his book is the most beautiful thing in the world

Hi guys! Here’s a little masterpost of quotes from children’s books that you can use in your bullet journal, or anywhere else you feel like!


  • “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
  • “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”
  • “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” 
  • “You - you alone will have the stars as no one else has them…In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night…You - only you - will have stars that can laugh.”
  • “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”
  • “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” 


  • “If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.”
  • “When you will not fly into a passion people know you are stronger than they are, because you are strong enough to hold in your rage, and they are not, and they say stupid things they wish they hadn’t said afterward. “
  • “There’s nothing so strong as rage, except what makes you hold it in–that’s stronger. It’s a good thing not to answer your enemies.”
  • “If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that–warm things, kind things, sweet things–help and comfort and laughter–and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all.”
  • “Somehow, something always happens just before things get to the very worst. It is as if Magic did it. If I could only just remember that always. The worse thing never quite comes.”
  • “But I suppose there might be good in things, even if we don’t see it.”
  • “You don’t forget, but you bear it better.” 


  • “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
  • “It’s wicked to throw away so many good gifts because you can’t have the one you want.”
  • “Love is a great beautifier.” 
  • “Watch and pray, dear, never get tired of trying, and never think it is impossible to conquer your fault.”
  • “I want to do something splendid…something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead. I don’t know what, but I’m on the watch for it and mean to astonish you all someday.” 
  • “Conceit spoils the finest genius.” 
  • “Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds.”
  • “Life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom.”
  • “The only chivalry worth having is that which is the readiest to to pay deference to the old, protect the feeble, and serve womankind, regardless of rank, age, or color.”
  • “Books are always good company if you have the right sort.”
  • “The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.”
  • “Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what a comfort that is.”


  • “So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” 
  • “Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable…” 
  • “I have found it impossible to talk to anyone about my problems. I couldn’t face the embarrassment, and anyway I lack the courage. Any courage I had was knocked out of me when I was young. But now, all of sudden I have a sort of desperate wish to tell everything to somebody.”
  • “I’ve always said to myself that if a little pocket calculator can do it why shouldn’t I?”
  • “There is little point in teaching anything backwards. The whole object of life, Headmistress, is to go forwards.”
  • “I’m afraid men are not always quite as clever as they think they are.”


  • “So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”
  • “Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven’t the answer to a question you’ve been asked, or the hush of a country road at night, or the expectant pause of a room full of people when someone is just about to speak, or, most beautiful of all, the moment after the door closes and you’re alone in the whole house? Each one is different, you know, and all very beautiful if you listen carefully.”
  • “Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life. ”
  • “You must never feel badly about making mistakes … as long as you take the trouble to learn from them. For you often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than you do by being right for the wrong reasons.”
  • “The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what’s in between.”
  • “What you can do is often simply a matter of what you will do.”
  • “What you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow.”
  • “Whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way.”


  • “You cannot change what you are, only what you do.”
  • “We are all subject to the fates. But we must act as if we are not, or die of despair.”
  • “Every opportunity will come again.”

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Hi! Can u describe me this Buttetcream team? I am sooo new to this thing🤷🏼‍♀️😭😄 And maybe something more about Jack Maynard? He is the cuttest😏😏

Describe them? Are you sure? Alright, you asked for it

First off we have Caspar Lee

Caspar is 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He was born and raised in Knysna, South Africa and first came to London to film a collab and stay with Jack Harries (Jacksgap). Caspar is such a kind soul. He deserves every good thing in the world and he’s one of the most unproblematic boys of the group. Have you seen his #PositivityOverNegativity video? What a good guy. Outside of his YouTube success, Caspar has acted in a few movies (some including Spud 3 and Laid in America) and also has his own book which he wrote with his mom. He now resides in London and makes weekly videos (upload date usually Mondays). He is a beautiful human being who enjoys pizza, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Next there’s Josh Pieters

Josh is also 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2015. Also born and raised in Knysna, he and Caspar have been best friends since their school days. They weren’t always friends, as Josh used to be quite mean to Caspar and they didn’t always get along. As they grew, they became closer and are now best friends (and roommates) in London. He makes weekly videos with a fairly consistent upload schedule of Wednesdays. Josh is an adorable ginger who has grown so much in the past two years and we are very proud of him.

This is Conor Maynard

Conor is 24 years old, born and raised in Brighton and now lives in London. Conor found success back in 2012 with his first album, Contrast. Since then, he’s focused mainly on his YouTube channel. He films a lot of covers but has also come out with original songs alone as well as with his friend Anth and his brother Jack. Conor is very dorky and sweet and adorable but then he sings and he’s very sexy and serious. There are many sides to this Brighton boy and we love all of them.

Here is Jack Maynard

Jack is 22 years old and is the brother of Conor. He’s had his YouTube channel since 2015 but had a channel once before that. He too was born and raised in Brighton but now lives in London. Jack is often referred to as the player/pretty boy of the group, but I think there’s much more to him than that. Not only does he make banging videos, but he also dabbles in DJing. Look at him in his fucking yellow shirt and fucking hat and fucking glasses thAT HE DOESN’T NEED FUCK WHY IS HE LIKE THAT HE’S TOO MUCH. *clears throat* anyway. Jack, Conor, and Josh were once roommates but moved out from the apartment they once shared a few months ago. Jack is also now working on a music project with Conor. Their “group” is called GOAT and their first single is titled Grenade. It’s hard to give Jack a solid upload date, but it’s usually either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Jack is a smokin’ hot motherfucker whom we all love.

This is Mikey Pearce

Mikey is 24 years old and is from Brighton. He’s a childhood friend of Jack and Conor and also resides in London. He’s had his channel since 2016. Mikey enjoys making skits and collabing with the other buttercreams. Arguably his most popular videos have been his sponsored videos with Tinder. Mikey’s sort of the problematic fav but he is still part of the group and we love him for it. He has a very inconsistent uploading schedule, pretty much just posting whenever he’s ready to. Mikey is an awkward stuttering goofball who surely has a good heart inside him.

This is Joe Sugg

Joe is 25 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He’s from Wiltshire, England and is the oldest member of the buttercreams and also has the most subscribers. Joe’s always had very original content (whether it’s pranks on Caspar or new challenges) and has come a very long way since his first videos. His sister is Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and he first started his channel with her help. He was once roommates with Caspar but they have since moved out of their shared apartment. Joe is very funny and genuine and has accomplished so much, even outside of YouTube. Joe has two graphic novels and the third is coming out later this year. Additionally, he and Caspar have two films together: Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road: USA. Joe uploads regularly on Sundays and has called them Sugg Sunday Specials for many years now. Joe is an incredible, good looking, down to earth, successful guy and deserves every good thing that happens to him in the future.

And here is Oli White

Oli is 22 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2012 but once had a YouTube channel before that. He is from Iver, Englad. Oli is such a sweetheart and is considered one of the most underappreciated buttercreams. He loves his family, friends, and fans so much. A regular guest in his videos is his younger brother James and they have a very good relationship with each other. Oli is known for his generosity, giving his friends and family incredible presents and surprises (whether for holidays or for no reason at all) and surprising his fans with his merchandise. Outside of his YouTube success, Oli has written two books: Generation Next and Generation Next: The Takeover. He uploads consistently on Saturdays. Oli is an amazingly sweet and beautiful human being and he is too pure for this world.


