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It Suits You - Part 1 - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 19,043 (Whole Story); 6,498 (Part 1); 12,545 (Part 2)

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Toys, Oral (both receiving), multiple orgasms, bondage, riding, 69, doggy over a desk, shower sex, Dylan in a suit multiple times.

Notes: OK, since the mobile app is a little shit, I am breaking this into two parts. PLEASE READ BOTH IN CONJUNCTION WITH EACH OTHER. It was written and intended as one giant read. Sorry for the hassle y’all. Lemme know your thoughts!

Part 2

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Imagine making a cup of afternoon coffee. You’re standing at the counter, waiting for it to brew, when Luke comes up behind you. He puts his hands on your hips, and nibbles on your ear as he pulls you close to him. You close your eyes and lean back into his solid, masculine chest. He nuzzles into your hair and whispers, “Something smells delicious.” 


A/N: So, this is my first smut, and I’m super nervous about posting it. Sorry if there’s any mistakes, it was a bit rushed since I wanted to finish and submit it in time for Smut Week. So I did the best I could, especially since all my knowledge of what sex is like comes from fan fiction or friends. Hope you enjoy some AU Negan!

Summary: Being the kind and helpful student you are, you join Coach Negan after school to help grade some Health quizzes. One little accident occurs, and one thing leads to another.

Word Count: 3,033 words

Pairing: Teacher! Negan/ Student! Reader

Warnings: Smut, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Inappropriate behavior in a classroom, Swearing

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network

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things you said when we were the happiest we ever were with Julian/MC PLEASEEEE

In a hail of sparks, Julian felt everything fall apart around him. The hot, white burst of pain started in his temple and thread all the way down to his toes. He felt sick, numb, his lungs aching with each breath. 

He knew the time would come, nothing that beautiful should be allowed to last forever. 

He pressed his back against the familiar door, slowly sliding down until he hit the ground. His hands went to his hair, tears falling hot down his cheek. He heard a noise on the other side of the wood, a broken, terrible noise. 

He had done that, he had hurt them, the one person who had helped, who had cared. They may have even loved him. 

“I want you.” 

The nausea hit him again, those words fluttering around in his brain, their voice as clear and as sure as anything he’d ever heard. A shuddering breath fell from parted lips, fingers digging into his scalp, tugging at the roots.

He loved with every fibre of his being, every particle, every nerve in his body vibrating for them, only them. 

How he wished he could be more like them in this moment. His bright light in the darkness, in all the shit that seems to gravitate towards him. 

He stood, wiping the tears from his cheek, taking deep, drawn breaths to fill his lungs with something other than this ache. He allowed himself a look, a quick glance inside. One more for the road. 

What he saw there allowed him to leave, allowed him to flee.

Asra, the Apprentice in his arms. They were crying, talking, their shoulders shaking with the force of their sobs. Asra stroked their hair, listening to every word intently, being there for them. 

He thought back to the morning, when he’d woken with them pressed tightly against his chest, a smile upon perfect lips, hair deliciously disheveled. They’d asked him what he was thinking as their fingers drew lazy circles upon his bare chest. 

He had smiled and said, “That I’ve never been happier, than when I’m with you.” 

He took one last look at them before turning and disappearing into the night with purpose. He would return, he’d make himself whole again, for them. 

Thinking Out Loud- Part 11

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Words: 3821

Hey guys, so it’s past midnight over here and I had a long week. This is probably full of grammatical horrors which will make your eyes bleed and I’m very sorry about that. Plus, I haven’t proofread it so I hope I didn’t write too many stupid things.

I really hope you’ll like it! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated and very encouraging!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

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Character: William Gallagher

Movie: P.S I Love You

Warnings: SMUT, but some good ol’ Irish lovin’!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

•You’re lost in Ireland and run into a man named William while in a pub trying to ask for help. Fluffy William

•Ridiculously sexy, hot and heavy making out. Lots of kissing, petting above and below the waist. Maybe smut.

Sighing in extreme frustration, I turned the map around trying to find out where the hell I was.

The streets and sidewalks of Dublin, Ireland were busy; people getting off work and ready to unwind.

All I wanted was to find the tram station and get to my Aunt’s home and sleep. I’d had a long, unexpected flight and could feel my body aching because of it.

I wish that I was here on better circumstances, though. Just the other day, I’d gotten a call saying that my Aunt Blanch Devereaux had passed suddenly.

I was, from what I understood, the sole beneficiary of her estate. She’d come to Ireland on vacation years ago and decided not to leave. In doing that, she pissed off alot of our relatives.

I remember bits a peices of her visiting when I was younger, but it was vague since it was so long ago.

I sighed, moving with the crowd as I looked at the map. Not paying attention, I walked right into someone, falling on my ass, “Ommmph!”

“Jaysus! You okay Lass!?” The man asked, spinning around.

I stared up at him, dumbstruck. He was so handsome!

“Lass?” He asked, squatting down to my level.

I shook my head, “Oh, yeah. I’m so sorry!”

He held out a ring clad hand, taking mine and helping me stand, “Ye sure you’re alright?”

“I, um, yes of course. Just my pride wounded.” I winced, dusting off my bottom.

He raised a brow, “Need me to kiss that pride?” He asked, his Irish lilt, teasing.

My eyes shot up to him, wide, “I-” and then, I did something that I hadn’t done in a while… I laughed.

He chuckled, licking his lips as he scratched near his eye with his thumb.

“I’m William,” he said, holding out his hand again.

“Y/N,” I nodded.

A cold, damp gust of air blew by, making me shiver and remember that I was hungry and tired.

“Oh, Jaysus, Lass. Let’s get you inside.” William tipped his head at the pub that we were standing outside of.

The smell of beer and delicious food hit my senses as he opened the door. My stomach growled, demanding that I feed it.

“And something to eat,” he laughed, taking my hand and letting me enter first.

I giggled, “I could eat,”
“So, where are ye headed?” William asked, sipping his beer.

“Enniskerry.” I replied, popping a peice of chicken in my mouth.

“Really? I live in Enniskerry!”

We laughed.

“What takes you there, if ye don’t mind me askin’?”

“My Aunt passed away. She left me her home and everything.”

William put his pint down, “Wait a minute! Mrs. Devereaux?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

He reached for my hand, giving it a squeeze, “I’m sorry for yer loss, Darlin’.”

“Thank you, William.”

“Listen, I can take ye there once you finish.”

“I really don’t want to be a bother,” I protested, albeit weakly.

He smiled and winked, “Trust me Darlin’, yer not a burden.”

I blushed, picking at my food.

We stayed at the pub for another hour and half before heading to Enniskerry.
Aunt Blanche’s home was beautiful. Big enough for a family to live in, but small enough to not be over the top.

William got out of the car, coming over to my side and opening the door for me.

Dusk was setting in, the sun dipping, lighting up the rolling green hills that surrounded the house.

“Wow,” I breathed out in awe.

“Couldn’t agree more,” William said, staring at me with a grin.

I smiled, shaking my head as I walked around the car.

I took the set of keys from my pocket, unlocking the door and flipping the switch.

A warm glow lit the living room. This house was straight from one of those Country Living magazines. Absolutely beautiful.

Turning to thank William, I found him by the door, his hands in his pockets, “I’ve got to get a move on, Darlin’. My Da is waitin’ for me.”

“Oh God! I’m so sorry I’ve kept you!”

He pointed at me, “None of tha’ now. I enjoyed spending time with you. Can I come by and see ya sometime?” He asked.

“Yes, of course.” I replied, smiling like a loon.

He grinned, shoving his hands back in his pockets, “Alrigh’ then. I’ll see ya around.”

“Thank you William,” I called out, watching him walk out.

He winked as he got in his car.
William came over nearly every day. We spent the days talking and laughing, much like tonight, but we had dinner.

I washed the last dish, rinsing it and handing it over to William, who dried it and put it away.

I dried my hands, watching him move around the kitchen in his red long sleeved shirt, black jeans and bare feet.

“I can feel those gorgeous eyes on me, Love.” He teased, closing the cabinet.

Clearing my throat, I looked away, “Fine, I won’t look at you at all then.”

I turned my head, looking out the window.

His warm closed over my hip, his breath fanning the side of my neck, “Hey, now. That’s just mean.”

We laughed as he stood before me, holding onto my waist. The atmosphere shifted between us, becoming charged.

“Ya know,” he started, running two fingers on the side of my face where he put some hair behind my ears, “would it be wrong of me to be jealous of your man back home?”

