his character in the movie but he could have used a body double

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That coffeshop AU and the actors AU are GOLDEN. I NEED that in my life now ;(

I can’t really write much for the coffee shop AU because I don’t have any inspiration for it but here are some extracts and concept writing for what the Actors Au would look like

Disclaimer - this is a fake au fic from the Rivals series. In universe it would be written by a Viktuuri fan and so is based on how that fans see umfb!viktor and Yuuri not as they actually are. It was also written as a joke on my phone in half an hour so please don’t take this as serious writing!

Original concept - no.5 of the ‘15 most popular fics in the Rivals universe alternate AO3’ - Original post here

Title: Before the Camera, Behind the Screen

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Actors, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Eventual Smut, they’re actors playing figure skaters for a big Hollywood movie, and they hate each other, at first at least, why do they not use body doubles for their sex scenes?, plot reasons that’s why


Sweat-slicked skin gleamed under the lights, two bodies moving as one as gasps of pleasure filled the quiet room. Katsuki had his head thrown back, eyes glazed as he rode out the sensation, thighs clamped tight around the warm body beneath him and hands fisted into silver hair…

“Cut.” Came the harsh voice of the director as the studio lights snapped back on, flooding the scene with a glaring brightness. “Take five everyone.”

“And you two.” he turned to the two actors who were both blinking in the sudden light and wiping the fake sweat from where it was lying stickily across their skin. “You need to get it together soon or this whole movie is going to be a disaster. You’re supposed to be in love for Christ’s sake! Katsuki, you look like you’re counting down the minutes until you can finish this scene and go and get lunch and Nikiforov, you’re just looking bored. You’re supposed to be actors! I don’t care how much you hate each other, you better act like you don’t or you’re both getting fired.”

Katsuki glared down at Nikiforov who was still lying beneath him, looking annoyed.

“You better step up your game.” Nikiforov drawled, looking disparagingly up at the man still straddling him. “I have a reputation to uphold and I’m not going to lose it to a bad movie because of one amateur, one-hit-wonder actor who can’t do his job properly.”

“Maybe it would be easier to do my job if you weren’t such an arrogant ass who can’t admit to his own mistakes.” Katsuki shot back, glare intensifying. “And stop acting like you’re such a big deal. You might be famous but you’re not that impressive.”

“I don’t know, I’ve been reliably informed by a lot of people that I’m very impressive.”

Nikiforov flicked his eyes to where their bodies were joined, only the smallest pieces of fabric separating them, eyebrow raised suggestively. Katsuki snorted in disgust, then rolled his hips in an unexpected movement that made a certain part of Nikiforov perk up in unintentional interest.

“I’ve seen better.”

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I See Stars in Your Eyes (Must be Painful)

This is for the amazing @ackerchou who has graced us with Season 2 Voltron Actor!AU headcannons and I LOVED THEM ALL. I’m writing dancing Lance and kiddie Coran and Allura next. Watch me. Pls check them out because I wanna write a fic for all of them. And because she is awesome and made me feel better on a day I felt bad. There’s aren’t many spoilers for season 2 in this fic but just in case it is tagged. I hope you enjoy it!


              Keith was slightly ashamed to admit that he hadn’t watched the original Voltron before trying out for a part in the new series. In fact, he sort of, kinda, had never even heard of Voltron before until his first day on set as a Galra stunt double. That is until there was a surprise visit from the original cast from the 80’s Voltron series.

              Keith was only slightly mortified that he was the only one who didn’t know who they were.

              Especially since he had thought that Akira was an older stunt double and he had nearly flipped Akira on his shoulder when the man surprised him.

              Even after all this, Lance still wouldn’t stop laughing.

              And of course he had a video of Keith nearly flipping over the original leader of Voltron who was at least twice Keith’s age (but damn did he still look good) and very well known in the world of Voltron. The video even had Keith apologizing over and over to an amused Akira, while everyone stood around staring.

              Keith would remember this next time Lance wanted something.

              Currently he was hanging back in the background while the old cast of Voltron took a tour of the new set to see how far Voltron had come. There was awe and admiration thrown left and right from both the cast of the 80s and the cast of the 2010s. It was a strange sight to see the different cast members who played the paladins together, each very different in their own way and yet so perfect for each character they played.

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Teen Titans: Judas Contract

Alright well first off, I just finished watching Judas Contract. I wanted to wait to get it on DVD instead of watching it online but then I procrastinated when I bought it on Tuesday and only just got around to it. I also bought the deluxe edition that came with a cute little Blue Beetle figurine

With that out of the way, wow. Just wow. I never read the original comic for Judas Contract but I know the base storyline - Terra joins the TT, works for Slade as a double agent??, betrays team but then feels salty about it and tries to fix the situation? - something like that. I assumed that Cyborg was going to be in this movie before they released the trailer since at the end of TT v JL he said that he was gonna stay with the team instead of the JL but I don’t know.

First off, I must say that I loved seeing Kid Flash (I’m always a sucker for Wally and Bart) and it was really fun getting to hear Jason Spisak and Crispin Freeman reprise their roles as KF and Speedy; whom they played in the Young Justice cartoon.

So from seeing (almost) the original Titans in action through a flashback to Raven showing a pouting Damian a black lab puppy, I was thoroughly amused throughout the movie.

What surprised me though, was seeing someone that at first I thought looked like Jericho. For those of you not familiar with the name, he is Slade’s son and for those of you thinking ‘Deathstroke has a kid??’. Yes, he does. 3 actually; Grant, Joseph (Jericho), and Rose. Back to what I was saying, I was like ‘Oh my god that’s Jericho? That’s so cool that they would put him in here.’ - but then he got shot in the forehead and seemingly died……and I thought that maybe it was just an extra with an uncanny resemblance to the character? I was a little sad because I got really excited that they were going to somehow add Jericho to the Titans roster.

Moving on, there were two moments in the movie that had me laughing my ass off. The first was when Dick and Kori were sparring and Starfire knocked Nightwing down and she proceeded to tell him that he “lasted far longer this time” then Beast Boy and Terra giggled and Kori had to explain that she meant about their training session and was going to make clear that he was quite proficient during sex when Dick cut her off. 

The second one kind of ties in later but it was when Damian had been captured by Slade and Terra and the mercenary got up close and personal in Damian’s face when he started to mouth off and told him that “inside a month he’d have him bringing him a pipe and calling him papa.” This popped up later when, during the final battle, Damian charged at Slade with a  pipe and said “Hey papa, here’s your pipe.” Like I honestly can’t help but love Damian’s snarky attitude even when he’s being a complete dick or asshole.

As I said earlier, I never read the original Judas Contract comic so I have no idea if Terra died in that as well as in this movie (though they didn’t state that she really did?? She just kinda passed out maybe but then again she did get caved in under tons of boulders so) but they could also be doing a thing kinda like in the Teen Titans cartoon where Terra didn’t die in the cave in and lived but oh well.

