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Things I really loved about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in earnest


1. Yondu’s “I’m Mary Poppins y'all!” after Peter says he’s cool. Because yes, it’s a hilarious line, but it’s also such a DAD thing. Like, who can’t say that their dad wouldn’t be so proud to be considered cool by their son and it’s so unexpectedly sweet because of it.

2. The fact that Baby Groot cries like an actual baby once. Because it’s like it’s stabbing you in the heart, but it’s so effective because you really forget that he really is a baby with all the things he can do until then, and that brings you right back.

3. The symmetry in Yondu’s redemption. Yondu is damned because he brings Ego’s children to Ego and his planet to be sacrificed, and he’s redeemed by sacrificing himself to save Ego’s child (who really is HIS child) and bring him away from Ego’s planet.

4. Drax’s interaction with Mantis, especially him holding her while he drowns in Ego’s planet. Because Drax is like this big murderous comic relief character, but his screen time with Mantis was this lovely way to remind the audience that Drax has this soft side and this tragic past without shoving it in your face. Drax might laugh at your pain, but he’d also try to save you even as he was drowning, and it’s a perfect way to frame his character.

5. Ego’s “For the first time, I am truly not ALONE!” and his alieness in general. Because don’t get me wrong, Ego is absolutely a non redeemable wonky bonkers genocidal jerk off, but he’s got this great alien quality to him that I feel this series really needed. It’s not in how he looks, but his motives and how he acts. Ego is a millennia old being; a god in a world of mortals. His view point of the world and his actions are so very true to that idea that we almost can’t relate because no one can imagine what it must be like to be that old or that powerful. But when he yells that one line out, we really get it. Ego, for all his power, is just like us; he just doesn’t want to be alone. Coupled with his god like alien superiority, his ego - get it? ;) - he sees the expansion as the way to answer that feeling. If everything is him, after all, then he can’t be alone, see? What makes him a great villain is that he actually had the real answer all along - love, family - but he chose to destroy it because he felt it was beneath him; because of his subconscious disgust at his own desire to be “just like the rest of them.”

6. Nebula’s “You wanted to win and I just wanted a sister!” And how it turns the tables on how we view her relationship with Gamora. Because Nebula is clearly set up to be the ‘bad sister’ to Gamora’s ‘good sister’ and that one line really throws that on its head and shows that neither one of them are good or bad. I also love how it’s Gamora that ends up apologizing to Nebula, after everything, and Gamora who finally returns Nebula’s offer of sisterhood after all of those years.

7. “You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my Walkman!” Like, this line right here; the essence of Peter Quill in 10 words. Perfection.

8. The batteries as they relate to the parallel of Yondu’s and Rocket. Because them as a parallel is basically smashed over our heads, but I liked the subtle batteries parallel in that Rocket steals batteries he doesn’t need and Yondu steals Peter, who is used as a battery by Ego. It’s just a little thing but I found it really neat.

9. Rocket’s “I can only afford to lose one friend today,” line and how although it’s clearly framed to be about Peter, it’s also possibly about Yondu. Because no matter what, Rocket is losing a friend and it’s a great line to add to his character development from a guy who started trying to push his friends away to a guy who can’t lose them.

10. The contrast between how Peter reacts to the death of Ego and Yondu. He holds both as they die but he’s just silent and unaffected by Ego and he’s distraught and trying desperately to save Yondu, trying to pull off the suit to give to Yondu and save him instead. Can you say tears?

11. Don’t even talk to me about the Ravager funeral.

12. That the movie really was truly about family. Drax and his family and Mantis, Gamora and Nebula, Rocket and the Guardians, everyone parenting Groot and Peter realizing that the dad he’d wanted all along was actually the one he’d had. Often these superhero movies pull the “we’re family” card and it doesn’t feel earned, but man it does in this one. This movie is like Marvel’s “The Fast and The Furious IN SPACE” and it’s just great.


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 10

The round and golden episode 10 is finally upon us and with it comes a ton of lighting improvements and frame redraws. Out of all the episodes, this is probably the one in which the blu-ray updates are the most noticeable.

That said, there’s also somuch content in this episode. There’s no way I could cover everything there is to talk about regarding Victor in just 10 gifs but I’m excited to delve in anyway so let’s go!

The first thing I’d like to talk about is Victor and his need for space to recharge. Unlike Yuuri who chooses to sleep off his jetlag, Victor decides to go up to the roof’s pool in the middle of winter, a time when there’s least likely to be other people there, to get some space to think. A lot of the time, Victor plays himself off as being a lot more social than he is, but in reality he’s an introvert. He needs his alone time to recharge his energy and taking it isn’t something new to him if his message of needing to get completely away from skating to think is anything to go by.

For this second choice, it may not be a moving image but I love it for its composition – the coaches (adults) in the background and the skaters + Victor (young adults/kids) in the foreground. I’ve always felt like this image looks like a family with the adults looking on from the back. That said, it really brings to light just how young all of the skaters (including Victor) are. Victor may be the oldest there but he’s still only 27. As I’ve heard it said by a friend, Victor is still choosing to sit at the kiddy table instead of standing back with the adults. This isn’t a negative thing at all though. He’s at an age where he can choose which direction to go; he can choose to stand back with the other coaches and observe or he can spend his time enjoying the fun with the others skaters, most of which are still within his generational age range.

This entire portion with Victor taking Yuuri shopping brings up an important point to this episode – that Victor is trying his best to be observant of Yuuri and help him without the need to say anything. This is a direct response to Yuuri’s message to Victor in episode 7 and ever since then you can see how he’s been working with those words in mind. He takes notice of the things that make Yuuri relax and does his best to do them with him. Victor has learned that the best way to comfort Yuuri is through action and not words.

