his bulge do you not see it

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WARNING : contains explicit sexual content

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You glance up from overtop your glasses and smile at the sight of him, nose scrunched up in concentration, pencil dangling from between his index and middle fingers. His long legs are covered by the grey knit blanket you two share, and your legs are resting on his with your feet sticking out the side of the fabric. Your bed is dipping beneath your combined weight and both of your backpacks are open with notebooks and textbooks spilling out onto your carpet.

“Do you need help?” Shawn asks quietly, shy eyes skittering up to meet yours. His hair is floppy around his face and his glasses are sliding down his nose but you can still clearly see the attractiveness in his features: his sharp jaw, his white teeth, his pretty eyes. And when you allow yourself the peek, his bulging arms aren’t too hard to look at either. “You just, you know, you’re staring so I was just wondering if maybe you needed help with your math or something.”

You blink back to reality and look down to your lap at the blank math worksheet in front of you. Your pencil is still tucked into your bag and your calculator is still in your backpack across the room; it’s obvious you’re not even trying. Shawn’s so kind hearted, so determined to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you say “I actually haven’t even started it, really. To be honest I’ve just been thinking about how good you look”

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“I don’t know, Jesus.” You mumble unsure, looking at the scarf in Jesus’ hands.
“You can trust me.” He lifts up your chin and puts his lips on yours.
“Ok, do it.” The bulge in his pants grows at your words.
With a smile he puts the scarf over your eyes and your half naked body shakes in excitment.
“You should see yourself. So sexy.” Jesus whispers rough before he kisses you passionately, his tongue explores your mouth while he undresses you until you’re lying naked under him.
He licks over the skin on your collarbone before he works his way down to your breasts. You moan loudly as he sucks alternately both of your nipples in his mouth.
“Jesus.” You whimper as he puts your legs over his shoulders and he licks through your wet folds.
His beard scratches your oversensitive pussy as he takes your clit into his mouth, sucking and licking it.
Your hands twists his hair, pulling him closer as his tongue teases its way between your folds. He slips his tongue into you and swirls it around before he grabs your waist, moving them so that you get fuck by his tongue.
“Oh god, yes.” You moan at the feeling how he licks and sucks your folds and clit.
His little groans and growls giving you the rest.
The knot in your stomach snaps as he works harder on your clit. You shout out his name as the orgasm hits you and Jesus licks up everything like a man starved.
“You taste delicious.” Jesus whispers against your lips and you kiss him hungrily, tasting yourself.
“What?” You ask a little bit confused as your hand wander between his legs and you can see Jesus blushes as you take the scarf from your eyes.
“It was too much for my little friend to see you like this.” He says and you giggle, a little bit proud of yourself that you have such an effect on him.
“What do you think about a long, hot shower?” You lick over the pulse on his neck and he nods with a small growl.

Lessons (Taehyung Smut)

*Well, fuck..*

“You’re late, Miss Y/N.”

“By two minutes, let it slide.”

“Go get a late slip.”

“So I can be more late, smart thinking Mr. Kim.” He glared at you, annoyed by your rebellious attitude. This was all staged, your way for getting his attention. You were his little secret admirer like the rest of the girls in his classes. He seemed to like nice girls, talking to the, but you wanted more than to just hear him talk.

“Sit down, Miss. Y/N.” His voice became more stern, sent as a warning and you say in your seat. You sat dead centre, where he could see everything you do. You purposely wore a short skirt, just enough that he could totally see your panties. He started teaching, his deep voice filling the room.

Your eyes wondered to his bulge, you figured he was big and thick. It led you to wondering how he would be like, was he a gentle lover? Careful but willing to do you what want him to?

Mr. Kim?
He would blush, realizing what he saw in front of him. Legs spread, and your wet pussy was in full view. No shirt, skirt pulled up and your bra was still on, not good at concealing your hard nipples
You’re so beautiful, baby
He kissed you, his lips sweeter than sugar. His hand would tease your pussy, rubbing and pinching your little clit.
M-Mr. Kim!

“What is it, Miss. Y/N?”

“Can you give a example for method acting?”

“Fine. Come here.” You got up, embarrassed by your stupid outburst. He stood in front of you, towering over you.

“You’re already a perfect example. You’re acting like you’re a bad ass when you’re actually kind, aren’t you?”

“Are you picking a fight with me, sir?”

“Yah, Y/N. Could you quit flirting with our teacher?”

“Mr. Kim, just kick her out!”

“She’s too dumb.”

More complains about you came from the room and didn’t understand. Maybe they were jealous?


He put his hand on your shoulder, pressing you closer to him. You didn’t understand why he did that either but then he spoke.

“Y/N belongs here as much as you do, girls.”

They all muttered and you went back your seat. You avoided his glances, just wanting the day end faster. The day did manage to go faster like you wished but he held you back.

“We need to talk.”

You leaned against his desk and he sat in his chair.

“What do you want?”

“I think you need to learn about respect.”

“Can you just leave me alone?”

“How long are you going be like this, kitten?”

Did he just call you kitten? You liked it, but where was this coming from?

“M-Mr. Kim.”

“It would be even better if you call me Taehyung, kitten. Say it.”


“Good.” He got up, undoing his tie. He unbuttoned his shirt, and you watched devotedly. You played with your breasts while he slipped off the shirt to reveal his torso.

“You’ve gone too far, kitten. Take off your shirt.”

Your hand flew, quickly taking off your shirt and you waited for what he would say next. You were done with your bad girl facade, you just wanted him inside you.

“You’re very eager,” His hand grabbed your chin, forcing you to continue making eye contact with him. “are you trying to be good for me, kitten?”