This was one subject that we hadn’t breached even though the flirting had been relentless.

I bit my lip, “There is no one back in the states for me.”

“Well, then,” he tipped my chin up, his thumb tracing my bottom lip, “I do believe it’s me lucky day then.”

Testing the waters, he met me half way, the kiss slow.

“Is this alright?” He whispered, his nose touching mine.


His smile was playful as he pulled me closer to him. He then walked me backwards, my back hitting the counter.

With his long warm fingers cupping my cheeks, he looked straight into my eyes, “Hi,”

I felt my cheeks heat up, “Hi,”

Williams breath tickled my lips as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips moved over mine slowly, tugging ever so slightly before our lips broke apart with a light smack.

I could feel his stubble as we kissed, the prickly hairs leaving a slight burning sensation in their wake.

Threading my fingers through the back of his hair, I initiated the third kiss. With our mouths slightly open, I gently dipped my tounge, caressing his upper lip.

He grunted lightly, his hands sliding down to my ass to give a firm squeeze.

I repeated the kiss, only to have our tounges come into contact. I twirled my tounge around his before pulling it back into my mouth.

William tilted his head to the side, firmly sealing his mouth over mine as he deepened the kiss.

I moaned, pulling myself up closer to him by his shoulders.

He kissed the corner of my mouth, leaving a damp trail as he kissed his way to my neck.

“William,” I sighed.

“Hmmmm,“  he hummed, sucking on my pulse.

I gripped the counter with one hand, the other at his waist, feeling tip of his tounge roll circles as he sucked.

A warm hand slid underneath my shirt, cupping my bra covered breast. He nipped at my neck to where it met my shoulder where he sucked hard.

Slipping his hand into the cup of my bra, he thumbed my nipple, leaving what would surely be one hell of a hickey on my neck.

In a rush, I began to lift my shirt up. It didn’t take William long to pull it off of me.

He unhooked my bra, gazing at my bare breasts.

I watched as he took off his red shirt, discarding it with my clothes.

He closed the small gap between us, the hairs that covered his chest, rubbing against my sensitive breasts deliciously.

"Yer shakin’, love.” He stated, one hand cupping my cheek and the other resting on my ass.

I hadn’t realized I was until he said so.

“Do ye want me to stop?” He asked, caressing my cheek.

“Please don’t.” I whispered.

He smiled, his shoulders lifting as both hands craddled my face, “Take this to the bedroom, yeah?”

I nodded, accepting his soft kiss.

Grabbing his hand, I led him to my room. Once there, he turned me around, walking me backwards like he did in the kitchen.

He unbuttoned my pants; me doing the same to him. The jeans fell to the floor, leaving me in my panties and William- sweet Jesus - he was commando.

His length jutted out from a thick dark patch of curls and I wanted to touch him.

“You do that and I won’t last, love.”

I could feel my face burn from the blush. I laughed nervously as he chuckled.

“Come here, love,” he said, his voice husky.

His thumbs hooked into my panties when I was close to his body. He was like a furnace, emitting quite a bit of body heat, which helped my shivering.

He pulled the panties down to my knees where he let them fall the rest of way to my ankles.

Again, he cupped my cheeks, gently kissing my lips, letting the intensity build up.

An arm was wrapped around my back, holding my head as the kisses became more urgent. His other hand slid over my hip bone, the fingers lightly touching the curls on my mound.

Lifting a leg, while still kissing him, I placed my foot on the bed, opening myself up to him.

Gently, almost tickling in a way; his fingers dipped between my lower lips, spreading the wetness from my entrance to my clit.

William broke the kiss, nipping down my neck while groaning, “Christ Darlin’, you’re soaked.”

I whimpered, rocking my hips against his lone middle finger.

“William… please.” I whimpered.

He got down on his knees, his face right with my center.

I watched as he buried his head between my opened legs with out warning, his tounge licking up my wetness.

I held his head, bending at the waist with a loud gasp.

He backed away, his pupils slightly  dilated. “Lay down, love.” He demanded softly.

I quickly did so, needing to feel him there again.

Wasting no time, he delved back in, only this time, he was kissing my lower lips as if he were kissing me on the mouth.

It was slow, the pressure building of his kisses building. Using two fingers, I felt him kiss my clit, the tip of his tounge twirling against it.

My back arched as I gripped the sheets.

Grasping my hips and pulling me closer to the edge, William held me open, his tounge dipping into my entrance.

He wiggled his tounge so slowly that it was torturous. He then flattened his tounge, dragging it up and loudly kissing my clit.

“William, please!” I begged him.

He gently put my legs down, standing, gasping for breath. He wiped my wetness from his mouth and chin, allowing me time to scooch back on the bed.

Crawling on the bed and over me, he grinned. He hitched a thigh over his hip, resting his body between my legs.

“Lookin’ like a Goddess all laid up in bed, love.”

“Smooth,” I laughed.

“Liked that one, didja?”

William lifted his hips, the head of his shaft at my entrance. Slowly, he entered me, taking his sweet time sinking into my wetness.

He breathed once he was deep inside of me, giving us a moment to adjust to each other.

His thrusts started out so slow as he made love to me. He kissed my breasts, his tounge lapping at my hard nipples with each thrust.

The sounds of our coupling and our bodies rubbing against the sheets made me moan loudly at one particularly deep thrust.

I was close, William feeling it as my walls tightened. He moved faster, burying his face in my neck as he lost control of his thrusting.

I turned my head so not to shout in his ear as I came hard, my core throbbing as he continued to move his hips.

One last thrust had him groaning, gently biting down on my neck.

He stayed on top of me, laying there until he softened and slipped from me.

When he rolled to his side, he pulled my body to him, holding me like I was the most finest peice of porcelain.

We were quite, his hands massaging my scalp and playing with my hair.

I ran my fingers through his chest hair, loving the feel of the softness, “William?”

His eyes were closed, but he was awake, “Yes, love?”

“Where do we go from here?” I asked, meekly.

He turned his head, his lips against my forehead as he spoke, “I’m a one woman man, love. Ye don’t have ta worry ‘bout a thing.”

I believed him. Goddamnit, with everything in me; I believed this gorgeous Irish man that I’d grown severely fond of.


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Owen's thighs and abs though??? pleASE RAMBLE ON ABOUT IT

Okay, so I turned this into a fic because I’m greedy and Lucy is a bad influence. Sweet and a little smutty. Enjoy - I certainly did (I’m so in love, it’s PAINFUL).

Claire turned left and right a little frantically, smoothing the fabric of her dress over her thighs. Two creases sat near the hem, probably unnoticeable to anybody but her - yet they were driving her insane. She had half an hour to get to a conference with the Tokyo division at Control, and Claire was certain she’d be late - and that never sat well with her. She was gnawing on her bottom lip like there was no tomorrow; almost certain to draw blood soon as she heard Owen clamber back into bed behind her, after depositing two mugs of coffee on the cabinet. His laugh was quiet but it still grated her senses; Claire’s hands flying to her hips as she sighed. “I don’t know what’s so funny. This is your fault,” she said accusingly, eyeing Owen in the reflection of the large, cracked mirror he had resting against the bedroom wall.

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Request: Derek sex on a plane or somethinggg?

Author’s Note: Someone asked for another Derek imagine so I picked this prompt c: This one is rather long. I added some backstory leading up to the smut. I hope you like it!

Warnings: Smut in the sky


“Get. In. There,” I grumbled, trying to shove my carry on into the overhead compartment. It certainly did not want to fit. It didn’t help that I was not very tall and couldn’t see into the compartment well or reach much of anything. So, here I was, shoving my bag fruitlessly and cursing under my breath.

“Need some help?” a deep voice asked from behind me. I turned to look at the source, my eyes landing on a tall, well-built man with black hair, green eyes, and dark scruff. His eyebrows were raised and a small smile was on his lips. I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I suppose if you think you can stuff it in there,” I told him, stepping aside. The man took my bag and placed in the compartment with ease, putting his own next to it. My lips pursed in slight annoyance at how simply he had been able to do that. “Thank you,” I mumbled, sighing and taking my seat. The man looked at his ticket and plopped next to me.

“No problem. I’m Derek,” he said, extending his hand. I shook it, finally offering a grin.

“Y/N,” I said. “Nice to meet you. So, we’re going to be sitting next to each other for this whole flight then?”

“Depends. Where are you getting off?” he asked casually.