This is Byron Langley

Byron is 24 years old and has a YouTube channel called Langley and Mash. He is from South Africa and came into the group via his fellow South African friends, Caspar and Josh. Byron is one of the original buttercreams (according to Joe) but we weren’t aware he existed due to his infrequent appearances on the other boys channels and the small size of his own channel. Outside of YouTube, Byron has done a bit of acting (appearing in all of the Spud movies) and is a model and a bit of a musician. Byron appears in a lot of the other boys vlogs and has been in some main channel videos as well. Byron is one of the most beautiful and sweet human beings I’ve ever seen and I felt he deserved to be in this post.


There are you, that’s the buttercreams. I hope you’ve gotten to know them a bit more now. Welcome to the family! xx

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I find it funny that some people have to say Counter 3A that Hanyu does is overrated. If it’s that easy, then why no other men do it. In fact, in ladies, Eteri’s girls now are copying Counter Axel entry and they do not have that outstanding success with it. Zagitova has been failing that entry 2 times in public. And Daria’s Counter 2A is not that huge either. It is super difficult to do a Counter 3A like Hanyu does, and his 3A is HUGE. His 3A Boston was like 5m

And another one, which got buried like 6ft deep in my inbox (sorry anon):

I think Yuzu does back counter 3A since 2011-2012 but I only heard commentators going crazy about that entry of him with PW. Do you know if there’s any reason to that? Thanks a bunch

The thing with Yuzu’s back counter triple Axel is he makes it look so effortless that, to a casual observer, it would come off as really not at all that difficult. 

See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy, like there’s absolutely nothing to it, he turns, he jumps, he lands, he changes edge, he turns again, all in one seamless motion, what’s the big deal? By the way #1: did you guys notice, that one crazy exit up there was what he used to do at the end of the triple flip in Seimei - you know, the easiest jumping pass in his layout, and here he’s sticking it to a back counter triple Axel, haha. By the way #2: another anon asked me if this one 3A at ACI was higher than usual - yes I think so too, he got such amazing height on that one and he started unwrapping his body so soon that for one split second while I was watching the live stream I seriously wondered if he just did a double Axel (it was a very short-lived doubt of course, because I immediately reminded myself that I’m 100% sure he is no longer capable of doing a 2A even the Earth is about to explode and his 2A is the only thing that could save the day). 

But, yes, again and again, despite that deceptive appearance, that back counter entry is one of the hardest things ever performed in this sport. I have come across a commentator somewhere comparing Yuzu’s triple Axel entry to ski jumping while holding a tray of glasses and I tell you, that was no exaggeration. The sad but true fact, though, is that not all commentators around the world are savvy enough to recognize its intricacy on the go (I swear I’ve heard one or two calling his entry a three-turn way back when). Also, pre-Sochi, it was basically inconceivable to most people that a pencil thin, relatively unknown kid in his teens could have pulled off a move that difficult with that ease.  

To wrap this largely redundant post up, I’d like to present a quote from a book I recently read and loved:

Ask any ice-skater or ballet dancer or show jumper, anyone who lives by beautiful moving things: nothing takes as much work as effortlessness.

-Tana French, The Likeness-

your fave is perfect: Frodo Baggins
  • extremely affectionate; will embrace and hold hands with his loved ones without hesitation
  • gives amazing hugs. I mean, I wouldn’t know, but look at the way he hugs people; there’s no way he’s a bad hugger
  • his laugh? all the joys of the world compressed into one beautiful sound
  • and look at that beautiful smile??
  • the most hardcore Sam/Rosie shipper
  • he’s rightfully afraid of bearing the Ring but still agrees to bear it
  • decides to trust Aragorn, and look at how that paid off
  • volunteers to take the Ring to Mordor, that selfless angel
  • listens to counsel and changes his ways and/or views when he makes a mistake
  • decides to take pity on Gollum, and look at how that paid off
  • thanks people that are kind to him
  • immediately apologizes to Sam when they are reunited
  • spends what he believes will be his final moments comforting Sam
  • extremely humble to the point of self-loathing. wait. no. I’m sad now.
  • gives a parting comfort to Sam, Merry, and Pippin by smiling at them as he boards the ship
  • literally sacrifices himself to save Middle-earth
  • is perfect
  • thanks for coming to my TED talk

The thing i love about Dirk Gently isn’t actually the source material. Don’t get me wrong, the source material is A+ excellence, but the best thing is the fandom.

We’ve jumped on a thing which has a sketchy couple of books, written by a writer who honestly and with the best love in the world did most of his best plot writing ‘for the gags’.

We’ve involved ourselves in a series which ended on a HORRIFIC cliffhanger, one that means that - after the airing of season 2 - probably half of our fanfiction will be out of canon and thrown into AU land.

But we’ve done it because we believe so hard in the fucking BEAUTIFUL world that Max Landis has created, the spectacular landscape that Douglas Adams had left behind.

I love that. I love it so hard, guys.

Coffee and You

Requested: “Could you please put your clothes on? Your parents will be here in an hour.”

It’s no secret that Spencer Reid isn’t a morning person. Between his exhausting work schedule and his erratic personal habits, he often doesn’t get to bed until late at night, and would much prefer to sleep long into the afternoon than get up with the sun. Most days, Y/N is up before him, but she was called in to fill in for another nurse on second shift yesterday, and has been fast asleep after over twelve hours of work. He’s tried everything to get her up, but to no avail.

Reid shuffles into their bedroom and sits down on the mattress beside her. “Sweetheart, it’s almost noon. You’ve got to get up,” he says quietly.

She groans and rolls over, pulling the blankets up past her chin, trying to envelope herself in the softness of the fabric. “I don’t want to.”

“You need to.”

Her eyes open, and she lies there, staring up at him in a half-lidded gaze. “Why? Give me one good reason.”

It’s rare that this stubbornness of hers appears, but when she’s made up her mind in a situation like this, it can be incredibly hard to change it. “Well, for one, I’m here,” he says. “I don’t always get to spend your birthday, of all days, with you, and if you stay in bed all day, we’ll miss it.” He brushes a loose strand of her from her face, letting his hand rest against her cheek. Her skin is warm, her cheeks flushed from being wrapped up in such thick blankets. If only they could have more lazy mornings like this, days in which the only things they had to do were make breakfast and spend time together. Such mornings are few and far between, but he’s come to cherish them.

She turns to face him and says, “If I remember correctly, there are certain birthday traditions that didn’t happen last night.” She places a hand on his thigh, pulls herself up to a sitting position in order to place her lips against his neck. It takes all the willpower he has to pull away from her and stand up.

A look of confusion and hurt flashes across her features. “We can’t,” he says. “Trust me, I’d be more than happy to, but we can’t right now. Have you forgotten your parents are coming by?” It’s been on their calendar for weeks, ever since they called to tell her they wanted to spend some time with her on her birthday. Her mom and dad will be meeting them at the apartment before venturing out into the city.

“I forgot all about that,” she sighs, flopping back down onto the pillow in defeat. He knows she’s tired, and if it were anyone else they would cancel their plans in order to just spend a day relaxing, but it’s been so long since she saw her family.

“I’m going to go start some coffee. Can you please put your clothes on?” The scrubs from her shift are discarded on the floor, and she’s wearing only a tank top and underwear, evidently too exhausted the previous night to change. “Your parents will be here in an hour,” he adds.

In the kitchen, he moves slowly, taking his time with the grounds and the water and the mugs. Perhaps, he thinks, for some people such routines would feel tedious. Not for them. With the unpredictable schedules their lives revolve around, the mundane is often the most relished. And considering his line of work, the demons he chases, the mundane is more than welcome. It’s glorious, just waking up next to her in the morning. Opening his eyes to find the most beautiful woman in the world asleep beside him, a small smile on her face, her breath a soft rhythm.

