his breath

There. In the centre of the ring there’s a flash of blue.

Viktor pushes past two spectators just in time to see him, a crown of blue roses in his hair and Viktor’s striped shirt barely hanging onto his shoulders as he dances to the tune.

He saw this boy twice a week for a month on Skype, but he’s still blown away by how beautiful Yuuri looks tonight. He’s lost between the softness at Yuuri’s hips and the crispness of his shoulders, the smoothness of his skin and the messiness of his hair. The way the selkie translates the music into the movements of his body makes Viktor’s heart swell and his breath come short.

Finally, he can bear it no more. “Yuuri!” he shouts as the song’s beat begins to mount again, and Yuuri’s eyes snap open. Viktor drinks in his warm gaze, his heart soaring as Yuuri’s mouth curves up in a smile.

And then Yuuri takes his hand, eliciting sparks down Viktor’s spine at the barest touch.

Yuuri pulls him closer, bouncing in time to the music, and Viktor joins him with laughter on his lips and a song in his heart.

Stay close to me, Yuuri had asked him in his book. And here he is, answering.

Even through the months of doubts and fear, a part of him had always known that. It just took some time for the rest of him to accept it — to accept that this is his second chance.

I’m too addicted to the @omgkatsudonplease fanfiction Behind the Dancing Sea

And at last,thank you to @chiarren for being so patient this evening meanwhile I bother her ( as always I do with her )

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Ok so I am in love with jughead!! Can you do a smut where the reader and jughead get stuck in the closet.... 😂😊

Okay so I thought I’d treat myself and do this prompt as just a little celebration that I’m no longer stuck in the library, I wrote this directly into the reply box and I haven’t edited it or proof read it because this was more just a relaxation thing rather than a real fic, however if you do read it then I hope you enjoy it!

It’s not like really smutty, more just a bit of PG-13 in my opinion and also like I mentioned this is really rough so I’m not gonna tag anyone in this cause I’m not like majorly proud of it!  

‘Holy shit, Jug!’ You exclaimed in a whisper. Your back was slammed against the inside of a dimly lit janitors closet, heavily you breathed.

‘I’m sor- I’m sorry!’ He stuttered, his breathing as laboured as yours.

‘When I agreed to help you with the Blossom case, getting chased by the ‘could be’ killer was not something I expected!’ You hissed at him.

His eyes were wide with fear, you expected that your expression probably mirrored his. Moments prior to locking yourself in a closet with one of your closest friend you were being chased through the parking lot of your school by a hooded figured. You had been digging a little too deep lately, you knew that, and it seemed like the killer believed you were getting a little too close for comfort.

Quickly the pair of you had made your way into school, you had bolted the big double doors behind you but you were certain that killer could and would find another way into the school, so you ran

Jughead pulled your hand along the deserted hallways, he seemed to know where he was going and to this exact closet is where he led you. For some curious reason there was a bolt on the inside of the door, you made good use of it. 

‘What now?’ You sighed, your legs felt like jelly under the weight of your body as they trembled with fear.

‘We wait it out till morning, whoever it is their going to have to leave by the time school starts.’ Jughead explained rationally before making the move to the corner of the closet.

Slowly you began to take in your surroundings, in the corner of the room was make-shift mattress made from piled up gym mats, and hanging on the hooks of the closet were a series of familiar clothes: a denim jacket, a blue flannel, a pair of braces. 

‘Jug-’ you began slowly, ‘what- what is all this stuff? Is this your stuff?’

Jughead sighed and flopped down onto the pile of mats, he closed his eyes before popping one open to look at you. 

‘Are you living in here, Jughead?’ You felt guilty just asking the question.

‘It’s not a big deal, Y/N.’

‘Bullshit it’s not a big deal!’ You raised your voice, Jug’s eyes popped open in alarm reminding you of your situation. ‘-sorry.’ You cringed.

You moved to sit on the edge of the mats, you pushed his legs closer to the wall to make some room for yourself. Jughead stared at you, his face void of any emotion.

‘Jug, why haven’t you told anyone? Why haven’t you told me?’ You felt more than a little betrayed, you thought the two of you were close, the closest.

‘I didn’t want you to worry.’ He muttered. ‘I’m dealing with it, I’m okay.’

‘Really?’ You whispered.

‘Yeah.’ His voice was strained.

Slowly you moved closer towards him, positioning yourself so that you were lying by his side. He lay on his back, staring at the dusty ceiling above him, and you lay on your side staring at his portrait. 

‘I don’t believe you.’ You whispered, your breath blew across his neck.

You watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, a light blush crept across his cheeks cause by the mere proximity of the both of you. His breath caught in his throat before he spoke.

‘I said I’m fine Y/N, I promise.’ His chest heaved lightly with the deep breaths he took.

You drew your face closer to his ear.

‘And I said,’ you punctuated your words, ‘I - don’t - believe - you.’

Jughead spun his head to look at you, your noses brushed as he did so, you inhaled deeply but that only made it worse. His scent surrounded you, his hooded eyes bore into yours, slowly he shifted his body so that it mirrored yours. Your hand met his chest, his hand met your waist and your lips met each other. 

On those strange days when your imagination would lead you astray and you’d consider one day acting on your infatuation with your best friend Jughead Jones, you had never once imagined that he would be such a rough kisser. You had imagined him as hesitant, gentle, almost naïve. 

As you lay on the pile of discarded gym mats, Jughead Jones hovering above you, your bottom lip held lightly between his teeth and his wandering hand slowly makings its way up your abdomen, you realised just how wrong you were. 

Maybe it was the exhilaration of your earlier chase, maybe it was the revelation of one of his deepest secrets, or maybe it was just the years of pent up sexual tension you had both displayed and tried to diffuse with a series of witty and playful remarks. Whatever it was, it was passionate and every touch set your body on fire.

You pulled at his thin t-shirt, begging him to pull it off. Your hands roamed underneath his t-shirt and over the expanse of his back, fingers feeling the tense muscles in his shoulders as he used his strength to hold himself above you. He delivered wet kisses to the crook of your neck, he’d suck and nibble every so often, you knew he was leaving his mark. 

