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82 + 29 jungkook please?

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Prompt: “I was in the neighborhood.” + “Well, what do you want to do?”

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: Fluff + bestfriend to lovers au

Warning: slight swearing (but not anything too explicit lol)

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“I’m coming over.”

As the three words left his mouth, you shot out of your bed, your blankets falling over to the floor as you exclaimed, “What do you mean, you’re ‘coming over’?!” 

“Well, I was just taking a drive and I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d come over to see you.” he said nonchalantly over the phone. 

Blinking your eyes in confusion, you repeated, “So your coming over? Right now?” 

“Yes, goodness, are you deaf? Be ready, I’ll be there in two. I wanna show you something.” he said before ending the call abruptly.

As you got out from your bed, slipping into your comfortable house slippers, you muttered to yourself, “He’s crazy. We just saw each other yesterday in class and he wants to meet again? What am I, his girlfriend?” 

Not that you’d mind that, would you now?

Scowling, you pushed away the voice in your head as you quickly threw on a sweatshirt you found draped across your chair.  


“Hey there beautiful.” Jungkook grinned as you opened the door, a grumpy look on your face. Slipping on your sneakers, you grabbed your things and quickly locked the door behind you. 

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Nct 127 + Chenle,Jaemin's reaction to their s/o telling them that they want to marry them

Request:NCT 127 (+ Chenle , Jaemin) to you telling them that - if it’s ever possible - you’d want to marry them someday?

A/N: this is like some kind of drama ,, how cute aw . and i changed it up a little , i hope you dont mind !



The both of you watched the wedding scene showing on the television screen , as his arms wrapped around your waist . His eyes were glued to screen , as you saw him raised his eyebrows lightly as the couple on the screen kissed .

“ im waiting for that day this happens to us ”

His eyes would instantly widen , face flushed . He’d give an awkward laugh , as he hugged you tighter , clearing his throat then pecking your forehead .

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Both of you would casually be sitting at a restaurant , a small family sitting beside both of you . You noticed how Johnny was smiling at the small kid , his eyes following every movement of the child .

“ he’s so cute “

” i know right babe “

” one day we’d have our own too “

He’d raise his eyebrows at you , as he gave a small smirk and giggle , ” is that a hint ? “

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Taeyong continued nagging at you as he paced around the room back and forth , arranging everything neatly , as you laid on your bed pouting - it has been 1 hour since he started nagging at you to clean your room .

” y/n stop being so lazy and clean this mess up- “

” are you going to nag at our future children like this too omg “

Taeyong would stop what he was doing , as his cheeks started to turn pink . He gave an awkward laugh , then reached forward to pinch your cheeks , ” yes , if they’re as lazy as you “

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He was the one who brought up the topic first as a joke , teasing and trying to make you laugh . But as soon as you told him about your opinions seriously , his eyes would widen as a big and bright smile appeared on his face , as he hugged you tightly .

” baby what if i proposed to you right now “

” i’d be more than happy “

” wait are you serious , you dont mind ? “

” why would i yuta , i love you “

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He’d be sitting quietly at the tableside , concentrating and focusing on his work , not even a single word spoken . You took a seat beside him as you linked your arms together earning a small smile from Doyoung .

” when will you have time for me “

” work’s been keeping me busy , im sorry babe “

” will you still be like that if we were married ? because i sure need my husband to be by my side every night before i can sleep “

Doyoung would immediately cough and try clearing his throat , his eyes widened and face flushed . Then he’d give a small shy laugh , before shaking his head and holding to your hand , ” of course not , i’d find time for you “

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You watched from the side as your boyfriend chopped all the ingredients skillfully with one hand , the other , busy stirring and mixing the boiling soup . He took a small glance at you , then smiled , showing his well defined dimples .

” what did i do to deserve such a wonderful cook like you as my boyfriend “

” i should be the one asking you , what did i do to deserve you “

” would you still cook for me like this everyday if we were married ? “

Jaehyun gave a small laugh , covered the pot with the lid , then made his way towards you . He leaned forward , then softly said with a big smile on his face , ” yes , i’d make special recipes just for you … and maybe our future children too ? “

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You stood at the window glass pane , squinting your eyes as you admired the shiny and silver ring put on display outside the store . WinWin stood beside you , arms around your shoulders as he gave an awkward laugh ,

” do you like it that much ? “

” yes it’s so pretty “

” do you want me to get it for you ? “

” nope …. for now hehe “

” then when ? “

” *coughs* maybe when you *coughs* propose *coughs* “

WinWin would lower his head down shyly , as he laughed to himself . His hold around your shoulders would tightened , as his other arm reached forward to hug you .he’s such a small kid ,, so cute ;-;

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Both of you would be watching television , and just chilling and cuddling on the bed , as a random thought came to your head .