“Yes.” He smirked, pulling your arms in front of you and tied them together with his tie. The black silk was smooth against your skin, opposite of how he was being with you right now. He bent you over his desk, your breasts touching the dark cheery oak wood.

“It’s too late, just like you always are.” He slapped your ass hard, making you whimper.

“You come to class late.” *slap*

“You tease me.” *slap*

“You tried to test me, kitten.” *slap*

“You tried to be a good girl when you act like such a little slut.” *slap*

“Don’t try to fool me, kitten. You’re bad, and in need of a good punishment. Look at the paper in front of you.” It had a bunch of lines on it, why was he giving you dialogue?

“You don’t cum until you can recite every single line to me without stopping, kitten.” You could feel him pull down your panties and he spread your pussy’s lips.


“Say the lines, kitten. Unless you want me to stop?” His fingers were playing with your clit and you moaned a bit.

“N-No, please. I’ll read them, j-just don’t stop.”

He inserted a finger inside you, and you had to hold back your moan. Your eyes quickly scanned the lines and he got on his knees, bringing his tongue to your pussy.

“I know n-nothing but your ways. I-I find myself copying you do. Using cursive, enjoying the sunsets and eating lollipops.”

How did he know about things you do, you haven’t written in cursive for his class ever, you did watch the sunset on the school’s rooftop when you stayed late to study with your other friends and you always had one lollipop in your pocket.

“These s-stupid habits, I d-denied them. You couldn’t be who I’ve fallen for. I was the devil-l your parents told you to f-fear.”

He added another finger, making you bite down on your lip hard. You were going crazy, you wanted to cum so bad.

“You’re an angel, s-something so pure and s-simple. How c-could you ever love someone l-love me?”

His tongue flicked your clit a bit before he sucked on it. You wanted to grab his hair but he had your hands tied.

“Could you s-save me, angel?”

“Good, kitten. Now, cum.” You came on his command and he licked you clean. You felt numb to him, the words you just read more prominent to you. It sounded like a confession to you, did he love you?

He pulled you up by your hair and talked into your ear.

“Can you not hear, kitten? I said get on your knees and suck my cock.” He unbuckled his pants and

You turn around, dropping to your knees and you licked him through his boxers. You had to pull his boxers down with your teeth and you looked at his slightly hard cock.. He was big like you thought, and he held himself for you.

“Don’t be shy, kitten.” You licked his shaft, long and slow. He groaned, murmuring your name and you continued to lick him like that.

“Don’t fucking tease, kitten.” You went on but longer before taking him in your mouth. He groaned loudly, and you bobbed your head. You made eye contact with him, watching his eyes continue to be clouded by pure lust.

He used your tongue, coating his cock in your saliva. He made him hard, knowing you were willing, and completely eager on top of that, to be his. He knew by the way you looked at him, the way you talked to him that you had fallen for him.

He wouldn’t tell you that those words were his, and the meaning behind it was the truth. You distracted his thoughts, removing his cock from your warm moth.

You watched him get on the table, and he told you straddle him. You positioned yourself right over his hard cock, completely coated in your saliva. He pushed you down in his cock. The desk was pretty sturdy, and he waited for you to adjust him. You nodded and he held you down while pumping into you.


He unhooked your bra, waiting to see your breasts jiggle for him while he fucked you.

“Your pussy’s so good.”

“T-Tae.” You laid on him, your faces closer to each other. You kissed him sloppily, wanting to muffle some of your moans. He bit on your lower lip, watching you start to lose yourself. You were no longer his little sharp tongue student or the sweet girl you are, you are his little sex kitten.

Wanting his cock inside you, his tongue on your pussy, his lips kissing along your neck. You wanted his body and nothing else. He loved that.

“Fuck, kitten.”

“M-make me cum-god I w-want to cum.”

“I don’t hear you begging for it, kitten.”

“P-please, please make me c-cum. T-Taehyung!” He rammed into you faster, causing his cock get deeper inside you. You screamed out, unable to contain the pleasure.

You came, your sweat mixing with his sweat as you were still laying on top of him. He slid out of you and you got up. You stuck your ass out and he came on it, him admiring it like it was a masterpiece.

“You still need lessons, kitten. Come in, tomorrow.”

Caught - Jack Johnson Imagine (requested smut)

Request: Can i please have a Johnson imagine where y/n and jack haven’t has sex in ages, so they do it at night but their kids walk in? idk something like that (also can you make it smutty) 😉❤️


Y/n’s POV

I cuddle up against Jack, his body radiating warmth. His arms wrap around me, bringing me closer to his body. He places a kiss on the top of my head, placing his chin there.

I move closer to his body, until I bump something hard. A low hiss leaves Jacks lips. I look down under the covers, noticing I had hit his crotch. Even in the dimmed light, I could see the outline of the bulge in his boxers.

I smirk, looking up at jack, who was sheepishly looking down at me. I lean up and kiss his lips, my hands holding his face. His arms tensed before wrapping more firmly around me. I move on top of him before straddling him.

Our kiss turns more heated, his tongue moving against mine, as out lips roughly glided against one another. Soon he turns us over so he’s on op. He removes my tank top, leaving my cream pink bra one.

“We haven’t had sex in weeks,” Jack mutters into the kiss. I mumble a ‘yeah’ in response.

“But we have to be quiet, the kids are finally asleep,” Jack nods, letting his forearms hold him up steadily. I moan as Jack’s lips move from my lips to my neck, sucking and biting at the skin.