I was extremely happy that they introduced Donna to the team at the end! It looked like she was having trouble flying so maybe she’s not used to her powers or maybe it was just a stumble on her part. Nonetheless, it was a great way to end the movie-NOT. The best ending for the movie was actually after the credits, if you watched that far (I learned from Marvel movies to always watch after the credits for extra bits).

It shows the seemingly dead Jericho look alike open his eyes and loe and behold they glow. What’s so special about this, you ask? Well if you don’t know, Jericho’s ability is that he can possess a person after making eye contact with them. His eyes glow and his astral form? leaves his body and possess another. This allows him to access the host’s powers, be it physical, mental, or magical, as well as their memories. The host is conscious throughout this time but unable to do anything as they are not in control of their actions.

saudade || stiles stilinski

word count: 3075

warnings: major character loss

prompt: none

author’s note: double post! beware, the feels may get to you.


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Prompt:  Request: new actress on set for civil war playing someone on Steve team. The day of shooting the directors change sometime and y/n and seb’s characters have to kiss and she’s all flustered and nervous and seb is just cocky and cute. Does that make sense ???

Warnings: Civil War spoilers

Authors Note: y’all, look at that face. ain’t he the cutest? Also, dear Y/N has been in since the first /cap movie, not a new actress. SORRY!

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I’m not going to be able to articulate this very well, but, hey, worth a try.

First things first: they’re airing CA:TWS on TV in my country.
Steve had just boarded the Lemurian Star, and was fighting his way towards the hostages, when I noticed him using that same kick we’ll see the Winter Soldier use against both Sam and a random SHIELD agent. Steve uses this kick in AoU too I think. and I saw a GIF of him kicking a door this way? Also, this move reminds me a lot of  the way Bucky kicked the Bully in the Alley during the first movie, but it’s actually a different posture/way to kick. 

Maybe it’s nothing big, maybe it’s a very “normal” way to kick someone in combat but, to me, that was always Bucky “signature” move. 

This is possibly me reading too much into stuff, but it bore sharing, because this is just the beginning of my (heartbreaking) mind trip.

Steve fights on, and a few seconds later does this aerial twirl.

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The Promise is a sweeping romantic epic in the tradition of Dr. Zhivago, its lavish budget denoted by its stars, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale. It includes a scene unlikely to be equalled in importance this year. It is 1915, and Mikael (Isaac) has slipped back through lines of marauding Turkish troops towards his home village, hoping to rescue his family. Instead, he finds the villagers piled like rubbish by a river, the female corpses’ headscarves a futile effort at modesty. The wooded setting could be a Belorussian forest in 1941, in one of the souvenir photos Nazis snapped of the Jewish Holocaust.

But these are Armenians, the Christian minority who lost 1.5 million to systematic extermination by the Ottoman Turkish government in World War One. The term “genocide” was coined by Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in 1944 to describe the Armenians’ destruction, when its pre-echo of ongoing Nazi slaughter was clear. And yet this is the first time a major film has shown audiences what happened. After 102 years, its visceral impact finally pierces the silence.

Isaac, who made his name as the failed folk-singer anti-hero of the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), and found true fame as dashing, sexually ambiguous X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its upcoming sequel, felt the scene’s impact when he read it.

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Good Grief - Chapter One

Jungkook makes a habit of showing up drunk to a nearby flower shop. Bad puns and fluffy pining ensue.

Or, a college!au in which BTS are all frat boys, Namjoon is a science club president,Jimin just wants a good party, and Jungkook is hopelessly fascinated by the girl who takes care of flowers in her free time.

author’s note:  hiiiiiii!! so this is my first ever fanfiction, and to be completely honest- it’s a long ride. so strap in, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Also there is a soundtrack/playlist for this fic! If you enjoy listening and reading (or, if you just want to have a g list of songs) you can find it here !

All mentions of the university in this fic are purely pulled from my ass— I don’t claim to know anything on a deep, spiritual level about university clubs, classes or frat parties. Side characters, that aren’t specifically Bangtan Members™, are all made up and therefor fictional .

If you’d prefer reading on AO3 the link is here

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Stephen Strange x Reader

Request ( tsukuyomi011 ): A oneshot with Strange please? where the reader is an ex of Strange’s from medical school and the only one to have seen the goodness within in the past. In the present- An ugly fight between him and Mordo has the reader in the crossfire and fatally wounded as a hysterical Strange tries to heal her using his new mystic powers. And eventually confess his feelings for her in an-um heated way? ;) Or you can go with whatever you like if you don’t like the plot. :p take as much time as you want :)

Words: 1126

A/N: I love, love, love Stephen Strange! If you’ve never read any of his comics, I totally recommend them! He’s a really cool character and I’m as equally excited about his movie coming out! Love this request! :D

It had been so long since you’d seen him you were almost sure that you were dreaming. Well, more of a nightmare really. You shuddered, your hand pressing down harder onto the wound as a warm, scarlet liquid began sliding heatedly down your skin. Had you not been as skilled as you were, you’d have been on the ground and half dead by now. Fortunately, luck was on your side as you limped away, the sirens still ringing out into the night air. 

You wanted to help Stephen but realistically, it wasn’t even a possibility. You would be more of a hinderance with your injury, quite possibly causing him to lose. Although, you looked back to the two men, both hands outstretched as they pelted one another with various objects seemingly telepathically, he seemed to be able to handle himself quite well. It was almost ironic, seeing somebody who had prided himself on working with his hands, using some unseen force to do his bidding. 

A low chuckle left your bloodied lips, the taste of metal strong in your mouth. Strange and the other man, Mordo, you think, had been tearing up the streets for nearly an hour, seeming to accomplish nothing but destruction. You’d been helping some others escape from the crossfire when a stray piece of shrapnel had ripped through your side, leaving a searing pain in its wake. Now it was less of an ache and more of a distant reminder, something that was telling every medical part of your mind that you needed help immediately. 

Another wracking set of coughs forced its way up your lungs causing you to fall to the ground, glass and dirt stabbing into your hands from the wet pavement. Truthfully, you’d never really thought about how you were going to die, but you would’ve never imagined it like this. Your eyes scanned the disastrous area, stopping once they spotted Stephen through all the burning buildings and scattered items. An unbidden smile bloomed on your face as your arms gave out, your side hitting the sharp objects painfully. Your skin was on fire, each movement only furthering the pain. With each second that dragged on into eternity, your vision blurred more and more until you couldn’t make out any shape. 

If you were correct, and you usually were, you didn’t have much longer. You weren’t ready to go; too many words left unspoken and actions left incomplete. What would your family think when they discovered your fate? Your heart cracked at the thought, a hot tear sliding tortuously slow down your cheek. What about Stephen? And your job? What would the world be like when you were gone? And what would you be like? 

