his character development

Ok, let me explain why Killian Jones becoming deputy is my most FAVORITE headcanon to become true.

This guy ditched the Royal Navy and became a pirate, because their corrupt king caused his brother’s death. He saw the Navy as a way to become an honorable man, but he decided to pursue something more honorable than serving a corrupt king. (”For at least among thieves, there is honor!”)

Killian becoming deputy just makes the Storybrooke Police Department more of a family business since Emma and Charming are already in it. Kind of cements his place in the family and town. Not that he already wasn’t, of course, but becoming deputy makes him even more a part of the community. 

It’s also him coming full-circle. Taking up a mantle as someone to protect the realm from harm of villains. It’s just so wonderful and beautiful for his character development and I’m just overwhelmed at what beautiful poetry this is :D

And let’s face it; guy needs a day job LOL

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he is determined and i like his laugh. also he is a soft baby boy
worst quality: his hair? wack. his eye color? wack. the blade of marmora arc? wack.  his foot stance? wack. the way he doesn’t even like to share his screen time or character development with anyone else? wack. me? i’m tight as fuck
ship them with: hunk
brotp them with: shiro, lance, those blade of marmora guys, coran
needs to stay away from: that blade of marmora suit i never want to see him in it again
misc. thoughts: he is kind of a butt sometimes and i don’t really forgive him. but he is also an emotional baby. he is a baby in many ways

  • supergirl writers: how can we make mon-el a hero?
  • me: make his character development less patchy and show him interacting positively with cast members apart from kara? maybe have him team up with james? show us why we should like him apart from him just existing.
  • supergirl writers: ah yes, give him a literal supervillain for a mother
  • me: that's not what i-
  • supergirl writers: EVIL MOMS

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Katsuki Bakugou for the character ask!^^

Give me a character and I will answer:

Why I love him:

There are WAY too many things to like about Bakugou. First of all, he is a beautiful child, with hot sideburns and nice biceps (I occasionally spend a lot of time staring at his biceps ^^). Two, he has had the best character development in the whole series, it’s rarely evident at first but as you contiune to read the series you’ll eventually understand him. Most people (particulalry the anime-only fans) don’t notice this because Bakugou still swears and cusses and whatnot, but I think he mainly does it for humorous reasons now. His character development is just so interesting, because he went from the cocky jerk boy to the angry teenager stuck in denial to the boy who cares about his comrades and actually feels guilty for his actions and takes responsibility for it (ref. chapter 118 and chapter 98), he’s just an awesome character that has too much potential and the story wouldn’t be the same without him. Lastly, he swears a lot, and I love vulgar language in anime and I know that sounds wrong but whatever.

I have a lot more reasons, but this is all I can come up with for now.

Why I don’t like him:

There is nothing I dislike about Bakugou because there’s nothing to dislike about him.

Favorite episode (scene if movie):

Holy crap… I have way too many scenes, ahh let’s see, I love Bakugou’s entrance scene when he was in middle school.

I. FREAKING. LOVE. HIM. HERE. I have a lot more, but this is the only one I can remember for now, wait.. this:

and another one

Originally posted by odd-ballduo

ahhhh he’s so freaking perfect!!!!! I like how he was all like “how dare he defy me?!” like some kind of king here acting all high and mighty. I know the question was ‘favorite scene’, but I have waaaayyyy too many scenes that I don’t have time to go through the manga to search for.

  • Favorite season/movie

Favorite line:

and this:

and of course my all time favorite XD:

I like a lot of stuff Kacchan says.

Favorite outift:

This. It’s too awesome, the outfit, his earrings, that tattoo on his shoulder, his biceps!!!!!!!! XD!!!! His face and everything in general.


I don’t actually ship him with anyone, I like Kacchako, Katsudeku and sometimes Kiribaku but I don’t ship them to the extent that I want them to become romantically canon in the series.


Kirishima and Kaminari of course, and occasionally Mina and Sero. I freaking love this brotp, it’s my fave in the whole series.

Head Canon:

I head canon that Bakugou will end up single at the end if the series, unless Horikoshi creates a new girl that I can ship him with. I also head canon that he’s genuinely good at cooking and house chores and he helps out his mom a lot when it comes to stuff like this.

Unpopular Opinion:

I’m not sure if I have one.

A wish:

I want to see him interact more with class 1-A, particularly Izuku and Uraraka (he did in the drama CD though, even to the extent that he called Izuku’s name when Izuku rushed in to save Uraraka from the sludge villain, I loved that XD)  and I want to see him interact more with his parents.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen:

ahhhh… I’m not too sure.

5 best words to describe him:




angry puffball (that’s two words I know)


My nickname for him:

it’s the same as Izuku’s

sorry this took so long @izukusfreckles, while I was looking for some scenes in the manga I ended up reading half of the sports festival again and it got me hyped XD


Thank you all for the support! I am sorry for filling everyone’s dashboards with my replies. I wanted all to have their answers and thanks! 

And don’t worry, Hanzo will deal with Jesse.


Sometimes I wonder if fans make animators loose sleep over little things. Like the fact we lost our shits over the fact Keith slept with shoes on. And the animators all saw this and went “shit we’ve done it now, we got to fix it”

so they go to the writers and have to ask for a specific scene to fix their error. Like “Oh my God, we need a scene with Keith in bed.”