I arch my back as his hand reaches for my bra clasp. He undos it, tossing the material carelessly on the floor. His lips are rough, moving from my collarbones to my now exposed chest.

He leaves a trail of kisses down the valley of my breasts, his tongue swirling on the skin. Instantaneously, his lips attach to my nipple sucking and pulling on the hardened bud. One of his hands massage the other, his thumb grazing over my nipple, making it hard. He moves to my other breast, attaching his lips on to my nipple. Jacks hand wanders down my stomach, to the hem of my pj shorts. He rubs me through my shorts, making me buck my hips in response. His hand going into my shorts, his fingers wasting no time in rubbing me through the fabric of my panties.

Jack then sits up, his mouth away form my breast, and pulls down my shorts and panties, my heat now exposed to him. He goes back, sucking on my collarbones, as his fingers begin rubbing my soaked heat.

My moans becoming louder as Jacks fingers rub harder. He moves up, his lips back on mine, it shuts me up. My hands roam his dirty blonde hair, and then grip his shoulders.

“Can’t have the kids know what we’re doing now can they?” I nod my head in response, biting my lips to hold in another moan.

“God I want to hear you moan, hear how well of a job I’m doing,” I bite my bottom lip harder.

“Not h-helping,” my back arches and my hips buck up, grinding against Jacks fingers, as he pumps two fingers in me. My grip on Jacks shoulders tighten, as I’m sure my nails were digging into his skin. His fingers suddenly stop, I whimper at the loss of movement and pleasure.

Jack moves down, under the covers, until his chest is against the bedsheets, his face just above my heat. His mouth latches on to my bundle of heat, sucking and lightly nibbling on it. A loud moans escapes me from the sudden touch. I clamp my hand over my mouth, praying that my children didn’t hear, as I didn’t want to stop the amount of pleasure that was coursing through my body.

Three fingers enter me, Jacks mouth still sucking on my clit. I grip on to his blonde messy hair, pulling him closer than he was to my heat, almost pressing his face against it.

Suddenly I hear our door open. Jack stills his movement in hopes whoever was at the door didn’t see him. Behind it was our four year old daughter, sucking her thumb and holding her stuffed lion close to her chest.

“Are you ok, mummy? I heard loud sounds from your room, I thought you were hurt,” her little pea head tilted as she removed her thumb from her mouth, she took steps closer to me. I put my hand out,

“Stop! You’re-uh-father is asleep under the c-covers, he doesn’t want to be woken up right now,” she lets the toy lay limp in her hands by her side, taking another step.

“But what about the sounds? Daddy could be hurt?” I shook my head, smiling at my daughters concern.

“No, it was only daddy snoring, he was snoring very loudly tonight, I’ll tell him to stop so you can get some sleep, alright?” She nodded, slowly walking out of the room yawning, closing the door behind her.

I whack Jacks head, a small ‘ow’ leaving his lips. He lifts up the covers, rubbing his head where I hit him.

“What was that for?”

That was for making me moan so loud, our four year old daughter was concerned that I’d hurt myself,” Jack smirked, pecking me on the lips.

“It means I did my job right,” I glared at him, before shoving his face down, pulling the cover over him.

“Yeah, and you’re going to keep doing it,” Jack chuckled, going back to what his original position, finishing of what he’d started.

Anything You Want -  Tyler Joseph Smut

“Hey baby,” Tyler says walking up to me. I was sitting in front of my makeup table getting ready for the day.

“Hey Tyler,”I say looking up at him with a smile.

“Baby, can you do my a favor?” He says with a sly voice.

“Um, yeah, what is it?”  I say to him with confusion. 

“I need help with this,” he says pointing down.

I look down to see a bulge in his pants. I lick my lips and shift from my seat to the floor in front of him. I look at him and undo his his belt with ease. I undo the button and pull down the zipper of his jeans. I yank them and his boxers down his slender legs. His big, hard cock slaps against his stomach.

“Baby, please,” Tyler moans out.

“Anything for you Daddy,” I say to him licking my lips.

I take his cock into my hand and I lick up his length. I kiss his pink tip and slowly take his hard cock in my mouth. I start to bob my head up and down his length extremely slow to tease him. Tyler doesn’t like it when I tease him but I like it when Daddy punishes me.

“Fuck, baby girl don’t tease me,” he growls out.

I suddenly take him fully in my mouth without warning. Tyler moans out, practically screaming from surprise and pleasure. I move my mouth up and down his length as fast as I possibly can trying to take him all in each time i come down on him. Tyler’s hands go to my hair, forcing me to take him all in. His actions cause me to gag on his hard cock.

“Fuck, Y/N. Stop, I don’t wanna cum,” he says. I pull away from his cock with a pop.

“Was that good Daddy?” I ask him wiping my mouth.

“Yes baby girl it was. But Daddy needs to punish you for teasing me,” he says to me with a smirk. “Go to the ben and bend over on the side.”

I immediately get up from my spot and walk over to our bed. I lean over the side, my ass up in the air. Tyler walks over to me and stand at my side. He pushes my skirt up around my waist and pulls down my panties to expose my ass. Suddenly his hand makes contact with my skin. I stinging sensation comes over me but I can’t help but moan, my pussy getting wet. Tyler repeats this nine more times.

“Strip for me baby girl,” Tyler says to me. I stand up and take off my clothes without any hesitation. I stand before him naked, he licks his lips at the sight of me. He pulls off his shirt so that he too is naked. “Lay down on the bed baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I get on the bed laying down in the middle my legs spread open for him.

“I’m going to fuck you now baby,” Tyler says getting onto the bed in between my legs.

“Please Daddy,” I beg him.