Your shallow breathing came out in erratic pants as your thoughts enveloped you in the darkness of fear. No longer did you feel the pain bound to you by human nature but instead you felt the finality of death. It was gruesome and scary, and if a warm hand hadn’t rested upon your cheek, you were quite sure that you would’ve gone mad from your own thoughts. 

Stephen’s gray eyes were shining with emotion, something you didn’t see often from the man. It reminded of when you were in medical school and he looked to you for the first time. He seemed vulnerable and open, something that he definitely wasn’t. In other’s eyes, he was nothing but arrogant and skilled, but in your eyes, he was weak and lost. He was looking for something to pull him out of the emotional whirlwind he was thrust to after the death of Donna. 

After his mother died, he only seemed to further fall into the hands of greed and misery. But you didn’t see that. No, you saw the man for who he really was; somebody who needed help, somebody who helped others, and somebody who craved love. And this man, who was once so detached, so callous, was single handedly lifting you out of the darkness like a beam of blinding light.

“(Y/N),” he breathed, eyes scanning frantically for your wound as a bright blue emitted from his hands. His gaze stopped on your injury, a hand moving your bloodied one out of the way as he attempted to patch it up. It felt tingly, almost uncomfortably warm as he examined the look in your eyes, gauging your reaction. “I will not let you die.” 

You trusted him; of course you did. But to heal this? You couldn’t stop the laugh that gurgled up your throat, your hands tightening into fists as a sharp pain stabbed through your side. 

“I swear to you I’ll fix this.” He stated, eyes now fixated on your wound. He seemed to be exerting a lot of energy, brows furrowed and a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead. “I will…” He breathed. “I’ll…” 

He was cracking, you could see it in his eyes, gray like the clouds before a storm. And a storm was coming. Not in the form of thunder and lightening, but in the form of emotions. He was breaking and you were dying. You watched silently as the mood sobered, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed thickly, the myriad colors of lights dancing on his skin like a show of theatrics.

“It’s okay, Stephen.” He looked to you sharply, expression betraying his pain.

“You are not dying.” He refused, the lights brightening as he doubled the effort, ignoring any lingering exhaustion from his fight with Mordo.

“A fighter until the end.” You smiled affectionately, a heavy hand lifting to rest lightly against his cheek. He nuzzled into the contact, eyes closing as he dropped his hands from your wound. You didn’t think he was going to speak again, simply relishing in the silence in what you had no doubt was going to be your final minutes. Surprisingly, despite the many cuts and bruises, your body felt numb. You felt warm, regardless of the cool pavement that you rested against, the presence of Stephen heating you to the core.

“I love you.” He broke, lips connecting to yours roughly. He didn’t mind the lingering taste of blood, wasting no time in delving his tongue into your mouth so he could be closer to you. You were surprised, your arms cautiously wrapping around his neck as best they could in your position. It wasn’t sweet and loving, but sloppy and desperate, each caress of his lips on yours bringing you closer to bliss. The act was almost familiar, his tongue confidently stroking against yours as his mouth and hands explored. He pulled back hesitantly, your body already missing his warmth. A tear slipped out, leaving a trail of clarity.

“I swear to you, you will live.”

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Why do you hate Veronica?

Oh boy, there are many, many reasons. Let’s sort them by episode.

In The River’s Edge (1x01), she not only categorizes Kevin Keller as gay for the way he speaks and dresses - without even waiting for him to talk to her about it, without even knowing him for more than two minutes - and then proceeds to tell him “Let’s be best friends.” because it’s her dream, as a teenage girl, to have a gay best friend like you see in movies. After, she verbally destroys Cheryl - which was fuully intended - by picking on every single thing she knows about her (both based on her personal experience and by what she’s been told about Cheryl). While I understand that it was to stand up for Betty, she went way too far, even with the little knowledge she had. She then manages to learn all about Betty’s love for Archie - only to stab her in the back by making out with him when she knew she shouldn’t. She did anyway, of course, because she only cares about herself.

In Body Double (1x03), she pulls Betty into a pretty uncomfortable situation after Chuck slutshames her, and threatens to attack him physically - by cutting the brakes on his car. While I do understand the anger - Chuck’s character is vile and disgusts me - talking about causing an accident that could potentially kill him is NOT okay. And think about this: if Chuck hadn’t done this to Veronica specifically, would she have even bothered to bat an eyelash Ethel’s way? The answer is no, she wouldn’t have. She wouldn’t even have cared about the slutshaming, because it wouldn’t have had touched her personally.

In The Last Picture Show (1x04), she comes back with the categorizing of Kevin. She even makes jokes about how “she wouldn’t promise him any action with her” - a direct hit to both Kevin’s sexuality and the playbook incident from the previous episode, which is a really stupid move on her part.

In Heart Of Darkness (1x05), she proudly makes a comment about Archie’s child sex abuse situation, turning it into a joke for her to laugh about. “What, too soon?” she asks smugly after seeing the look on both Archie’s and Betty’s faces, shoving a fry into her mouth without a single care in the world, as if Archie getting statutory raped was all just fun to her.

In Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! (1x06), she takes it upon herself to get revenge on Archie after he ditches her for Valerie - and confidently goes up to Josie and Melody as she fully knows Valerie quit the band - to join them, knowing it’d hurt Valerie. It was a calculated move on Veronica’s part, mostly because of her crush on Archie. He’s told her that he was seeing Valerie - which made her jealous (you can see the way she reacts in 1x05) and then ditched her for Valerie - again - which is why she doesn’t have any trouble with hurting Valerie’s feelings. She also fully blames Archie for Hermione and Fred’s behavior, even though he has nothing to do with it at all, since her mother’s old enough to make her own decisions. Yet another display of her selfish self.

In In A Lonely Place (1x07), she decides that she wants to get revenge on her mother - by using the money she knows they DON’T have to go shopping and clubbing, knowing it’d cause her mother to be distressed - that’s what she’s aiming for, to control Hermione better. Once again, she categorizes Kevin by reducing him to be, in her words, “Her best gay”, which is absolutely disgusting and degrading. She also reduces Reggie - who she doesn’t even know - to “some dim-witted, sexy, disposable arm-candy” I repeat, without even knowing him, because she assumes that since he’s a jock, he’s stupid and easy to manipulate.

In The Outsiders (1x08), she plays the selfish rich bitch card once again when the core four are at Pop’s. They’re all talking about something that matters to Archie, and she just goes “Though I checked out at the words ‘construction’ and ‘site’.”, thinking that it was appropriate for her to do so - which really wasn’t.