“Then it looks like we’ll be sitting next to each other for this whole flight,” he said, gracing me with another smile that I gladly returned. “What brought you all the way here to Maine? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Nothing in particular,” I explained, shrugging my shoulders. “It’s just a beautiful state and I love to visit. One of my old college friends lives here now so I thought I’d stop by for a visit. What about you?”

“Just getting away from things back home for awhile,” he told me, his tone slightly vague. “Thought I’d take a small vacation.”

“By yourself? No girlfriend, buddy, family to come with you?” Derek let a small chuckle and shook his head.

“I don’t mind being alone,” he said, his green eyes meeting mine. “Gives me time and space to think about things.” I nodded in agreement and pulled out my phone, taking care of a few loose ends before shutting it off for take off. Soon enough, the doors closed and a flight attendant grabbed an intercom radio to talk to us.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” she said happily. “And welcome to American Airlines. Today we are going to be taking off and making a brief stop in Chicago later this afternoon. We will have a small layover in Denver, and then be landing in California later tonight. Altogether this trip is going to take roughly 8 to 9 hours with our stops, but I promise we’ll have a good time together.” I sighed at the thought of such a long journey, tuning out as the attendant went on to talk about the safety features and precautions, explaining about the oxygen masks, and when they would be serving food, blah blah blah. My eyes were trained on the window, taking a last look at the gorgeous landscape outside.

“Have you flown much?” Derek’s voice rang in my ears, bringing me out of my daydream. I turned to face  him, buckling my belt when the sign flashed at me.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” I said, a bit absentmindedly. “I’ve flown plenty of times. Nothing new.” Derek nodded at my words. “You?”

“Not too much,” he replied. “Just here and there really. I don’t like turbulence.”

“Me either,” I chuckled. “Always gives me a headache.” Derek and I continued to make small talk here and there, getting to know each other as the flight took off and we headed for Chicago. When I saw something cool out the window I would nudge his arm, pointing to show him. I couldn’t help but notice how great he smelled, his cologne tinting my nose as he leaned over me. And his jaw line was magnificent. I could run my tongue over it all day. 

The attendants served us some lunch just before we landed in Chicago, and Derek and I made cheesy jokes about airline food, both of us laughing obnoxiously. When we landed, I turned to Derek, a bored expression on my face.

“I hate this part,” I said. “It’s always so boring sitting here waiting for people to change flights.”

“We could start a movie if you want?” he offered, gesturing to the little tv screens in the backs of the seats in front of us. I shrugged, an intrigued expression on my face.

“Yeah, alright.” Derek and I scrolled through the options, trying to decided which one would be better. 

“Airlines need a better selection,” he mumbled quietly. I let out a small laugh, looking at him as he studied the options studiously.

“What kind of movies do you like?”

“Sports movies mostly,” he said. “Especially about baseball or basketball.” Unfortunately, there were no sports movies to pick from. We ended up settling on some flick we’d never heard of about a man going through some kind of midlife crisis and trying to feel young again and get his life together. The plane had taken off again and we were heading for Denver. When the cart came by with snacks, Derek and I both took a bag of peanuts. I munched absently, my eyes on the screen.

“I bet I could totally make it in your mouth,” I said, catching him off guard.

“Excuse me?” he asked, his eyes widening and a small grin on his lips. I laughed loudly, earning a few annoyed looks.

“The peanuts!” I said. “I bet I could throw one in your mouth.”

“Challenge accepted,” Derek replied, leaning back a bit and parting his lips, giving me a good target. I took my time in aiming, trying to get just the right shot. I flung the peanut and it landed on his cheek, falling to his lap, making us giggle.

“Let me try again!” I insisted, excited now. “I can make it this time.”

“If you say so,” he teased.

“Assume the position, sports boy.” Derek wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and I nudged him, a slight blush creeping on my cheeks. This time when I threw the peanut, Derek caught it. We lifted our hands in victory, letting out a small cheer.

As the flight went on, Derek and I continued to talk almost nonstop. A few hours later, dinner was served and we had another terrible movie playing on our screen. We laughed and joked and nudged each other. In fact, it was like we practically couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I didn’t mind that at all. After dinner, we quieted down a bit, fatigue hitting us both. I fell asleep for awhile and when I woke up, Derek was out, his breathing soft and even. I took this opportunity to study him a bit closer. His skin, from what I could see, was relatively tan. His dark hair was a little rumpled, but it looked soft, something I could definitely run my hands through. His stubble complimented him well, the small hairs twisting deliciously over his jaw. His arms and chest were very muscular, practically making my mouth water just thinking about he would look like shirtless.

“You’re staring,” Derek mumbled, his eyes still closed. I blushed and pulled back a bit.

“How can you tell?” I asked, slight disbelief in my voice. “Your eyes are closed.” His lips curved upward into a small smirk, sending a jolt through my body.

“I can always tell when a beautiful woman’s eyes are on me,” he said, looking at me now. I blushed a bit, but rolled my eyes.

“That was lame.”

“You know you liked it,” he breathed, stretching out a bit. We started to descend toward Denver and I sighed. Sitting so long was taking a toll on my joints.

“I need to get up and stretch,” I grumbled, buckling my belt as the sign came on.

“I could help with that,” I heard Derek say. I could nearly hear the smirk in his voice. I met his eyes with a look of my own.

“I wouldn’t be opposed.” Derek’s smirk turned into a smile and I looked out the window as we landed. We waited as people changed flights, my leg bouncing from boredom. I was happy when we finally took off again. The sun had gone down and it was rather late, but we were on the home stretch now. I was excited to get back to my own bed, but I also didn’t like the idea of having to leave this wonderful man that I had only just met. “I’m bored again,” I sighed.

“We’ll land in about an hour so,” Derek told me, offering a tiny smile that I could barely make out in the darkness of the cabin. “Another movie?” I shook my head. “I have an idea of how to pass the time,” he suggested, a smirk on his lips yet again. It sounded like a joke, but maybe the offer was really there.

“Alright, sports boy,” I said, my hand landing on Derek’s thigh. I saw his brows raise. I leaned my body over to whisper in his ear, my fingers running up his leg. “Bathroom. Two minutes.” I nipped at his earlobe, earning a small gasp. I stood up and headed for the bathroom, chancing a look over my shoulder at him. I closed the door and waited, wondering if he would actually come. Sure enough, a few minutes later the door was sliding open and Derek was slipping in.

“Challenge accepted,” he said quietly. I smiled up at him seductively, my hands running up his chest to rest behind his neck.

“I didn’t know if you would come,” I admitted. Derek’s hands slipped onto my hips.

“I offered to help you stretch, didn’t I?” His tone was playful. My lips were hovering over his and I was sure my heart was gonna beat right out of my chest. “How flexible are you?” His voice had dropped even lower than usual, sending heat through my body.

“Very,” I whispered, just before pressing my lips to his in a heated kiss. Derek tasted like mint and the outdoors. I moaned softly as his tongue made it’s way into my mouth, dominating my own. My fingers ran through his dark hair, tugging on it to bring him closer in the tiny space. I could feel his grip on me tightening, turning me on even more. Derek’s hands moved to my ass, squeezing it roughly. He lifted me up onto the small counter so I could wrap my legs around his waist. His lips headed toward my neck, biting and suck my skin, making me moan his name.

“Gotta be quiet, babe,” he husked in my ear, his tongue flicking out to trace the shell. I bit my lip harshly to keep in my noises. “Think you can do that for me?’

“Fuck,” I breathed, his hand moving to cup my breast under my shirt. “Yes.”

“Good.” Derek was back to kissing my skin, lifting my shirt up and pulling my bra down so he could free my breasts. I held onto his hair tightly as he licked and sucked at my nipples playfully. He was driving me crazy with me.

“Come on, Derek,” I whined softly. I felt him chuckle at me, moving back up to my lips. I kissed him furiously, pulling his waist to mine to feel his bulge press against me. His fingers were already working on the button of my jeans, mine on his. I yanked them down, along with his boxers, and took his hard length into my palm. Derek let a small growl against my mouth and I bit his lip lightly, my hand pumping him quickly. My jeans were practically ripped off, falling to my ankles, leaving me in to my black lace thong.

“Shit, that’s hot,” he breathed, looking down. I let a sexy smile grace my swollen lips, moving to kiss his neck. Derek’s hands pulled down my underwear and I felt his fingers run up and down my center. “You’re so wet.” His voice was low and dangerous. I bit back a gasp as he pushed two fingers into me, pumping them slowly. The nails of my free hand dug into the skin of his shoulder through his shirt.