” what do you want for us in the future babe “

” for us to be happy i guess . what about you ? “

” hopefully , i mean HOPEFULLY , get married … you know “

*awkward laughter*

Mark would avoid eye contact with you , but couldnt help but smile to himself . But as soon as you pulled him in for a hug , he’d shyly return it , his cheeks burning as he let out another giggle , ” you’re so cute i love you “

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He stucked out his tongue at you when you glared at him , as he dangled the piece of meat infront of your eyes , before putting it in his mouth , then giving another laugh .

” that was my last piece of meat why “

” too bad , i got it first “

” you’re so immature hyuck “

” at least im more mature than you heh “

” how do i deal with you for the rest of me life “

” i love you “

He’d get what you mean , but try to act coy about it , casually saying things like , ” i should be the one worrying about that “ . but on the inside he’s squealing and screaming .

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You laid your head on his lap , the both of you holding your phones up , as he tried to explain the rules of the game to you .

” wait why are we married in the game “

” married couples get to work together , we’ll earn more points like that “

” would we still be doing this if this came true in the future ? haha “

Jaemin would laugh right away , as his hands played with your soft hair on his lap . He’d squeeze your cheek , then teasing you , ” we could if you want to “

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Chenle ran down to you from upstairs , as he carried a huge book in his arms . He’d cheerfully and brightly sit beside you , then excitedly exclaim that the book contained baby pictures of him , and he wanted to share them with you .

As you flipped through the pages , a photograph of his parents’ wedding came up , as you took into detail every aspect of the photo .

” woah your mother’s so pretty “

” hehe thank you “

” i wanna be in a similar dress like this in the future too “

Chenle would laugh , then playfully pinch your cheek , ” you’re already beautiful enough “

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this is so bad im sorry omg ;-;

whatta man ❖  taemin

anon requested : Can I have a shinee taemin smut? Honestly you can take the story wherever ❤️ 

admin : - neb

word count : 1532

genre : smut

warning : thigh riding

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(gif not mine, credit to the owner)

((idec that this gif is too big to fit with the aesthetic, it saved my life but killed my ovaries rip))

You close the door shut before hanging your coat and putting the keys in the little vase situated near the entrance, releasing a loud sigh at the feeling of home you’ve been needing all day. No matter where you were, at work or just outside in the city, whenever you came back home you feel that all the obligations are put aside and you find the time to relax and enjoy the deep coziness of your flat. You and Taemin had furnished your little love-birds cave with so much attention and passion, everything was just perfect for you to come home late at night and just be yourself. While you think about the long day you just had you hear footsteps behind you, you turn around to see a dripping wet Taemin, with nothing but a towel wrapped around his perfect hips. And just then you realize that no matter what the furniture was or how warm was the air, the only thing that made you feel comfortable and at ease was your boyfriend and his wide smile with which he always greeted you.

“Are you tired, babe?” his voice so smooth in your ears and his caring look moving mountains inside your stomach, you didn’t realize how much you longed for him all day long until his arms were wrapped perfectly around your waist and his lips merely touching yours, in a soft kiss.
Your head was tilted upwards in order to look him in the eyes while you nodded eagerly, a slight pout appeared on your lips.

“I cooked something for you, even if it might be cold now, we can just heat it in the micro if you’re hungry.” he saiys sweetly, walking towards the kitchen, leaving a path of droplets behind him.
His toned back flexing while he walks, his broad shoulders wet with the little water running down his hair, he just looked gloriously hot in the simplest of movements. And even if it costs admitting it, you aren’t exactly hungry for food at the moment.
But you follow him suit, wanting to put something in your stomach after such a tiring day at work.
Your eyes never really leaving his toned physique.You sat down, quietly shoving food in your mouth, glancing one time at his biceps flexing while eating, one time at his shiny lips and perfect features. Was it wrong craving for your boyfriend or was it just the blush creeping on your cheeks that was making you feel guilty? You don’t know, but Taemin noticed your glances, gifting you a side-smirk while clearing the table for you.
You got up to put the dishes in the dishwasher, casually placing your hand on his naked chest to pass by. The sexual tension was concrete and noticeable.
As you put the last glass in the dishwasher and turn around to finally sit down, you find Taemin seated on the couch, looking at you playfully. His head is tilted to the side, his arms are flexed under his head, giving you a full view of his toned thighs spread on the couch, the towel barely outlining his mid-woke manhood. In his eyes a mischievous look and on his lips the most tempter of the smirks. You gulp hard, feeling the heat between your thighs increase, having you to shut them, searching for some comfort.
His hand quickly reaches his thigh, patting it and signaling you to come closer.