In The Lost Weekend (1x10), she completely disregards what she’s learned about Cheryl while spending the night at her house (see 1x05, Heart Of Darkness) and even uses her knowledge to her advantage to emotionally destroy her. Yes, Cheryl was (being Cheryl) rude towards her, but really? Assuming - in front of everyone - that something incestuous was going on between the Blossom twins which ultimately led to Jason’s death - by Cheryl herself, because she was “jealous of what Jason and Polly had” is absolutely fucking disgusting. And the worst part is that she. Kept. Going. Even as Cheryl started to cry. Because she didn’t give a single shit about hurting others. She was only thinking of herself.

Ok I've meaning to write this for a while so here goes:

Man, Tamatoa changed my fucking life. He’s the reason I’m on Tumblr in the first place. He actually helped me begin healing from some very deep personal losses. My grandfather and beloved dog Sarge died in August within one day of each other. My grandpa’s body and grandma’s ashes were buried in September. I didn’t think I’d ever be ok again. My grandma died a few years earlier and my life slowly started becoming more depressing and stressful. It culminated in the deaths of my dog and grandfather. And my grandparents’ house where my dog is now buried will probably be sold because we can’t afford the taxes. I spent half of my childhood there. It was my other home. In some ways my true home. A place I always thought would be there, in the background, a place that I could always return to. And now it might be gone.

So by the time Moana was released in theatres I was already feeling horrible. And of course we all know what happened on “Election Day”. I needed to get out of the house. I needed a distraction-something to take my mind off of things and just have some fun. I thought Moana looked cute and was curious as to how Disney would handle a story set in Ancient Polynesia. So I went and saw it. I had a blast throughout the beginning of the film and was impressed with how Disney gracefully handled the culture. It felt respectful and fun at the same time. And it was hilarious. I loved all the characters.

And then we got to Tamatoa. I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting him at all. I didn’t read up on the film prior to seeing it as I wanted to be surprised. And boy was I. At first I was uncomfortable to be honest. I cringed. I thought Tamatoa was going to be one of those characters that was trying to be funny but wasn’t. Except god bless Jemaine Clement because Tamatoa was a hoot from the get go. I was like “Ok, he’s kinda edgy what with the whole ‘I ate my gramma!’ bit. Interesting direction Disney.” And then he started singing. I cringed again because I thought “Oh crap this time it’s gonna bad.” But as the song went on I noticed him being more and more cruel. And then Maui showed up. I was like “Oh shit! Shit’s about to go down.” And then his hook doesn’t work and it’s double oh shit. And then it’s like a switch had been flipped. Tama’s voice got deeper (and sexier) and his grin when he goes “Well, well, well,” was actually creepy. He then begins beating the shit out of Maui and his cruelty goes up to eleven. It becomes personal. I started grinning like an idiot because holy shit this is dark for Disney’s recent stuff. Like explicitly dark.

And then the lights went out.

I was speechless when his bioluminescence came on. My heart sang. The bridge was so beautiful and meaningful and his markings were absolutely gorgeous and inspired. I was utterly blown away by the last third of “Shiny”. That sequence alone sealed Moana as my favorite Disney movie. No joke. And I was so disappointed that there was no more of him in the movie 😫!

And I watched the rest if the film and of course was blown away and blubbering. Watching Grandma Tala made me cry of course. But as I got out I became obsessed with this film and Tamatoa in particular. I began searching for more info and pictures of him online. I eventually joined Tumblr after lingering around for a bit and joined the fandom here and let me tell it was the best decision I have ever made when it came to my online life. I have made so many friends here and I am having so much fun. I am learning so much and encountering beautiful and hilarious and inspiring stuff here all the time. My life has been broadened by coming onto to here.

And all of that is thanks to a giant singing shiny coconut crab monster.

So I just want to say thank you Disney for bringing us such a memorable and wonderful character. Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda for writing “Shiny” and thank you Jemaine Clement for bringing him to life.

And thank you Tamatoa. You have helped me beyond measure. I love you.

I recently came across a discussion on Tony Stark as a queer-coded character in the comics (which I’m not going to link to because many of the threads were already deleted, ergo I’m assuming that the participants didn’t want the conversation to be spread), and I found it very interesting. For years I have read Tony Stark as subtextually bisexual in the comics, which hasn’t really translated to the films – at least not to the extent that the character of Captain America has been coded as bisexual in them. There has always been a borderline homoerotic relationship between Tony and his armor especially. But adjacent to this conversation, there was also an interesting thread in which Tony Stark as the most female-coded superhero was discussed that I found fascinating.

Someone commented on the concept stating that while it may be true for the comics, movie-verse Tony Stark is certainly not female-coded.

But isn’t he, though?

We’ve discussed before how hypermasculinity sometimes seems to go so over-the-top that it does a full 360, coming out the other side seeming rather feminized, the hypermasculine male presented as a sexual object with assets on display (slim waist, thick thighs, full chest) for the consumption of the male gaze. But that’s not the case with Tony Stark; it isn’t his hypermasculinity that makes him seem female-coded, it’s the question of agency.

Tony does seem to possess many traits that we consider culturally feminine, female cliches, such as talking a lot and talking fast, using a rich vocabulary, a short and petite stature as compared to other superheroes, the narrative passing jugement on his promiscuity, the narrative passing judgement on his desire for junk-food, his passive demeanor, his self-consciousness about his body and having to wear underarmor in public to manage his chest, his avoidance of interpersonal conflict, looking for daddy’s love and approval, the way in which he conceals much of his intelligence because he knows that if people saw him for how he really is, they would be off-put by it ie. giving the appearance of being smart-but-not-too-smart, the eroticizing of his appearance in the narrative, the focus on what he’s wearing, his obsessive-compulsive behavior, meticulous grooming habits, delicate features, dressing to impress professionally, carrying conversations, his weakness being his heart, the fact that he has to dress into a suit that conceals his identity, his true self, to interact with the world, a hard outer shell that conceals his soft inside. There are aspects to Tony Stark in the films that are female-coded.

I think that some people might find these aspects difficult to see because there are three distinct personas to the character: there’s the Tony Stark that he projects to the outside world to hide who he really is that is his true armor, there’s Iron Man that is a prosthetic, an armor that shields him and allows him the protection of being who he really is, and then there’s Tony Stark, the person he is in his heart of hearts that we see only when’s alone with the artificial intelligences he created for himself, as his friends, the only friends that really, truly get to see him, because he knows that they won’t judge him (outside of him being alone, we see glimpses of the ‘real’ Tony Stark in Afganistan, in his interactions with Natasha and in two scenes with Steve: while they’re cutting wood and Tony asking Steve whether he knew).

These are the three sides to Tony Stark, and I see a lot of fans confuse his Tony Stark armor, his protective persona, with who he is because that is, by design, the loudest, most visible side to him.