“Fuck me already,” I whispered in his ear, need filling my voice. Derek growled again and removed his hand, placing himself at my entrance. I had to bit his shoulder to keep from moaning too loudly as he began to thrust into me, his hands digging into the flesh of my hips to keep me in place.  “Oh my god,” I breathed, my head falling back.

“You feel so good, Y/N,” Derek groaned, his eyes closed in pleasure. His pace picked up and he was practically slamming into me now. My fingers were tangled in his hair, holding him close to me and I began to build up. My feet dug into Derek’s thighs, encouraging him further. He brought a hand to rub my clit furiously, tossing me over the edge. I clenched around him, trying not to scream out his name as bliss coursed through my veins. Once I was back to Earth, I pushed Derek away from me, jumping from the counter and dropping to my knees the best I could. Without hesitation, I took him into my mouth. Derek tangled a hand in my hair as I bobbed up and down his length quickly, wanting to get him off. I looked up at him with innocent eyes and he tugged his bottom lip between his teeth, head falling back and eyes closed. I felt him twitch in my mouth and then he was releasing down my throat, curses falling from his beautiful mouth. I removed my lips with a pop and stood up. 

“That was fantastic,” I told him. We were both still breathing heavily.

“Hell yeah it was,” Derek agreed. “Good idea.” He shot me a wink and I couldn’t help but blush a bit. We fixed our clothes quickly and he left first. I waited a few minutes before walking out as well, sitting back in my seat. Derek was smiling like an idiot.

“Your hair is all messed up,” I told him, reaching over to try and fix it for him. He chuckled.

“Mine? You should see yours,” he replied, tucking some strands behind my ear. “We smell like sex, you know.” I let out a laugh.

“Good thing it’s dark so people don’t have to see us until we land,” I said. It silent for a bit and I turned to look out the window, the lights of cities illuminated below us. I felt Derek’s fingers lace with mine and a small smile came to my lips.

“I’d like to be able to see you again,” he admitted quietly, his voice barely above a whisper. I turned to look in his eyes, a hint of sadness mirrored in my own.

“I would like that, too.” We both knew it probably wouldn’t happen, but we could hope, right?

“What part of California are you from?” he asked softly, moving to look out the window with me again.

“I just moved actually,” I started. How did we not get to this before? “A town called Beacon Hills.”

“You’re kidding,” Derek replied, sitting up and staring right at me. His mouth was open a bit, his eyes wide. I furrowed my brow and shook my head.

“No, I just got a new job over there. Why?” My tone was cautious. A huge smile spread on his face.

“I live in Beacon Hills. Have all my life,” he said excitedly. My jaw dropped and I let out a laugh.

“What are the freaking chances!” I nearly yelled. Derek and I stayed that way for several moments, just grinning at each other, our hands still intertwined. 

“This is crazy,” he mumbled, shaking his head. I nodded my agreement. Excitement taking over, I leaned forward and pulled Derek’s lips to mine in a sweet kiss. 

Our plane landed soon, Derek and I both still ecstatic. He helped me with my carry on again and we walked off the plane together, his hand on my waist the whole time. We went down to baggage and got our things, heading for the exit.

“You know, my car is here in a holding lot,” he said, stopping to look at me. Our eyes were twinkling at each other. “Why don’t you let me give you a ride home?” He pulled my body to his. 

“I’d love that,” I replied, smiling up Derek’s happy expression. He leaned down and kissed me again before taking my hand and leading me out to his car.

Metaling With the Wrong Avenger

Summary: Bucky catches you after you accidentally break Tony’s new gauntlet, and you’re a bit flustered by his unusual response. Based on the following request:

A one-shot where reader bumps into something Tony has made n breaks it, n she gets very nervous so tries to hide it n Bucky see all. Then she realize him n pleads him to not say anything because Tony will be very angry w her and he assures he won’t if she gives him a kiss, but she is very very very shy n innocent in the dirty stuff n she gets flustered (they like each other but neither has say it yet) Maybe they end together all fluffy or sweet sex with Bucky being all gentle cause is her first?

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1799 (The requests came out a tad shorter than my usual fics. Sorry)

Warnings: fun fluff that turns into light smut, unprotected sex, first time, some language.

You wandered around Tony’s shop, playing with this and that, casually one afternoon while Tony was out.

“How long will Tony be out for, Friday?” you spoke up a bit and waited.

“Miss…” Friday spoke over the intercom and you jumped a little. “Mr. Stark will be out until this evening. Though, I wouldn’t suggest trifling with his things…” she suggested cautiously.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not gonna break anything.” You picked up his Iron Man gauntlet. “Maybe… just have the sprinklers on stand-by…” you trailed off, observing it.

“As you wish, ma’am.”

You picked it up and looked it over carefully. You shrugged and slipped your hand inside. Curling the fingers and wrist around you got used to the weight. Closing one eye, you aimed at the shelves of paperwork on the other side of the room.

“Pew…” you whispered, pretending to shoot, when you heard a whirring noise and a strong blast shot you backwards to the floor.

“Ow, Fuck!” you scrapped your elbow and saw the gauntlet burning. “Ow! Ow!” you pulled it off and rubbed your hand. Looking over to the singed papers flying everywhere you sighed. “Shit… Tony will kill me…”

“You bet he will!” you heard a laugh from the stairs. Damn. It was Bucky, standing on the stairs in his usual t-shirt and jeans, arms crossed, chuckling.

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sheriffswan  asked:

Now that you talked about the tacos sweater, i can totes see a half naked emma wrapping herself in it while trying to attend the door, her pirate still very much naked under the covers

A/N: sheriffswan, this wasn’t even a request, but you probably knew I was going to do it the minute you said it :P




“Where are you going?” he asks, voice husky and rumbling as he reaches for her from his place on the bed.

She dances out of reach, wrapping the thick sweater tighter around her and warding off the chill. She feels his fingertips graze the tops of her thighs where it falls, heat sparking where skin meets skin, and she shoots him a mischievous little smirk over her shoulder – God, he is so handsy for a man with only one.

“Someone’s at the door,” she replies.

“So? If you come back to bed and don’t answer, they’ll bugger off soon enough.”

He smiles at her, her favorite smile that she can never resist, and she sighs. He is too much – propped up against her headboard with her blankets drawn just to his waist, the charms of his necklace hanging just below his heart against his bare chest, lips red and swollen from her kisses, dimples winking in his cheeks, hair a tousled mess thanks to her fingers. Jesus, definitely too much.

She pads across the room, grabbing her wallet on the way, and tries to ignore the warmth of his gaze on her legs. 

Swan,” he whines, low and breathy and far too enticing for his own good. “Come back to bed.”

She swallows thickly and gives him a warning look to behave as she opens the door a crack and quickly pays for their meal. She shuts it close, turning to face him and allowing the sweater to fall open so the front of her is revealed to his needy, greedy gaze. He licks his lips, eyes slowly trailing over her and she grins, loving the little jolt of anticipation that zings down her spine.

“Tacos?” she wonders with an arch of her brow, placing the cartons on the table and pulling the sweater from her shoulders, allowing it to slide down her arms and body as she inches closer to the bed.

When she climbs back in and starts to crawl over to him, he moves with her, pushing up into her embrace while his arm snakes around her waist and his hand anchors against her cheek before tangling in her hair. His mouth eagerly presses against hers and she sighs again, welcoming the taste of spice and Killian. He rolls them over in a smooth, practiced move, the downy hair on his chest rubbing against her breasts and creating delicious friction that makes her legs open for him so that he can settle his weight between them. 

“I do so love Tuesdays,” he murmurs over her lips – teeth nipping, tongue soothing.

She laughs, a full-blown, down in the gut laugh, and she bumps their noses together in an affectionate gesture before closing the space between them once more. Is it any wonder she’s completely crazy about him?

Louis' Collarbones are the DEATH of me

Okay so I never knew I had a thing for collarbones until I started noticing Louis’ collarbones and I’ve been through hell and back ever since. Ladies and gents, please prepare yourselves for a hell of a good time admiring Louis’ upper body. Lord help us get through this, amen.

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different is nice once in a while (lashton, smut, REQUESTED!)

(fic requested by anon! thanks anon!)

title: different is nice once in a while
summary: //Ashton slides next to Luke and their shoulders touch. Luke’s original idea was to come down here to relax but now his mind is wrapped around the idea of Ashton and sex.//

warnings: sexual content, slash
rating: nc17/explicit/k18
pairing: lashton (luke hemmings/ashton irwin)
word count: 4807 (this is my idea of a drabble, EXCUSE ME)

a/n: yay this was supposed to be a drabble but i don’t really know how to write short fics so. yep. i hope y'all like it, posted on AO3. english is not my native aaand feedback is appreciated!!! request fics here.