“Someone is needy.” You hear him whisper and you move faster, placing yourself in front of him.
His eyes roaming up and down your body, making you feel almost naked and completely vulnerable. He pulls you closer by your waist and placing his veiny hands on your thighs, gently caressing them and grazing the tissue of your jeans with his nails.

“Wanna try something fun?” he asks, caressing your thighs and playing with the button of your jeans. Your cheeks heating up at the sudden feeling of his finger tracing a line all the way to your clothed core. You nod eagerly, your walls clenching on nothing at how much you need him right now.

“Alright princess” he quickly unbuttons your jeans, leaving you in you panties.
He grips your hips tightly, his veins popping on his arms possibly arousing you even more than his lustful look. He places your hips over his legs, sitting you down on his lap, your legs straddling him.He clasps your thighs, leaving red marks on your soft, milky skin and he begins to guide your movement, swinging back and forth on his toned thigh.
You moan out his name, almost numb at the feeling of release that you kept since you saw him in nothing but that damn towel. You start to move for yourself, putting more pression into your movements and mewling out incoherent words.
He flexes that muscle on his thigh that makes you go crazy, your path fastens and the friction increases as you place your hands on his shoulders, holding yourself back from rubbing your core along with the movement.
His lips and teeth working on your neck, living purple hickeys all over it and biting hard down on your pale complexion. He groans in you ear as your body is shook in a whimper and his names escapes your mouth in a loud moan.

“Oh God, this feels so good.” You whisper in his ear, kissing his plump lips sloppily, messily.
He smirks, biting your bottom lip and flexing his muscle again, making you see stars.
His tan skin is glowing under the deem light of the room, his features shining and his expression so focused on your pleasure and your pleasure only.You feel knots forming in your stomach, your climax approaching, rising up to your brain making your lungs shrink and your vision blurring. Your clit aches in over-sensitivity as you swing your hips back and forth a couple more times, riding your orgasm. The room is filled with heavy breathes and  disconnected wet sounds, your bodies are covered in a thin sheer of sweat.
You plop down on the couch next to Taemin, inhaling sharply and regaining conscience.

“Thank you.” you breathe out, kissing his temple. He smiles, gifting you the prettiest eye-smile he could.
He then looks down at his shiny thigh, covered in your fluids.

“Mh, I’m gonna need another shower.” he laughs out loud, ruffling your hair.
You feel you cheeks heat up again for the shame of your sin.

“I’m sorry.” You pout, pocking out your bottom lip and pinching his nose playfully.He shrugs his shoulders, a soft smile painted on his lips.
“It was a pleasure baby.” he then pecks you on the lips and gets up, headed to the bathroom.
You smile and yawn, feeling sleepy. Your head rested on the cushion, you drift to sleep.

