his body is my weakness

“just… please, don’t take the kids. i’ll do a̲͇n̬͚y̬̩̝͇t͇͞h̘̼͖̪i̠͖̝̠̠ng̦͕̤̬͝ͅ.”

chase… the kids are alright. you, however… you’re a puppet.

Anti Appearance Masterpost

Playlist [X]

UPDATED AS OF: 07/28/2017
This masterpost will be updated as the channel progresses
If I missed a moment, please send me the video and the time!


  • Description: You’ve waited a long time. Now I wake.
  • Webcam: 4:28 | 8:20 | 15:28 | 20:18 | 26:25 | 31:28-31:33 | 33:25 | 34:10 | 35:28 | 36:52 | 39:28 | Outro Music
  • Subtitles: 39:31-39:42 [I’m finally here. FINALLY RELEASED FROM THIS IDIOT’S MIND. Feeble. You know me. ANTISEPTICEYE.]

[X] THEY HAVE AWOKEN | FNaF Sister Location #2

  • Description: Follow the signs. Release me.
  • Webcam: 0:01 | 4:00 | 9:10-9:20 | 12:56-13:03  16:27 | 17:09-17:14 | 18:09 | 19:00 | Outro Music
  • Subtitles: 19:05 [I never die.]

[X] BE THE BAT |  Batman Arkham VR

  • Webcam: 12:20 ¹

[X] SOMETHING INSIDE | FNaF Sister Location #3

  • Description: I see you understand now. Keep watching. [Link to “Soon.”]
  • Webcam: 0:01 | 1:14 | 2:36 | 5:27-5:32 | 8:23 | 8:26 | 8:37 | 10:45 | 14:32 | 14:43 | 17:30 | Outro Music
  • Subtitles: 5:28 [Hello.] | 8:38 [I AM NEAR.] 


  • Description: Very good. You may be worthy.
  • Webcam: 0:24-0:42


  • Webcam: 11:13

[X] TOO MUCH WEIRD | Accounting (VR)

  • Webcam: 0:48 ²

[X] PLEASE DON’T KILL ME | Hello Neighbor #2

  • Webcam: 9:45

[X] MERGED TOGETHER | FNaF Sister Location #4

  • Description: It’s almost time. I grow stronger.
  • Webcam: 0:01 | 1:17 | 2:42 | 3:15 |  5:14 |  7:30 | 10:05-10:20 | 10:25 | 20:11 | 22:00 | Outro Music | 27:34
  • Subtitles: 7:32 [I am near.]

[X] CHOOSE YOUR OWN GOAL | Clustertruck #16

  • Webcam: 12:41

[X] GRANNY DAB | Stuntfest #1

  • Webcam: 8:35


  • Webcam: 12:15

[X] ROBOT WARS | Manual Samuel #3

  • Webcam: 21:34

[X] ALONE AND AFRAID | Layers of Fear #1

  • Description: It’s time to say goodbye.
  • Webcam: 20:30-20:45 | 22:08

[X] SORE FROM LAUGHING | Stuntfest #2

  • Webcam: 2:18

[X] BULLETPROOF CHEST | Mr. President #3

  • Webcam: 1:00 | 11:15 | 15:51


  • Description: Tomorrow ends him.
  • Webcam: 0:20 ³| 1:40 | 3:50 | 7:25 | 9:15
  • Subtitles: 7:25 [One, two, Anti’s coming for you.] | 9:17 [I have come.]

[X] THE SIGNS ARE THERE | Layers of Fear #2

  • Description: Almost time.
  • Webcam: 4:40 | 7:52 | 10:22 | 13:03 | 20:11 | 26:02


  • Description : You wanted me, well here I am.
  • Webcam: 2:18-2:25 | 3:18 | 3:40 | 4:20-4:35 | 3:53 | 6:35 | 8:07 | 8:26-8:45 | 9:09 | 9:50 | 10:35-11:45
  • Subtitles: 2:33 [Hello] | 8:07 [Die] | 8:43 [I’m here] | 10:46 [Don’t] | 11:06 [Help me] | 11:16-11:45 [You. His body was WEAK. You. You all said my name. Kept me. I AM here now. Inside YOU. It’s all your fault. TOO LONG. Listen to me. You all MADE this happen. You could’ve STOPPED me. But you just WATCHED as THIS HAPPENED. Now he’s GONE FOREVER. SAY GOODBYE.]

[X] I’M SO SORRY | Detention 返校 #2

  • Description: Forgotten? Or just too afraid to remember?
  • Webcam: 3:48
  • Subtitles: 3:48 [Forgotten, or just too afraid to remember?]