The hotel, they are staying at, is huge but Luke is positive that the pool area is even bigger. It has different sized pools for adults and kids, a spa area that is actually nice and open even after ten o'clock, steam rooms, proper hot saunas, jacuzzis – and even actual jaccuzzi rooms that you can rent for yourself and that definitely excites him. Maybe a bit too much. He’s acting like a kid in a candy shop when their manager asks if they want anything special later that night after the concert. It’s not usually a part of the deal but they are all tired – it’s an exhausting tour even if it’s fun.

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anonymous asked:

Captain Swan and 1 :)

1. Heated Kiss

“Swan, I changed my mind. This is the best thing about your world” Killian sighed as he sank lower, the water now just below his neck.

It had only been a couple of weeks since the emotional shitfest that was Underworld and Hades, and just now were they finally leaving those demons behind them.

The little light-hearted moment in Hell when Liam assumed that the blond lass with his ring around her neck was Killian’s wife and his disappointment upon learning the truth and smacking Killian on his head in front of everyone, making David and Henry snicker, and Regina tease him, was what finally lead to Emma later taking the chain off and telling him with a smirk, “You know I think this ring would look better on my finger”.

Now three weeks after that, here she was, married to Captain freaking Hook, and eloped with him to show him her world, thanks to Ingrid’s scroll. She had pounced upon the opportunity of booking the most expensive suite, which lead to the new discovery of this realm for Killian: a Jacuzzi.

He followed her command to take off his clothes without any questions, but furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as she lead him to the big white bathtub in the bathroom, yet it wasn’t truly a bathtub.

Emma turned slightly to grab her wine glass from the wooden tray behind her, her movement causing her breasts to rise above the hot water, the cool air of the bathroom making her nipples pucker.

After gulping down her wine, she looked back at her husband, his head thrown back on the ledge, legs splayed widely, unashamed of his nakedness as he ran his wet hand through his hair, making Emma’s breath hitch.

She started with a light touch on his thigh beside her, little feather light touches of her fingers above his knee, looking back at him to find his head still thrown back, his eyes shut. She moved higher, pressing her fingers more firmly on his inner thigh, just inches away from his cock.

Emma” he breathed once she touched him, running her finger up the thick vein, circling his tip. She scooted closer to him, closing her lips on the pulse point at his neck, sucking lightly, feeling his cock getting hard, his head still thrown back on the ledge.

She bit his shoulder and his cock twitched, smooth, velvety, and hard in her hand. She brought her hand down from his tip to his balls, squeezing lightly, knowing how much he enjoys it. And right on point, he groaned, his head finally coming up, his eyes meeting hers, the blue of them lost to the intense passion he felt.

Suddenly, Emma felt his hand and arm around her waist, lifting her up until she was firmly perched onto his lap, his erection deliciously pressing against her core, his chest hair brushing against her nipples.

She felt hot, too hot, the warmth coming off from their aroused bodies as well as the heat of the Jacuzzi, clouding her mind. He lifted his hips slightly, his tip hitting her clit, making her moan as his lips hovered over hers, just there, teasing.

Finally, after seconds, minutes, or hours, he slipped inside her, and stilled. His fingers dug in her thighs, not allowing her to move as his eyes bore into hers, his hot breath fanning over her lips.

They stayed like that for a moment, him fully seated inside her, and staring; their lips almost touching. With a little smile on his lips, he brought his tongue out, licking her upper lip briefly, his silent order not lost on Emma as she opened her mouth and he attacked her, their lips meeting in a slow and dirty kiss – tongues curling against each other, teeth biting, and lips moving. Her hands buried in his thick hair, pulling at them while his stump digging into her thigh while the other was grabbing her breast, flicking his thumb over her already puckered nub. He grunted once she bit him, Emma smirking against his lips before she brought her tongue out to soothe it, urging him to press her closer to him and kiss her, nipping at her lower lip.

And finally, finally, he moved inside her.


goldcaught  asked:

kc + you jog shirtless past my house every morning au

The first time it had happened she’d almost spilled hot tea all over herself. 

She wasn’t an early riser by nature. She was a student, it was almost a given that she was expected to sleep in as late as possible, only to suddenly realise that she had a lecture or a seminar to be at in 20 minutes time, and it took 15 to get from campus to her apartment. 

And it wasn’t her fault really, that the guy had chosen to jog past her house shirtless despite the ridicolousness of the English weather. 

He looked gorgeous from a distance. She had eyes, she could see the sandy blonde hair the way the muscles of his chest and abdomen tapered down deliciously into his footy shorts. 

He was cut. 

It only lasts for about thirty seconds, he’s there and gone before she can even blink. A part of her is even convinced it was all a mirage, designed to torture her with images of hot, sweaty blonde guys in the wake of her break up with Tyler and the drastic decision to move from America to London.

If she’s being honest with herself, maybe it had been a bit drastic. She’d been in her final year of physiotherapy studies and the curriculum over here was vastly different, not to mention that she’d have to find a placement so that she could actually graduate. 

Anyway, turns out it wasn’t a mirage, because she almost smacks into him the very next morning, when she’s on her way out to catch the bus. She actually doesn’t see him coming, but the clipped, accented tone telling her to ‘watch out’ has her spinning to see a very well muscled back slowly moving away from her, muscles rippling underneath surprisingly tanned skin. 

She cocks her head to the side, taking the moment to admire the view before shaking her head and beginning her progress towards the bus stop at the end of the street. 

She did not have time for mysterious, gorgeous, blonde men in her life. 


It’s two weeks before she sees her mysterious runner again, she’d been buried in her studies and concentrating on making friends, building a social life she’d never had in the first place. 

Kol Mikaelson was everything that she thought she’d never need. She would never cross that line and sleep with him, but it had taken all of ten minutes of them talking for the two of them to become fast friends. Kol was a flirt, but also incredibly intelligent with a wicked streak a mile long.  

He’d introduced her to a bunch of people, and she’d found herself welcomed into their usually tight knit bunch of friends. Things were looking up. 

It’s the strangled yell that draws her attention away from her textbook, causing a frown to crease her brows as she gets up slowly from the table, staring out the window. 

The low brick wall of her garden means that she can’t really see anything, in fact the only thing she can see is the top half of a set of sandy blonde curls. And then the guy struggles to his feet, and it confirms her suspicions. 

She watches him take two, limping steps before she’s darting towards the front door, yanking it open and clattering down the path. He’s some distance away by now (still shirtless) and she has to raise her voice to make herself heard. 


The guy turns, and her breath catches in her throat, because she knows who he is. Niklaus Mikaelson is instantly recognisable to any die hard footy fan in England. The captain, and very successful striker of a top English Premier League Team, his face was plastered across every Adidas ad that you could think of. Oh and if her suspicions were correct he was Kol’s older brother. Kol hadn’t brought it up in conversation, and she’d followed his lead and hadn’t mentioned it. 

“Can I help you?” The man, Klaus Mikaelson asks impatiently. 

She crosses her arms over her chest and stares at him. 

“No you probably can’t. But I can help you. Stop putting weight on that ankle.” She snaps suddenly as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. 

“It’s fine. I just took a stumble, I’ve had far worse.” He waves a hand dismissively, and she has to refrain from rolling her eyes because he is being such a boy about all this. Tyler was exactly the same whenever he took an injury on the football field. 

You’re not going to be well enough to play on the weekend if you try and walk on it.” She points out lightly. 

She sees the flicker of surprise cross his face but he says nothing, instead easing himself down to sit on her garden wall. 

“Yes and I suppose you’re qualified to do diagnose my injury?” He asks incredulously. She does roll her eyes this time as she crouches down in front of him, reaching for his running shoe. 

“Give me about six months and I will be actually. I’m studying physiotherapy. May I?” She asks politely as he nods.

She starts unlacing his shoe,noticing the expensive make and brand as she tugs it gently off his foot. He hides the wince of pain well as she peels his sock half off his foot and probes gently at the skin of his ankle, taking note of any sore spots or tenderness. 

“You’re American.” That accented voice interrupts her train of thoughts as she silently diagnoses him (minor strain, but he should be fine for the weekend), and she forces herself to look up at him. 