He would be more than happy to do nothing but lounge in bed with books and conversation, her heart beating against his, the world outside a mere figment of memory, maybe even imagination. No responsibilities other than their promises to each other. What he wouldn’t give for that. A lifetime of struggle makes the simplest things seem all the more precious.

Which is why, when he feels her arms wrap around his waist as he’s pouring the coffee, he can’t help but grin. The mugs are abandoned as Reid spins around to pull her closer to him and kiss her softly. Yes, this is all he needs. Caffeine and her. She wakes him up better than any coffee could possibly do.

Pulling away, he glances at her and shakes his head. “Really?” he laughs. She’s neglected to put on pants, and is instead wearing one of his shawl-collar sweaters over a tank top, as though it’s a dress. It almost reaches to her knees, but is nowhere near long enough to be worn on its own.

She shrugs. “It’s early. And your sweaters are so much more comfortable. They smell like you.” Y/N hops up onto the kitchen counter and grabs a cup of coffee. The way she’s looking at him, sitting there in his sweater, he wants nothing more than to grab her and carry her back to their bedroom.

There’s a knock at the door, startling both of them. She gulps down the coffee and dashes to their room, swearing under her breath. By the time he reaches the door, she runs back out, having donned a pair of leggings. Her hair is thrown up in the loosest of buns.

“Don’t you think they’ll notice that’s my sweater?” he asks, his hand on the lock. Her mom and dad didn’t know they were living together yet, and while they were sweet, they were a bit on the conservative side.

“Shh, they don’t need to know. I’ll tell them that’s the style now. As far as they know, I’m a well-rested, well-organized human being who doesn’t prioritize making out with my boyfriend over getting dressed.”

Reid chuckled. “I have no problem with your priorities.” For a few seconds, he stands there, not yet ready to open the door and let everyone else in to their own private world, this place built just for the two of them. He wans to pause those early hours and inhabit that space just a little bit longer. Y/N, staring up at him as though he were the sunrise itself, her hand in his, a whole day together, just to celebrate the fact she’s here.

Here, with him. Loving him, for some inexplicable reason. Her existence makes his life so much brighter, and before he opens the door, he murmurs, “Happy birthday, dear,” and gives her one last kiss before turning the knob to reveal her parents.

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Wizard World Philly last year. He was my first celebrity photo op at my very first con. I gave him my little fan art book and he was so attentive to my babbling. Not my finest moment but the whole thing was amazing (hello prolonged eye contact with the most beautiful blue eyes. His, not mine)

I used the photo op as my personal FB for months and inadvertently started some rumors back at home about my secret marriage/ living in sin™ with my secret American boyfriend and possibly secret love children (I also post photos of myself with my friends’ babies). I had to change my profile pic and release a statement about this because relatives and family friends wouldn’t stop asking my mom about this 😂

But using this as a lockscreen photo is very handy. This one time I was on a bus and a guy hit on me. He tried to get me to save his number on my phone when I wouldn’t give him mine but then he saw this lockscreen photo and went, “oh, is that your boyfriend?” 😂

I know I am fucking late but well yeah, SM has me hyped on the theory stuff now. So here goes my two cents on it.

London : Jongin : teleportation
The Victorian era has always been fascinated with egypt. They even built teleportation chamber which led to ancient Egypt. We do see jongin in London and his power is teleportation and also him on the Sphinx/ other Egyptian structure in exordium vcr

“An earlier Egyptologist was Joseph Bonomi traded as an archaeological artist but is thought to have been a tomb raider.  He is also generally considered to have been the designer of the Egyptian styled ‘Courtoy’ tomb in Brompton cemetery which was ostensibly intend to be the final resting place of 'three spinsters’.  An interesting legend has grown up around this mausoleum because it is the only one in the cemetery for which there is no record of construction.  This, together with Bonomi’s obsession with the afterlife (reflected in the heiroglyphs on the tomb), have been held by some to be evidence that it is not a tomb at all…..In fact the tomb is one of five 'teleportation’ chambers designed by Joseph Bonomi and built by his occult partner the Clerkenwell inventor Samuel Alfred Warner.  “

Barcelona : Tao : time travel

“The World Brain organisation described in The Shape of Things to Come of 1933, the headquarters for which is located in Barcelona, contains echoes of the index organisation described in A Modern Utopia of 1905. One imagines that the vast centralised database of A Modern Utopia that is needed for the surveillance and disposition of the population would necessarily be part of the new and improved "knowledge apparatus” Wells was latter to describe as a World Brain or World Encyclopedia organisation"

HG wells is known as the father of time travel. His book, the shape of the things to come predicts future history.

Also he is shown to be exiting from Kafka café. In metamorphosis, kafka’s hero wakes up and turned into another creature. In translation it is said to be a beetle, but in the original ne it signifies a butterfly. Butterflies signify loneliness/being alone. Butterfly has been an icon for both Sehun and Tao in MAMA teaser.

Arizona : Chanyeol : fire/phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of arizona

“The most mystical and most beautiful of all winged beasts - the Phoenix, the "Bird of Flame”, an incarnation of Foiros. “

"Arizona’s Wallow Wildfire has consumed more than 733 square miles (1,898 square kilometers) — an area nearly half the size of Rhode Island — in the space of two weeks.”

Similar to what we see in yeol’s teaser, wildfire spreading

Berlin : Minseok : ice

We see minseok entering an abandoned building with graffiti on it’s walls. 

Berliner Eisfabrik. Abandoned ice factory, one of Germany’s oldest, which managed to survive two world wars, several fires and countless parties “

Edinburgh : sehun : wind

“Given Edinburgh’s position between the coast and hills, it is renowned as “the windy city”, with the prevailing wind direction coming from the south west, which is often associated with warm, unstable air from the North Atlantic Current that can give rise to rainfall – although considerably less than cities to the west, such as Glasgow. Rainfall is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year.[78] Winds from an easterly direction are usually drier but considerably colder, and may be accompanied by haar, a persistent coastal fog. Vigorous Atlantic depressions, known as European windstorms, can affect the city between October and May.”

Marseilles : Junmyeon: water

Marseilles has always been connected because of it’s port and canals.

“Historically, the economy of Marseilles was dominated by its role as a port of the French Empire, linking the North African colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia with Metropolitan France. The Old Port was replaced as the main port for trade by the Port de la Joliette during the Second Empire”

In the teaser we see drought is everywhere with the whole forest being dry, but then jun sits in the public bath(I guess?) place and the water flows in signifying his powers are back.

In reality there has been a severe drought in Marseilles in history. Historians have noted there has been some small series of earthquakes(soo’s power) and then the sudden flow of water in abundance to the city. However, this  water again dried up after some time followed by another earthquake.

Almaty : Jongdae : lightning

Jondae was in Almaty which is some mile from Astana. This makes sense because there is an emblematic tree of life and since JD is soo’s counterpart, there is a symbolism of tree of life where he is present.

“Construction of the Bayterek Tower began in 1997, the year the capital was moved from Almaty to Astana. Euronews’ Seamus Kearney reported: “The view of the tower from a distance is stunning enough, but don’t forget to take a lift to the top to get a bird’s-eye view of Astana.”

The tower represents a tree of life visited by a mythical bird of happiness.”

“– The association between lightning and the Tree of Life mirrors the real link between lightning and trees.  Sheltering under trees in a thunderstorm can be dangerous, as that is precisely where lightning is most likely to strike.

- ‘Beware of an oak, it draws the stroke’, or put another way, the tree draws down power from the heavens to the earth.”

Also, the version A cards show them holding colored balls.