“Um, why?”

“We need to take his shoes off. Please, for the love of God, for the fans. Give us this second chance to make things right.”

“Alright, I suppose we can make a random scene of him looking at his knife again-”

“YES LORD PLEASE, and we’ll take his shoes and fanny pack off. The fans will be so pleased. character development.”

Writers: o-0

Animators: :D 

And then when the episode finally airs they try to make a huge deal of it. Like, LOOK LOOK FANDOM WE TOOK HIS SHOES OFF. IS IT OKAY? HAVE WE DONE GOOD?

And then the fans either loose their shit over this development with them, or find something else about it to make a big deal about it.

Me watching the live action Beauty and the Beast:

90% of the movie: wow, such a cinematic masterpiece

Any time LeFou is shown on screen: gaygaygaygaygaygaygay


while isak is smiling in both gifs, in the first one he is startled and surprised and not really comfortable with his relationship with even yet, he doesn’t really know how he should react. in the second one he’s just smiling contently, is happy and has no fear or shame to openly state and agree that his boyfriend is handsome. it’s just shows again how much he grew and his character developed, especially in the second half of the season. 

Hey just saying if you have to have a character explicitly state that they or another character have changed, then you’re doing it wrong. If you have to get a character to tell us about this change we’re supposed to have seen, instead of the audience being able to figure it out for themselves, then you haven’t written character development. You just haven’t. That’s not an opinion, that’s literally how (screen)writing works.

Kara and Mon-El talking about how much he’s changed isn’t showing how he’s changed, it’s just trying to fill the hole where his character development should be.

Character development done right doesn’t need to be talked about by the characters. 


[From Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine (released yesterday) → Otome Game Award]

Top 10 Other Games of 2016:
IDOLiSH7 is the 1st place!! (596 votes)

Top 10 Other Game Characters of 2016:
1st place - Yotsuba Tamaki (369 votes)
4th place - Kujou Tenn (346 votes)
5th place - Ousaka Sougo (341 votes)

Last year:
IDOLiSH7 was the 3rd place
2nd place - Kujou Tenn
4th place - Yaotome Gaku
5th place - Ousaka Sougo

The maker’s comment: 

(Top 10 Other Games of 2016) To think we can get a honorable prize like this, we are very grateful from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who loves IDOLiSH7. It really encourages us, the project team. From now on too, we will work hard so we can give many surprises to everyone! 

(Top 10 Other Game Characters of 2016) Thank you very much for choosing Tamaki-kun as the 1st place of “Other Games Characters”! The free-spirited Tamaki-kun will grow to be stronger, and cooler. Looking at the free-spirited him, it gives us more confidence too. Tamaki-kun is definitely happy hearing that he has become an idol who’s loved by a large number of people. Please keep expecting more of what will happen to him from now on, and please keep supporting Tamaki-kun!

Tamaki’s comment: "Does ranking 1 mean everyone chose me to be the number one? that’s super amazing. I, can do physical activities but I’m not smart, I couldn’t even get a perfect score until now. But, for the first time, everyone chose me, and I get the 1st place. Seriously, thank you for choosing me. The other members are also happy about this. A happy day like this, I will never forget it.“

Okay honestly one of my favorite things about Ouran is Kyoya’s character development???

 He’s one of the most static characters; he’s calm, cool, collected, intelligent, and the obvious moral compass of the group,

 But as the season goes on you start to notice a few cracks…like, the kind where you see the real Kyoya poking through, begging for someone to let him out???

 As you learn his backstory you realize that while he’s the mother of the group, he’s actually the child of his family, which makes SO MUCH SENSE, 


 And I feel like that somehow corresponds with everything he does within the club, and why he’s so meticulous about everything, because maybe in his subconscious somewhere he thought to himself,

 "If my father were to ever catch me in this club, at least I would have something to show for it,“ which is why he’s so undeniably efficient with all that he controls.

 And the way he feels about Tamaki is absolutely PRECIOUS to see, because at first you feel like he thinks of Tamaki as a genuine moron, (which is how I felt really, I can’t really speak for everyone,) and then you get to the, “And so Kyoya Met Him!” episode.

Which is when you finally get to see how exactly their friendship began in the first place, the history behind our daddy and mommy of the Host Club. And you realize, “Hey, I wasn’t that far off. Kyoya DID think he was a moron, at one point.”

And while Kyoya still thinks Tamaki is an idiot, it’s more of a term of endearment at this point, rather than an insult. Because as weary as he is of Tamaki’s antics, when he thought he was gonna lose him, Kyoya absolutely lost it.

And that was A FREAKING PLEASURE to see because you realize NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES KYOYA CALLS HIM AN IDIOT, OR MORON, OR REFERS TO HIM AS A BURDEN, you know in your heart that that silly blonde prince means the world to Kyoya, and that is in fact his best friend. 

So throughout the season, obviously each character makes their own significant steps to becoming more individual, coming into themselves, but Kyoya’s developement is definitely one of my favorites.

Literally drop everything you THINK you know about LeFou in the new BatB that might be making you hesitate to see it  and just go fucking watch it because he is probably my favorite character out of the cast in this film