his character was called basil in this

ok but clayface’s gotta be pansexual, right? like i know he was a talented actor and that the people he impersonates are essentially his “characters” and straight people play gay characters all the time but like, remember when he impersonated dinah and got into bed with a naked green arrow and was about to kiss him? or when he called ragman hot? he flirts by saying he’ll give people a mudbath :))) can’t believe non-binary pansexual clayface is canon. clayface? more like gayface

First Encounters (And Simon’s To Do List)

HOLY SHIT Y’ALL I’M ALIVE??? hi i’m sorry that i’ve been very useless at posting over these last few months but holy shit life is a lot and school is stressful. Anyway this originally started off as a jay gatsby x nick carraway fan fiction for my literature class (don’t ask), but i’ve missed simon and baz so i changed it to them. i hope everyone is doing well and i’ll see you again w a new fic sometime soonish hopefully! lot’s of love! 

Simon Snow’s agenda for the day includes:

  • staying in bed
  • being depressed
  • (maybe) showering

God this is pathetic, isn’t it?

He’s only 20. There’s a million of other fish in the sea. He shouldn’t let this heartbreak stop him, this is Agatha’s loss, not his. Maybe this was a sign though, maybe this was fate telling him he really should just get a boyfriend. Girls weren’t worth his time. They all suck. He needs to get out and seize the day. He should spontaneously burst into song at the Tesco down the road and perform a choreographed routine about the tower of soup cans in the corner.

Well, that was really gay.

Let’s maybe start off with going to the Tesco and buying some food for lunch because really thinking about it, Simon hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. This is not the right way to deal with heartbreak. 

‘Note to self’ he thought. ‘Take care of yourself even if you feel like you don’t deserve it.’ 

He decided the shower could wait so he just drowned himself in deodorant and put on a short-sleeved button up shirt and jeans. He may as well look like he has his life together. He looks like Romeo from the Baz Luhrmann movie..damn. After checking himself out for a little longer he grabs his phone and takes the lift down to the ground floor of his apartment complex.

He’s Simon frickin Snow, he can do anything. It’s London in 2017, his life is full of opportunity and he’ll be damned if anyone is going to let him stop the opportunity flowing through his veins. Entering the store, he heads straight to the back where the bread is. After gathering everything he needs he goes to the checkout to find one very handsome boy standing behind the counter. His name tag reads Basil and his tanned skin contrasts with the white uniform shirt he’s wearing.

“Holy shit..” Simon says under his breath as he approaches the him. He places his things on the countertop and decides to introduce himself.

Come on, Snow. You can do this. Who needs Agatha? Not you. She’s out of the picture, gone forever. This guy though…This Basil character looks like a real charmer.

“The name’s Simon, but everyone calls me Snow. And you’re Basil?” Simon announced smoothly glancing at the name tag on the man’s chest, then to his eyes.

Basil looked up from the cheese he was scanning. He went bright red in the face and practically threw it in the paper bag.

“Um yeah..Baz, actually..Hi um would you like something? I mean! Welcome to Tes-“ Baz stammers innocently trying to form a coherent sentence.

“Well quite honestly, I would like your number and an endless supply of food, but I think I can settle for only the former. When do you get off?”

See this, this was the Simon Snow the world was used to. Cocky and a flare for the dramatic. The world didn’t need to he’d been moping around his apartment watching Rent on repeat and bawling each time Angel died, even though he knew it was going to happen. The world needed to see Simon Snow as it saw water, something people were always thirsty for more of and needed to survive.

“In 15 minutes..”

“Perfect, I’ll see you then! Keep the change.” Simon shoved a £20 and a £5 note in the boy’s hand and waltzed out of the store, picking up his bags on the way out. Crap. Was that too little money? Oh well he can’t go back now. Already made the dramatic exit.

Simon Snow’s agenda for the day now includes:

  • have the world’s quickest shower
  • make sandwiches for a picnic
  • find old picnic basket Agatha gave you on your 3 month anniversary
  • have a picnic date with hot grocery boy in the park

The Actress Mary Gordon passed away today in 1963.

Born as Mary Gilmour in Glasgow Mary was well known for her role as Mrs. Hudson in the Classic Sherlock Holmes series of movies of the 1940s starring Basil Rathbone. She made over 300 movies alongside Tinseltown’s greats and was Scotland’s first film star.