[X] BROKEN INSIDE | Detention 返校 #3

  • Description: Broken spirit. Let me out.
  • Webcam: 8:52 | 9:05 | 26:28 

[X] BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS | Detention 返校 #4

  • Description: Betrayal. Neglect. Mistake.
  • Webcam: 1:13 | 2:04 | 5:30 | 5:51 | 27:50


  • Description: You thought I was gone. Tried to replace me. I’m always here.
  • Webcam: 1:06 | 1:09 | 1:14-2:20


  • Webcam: 3:13


  • Webcam: 8:43

¹ The whiteboard behind him says “I’m here.”
²The whiteboard behind him says “SOON.”
³  The whiteboard behind him says “Don’t Watch.”
 Voice distorts to read the phone call
⁵ Audio from the clip mashup

DISCLAIMER: The YouTube subtitles in Jack’s videos are fan-made, meaning any hints to Anti are false. “Subtitles” in regards to this masterpost simply means a translation of what Anti is saying, and not what’s in the video subtitles.

I Promise-(Scott McCall)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Character: Scott McCall and (Y/N)

Word Count: 584

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warnings: mentions of rape

Summary: Intimacy with Scott turns real sweet reassuring(?)

I moan a little as Scott trails soft kisses down my neck to my collarbone. His tender kisses leave me weak all over. His hands roam my body, one settling on my ass and the other on my neck. My hands tug at his hair, desperately wanting him to go further, but at the same time fearing what will come of it. 

As per usual, this is where the intimacy ends. Scott gently pushes himself off me and leans on his elbow to smile at me. He’d never push me too far, this is where he always stops.

A groan of protest escapes me as I grab him by the collar of his unbuttoned flannel and pull him atop me once again. I kiss him a lot rougher this time round and let my hands roam his toned chest. 

I can feel him wanting to succumb to pleasure and desire, but he’s restraining himself. Like usual, which I’m not necessarily mad about. But he doesn’t.

“W-wait. What are you doing?” Scott pulls away from me and looks down at my ragged form, his eyes pure red. 

I bite my lip a little and shrug. It’s normal to want to have sex with your boyfriend of years, though here it’s a little unusual. 

Scott pulls away and sits up next to me. I do the same.

“I just… I don’t want to be like this anymore. I don’t want to be depriving you of something that you probably want a lot.” I mutter and pull my legs towards me to hug them. I look at Scott with a small but unsure smile. 

A year ago, we attended one of the underground parties in order to catch some chimeras. But while Scott was far out of hearing range, I was taken advantage of. And since then, Scott’s been blaming himself for not getting there in time to help me. He’s refused to touch me because he didn’t want to hurt me. But now he’s warming up, and so am I.

“Oh god, don’t feel like you have to have sex with me just because it’s what every teenage boy wants, (Y/N). I don’t want to hurt you in any way possible and I couldn’t care less about the sex.” Scott intertwines our fingers together as he speaks, his voice full of despair and regret. He tries to reassure me as best as he can given the circumstance.

I sigh a little and look at him with furrowed eyebrows. 

“I’m just worried about how things will turn out in the long run…” I trail off and give Scott a sad smile. Truth be told, I know he wouldn’t leave me just because of sex, but there’s always that doubt. And that doubt is enough to make me go near enough insane. 

Scott shakes his head a little before pulling me down to lie down. He turns me around so I’m facing him. 

“Listen to me. I love you, okay? We have years and years left together. I want this to be perfect for you, and I seriously don’t mind waiting. We can start of small, taking baby steps. I won’t leave you, ever. I promise.” Scott smiles at me and places a gentle kiss on my forehead. He pulls me in closer to him so my head’s in the crook of his neck. His scent alone calms me down. 

A small smile appears on my face, though he can’t see it. 

“I love you too. Thank you for being patient with me.”

Chapter Two:Unexpected kiss

It’s been three days since Kells has been back in Cleveland. We’ve done absolutely nothing apart from laze around in ours sweats. However, we have watched everything on Netflix and smoked hella weed in those three days, so that’s quite an achievement! It was 10am when I woke up, Kells was still asleep. He looked so peaceful, one arm raised and under his head, his blonde hair covering his face and his mouth slightly open. I didn’t want to wake him so I carefully crept out of the bed and in to see my sister.

“Morning (Y/N)” she mumbled as soon as I opened the door. She was laying in her bed playing on her phone, probably hungover from being out last night with her girls.

