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Hey friends! So since I reached 1,000 followers, I though I’d do one of these to celebrate all awesome mutuals and friends I’ve made since I’ve had this account. So, thank you guys so much, you’re the best. I love you all so much, and I have some of my best friends on this website. Y’all are hella amazing (and I put in bold some of the extra hella ones). Rock on! P.S: There are a few of you who should be on this list but I could not find, most likely because of a URL change.. Please tell me if you’re not on this list because I made a mistake and forgot, URL change, etc.. Merci

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Since its obviously part of the contract that every Marvel hero these days has to show off their Muscled Shirtless bods with ripped Abs

And since Chadwick Boseman was announced as Black Panther and will most Likely have a shirtless moment in the trailer to show off his new body.

I WILL MATCH OR SURPASS HIM!!! that is my Goal right now. And hey what the Hell maybe I’ll cosplay him haha I always did love black panther.

It releases on November 3rd 2017. So I have 2 years of Hardcore training to do. Lets see whose Body Transformation is better. Mr Boseman.

DeanCas Coda to 10x10: The Hunter Games

He kills the engine and stops, closing his eyes and resting his head against the steering wheel. It was harder to drive away than it should have been, but everything seems to feel like that these days. Nothing is ever easy. Simple. And looking into that rearview mirror had just been par for the course.

Though he’s never truly been a dad, Castiel thinks this is what it feels like:

Proud of her strength; of her kindness and loveliness and ability to survive. Terrified that she’ll fail. It’s sick to be so worried and involved, he knows, but… in the short time they’ve spent together, Castiel has fallen in love with Claire Novak in the way only a parent can.

Odd, isn’t it? How his sense of responsibility constantly seems to push him towards more people to care about? Just as with Dean, the sense of obligation towards Jimmy Novak’s daughter faded away to leave nothing but affection.

He hopes she calls.

Checking his messages again, Castiel wants to scoff at how ridiculous he’s being. She’s not even his daughter. She’s the daughter of a man he possessed. Claire has survived without him for this long; surely she’ll be alright. Surely—

He needs to find his tie.

Suddenly, the blue piece of material is of the utmost importance, and Castiel roots around in his pockets. He’s doing an uncomfortable dance trying to look in every nook and cranny of the car when Dean opens the passenger side and slides in. He closes them both inside. “Lookin’ for something?”

There are one hundred thousand things Castiel should probably say, but he doesn’t know how to begin even one of them. He tries for something eloquent. For something logical. For something that would tell Dean how scared he had been… but all that comes out is:

“What were you thinking?”

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Preference #29: Airports.

A/N: This is probably shit im so sorry. im trying to reach my new years goal ahhh

Luke: You held his body tightly against yours, burying your head into the crook of his neck. Tears slowly streamed down your face, as he traces small circles on your back. “I’m sorry.” he kept whispering, along with sweet nothings into your ear. You nodded, reluctantly letting him go. He attaches his lips against your forehead, continuing to kiss your face until he reaches your lips. “I love you, don’t forget about me.” you whisper. “I wouldn’t forget about you even if the world was collapsing around me.”

Ashton: You waited impatiently at the terminal for the gates to open. Ashton was finally going to be home after months of yearning. You shift uncomfortably in the seat, placing your head in your hands. It was an early flight, the sun beginning to rise. “Boo.” you hear whispered into your ear. Nearly falling out of your seat, you stand up embracing the boy behind you. “Hi sweetheart.” Ashton coos. You sniffle into his shoulder, tears were dawning in your eyes as you bury your face into the crook of is neck. He sways your bodies back and forth, comforting you. “Darling it’s okay, I’m here now,” He gently whispers. “And I love you so much." 

Calum: "Please don’t leave, Calum.” you whimper, as tears continue to cascade down your cheeks. He softly wipes them away with his thumb along with placing his lips on your nose. “I have to, baby. I love you so fucking much. I’m going to explode your phone with my calls, I promise.” Your laugh is conjoined with sobs, wrapping your tired arms around his neck. His flight is soon called to board, “Fuck you.” you exclaim at the telecaster. Calum laughs, lifting you off the ground and connecting his lips with yours. You hold the sides of his face, but he soon places you back on the solid ground. You unwillingly let him go, waving goodbye. He meets with the boys, living out his dreams. Before he enters the gate, he turns around giving pitiful eyes, but you pull off your best smile. 

Michael: Fans waited for the boys to come out, awaiting to greet them with signs and their screams. Along the abundance of girls, you stood anticipating the arrival of your boyfriend. Some of the fans recognized you and nicely asked for a picture. You willingly agreed, wishing to have a good impression on the fans. You hear sudden screams, confused. The puzzlement didn’t last long as the fans formed an space for you to find Michael. You giggled and thanked them as you walked through the line. You see Michael at the end with the boys patting his shoulder behind him. You smile and begin running, unable to contain the yearning to be in his arms once again. He drops his bags behind him and walks forward, as all the fans and the boys cheer you both on. As you grow closer to him, you begin running faster while Michael opens his arms and decides to run as well. You finally reach him and leap into him, our bodies colliding. Your cheeks were damp from the never ending tears, “I love you, (Y/N)” Michael whispers. “I love you too, Mikey.”

141213 Changmin - Xiumin instagram update

EXO’s Xiumin Vows to Work Hard to Have TVXQ’s Changmin’s Abs

EXO‘s Xiumin has gone and done everybody’s eyes a favor by uploading a photo of a topless TVXQ‘s Changmin on his Instagram earlier today.

Xiumin showed his awe of Changmin’s body transformation and expressed his interest to have a similar body: “This is my next goal. Changmin-hyung, please wait for me! Please take care of me as well, Jongsuk-hyung!”

The TVXQ member could be seen striking a sexy pose in the photo as he shows off his abs, which he has been working on for two months with extreme diet and exercise.

Meanwhile, TVXQ just finished their two-day concert entitled “T1STORY” in Seoul just last week and is continuing their concert today, with a performance in Taiwan.

Source: exoxm90

Translation: Soompi

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