[This image of the Tree of Life showing the Path of the Lightning Bolt is the most important image of the tree to understand further theories. The Path of the Lightning Bolt is the creative energy flowing from the Primum Mobile to the most concrete manifestation. It determines the numbering of the Spheres (Sephirot), and as we shall see later, the order of the paths connecting them. Above the first Sephira, you can see Ain Sof Aur, the Limitless Light; beyond which is Ain Sof, Limitlessness (which is invisible); and beyond that, Ain, Nothing. For those who want to skip ahead, the Gemmatria of Ain Sof is 207, and Aur is also 207…together 414, the same as hagooth: meditation. The Sephirot are numbered and named as follows:

1. Keter, the Crown (white) 2. Hokmah, Wisdom (grey) 3. Binah, Understanding (black) Daath, Knowledge (colourless). This is the unnumbered “bridge” over the “abyss” separating the divine from the mundane. A great mystery. 4. Hesed, Mercy (blue) 5. Geburah, Might (red) 6. Tipareth, Beauty (yellow) 7. Netzach, Victory (green) 8. Hod, Glory (orange) 9. Yesod, Foundation (purple) 10. Malkuth, the Kingdom (sky blue or earth brown) ]

Lyon : Baekhyun : light

Lyon is famous for it’s festival of lights, earning the title of Capital of Lights.

“Lyon played a significant role in the history of cinema: it is where Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinematographe. It is also known for its light festival, the Fête des Lumières, which begins every 8 December and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.”

“8 December each year is marked by the Festival of Lights (la Fête des lumières), a celebration of thanks to the Virgin Mary, who purportedly saved the city from a deadly plague in the Middle Ages. During the event, the local population places candles (lumignons) at their windows and the city of Lyon organises impressive large-scale light shows onto the sides of important Lyonnais monuments, such as the mediaeval Cathédrale St-Jean.”

Yunnan : Yixing : Healer

We have known from the beginning that yixing is the healer for exo theory. Him arriving at Yunnan was no coincidence, because

“Yunnan Baiyao (or Yunnan Paiyao; simplified Chinese: 云南白药; traditional Chinese: 雲南白藥; pinyin: Yúnnán Báiyào; literally: “Yunnan White Drug”) is a hemostatic powdered medicine famous for being carried by the Vietcong to stop bleeding during the Vietnam War.The medicine, developed by Qu Huangzhang in 1902, is designated as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines, which gives it 20 years protection. In China, its reputation is equal to that of penicillin in the U.S. It is founded and manufactured by a state-owned enterprise, Yunnan Baiyao Group (SZSE: 000538) in Yunnan, China.”

Colorado : Soo/ All : earth n tree of life

In the Southwest corner of Colorado, 18 miles at 92 degrees from Egnar, there appears to be a “Tree of Life” and the remains of a Buddha-figure in a Lotus Flower, pair of megalithic-carved/shaped landscapes. gps,


The first ever proper post made by me on this blog. Just 7 boys that I love and things about them that I appreciate.

Conor Maynard 

Conor is definitely the talented one in the group. At least when it’s about music. He’s got 2 bomb albums and his YouTube covers are amazing. He’s (in a good way) extremely cheeky and loves to joke around like 24/7. Because of that he seems to be always in a good mood. Back to the music, his voice is incredibly calming and extraordinary. He is so funny and really likeable because he doesn’t take himself too serious. He literally throws penis jokes all the time and when the boys joke about his music he’s never bothered at all and just jokes around with them.

Joe Sugg

Joe is a fucking cute smol bean. He is incredibly creative but kinda never admits it. He’s definitely a family person and loves them more than anything. Also he is always there for his friends and is very observant, always interested in how his loved ones are. He’s also reflective and would never do something he isn’t sure about. Joe always tries to bring good content for his community because he knows how far he can reach out and how many people watch him. And even though he’s the popular from the boys, he never show’s that off in any way.

Caspar Lee 

If I had to describe this cutie in one word it would be simply “sunshine”. Caspar is freaking kind hearted. He’s the most care free and doesn’t care of negative opinions as long as he and his loved ones are happy. He never acts different than he is and seems to be always optimistic and never in a bad mood. He shows so much appreciation towards his friends and loves to make people happy as well at all costs. 

Josh Pieters

(Josh’s in the middle, couldn’t find any better gifs )

Firstly this man got hella attractive ginger hair. He’s amazingly confident and he shows it off in a good way. He gives a damn about negative comments, especially when it’s about his hair or his height. He encourages his viewers to love themselves and tries to make them smile and maybe a bit more confident too. All of this makes him to a really courageous person to me as well. He’s so fun loving, literally always wearing a beautiful bright smile on his face.

Oli White

Oli is the sweetest guy ever. He’s like a teddy bear that is fucking cuddle worthy. He’s got a bit more the quiet personality between all of them but is definitely not boring. He’s one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever seen. He received so much since he’s doing YouTube so that he now even wrote a book. If someone needs him, no matter why or for what, he’d always help them or be there for them, especially when it’s about his family and mostly his little brother James ‘cause he’s so reliable. Also he’s very thoughtful and always keeps himself and the other boys grounded.

Michael Pearce

(sadly I couldn’t find any proper pictures of this beautiful one)

Mikey is literally the cutest thing in the world. He’s not that popular yet and I always feel like that makes him kinda insecure even though he’s so loveable and beautiful. He loves when he’s with his boys and they love it when he’s around. They always say Mikey is easy to prank and they sometimes make a bit fun (nothing bad) about him but he just never throws things back, he’s so big hearted and simply loves his friends. He’s extremely clumsy and he sometimes doesn’t know how to find the right words what makes him even cuter. He’d never be any jealous of the boys because they received more success in the past years (he only started his Channel weeks ago), he’s just really proud of them and 100% too unappreciated!

Jack Maynard 

What a handsome one, oh my god… But he’s definitely not just a pretty face. He’s always trying to make people happy. His laugh just catches you. He’s so caring about other people and loves everyone. Jack is one of the funniest guys ever and just as cheeky as Conor. He’s the life of the party and does what he wants, always trying to involve his friends. He does not show it off that much but he’s clearly Conors number 1 fan. He’s the proudest of his Brother and of course also his sister. He sometimes seems to be a badass fuckboy but is actually a little puppy because he’s just so down to earth and very dedicated.

All in all those guys are just amazing. They’re so funny and genuine. Just adorable. Fucking loveable dorks who are the bestest friends. All of them love their community and are so dedicated in their job. But the most important, they’ve got the strongest and most satisfying friendship ever.

Translate - Jinyoung (Day 74/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

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Prompt: Translate
Member: Jinyoung x Reader

Word Count: 1,582

Jinyoung glanced at you from across the coffee shop, trying not to stare, but finding it increasingly difficult. You were lost in the book that you were flipping through and every now and then you would bite down on your lip in concentration – a motion that made Jinyoung want to run over and press his own onto yours. It was his favorite book, and in that moment you were the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

“Here you go,” Jackson said, handing Jinyoung his coffee as he sat down next to him. Mark sat down across from Jinyoung and the latter frowned, his view of you now being obscured. Jinyoung shifted ever so slightly to the right so that you were in his line of sight and then grabbed his coffee, taking a small sip.

“So what should we do today?” Mark asked, glancing out of the window at the rain. He and Jackson began to discuss all the things to do in LA on a rainy day, but Jinyoung was barely paying attention at all because you had just set down the book to take a sip of your own drink and he could now see your face clearly. He let out a sigh unconsciously as he took in your features, tilting his head ever so slightly.

“Uh…Jinyoung?” Jinyoung snapped back to reality and glanced over at the two boys that were now staring at him in confusion and suspicion.