“Morning (Y/S/N) happy birthday!” I leant over, kissed her head and handed her a little gift box along with a card.

“Aww thanks! Are you and K coming tonight? We’re going to that cute cocktail bar downtown.” She sat up in the bed and yawned. She definitely went out drinking last night, I could still smell the alcohol on her and let’s face it, she didn’t look great!                                                                                                                                                            

“Sure” I sat down on the side of her bed. “I definitely will, I dunno about Kells though. I’ll ask him when he wakes up.”

“Did he stay here again?!” she asked, I knew exactly what she was gonna say next so I breathed in deeply to brace myself for it… “You two need to hurry up and get together already, jeez.” She laid back down in the bed and sighed.

“Shut up (Y/S/N), he’s my best friend.” I raised my eyebrows like I was disgusted.

“We all know you like him, I think you’re the only one who hasn’t figured it out yet!” she rolled her eyes at me.

“He could legit have any girl he wanted… no, he does get any girl he wants. He’s not gonna settle for me, he doesn’t like me in that way anyway”

“I guess we’ll just find out tonight!” She smiled at me.

“Find out what tonight?!”

“You’ll find out” She rolled over and obviously didn’t want to talk anymore, so I went back to my room to see if K was up yet.

“Good morning sleeping beauty, you are awake” You joked.

“Morning” He sat up in the bed and stretched; his black vest rising up, revealing the ‘V’ line I’d always been attracted to and the XXX tattoo on his lower stomach. His voice always sounded so raspy in the morning, it was sexy. I found myself staring at him for a couple seconds, I was beginning to look at him in a different way. I didn’t realize how beautiful he was.


I was ready to go to the cocktail bar with (Y/S/N) and her friends. I wore a black crop top that revealed my left tattoo sleeve and navel piercing, a pair of black, ripped jeans and a red plaid shirt tied around my waist. I thought I would just go casual, plus I never really was a high-heels and glitter sort of girl. I was just doing some last minute makeup touch-ups in the mirror, when Kells came down the stairs. He put both hands on my shoulders while peering over me looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He smelled so good, he always did. He almost took as long as I did to get ready though! He was wearing black, ripped jeans also, with a white t-shirt, leather jacket and of course an EST bandana wrapped around his head.

“Fuck (Y/N)!“ He said, his mouth dropped open.

“What? Should I change?” I looked down at myself, I started to become anxious and paranoid. “It’s too casual isn’t it?”

I could see his eyes dancing around my body and he took a few seconds to respond. “No, you look amazing, seriously! You ready to go?” I had seen him bite his bottom lip out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t mention anything.

“Sure” I replied.

In the taxi on the way to the bar, he was telling me about his day. He had a daddy/daughter date with Casie, they went to the zoo and painted pictures together. He then met up with his boys and chilled. When we pulled up outside the bar, Kells got out of the cab and walked around to my side and opened the door.

“Thank-you sir!” I joked and he held out his arm as if I was to cross arms with him.

When we got to the bar, (Y/S/N) and all her friends were in a VIP booth. We walked over linking arms, both of us holding a drink. “How are you in the VIP section?” I asked my sister. I was a bit confused, you had to be a ‘somebody’ to get into those. But when I looked over to Kells, he was smirking as if he had something to do with it. “You did this!” I playfully punched him in the arm “Great, boost her ego even more!” I laughed sarcastically.

“Fuck it, it’s her birthday… and you’re only 22 once, right? Let’s get fucked up!” He raised a glass of whisky and everyone cheered.

As the night went on, the drinks were going down easier and so much quicker. I was really drunk by this point. K hadn’t left my side most of the night and I felt myself becoming more attached and attracted to him. He kept catching me staring at him, but when we caught eye contact I would quickly look away. We kept exchanging contact and flirty comments here and there.
I was on the dancefloor with my sister when Kells came over with a drink for me and then grabbed me by my free hand and took me outside. He was sticking two fingers up at me signaling we were going for a joint. We went across the road and sat on a wall while he skinned up.

“You having a good night?” he pulled his weed and rolling papers from his pockets.

“Yeah, are you? (Y/S/N) is too, she’s wasted!” I replied, swaying whilst sitting on the wall.

“Good! It’s her birthday. And yeah, especially now I can get a breather with my girl, it’s so hot in there!” He took off his leather jacket and put it around my shoulders.

“Your girl?” I looked at him confused.

“Yeah, you’re my best friend right?” He was still rolling and didn’t look up from what he was doing.

“Oh” I fake laughed, how embarrassing… ”Yeah, right.” I felt my face blush slightly but was thankful he was concentrating on rolling and he didn’t see it.