You exchanged no words, just breathy moans and groans, you were still attempting to be quiet just in case the killer hadn’t given up hope on finding you just yet. 

You managed to push Jughead gently on his back. He looked back at you with concerned eyes, afraid that whatever this was he had taken it too far. You smiled sweetly, nervously even before you moved to straddle his hips.

‘Y/N-’ he groaned.

Immediately you felt the hardness pressing through his jeans, you sighed with your pleasure and brought your lips back down to meet Jugs. You peppered his neck with the same purple marks that he had decorated you with. Eagerly you reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it upwards, finally understanding Jughead pulled the shirt from over his head, revealing the milky skin that lay underneath. His hands quickly reached for your shirt, desperate to see just as much of you as you did of him.

Fumbling you pulled the shirt over your head, once off however self-consciousness gripped at you as Jughead’s eyes roamed over your body. His hands grazed your hips and carefully began to caress them. Your frenzied actions suddenly slowed and you lay your own hands on Jug’s stomach, feeling the light rise and fall of his now stabilising breath.

You looked down at Jug’s face from your elevated position above him, you admired the stark red and purple marks against his pale skin that you had created, they mixed beautifully with the red hot flush that spread from his chest and up towards his cheeks. His lips were plump and swollen, his bottom lip was held between his own teeth as he watched you curiously, and his eyes were bright, brighter than you had seen them for the past few months. 

‘I love you.’ The words fell from his mouth, slow, steady and sure.   

A Kiss For Clarity

I know I said I was gonna pace myself because I’m supposed to be busy with work right now but I saw this prompt from @birdlovesafish and I couldn’t help but write it:

Betty figures out she can think clearer when she kisses Jughead and they decide to basically have a make out session to see if she can solve Jason Blossom’s murder

It came out of nowhere, but before she knew it Jughead’s cool lips were covering hers, pressing with the most delicious pressure, fingers cupping the back of her neck gently. All thoughts of crazy parents swept from her mind as she focused every nerve in her body on the exhilarating tingle that shot through her. She brought her hand up to experimentally caress his neck, fingers shaking. The world melted away as she tasted his breath, fanning across her face as he sighed. No more parents, no more institutions, no more Jason and Polly…


“The car!”


She listened to him trip over his words as he tried to explain himself. 

“…who’ve been through what we’ve been through?” he stammered. She flexed her fingers round his, his grip a steadying hold on her as she floated through the insanity that has become her life. The concern in his voice made her heartbeat stop and then pick up in double time. Here he was, the boy that had waited for her while she fawned over Archie - she cringed at her behaviour now. He’d not said a word, patiently listening, caring, protecting. She leaned into him slightly while they continued the walk home, basking in the warmth he provided her. He may look blue but he was always golden to her. 

“How far did she get?” Betty stopped, her mind reliving the memory. She turned to look up at him, eyes honest and waiting. She couldn’t help but reach up, cupping his cheeks as he once did to her and place a chaste but firm kiss to his lips. She felt his mouth tilt upwards in a smile against hers. Everything was so much clearer with him around.


Betty felt as if she was going to go cross-eyed if she stared at this damn murder board a minute longer. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples slightly to release some of the ache that had built up in the middle of her forehead. 

“You ok, Betts?” Jughead asked from behind her, sitting at his desk, the tapping of his keys pausing momentarily as he looked over to her lowered head and hunched shoulders in concern. 

“Yeah, I just… we haven’t gotten anywhere recently and it just feels like we’re losing it. The longer it takes the less likely we are to find whoever did this. This whole thing,” she gestured to the board in front of her “just looks like a mess of lines to me now,” she huffed in defeat, shaking her head. Jughead appeared in front of her where she was perched on the edge of a desk, widening her legs slightly to let him stand between them comfortably. He rested both hands on her shoulders, ducking his head to look directly into her eyes. 

“Hey, don’t worry. We’re gonna figure this out, we’ll get there,” he mumbled reassuringly, tilting her head up with a finger under her chin. She gazed into his piercingly blue eyes for a beat, seeing nothing but concern and reassurance waiting for her there. She dropped her head to his chest, letting out a sigh as his arms moved to encircle her, one hand rubbing the middle of her back gently. She could already feel the tension leaving her back, her shoulders, the ache in her head numbing to a dull throb as she breathed in the smell of his detergent mixed with something else that was uniquely Jughead. 

“You always make it better,” she whispered earnestly, pulling back to watch as he ducked his head with an embarrassed chuckle, light pink dusting the tops of his cheeks. She meant it, though. Every touch they shared, every brush of their fingers or touch of their lips, made everything crystal clear to her, like when their skin touched the circuit was finally completed. She peered at him, eyebrows slightly furrowed in wonder before leaning forward, pulling him down by the back of the neck and crashing her lips to his.

This kiss wasn’t like their others. It wasn’t brief or delicate or unsure. It was passion and fire and Betty couldn’t help but pour all her frustrations and curiosities into it. 

He’d never been kissed like this before, never wanted to be before Betty. A groan rose from his chest, surprising even himself, as Betty’s tongue slipped out to run across the seam of his lips. She moaned needily, oh how he wished he could save that sound and play it again and again, as he opened his mouth under her ministrations. His hands fisted in the material at her waist, trying not to dig his fingers into her soft flesh at the feeling of her hooking her ankles round the backs of his thighs and pull him closer, her hands moving to tug at his hair. 

“What are you doing?” he managed to ask when they pulled back for air, heads both spinning at the new sensations.

“Just trying something,” she gasped, and who was he to argue as she came back in for more, willingly letting her take everything from him that he could give, she could have it all, anything she wanted. 

Time turned to dust around them as they stayed locked in that position, both exploring in ways they never dreamed they could. Betty slid up against him, pushing her chest intoxicatingly against his. A new feeling stirred in the pit of his stomach, thrilling and terrifying all at once. Betty couldn’t believe that she’d been missing the chance to have this for all this time. Jughead made her feel whole, not on the verge of some dark plummeting precipice as she’d been made to feel her entire life. Where she was, right now, she’d be happy to jump without a second thought as long as he was with her, holding on tight. 