There are many sides to him that are female-coded, but it’s the limited agency that he is given in the narrative that is the most telling. Most of his stories seem to revolve around the stripping of his agency and his struggle to regain it. This character – a genius, billionaire, playboy, philantropist – who ought to be the ultimate male power fantasy has all of his stories constructed around his lack of agency and his need of a prosthetic to claim agency for himself. It’s easy to assume that an able-bodied, rich, good-looking, well-educated, white CEO of the American upper crust has all the power and control in the world, but the narrative begins disabusing the viewer of this notion right off the bat. The narrative deconstructs his agency.

What I appreciated about the Iron Man films was how they subverted the role of the damsel in distress in Pepper Potts. Especially the end of the first film in which Pepper marched through broken glass in her stiletto shoes to save Tony Stark was something that made me stop and think for days afterwards. The third film basically recreated this subversion of the trope louder for those in the back that hadn’t caught it the first time. It was Pepper Potts that was the knight in shining armor, not the title character.

And it is Tony that we see as the damsel in distress, particularly again in the first and the third films. The first film contains the iconic scene of Obadiah Stane literally removing Tony’s agency in a scene that is filmed like a sexual violation, a none-too-subtle air of erotic violence in the air as he uses his date rape technology to incapacitate Tony. This is a turning point in the film. The third film contains a scene in which Tony Stark is zip-tied to a bed frame with the villain taunting him. It is implied that Tony is similarly submissive in bed. The main villain in the scene acts like a spurned lover, a definite air of seduction to his conduct toward the tied-up hero.

That is two cases of villains making eroticized advances toward a physically incapacitated Tony Stark. And it isn’t the violence or the incapacitation that makes the scenes female-coded, it is the eroticization of it. It is female characters that are subject to eroticized violence, generally speaking. The second film does not follow the pattern, but it could be interepreted as an obsessive, spurned man making unwanted advances toward our hero.

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I wrote about the interaction between Natasha and Tony previously, on how she allows us to see a side of him that we usually don’t get to see. Some people have described Tony’s hiring of her as sexist, undoubtedly influenced by Pepper’s interpretation of his behaviour as he tried to figure her out (“And she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that.”), but his interest in her was never that kind of interest. His eyes don’t track her sexual assets. Tony saw something of himself in her, especially in the way she was playing a role, but even more than that, I think Tony saw in Natasha Romanoff something that he wanted desperately to be. In control.  

Natasha Romanoff gives the air of being in control even when she gives up control, and in this she is the opposite of Tony Stark.

With this in mind, and I don’t remember whether I wrote about this before, I was quite disturbed by the way the climax of Civil War was shot not unlike a pornographic sex scene, Tony Stark being double-teamed by the super soldiers. The ending of the scene especially, with Steve straddling Tony, pounding on him, grunting, finishing it off with breathing heavily as he falls off Tony having penetrated his arc reactor with his shield, having incapacitated Tony’s prosthetic. Tony spits out blood as the super soldiers walk away from him. It’s rather symbolic, the implications of the scene very uncomfortable.

While Bucky Barnes is another character whose storyline heavily features the stripping down of agency, the female-coding of the strong, stoic silent-type is largely absent. Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark share similarities, and in this he offers a contrast to Tony.

So, yes. I do see Tony Stark of the movie-verse as a female-coded superhero because his story revolves around desperately grasping for agency. Among these hypermasculine heroes, the genius-billionaire-playboy-philantropist is at a disadvantage, so Tony Stark invented, constructed, and put on a suit that hides his true identity in order to have a measure of agency in a hypermasculine world, that allows him to assert himself. And in Civil War he was willing to sign off on his self-created agency because the establishment had managed to convince him that as a person with near unlimited resources, he was a danger to the world that he had risked his life and the lives of his loved ones to protect.

I think one of the most telling aspects of his character vis-à-vis Civil War is that, convinced that it is too dangerous for him to attempt to influence the outside world and other people in it, Tony Stark instead turned within and attempted to modify his own internal world, to (literally) influence his own internal state instead – to accept what he can’t change. This is a classic strategy of the disenfranchised.

Tony Stark is the most female-coded of the male superheroes.

Powerful Moments in Civil War

After seeing Civil War, I’d like to discuss what I believe were some of the most powerful and pivotal moments in the movie. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet:

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anonymous asked:

OH MY GOSH. Please please would you write this for sterek....i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re so not supposed to bang but we kind of did anyways” au (bonus: limo sex is great sex)

okay okay okay SO. i wrote this prompt today, in like this huge rush of wow omg i am inspired. and then i realised as i looked over it just that i wrote “i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re not supposed to fall in love. kinda of thing. so i apologise but there is no limo sex. i kept trying to bring it around once i realised, but like, this just went in another direction. sorry. (i can write it? if you know, people so desire? could totes do like a part two?) but anyway here’s 9k of not limo!sex but bodyguard in love with a prince and bickering and affection ensues. just a heads up.


“Stiles, come on, we’re going to be late!” Derek glances at his watch again, looks towards the open door of the palace where Erica is leaning against the frame looking bored. “At least try and look like you’re a professional,” he hisses to her.

Erica rolls her eyes, but straightens up, sliding on her shades as she does, “You know he hates it when we stand on ceremony.”

“It’s not your job to pander to his every whim; it’s your job to protect him.”

“Hey!” Stiles appears from the front drawing room, dressed to the nines and adjusting his shirt cuffs. “I heard that, and it is an absolute lie. You are definitely here to pander to my every whim and desire.” He smirks as he gives Derek a once over (one that Derek refuses to let bother him), “And, you’re doing a fine job in that suit, I must say.”

Derek rolls his eyes, “Get in the car.”

“Is that any way to talk to your prince regent? The national treasure?”

Please, get in the car, your highness,” Derek adds, narrowing his eyes, “Better?”

“I can think of about fifty ways you could make it better,” Stiles leers at him, “Maybe if you took off your—”

“Alright,” Derek interrupts, places a firm hand on Stiles’ back and tries not to forcibly push him out of the front door.

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fattyforlife  asked:

hey is there like a lolol and stich comic book or something or tv show cause I only knew there was a movie if there is any other LILO and stitch continuation pls share ?! thanks !(: #yourbiggestfan

There are actually several continuations out there, some good, others horrible abominations.

There is a dvd sequel called ‘Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch has a Glitch’ which is MARVELOUS. It was originally intended for theaters but was pulled last minute back in 2005. It’s on netflix streaming and i highly recommend it. It was several years before i could get through it without crying. 5 stars all the way.

There is also ‘Stitch! The movie’ which was really just an extended pilot for the tv series that ran on the Disney channel from Sept 2003 until July 2006 and spanned 65 episodes and ended with the movie ‘Leroy & Stitch’.

Now I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with the show.

On one hand i love it cause it’s Lilo and Stitch and they got all of the original voice actors back. And Chris Sanders as Stitch is just hilarious, he’s actually a VERY decent actor. Plus some of the dialogue is very funny. There’s a bit in one episode where Stitch tells a scary story and it still makes me laugh. 