“I mean, I spoke to (Y/S/N) earlier and she told me that you were into me?” He questioned. “But you didn’t want to ruin our friendship. That true?” My eyes instantly widened. “I mean I always thought we had something between us, but I didn’t wanna lose you either. Y’know?” He laughed and sparked up the joint, still not connecting his eyes with mine. He actually seemed shy and I’ve never seen him like this.

I sat on the wall speechless, why would (Y/S/N) tell K this? For one, I never said that to her and two, he just told me he’s into me?! What the fuck?!

“Can I just see something, real quick?” He asked.

“Sure, what’s wrong?” K pulled me up off of the wall and set his joint down.

We were now standing in front of each other. He was towering over me with his arms around me, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with mine so I just put them on his waist. I felt warm and safe. I felt like I’d been waiting for this moment all night. He leaned down to kiss me… “What are you doing?” I asked and jolted my head back.

“Shh.” He put his index finger over my mouth, then moved it and rested his hand on my cheek. He just held me like this for a few seconds. His eyes dancing all over my face like he had done earlier and like he’d been doing all night. He then focused on my mouth, biting his own lip first for the second time tonight. Before I knew it, his lips had crashed against mine. I put my hands on his chest, my brain was telling me to push him away, but my heart was telling me to pull him in closer. It actually felt right. I had this rush of excitement throughout my body and my legs became weak at his touch. We continued kissing for a few minutes longer, his jacket fell from my shoulders which startled him to break away. He had smudged my lipstick so he gently wiped it away with his thumb. Still holding my face, he looked at me in the eyes and smiled.

In A Moment Ch. 8

Originally posted by merci-angel

Bucky came awake with a jolt.

He sat up and looked around the dark room. He could hear you shifting on the bed and letting out soft whimpers. He smiled, thinking about what you could be dreaming about.

But when you cried, “No,” in a broken voice, his blood ran cold. Steve started to come awake and sat up beside Bucky. You let out a wail, and started thrashing in the sheets.

Bucky and Steve shot up from the floor and climbed onto the bed. Steve gathered you in his arms, whispering soft words while Bucky turned on the lamp, coming up on the other side and wrapped his arms around the both of you. Steve met Bucky’s eyes over your head when tears began falling down your cheeks. You kept mumbling but Bucky shook his head when he couldn’t make out what you were saying.

Steve looked down and saw your eyes flutter open. You raised your head and looked behind you at Bucky. You sat up straighter and looked around the room, gathering your bearings.

Feeling like you were hit by a freight train, you turned to Bucky and Steve who were sitting silently behind you. “We have a problem.”

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Anonymous said:
Make them raw us. Again :)

a/n: also i was in the shower jamming to a song so i mean I’m killing two birds w/ one stone :)

Much Love!


I sat on the couch, giggling with the rest of the boys to a dumb game of truth or dare. “So Y/N, truth or dare?” Calum chuckled, taking a sip of his third beer. “Truth.” I squeaked. “Have you ever given a lap dance to anyone?” He asked me. “Uhh, no I have not..” I said, looking down. They all stared at me like it was a lie, but it wasn’t.

“Okay, so you’re telling me, our princess of a girl, has never even given a lap dance to anyone?” Ashton said, resting his chin on his fingers. I nodded my head, sipping my water as they all looked at me. “Is it a big deal? I mean I’m not the type to tease.” I said, smiling a little. Luke scoffed, “I highly doubt that princess.” I was taken back a little, “You calling me on my bluff, daddy?”

They all shifted, looking at each other like they were reading each others minds. “Alright, since you think you are not a tease, prove it.” They challenged. “Fine, I will.” I stood up, determined to prove them wrong. “Do you have a song request?” Michael asked, connecting his phone to the speaker. “You know what it is.” I winked.

Each of the boys sat on the couch while I got “prepared.” I quickly rid of my shirt and shorts, leaving me in my matching lace set. The music started playing and I straddled Luke’s lap, first. My hips rolled into his as he grasped my waist. I ran my hands down his chest and thighs, without touch his growing bulge. I could hear the three other boys groan as my body moved against Luke’s. I licked up his neck, whispering in his ear.

I moved to the next boy, Calum who looked like he was aching for some attention. My backside was to his front as my bum grazed his clothed cock. I turned around, biting my lip looking him in the eyes, something that I know will get him weak. I grabbed his shirt, twisting it in my hands as my tongue ran along his bottom mouth, but quickly pulled back when he tried to grab my face.