But not everything is as simple as dragging Yuuri along on a shopping spree. That doesn’t mean that it all goes to shit, however. In this case, they have an argument which boils down to both of them trying to solve an issue in their own way and conflicting over how the two methods oppose each other (Yuuri wants to make up for a mistake and Victor wants to just forget it and move on). But the important part in all of this is that they resolve their differences like adults. They don’t attack each other with actions or words and don’t hold it against each other. They get the message across that they’re upset then both decide to move on.  It’s said that no relationship is perfect but having good communication and conflict resolution skills is honestly the closest way to get there.

Aside from my love of this fifth gif as a shot in general, I’d like to bring us back to the idea of Victor being observant of Yuuri. Victor is very explicit about it here, he talks about how he’s noticed the small things – how Yuuri’s eyes shine when he’s looking for something, how that thing is like a dowsing rod, and how the best thing Victor can do is just stay silent and let Yuuri do as he will. We may get the chance to see Victor’s stumbles along the way to better understanding Yuuri but no one can deny that he’s a fast learner. As a general rule, he only has to be told anything once to remember it and apply it to his actions and thoughts as we can see here and earlier on through the episode.

I chose this sixth gif, out of all the possible ring scene choices, because of how purely happy Victor looks. A lot of the time Victor has a mask on, but in this moment, he is completely and utterly open and honest with his expression. As much as Yuuri is handing Victor his heart, Victor is absolutely doing the same. We may see a lot of the series through Yuuri’s point of view, and a lot of Victor’s emotional conversations with Yuuri might be covered in skating metaphors, but this scene is undoubtedly just as important to Victor as it is to Yuuri. We even get Victor’s internal monologue here. But at the end of the day, no matter what words anyone puts to this scene, Victor’s pure contentment is one of the few unarguable things that we can get out of it.

One of the things I love about Victor is how emotive he actually is. His mask isn’t actually as solid as it initially appears, and this seventh gif displays that perfectly. The clip is short and the eyes naturally gravitate to the clapping motions and Yuuri’s reaction but it’s Victor’s expression that I’d like to talk about. He appears proud a moment later, flashing the ring and citing it as an engagement ring, but his first reaction is to blush at the attention and topic being brought forth. Phichit brings up the idea of marriage, and unlike Yuuri’s response of “oh no, he’s got the wrong idea”, Victor’s face says something more along the lines of “well, that’s not quite it but I wouldn’t be against that”.

Honestly, this eighth gif has so much about it I love that I’m not sure where to start. The sunrise that implies the beginning of something new, the hand that comes up to shield Victor’s face but lets the beams of light through anyway, the ring that takes a center point in the shot even if it’s over shone by the sun, and the beach that has been given special meaning in regards to Victor’s personal relationship with Yuuri all come to mind instantly. Similar to the start of the episode, Victor is taking personal time to figure out his thoughts (and he has a lot to think over). He’s starting a new chapter of his life. But can he allow himself to? Can he allow himself to step away from being a competitive skater forever, put his career and medals aside, and chase a new happiness off the ice? There’s just so much that’s going on in short clip, and the silence that’s used as background feels just as fitting in its emptiness as it doesn’t when contrasted with the raging thoughts that are sure to be going on in Victor’s mind.

Unfortunately, Victor gets a very firm reminder that he and Yuuri aren’t the only two people that have a weigh-in on Victor’s career direction. Yurio here serves to represent not just himself but everyone else as well. Victor may be ready to let go of his skating career and move on with his life but the rest of the world isn’t yet (that actually includes Yuuri too, as we see at the end of the next episode). Something in particular I’d like to focus on in this scene, however, is the height difference between Victor and Yurio and how that’s used in their body language. When Victor first turns around to respond to Yurio’s taunts, he leans down to get on Yurio’s level – like an adult entertaining a child. But the moment that Yurio tells Victor to just retire already (in a way that makes it sound like nothing Victor has done has left a mark, a thing which Victor may not even realize he values yet), he stands up to his full height and forces Yurio to look up to him instead. The shaking hand may have been removed from the updated version of this episode but I honestly don’t feel like it’s needed with the body language that already screams hostility on both ends (actually, even more so Victor’s than Yurio’s here). As much as Victor might want to consider retiring from the ice and settling down, the world just isn’t ready for it yet and is intent on dragging him back under.

And for this last gif… there’s so much I could say but I’ll focus on Victor’s expression. Out of all the reactions he could have, he ends up with a look of blank shock. Something is happening in front of him that goes beyond anything he could have imagined. I do actually believe that this clip takes place post-pole dancing competition and pre-dancing with Victor. Cute boy jumping on him aside, I think the thing that really sparks Victor is the mention of coaching. Before now, Victor has never really had a path laid out regarding his career past competing until he physically can’t anymore. In the end, blank shock turning into a burst of inspiration might be the only realistic response to it after all!

I guarantee that I didn’t cover nearly as much as I could have (and wanted to) in this episode but for now this will have to do. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my thoughts and look forward to next week as we get into the final stretch!

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Bonus because Victor’s little twirl is too cute not to share:

        ┃┃╱╲ in this
        ┃╱╱╲╲ house
        ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
        ▔▏┗┛▕▔ appreciate
╱╱           ┏┳┓        ╭╮        ┏┳┓          ╲╲
▔▏           ┗┻┛        ┃┃        ┗┻┛          ▕▔ 

anonymous asked:

I played FFXV after I saw your numerous posts. It's an okay game but Noctis is your typical flat emo character, I don't understand the ruckus for him.


Anon-san, are you sure

that we

even play

a same game

Because.. I mean..

just look

at this guy



This game have a lot of flaws but I’m certain Noct’s characterization is not part of them. Of course you’re free to like or dislike and entitled to your own opinion, but….flat…… no, anon. Just, no. I have to disagree. Fight me.