But on the other hand i hate it for being badly written and badly handled. These wonderfully complicated and three-dimensional characters are dumbed down into simple stereotyped caricatures of themselves.

Nani is never there except for when she’s darting through a scene yelling about how late for work she is. Because tv Nani apparently can’t tell time or wear a watch. Ever. And she’s late for work every single day. She also hates Stitch. Utterly. She tries her best to never interact with him. Even when she’s mad at him she’d rather yell at Lilo about him even though he’s usually standing right there and all Nani has to do is turn her head slightly to the right and address him directly, but god knows we can’t have that. I wish i could say that i was exaggerating, but in 65 episodes there is literally only 1 scene where she behaves affectionately towards him.

Lilo is a bore. She no longer takes pictures, she no longer surfs, at least not that we ever see and i think pudge is only mentioned, like, once. She is also obsessed with mummies and vampires and will usually mention this at least once an episode.

Jumba is only there to provide technology and to give exposition.

Pleakley is a buffoon. His job is to scream in high-strung panic over everything and wear over-the-top costumes. (he makes Jumba wear them too) I’m talking costumes like matadors, hippies, disco dancers, whatever the writers think will be funny that week. And no matter how long he’s there (Leroy & Stitch claims 3 years) he never understands earth any better at all. The original movie portrays Pleakley as being misinformed and in-over-his-head, but otherwise academic and intelligent. He worked for the Galactic Federation who we already know from watching the movie rewards failure with retirement so if he were really the idiot the show makes him out to be he would have been fired long before the movie even took place.

This goes double for Gantu. In the movie he was a top captain, hyper-competent, able to capture Stitch within minutes of arriving on earth. The only thing he actually did wrong was involving Lilo. Had he let her go immediately he likely would never have been fired. He did everything by the book. Stitch was simply stronger than the technology he had available to him. In the show he’s so ridiculous it’s amazing he’s able to exist without a chaperon. He’s whiny, he’s silly, he’s not intimidating in the slightest and Lilo, a 6 year old girl, can outwit him at every turn.

And Stitch. My poor baby Stitch. In the movie he’s shown as being very in control of his own body. He’s destructive, but deliberately. He knows what he’s doing when he does it. But in the show if he touches it he’s gonna break it. Half the time not even on purpose. It’s so bad that he gets kicked out of the house in one episode and Nani threatens to get rid of him in another because keeping him has become too expensive. Half the time he’s used as a background gag. Lilo and Jumba will be talking and Stitch is just in the background crawling across the wall and eating a plant or something. He doesn’t really contribute too much until it’s time for the final fight scene with Gantu.

The show as a whole is very repetitive. Disney wanted it’s own version of pokemon so the show is about Stitch’s ‘cousins’ the 625 other experiments that came before him. They are dehydrated pingpong balls that transform into a creature when they get wet and they have been scattered all over Kauai. (Stitch! The movie) Gantu wants them to send off to an evil scientist that used to be Jumba’s partner and Lilo wants them so she can name them and find them a new home. Every episode is basically this:

Theme song ends, we open on an experiment pod that is reeeaally close to some form of water (puddle, wine glass, whatever) will it fall in? No…no we’re good it rolled away…. no wait! It’s rolling back! Oh no! It fell in! Flash of yellow light and a creature appears! Back at the house Lilo and Stitch are involved in an activity. (creating a new hula dance, playing a game, creating a slug circus, whatever) Nani runs in yelling about how late for work she is, takes a second to remind Lilo to not get into any trouble, she’s now gone for the rest of the episode. Pleakley has just learned something new about humans and wants to try it out. (cooking, a new outfit, reality television, disaster preparedness, whatever) Meanwhile Gantu’s computer has just alerted him that a new experiment has been activated, gotta go search for it while new sidekick 625 makes sarcastic comments. At the same time Lilo and Stitch have left the house. See the new experiment, gotta chase it now. But oh no! Gantu sees it too! Now it’s a race to see who can get it first! Stitch for the win! Gantu falls on ass! Lilo figures out what power this particular experiment has (electricity, finding, cooking, possessing things, whatever) and gives it a corresponding name. (sparky, finder, frenchfry, phantasmo, whatever) Just like in Pokemon once you have captured an experiment it instantly stops being evil. Nevermind the fact that in the movie it took Lilo 3 days to win over Stitch, you chase down a wild experiment it respects the effort you put in and swears loyalty to you right away. For reasons. And now that Lilo has figured out what the experiment is for she and Stitch have to now use that experiment’s power for their own selfish gain. Even though Jumba warned them not to. Cause we gotta learn a lesson. Oh crap! Gantu’s back! He’s stolen the experiment! What are we gonna do?! Another fight scene with up-tempo theme music. Usually just Stitch though. Lilo is the brains, Stitch is the brawn. He usually just stands around until it’s fight scene time. Okay! Experiment is back, Gantu is defeated time to find the experiment a new home. Holy crap you guys! Guess what?! Remember when i said the episode started with lilo & Stitch involved with an activity? The experiment’s new home is in some way related to that activity!!!!!! If Lilo and Stitch started the episode at a pizza parlor with broken animatronics they are gonna find the one experiment that can fix that. It’s christmas? There’s an experiment for that. Halloween? There’s a coincidentally timed experiment for that too. Need a plant to enter into the big show? Guess what this experiment does. Experiment goes to new home and is accepted immediately and no one questions what this weird thing is and why it looks like it does. Everyone’s happy the end.

There is also weirdly no continuity at all between ‘Stitch has a glitch’ and the tv show. In Glitch the house is green and the bedroom is normal and has actual beds and toys and pictures on the wall. Stitch is childlike and no longer destructive (except for the glitch that is in no way his fault) and Nani loves him and treats him well. Jumba has to put actual time and effort into his technology and Pleakley, though still misinformed about humans, is nowhere near as high strung as in the show. Nani and David are also dating.

In the show the house is mysteriously blue for some reason, the bedroom looks more like a prison than anything (no toys, few pictures, cots instead of beds, everything in white) Jumba can create an entire new invention in like an hour and Nani and David are just friends.

All in all i’d rate the series and the movies that go with it at 3 stars. I really think they missed a great opportunity here. It should have been about Stitch figuring out who he is and how to be a part of a family. They also really could have done some touching things with the topic of adoption. But really the whole focus of the show is the other experiments.

Finally there’s the anime. ‘Stitch!’  It’s evil. Don’t watch it. -80 stars. There is no Lilo, only Yuna. Stitch has lost all of his intelligence and strength. There’s like 3 seasons each one more horrible than the last. It doesn’t just disrespect the original movie it bludgeons it to death with a blunt object, buries it in a shallow grave and then pisses on the grave. The less said, the better.