With those two words Tyler slams into my soaking wet pussy. I moan out. Tyler starts to thrust his big, hard cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I love the feeling of his cock inside of me stretching me out. Tyler leans down and attaches his mouth to my neck. He starts to suck and bit at my soft skin. The feeling of him inside of me and his mouth on my neck was heavenly and a bit overwhelming.

My stomach begins to tighten and my pussy’s walls begin to clench around Tyler’s cock. Tyler moans out loving thee feeling. He continues to thrust but picks up the pace and changes the angle to ensure that he hits my g-spot with each thrust. I scream out with each thrust my orgasm inching closing and closer.

“Fuck, Daddy!” I scream out. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me baby girl,” Tyler groans.

With that my orgasm washes over me. I scream out in pure pleasure. Tyler moans loudly and his thrust become sloppy. I can feel his cock twitch inside of my pussy. HIs own orgasm over comes him. He thrusts a few more times before he can no longer continues from exhaustion. Tyler pulls out of me and collapses on the bed next to me. The room is filled with our erratic breathing and we try to calm ourselves down.

“That was so great baby girl,” Tyler says once his breathing is back to normal.

“Yeah it was,” I say looking at him with a smile.

“I love you Y/N,” Tyler says wrapping his arm around me.

“I love you too Tyler,” I say kissing his cheek.

“What do you say to just a lazy day in bed?” He asks in a tired voice.

“Sounds good to me,” I say pecking his lips. Soon we both fall asleep and we just spent the entire day in bed together.


Osomatsu | Choromatsu | Ichimatsu | Jyushimatsu | Todomatsu | Hatabou | Dekapan | Dayon | Totoko | Iyami

Karamatsu: Vampire

The second son of the vampire sextuplets, Karamatu Matsunov. He has the ability to transform into a wolf. However, the way he’s using his muscular body is wrong… 

(“the way he’s using his muscular body is wrong” ahaha. ahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA…… the fuck is wrong with the heso wars staff. there are so many things wrong with this attack it’s terrible.

1. just the fact that he transforms into a wolf
2. he still has that stupid muppet smirk on his face as he flexes for his enemies like wtf??? p sure wolf anatomy doesn’t work that way and what the fuck’s wrong with his nose
3. do you see the fuckin’ veins bulging in his biceps??? like holy shit dude are you okay???
4. I absolutely hate hate hate the fact that he has that stupid hair curl on his head post-transformation like judging from the images it’s just that one patch of hair. everything else is gone but that curl remains. remains to haunt me.
5. what is the point of that weird diamond pattern on his chest??? like I thought it was a shadow at first but the more I look at it the more I’m like “nope”
6. wolf nipples
7. wolf six-pack
8. wolf eyebrows
9. I loathe the fact that your pants remain 100% in tact
10. I am not a furry

tl;dr I’m one step closer to deleting this game)

My Baby Girl ~ Roman Reigns Imagine

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Requested by anon

Roman x You

“ Since when do you hang out with Seth all of a sudden?”

You have been with Roman for some quite time now, he treated you like a queen and trusted you until now. Seth has became a good friend of yours, you trained with him. Stephanie had asked you to find someone to train you, you had recently came back from an injury. She was worried that you might tear your shoulder again.

You had help from Seth, he wanted to see how you were doing in the ring with picking opponents up and dealing with your shoulder. Everything was fine but Roman thinks otherwise. 

“ Were training, my shoulder is just being put in check. Nothing to worry about”

“ Why Seth? You couldn’t pick someone like Nattie to train you?” Chuckling, you shake your head. He stood there in the room, with his arms across his chest, those muscles bulging out, his jaw was set, his hair was down, he had a pout on his lips as he looked at you. 

“ Jealous?” He huffed mumbling to himself. “ What’s that?” Taking a step closer to him, he turned his head to look down at you. “ I said, if I see him any closer to you, I will rip his head off his shoulders. Your mine” 

“ Show me “ You smirked. Before you knew it, he picked you up throwing you gently on the bed before he hovered above you. 

As you were training with Seth in the ring, from the corner of your eye Roman had walked through the doors. He looked so good in just a tank top and shorts.

“ Hey! Y/N!” Your attention was brought back to Seth who was leaning on the the ropes with a smirk on his face. “ Focus on training then your man” 

“ Shut up” You mumbled before you locked up with him. Roman stood next to the ring, as he watched you with Seth. He didn’t like this at all. 

Seth noticed Roman, turning to him. “ Something you need Reigns?”

“ My girlfriend” He seethed through his teeth. “ Ro, I’m training. Later?”

“ No. Now” He growled. You threw an apologetic look towards Seth, he nodded before he exit the ring leaving you with Roman.

“ I don’t understand, why don’t you trust me with him” He slide into the ring. “ It’s him I don’t trust baby girl” 

“ But Seth-” he cute you off with a glare. “ Don’t even mention his name. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. That’s final” 

You were back into having matches, but the thing was you had been put in a story line with Seth. Roman was beyond livid.

“ Why him? What’s wrong with me?!” Roman paced the locker room. “ I’m sorry Ro, it’s just Seth. I am coming back to you at the end of the night. You have nothing to worry about”

“ Nothing to worry about? You must be joking, he gets to put his hands on you out there and kiss you. Am I suppose to stand there and watch it? Because I won’t. Your my women and he doesn’t even deserve to look at you”

“ Calm down babe” You put your hand on his arm. “ Calm down?” he laughed. “ No” 

You sighed, “ Look Roman, I don’t like it either but this is my job and it’s all for show. Your the only man that I love and want to be with” 

“ Better be” He mumbled as you pulled him down into a kiss. 