Her eyes drag slowly over his chest before meeting his, a crystalline blue that makes his face look kinder. 

“I am.” She confirms softly. 

“And what brings you across the pond then?” He asks curiously, like he genuinely cares and wants to know. 

“I needed a sea change.” Is all she says before getting up and dusting off her hands. She offers him her arm to put weight on as she helps him into a standing position. 

“What’s the prognosis Doc?” He asks a little playfully, causing her to glance at him in surprise. There’s a smile tugging at the corners of his lips and his eyes are kind as he gazes at her. 

“You should be fine for Saturday.” She replies, holding back her own smile. “It’s just a minor strain, but all the same I’d recommend getting a professional to take a look at it. I’m not qualified after all.” She remarks pointedly as he looks slightly ashamed. 

“I apologise sweetheart. I was understandably wary when you caught my attention.”

She waves him away as she helps him limp back onto the path. 

“Stay here and I’ll get my car. I usually catch the bus but I’ll make an exception for you today.”

“I’m honored.” He sweeps her a mock bow as she refrains from pushing at his chest. He’s infuriating and challenging in the best possible way. 

“Do you even own a shirt?” She asks, spinning back around to face him. She’s rewarded with his genuine laughter from him, a surprised expression painted across his features. 

“Plenty love. Now how about that lift?”

A smutty drabble for reasons. (Un Beta’d)

How does he know her body so well already? 

Easily, his lips carve a path along the gentle curve where neck meets shoulder, pausing briefly at that spot behind her ear - the one that drives her wild - flicking out his tongue to make her toes curl and a breathy gasp escape from her mouth.

She tangles her bare legs in his leather clad ones, moaning softly at the weight of his body pressed against hers and the way his fingers so artfully meander over the thin cotton vest she wore under her flannel today.

It may be cold outside, but she is burning.

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Pants - Part II

Part II is smutty as promised! 

Warnings: Definitely NSFW, as are most things I say and do here. 18+ only please. Definite Dom aspects of this encounter. Role-playing, rough sex, oral sex. No other triggers that I’m aware of. If that’s not your cup of tea, please don’t read! This is my first fan fic and feedback is most welcomed. 


Part I

It was unmistakable. Loki’s voice reverberated in my ear.

 I was afraid to move, knowing full well that anything I said or did, any gesture on my part, would betray the desire taking over me. What did any of this mean? Was he teasing me? Was this a test? Was it a joke? My eyes remained tightly shut, feeling like it was my only defense against the unknown of the situation. Tom’s mouth moved away from my ear and I felt the loss of the heat with disappointment. I waited for him to make the next move as I sat in my own darkness. His hand brushed the back of my head and found my ponytail, and gently twisted it through his palm, letting the hair fall from his fingers only to pick it up again. It felt so intimate and strangely reassuring. After several strokes of his hand I peeked through heavy lashes to see his face right in front of mine. He was looking at me intently and he seemed to be scanning my face for a response of some kind. We locked eyes and  paused to take each other in. His hand was still on the back of my head as his face moved towards mine and I felt him pull at the base of my ponytail, moving my mouth up to meet him. I refused to close my eyes again; I didn’t know what was going to happen but I was determined not to miss a moment of it. He licked his lower lip as his mouth hovered just over mine. Tom let his lips sweep across mine as he spoke, never breaking contact.

 “Go to the bed and wait, my pet.” he murmured against the corner of my mouth.  “I will let you meet your King.” He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and I moaned against him in thanks.Grabbing me by the arms, he stood in a flash, pulling me up with him and I swayed on my feet still hungry for the contact of his lips.

 "Go,“ he growled and I slipped past him, turning to see him kick the closet door shut behind me.

I was drunk with lust and nerves as I moved to the bed. Is this really happening? I looked at the closed door of the closet in anticipation. I looked back at the bed with hesitation, finally sitting on the corner of the large mattress. My heart was racing faster with each passing minute and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I rubbed my hands up and down my jeans trying to steady my nerves, finally sitting on them when I couldn’t cease the tremors. I started to second guess myself and I stood to reposition myself on the bed when the door flew open abruptly.

 "You were told to sit, were you not?”  The thunder of his voice filled the room shaking me so hard I lost my footing and fell backwards against the bed, my elbows catching me as I landed.

 There he was. Wearing nothing but the pants.

He met my gaze with a wicked grin and widened his stance. His body language made me feel as though this was a dare from which I couldn’t possibly back down. His gingery hair was deliciously disheveled, his bare chest leaving nothing to be desired, every contour a lesson in lean muscle.  His taut stomach rippled to meet small wisps of hairs that drifted down below his belly button. His creamy white skin looked like marble against the supple black leather that stretched over those perfect hips and the impressive outline of his cock. I let my eyes follow his long legs down to his bare feet and back up again. “Oh my God!”, I breathed.

 "Ehehehehe! Oh yes, little one. You seem to be catching on.“ Tom- eh, Loki moved towards me like a jungle cat. And I scrambled to right myself on the bed. He reached me in only a few steps and grabbed my legs, ripping me to the edge of the bed and throwing my legs around his waist. I could feel his erection pressing against my mound and a moan tore through both of us. He moved his hands up my thighs and roughly cupped my ass to push me harder against him. The feel of his large hands pulling at me made my head snap back and he lunged at the exposed skin of my neck. His lips moved with purpose and I let the sensation crash over me. His tongue darted out against the shell of my ear only to be replaced with his teeth a moment later. I cried out as he grazed my neck, "Ohhhhh, Tom!”  He stopped his movements and I heard a tsk tsk of reprimand. He ran his hands over my shoulders and cupped the sides of my face.

 "I think we both know Tom isn’t here right now,“ his voice low and gravelly.  "But I will be sure to thank him for this lovely gift.”

 "What gift?“ I whispered up to him.

 "This mouth.”

 His lips crashed into mine with an urgency that made me drip with need. His tongue demanded entrance as he forcefully explored my mouth. His lips were soft but unyielding and I gave myself over to it completely.  The push and pull of our rhythm was excruciating with no other contact and I moved my hands to his waist hoping to pull him closer. He was one step ahead of me and grabbed my wrists, forcing my arms behind my back with another tsk.

 "No, no my little minx. You will wait.“

 He smirked at my disappointment. His free hand trailed up and down the inside of my thigh coaxing another moan out of me. His fingers circled my throat as he grazed my lips with his tongue. His right hand slowly dropped to my breast and he thumbed the outline of my nipple before covering it with his mouth and humming against my pebbled flesh. I whimpered "Please, please…I can’t..Ahhhhhh!”   As if to argue with me, he replaced his lips with his teeth and gently bit my raised flesh, all the while moving his hand to the damp sex between my legs. He cupped my mound through my jeans and looked up with amusement as I tried to defy his grip and push myself closer to his hand.

 “You would do well to obey me.” He practically purred against my tits while his left hand tightened its grip on my wrists.“I know what you need and I intend to give it to you. When you are good…and ready…for it.“ He made his point by grinding his cock against my thigh as his hand worked over my dampening sex. "You will do as you are told and you will be rewarded handsomely for your obedience.  Is your King not generous?” He raised his eyebrow waiting for my reply and I nodded emphatically.

 “Speak!” He growled.

 “Yes! He is- yes, my king is very generous and I’ll obey, I promise.” I gave him the best doe-eyed little smile I could muster and held my breath. He finally smiled and released my hands from behind my back, and took a step back.

 “Very, very good. Now strip.”

 I stood to take my clothes off but he didn’t back away, leaving only a few inches of space for me to navigate between him and the bed. I started with my t-shirt, pulling it over my head and dropping it to the floor at our feet. He watched me through hooded eyes and nodded at me to continue. I reached for the clasp of my bra and let the straps fall over my shoulders as I held the sheer cups in place with my hands. My skin was covered in goosebumps and I shivered at the sudden nakedness I felt. I released my hands letting my bra drop, inciting a moan from deep in his throat.

 “So beautiful,” he hummed. I blushed in response and my hands instinctively came up to my face to hide it, but he stopped me with one word- “Continue.”

 I anxiously kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my jeans and wriggled them down, stepping out of them. I moved to my pale pink panties but he raised his hand: “Leave them” he insisted.

 Despite the imperious expression he wore as he studied my body, the twinkle in his blue eyes made me feel secure in the fact that he was pleased with what he saw. He instantly closed the small gap between us, looming over me, and I didn’t dare raise my eyes from his collarbone. I could feel my breath quicken at the closeness of his body and the stillness of his posture. He moved a hand to my stomach and traced two fingers up between my breasts, along my neck, to my chin. He palmed my cheek, pulled my face towards his and bent to take my lips. It was soft and slow and above all else, torturous. He held my face still as he controlled each movement finally licking his lips and humming down at me.