She pulled back suddenly, lips releasing with a wet pop, chests heaving in unison. They stayed there, trying to calm their breathing and flushed skin, never taking their eyes off one another. 

“Betts,” he breathed, thumb tracing her glowing cheek. She smiled shyly at him now the moment was cooling down. Her eyes flicked briefly, casting a glance over his shoulder.

“Juggie…” she started, hopping off the desk and charging towards their murder board. “We have to visit Mayor McCoy’s office. Now,” she commanded, flying round the office in a hurricane of pink and gold. He chuckled, shaking his head while trying to get his body under control. She was something else. She barely started towards the door before stopping abruptly again and rushing back to his side. Her hands grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him in for one last rough kiss, heady against their already swollen lips. 

“Thank you, Juggie,” she whispered against his lips, beautiful smile dazzling him for a moment longer, giving her a head start out of the room. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied breathlessly to the empty room, casting one last disbelieving look around before following his girl out of the door. 

The Morning After

Summary:  You finally admitted your feelings to Dean.  What happens the next morning?

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Word Count: 617

Warnings:  Smut (unprotected sex), Fluff, Smuff

A/N:  This is a scene I cut from an upcoming fic that had too much smut already (there’s something I never thought I’d write).  It’s just a little smuffy drabble.

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

You wake to Dean snoring lightly in your ear.  He’s sound asleep behind you, his strong arm is draped over your side and his breathing tickles as it sweeps over your hair.  You remain in contented silence replaying the events of last night over in your mind.

After living with the Winchesters for over a year, you finally made your feelings for Dean known.  You were snuggled together watching a movie.  You were terrified, but you knew you’d regret not telling him how you truly felt.  After a deep breath, you steeled yourself and took a risk.  The surprise and happiness on his face after the words spilled out of your mouth will be forever etched in your brain.  You spent the rest of the night in his arms and now you’re in his bed.

You nuzzle closer to him and realize you’re both still naked from the night before.  You wiggle a little, waking Dean, who wraps his arms around you; his scruffy face scratches your skin as he nuzzles into your neck.

“Morning, sweetheart,” he whispers into your ear.

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AN: Here we go, the last part of my starving smut series. Its kind of sad because I loved it jesus this story is my first smut here and as always I hope you will like it and I did not disappoint you. 
PS: Added a chapter the day before because it turned out tomorrow will come home very late and I will not have time to do this. 

Groaning Y/N woke up wrapped in Archie’s arm, his heavy weight pressing over her. She shifted slightly and his grip tightened pulling her closer. Locked in his arm, she could do nothing but look over open window. The curtains were flying from the blow of the wind and the sun was beggining to rise. Morning sunlight was slipping through the room slowly. 

“Archie?” She softly whispered in his ear. His head was buried at the crock of her neck and she could feel the way his warm breath tickled her skin. He was breathhing her in. 

She snaked her hand around his bare back and ran her fingers through his hair. Their naked legs were tangled under the sheets and she couldn’t help but feel as if she was stuck in his love. Locked in his strong arms. 

His arms tightened around her and she felt her naked bosoms pressing harder against his hard chest. Then his hand slowly run up and down her bare back, his calloused fingers softly brushing against her soft skin. Tingles prickled under her skin and she felt it crawling all the way up her spine. She was helplessly melting against him. 

“Archie?” She whispered in a breath, “Wake up I need to take a bath and I need to go. Your father is coming back today” 

She hears his groan muffling into the pillow beside her head. Nuzzling his face into her hair, he took a deep breath of her scent. “My back hurts,” He moaned. 

Pulling away from him, she sat up and the duvet revealed her ample brasts and pink buds. She leaned over him gently rubbed his back with her hand. 
“Where does it hurt?” she asked softly, concern lacing in her voice. 

“My muscles hurt” He exhaled in a breath “Need your touch” 

Her eyes were filled with concern as she looked over him. She sighed and moved, hovering over his back as she ran hen fingers all over his shoulders, easing his tensed and aching muscles all the way down his back. Stradding his back and easing his pain away, she heard his deep throaty moan purring and she felt herself warming from the sound of his voice. 

“Fuck” Archie cursed silently under his breath. It wasn’t that she was really good at it. Her crotch was rubbing against his lover back and he was feeling the way she was creaming underneath the friction. She was ridding her him helplessly and she didn’t even know she was pleasuring herself in the process.

“Kitten,” He groaned. 

Confused,she stopped and maneuvered over his back. Leaning close to his head. she whispered in his ear, “Are you alright my love?” 

Growling, he rolled over and turned around, resting his back upon the surface of the bed. She gasped once she felt his morning hard on pressing againt her core. He gripped her thighs and pressed her down upon his lenght. Rubbing. Aching. She moaned softly and leaned down to capture his lips. her hair flowed down like curtains. Strong arms embraced her small waist as she felt herself talling for him. Deeper  As if it’s even possible

She moaned to his lips, She couldn’t help it. Couldn’t help it but rub herself against him. And feel herself soaking him. Milking him. Suddenly the atmosphere af the room felt too hot. She was sweating slightly. A quiet moan of ecstasy escaped her parted lips when his fingers found her core and rode her to the edge of the peak. 

Breathless, she collapsed upon him. Her heaving breasts pressing against his hard chest. His strong arms came around her and his calloused hands moved gently to rub her back. She flattened her head upon her chest and she could hear the sound of his heart beasting fast. 

“Breathe, my love” He murmred to her head. His hand reached up to stroke her hair and he could have sworn she purred at his touch. Like literally a kitten begging and aching for his love and affection. 

“I thought your back hurts” She muttered under her breath after awile. 
He smiled to himself “Well, your little hands did magic” 

She smiled faintly and kissed his chest. “I love you” she murmured softly to his skin, speaking to his steady beating heart. 

His heart flattered. Without warning, he rolled them over and he hovered above her. With both arms bracing her head, he kissed her forehead, then her nose then her soft plump lips and all the way down her chin. Almost instinctively, she gave him more access as he kissed down her neck. sucking the sensitive skin below his ear. 