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Boyfriend!Kang Daniel

  • you were just working at your local pet cafe when a group of 11 guys come inside and take a seat at one of the tables. 
  • but when you look outside there are like a sea of just girls outside the window screaming out incoherent sentences and you’re just freaked out because wow ?? this has never happened in the whole time you have worked here what is happening right now. 
  • but soon one of your coworkers starts almost freaking out in the back room so you just head there and she’s like 
  • and you’re just confused like 
  • “I don’t see an idol group here though?” 
  • but then it hits you. the group of 11 guys just casually sitting in your cafe must be the group she’s talking about. 
  • so since you are ordered to be their waitress bc you are the only one that is not freaking out about them  you go up to them and try talking to them when you hear someone screaming one of the member’s name. 
  • “wow Kang Daniel must be very popular.” 
  • but you hear chuckling and when you look over you see a guy who’s around your age who is holding a cat. and you’re just starstruck because wow he’s so cute but that cat is cuter?! 
  • once you get the order for their drinks and give them their drinks you have some free time so you decide to play with all the cats. while you’re playing with the cats though you don’t notice that the sea of girls are slowly disappearing because security has come to give Wanna One privacy. 
  • so while you’re playing with the cats one of the workers comes next to you and is like, 
  • “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Daniel has been looking at you for quite a while now.” 
  • so you look over and TRY to guess who Daniel is since you don’t really know who it is but it doesn’t take you that long since you meet the gaze of the guy who was playing with the cat earlier. 
  • so sooner or later Daniel goes up to you and you both start making conversations about cats. an he explains that he named both of his cats boy names without actually checking if they were girls first and you are in shock because you did the exact same thing?! 
  • “i literally have named my cats harry potter and Joshua without realizing they are girls too.” 
  • then daniel is like 
  • “you like harry potter?!” 
  • so after that Daniel starts coming over more often and before you know it you start developing a tiny little crush on him because he’s super cute and you both became friends over your love of cats and naming them without checking the gender. 
  • so one day while you’re working Daniel stops by with a couple of roses and just sits down at his usual table but what really catches your attention is that he’s wearing a nice outfit AND that he has roses. 
  • so once you are on your break you sit by the secluded space that he usually sits at and he holds up the roses to you and is smiling that bright smile he always has while you’re just caught off guard and have become a red tomato faced mess
  • “I know that it’s only been like a month since I’ve met you but do you think you’d be willing to go out with me? on like one date i mean.”
  • and ofc you’d accept because who wouldn’t want to date Daniel?! 
  • so you’re first date would be at no other then your pet cafe, but instead of work you are here on your day off. and although you had thought it was just going to be you and Daniel Seongwoo had also joined in because he’s gotta make sure Daniel doesn’t embarrass himself.
  • but it doesn’t really matter to Daniel because he just acts like he isn’t there at all and continues to flirt with you. 
  • but he doesn’t really have to flirt with you because you have already liked him ever since you guys started talking about the names of your cats. 
  • so then after the date he drives you home and he brings to do the doorstep but you don’t really feel like ending the date. 
  • “i really enjoyed the date today, I hope we can have more in the future.” 
  • then he just casually brings you in for a hug and it lasts for quite a while but once again you aren’t complaining because the hug feels nice. 
  • so it’s been a couple of dates and are just chilling at home when the doorbell rings. you open it and it’s Daniel with his cats !! you let him in and you both just sit on the couch for a while just watching your cats play with his. 
  • “so i’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while,” 
  • you look up at Daniel and you notice that he looks ver nervous and you just find it cute because you haven’t seen Daniel like this before. 
  • “would you be my girlfriend, i mean we would have to keep it a secret for a while if you don’t mind.”
  • “of course Daniel! gosh who wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend?!” 
  • you exclaim and you instantly start hugging Daniel which catches him by surprise but he hugs you back and next thing you know you both are just cuddling on the couch watching the both of your cats play together. 
  • you both would be such a cute couple i swear omg like he doesn’t mind pda but he won’t over do it. you both would hold hands in public or he’ll put his arm around your waist while you both are just walking. there are occasional kisses when he just can’t resist you. 
  • but at home he’ll be almost glued to you, casually resting his head on your lap so that you can play with his hair. back hugging you while you are making food. 
  • one time he slept over at your house and you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, 
  • “Y/N don’t go! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!!” 
  • you would just snicker silently to yourself while you just get out of bed to make breakfast. 
  • while Daniel is preparing to leave you go up to him and decide it’s the perfect time to repeat what he said and see if he reacts to it. 
  • “But Daniel don’t leave! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!” 
  • and then you just start laughing to yourself while Daniel is just standing there confused, but then he realizes that he must’ve said that while he was sleeping so he just starts getting all red in the face while you are laughing your ass off still. 
  • so he decides to grab you and start planting kisses all over your face unexpectedly. 
  • fights wouldn’t really happen but when they do they are often solved quickly since Daniel really cares about you and what you think so he’ll often try to talk it out with you and understand your side of the argument while also calmly explaining his side 
  • and then after that you both would probably play with the cats together. 
  • but since he’s an idol he can’t come over all the time so there are moments where you don’t see him for a week or a couple and you just feel really lonely but he left his cats at your place so you don’t feel as lonely. he also left his sweater there but since it’s summer you don’t wanna sweat all over his jacket 
  • he’ll text you often so don’t worry about him ignoring you, in fact he gets all sad and stuff when you don’t reply to him for a long time. 
  • but when he comes back from promoting and all that jazz you better believe that he’ll literally be stuck to you at the hip. like wherever you go he’ll come along with so that he’s near you because he missed you that much. 
  • “I missed you so much y/n I kept on telling the other members about you and they told me to stop at one point because I wouldn’t stop talking.”
  •  you’d just laugh and pinch his cheeks because he’s so cute and also that you couldn’t believe that you scored someone like him.
  •  “I missed you too Daniel, your cats was the only thing keeping me company besides work, but I haven’t told them I was dating anyone.” 
  • In conclusion you both would be a cute couple that everyone would be low key jealous of. 

ʜᴇʏ, ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ? ɪᴛ’s ᴛɪᴍᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs sᴇᴜɴɢᴋᴡᴀɴ ᴛᴏ sʜɪɴᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʜɪs ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇs!