 “On the bed.” He broke the silence and pulled me from my stupor.  ”And sit on those hands so you can behave.”

 I did as I was told, tucking my hands beneath me as I scooted back onto the edge of the bed. He moved in immediately to test my resolve. He used his body to wedge my legs open and he grabbed my hips, pulling me forward and I rushed to adjust my hands to keep them firmly underneath my ass. He smirked at my newfound obedience. He descended on my breasts with skill and had me panting at his touch; he was determined to get me to move my hands and I knew it. He gently licked and sucked at each nipple while his fingers took turns pinching at the rose colored buds. He squeezed my tits firmly together and nipped at the cleavage that was all but enveloped in his large hands. I bit my lips and pushed myself harder into the mattress. His lips moved down my stomach slowly while his hands continued to cup my breasts. He knelt down and his mouth veered left for my pelvic bone and he sucked at the sensitive skin leaving a mark that seemed to please him. I moaned as he traced his work with his tongue and skimmed his hands down my sides to finger the elastic waist of my cotton hipsters.

 “Open for me”, his voice deep and ragged. I was shaking at his touch and desperate for him to continue. I spread my knees farther apart; I was already soaking through the fabric and I watched his pupils dilate as he took my knees in his hands and forced them all the way open. I could barely breath as his fingers moved up my inner thighs. He began to trace my folds through the damp fabric with feather light touches. I gasped and he licked his lips. He slipped his hand under the fabric and slid his fingers along my wet slit. I whimpered at the touch and he let out a low grunt when he realized just how wet I was. His fingers deftly opened my folds, pushing my panties aside and tracing around the little bundle of nerves that was most begging for his touch. He looked up from my lap and watched my face while he slowly slipped one long finger inside of me. I cried out and he pulled his finger all the way out before thrusting it back inside. He pumped slowly and used his other hand to thumb my clit, occasionally picking up speed and looking up to gauge my reaction. I unconsciously rocked against his hand, desperate for the friction when he suddenly slipped a second deliciously long finger inside. My moans grew frantic as he curled his fingers deep inside me while he pumped. He tapped my inner walls and I felt myself clenching around him. It was so overwhelming that I tried to push my thighs together without even realizing it.

 “Uh, uh, uh. Open for me. I want those eyes open too. Watch me undo you.” He shoved my legs back open and ripped my soaking panties at the seams, tossing them to the floor. He moved his face between my legs, looking back up with one more command “And you better not move those hands.” I could feel my sex quiver at his demand and I pressed my palms into my ass reminding myself of where they needed to stay.

 He plunged his tongue into me, gripping my hips tightly, his fingers roughly digging into my thighs. It was enough to hurt and it only served to heighten the pleasure his tongue delivered. Two of his long fingers found their way back inside of me and returned their attention to my gspot as he flicked my clit with his tongue and hummed against me. He rocked his face and hand into me with such force that I could feel my ass grinding against my hands beneath me. I couldn’t control the noises coming out of me and I couldn’t bring myself to care. I watched as he licked at me and he took his time over my clit. Just as he sucked it between his lips he looked up at me with with an intense hunger, his gaze holding me there with him as his mouth and his hand sent me crashing over the edge. Wave after wave of my orgasm shot through me and I shook against his mouth. He lapped at me, letting me ride it out.  As I came down he worked his way up my stomach with his wet mouth. Finally, he pulled my hands from underneath me and kissed each wrist and palm.

 “Have you ever tasted yourself, Midgardian? You really are divine.” Bringing his fingers to my lips, I opened greedily and licked them clean before he offered me his mouth. I could taste myself on his lips and it made me want to devour him. I slowly inched my hands to his stomach, looking up every few inches for permission. He chuckled as he kissed me

 “Ehehe. So eager! Do you feel you have earned it, hmmm?” I jumped at my chance, letting my hand move over the length of his huge cock, stroking him firmly through the leather and replied:

 “No, but I will.”

 He groaned at my daring. “Perfect answer.”

 I slid off the bed and down his body, never breaking contact and never breaking his gaze.  He looked down at me kneeling at his feet and he bared his teeth in a devilish grin. I placed a chaste kiss below his belly button before sliding my tongue across the curve of his engorged head, tasting the leather on my lips. I reached for the waistband and played with the tension; it moved slowly from his hips as I pulled and stretched it away from him. I ran my hands over the grommet detailing on the outside of each thigh and groped his incredible ass. His hands fell to my head and he pulled the rubber band from my hair, running his fingers through my loose strands. He reached down to help me as I struggled to free him from the confines of leather. We worked the pants farther down his hips, and suddenly his enormous cock sprang free. I gasped, despite myself, seeing just how long and thick he really was. He let out a small laugh at my reaction and rubbed his thumb against my lips as I continued to work the pants down his legs. I moved my hands over each thigh, feeling the runners legs with interest; he was thin, but every inch of him seemed to be made of muscle. I worked my hands around the soft leather at his calves and peeled each leg out of them, helping him finally step out. I folded the pants carefully and he watched as I gently placed them at his feet. I returned my focus to him and he buried his hands in my hair in anticipation. I wrapped my hands around his shaft and looked up. “Don’t move your hands,” I said with a taunt.

 He roared at my challenge and wound his fists tighter in my hair.  “With pleasure!”

 I took his tip in my mouth and let my tongue roll over every groove. I could feel him twitch as I lapped at the sensitive head and knew he wouldn’t let me tease him for long. I moved him further into my mouth, testing the length and wondering just how much I could manage; I had never been with someone his size and I didn’t know if I could take him all at once. I moved my hand between his legs giving his balls a gentle squeeze  and sucking my cheeks around him while I worked my free hand at the base. He moaned and I hummed against him in reply. I looked up teasingly as I let him pop from my mouth; I have never felt more powerful or more aroused than when seeing the expression on his face. It was total abandon. I sucked him back into my mouth and he bucked his hips as I let him slip into my throat, willing myself to ignore the gagging sensation. He gripped my hair tightly and I relaxed into the movement letting him fuck my mouth as he panted words of encouragement. He abruptly stopped and held my face still, and as he spoke his voice dropped to an even lower timbre. “Bring me that beautiful mouth.”

 In one fluid motion he pulled his cock free, bent down to grab my arms, and pulled me to my feet. He roughly shoved his tongue past my lips and cupped my ass while he pressed himself against my body. I moaned into him and the kiss. His hands moved over me, leaving my skin electric from his touch.

 "That was incredible, but I need your mouth free to sing for me. I’m going to make you scream my name until it feels like the only word you know.”

 We stumbled for the mattress and he pinned me underneath him as we fell. He wedged his body between my legs and kissed my neck as he worked his hands down my sides, finally reaching for one of my calves and wrapping it around him. He held himself up on one elbow as he brought his throbbing erection to my opening. I inhaled sharply in anticipation, knowing what was about to come. He kissed me, coaxing me back to him as he rubbed his cock up and down my slit. I breathed it all in, shuddering at the feel of him, wet and sliding at my entrance. I moved my hips towards him and felt the head of his cock push into me; I couldn’t believe how big he felt. My breath hitched and he kissed my neck trying to relax me. He moved slowly, inching his way in and still my body struggled to accommodate him. I stretched to a fullness that felt unreal and I closed my eyes, certain I was already on the brink of another orgasm. He gave one final thrust, fully sinking himself to the hilt; I cried out, but I was barely able to hear myself over his own roar. He paused, letting me get used to the feel of him buried deep inside me, and I heard him tell me to open my eyes.

 “This belongs to me now.”

 He began to slowly roll his hips into me and I scratched at the bedding for purchase. He pulled his length out, leaving the tip just inside me, before sinking back into me. Each time he did it, it knocked the air out of me. He teased me like this again, and again, picking up speed and growing more forceful as I moaned.  As he bucked harder, he could feel my inner walls tremble and clench around him.  He pulled my legs straight up against his chest; the sensations this angle created overwhelmed me, the arc giving his length access to places deep inside of me. He held my feet in his hands and his teeth grazed my ankles as he thrust into me slowly, finding just the right spot. I reached out to touch him, but he was too far away. He leaned into me hard, pressing my legs into my chest, and met my hand, taking my fingers into his mouth as he quickly picked up his pace and fucked me into the mattress. He reached between our bodies to find my clit; a few moves of his thumb and I was pleading for release, screaming “Loki!” again and again.