“I love you too my little kitten” He whispered so softly in her ear that he felt the way she shivered. He trailed his lips lover and kissed down her chest, giving pleasure to each pink nipple that was aching for his lips. Her back arched as she bit her bottom lip trying to suppres the moan that was threatening to escape her lips. She rolled her head back and ran her fingers through his hair . When he slightly bit her aching bud, she gasped softly and gripped his hair. 

“Can I steal you tonight?” He gave her a grin and it took her breath away. 

Y/N laughed “What?” 

“Come over tonight”


“Here, at my place, “ he said. “We’ll watch movies. everything you like. Tonight will be all about you again. Nothing else I promise.” 

She hummed for a moment “Don’t you think that I should ask my parents this time?” She asked 

“Should you?” 

Before she could answer, she heard the sound of knocking upon his door. Shocked beyond exectations she pushed Archie off of her and she flee all the way to the bathroom, quickly gathering her clothes Which last night they picked up from the kitchen floor. He winked at her and she laughed silently as she watched him. 

Taking a deep breath, he cleared her throat “Come in Dad” 

The door opened and Y/N watched as his dad entered the room. 
“Had a good sleep, boy?” His dad asked. 

“Never been better”  He answered with huge grin on his face. 

Fred Andrews give him a smile and walked to the door. Before softly closing the door behind him. Frank paused, turned around then said
 “Oh and please tell Y/N if she plans to leave her clothes around our house we could always buy her a cupboard or something.” 

Tell me if you like it so I can make more of this smut stuff 


Morning Light. A Rowaelin Fanfic.

Hiya guys! Here’s a new one for @readinglikewildfire

Prompt: Aelin and Rowando not want to go to their morning meeting.

The rosy morning light drifted in lazily as Rowan opened his eyes, Aelin’s soft breaths warming his neck.
Vaguely, he noticed Aelin’s weight cutting off the feeling in his arm, but he didn’t pull away, savoring the feeling of Aelin’s body pressed into his side.
 He glanced down towards his mate. Her blonde hair was splayed across the silk pillow, her leg thrown over his thighs, and he grinned a bit.

Mornings like these made him forget about his duties; about the kingdom and reality. Aelin mumbled something and pressed her head in closer to his neck. He smiled and glanced towards the clock on the mantle; eight-thirty. They had just an hour before their morning meeting. He frowned heavily and closed his eyes, maybe if he went back to sleep, the meeting would just disappear. But, with a sigh, Rowan turned onto his side, using his nearly numb arm to pull Aelin closer to him. 

She didn’t stir, and he frowned again. This was the part of mornings he didn’t like; waking Aelin.
With a tired groan, he pulled his arm out from beneath his queen.
“Aelin, love.” He murmured.
She only snuggled into his chest.
“Come on, Princess, we have a meeting.”
Aelin turned onto her stomach, dragging a pillow over her head. Rowan smiled and sat up, the sheets slipping down his body.
He reached down and pulled off Aelin’s pillow, running a careful hand through her tangled hair, the cool scent of jasmine caressing him.
 “Aelin.” He hummed, and Aelin groaned.
This, however, was the part he did enjoy.

With a little sigh, he moved over her, setting back on his knees over her legs, careful not to set his full weight atop her.
Rowan placed his fingers on her sides and leaned forward, pressing his lips to the exposed skin of her neck.
“Time to get up, Princess.”
“No,” she mumbled, and he just grinned. “Well, you know what comes next.”
Aelin tensed beneath him, “No, come on, it’s too early—”
He shook his head, “No, you’ve got to wake up.” Aelin raised her head, and glared at him over her shoulder, “Rowan, no, please!”
He ignored her pleas as he began to flutter his fingers along her sides furiously, smiling as she began to writhe and shriek beneath him. “Rowan!” She shrieked, a laugh bubbling out of her lips.
“Rowan— please, come on—,” she sucked in a breath and twisted onto her back, her already mused hair becoming even worse as she twisted and turned.  
Her laugh began to fill the room, echoing off the walls. A few moments later, he stopped, laughing as Aelin smacked his chest. “You ass!”
 He just gave her a crooked smile. “You are awake, though.”
She just gave him a glare, but her laugh gave her away. “Get off me you oaf,” she said with a laugh, running her hand through her frizzed hair.
Rowan smiled down at her and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, she hummed against him and propped herself up on to her elbows to better reach his lips.
But, before he could even react, Aelin had flipped him over and had pinned his wrists behind his head.

Aelin smiled down at him, no doubt reveling in the surprise on his face. “Nice one, Princess.” He whispered into the silence. Her light pressed down on his waist, and he felt her trail her fingertips along his hands.
 Then Aelin bit her lips, and he knew trouble was coming.
Aelin slowly let go of his wrists, but sat forward, bracing her hands on either side of his head. She leaned her head down close enough for them share breath.
“You know,” she said softly as she scanned his face, her blonde hair forming a curtain around them. “I would give almost anything,” she whispered into his ear, and Rowan shuddered under her light ministrations.
A slow kiss was placed below his ear, “To just stay in bed with you today.”
Rowan felt the air leave his body, and he turned his head in request. Aelin quickly complied.

 Aelin hummed against her mate’s lips, letting out a breathy little sigh when Rowan began to stroke her waist. His broad hands encompassed nearly all of her waist, his fingers bunching in the silk of her nightgown.  Gods, his hands. His hands were sometimes the reason they missed a meeting, or why she sometimes was forced to drag him out of a dinner party and into a deserted room. Suppressing a smile, Aelin opened her mouth for him, moaning into the kiss. At that moan, Rowan’s hands tightened, but he pulled away, his breath ragged. Aelin gasped for air and raised an eyebrow. “Why’d you stop,” she purred, a little laugh bubbling within her as Rowan gave a weak groan.
 “Meeting.” Was all he said.
She nodded, but tucked her head into the crook of his neck, breathing him in. Rowan huffed a laugh and pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, “Come on, Princess. Up and at em’.”
 She rolled off him reluctantly, awkwardly sliding off the huge bed and onto the cold floor. “This had better be one hell of council meeting,” she grumbled as she walked to the closet.
 “Well, be prepared to be thoroughly disappointed, Your Majesty.” Rowan called from the bed. Aelin glared at him, then flipped him a wonderful little gesture.
“Very Queenly!” he shouted. “You bet!” She called back.