“Sorry, what?” Jinyoung asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Jackson shifted over to where he was almost on top of Jinyoung and followed his line of sight to where you were sitting. Jinyoung shooed him away with a “what are you doing” but Jackson was already processing what was happening. Mark briefly looked over his shoulder and it didn’t take him long to spot you either before he turned back to Jinyoung and Jackson with a smile on his face.

“Jinyoung, I thought you had more class than to stare at girls,” Mark teased as Jackson grinned and poked Jinyoung in the side. Jinyoung felt his face heat up as he pushed Jackson’s hand away.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, glancing back at you who had your head buried in your book once more. Jackson’s eyes flickered between you and Jinyoung and he nodded towards you.

“Go say something!” he exclaimed. Jinyoung looked at him in shock and then shook his head.

“No way! I don’t even speak English, what would I say?” he said, looking away from his friends.

“Your English is pretty good now! Just tell her you think she’s cute,” Jackson stated, pushing Jinyoung once more. When Jinyoung didn’t move, Mark sighed and stood up.

“Okay, my turn,” he said, edging out of the booth. Jinyoung watched Mark saunter over to you in horror, unable to get out of the booth because Jackson was blocking his exit.

“Hey there,” a voice said, pulling you from your concentration. You glanced up at the voice and your eyes fell on a young boy about your age with dark hair and a toothy smile. You glanced around before looking back at him and offering him a small smile.

“Hello,” you said, slowly. “Can I help you with something?” you asked, after a moment of silence passed. The boy put his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight onto his other foot.

“Yea, maybe,” he said, cooly. “I’m Mark. My friend thinks your cute but he’s too shy to tell you,” he said, smirking lightly as he pointed backwards to the booth behind him. As you glanced over, you saw a boy standing out of the booth and pulling another boy by the arm to drag him out. A smile drifted onto your face and you felt your cheeks warm up.

“Um…okay,” you said, not sure of what to do. All you wanted was a quiet place to read your book. You hadn’t expected to meet three attractive boys. You watched as the boy with the snapback dragged the one who you presumed liked you over to where you were sitting.

“Hey,” Snapback said with a big grin on his face. You lifted your hand in acknowledgement with a small ‘hi’ as Snapback pointed to his friend he had just dragged. “He likes you,” he said, in a teasing tone. His friend smacked him in the arm and then immediately looked at the ground.

The boy who supposedly liked you was definitely the cutest of all three. His hair was dark and soft and you held back the urge to run it through your fingers. He was dressed casually with dark jeans and a loose top and yet it seemed to look better on him than the others.

“Hi. I’m Y/N,” you said, still sitting down put holding a hand out to the boy. He finally looked up at you and gave you a small smile which made your heart beat pick up a bit. He took your hand gently and shook it, holding your gaze with his dark eyes as he spoke.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jinyoung,” he said, in English. It was clear that English wasn’t his first language, but you had to commend his effort. He had spoken very clearly and it was quite easy to understand, even with his adorable accent peeking through.

“Hi, Jinyoung,” you said in a breathy voice, continuing to smile at him. He hadn’t broken your gaze and when he did, it was as though you had taken off earphones. It had almost been silent when you were talking to him and now the sounds of the coffee shop flooded back into your system.

Jinyoung turned to Mark and said something in a different language that you couldn’t understand. It sounded almost beautiful coming from his lips though, and you immediately wish you spoke whatever language it was.

“He said he really likes the book your reading,” Mark translated. Your eyes flickered between Mark, Jinyoung, your book, and then back to Jinyoung.

“Oh!” you exclaimed, smiling once more. You turned to Jinyoung and smiled shyly. “It’s one of my favorites. I really love the author a lot so I decided to re-read this one before his new work comes out,” you said, as Jinyoung held your gaze. He immediately turned to Mark who began to speak the other language. Every now and then the other boy would jump in with a small blurb of translation with an excited look on his face.

You watched Jinyoung smile after Mark had translated for him and he looked at you as he spoke once more. Again, you didn’t understand a single word, but you were happy to hear him speak and look at him for as long as you could.

“He said he really likes the author too,” Mark said.

“And he also wants to know if you’ve read the book ‘Me against you’,” the other boy said.

“Actually, I think it’s ‘You against Me’,” Mark responded. You look confused for a moment but then let out a small laugh and shook your head.

“Oh you mean ‘Us against Them’,” you said, smiling once more. Jinyoung let out a small ‘ah’ and pointed to you, as if to say that you were correct and his little gesture made you smile once more as your cheeks burned.

“Yea, I really like that one too,” you said softly. You bit your lip as you and Jinyoung looked at each other for a few seconds before Mark’s phone went off. You watched him pick it up and speak in the other language for a few moments before he hung up. He spoke to the other two briefly before Snapback turned back to you with a smile.

“Sorry, we have to go back to our other friends,” he said. Then he motioned towards Jinyoung and then back at you. “But you guys can meet tomorrow if you want,” he added, grinning. Jinyoung looked at him in confusion and you knew that he didn’t know what his friend was saying.

“Yea, okay,” you said, biting your lip and smiling lightly. “I’d really like that,” you added, glancing at Jinyoung who was looking back and forth between Mark and Snapback for any idea of what was happening.

“We’ll have him meet you here, okay? Does noon work?” Mark asked. You nodded and said it worked out fine. “Do you want one of us to come with?” Mark asked, genuinely. You paused for a moment but then nodded.

“Yea, maybe that would be best. At least for the first date,” you said. As soon as the words left your lips you realized that you had insinuated more dates and your cheeks burned a bright crimson as Snapback let out a loud laugh. Jinyoung was now looking even more confused and you heard him speak to Mark, probably asking what had just happened. Mark held his hand up to Jinyoung and with a small smile, turned back to you.

“Sounds good, we’ll see you tomorrow then, okay?” he asked, ignoring Jinyoung’s pleas for translation. You felt a bit bad for the boy, being teased by his friends, but you grinned at the trio through your blush and nodded anyways. As Mark and Snapback began to drag Jinyoung back out the door you waved goodbye.

“Goodbye, Y/N!” Jinyoung said in pure English and you had to admit that your name sounded a lot better when it was coming from his lips.

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How's Ilias? I want to know more about him :3

!! (imagine me in my bedroom, ricocheting off the walls knowing that someone wants to know more about my big baby boy)

For anyone who doesn’t know him, Ilias is a principal character of my webcomic The World in Deeper Inspection. He’s a mysterious and quiet man - speaking very little, and revealing very little. His status in Night is as a wanderer - a person who, for whatever reason, has wandered the earth for longer than the natural human lifespan. (Zeynel, a vampire, is also considered a wanderer. Keanu Reeves too.)

His silence is more a result of his detachment and wariness, rather than a disdain towards people. Travelling is a habit of his - he never stays in one place for too long, and very few people remember or notice him. But that changes in the timeline of the comic, now he’s got a group of (still new) friends who are long-living. We’ll see how his friendship progresses and more of his personality as he gets out of his shell, as it’s going to be significant later on (hint hint).

He is passionate about music; he knows how to play most instruments (the guitar and piano being his main instruments of choice), and he has a beautiful versatile singing voice, and his music says much more about him than he could ever admit. The gang does music jams all the time, and they are super big fans of him (to his amusement). He also likes to read, and books are another thing that defines him.

Covering the lower half of his face in-comic is symbolic and something I intend to do for as long as I can find ways to cover it up

Mind palace meetings (Spencer reid x reader)

An: its 230am i’m going to bed but this story was stuck in my head so enjoy the sad to happy….okay bye.
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You had been part of the BAU for a year when Spencer came to the team for help, his girlfriend, was gone, taken by a stalker.

