anon so I hope you guys like it!

Read it on AO3


Dan knew it was a bad idea to go outside. He knew exactly what would happen when he went out (he could hear the squeals and screams even now), but he did it anyways. All he wanted to do was to go to store to grab some more dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, but of course, he couldn’t enjoy the everyday luxury of going out to the store.

As soon as he stepped out of his flat, a hush fell over the street and he sucked his breath in, waiting to see what would happen. Then, not even two minutes later, he was being pushed, screamed at, and had sobbing girls crying into his shoulder.

And all he had wanted was some damned dinosaur nuggets.

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Hi! Do you have any fic recommendations already where Derek and Stiles are best friends? If you have, can you please link it? Thank you very much! I'm starved for these kinds of fics.

  • This MIght Be Irony by thepsychicclam (M, 38k) Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship. And it all begins with two white boards.
  • Little Dumplings by DevilDoll (G, 8k) “You and Derek are going to sit next to each other,” she said. Derek had already put his mat down off to the side, near the window, and was sitting on it, glaring at his Batman sneakers. “And you’re going to hold hands.“ "What?” Stiles blurted. He looked over at Derek, who was looking back at him, mouth fallen open in shock. His eyes were so wide that for once his eyebrows weren’t his most noticeable facial feature. “If you refuse to apologize to each other, you’ll have to make up another way,” Miss Blake said firmly, steering Stiles over toward Derek and standing there while he obediently—if somewhat grudgingly—put his mat down.
  • Mating Habits of the North American Domesticated Werewolf by lielabell (M, 35k) Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.
  • Help me get in touch (with what I feel) by alenie (E, 3k)  “Stiles, what happened?” Derek says as sternly as he can (which isn’t very). Nevertheless, there is a pause on the line, and a small sigh. “I was just…having some Stiles personal time, you know? And…I may have gotten something stuck. Um, in me.” “In you?” Derek says incredulously. “What do you…oh.” Enlightenment strikes. “Like, in your…” “Yes, in my butt!” Stiles snaps.

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I've read through all of your kid fic tag. do you know any more fics where stiles and derek grow up together? thank you so much x

Hello Anon! Fluffy here to answer your awesome ask! And can I just say, KUDOS at getting through our kid fic tag. That’s not a small feat. Anywho, there might be some repeats from previous lists, but in general these shouldn’t be repeats. Without further ado, here are the fics where Derek and Stiles are adorable little motherfuckers who grew up with each other and ending up loving each other. Goddamn this shit is too fucking adorable.

Of First Names and Lunch Breaks by frozenorange

3,133  I  2/2  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

General Audiences

His mom had told him that the best way to dissuade a bully is by ignoring him. Stiles finds out that the best way to dissuade a bully is Derek Hale.

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Saucery

3,895  I  one shot


“Hey, remember when we popped zits together? So sexy.”

Thrill (like white-hot wire) by raisesomehale

4,737  I  one shot


Stiles made the decision that Derek was his new best friend (and that he’ll one day marry him) the day he shared his dinosaur chicken nuggets with him.

A Thousand and One Firsts, But Only One Forever. by TheLoyalFriend

6,048  I  one shot


When Stiles was eight, he had panic attacks. He would sleep walk, block by block going further until he finally reached the woods.

When Derek was eleven he found some brat in the woods, asleep on a rock.

They fall in love.

Finding My Way Back To You  by myshadesofblack

6,464  I  6/?

Teen and Up

Childhood friends, Derek and Stiles were always close, really close. They got together in high school but somehow, it didn’t work, no matter how hard, how much, they wanted it to. Even with that, they grew closer. But Stiles is tired of waiting for Derek to want to be with him again, so when cute Danny Mahealani asks him out, he can’t help but say yes. But then there’s Derek, who came back for Stiles, who waited for him when he did his year abroad, who thought he’d give him time before he tried to ask him out again only to watch Danny steal the only person he’s ever loved.

Kick by Unloyal_Olio

6,616  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

Teen and Up

Derek is still trying to figure out what to do about this when a woman’s frantic voice comes down the aisle. “Baby, baby, baby—no kick. I’m so sorry. It’s a thing lately.” She waggles a finger at her son. “We don’t kick.”

Capes are Cool (but they don’t make a hero) by chantelle82

7,068  I  3/3

Teen and Up

The story of how Stiles and Derek fall in love and became heroes - to each other

little life-giver by The Byger (Byacolate)

9,039  I  5/5  I  part 2 of 3 of this series

General Audiences

It looked like Stiles. Mostly. But there was hair growing out the sides of his face, and his teeth were sharp, and when he reached over to grip at the side of the stall, his hands had become claws. And Derek had to cover his mouth before he screamed because never, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought he’d actually meet a fairytale monster.

Kiss it Better by rhymeswithmonth

13,795  I  2/2  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

General Audiences

Stiles at age seven had been thoroughly disillusioned about the notion of healing kisses. It hadn’t worked for his mama, despite his dedication to the effort, and hadn’t worked since for him. But one day while playing with his new friend Derek, Stiles had fallen off his bike and skinned his elbows, knees and palms badly on the pavement. He’d manfully tried to keep from crying, because Derek was older and would surly think he was a baby if Stiles burst into tears in front of him, but a trickle of moisture had escaped and leaked down his cheek. He’d been sure that it was the end, that Derek, cool, tall, fifth grader Derek with the shiny black mountain bike and best video games would realize that Stiles was just a wimpy little loser not worth his time.