One of Hollywood’s first character actresses, Mary went on to form close bonds with the world’s biggest stars including Bette Davis and James Cagney, who called her his second mother.

One of seven children of Glasgow wire weaver Robert Gilmour and his wife Mary, she worked as a dressmaker before finding work on the stage. Joining a company bound for an American tour, she came to the U.S. in her twenties, apparently making a few appearances on Broadway in small roles, but primarily touring in stock companies. Mary arrived in Los Angeles in the mid-1920s with her mother and daughter  and began playing variations on the roles she would spend her career on. 

As well as starring with Rathbone Mary also  had roles in movies with Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Mae West, James Stewart and even Laurel and Hardy, aptly in their film Bonnie Scotland

At the height of her fame, she made a triumphant return to Glasgow in September 1946, it was the only time she came home and was greeted by Irving Berlin and Sir Harry Lauder.

She made personal appearances at Glasgow picture houses, where she sang songs and shared stories from Hollywood with everyone who had turned out to see her.
Mary even returned to her local church, where she had sung in the choir as a youngster, and was mobbed. Similar scenes took place in Rutherglen when she was staying with family and tried to go to the post office.
Although she only returned home once she obviously was proud of her Scottish heritage and was very active in the Daughters of Scotia auxiliary of the Order of Scottish Clans, a fraternal order founded in New Haven Connecticut only open to women who were born in Scotland, are of Scottish descent, or are married to men of Scottish descent.

She died, after a long illness, in the Motion Picture Home in Los Angeles aged 81.

Bookmas Series: 3rd December 2016
A review by Jess Scragg

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

Rating - 8/10

The opening starts with Basil, an artist who seems fascinated/protective over the character of Dorian Gray, so much so that he tries to avoid introducing his good friend Henry to him in the fear that Henry will become a bad influence on Dorian.

Dorian meets a women called Sibyl Vane, a young actress who performs in London theatres. He falls madly in love with her and is infatuated by her acting however, Dorian seems to be more attracted to her onstage persona rather then her own. The tragic events in Dorian’s life lead up to a life of deceit and crime which come back to haunt him at the end of the novel.

The novel combines the natural world with the supernatural and I find that the way Wilde has embellished this very different from any other classic novel that I have read before. Throughout the novel Wilde subtly contradicts societies obsession with appearance by examining the life of Dorian. He writes how events and circumstances result in his collapse perhaps trying to indicate a personal message towards the reader which is up to them to find out.

I gave this book an 8/10 because I love the unusual aspect of it and how the main themes of corruption and crime are shown through the painting of Dorian Gray done by Basil (you will have to read the novel in order to fully understand what I am rambling on about). I can’t see any major faults with the book however I didn’t rank it any higher as although I was impatient to finish the book, it didn’t leave my mind ticking over what I had just read. I was happy to move onto another book soon after. Very detailed and thrilling novel that has to be read at least once, I would 100% recommend this novel to others!

GUYS I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING OMFG YOU GUYS THIS IS SO FUCKING HUGE! Okay there’s this book by Rainbow Rowell called “Fangirl”, I’m sure a lot of you heard about it, and it’s the story of a girl that goes to college and has to face that alone (because her twin sister doesn’t want to be in the same dorm room as her) and she writes fanfiction about Simon Snow, a fictional character that resembles Harry Potter in real life, who falls in love with his arch nemesis Basil, who is Draco in real life
(In real life, as in our world where HP exists). At the time when I was reading this, I just didn’t realize this and now that I’m looking back THE STORY IS ACTUALLY ABOUT DRARRY BUT OF COURSE IT’S TWEAKED + ABOUT THE GIRL WHO GOES TO COLLEGE! But what’s even better is that in October Rainbow is publishing a new book called “Carry on, Simon” and it’s just about the relationship of so called “Simon and Baz”! SO NOW WE HAVE A PROFESSIONAL WRITER WHO’S WRITING FANFICTION ABOUT MY OTP AND YOURS! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME THAT’S LIKE A DREAM COMING TRUE FFS AND IF YOU’RE NOT EXCITED ABOUT THIS I DON’T ABOUT WHAT YOU’LL EVER BE