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Paladins in a situation they're not yet s/0 accidentally ends up on a truth serum and spills all their secrets including their crush on said paladin

~Aaah, so much scenarios request! It takes some time to answer all of them tho hehe, anyways here it is!~


 • Him and s/o were probably out looking for herbs and spices at that time. That’s when both of them saw some odd looking, but appetizing, types of herbs that they’ve never seen before.

 • Hunk probably grabs it and him and s/o goes back to the castle to test it out.

 • Not actually knowing that the herb that they took had chemicals, similar to ethanol, where it interferes with the brain’s ability to think or act properly.

 • Of course, he and s/o not knowing this, so they put it in anyway.

 • Eventually s/o got curious so they took a small nibble on the herb.

 • Immediately feels drowsy and starts moving around Hunk strangely.

    - “Uh, (y/n), what are you doing?”

    - “Hiii Hunk~~”

 • Hunk eventually realizes (and starts panicking) that the herb was intoxicating his s/o, so he goes to tend to them instead.

    - “Are you okay (y/n)?! How do you feel? Do you need to lie down?”

    - “All I need is you Hunk!~”

 • The boy blinked several times at this. And s/o starts pouring out everything they feel about Hunk, including their crush on him.

    - “You’re so cute Hunk! Hahaha, you’re so silly and adorable it makes me wanna pinch your cheeks! You know I really like you, oh! Did I mention that you’re so cute?!” 

    - “U-uh… I-I… Y-yes, you already did I…”

 • Hunk is probably speechless about the sudden confession, but couldn’t help but feel the same. 

 • Ushers his s/o back to bed, and convinces them to sleep while he goes back and tries to make a drink that will help dissolve the chemical in their body.

 • He’s all giddy and excited about it though, he just couldn’t believe his crush confessed their feelings to him! 

 • Also has his doubts too, “Wait what if they didn’t actually mean it? It might just be the herb! Yeah, it might be it!”

 • Confronts it to his s/o about the confession, not so subtly. 

 • When his s/o admits that they do have feelings for him, he just turns into this stuttering mess, and has trouble trying to tell them his feelings, but all that leaves his mouth is “Oh uhhh… I… Y-yknow (y-y/n), I-I… Uhh…. I … L-like aaa”

 • S/o has to calm him down before he finally gets his feelings across. 

 • Hunk is so giddy about it, and they cuddle. He just couldn’t believe it, is this all a dream?

 • Pure boy is just so happy when he wakes up the next day, and sees s/o right next to him.


 • It probably happened during one of Coran’s experiment. He and s/o were told to look for a type of herb, the same herb that Hunk found, and bring it to Coran. After handing the herb to the Altean, Coran starts to ground it and carefully place it in a container.

 • He and s/o were just curiously watching by the side, but then Shiro comes and asks for Keith, so Keith leaves s/o for a while. 

 • He and Shiro were probably just talking about something, when some time later, s/o starts walking up to them, but kept tripping on their footing.

    - “(y/n) are you okay?” 

 • Red bean and space dad is concerned and confused. 

    - “Keith! I’ve been looking for youuuuu~” 

 • Notices that s/o starts to act weirdly and clingy all of a sudden. 

 • Keith was taken fully by surprise when his s/o suddenly wraps their arms around him.

 • He then looks at Shiro in question, but sees him with a knowing smirk. Space dad leaves the room with a mischievous grin, “I’ll leave this to you Keith,” 

 • K e i t h  i s  s h o o k

 • Literally does not move as his s/o starts talking with him in a flirty tone, which they never do, and starts talking about their feelings towards him.

    - “You’re so badass and cool Keith! And you’re so hooooot too~”

 • *Keith.exe has stopped working*

 • S/o notices that Keith doesn’t respond to him and starts to think that he doesn’t like them the same way too, so they start crying. 

    - “You don’t like me do you? I knew it! You don’t actually like me,- hicc -” “W-Wait what? N-NO! I didn’t mean to- please stop crying!”

 • Coran finally finds s/o and brings her back to the lab, explaining that he tripped and the gas within the container, which had the herbs, spilled unto s/o and eventually inhales it, intoxicating them. 

 • Coran makes an antidote while s/o is sleeping on the couch, Keith is right there beside them. 

 • Thinks about his s/o’s confession to him recently, and could not help but blush. 

 • Once s/o woke up from their sleep after taking the antidote, they immediately remember the events and apologizes to Keith, still thinking that he doesn’t return the feelings. 

 • Keith was having trouble trying to tell his s/o what he was trying to say, as s/o starts apologizing continuously.

 • Eventually blurts out, “Shut up! I like you too!” 

 • Immediately realizes his sudden outburst, so he says softly this time, “I-I… Like you too.” 

 • S/o is so happy they hug him, to which Keith reluctantly returned. 