Ex-POT from tonight. Can y'all believe this nigga? He says he wants to meet again, but when I say it’s not gonna work out, he’s all “yep thot so too.” Nigga you kept saying we should go to Japan together, you could show me around, how you’d love to see me again. Fuck offffff. Just take my words and leave. And also, brush your fucking teeth. Fucking sewage smells better.

Poor guy’s ego is hurt and wallet is down a couple bucks. Take the good conversation and my pretty smiling face (who didn’t even flinch when I literally almost gagged over your funk breath) as payment. My company is worth more than the meal you paid for.

Literally no amount of money can make me fuck this man. He hasn’t had success with AM… I fucking wonder why! Maybe I’ll ask him to meet again and gift him a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and some goddamn extra-strength Listerine. Also a referral to my dentist.

I feel bad for his wife, in many ways.

Deception - Eisuke/Soryu (Part1)

His nimble fingers manage to twist and knot throughout the ends of my hair amorously as I’m pulled over and onto him upon the bed. His kisses without any warning or hesitation to explore past my lips leave me nothing but hot, bothered and meek.

We’d agreed months ago that this little fiasco; that this behind closed doors secret was going to end; yet when the text is received – the one that tells me how much he misses me, the one that tells me how bored he is, the one that tells me how he’d like it if I just dropped by for coffee and perhaps stay a little longer than just saying a simple, stern hello, I can’t at all help but feel week.

The sounds of rumours filter from the radio as gently and as timid at the lights dwindle in through half closed wooden shutters from the busy and bright Tokyo streets. His breath is warm as it taints my skin and I curse to myself like a mad woman for falling for his tricks, yet at the same time – at this time – the right time, I can’t help but for some reason fall for him again.

The tiny buttons of his shirt pop open in my fingertips; the tip of my tongue draws a line; soft and sensual from his chin all the way down his to his waist. French manicured nails with cream tips scrape at the outlines of muscle I have nothing but the pleasure of feeling and he hisses my name as I leave nips and bites which will bruise and paint like forbidden, erotic art across his chest.

“Eisuke….”, I mumble in a whisper; knowing that he likes it when I mutter his name innocently and bring my bottom lip shamelessly between my teeth. A rumbling growl resonates at the base of his throat and the sound of his belt unbuckling indicates an awareness of defeat.

With fingers still snaked in my hair, he presses me down; guiding me towards what I can only think of as a treat. Zipper down, briefs pulled, cock out; like a kitten I run my tongue teasingly along the underside of the shaft as I watch him whimper and weak.  The constraints of my skirt don’t make it easy to move so with a few quick shuffles, I manage to shimmy the material off and have it fall onto the floor of the bedroom. My blouse easily becomes undone; the cute little red bow in the chest our little secret and before I know it, he’s rocked us, rolled us, turned us over so that now my back is against the bed – and I’m the one who feels like the temptress, like a goodness – as if in between the sheets I’ll turn into a sex craved freak.

I’m sure, if not entirely certain, that it was a less than humble – clever woman who created the man-on-top position; why else after bearing a man’s weight above you for only a few seconds can you so easily fool them into believing anything – absolutely everything – including the notion of course that they actually think they’re in charge of what’s happening.

A year ago; when this all started, I’d spent hours upon hours at night fidgeting with my wedding ring – the thin gold band which is meant to symbolize a unification of love, honesty and trust now lays wrapped around my finger dormant and heavy. My cheeks blush; a warmth rushing across my face at the thrill, he can give me. Not a stranger; not a lost soul – my husband’s best friend and nothing more.

As the straps of la perla lace, I haven’t worn since my wedding night skim off my shoulders with ease – the quiet creak of the front door opening makes goose bumps appear as he rises to his knees.

“Honey, I’m home.”

I swallow hard; frozen; my next few words a plea.

“Fuck… Soryu’s here. Eisuke you have to leave…”

Blame it on the Alcohol- Part 4

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ??? It’s got a tiny bit of smut in it 

Word Count: 3.2k

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4

I side eyed the classroom once more, checking to make sure the professor wasn’t hiding in the corner or something. When I confirmed he wasn’t in the room, I grabbed my bag off the ground and quickly went to the exit with Jungkook close on my tail. We ducked down the hall and out to the courtyard which was surprisingly scarce of people. Jungkook pulled me around a secluded corner and pressed me against the cold brick wall. His hands moved all over my body as he desperately attacked my lips with his own. I tangled my hands in his hair and tugged on it as his tongue dove deeply into my mouth.

Jungkook broke away, hair tousled and breathing hard. His eyes scanned me up and down and then one side of his mouth turned upward, “let’s go back to my place,” he grabbed my hand and started pulling me.

I pulled my hand out of his grip to make him look back at me, which he did in confusion, “Mine is closer,” I told him.

His eyes darkened with mischief and lust, “Lead the way then,” he held his hand out in front of him to let me walk passed him.

I once again laced my fingers with his and this time pulled him down the path which I knew was a shortcut to my apartment building. The normally scenic path through the local park by my apartment blurred by as I ungraciously tugged Jungkook down the sidewalk. Butterflies filled my stomach when we walked through the main entrance to the building and hiked up the three levels of stairs to my floor. I pulled Y/BF/N’s key out of my pocket, sticking it into the keyhole and swinging the door open.

I pulled Jungkook into my bedroom and immediately I was shoved onto the bed.

He grappled at the bottom of my shirt and vigorously pulled it off my body. He attached his mouth to the exposed valley between my breasts while undoing his belt. While he did that, I worked on getting my pants and underwear off as quickly as possible, desperate to alleviate the ache between my legs. He pulled his shirt off, then kicked his pants to the ground, boxers included then immediately lined himself up with my hole. He thrusted hard and eagerly into me, causing intense pleasure and a slight sting from the stretch to mix inside of me. He buried his head in my neck as he rapidly moved his hips.

