his cheekbones look weird

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Holsom + pranking

“I thought you liked Ransom.“ 

"I do.” Holster can’t help the giant, embarrassing as fuck, grin spreading across his face. Even Bitty’s obvious confusion can’t quell it.

“Okay… then why exactly are you doing this?”

Holster looks down at the well, mess on the kitchen table, including toothpaste, a pile of dismantled Oreow, and a bowl full of Oreo cream filling that he plans on demolishing later.

“Rans loves pranks,” he says after a moment, squeezing a glob of toothpaste onto one of the cookies before pressing another one on top. “It’s a perfect way to ask him on a date.”

Bitty still doesn’t look all that convinced.

Later that night, while Ransom’s trying to wash his mouth out in the bathroom sink, his cheekbones still looking hella fine in the weird green light of their bathroom, Holster asks him out to breakfast. Beaming, with bits of Oreo stuck to his teeth, Ransom says yes.