 • Keith smiles (wow), as he and s/o eventually gets together. He doesn’t quite show it, but he’s happy at the sudden turn of events. 


 • Now this one happened where he and s/o were out on the same planet where the herbs were, but in flower form. They both were just outside the castle casually taking a stroll. 

 • Of course, Lance being Lance, flirts with s/o while they stroll, to which they just roll their eyes at. 

 • But then they come across a gorgeous flower, to which they approached steadily. 

 • Lance was just looking around when his s/o suddenly starts sneezing.

    - “You alright there (y/n)? I’d say god bless you, but it looks like he already did.” 

 • Gets concerned when his s/o starts coughing profusely, “Are you okay (y/n)?!” 

 • Notices that s/o starts to act strangely, and sways from side to side as they tried to walk. They suddenly stop, then turning to Lance with a huge grin on their face.

    - “Lancey!!!” “What?”

 • S/o suddenly clings onto him, taking him fully by surprise. 

    - “You’re acting really strange (y/n),” “What?? Reaaaally??” “Yeah really,”

 • Is so confused and becomes a complete blushing mess when his s/o starts firing at him pick up lines which he never thought of before.

    - “Is your daddy a baker? Because you got some nice bunnss!~” 

    - “Hey Lance do you have a map? Because I’m lost in your eyes~~” 

    - “Even if there isn’t gravity in space, I’d still fall for you Lance!~”

 • He could not even think of anything to say back because his s/o starts to confess their feelings towards him, which was something he never expected. 

    - “Lance? (y/n)? Are you two alright?” Shiro asks through the intercom,

    - “U-Uh… Y-yeah! W-were fine.” 

    - “Why is (y/n) blurting out pick up lines?” Shiro questions.

    - “I… I kinda need help here guys…” 

 • He and Shiro had to walk s/o back into the castle while they start talking about Lance, to which space dad just chuckles at. 

 • When they finally reach the castle, Coran starts making the antidote for s/o and lets them sleep for a while.

 • Lance was still a blushing mess after the encounter, he couldn’t believe that his s/o actually returns his feelings! And that they actually do like him! 

 • When he was told that his s/o woke up, he decides to go to them. 

 • S/o is so embarrassed after the incident, and couldn’t even look at Lance properly. 

    - “You should have told me about your feelings (y/n),” “Shut up Lance.”

    - “But you know…. I-I…. I really like you (y/n)… I mean it this time,” 

 • S/o is genuinely happy, knowing that Lance actually likes them back, so the two hug each other.

     - “I like you too Lance.”


• Pidge found the same herb earlier than the others, and seeing that it had some weird components which she’ve never seen before, decides to bring it to her room to examine it, thinking that it could have any potential code in it.

 • It was after a mission was completed, and everyone was exhausted after the fight, but Pidge brought the herb to her room and started to test it. 

 • Found out that the herb had chemicals in it where if consumed, interferes with the brain’s neurotransmitters, similar to getting drunk on alcohol. 

 • Decides to further test it, so she brought it the kitchen and mixes it with water just to see what would happen upon contact with liquid. When she sees that nothing happens, she goes to her room go get the rest of her equipment.

 • Although, not knowing that her s/o entered the room in need of a drink, and absentmindedly drank it, still occupied from the thought of the battle earlier.

 • S/o starts to feel drowsy and starts to see double after she drank it though. Pidge comes back and sees her s/o start swaying from side to side.

 • Figured that her s/o drank the glass, she cursed as she ran towards them and asked if they were feeling alright.

 • Out of all the paladins, Pidge knew what kind of effect the herb had when consumed, but she didn’t quite expect her s/o to start talking about her.

    - “Pidge! You little potato! Hehe, watchchu up to?” S/o slurred.

    - “(y/n), you need to sit down and rest while I go find an antidote,” 

    - “What? Nooo, don’t leave me~” 

 • S/o starts to cling onto Pidge and refuses to let go, to which the small teen groaned in frustration. 

    - “(y/n)! Get off me!” 

    - “Never!” 

 • She and s/o were probably stuck together as s/o started cuddling her. 

 • Pidge couldn’t help but stutter as her s/o started to pour out their feelings towards her.

     - “You know Pidge, you’re such a smart and amazing person! I don’t think I can ever be in your standards… -hicc-, you’re just so adorable and small and talented while I can’t do sh*t,”

  • Keith eventually finds her and s/o together, and lifts s/o off of Pidge before carrying them off to Coran where he then gives them the antidote.

 • When her s/o is asleep on the couch, Pidge couldn’t help but think of the recent events that had just occurred.

 • “(y/n) likes me? B-but how? I’m not even that pretty and they still like me?” 