We both came hard and fast. Jungkook threw himself down on the bed, back first and was breathing heavily. He wrapped his arm around me to pull my body close to his. I laid my head down on his chest which was quickly rising and falling.

“You know,” I started, still trying to catch my breath, “we can’t keep just leaving school in the middle of the day.”

“Oh but this is so much more fun,” he whined dramatically.

I giggled at his comment then sighed, falling into a state of exhaustion which always took over my body after we finished our “activities”.

I closed my eyes and listened to his heart pounding. His fingers gently massaged my scalp making the urge to fall asleep stronger.

Jungkook lurched all of the sudden, “Oh, Y/N! Before I forget, give me your phone number,” he said while sitting up and reaching for his pants on the floor. He unlocked his phone and handed it to me, “in case you forget your bag at my house again.”

“Or you want a booty call,” I smirked.

He shrugged and the corners of his mouth turned upward, “Maybe that too.”

I typed in my number then handed his phone back to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest.

We sat in comfortable silence for a significant amount of time. I laid my head on his chest thinking about how nice his skin felt, and how comfortable he was, and how I really really didn’t want to get up. I thought about his fingers which were massaging my scalp and found it funny that such a simple action could make my heart start pounding in my chest. It was moments like this that I wished would never end. It was moments like this that made me fall for him so hard, so fast. I wondered if there was even the slightest chance that he felt the same way.

“Hey, Jungkook?” I began, unable to contain my thoughts any longer, “what are we doing here?”

He hesitated, “Huh?”

I sat up to look at his face, “I mean this,” I gestured between us, “what are we doing… with each other?”

He looked to the ceiling as he thought through his answer, “Having fun,” he said simply.

I scrunched my face, “Okay but…” I struggled to find the right words to say, “what’s gonna happen with us?”

Jungkook’s fingers skimmed up and down my spine, “Y/N, don’t stress about it. We’re having fun. A lot of fun,” he smirked, “Let’s just keep doing that and see where life takes us. We can worry about labels later.”

My heart sank a little. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the same way as me. However, he also liked spending time with me. As he said, we’re having a lot of fun, and I’d hate for that to end.

“Let’s just say we’re friends,” he suggested, “really close friends.”

I laughed once, “we’re friends with benefits,” I called the situation as it actually was.

He nodded.

I examined his face to make sure he was serious. His eyes were glued to mine and his mouth was set in a straight line.

“Okay then,” I nodded firmly, satisfied with the consensus, then laid down and rested my head on his chest again.

We fell asleep together then Jungkook left almost immediately after he woke up a few hours later.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said kindly before leaving me in my bed, still naked and alone.

This will have to do. If I want to be with him, I’ll just have to settle with being his “really close friend”.


I sat on the couch with my legs propped up on the coffee table in front of me. A new episode of my favorite show just started and I held a cup of tea close to my face, letting the steam warm my nose. Strings music played through the speakers of the tv as a heart-wrenching scene played. Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes and I clenched my hands around the warm mug in anticipation.

My phone, which was sat in my lap, buzzed and caused me to rip my eyes away from the emotional scene that played on the tv. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and lifted the device to my face and saw a name which made the butterflies in my stomach flutter.

Jungkook: Wanna get lunch?

I smiled at his question as heat rose to my cheeks. So he does want to do more than have sex with me, he actually wants to spend time with me.

I put down my cup of tea to make it easier to reply back.

Me: yeah sure. Where are we going?

I watched the screen and anticipated his response when I saw the bubble with three dots appear in the feed to tell me he was typing.

Jungkook: I really want a burger from that one place by your apartment.

Despite his vague description, I knew exactly the place he was talking about since they were known throughout the city for their incredible burgers.

Me: do you wanna meet there?

I typed back.

Jungkook: No, I’ll come get you and we can walk together

His response was almost instant.

Me: okay

I replied to him then bolted up from the couch and ran to my room. I went to my full-length mirror to assess the situation and decide how much I needed to do to be presentable. My hair was sticking out in every direction since I hadn’t been bothered to brush it when I woke up. Or wash it. I was wearing an oversized worn out shirt that once had a logo on it but it was no longer decipherable. It also had holes in it and god knows what caused those to show up. I was also only wearing my underwear and they weren’t the kind I would want to flaunt for Jungkook either. Clearly, there was some work to be done.

It would take him about 15 minutes to walk from his apartment to mine so that meant a shower was out of the question. I tamed my bird’s nest with a hairbrush then doused it with a decent amount of dry shampoo before pulling it into a messy bun. I threw off my ratty shirt and changed my underwear to a nice lacey pink pair (cause you never know what a lunch date could turn into). I put on a gray sweater and a pair of leggings then pulled on my favorite black boots.

I went into the bathroom and sighed at the sight of the massive bags under my eyes. I quickly put on a layer of foundation to hide those, did my eyebrows and put on a couple coats of mascara. This would have to be good enough.

Just as I was giving myself a final glance over in the full-length mirror, there was a knock at the door. I took a deep breath then walked out of the bathroom and to the front door.

Jungkook was wearing a white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans, a black beanie, and a pair of timberlands, an outfit that I have seen him in numerous times but he somehow always looked great in.

“Hey Y/N,” he shoved his hands into his pocket and smiled, making his eyes turn into glimmering half moons, “You ready?”

“Yeah, let me grab my bag.”

We arrived at the crowded restaurant during the lunch rush. Jungkook escorted me to a two person table near the back of the restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle. He grabbed two menus and handed one to me before opening the other and scanning the options.

“Have you ever been here?” He asked while looking at the menu.

I opened my menu and examined the array of options in front of me, “No I haven’t but I’ve  I heard the cheeseburgers are really good.”

He nodded, “Maybe I’ll get that.”

I looked over the meals and settled, “I think I will too.”

We both closed our menus just as the waitress walked over to the table and placed a glass of water in front of both of us. She was a young girl, probably around my age. She had long shiny brown hair that was paired with chocolate brown eyes and flawless olive skin.

“How are you two doing today?” She asked cheerily, looking at me before Jungkook.

When her eyes settled on him, they widened and she gasped lightly, “Jungkook!”