“ I am going kick your teeth in!” Roman shouted as soon as Seth and you walked through the curtain. Your eyes got wide seeing how angry your boyfriend was. 

Seth backed away, putting his hands up. “ Whoah there big guy. What did I do now?”

“ You touched my girls ass and stuck your tongue down her throat! She’s my women!” Roman had his fist raised up as he was ready to punch the daylights out of Seth. 

“ It’s all for show man, to get the crowd going” 

“ All you had to do was kiss her” 

“ Roman your being ridiculous. The crowd loves it and he went by the script” Roman chuckled throwing a swing. “ Roman!” You shouted. Seth was sent to the ground as he gripped his chin. 

As Roman was breathing heavily and nose flaring glaring at the ground at Seth, you walked up to him putting a hand on his arm. He pushed you away from him as he turned to look at you.

“ You should know better where your boundaries stand” With that he walked away.

Roman was jealous. But he did stupid things when he was jealous.

The light in your room dimmed , Roman sat at the edge of your bed that you shared with him. “ I’m sorry” He said once he saw you enter the room. Ignoring him, you walked over to your suitcase getting your shorts and shirt to sleep in. 

“ Babygirl..” He mumbled standing up from the bed making his way over to you. Standing in front of you, he touched your shoulder but you brushed him off. It hurt him, you were giving him the silent treatment. 

“ Look at me Y/N” Turning your head to him, clothes in hand. “ I didn’t mean for what to happen today” You nodded walking to the bathroom but he stopped you.

“ I love you Y/N, when I get jealous stupid things happen” He shrugged looking down at the ground. 

A smile came to your face, you dropped your clothes on the bed as you walked over to him. Hands brushing up his chest as they made their way around his neck. 

“ Your an idiot but your my idiot” He smiled, leaning down kissing your forehead. 

open to: submissives or switches, tops or bottoms, humans
suggestions: someone that wants their name put on the list at Club Piacere or a person that wants to get a job at Club Piacere 

“Yeah, I’m serious,” Enzo said as he finished pulling down his zipper, hands moving to either side of the hem of his pants to tug them open further, exposing the impressive bulge in the pouch of his dark-green briefs. “You want me to do you a favor, you’ll have to do me one. Now get on your knees. It’s time to see how badly you really want it.”

Shinee reacting to their girlfriend dancing sexily

Onew: would silenty watch you and smile to himself. When he gets asked about your performance he would burst out how amazing you were and tell you that you should consider being a professional dancer. He’d be really proud of you for doing it on such a big TV show.

Jonghyun: would admire the show while it lasts, never taking his eyes off you. He’d get upset when your dance has to end forceably but make you give him a private show when you both get home.

Minho: would try to keep the bulge in his pants from growing while thinking about something else. He’d jokingly tell everyone that he thinks you could do better. Back at your place, he’d show you how much he actually enjoyed it.

Key: would appreciate your dance a lot, waiting for you to start. When he realizes how many people are going to see what’s meant to be for his eyes only, he pulls you up by your waist, getting quite jealous.. He’d smile at the hosts confused expression and find an excuse to why he stopped you.

Taemin: would get really flustered at first. He didn’t know this side of you exsisted. He’d cheer you on from his seat and afterwards give you the loudest applause, telling everyone how good you looked. When you get home, he’d let his imaginary run wild with you and the sexy dance you put on.

Markiplier smut >\\\<

Mark and you were together since a while, you were living with him and the guys. You were going to make lunch for the both of you, so you start to walk until his office to ask him what he wanted but you listen to the door, hearing moaning and words like “Oh my god this is so embarrassing” you knew that he was playing “Hunie pop” and you laugh. You walk in, Mark saw you and start to being red, trying to down the sound.
“Oh hi Y/N !
”-So, good game ? You said pointing his bulge.“
”-Yeah, no that’s disgusting.“
You see that he was embarrassed but you’re not gonna lie you were horny. You walk until him and sat on his lap starting to rub yourself against him he was now red as hell.
”-Wha,what are you doing Y/N ?“
”- It would be a waste to let it.“
Mark laugh and kiss you in the neck, taking you in his arms, he turned his camera towards the wall, still in the chair. You start to unbuttoned his flannel and kiss him all over his chest, his hands were on your tights.
He took off your shirt and unzipping your jean, you did the same to him. You lowered his boxer and free his now rock member you start pumping, he moaning and said
-I can’t wait for you darling come here.
He took you on him and began to caressing your entrance with the tip and began thrusting into you “You’re so wet for me”. You moaned loudly and he groaned “God you’re so tight Y/N !” “Mark that’s so good” you said, your hands around his neck, he was sucking your chest, letting hickeys all over you. He come back and forth increasingly strong “oh my” you moaned loudly Mark grunted loudly with his sexy low voice. He was caressing your clit with his tumb,you start to feel your climax growing around him “Mark I’m gonna-” “Me-me too love”, You had an orgasm at the same time and you both moaned loudly. “Oh my god Y/N it was-” “perfect”.

Got7 reaction ~ short skirt

Got7s reaction to seeing their (significant other) wearing a short skirt…


Mark would be coming back from practice, sweaty and about to take a shower when he saw you walking around in a mini skirt. He would stare at you up and down, biting his lip. “Babe, come here for a second”.


Jb would be coming home from practice. He would hear music playing coming from the kitchen and when he would peak in to see what you were doing he would then notice you cleaning the table. Your skirt rising up with every movement. He would lick his lips, and walk towards you, putting his hands on your waist and grinding his bulge against your ass, whispering into your ear. “I hope you know your going to be cleaning that table again because your about to make a big mess”.