 “That’s it. Come for me. Give it to me. Give me everything!”

I could feel my cunt tighten around him and his thrusts grew more determined as he bucked inside my closing walls. As I came down from my high, he lowered my legs, raised himself up on his knees and sat upright on the bed.  I was so spent and numb from pleasure he pulled me like a rag doll onto his lap, and arranged me so I straddled him.  He guided my hips up and down on his long shaft, holding my weight tight in his arms as I tried to find my way back to him. He kissed my mouth insistently and pulled my arms around his neck. The pressure began to build back in my core and I started to buck up and down on his cock as he buried his face in my tits. He was so hard and my lust was pooling into his lap. The sounds of our bodies slapping against one another was like a drug.  I ran my hands over his chest and leaned back pulling his cock almost all the way out of me before sinking back down. He growled at my brutally slow pace but let me continue my game until he couldn’t take it any more. He yanked me off his straining cock and, as if I weighed nothing, flipped me onto my hands and knees.  He grabbed my ass and buried his thick cock in me with one furious thrust, letting his balls rest against me as he stretched me. I begged for more, arching my back and looking over my shoulder at him. He slapped into me with delicious force and I fought to keep up.

 “You are ruined for any other man.” He drug his palm possessively from my neck down my spine.

“It was always me.” He grabbed my hair.

“It will forever be me!” I could feel his fingers reaching around for my clit.

“You will never lose the memory of my fuck,” he growled.

“Say–my–name!,” he roared.

I cried out, “Loki!”


I screamed “Loki! Ohhh, Loki! LOKI!”

“Come. Come for your King. Come now!”

 He shouted as he thrust wildly into my dripping cunt. My walls clenched as I screamed.  I pulled his orgasm from him, milking his cock as he shook against me, his fingertips clawing at my flesh and marking my hips. We collapsed in a heap of limbs and racing hearts. He brushed the hair from my face as he panted into my shoulder. I was practically paralyzed from my orgasm and I intended to enjoy every last moment of its wake. He pulled out of me and we both whimpered at the sensation. We laid intertwined for several minutes, each quietly catching our breath. He stroked my arms and back then kissed my cheek and softly broke the silence: “Time to get up.”

 My heart sank at the fantasy coming to an end so abruptly, but I wasn’t going to let him see it. That was fine. I knew this had to end at some point. It was all going to be a matter of getting up with some of my grace and dignity still intact.  As if reading my mind he pulled me back to him.  Holding my face between his hands, he forced me to look at him as he brought his lips to my forehead and then my mouth. He kissed me softly and traced my lips with his fingers.Tom searched my eyes, smiling sweetly at my bewilderment.

"It’s time I let you find his scarves.”

Learning Curves - CS One-Shots

Title: Learning Curves
Rating: M for Motherfucking CS Smut, bitches!

Summary: A series of loosely connected one-shots, based on Emma and Killian learning to be in a relationship, their ‘firsts’ as a couple and how they ultimately find out that home can be a person, not just a place.

So, I made a post here and it was crazy popular, so I decided to make a series of drabbles from the scenarios I posted. Then I found out that I have a really big issue when it comes to writing drabbles. By which I mean that I can’t do it, because they always end up way longer than I anticipate. So they’re now a series of one shots. I regret nothing.

This one falls under the Killian vs The Modern World trope. One of my favorites to both read and write. Killian vs condom had been playing around in my imagination and then this happened. My muse is a strange and amusing little gremlin whom I have no control over.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3
(These can all be read as stand-alone one-shots, they’re just running on a timeline.)

[[Under The Cut For The Smut]]

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xpumpkindumplingx  asked:

CS + #6 *runs away giggling*

6. Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

So this got out of control and instead of a drabble is a one-shot. And also, I don’t think I’ve written something so explicit before. So wahey! Also, a lot of use of the f-word so ya if that’s not your thing.

Rated M or E whatever you guys like.

She really did regret it.

In her defense it was way too early in the morning, and Leroy had called her up for a stupid dwarf fight, and she didn’t sleep too well last night…and god she’s such an idiot.

Emma was blessed that she had the best husband in the world – a loving, caring, and sexy man who wanted nothing more to just make her happy, and there she goes snapping at him for something very ridiculous.

It’s just that she’s not a morning person and she had to wake up at 6 a.m. which no one should have to wake up at, and she was already so pissed at Leroy and he knew about the little argument she had with Regina about using magic and fuck her life honestly as she remembered the events of the morning.

Emma filled up her travel mug with coffee, even Granny’s closed at this hour of the morning. Stupid fucking Leroy and those stupid fucking dwarves.

And ugh Regina too. Emma still couldn’t believe she had a fight with the woman who was now her friend, over something so ridiculously stupid. Emma had almost hurt her father with her magic, sending her right back to the time when her magic got out of control and a pole hit him in his shoulder as he pushed Killian away. This time, her father laughed it off, but Regina made a snarky comment at Emma’s horrific face which lead to Emma snapping at her and the former Evil Queen being no less in snark, snapped back. After some words had been exchanged between the two mothers, Emma arrived home pissed as hell, and after a shower to drown out her frustration and exhaustion, had fallen straight into bed, pretending to be asleep when Killian snuck his head inside, asking her for dinner.

As Emma added two sugars into her coffee she felt Killian’s arms around her waist, his chin digging into her shoulder, “When will you be back?”

“I have no clue” she answered, “I have to meet Regina for that magic spell book later” she replied, anger rising at the prospect.

“Love, it’s alright, you know how Regina is sometimes” he nuzzled her neck, “Your father is completely fine”

Her hands stilled as she tilted her head slightly, “What?”

“Hmm?” he pressed a kiss to the back of her neck.

“How do you know about that?” she asked firmly, feeling him still behind her and straighten up, standing beside her now.

“Well, you went to sleep without food and not even as much as a goodnight or a kiss, love” he explained, “I called Regina to ask if anything had happened”

“You called her instead of asking me?” she flipped in annoyance, her eyes boring into his.

“You were sleepin, Swan….I didn-”

“I wasn’t” she interrupted, folding her arms across her chest, “Couldn’t you wait until morning to ask me instead of going behind my back to ask someone else about me?”

“Love, I just called her to make sure a danger hadn’t befallen you that you didn’t tell me about” he said, annoyance lacing his voice now as his eyebrows furrowed, “I know how upset you get when your magic goes awry and I just wanted to tell you that it’s okay”

And there it was. This unwavering belief he and her father had in her and her magic when they clearly don’t understand that she can’t control it all the fucking time and might end up hurting someone.

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Of Work and Food (Chapter 10 of Thor 3: Destruction of Ovaries)

FANDOM: Tom Hiddleston RPF

CHARACTERS: Tom Hiddleston and Faith (Original Female Character)

SUMMARY: Faith has an impossible mission to fulfill: Go through the whole production of Thor: Ragnarok without letting Tom know she is one of his crazy fangirls. A task of Herculean proportions, because she is the set costumer for this fic.

RATING: Explicit

TYPE: Multichapter (Work in Progress, find other chapters here)

Find everything I have written here.

Author’s Note: A lighter chapter after the wild emotional ride of the last one.

I am going to murder the supplier.

I mean it. She has messed with my order for the last fucking time. I didn’t attack her when she sent the wrong shade of red over for the new Thor cape. I kept mum when she fucked up the amount of gold chiffon we needed. But seriously, I am going to kill her this time.

I clutch the absurd silver wool in my arms and try to calm down.

I mean, seriously… Who looks at a veritable sea of tinsel and chiffon and silk and say, “Yup, this order for golden wool makes complete sense”? She sent me a fucking woolen comforter.

I will make it look like an accident.

Everyone is walking on eggshells around me right now. They know we have to finish Natalie’s dress in the next two days, and I have fucking wool on hand to work with. Tom’s costumes have come back from being altered, they need to be tested as soon as he is done on set. I still have to work on new footwear for him and Chris, before next week. Nobody is looking me in the eye, but I can feel their eyes on me.

“Get the bitch on the phone,” I said to Anna. “Tell her to find me a supplier nearby willing to sell me the silver silk we need. Tonight. If she says it’s impossible, tell her I will shove my boot so far up her ass, she will be puking leather for a week.”

Anna nodded and disappeared. My phone signaled an incoming text. It was Tom.

I took a deep breath. It will be fine. No need to stress.

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