 • When her s/o does wake up, they couldn’t even look at Pidge properly, as they had remembered the recent incident. 

    - “I’m so sorry Pidge. I shouldn’t have done that, and I- oh god.” S/o is just beet red as they try to apologize. 

 • Though they eventually stop apologizing when Pidge hugs them, effectively shutting them up.

    - “I uh… I actually had the same feelings (y/n)… Heh, I didn’t actually thought that you would like me back. Hehe,” 

 • She and s/o starts laughing and giggling about the incident, no longer embarrassed. 

    - “Just don’t drink something out in the open like that next time!” 


 • He and his s/o were stationed outside of the castle, on guard just to make sure there were no intruders. The castle was slightly damaged after the fight earlier, and needed some repairs, and seeing that the planet they were on were hostile, they had to be on guard. So he and s/o opted to guard outside the castle.

 • He and s/o were just chatting casually while they were outside, enjoying the view from time to time. 

 • Then s/o spotted an odd looking plant suddenly emerge from the dirt not too far from them. 

    - “What was that?” Shiro asked, barely catching the emerging object from the corner of his eye.

    - “I’ll go check it out,” 

    - “Be careful (y/n).”

 • Stands by while his s/o goes out to inspect the object. 

 • He was immediately alerted when he hears them start to cough and wheeze profusely, and ran towards his s/o. “(y/n)! (y/n) are you okay?!” 

 • Notices his s/o swaying from side to side, and acting strangely. 

 • They trip, though he was able to catch them before they hit the ground.

    - “(y/n) are you alright? What happened to you?” 

    - “Huhh?? Oh hey!! Helloo Shiroo~” 

 • Immediately notices the sudden change of attitude in his s/o, “Are you feeling okay (y/n)?”

    - “I feel great! Especially now that you’re here!” 

 • Space dad froze up when they lean into him, and bury their face in his chest.

 • Decides to bring them back inside the castle, but as he did so, his s/o starts talking to him rather… Suggestively.

 • They eventually tell him along the way their hidden feelings for him. 

 • Shiro is actually surprised at this, but seeing as s/o seems to be intoxicated and started to tell the truth he decides to ask them questions.

 • He’s probably the only one out of all the paladins who actually still strikes up a conversation with their s/o.

 • Doesn’t really want to exploit them too much, so he just opts to ask them random, mundane questions.

    - “So, do you have any place in mind that you’d like to go to?”

    - “Oh! Remember that blue planet which was surrounded by beaches and flowers? I’d like to go there sometimeee~” 

    - “I see…”

 • Will probably use this useful information for the future. 

 • He brings them to Coran, so that he could make the antidote for them. S/o eventually falls asleep in the couch once they take it, Shiro beside them.

 • The only one who is actually calm and collected about the situation unlike the rest of the paladins. 

 • When his s/o wakes up, he confronts them about the previous encounter.

    - “I didn’t know that you actually harboured feelings for me (y/n),”

 • S/o is a complete stuttering and blushing mess as he says this, to which Shiro just chuckles at. 

 • Wraps his arms around them to calm them down. 

    - “What I mean is… I like you too (y/n).”

~Sorry if the paladins might be a little out of character, hehe, there are just a lot of requests flooding in my ask box recently, woot woot!~

anonymous asked:

Haha ty! May i request sfw and nsfw for Rohan with a chubby n curvy s/o? The one you did of Josuke was 👌👌

;^)) I’m glad you enjoyed it my friend. 

Rohan Kishibe


-Rohan finds it so be very attractive. Though he won’t say it up front to them, he’d say small things about it. 

-He liked kissing their cheeks and when pulling them close to himself he grabs them by their hips. He loves grabbing their hips cause it’s a handful.

- “Y/N, why don’t you pose for me? I need some reference.” At first they’d ask if it was okay considering their body type wasn’t really one to match his comics. He’d just shut them up and tell them to “'Hurry up and pose.”

- s/o would quickly listen and strikes a pose, idk maybe of them braiding their hair, or pulling up their pants, crossing their legs. 

-Rohan when drawing them in a cartoony style, usually exaggerates their curves and chub. He thinks it’s cute.

-He always brags about it to friends. “Every girl here is always skinny. Not Y/N,  she’s got curves that could kill a man.” He probably wouldn’t mind if their curves killed him too.

-Rohan always asks them to wear a bikini for reference, or ask them to wear something that would reveal s/o’s curves.

-When cuddling he always has his hand on their tummy, it’s soft and a great place to warm up his hands. Also their thighs too

-He’d pinch s/o randomly throughout the day. Either their love handles, arms, or cheeks. When s/o would ask why he does it, he’d just shrug and say “I just like doing it.”