Wow, this really turned into a rant didn’t it? Damn, i’ve been typing for like an hour now.


‘Stitch has a glitch’ - masterpiece

'Stitch! the movie’, the tv series and 'Leroy & Stitch’ - passable

Stitch! anime - kill it with fire

Dear Newbie Once Upon a Time Writers...

Dear Newbie Once Upon a Time Writers,

I realize how “hard” It must be watching six whole seasons of a TV show or checking it’s Wikia for information but here’s a few tidbits that might help.

1.  Belle already has an apartment over the library.  Rumplestiltskin gave it to her in season 2.  The second floor of the building is an apartment.  There was no reason she had to live in Hook’s ship.

2.   Cinderella’s child is female and was a big plot point in season one and caused the debt that enabled Rumple to find his son in Season 2.  That child should NOT be close to the age of Snow White’s child born two seasons later.

3.   The sword used to wake up Rumplestiltskin in season five…  Not the one that threatened him when he was mortal.   That one was taken by Rumplestiltskin.  The one Hook kept is the one that belonged to Milah.  He took it after she died.

4.   Rumplestiltskin is three-hundred-years-old.  There were several Dark Ones before him.  There is no way Nimue became the first Dark One Two Hundred years ago.  If you acknowledge this is a mistake than fix it.  Not all of your viewers read your Twitter feed.

5.   Even when angry at Rumplestitlskin Belle, in Storybrooke, NEVER called him “Gold.”  It was always “Rumple” even when she banished him from the town it was still Rumple.  Even when they fought in Season 2, it was still Rumple.

6.   Rumplestiltskin DID choose love over power a few times already.   When he died in season three to save everyone from Pan (And yes, he did actually die).  When he dropped the dagger to try to save his son, costing him his freedom, power, and sanity. and even simply going to Storybrooke he submitted himself to twenty-eight-years of helplessness, almost as penance, to find his son.  Please stop erasing and undermining all of season 3 because you ran out of ideas.

7.    Unless there is more than one Genie lamp in Rumple’s shop (And that is possible) the lamp Aladdin took is actually Sidney’s from Season 1.  Sidney was not Aladdin’s Genie.   Sidney was freed by Snow White’s Father, not Aladdin.  Aladdin was no where around at the time.  And then he got himself trapped in a mirror.

8.   Anastasia from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is Will Scarlett’s love interest.  You took him away from her without explanation in Season four while still insisting Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and his happy ending were still canon.  How? 

9.  Anastasia is THE Anastasia from Disney’s Cinderella, not the Russian Princess.  Anastasia was one of the two wicked stepsisters. That was her name in the movie for Heaven’s sake.  This is established in the first episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  How can you claim Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is still canon when you just gave Cinderella two renamed stepsisters and stepmother in The Land Without Stories?  Fix this!  The only way both can still be canon is if you decide there are alternate reality versions of Cinderella’s family.

10.    Why would Thomas (Cinderella’s Prince) have thought she might want to kill her step-family if he truly knew her story and knows her?  So much for true love.

11.  In regard to Rumplestiltskin and Belle.  The true love’s kiss nearly worked in Skin Deep in Season One but Rumplestiltskin resisted.   Then it nearly worked in the dream in Season six.  Why would it not work in season four?   You don’t fall out of love with “True love” and it doesn’t stop being true love just because you happen to be fighting with the person.  What the Hell kind of messed up message is that?  True love is just that, true love.  That means eternal, endless, without condition.   Once you put conditions on it, it’s not True Love.   Learn what the terms mean before writing for plot convenience.

12.   You still have the unresolved issue of having corrupted the Charmings in Season Four by having them abduct a baby (thinking it’s okay because she’s not human) and THEN giving the child double potential for Darkness after being told twice that all people have the potential for dark and light.   If the plot ruins two well established characters and is full of contradictions it does not “make for a better story.”   You left this hideous mess unaddressed.

13.  And speaking of unaddressed we have Grumpy / Dreamy and Nova / Astrid.   Blue Stole their happy ending and it’s never, ever been fixed.  Why?

14.  It was Henry who tore out the final pages, not Regina back in season one.  See, we have these new fangled things called DVDs and we can check these things…

15.  Several characters were NOT shown getting their memories restored after the events of season five and that’s just lazy.

16.  “Dark Ones don’t sleep.”   I swear they don’t remember ANYTHING from Season Three.  Do they completely forget Rumplestiltskin’s nightmare / conscience crisis when he had the nightmare about killing Henry?

17.   Hercules saying he could not beat cerberus because he has three heads yet one of his badges from The Trials of Hercules shows that he beat a Hydra.  

18.  Characters with hearts blacker than Rumplestiltskin and older than Rumplestiltskin (like Churnabog) didn’t suddenly drop dead from a heart attack in Storybrooke so why was Rumplestiltskin’s darkness taking over his body after he dies even a thing?!  It made no sense.   After years of establishing that he’s immortal just to retcon it like that with the idea that “The Dark One is Immortal, Rumplestiltskin is not” was just stupid.   It especially doesn’t make sense if we now discover he’s half-faery and Mother (Black Fairy) is more evil than he is but clearly didn’t die.

19.  Belle claimed she always saw the man in the Beast.  Was she lying?  If this is true than he would not have been just The Beast to her in her dream world at the start of season six.

20.  How the Hell did Regina simply magically open Rumple’s cell in The Dream World?  The very reason he can’t get out is because it’s magick resistant.

21.   Rumplestiltskin killed the healer (who knew him when he was human) at the time he was having the affair with Cora.   Cora isn’t THAT old.  Rumplestiltskin is a good three hundred years old.  So this can’t have been more than a hundred years ago…  HOW would the healer still be alive at that point and not aged?  It would be easy to assume he just went back and killed the Healer shortly after becoming The Dark One but Hades himself said it was while he was with Cora. The timeline doesn’t add up.   Rumplestiltskin would have been at least two hundred at the time he met Cora. Why would the Healer still be the age he was when Baelfire was a little boy?!

22.   Excalibur was designed to cut immortal ties and the slightest wound from it is fatal (as proven with Hook).  If this is true than how come Rumplestiltskin can be lightly nicked with the Dark One Dagger on more than one occasion (Same blade) without it being fatal?

23.  How was Pinocchio a child with little Prince James (the twin of Charming) and also a child when Prince Charming’s child is a child?   Was it that he didn’t age when he was wood and he had an exceptionally long childhood? 

Please, please, try to be consistent and fix your previous mistakes…

Want You To Stay

Request by anon: I just saw that you’re doing the Block B week so can I please have one scenario where zico and I (gf) were on a trip in LA and we fought really hard so that he even changed hotels & after when we were heading to the airport we made up in the car and then at the end the manager tells us to stop making out because it was embarrassing for him ? thank you for working so hard & I love you blog / ( * 3 * ) /

So, I tweaked it a little bit so that Zico was actually on tour with the aomg crew and you were accomponying them, but I kept the general idea the same. I hope you don’t mind ^.^ Ah, I can’t help myself I love Jay Park and AOMG too much, haha.