Jackson was just taking a shower, he had come out the bathroom to see you fixing the cords to the TV. When he noticed your skirt, it would be rising up a bit, checking you out. Licking his lips he would walk over to you and slap your ass before saying, “nice ass”.


 He would be walking through the door, announcing he was home. You would be running out the bedroom and in to his arms. Once he realized that you were wearing a very short skirt his eyes would undress you and stare at you up and down Utterly turned on, “What a sexy sight to come home to”.


You both would be cuddled on the couch watching super hero movies when you had gotten up to get more snacks. He didn’t know what you were wearing due to the blanket that you were previously wrapped up in. You had asked him which drink he wanted, he only glanced your way briefly to identify the drinks when he saw you in the fridge, bent down a little just to reach the drinks at the bottom of the fridge. He would blush and look away, cheeks flushed. “Oh jagiya, your skirt”. Poor Youngjae couldn’t even finish the sentence. 

Bam Bam: 

Bam would be in the kitchen cooking, when he asked you to help him with the meal. He told you to be careful with the flour because it will get everywhere. That’s when he noticed your attire, his eyes trailing up your legs, he would bite his lip from the sight. He would move in close to you, his hands sliding up your thighs as he kissed your ear. “Baby girl, your about to get really messy”.


Yugyeom would be dancing to one of Chris Browns songs, when you would come out of the room, -just waking up from a nap- wearing a very short skirt. His eyes would trail up your thighs as he would lose focus on what he was doing. He would walk up behind you, and put hands on your waist pulling you close. He would kiss up your neck and nibble on your ear saying, “Jagiya, I hope you don’t mind me fucking you back to sleep. ”

- Dayeemah -

Shane McMahon/Triple H/Reader

Requested by Anon: Can I request a fic where reader is dating Shane and they’re getting down and dirty when Triple H shows up and joins in the fun and they both wanna be your daddy. Lots of smut and kink please

“Did you have fun tonight babe?” Your boyfriend Shane asks you. “Of course I did. You know whenever I’m with you I have fun.” You say. He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist.

“You know you look extremely sexy in that dress.” He mummers kissing you. “Well you are the one who bought it for me.” You say chuckling. He smiles and moves his hands down to your butt groping it.

His bulge pokes you on your stomach and he says, “Do you see what you do to me? You haven’t even touched me and I’m already hard for you.”

You grab the zipper of your dress pushing it down your body and Shane picks you up and lays you on the bed. “Want me to fuck you baby?” Shane asks running his hands over your boobs.

“Yes Shane please.” You moan. He slaps one of your boobs saying, “Address me correctly or I won’t let you come tonight. I’ll ask you again, do you want me to fuck you?” “Sorry Daddy, yes I want you to fuck me Sir.” You beg.

He nods his head and says, “Well we have a long night baby girl and we’ve barely begun.” Shane lowers his mouth on your nipple and gently bites it. You jump and he starts chuckling.

“You know not to move much, don’t make Daddy punish you for little things baby.” He says taking his shirt off. “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” You say.

Shane’s finger slides over your womanhood through your panties but a knock on the door stops him from going any further.

“Don’t move baby, I’ll be right back.” He says standing up and walking to the door. “Hunter, what are you doing here?” You hear Shane ask.

“I was just walking around with nothing to do so I decided to come see you and Y/N, but apparently I walked in on something important.” Hunter says.

“Nah, you showed up before we could get fully started.” Shane says looking over at you smirking. “Well I should let you get back to doing your thing and I’ll come back by tomorrow.” Hunter says walking away.

“Wait Hunter.” You say getting out of the bed. Hunter stops and turns around looking at you. “Why don’t you join us? The more the merrier right, Daddy?” You ask hugging Shane from behind.

“Yeah Hunter, why don’t you us? Maybe you can help me teach her a lesson.” Shane says looking at him. Hunter stands there in shock not knowing what to say and Shane says, “Don’t worry, Steph won’t know anything about this.”

Hunter looks down the hallway and says, “Alright fine, as long as she don’t find out I’ll do this.” He walks inside and Shane shuts the door saying, “Babe, why don’t you be a good girl and go lay back down while we get undressed for you.”

You do what Shane says and they start taking off their clothes. Hunter walks up to you and says, “Let’s see how good you are at sucking dick.” Your eyes go big when you see how thick he is but you open your mouth anyway.

“Why don’t you put it in my mouth then?” You ask. Hunter smacks you on the mouth and says, “You’re going to let me do what I want when I want. Got it?” You nod and he says, “Sweetheart, I don’t accept nods. You look at me as your second Daddy alright. I’m not afraid to punish you.”

“Sorry Daddy.” You say seductively. Hunter grips your mouth open and shoves his dick inside. He starts fucking your mouth and you feel hands run up your thighs.

“Hey look here Hunter, she’s dripping wet through her panties.” You hear Shane say laughing. Hunter chuckles and you feel Shane taking your panties off.

“Let’s see how good she can suck dick while I’m eating her out.” Shane says putting his mouth on your clit. You let out a moan and Hunter says, “Suck it like a good girl and I’ll tell Shane to let you come.”

You start sucking him and you feel Shane add a couple of fingers inside you. Hunter pulls out of your mouth and walks away. Before you can say anything, he walks back up to you with a vibrator in his hand.

He turns it on and sets it right on your clit. You let out a scream and Hunter starts laughing. Shane speeds his motions up and you feel your legs start shaking.