I looked at Jungkook whose entire face lit up and was filled with more joy than I had ever seen. He stood up and wrapped an arm around the waitress’s shoulder, “Hey Krystal!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close while giggling. A pang of jealousy sprung through me as I watched the two, clearly close friends reconnected.

“How are you?!” Jungkook broke away and asked her enthusiastically.

“I’m great!” She said as he sat back down. Her gleaming, smiling eyes wandered over to me, “is this your-”

“Friend,” Jungkook cut her off quickly. My eyes shot over to him as did hers. He was looking at her, “she’s my friend.”

The taste of bitterness filled my mouth and I clenched my jaw to hide my abhorrence towards that word.

She looked back at me with a friendly smile, “I’m Y/N,” I plastered a fake smile on my face.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Krystal,” she cleared her throat and stood up straight, “Can I start you off with something to drink,” she asked both of us, getting back into her work mode.

“I’ll just have a Coke,” I told her.

“Same for me,” Jungkook agreed, “were ready to order too,” he looked at me.

“I’ll have a cheeseburger,” I told her as she wrote down my order then looked at Jungkook.

“I’ll have that too,” he took my menu and put it on top of his then handed them to Krystal.

“Okay! I’ll have those right out for you!” She gave one last sparkling, a little too nice smile then walked away.

Jungkook and I both watched her walk away then I turned back to him, “Who was that?”

His eyes were still looking at her while her back was turned to us and it wasn’t hard for me to guess what part of her body he was actually staring at.

“Huh?” He asked without moving his eyes.

“Who was that?” I asked a little louder with slightly more urgency.

He blinked then finally looked at me, “A friend.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and tilted my head to the side, “A friend?”

He nodded just as Krystal came back and put two glasses of soda in front of us.

Jungkook took a long drink of soda through his straw then looked at me. He slowly put the drink down and straightened his back, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“When you say she’s a friend you mean…” my skepticism of their relationship was very apparent.

He looked around clearly confused, “I mean she’s a friend. What else could I possibly mean by that?” He furrowed his brow.

“I’m also ‘a friend’,” I put air quotes around the word friend.

My implied question registered with Jungkook and he leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest, and a smug smile went across his face, “Y/N are you jealous of Krystal?”

“No!” I bit back instantly and felt my cheeks warming.

He chuckled and shook his head, “she’s just a friend.” He reassured, “You’re my only friend,” he added extra emphasis to the word so the meaning wouldn’t get mixed up.

I nodded, “okay,” the anxiety in my stomach faded slightly and I took a sip of my Coke.

“Well, I mean,” he started, “she and I used to kind of have a thing,” he stated nonchalantly.

The soda in my mouth went down my throat involuntarily, causing me to fall into a fit of coughs, “Are you serious?! I spat at him angrily

He noticed my anger and leaned back in surprise, “it was really nothing, less serious than what you and I have,” his voice was flat, he clearly didn’t see why this information was upsetting, “We slept together twice… maybe three times,” He tried to defend himself.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” I raged.

Jungkook retracted, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head, “it was like a year ago… anything between us is over now,” He furrowed his brow and shook his head, “Why are you mad?” He asked quietly.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “because!” I scrambled to make up a reason that didn’t completely give away my jealousy, “because I don’t know where she’s been! What if I contracted something?!”

Jungkook bit his lip with a hint of humor behind his gaze, “Y/N, don’t you think if you contracted some sort of sexually transmitted disease from me, you’d know by now?”

I opened my mouth to refute his statement but all that came out was a string of stammers. Thankfully, Krystal came back to the table with our food in hand.

“If you need anything, let me know,” she said a little too kindly to Jungkook.

I grabbed the burger in front of me off of the plate and took a massive bite out of it to bide myself time before I had to say anything else to him.

We sat silently eating our food for a couple minutes and then Jungkook cleared his throat, “Look, Y/N, I know I joked before but I want you to know that what happened with Krystal and me, it’s in the past. It’s done.” he said sincerely.

I swallowed a mouthful of food, “why did end?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Honestly, we just kinda faded, we kept in touch for a little while but once school started again, we didn’t have time to see each other so we just gradually stopped talking.”

I nodded, fully understanding the situation.

“You don’t have to worry about her,” he told me kindly.

Despite his nice words, anger rose inside me. Why was he talking to me the way a boyfriend would talk to his girlfriend? I’m not his girlfriend and he made it very clear to me that he didn’t want me to be his girlfriend, so why is he treating me this way?

“You don’t need to worry about how I feel, you know,” I pointed out bitterly.

“What do you mean?” He turned his head to one side.

“That’s like a rule of this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing, you don’t need to care about my emotions. It’s not like we’re exclusive or anything, you don’t need to explain yourself,” I crossed my arms over my chest and downplayed my irritation.

“Even if that is the rule, I still care about you,” he mumbled.

I shrugged and chewed my lip, not trusting the stability of my voice. The fact that it was cloudy what his feelings for me were, upset me more than I could express, but I didn’t want him to know that.

He looked at me with concern as he thought of something more to say, but he said nothing. After taking one last sip of soda, Jungkook wiped his hands then cleared his throat, “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” he told me then got up.

Almost as soon as he walked away, Krystal walked over to the table, smiling.

“So,” she said while squatting down and resting her arm on the table, “How’s Jungkook doing?” she asked innocently.

I sighed then slapped on the most genuine looking fake smile I could muster. Even if what happened between them was over, even if they really are just friends, I don’t like this girl.

And why did I get the feeling that she was gonna be around for a while?

Shout out the anon who gave me the idea for this part! I was in a bit of a writing slump but I’ve got some new ideas and I’m excited to share them!

As always, I love feedback and new requests

Thanks for Reading! xx

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Can you imagine being able to go through all this with Harry and how excited you are for him but you also have like a 3 month old baby and it's your first so it's all these new firsts at once and you and Harry are just lying in bed at night one day talking about all the firsts aw

GOD. The baby would be laid on his chest, sleeping softly and breathing against his chest and his fingers would ghost over her back whilst his other hand held his phone as he scrolled through his Twitter to see the hype that had been built up over his announcements. Chuckling softly, so he didn’t wake the baby, at the reactions he sees as his lips brushed over the soft tufts of her freshly-washed hair. The missus would be sat up beside him, reading her book and glancing across to him when he snickered, making sure their little girl wasn’t too bothered by the sounds leaving him.