-Admin Kitty

Originally posted by blobyblo94

The after party for the event really was something to look at. 

You’d never been to a club that made you feel physically sick thinking about how much it costs until now .Honestly, you weren’t much of a materialistic person, but you couldn’t help but admire everything in your sight. From the lighting, to the booths, to the champagne that probably cost more than your whole flat, you couldn’t stop gazing at everything.

It was so beautiful, you felt uncomfortable. It was like a scene out of a movie, except, you were a character from some low budget play who just wound up in the wrong film.

“Nervous?” A hand clamped down on your shoulder that made you jump five feet in the air.

You turned to see Jay chuckling at your reaction, a glass of champagne in hand, “Don’t be.”

When you had first met Jay, you had been so starstruck you could barely speak, but he had a way about him that made you feel very much at ease and he was now quite a close friend.

Seeing the wobbly smile on your face, he shook your shoulders in his hands playfully, “Come on, loosen up. It’s a party, you’re meant to have fun.”

You chuckled nervously, “I just feel so…,” You struggled for the right words, “out of place..”

He sighed, “______, if we didn’t want you here, we wouldn’t have invited you along.”

You made an awkward nervous noise and he rolled his eyes at you.

“I just…I dunno what to do with myself..I don’t know what I’m doing.” You muttered.

He arched an eyebrow comically, “And you think I do?” He guffawed, “____, I’m drinking fucking champagne!"He held out his glass to show you, "You think I like fucking champagne?”

 He waved the glass in your face, making you laugh. “You just gotta play the part.” He waved both his arms about and looked into the distance comically, “Act like a posh git and you will be a posh git.”

You laughed.

He grinned, “See? Now you’re having fun.” He slapped you on the back and then nodded his head in the direction of the VIP section, “Look, there’s lover boy over there.”

You blushed at the mention of your boyfriend and looked over to where Jay was motioning to, to see Jiho laughing with the rest of the AOMG crew.

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yol-ande  asked:

So... You often write about how word "Master" have bad connotation for Anakin even if used as term of respect/rank in Jedi Order. But even when he was 9yo and slave, he programmed Threepio to call him "Master Anakin", and apparently never changed it, since in OT we have "Master Luke". Does it have some deeper meaning in your 'verse? (especially since Kadee calls him by name...)


There are really two answers to this, and they may even be a bit contradictory. There’s an in-universe answer, and a meta-level answer.

On a meta-level, I’m afraid the answer is that George Lucas just plain didn’t put a lot of thought into either what being a slave would really mean for Anakin’s character, or into…well, anything about droids, really.

The portrayal of droids in Star Wars is all over the damn place. I mean, we’ve got characters like Artoo and Threepio, who really are characters, people we the audience care about. But basically all the other droids in the movies are treated more like nonsentient machines than people. There’s never any question of the morality of destroying a droid as killing, memory wiping of droids is an unquestioned reality that even the most straightforward heroes have no issue with, and hell, even with Threepio and Artoo (but especially Threepio), those things are played for laughs rather than being taken seriously as something horrifying.

So the answer to your question on a meta-level is quite simple: George Lucas just never thought about it.

In-universe it’s more complicated.

First, while I absolutely do think “Master” always had a negative connotation for Anakin, I also think that, for most of his time as a Jedi, that was a subconscious reaction. He never allowed himself to consciously draw those connections, or to think about it at all, because he needed, quite desperately, to believe he was free. I don’t think “Master” became consciously associated with slavery for him again until he woke up in a new body and realized just what he was to Palpatine.

As for Threepio specifically, a few things:

Referring to humans as “Master” seems to be Threepio’s baseline programming as a protocol droid. It’s not clear from the movies how much of Threepio’s programming Anakin is actually responsible for, but given the fact that Threepio looks the same as a lot of standardized protocol droids, I think it makes most sense to assume that Anakin refurbished a broken down old droid, rather than building one from scratch.

(I do like to think that Anakin programmed Threepio to speak Amatakka, though, and that in Amatakka Threepio always called Anakin “Maker,” not “Master.”)

So Threepio likely had some built-in programming, probably including the directive to refer to his owner as “Master.” This theory is further backed up by the way he calls everyone “Master” in the OT, since the Threepio of the OT has been subjected to at least one (and probably a lot more) total memory wipe. That means, basically, he’s been reset to “factory standard,” if you will, so whatever special programming Anakin may have given him is lost forever. (Including the ability to speak Amatakka.)

I do have to point out, however, that while Threepio absolutely does call Luke “Master Luke,” Luke explicitly asks him not to. (“No,” he says, “it’s just Luke.”)

The fact that Threepio continues to call him “Master Luke” could be (if you’re feeling generous) a conscious decision on his part. Or it could be an inability to overcome his own programming.


As far as the Double Agent Vader ‘verse is concerned:

As a child and a young man, Anakin never allowed himself to make any conscious connection between his experience of slavery and the lot of droids. (I do firmly think that he always subconsciously made the connection, and that’s why he’s always been so drawn to droids.) But after his meeting with the Grandmother on Tatooine, when he both fully accepted his reality as a slave and then rebuilt himself in the image of Ekkreth the Trickster - after that, he’s not trying to hide from the connections anymore.

And droids are the only people he really has access to as friends, the only people he can trust. Kadee is the first real friend he makes after his rebirth, and in the beginning…

Sure, even in the beginning he didn’t want to be called “Master.” It felt both wrong and horribly ironic, since of course he was really a slave. But he also really did want someone to call him by his actual name. And Kadee was really the only person who could.

By the time we get to Leia’s appearance in the Double Agent timeline, Anakin is quite firmly on board for the droid revolution. But it started out much more simply: he became friends with Kadee, the way he’d once been friends with Artoo.

And the longer they worked together the more he began to see how alike they were. How alike their situations were. How they were both slaves, both living in the bodies Depur had made for them. And it wasn’t just Kadee. She wasn’t special, any more than any one slave on Tatooine was.

The Anakin of Clone Wars could say, and mean, that Artoo wasn’t just a droid, he was a friend.

Anakin-Ekkreth, fifteen years later, would say that of course Artoo is a droid. Kadee is a droid. He’s more than half a droid himself. There’s no just here. Artoo and Kadee aren’t special. He’s not special, either.

There are no Chosen Ones. No special slaves who, because of their inherent greatness, deserve a freedom their fellows will never have. No more winning one slave in a podrace and leaving the rest behind. No more holding one droid as a friend and the rest as simple machines.

(Of course, how that radical philosophy plays out in his actual actions, particularly under the constraints of having to keep his cover, is a lot more complicated.)