his chicken nuggets



Here are some alive Noah headcannons because I hate myself

  • Noah was 17 right at the peak of the Emo (2006-2008 I’m not sure) so you cannot convince me he didn’t wear eyeliner on certain occasions. BUT it was tasteful and didn’t make him look like a raccoon (maybe he wore it bc it was pretty the world may never know) 
  • was actually really funny. when he was trying, and even when he wasn’t. he couldn’t go anywhere without making someone laugh
  • REALLY picky. probably only ate chicken nuggets. his mom always had to make a separate meal for him
  • also had a ton of food allergies but it was always weird stuff that no one eats anyways
  • he would use it as an excuse not to eat at friends’ houses though because no one knew if he was lying or not 

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Dear people insulting Dylan’s beard,

He was in a traumatic accident. He’s been recovering for five months, hopefully eating his fill of chicken nuggets and napping. Facial hair does not equal homelessness or poor hygiene. You would probably not bother to shave your legs if you were in his position. He is still every bit as talented and kind, he is happily drinking Jamba Juices in public, and he rocks the beard. (◡‿◡✿)✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

17 Things that made my small son cry today

1) his ice cream was “too tall”

2) his ice cream got on his hands and I didn’t have a napkin in the car

3) I found and offered him a napkin but it was too late

4) we didn’t go feed the ducks at the exact hour and minute I had promised

5) a duck quacked at him

6) a swan looked at him

7) I took a picture of him

8) I tried to buckle his car seat without his permission

9) he couldn’t buckle his car seat himself

10) his shoe fell off

11) I offered to put his shoe back on

12) his ketchup was cold

13) his chicken nuggets were hot

14) I made him take a shower with me

15) I made him get out of the shower

16) I put his cat in a baby onesie

17) there’s a bug on the sliding glass door. It’s outside, but he is now painfully aware of its existence on the other side of the glass

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What would opposite(?) Matt actually do if anyone hurt his friends?

Well, whoever hurt any of his chicken nuggets better run to Saturn if they don’t want to get slaughtered


WATCH: “The FINAL Chicken Nugget Challenge

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What do you think of Poe (I mean besides what's obvious)

His writing is amazing, but he smells like moth balls and depression.

I love him, I didn’t at first? Especially not when he put an axe through my chest. But I do now, he’s a good man, shy, he can’t order his own chicken nuggets, but he’s really sweet to Ranpo and I. 

He has this habit of grabbing my sleeve whenever he’s anxious and its the cutest thing ever? I’m glad we put aside our differences. 

  • Someone: What kind of guys do you like?
  • Me: David Tennant.
  • Someone: Yeah but I mean perso-
  • Me: David Tennant.
  • Someone: No I mean wh-
  • Me: David Tennant.
  • Someone: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Someone: ...
  • Me: ....David Tennant.