AU where Stiles and Derek were best friends before the fire. Stiles deals with Derek’s four-year disappearance and the events that lead to their reunion. Stiles didn’t know about the Hales being werewolves.

The History Of Us by apostrophee

14,566  I  1/3 

Teen and Up

There isn’t a grand tale about how P.J. Stilinski and D.J. Hale became friends; it was really kind of a sudden, unexpected thing. They sat beside each other in class and one day D.J. asked to borrow a pencil. And that was that, a friendship was born over a needed-to-be-sharpened, dull number 2 Pencil and a mutual distaste for long division.

“Pretend this is our den, kay?” by Survivah

16,141  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 5 of this series


In which Stiles is raised by (were)wolves, and he and Derek are childhood sweethearts that never stopped. Also, Kate Argent is a homicidal maniac but a very helpful plot device.

Armor by Sarageek16

18,663  I  one shot

Teen and Up

Stiles is one of the seven Chosen, children born with the mark of Michael. These children could change the tide of a heavenly war. Derekel is the slightly jaded angel is sent to watch over him until that time. Though Stiles gets himself into potential crises more than any other Chosen that the other angels have—except, possibly, Dean Winchester, who actively hunts monsters—Derekel manages. It isn’t easy, but he does so with the help of the Timeline: an internal map of things that are meant to happen in Stiles’ life. So long as allows certain events to naturally take place without interference, he is able to see dangers and stop them. To deviate from the timeline is death. Every angel knows that.

Stiles doesn’t know the whys or hows of why a guardian angel popped into his life, but he’s having the time of his life teaching him about the Force and feeding him ice cream. And those eyebrows. Hilarious. Everything’s great—that is, until Stiles’ mom gets sick and Derek refuses to heal her. But Stiles will throw himself into dangers on purpose before he allows her to die because of some stupid timeline.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Some Walls Were Meant to Come Down by UnabletoPROCESS

20,293  I  7/?

Teen and Up

When Derek first met Stiles he crashed through the wall he had built around himself, literally.

the difference between going back and going home by thepsychicclam

34,219  I  one shot


Stiles and Derek were inseparable growing up, but then college, jobs, and life happened. When Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills a decade later, he doesn’t expect to reconnect with Derek, and he sure doesn’t expect to fall in love with him.

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

48,666  I  3/3


Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Lead You Home Again by GotTheSilver

49,962  I  one shot


The first time Derek meets Stiles, the kid’s brown eyes are wide, and he’s staring up at him with a mischievous grin as he tugs at the arm of Derek’s first ever Batman figure like he’s trying to separate it from Batman’s body.

An alternate take on Teen Wolf, wherein Stiles and Derek are childhood friends, and things unfold from there.

Dirty paws and furry coats by queerly_it_is

57,621  I  one shot


Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

[AU based on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound]

Yo! I hope you liked the list! Sorry it took us a while to get to it! College is a fickle and bitchy mistress. 

Love and internet hugs,

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Fox news wrote an article about Carter and his chicken nugget crusade being on the way to beat out Ellen for #1 most retweeted tweet, and they didn’t even mention AIMH 😂 They said “Before that, the most retweeted post was former President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election celebration, with “only” 940,000 retweets.” Which is true, AIMH has never been #1 and now it’s not going to be runner up either. 

Love Me Like You Love Chicken Nuggets

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Rating: Teen 
Genre: some angst, some fluff & some humour.
Word count: 4,213

A/N: For @dontcallmemarge​! I hope you enjoy it! And blame @wangcrusher​ for the title which is kind of the best 💕

Jungkook does not look delicious. Jungkook does not look delicious. Jungkook does-

Ah shit, who were you kidding? Jungkook most definitely does look delicious dressed in a pair of light wash jeans - more than a little distressed - and a loose white tee. He completed his outfit with his cherished Timberlands and ran a hand through his hair, messing with the blonde locks to give him the fresh-out-of-bed-but-still-sexy look that had your heart feeling weak. Curse him and his good looks.

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anonymous asked:

You don't have to be old to understand that stoick is ABUSIVE. He never listens to hiccup, like when hiccup says he doesn't want to fight dragons and stoick MAKES HIM ANYWAY. Or when he tells hiccup he's not his son...oh but it's all ok because once hiccup is cool stoick loves him. Stoick is an asshole and he's not a good parent, and if you think he is then you're probably abusive too.

Ok.  Um…First of all, no.

Second, since we clearly didn’t watch the same movie, lemme explain a thing.  Stoick listens to Hiccup.  He doesn’t get him, but he listens.  It’s not his fault everything Hiccup says is totally absurd.  Like, “I caught a Night Fury”?  Yeah, ok, kid.  No one has ever caught a Night Fury.  And to throw your own words back at you, it’s just like the last few times, Hiccup.  I know you didn’t actually catch one.  Look at this fucking mess you made because you blatantly disobeyed me.  This mess I’m going to have to clean up.  You disobeyed me, son.  You disobeyed me as your father and as your chief.  Go home.  You’re grounded.

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