You and spencer had become close in your year with the team, able to tell the caring doctor anything and everything, so as the case went on it was you to calm him down.

And when the case ended in the worst way possible it was you to comfort him. That was 6 months ago and since then you and spencer had become….something, not dating because of fresh wounds of the heart, not just friends because of soft kisses and tender words.

He was still broken, hurt and raw. You understood why, he had felt love, and then it was gone.

You had heard him call out her name at night, dreams or nightmares you were unsure. He locked himself in his dream world with her, the one place he didn’t have to say goodbye just yet.

You had a world like that, a small world with books flying in every direction, the knowledge you learned in life, it was your mind palace of sorts, the place you could say anything with out the all too real world reactions.

And so that’s where you were, in reality you were laying in spencers lap on the jet, flying to your next case. But for you, you were in your world, books flying about, words and facts jumping around the sky.

“Excuse me…i think i’m a bit…lost” turning you gasped slightly…maeve, in a much more put together state then you remember seeing before.
“Um…your…hi…” Her smile was kind, beautiful, you can see why spencer would fall for her
“I’m…maeve…you work with…spencer…” Nodding you look around, in your world you had only seen spencer…and even then it frightened you to say anything to him. So with Maeve standing across from you…the fear was doubled.

“I do…you were his…love….still are….he calls for you at night…i still don’t know if its a nightmare or dream..so i don’t wake him….fear he’ll be upset that you got taken again” her smile dropped, you had never expressed how you felt, spencer was your heart but you weren’t his, the soft words and tender kisses were a coping strategy you figured he closed his eyes and saw maeve not you. And even when his eyes opened and the light you knew was behind them when they were closed vanished, you still smiled and bit back the tears and pain your chest felt.

“When he kisses me i feel my heart flutter and my stomach fills with fire flies….and when he closes his eyes i know he imagines you….because the light that flashes dies when he opens them and sees me…it hurts….like a knife…in my gut….” Sighing you look at her sniffling
“I know one day the coping will end and…i won’t….be what i am to him…i’ll be his colleague and friend….and that’s all….but to me he’ll be everything….” You could feel the tears but still smiled looking at her.

“He’s afraid…to say goodbye….and he knows he has to….i’m giving him his heart back…thank you for loving him…caring for him….please no matter what…never stop…” You nodded feeling the world fade….the reality coming back, blurry and muffled.

“Y/N…wake up…your crying” fully opening your eyes you touch your cheeks, the wet streaks making your fingers glisten. Sitting up you sniffle slightly sighing
“Sorry….my..” You gasped slightly feeling spencers arms pull you into him, his fingers brushing through your hair.
“I’m sorry….for treating you….like i have….i was afraid…but…not anymore…” His hold tightened sighing at the feeling of you against him
“I care about you…so much….i love you….” You gripped his shirt tightly burring your face in his neck.
“I love you too….always have…always will”

Months had passed and spencers words and kisses became more and more, soft and loving, caring and worried, lustful and needy. His hand held yours in the office or out and about on days off, his arms wrapped around your waist as you looked at the books on his shelf, explaining to you what they were.

It was a night laying in his chest heart beat slowly coming down from the after shocks of love making, his arm around you, eyes closed. You slipped to your mind palace.
Seeing her smiling as she looked around
“Thank you….for everything” she nodded smiling a small wave as she slowly faded.

Love was cruel and magical…broken and bruised….but it was beautiful….the most beautiful thing in the world.

Dating Myungsoo would be like:
  • Playing guitar for you while you read, curled up on the sofa next to him
  • Telling you he loves you at least once a day (so you don’t forget)
  • Blushing when you kiss him in public
  • Little, feather-light kisses on your forehead, eyelids and the corner of your mouth
  • Lazy days watching movies in bed
  • Writing you cute little notes and leaving them around the house for you to find (in books, in the kitchen cupboards, stuck to the mirror)
  • Whispering sweet nothings in your ear
  • Staying up late talking about the world
  • “Be mine forever.”
  • Shyly introducing you to his friends
  • Holding your hand across the table at restaurants
  • Dates to cool coffee shops
  • Constantly taking pictures of you
  • Telling you you’re his favourite subject to take pictures of
  • Going red when you ask him why
  • “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • Adopting a cat together
  • Getting you a little plant and reminding you to water it every day
  • Text messages to say good morning
  • Quiet, slow sex with lots of soft caresses
  • Listening to him sing in the shower
  • Cooking together and making a big mess in the kitchen
  • Deciding the food you made was terrible and ordering takeout instead
  • Bickering over stupid, small things and making up later on
  • Making up a lot ;)
  • Long, lazy make out sessions on the couch
  • Leaving you one of his sweatshirts when he has to be apart from you for a while
  • Nuzzling your neck
  • Telling you that you smell good
  • Clingy hugs
  • Bike rides in the summer
  • Acting cute to get your attention
  • Thoughtful, personal gifts
  • Putting flowers in your hair at the park
  • Sending you selfies telling you he misses you
  • Adorable photobooth couple pictures
  • Cosy winter nights in front of the fire
My dream of domestic Romitri

I have this headcanon that Dimitri paints Rose’s nails for her all the time. Like she’ll have a bad day or she’ll get a nasty cut or bruise and he’ll do it to cheer her up. And at first he gets the paint all over the skin too and he really struggles despite his best efforts but she’s already smiling and laughing at him because he’s so focused on her tiny fingernails and he’s sticking his tongue out in concentration and the bottle of polish and the brush look so ridiculous in his big rough hands. Sometimes Rose will just fall asleep on the couch or be reading a book and Dimitri just paints her nails for her because she is so beautiful to him and he wants to show her, to really make her understand, that she is the most gorgeous thing in the world to him even when calloused hands or huge purple and yellow bruises make her feel like she’s lost touch with her femininity and beauty she is still his exquisite rose.



As prompted by Anonymous.

Bucky Barnes x Reader: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.” 

Warnings: Fluff. Asshole boyfriend. Food mention.

Word count: 1,107

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky says, stepping into your kitchen, his arms laden with groceries; even though your cold has been letting up the last few days, he had offered up his help in any way he could, assuring you that he was by your side until you made a full recovery. He settles the bags onto the table in front of you before he starts unpacking them.

“Hey, Buck,” you reply with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, pausing in his endeavor. “Why do you look so upset?”

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Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters (part 2)  The difficult case of Yuuri Katsuki

follow up of my post here 

Now onto our protagonist : Yuuri Katsuki

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Let me start by telling you this is a hard case because if Yuuri physically looks like a certain skater I will show you in a second, both mentally and their path is radically different and ressemble much more some other skaters.

Physically : 

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Meet Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Yuzuru Hanyu is the actual top man, with his training mate Javier Fernandez, of the figure skating world and will probably dethrone Plushenko of his Legend status in the long run. 

He’s 21 years old, reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, one time world champion, two times world vice-champion (behind his training mate Javier Fernandez), first man to break the 100 point bareer in the short program, the 200 points bareer in the long program, and the 300 points bareer of the short and long program combined. His top score culminate right now at 330 point and some decimals.

He’s also the first man to land a clean quadruple Loop in history in competition (he did it on the first weekend of october 2016).

Physically, Yuuri looks a lot like him, especially face wise. But until we learn more about Yuuri, I’d say that’s where the comparison can stop.

