his character development

Evolution of Lars
  • Seasons 1-4: Absolute garbage human
  • When he abandoned Sadie twice: disgrace to the earth. Too much screen time. Worst character of the year. Hitler was okay compared to this punk.
  • During "Stuck Together": slight improvement.
  • During "Lars' Head": reborn pink boy. self-sacrificing zombie child.
So while scrolling through my TL on twitter I came across THESE screencaps:

Oh boy.

I have but one question: Why???

Now I don’t intend to be a Debbie-Downer but this just doesn’t sit right with me; as for everyone else, to each their own but I want to talk about why this writing choice bothers me.

(Also I’d like to remind everyone before my head’s bitten off: you can enjoy media but still criticize it; I genuinely enjoy Voltron but I can still talk about what I think works/doesn’t work.)

*First off: Keith as the leader/temporary Black Paladin (I say temporary because Shiro will return eventually)

A good majority of the fandom has agreed that Keith, even with his character development, wouldn’t make a good leader. He’s reckless, hot-tempered, and acts on impulse. Not to mention, no one has really listened to or have sought guidance from Keith. Keith has generally sat more on the sideline as an observer; even when he’s had his moments in the spotlight, he tends to still serve as a puzzle piece rather than the person assembling the puzzle (pardon me, I can’t seem to find my words tonight). 

So who should be the Black Paladin instead of Shiro?? Allura. Yes, people have said this before as well but to put it frankly, it makes more sense. Allura has her flaws like anyone else yes; she too can be stubborn and impatient (can you blame her, the Galra has laid waste to her people and other races for years now & it can only get worse as time goes on). However, she is more level-headed and selfless (her sacrificing herself to the Galra back in season one so that the others can escape comes to mind). She also has more knowledge of the Galra, as well as other alien species for that matter, and how the operate. Her being a princess, she’s diplomatic forming alliances with other species, thus gaining more manpower and resources against the Galra. 

In short, the paladins, as well as other comrades from other planets, are more liable to seek leadership and guidance from Allura than some human who is still grasping the gravity of the situation.

*Another thing that’s not right: Who has what lion

In season 3, Keith has taken over the Black Lion, Lance has taken over Red, and Allura has taken over Blue.

I don’t understand how this will work considering Shiro, though he’s missing at the moment, JUST managed to form a connection with and assume complete control over the Black Lion. Red and Keith have a close bond as well. It’s been established since SEASON ONE that Lance and Blue have an unspoken, unbreakable bond. To give up these lions to different pilots who will have to learn to connect with them in this time of crisis seems…out of place. 

Other than the change in the relationship of the bonds, what makes me uneasy about this change in writing is that it looks as if the writers are trying to make they team dynamic like that of the original: Keith pilots Black, Lance pilots red, Allura pilots blue. 

This is all very disappointing because this reboot seemed to attempt to present this plot and these characters in a new, refreshing way that would be different from the original. Here, it seems like the show is going backwards in terms of writing.


I’m very disappointed in this new dynamic, as it now will serve a great significance on how we progress from here on out. I’m still excited for the upcoming seasons but with what I see here, the writers will have to do A LOT of convincing to have me make some sense of this new setup.

Things I really loved about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in earnest


1. Yondu’s “I’m Mary Poppins y'all!” after Peter says he’s cool. Because yes, it’s a hilarious line, but it’s also such a DAD thing. Like, who can’t say that their dad wouldn’t be so proud to be considered cool by their son and it’s so unexpectedly sweet because of it.

2. The fact that Baby Groot cries like an actual baby once. Because it’s like it’s stabbing you in the heart, but it’s so effective because you really forget that he really is a baby with all the things he can do until then, and that brings you right back.

3. The symmetry in Yondu’s redemption. Yondu is damned because he brings Ego’s children to Ego and his planet to be sacrificed, and he’s redeemed by sacrificing himself to save Ego’s child (who really is HIS child) and bring him away from Ego’s planet.

4. Drax’s interaction with Mantis, especially him holding her while he drowns in Ego’s planet. Because Drax is like this big murderous comic relief character, but his screen time with Mantis was this lovely way to remind the audience that Drax has this soft side and this tragic past without shoving it in your face. Drax might laugh at your pain, but he’d also try to save you even as he was drowning, and it’s a perfect way to frame his character.

5. Ego’s “For the first time, I am truly not ALONE!” and his alieness in general. Because don’t get me wrong, Ego is absolutely a non redeemable wonky bonkers genocidal jerk off, but he’s got this great alien quality to him that I feel this series really needed. It’s not in how he looks, but his motives and how he acts. Ego is a millennia old being; a god in a world of mortals. His view point of the world and his actions are so very true to that idea that we almost can’t relate because no one can imagine what it must be like to be that old or that powerful. But when he yells that one line out, we really get it. Ego, for all his power, is just like us; he just doesn’t want to be alone. Coupled with his god like alien superiority, his ego - get it? ;) - he sees the expansion as the way to answer that feeling. If everything is him, after all, then he can’t be alone, see? What makes him a great villain is that he actually had the real answer all along - love, family - but he chose to destroy it because he felt it was beneath him; because of his subconscious disgust at his own desire to be “just like the rest of them.”

6. Nebula’s “You wanted to win and I just wanted a sister!” And how it turns the tables on how we view her relationship with Gamora. Because Nebula is clearly set up to be the ‘bad sister’ to Gamora’s ‘good sister’ and that one line really throws that on its head and shows that neither one of them are good or bad. I also love how it’s Gamora that ends up apologizing to Nebula, after everything, and Gamora who finally returns Nebula’s offer of sisterhood after all of those years.

7. “You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my Walkman!” Like, this line right here; the essence of Peter Quill in 10 words. Perfection.

8. The batteries as they relate to the parallel of Yondu’s and Rocket. Because them as a parallel is basically smashed over our heads, but I liked the subtle batteries parallel in that Rocket steals batteries he doesn’t need and Yondu steals Peter, who is used as a battery by Ego. It’s just a little thing but I found it really neat.

9. Rocket’s “I can only afford to lose one friend today,” line and how although it’s clearly framed to be about Peter, it’s also possibly about Yondu. Because no matter what, Rocket is losing a friend and it’s a great line to add to his character development from a guy who started trying to push his friends away to a guy who can’t lose them.

10. The contrast between how Peter reacts to the death of Ego and Yondu. He holds both as they die but he’s just silent and unaffected by Ego and he’s distraught and trying desperately to save Yondu, trying to pull off the suit to give to Yondu and save him instead. Can you say tears?

11. Don’t even talk to me about the Ravager funeral.

12. That the movie really was truly about family. Drax and his family and Mantis, Gamora and Nebula, Rocket and the Guardians, everyone parenting Groot and Peter realizing that the dad he’d wanted all along was actually the one he’d had. Often these superhero movies pull the “we’re family” card and it doesn’t feel earned, but man it does in this one. This movie is like Marvel’s “The Fast and The Furious IN SPACE” and it’s just great.

anonymous asked:

I played FFXV after I saw your numerous posts. It's an okay game but Noctis is your typical flat emo character, I don't understand the ruckus for him.


Anon-san, are you sure

that we

even play

a same game

Because.. I mean..

just look

at this guy



This game have a lot of flaws but I’m certain Noct’s characterization is not part of them. Of course you’re free to like or dislike and entitled to your own opinion, but….flat…… no, anon. Just, no. I have to disagree. Fight me.


Thank you all for the support! I am sorry for filling everyone’s dashboards with my replies. I wanted all to have their answers and thanks! 

And don’t worry, Hanzo will deal with Jesse.

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