-Though he doesn’t run, he’d ask them if they’d go on a run with him. Mainly cause he wanna see s/o bounce. He wants to see their boobs bounce while they run too. He’s a perv lowkey. 

-Its funny cause he’s much thinner than them so when they cuddle, s/o is crushing them. Rohan would endure it cause mama ain’t raise no bitch

-He loves their butt, wowow look at that butt, big and squeezable. He won’t stop grabbing their ass. They’re walking to the café? You bet your ass that his hand is in your back pocket.

-He’d want them to show off their butt more often, he’d buy cute panties for them to wear so that they had a reason to show off to him. 

-This boy cries when they wear booty shorts. 

-When they are just laying in bed at random positions, and s/o is on their belly, he’d use their butt as a pillow. Though s/o wouldn’t question it. 

-He loves buying clothes for them. He says it’s for reference and that he has a couple clothes he can’t quite draw he’s lying but s/o is more than happy to wear it for him.

-He loves gripping their face, cause he loves that weird fish face that happens when he squishes their cheeks together. It’s adorable to him, especially cause s/o has cute cheeks.

-If anyone made fun of s/o for their weight, he’d open up Heaven’s Door and basically curse them. Writing down something like, “Can never get a girlfriend/boyfriend.” Or “Everytime someone insults them, they act like a dog for 20 seconds” 


-Rohan is very into tying them up. He likes it tight around where they have a bit more chub, like their thighs and arms. Oh god dude he loves it even more when he takes off the ropes and sees the red lines covering s/o’s body. 

-He likes holding them tight as they fuck. He’ll grab onto s/o’s thighs, hips, wrists. Anywhere honestly. 

-Rohan is always on top, even if his partner asks, he’ll refuse. He likes being on top and he’s very stubborn about it. 

-He loves it when they give head, seeing their face full of his cock pushes him over the edge. If his s/o is about to give head, he immediately gets a boner. He’d pull on their hair, saying dirty things to his lover. 

- “You’re such a greedy whore, taking it all in without a second though.”

-When he makes side comics, and it involves something kinky that he hasn’t tried yet, he’s definitely going to try it on s/o. 

-His religion is s/o wearing thigh highs.

-He has a lot of stamina in his fingers from drawing hours at a time, so him finger blasting s/o is A+

-He’s into public stuff, he’d buy a remote controlled vibrator and have them put it on, and take a stroll at the park. While there when no one was around, he has no mercy, putting the vibrator on at full blast and watching them shiver and moan as they grip onto his shoulders for support. 

-Heck if s/o was wearing a skirt, and no one was close by, he’d finger blast them right there, having them walk around with soaked panties for the remaining day, till they got home. 

I could’ve done more but I’m always getting carried away and adding sooo many unnecessary things that aren’t even related to the headcannon, it’s a real problem.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Birthday Namjoon 💕

Here are 24 reasons why I love and appreciate this cutie so freaking much~

1. He’s so clumsy, where sometimes I wanna wrap him up in bubble wrap.

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Manager even told him to be careful… ;~;

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2. Whenever he get shy, he automatically hides his face.

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3. Sometimes, he’s a little disrespectful with them slick winks.

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4. His casual V-Lives, checking up on ARMYs.

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5. Little lectures he gives ARMYs or himself…

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6. Even when he’s jamming~

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7. His precious love for crabs.

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8. His little adorable, not really, Ryan collection.

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9. Grape Mon/Pink Mon, Namjoon in any hair style really.

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10. Him wearing flower crowns are my favorite~

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11. He’s real cute when he’s wearing glasses.

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I wanna pinch his cheeks. >3<

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13. I just really really love this gif.

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14. Dem #kimdaily pictures tho.

15. Dancing machine alert. “My name is Rap Monster, not Dance Monster.” Okay mister, whatever you say.

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16. Speaking of rap, did you guys know he raps? No? Welp, better listen cause there is a lot of heart and soul when he raps.

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17. Don’t forget, he can sing too. I cry…his voice is amazing.

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18. The songs he composed/produced or help composed/produced for us.

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19. Thank you speeches at the award shows.

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20. Always reminding ARMYs to…

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[Lost the gif where he told ARMYs to stay healthy… But you stay healthy too please!]

21. He’s always encouraging/helping the boys learn English. 

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22. The way he cares for/about the boys. [Watch every BTS video that exist.]

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23. BangPD asked him to pick between BTS or going solo…

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24. Overall, thank you for not giving up when people told you too. Thank you for writing amazing songs. Thank you being an awesome leader and brother to the boys. Thank you for existing and truly being yourself. Thank you so much for making me smile every day. <3

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