Mentally they are extremely different :

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On the ice, Yuzuru is a warrior who has next to zero inhibitions. He thrives in competition and in hardship. He survived the terrible earthquake that destroyed his house in Sendai in 2011, he battles asthma since he’s a child. After a terrible collision with the chinese skater Han Yan during the warm up of the long program in Cup of China in 2014, he still skated (sparking a big controversy). We use to “joke” about how no matter what he’ll be in any big competition unless he has two broken legs and someone litterally tied him to his bed. (Considering he hid how bad one of his foot injury was all season in 2015-2016 from everyone, and that it was the very first time in years that he FINALLY seriously treated it, it’s not so much a joke as a very big source of stress for his fans).

He hates to lose and the only one he accepts to lose to is his best bro and training mate Javier Fernandez, and even then losing is a pill that he has a hard time to swallow and just makes him want to train even more right now-no-time-for-press-conference-let-me-do-my-missed-quads-again!!!

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Here he is trying to stop crying and congratulating Javier Fernandez for Spain’s first World gold medal, and being comforted by his friend (and also told by said Javier “I may have won this time but you’re still my champion”. Yes, beware of the Yuzuvier friendship. It will make you roll on the floor with no teeth because it’s too sweet and too fluffy HOW IS IT EVEN REAL!!!)

Off ice, Yuuri and Yuzuru also differ a lot. Yuzuru had stated he’s not a big eater and he actually tend to lose weight and muscle very quickly. 

Yuzuru is also very nice to fans but had to put more and more polite distance between him and them because he’s so famous now he needs a bodyguard during competitions. (and it’s entirely justified. I’ve seen it first hand, we don’t want him to have to deal with the huge crowd that follows him everywhere.) On that point, he ressembles Viktor a lot (though without the winks).

What they do have in common :

Yuzuru idolizes Plushenko almost as much (but in a less romantic way) as Yuuri idolizes Viktor. He had a “mushroom” haircut for a long time to copy his hero’s hairstyle, he did the Biellman Spin because he did it etc etc. And everytime he gets to share the ice with the Legend his fanboying is showing.

Plus now the admiration goes both ways and Plushenko loves and is a big fan of Yuzuru.

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So in conclusion, when Yuuri is skating, his face and physique does look like Yuzuru. But actually, even on a body type level, Yurio is closer to Yuzuru than yuuri.

His best performances :

His SP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His LP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His SP at the Sochi Olympics Games 2014

Skating style :

Meet Daisuke Takahashi

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We didn’t get to see much of Yuuri’s skating style yet but from the little we saw, and considering that Kenji Miyamoto worked with the animation staff, Yuuri’s skating style looks a lot like Daisuke Takahashi’s, another unanimous legend of figure skating.

Bronze medal in the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010, Daisuke is incredible on ice. He oozes charisma, his musicality is off the charts and he’ll probably melt a lot of panties on his way. If he wasn’t the best jumper, his strength was in his feet, how beautifully he could interprete music and make his fans cry.

Personality wise, Daisuke was full of insecurities. Like a lot of the most artistic skaters, if he wanted to win he still wasn’t the most driven by competition. He retired in 2014 after the Olympics where he honorably finished in the top 10 and still permanently marked his sport.

If you want to know more about him I direct you toward @magicaleggplant , she’ll talk about him much better than me.

“Story” and personality :

Meet Tatsuki Machida

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Now if there’s one skater that ressembles Yuuri the most, personality, physically and skating style wise, it’s Tatsuki Machida.

The story we see in the first episode actually seems to be taken right away from Machida’s : after qualifying for the Grand Prix Final, he finished last, messed up Nationals after it and didn’t make the cut for the World Championship the same season while still being a student.

Machida had a rollercoaster of a career. He was wildly inconsistent but still managed to finish in the top 10 at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. His biggest accomplishment competition wise was to win the silver medal at Worlds 2014, after skating the two programs of his life perfectly. He got beaten by 0.33 points by Yuzuru Hanyu. We all thought that we would get to see the rest of his rise the next season (as he openly said he was going to get the gold medal out of Yuzuru’s neck next time during the press conference) but his studies took a toll on him and even though he qualified for the Final in 2014, his competition was a disaster. 

During Nationals a month later, while his silver medal got him a spot for the World championship that season, he surprised everyone by announcing publicly that he was retiring. And when I mean everyone, I mean everyone, skaters who were expecting him to do an acceptance speech ended up in tears on the ice because they had no idea he decided to retire.

Machida is called the Philosopher on Ice. He’s very book educated and he loves to read (and sometimes to go on litterary ramble that loses everyone) and he’s a very artistic skater. As well as a beautiful diva. Which might be where him and Yuuri differ the most but we still have a long way into the anime to go before we can disregard that part of his personality.

Machida, because he had a very nasty stalker, is also the distant (but very polite !) type with fans. Another thing him and Yuuri have in common. 

Probably his most iconic performances :

His SP at the World Championship in 2014

His LP at the World Championship 2014

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that Yuuri was inspired by Daisuke Takahashi and Tatsuki Machida more than he was based on Yuzuru Hanyu. Which makes sense since the origin of Yuri on ice was started 5 years ago, before Yuzuru became THE face of figure skating and especially japanese figure skating. Before him, Daisuke Takahashi was (and still is) the one who filled the rink arenas during competition and he’s a very beloved skater all around the world. Machida might have provided a more “dramatic” story.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yuri Plisetski

Friends to Lovers with Kun
  • omg i love kun so much i’m so exciteddd
  • lately i’m so soft for him i’m in love 
  • kun’s really underrated, he deserves more love for being such a precious human
  • aLSOOO!!
  • i want to see how much his korean improved!!
  • but anyways let’s start this rn
  • okay so
  • even if i see this baby being a shy and introverted person,
  • if there’s someone who really caugh his attention i’m a 100% sure that he would be brave enough to go and talk to that person
  • so as soon as this lil baby sees you he’s already planning how he should go and talk to you
  • both of you were in a park or something
  • and when he saw you walking towards one of the benches that were in there
  • he copied your action and started walking over there too
  • and he was like (◕‿◕✿) what a coincidence am i right
  • and he didn’t plan to bump into you but oops
  • but it actually made things easier for him
  • because when you accidentaly bump into each other, the book that you had in your hands fell and it started a really interesing topic of conversation
  • “oh, i’m sorry”
  • “no, it’s fine”
  • and both of you made eye contact oH MYY
  • he probably already knows that he has the most beautiful smile in the whole world 
  • so he would smile widely at you and jfc
  • you were shooked by his A++ visuals
  • “i’m really sorry, here’s your book”
  • “what’s your name?”
  • and you tried to sound the more natural as possible but you were already nervous as fuck
  • “i-i’m y/n”
  • he found your stuttering so adorable and he smiled at you with that angelic smile
  • and you were like leT ME LIVE
  • “y/n, is nice to meet other person who enjoys literature”
  • “umm, wait a second here”
  • he came back with drinks for both of you anD ISN’T IT CUTE
  • both of you kept talking the whole day about books and oh my god that’s so adorable
  • you spent the rest of the day and thinking about him and his cute smile and those pretty brown eyes that he has
  • oh, and y’all exchanged numbers that day, so you continued texting each other non stop
  • you got to know him a lot better through text
  • he was so sincere and funny and adorable
  • he’s so perf i want 2cry
  • y’all probably had ur first date one or two days later
  • and it turned out so well!!
  • he talked with you about china and his family a lot
  • he even showed you some pictures of his phone and l o v e d your reactions
  • and you were like woah¿¡¡
  • “wow you’re,, so handsome¡?? like?? so photogenic¿? look at you!¿”
  • “aw that picture is cute”
  • “awwwwEeeE y’all r holding hands!! is he ur boyfie¿ please say yes”
  • lmao
  • and yes, i was talking about sicheng
  • they’re so cute i need to see them together again
  • anyways, what i’m trying to say is that he was so caring and sweet
  • so when he asked you to another date oF COURSE YOU SAID YESSSS
  • and he probably confessed in the third or fourth date
  • and you had feelings for him too
  • he was so respectful and would always hear anything you want to say
  • you could be your true self with him and never feel like he’s judging you
  • and that’s exactly what you needed
  • his confession was really simple but a 100% sincere
  • so u were a couple now aw <3
  • and y’all had the cutest first kiss
  • you feel in love with how soft they were and you were internally dying
  • your heart was beating super fast and when you hugged him you discovered that his were super fast to!!
  • i don’t think he’s a clingy person, but he probably loves cute and inoccent skinship
  • like holding your hand and kissing your cheek
  • and he loves it when you hug him and caress his cheek
  • but he always show you how much he caress about you with those actions and his sweet words
  • he’s just an angel and he would never want to let anything happen to you
  • basically, if you get to date this cutie you’re the luckiest person alive
  • but anyways, the end i guess
Pen and Paper