And when she puts her book down, he’ll slip his phone back towards the bedside table and look up at her and smile.

“A year of firsts,” he’d break the silence, his fingers still drawing gentle patterns in his daughter’s back, “can you believe it? First baby, first year as a married couple, first solo single of mine to be released, first album of mine to be released in the coming months, first time to experience parenthood, first nappy change, first feeding. S’huge, innit? A whole load of firsts have happened in the last few months.”

“I’m proud of you, you know that?” 

“I’m proud of you too, love,” he’d hum back in repose, smiling tiredly up towards her when she’d shuffle onto her side and cosy up to his side, running her fingers through his hair, “did a lot in the last 3 months, you know? Gave birth, went through a lot of struggles, breastfed for the first time, adjusted to baby time. I’m just so incredibly proud of you, Gorgeous.”

“You’ve helped,” she’d whisper, pressing her lips to his temple and letting her nose rest against his hairline, “think I’d be this sane without you? I’d be an absolute mess. God.”

“You did all the hard work though. Didn’t see me pushing a baby out of my bathing suit area,” he’d grin with a joking tone behind his words, “I mean, you shocked me that day, you know? I’ve never seen a woman so calm and handling the pain of labour as well as you did. Made me fall more in love with you.”

“Covered in sweat with a doctor between my legs?” 

“You went through that process of giving birth to our baby. That’s enough for me to love you for eternity.”

“You know, you’ve done quite well these last few months? I know having a baby right in the middle of your scheduled meetings and recording sessions wasn’t ideal but you didn’t let it hold you back,” she’d murmur towards him, her own fingers beginning to run over their daughter’s arm as her tiny fist gripped at his t-shirt to make sure he stayed put, “proud of you for sticking to everything and producing something really incredible.”

“We’re a good team, huh? The Styles are always the greatest team.”

“We vowed to be the best team ever,” she’d grin widely, bumping her nose against his and pressing her lips to his, “think we’ve lived up to that, don’t you think?” xx

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ironpanther + 31 in awe, the first time you realised it, or ironfalcon + 10 not said to me (they probably work together if you feel like writing sam/tony/tchalla)

Of couse I felt like writing BlackIronFalcon so that is what you get.

It’s nearly 1.5k words so watch out for the cut.

Tony didn’t know why T’Challa even put up with him.

The young king had offered him sanctuary when General Ross wouldn’t leave him alone and without that vile man breathing down his neck Tony, and by extension T’Challa actually, managed to get some work on the Accords done.

Tony knew it would happen, he always fell for the most unavailable people, but it still caught him by surprise when one day he looked at T’Challa and couldn’t help but think that he loved this man.

He didn’t say it, why would he ever say it; T’Challa didn’t love him back after all.

Tony wasn’t stupid after all, and he could see the way T’Challa and Sam looked at each other.

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31 MadaTobi. (why they're all so madatobi)

[Because MadaTobi are unrepentantly ruthless and sneak into everywhere.]

For this prompt list > 31. “Where’s your God now?”   Have a drabble from the future of Following Dreams. You may thank @insanescriptist​‘s great review for the inspiration.

[AO3 link]

“Sorry to intrude on your office hours, Professor Senju, but do you have some time for questions?”

Kawarama slams his thumb down on the pause button on his portable game system, grin already growing on his face as he looks up to see Sunshine’s dad standing in the entrance to Tobirama’s office. Mad'ra gives him a flat look from the other end of the couch, tapping a finger impatiently on his own game system, but Kawarama holds up a hand, eyes riveted on Tobes’ face as his brother stills at his desk, pen poised over a pile of papers as red eyes flicker towards the door.

The way Tobirama closes his eyes and breathes in slowly after noticing the runes marking Minato’s dress shirt as an OSIB uniform is priceless.

“Director Namikaze, can I help you?” Tobirama asks, voice a bit flat.

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mtl to being vocal in bed 😏

BamBam - would be one of the most vocal, during intimate moments he wouldn’t hold back and would definitely be vocal with no shame. he’d moan a lot and I mean a lot, would probably swear and groan quite a bit too.

Jackson - definitely would be quite vocal as well, he’s comfortable with you and is doing something intimate so he wouldn’t keep in his moans. He’d moan, grunt, and groan a lot.

Mark - most would think he’d be quite quiet but I can definitely see him be pretty vocal as well, they’d just slip out. lots of low moans, groans, cursing under his breath, and panting.

Youngjae - yeahhh, he’d definitely be vocal too without a doubt. Most would slip out because he’s just enjoying you so much. Mostly moans and panting.

Yugyeom - would be a bit vocal too, not too much though, mostly panting and groans, but there would definitely be some occasions where he’d moan.

Jaebum - he wouldn’t be that vocal, but wouldn’t be quiet either. He’d be panting a lot, would moan here and there and maybe mumble some swear words, but not as much as others probably.

Jinyoung - same as Jaebum he wouldn’t be extremely vocal in bed but wouldn’t be completely quiet. he would let out sighs and groans, although he would bite his lip a lot to not let his moans and swears escape.

Sometimes it got too much.

The noise, the light, the people.

It felt like a sensory overload suffocating him, drowning him and pulling him down and down and down until all he could do was choke.

On those days Draco would hide away, hide far away from the noise and the people and the pain - hugging his knees and rocking back and forth, counting from one to ten and ten to one and one to -

On those days Draco would cry until he felt like he couldn’t move anymore, his chest heaving and the tears on his cheeks burning.

On those days he often couldn’t even remember what set him off, what pulled him down, all focused on it, on life, being too much.

Lately, though, it had changed.

There was someone holding his hand, breathing with him in the dark. Someone whispering meaningless soft against his skin, rubbing their nose against his whenever it got too much.

Someone to kiss him with each number when he counted from one to ten and ten to one and one to -

So yeah, sometimes it got too much.

But with Potter next to him, breathing with him, holding him close - he knew he’d be fine. He’ll be alright.