“Don’t you dare cum baby girl, I’m not ready for you to release yet.” Shane says briefly before going back down. “I dare you to come, you know you want to release all in Shane’s mouth. Make him taste you and shit.” Hunter says in your ear.

“I’m not going to cum until Daddy tells me too.” You choke out. Hunter brings his hand to your chest and starts smacking your boobs. “I thought I was your Daddy to? Aren’t you supposed to listen to both of us and not one?” Hunter asks.

“Daddy I can’t hold it in anymore.” You choke out. You’re about to release but Shane removes his mouth from you saying, “You really thought I was going to let you cum this early? I haven’t even been inside you yet.”

You hear Hunter chuckle and he says, “We should tie her up Shane. I bet our little girl would enjoy that. Tell me baby would you enjoy that?”

“Yes Daddy, I would enjoy that so much.” You say. Hunter walks over to Shane’s suitcase and grabs his ties.

He ties your wrists to the headboard and Shane shoves his dick inside you. You let out a moan and Hunter shoves his dick in your mouth.

“Damn even when getting fucked hard you’re good at sucking.” Hunter says. “Are you enjoying my cock baby?” Shane says panting. You hum in response and Hunter says, “Damn I’m close Y/N. I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow every last bit of it. Understand?”

You hum and Hunter releases all in your mouth. He pulls out and you swallow all of his cum. “Look at you finally being a good girl. I’m proud of you Y/N.” Hunter says patting your head.

“Daddy can I please touch you?” You ask pulling the ties. “Since you were so good for Hunter then yes you can. Hunter can you untie her for me?” Shane asks putting one of her legs on his shoulder.

Hunter takes the ties off and your hands fly up to Shane’s shoulders. Shane speeds his movements up and you start letting out cuss words.

“You’re so fucking hot, release your cum all over my cock baby girl.” Shane pants rubbing your clit. You throw your head back letting out a scream as you release all over him.

You look over to see Hunter jacking his dick off and Shane thrusts in a couple more times before releasing inside you.

“Open your mouth for me Y/N.” Hunter let’s out. He sticks his dick in your mouth releasing some more cum.

You all sit there panting and Hunter says, “As much as I hate to say it, you’re way better than my wife.” Shane laughs and says, “How about we all clean up and get to sleep. We do have a big day tomorrow.”

You try to stand up but wind up falling back down so Shane motions you to stay there. He comes back with a wash cloth and cleans you up saying, “I’m still your favorite Daddy, no matter what Hunter says.”

Dean Valentine #2

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Summary: Reader and Dean spend Valentine’s Day together and the reader has to tell Dean of a new addition to the Winchester family. FLUFF

Dean x reader

Words: 869

Notes: I didn’t like how the first one came out so I wrote a number two…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Supernatural Valentine

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requested by: http://obsessingovertomanyfandoms.tumblr.com/

    His leather boots crunched the jostling gravel beneath him as he moved from person to person, taunting us as we were down on our knees, poking that provocative barbed-wire baseball bat in our faces, till he stopped on one. He keeled down to my level, and my nostrils cringed at the scent of a greasy musk, covered up with old spice.

      “Well, Darlin’,” he started, breathing in my scent as he brushed a piece of my hair back. I quivered, looking over to Carl, and my breath hitched once I saw how attentive and concerned he looked. Oh god, I thought, don’t fight back, Carl, Don’t fight back. “I guess this is it.” Negan then stood up, and he twirled the end of his bat in his rough grip.

     “Carl,” Rick started weakly, “don’t do it.” Carl’s teeth grinded, and you could see the veins on his neck bulged. Carl dug his nails into the surface of his palm’s skin, and he closed his eyes for a moment, feeling the steam of anger and despair seeping out the crook of his eyes.

     Negan then, breaking the silence, threw his bat abruptly into the crisp air, and before I knew it, I was squirming on the ground with the end of the barbed-wire hanging on to my skin. 

     Carl jumped up, and all of Negan’s followers raced his direction.

     “CARL!” Rick screamed, scrambling to his feet, tackling his distraught son. Carl kept his stance steady as he tried to elude his father’s grip. 

     Rick knew how much Carl had lost, how much all of them had lost, but Rick wasn’t going to lose his only son. Just like Carl was not going to lose the love of his life. The comfort that held him at night. The only girl in the world who could silence his self destructive thoughts by merely the sound of her voice.

     “NO!” Carl screeched. “Not her!”

niniblack  asked:

Laurent would be like the story my rabbi's wife was telling me about how she kind of hid in the corner cos she couldn't watch them do it then ran over and snatched the baby away from everyone after like MINE! Back away! Also Laurent wakes up one day and Damen's outside building their sukkah and Laurent's just like wtf is this? Why is there fruit hanging inside? I appreciate your carpentry skills please use a drill and hammer while shirtless more often but what am I meant to do with it?

Laurent would be standing THISCLOSE to the rabbi like 👀👀👀 while he’s making the cut.
YES Laurent loves watching him build the sukkah. Damen would be hanging decorations on the roof which makes the muscles in his arms bulge. he turns around and sees Laurent watching him with his chin in his hand, no idea how long he’s been sitting there.
Damen: you could help me you know
Laurent: no. now hang those grapes.

Respond to Mother’s Love.


Mothers love(open incest rp)

*Susan blushes softly as she looked to see her kid was watching her undress*oh sweetie what are you doing…such a naughty child for your age to be watching your dear mother undress

Mark’s wolf ears goes down a bit thinking he in big trouble while also hoping his mother doesn’t notice the bulge in his pants from seeing his mother. “I-i’m sorry  Mommy.. I didn’t mean too.” and part was true, he wanted to just ask her a question but also had been spying on her in secret for the past couple weeks since he turned thirteen finding himself staring at his mother often, especially near her chest area.