Summary: He first met him during the spring break, at a cafe outside the university specifically. He had been with Matthew and talking over their schedule when he saw him on his peripheral vision. Sitting alone a few tables from them and quietly reading a book.

Warnings: I advice that you look up to usukustwiceperyear’s blog due to the formatting of this one. 

He first met him during the spring break, at a cafe outside the university specifically. He had been with Matthew and talking over their schedule when he saw him on his peripheral vision. Sitting alone a few tables from them and quietly reading a book.

He stopped and it felt like the world became just the two of them. Everything became so quiet as completely looked at the stranger. The sun lit his unruly blond hair, shining like gold. Despite the big sweater he wore that day, he looked very comfortable and warm. His slim fingers moved through the pages of the book like it was the most natural thing in the world. And when the waitress gave him a refill for his drink, Alfred saw a glimpse of him eyes. He’s pretty sure that those were green but it was stunning. He shared a small smile with the waitress and oh boy- at that moment, he decided that this man is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Alfred must have been staring because Matthew nudged him with his elbow. “Hey, are you listening to me?” The nudging on his rib did the trick and he snapped out of his daze. “Y-yeah, Matt. I’m listening.” He looked at Matthew but never passed a moment that his look did not stray on the blond beau.

“So, you okay with the meeting?” His brother popping a slice of maple pancake on his mouth as he looked at his brother stray away at their conversation. Again.

“W-what meeting?” Alfred looked at him, his face completely confused. “I didn’t hear about that.” He looked really distracted and Matthew had to look where his brother’s attention been caught.

You see, his brother’s not the most convincing liar or the best at hiding things. Observing the slight blush on his brother’s cheeks while he threw shy glances to the direction of his current attention. He looked panicky and nervous at  the moment, Alfred looked completely awkward and Matthew wished he’d been swallowed by the ground but these kind of moment is when he prided himself for being the observant on the twins.

“He’s cute.” He hummed as Alfred looked at him, his movement as awkward and dorky as ever, like he looks like a school girl with a crush which he really is right now. He looked at Matthew, “Y-yes, he is.”

“Why don’t you go and talk to him?” He grabbed his mug of hot chocolate and hid his smile. He really did enjoy watching Alfred act silly.

“Wha- No! No, no, Matt!” He shook his head and grabbed at his coffee. Why does he have to take coffee when he’s having jitters. Clumsy Alfred.

“You obviously liked him.” He looked at the man Alfred’s been looking at, oblivious to how dorky his twin’s being.

“He’ll just think that I’m a creep!” Alfred hissed at his brother.

“Are you creeping on him?” Matthew raised his brow. Seriously, what’s with a small chat? It’s not gonna hurt.

“Of course not! Matt-” Matthew finished the last of his pancakes and took a big gulp of his drink. “Great, because I’ll leave you now so you can talk to him without me seeing you go awkward.” His seat made a sound as he stood up from his chair.

“Wait- Matt, you’re leaving me here? This is one of the moments that I need some support o-or advice, something! Maybe a good conversation starter. I don’t want to make a fuss when I go there.” He looked like he’s ready to go down on his knees and plead to be saved. “Please.” He added  for good measure.

Matthew sighed. “Just start with a ‘hi’ or 'good morning’, Al. Just like a normal conversation.” He looked at Alfred but it seems that it’s not sinking to the other’s brain. He sighed again and sat down on his chair. “Okay, I’ll be here but just here.” He pointed on his chair.  You’ll go there and talk to him, like a normal person would and just let the conversation flow.“ Alfred nodded.

"Do I look okay?” He pushed his glasses higher on his nose bridge. He’s wearing a bomber jacket over a university shirt and some jeans that probably haven’t been washed for three days. What to say?

“You look good.” He said as he looked at his brother’s attempt on fixing his hair. “Just so you know, you owe me a breakfast. Now go!” He gently pushed his brother off his chair to make him start walking over the other’s table.

Alfred muttered a small 'yeah yeah’ and moved slowly to the other guy’s table. The blond was still busy reading his book while sipping on his tea that Alfred decided to clear his throat. The green eyed man slowly looked at him and Alfred felt that his hands start to sweat.

This man is much more beautiful in person. His eyes is vividly green under long lashes, he has freckles on his cheeks and his thick eyebrows had a rather cute appeal on them. He felt speechless. The other just blinked at him, waiting for him to talk.

“Uh- hey- h-hi.” He said with a wave of his hand. The stranger frowned at him. Still not saying anything.

“D-do you mind me sitting here?” The other shook his head.

“Well- thanks.” The other just nodded and looked at his book again. It became quiet between the two of them. Alfred looked at his brother from their table but all Matthew did was shrug his shoulders and mouthed an unhelpful 'what happened?’ to his direction.

When Alfred looked at the stranger again, he saw a worn out page of a plain notebook with an elegant scribble on it.

Hello. How may I help you?

The stranger offered a small shy smile.

Is he thatannoying that this stranger felt the need touse a pad to communicatewith him?

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anonymous asked:

So tell me... What did you think of Jib con? So many things happened there that my head is spinning!

Hello dear anon!  Thank you so much for your ask!

Jibcon made my head spin as well.  It was a beautiful, magical time with amazing degrees of IDGAF.  I mean the whole Jared sitting on Jensen’s knees and then dropping his phone to adjust himself x was so bold.

I also loved listening to them talk about their friendship and what it means to them. I think this is one of my favorite posts about that moment.

But by far my favorite moment was when J2 came out and were singing Wayward Son to each other and Jensen caught Jared in a very heartfelt hug. x  

I feel like Jensen was very very open at this convention.  He wore his heart on his sleeve and anyone watching could see how incredibly much he loves Jared.  Whether you believe that to be a friendship love or a so deeply in love that he can’t see straight love, you can’t deny that Jensen cares for Jared very much.  And he’s telling Jared as publicly and as often as he can, though song, touch and meaningful words.

I think that with Jared’s chapter in the FDEWB book coming out, and Jared opening up to the world about his struggles, it allowed Jensen to outwardly express himself as well.

J and J are such a beautiful pair.  Their relationship has so many levels.

I’ve kind of wandered away from your question, sweet anon.  But this is what I felt about JibCon.  I know there were many other things that happened at the convention.  More great moments, a few moments that made us go “hm, what in the world?!”  But I feel like the most importnat moments, the ones that we will remember and the ones that J2 will cherish on the moments that Jensen dropped his guard for a second and let us see just how treasured Jared is to him.

Thank you for the ask!  My son’s first birthday (!!!!?how??!?!?!!) is on Saturday, so I am in full planning/organizing mode.  But I always have time to talk J2.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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