Just imagine sub!harry, alright? Laying on the bed on his back and shirtless, his arms stiff at his sides because you told him not to move. You slowly unbutton his jeans, tutting at him about how he had been misbehaving during the dinner party that night.

“I clearly told you to stop touching me, Harry.” You pout jeeringly, tugging his jeans down his thighs. You can see his Adam’s apple bob up and down once, his chest rising and falling evidently faster.

“I-I know, baby, but I was just–”

You cut him off by squeezing him through his briefs, a high strangled yelp emitting form his throat. “I don’t want to hear it. Now what are you gonna do to make it up to me?”

You slowly begin to move your hand against his growing bulge, the way his legs twitch and hands fist at his sides showing just how hard he’s working on restraining himself. You lean down and press warm sloppy kisses down his happy trail, lapping lightly along the waist band of his undergarment.

“I won’t ask again,” you say warningly, “what are you going to do to make it up to me?”

“I-I’m going to be a good boy.” His voice is meek and quiet, a small breath puffing out at the end of his sentence as he tries to gather his wits. “I’m going to beg.”

“That’s right.” You hum, your fingers disappearing inside his navy briefs. You gently tug him out, his warm excitement coating your fingers as you start to work him from base to tip. “Go on. Do as you said.”

Harry’s entire body is trembling as you pleasure him, his thighs and pelvis becoming a flushed shade of red.

“P-Please, Y/N.” He moans lowly, biting down onto his lower lip as his cloudy eyes flick from your hand where it is pumping him and back to your eyes. “I won’t misbehave again, I swear.”

You release him from your hold, immediately straddling him. His hands remained clenched at his sides like you’d ordered, knowing that he has to follow your rules. You tug his head back harshly, making his eyes focus on you as you start to rock back and forth on his hard-on. Small whimpers slip from his swollen lips, his eyes seeming to slowly begin to shatter at how desperate and wired up he is.

“Faster, please.” He breathes, and you respond by grinding down harder. He lets out a stuttered groan, tilting his head back and letting his eyes flutter shut in bliss. His jaw tightens as you continue to rub your bare heat on him, his sounds of ecstasy jumbling up in his mouth.

You lean forward, digging your teeth into the skin along his collarbone. He mewls and the broken sound makes you feel as if you were about to release right then and there.

“You won’t do this again, right?” You reach a hand under you and position him correspondingly, gently tucking his head inside yourself. He gasps out in distress, nodding his head vigorously.

“I promise, darling, I promise.” Harry’s hips buck up without consent as his body tries to satisfy its hunger.

You smile down at him. “You’re my good boy, yeah?”

“Always will be.”

“My good boy wants to get fucked?” You purr against his neck, sinking yourself down a bit farther onto his deliciously thick length. He was immense, but you wouldn’t let him dwell on compliments just yet.

“Really badly.” Harry’s voice cracks as you clench around him– a small sound of vulnerability.

“How much do you want it?” You growl against his hot skin, gradually allowing yourself to sink down to his base.

“I don’t want it, I need it.” His willow green eyes are large with a silent plea. “Can I touch you?”

You decide to give him this bit of freedom, your walls beginning to crumble like sand as you feel him throbbing inside you. You need it just as much as he does. “Yes.”

His hands fly to your hips, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. They coast up to hook around your back as you lay forward with your chest pressed to his, his touch electrifying.

“Please, baby girl. It hurts.” He murmurs softly, his legs bucking against the mattress. “I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you want.”

“What I want,” you start to move, his length smoothly leaving and entering you rhythmically, “is to have you completely ruined by the time I’m done.”

Your words ignite a fire that boils deep in Harry’s stomach, his breathing becoming dangerously shallow as he completely lets himself fall apart. “Y/N, please fuck me. Please. Ride me until I can’t move and use me like a toy– I don’t care aslong as you keep fucking me the way you are. Fuck me.

His words push you into action and you pick up your pace, the way he arches his back and releases short bursts of deep groans and garbled screams encouraging you to not stop.

“You’re a fuck toy.” You grit out, using his own words to wind him up farther. One of your hands wraps around his throat, not too tight but tight enough to make him have trouble breathing. The other rakes down his chest, leaving angry red scratches along the soft tan skin. Harry breathes out heavily, humming quietly as he feels his skin ripple with pain along the rough marks. He loves it when you’re rough with him.

He tilts his head back, allowing you to dig your nails under his chin to keep your dominant stance.

He stares at you with lighting in his eyes as you take over him, his body convulsing under you.

“I’m a tool,” he agrees, letting a loud moan rumble from his chest, “now fuck me until I break like one.”

Kink #4 - One For The Road

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1575

Summary: Dean takes the reader on a late night drive and gets her to indulge in something he’s wanted for a while.

Warnings: Masturbation (female), humping (sort of), being fingered and cheesy cuteness towards the end.

A/N: Let me know if you liked this! The name came from the Artic Monkeys song c;

@abaddonwithyall @but-deans-back-tho @yoursupernaturalsammygirl @myfand0msandm0re @mrswhozeewhatsis Some Dean action (;

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  • Me: BREAKING NEWS KIDS, The members of BTS have dicks. Dicks sometimes do this thing where they get randomly excited. Which occurs up to 11 times a day. What seems sexual to you is most likely very embarrassing to them. It'll be better to stop pointing it out on SNS where they can see it. If you want to point it out, do it in a privat chat or smth