When I got to Ashton looked like he was ready to pounce. “You still think I’m a tease, daddy.” I giggled, running my hands on his exposed collar bones. I kissed down his neck, biting every now and then. Ashton’s hands squeezed my hips, making me jolt. “Princess, you were always a tease we were just testing you.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes, lightly hitting his chest.

Now Michael, had lust filled in his eyes, wanting only me. “Fuck, I knew you were a tease when you started with Luke. I’m not dealing with this.” He picked me up by my hips, laying me on the black futon. “God, such a fucking tease, I think she deserves a punishment.” Calum smirks. I turn, my bum exposed to them. “Good girl.” he commented. “Now guys, shall we go for 5 each?” he asked the other.

Two hands grabbed my panties and pulling them down to my knees. Seconds later, a slap, harsher than the first one came down on my left cheek and I cried out, my eyes shutting down as I took in the pain. “Will you count for me princess?” Ashton asked, so I knew who was doing it.

“One” I simply said, waiting for the next four. His hand came down alternatively on my right and left cheek, spreading the pain all over my ass. After l took in the 5 slaps, the weight shifted and a hand massaged my bum for a while before coming down on me again. It was Michael’s turn and I was trying my best not to scream.

It was then Luke’s turn and as he started to spank me, I let out a loud scream, not being able to hold it back anymore, it was just too much. “No one can hear you princess, it’s just us.” He teased before giving me 4 other harsh slaps. “Calum, I can’t it’s too much.” I begged. His finger ran over my slit, making me shutter. “Your body says otherwise baby girl.” He says before slapping my ass again. “And that was for the wrong name.” He chuckled.

I whined, looking over my shoulder, only to get my hair grabbed and turned back around. “You know the rules,” Michael growled. I was flipped around, exposed to the boys while they looked me up and down. I bite on my finger, lightly sucking on it looking right into Luke’s eyes, but it was soon ripped out of my mouth. “You’re just asking for it princess, aren’t you.” Ashton mocked.

Daddy, let me have a taste. I’ve been such a good girl, please.” I batted my eyes.  Luke shook his head, “You think you should get a taste, when you just teased the fuck out of us, princess?” I sat on my knees, placing my palms on my thighs, like how they taught me, and pouted. “Fuck, I can’t. I’ll let her have a taste.” Calum moaned.

I smiled to myself, having them wrapped around my finger, they always caved in. I let my hands work on his belt buckle while I licked my lips, begging for a taste. Calum’s sweats were finally off his cock imprinted on his boxers aching to burst. My tongue ran on his shaft, slowly taking in his tip. They always told me to never rush, so I took my sweet time. Focusing on pleasuring him, being his good girl.

“Fuck, you’re so good at this princess.” He moaned, his hands tangling in my hair. I looked up at him through my lashes, taking him all the way and holding it. I let his tip drag down my bottom lip, as my hands worked him up. “Okay, enough.” Luke growled pulling me back. I pouted at him, “But, daddy I’m just being a good girl, like you always ask for.”

I lay back, my hands up. “She does know what to do,” Michael sighs, “I think she deserves an award.” They turn and look at me, “Would you like that princess?” Ashton asks. “Yes please, daddy.” I respond. His knees are on both sides of my thighs, his hands creeping up to my core. Ashton leaves kisses down my neck, all the way to the valley of my breasts. A small moan escapes my lips when he presses a finger against my clothed clit.

He rubs in small circles, building up my breath only to let it go again. “Mmm, the only reward you’ll get is my cock inside that sweet pussy of yours.” He growls. I whine pushing my hips towards his hand only to get them pushed down on the couch. “Come on princess, you can beg better than that.” Ashton says. “Please daddy, you know I’ve been a good girl, please I deserve a reward, I’ll do anything you want.” I begged.

Luke smirked at me, coming closer. “You want a reward? Well, you’ve got one now baby girl.” He whispered while kissing my neck. Luke took his time, trailing his down my body, feeling every inch of it. “Daddy,” I said, sounding a little demanding. “Watch your tone, you know where that gets you.” He darted his eyes at me. His fingers hooked the inside of my panties, slowly inching them down my leg.

I was now more exposed than I already of, and I was loving every minute of it. Luke’s thumb toyed with my clit while he inserted a finger into me. One became two, which became three and I was shaking under Luke’s touch. He started sucking and nipping at my neck, leaving clear evidence of the night. A high pitched moan left my mouth as I became closer and closer to my edge again. Luke curled his fingers, pushing me into my first orgasm just by tapping at my g-spot.

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip as my legs threatened to close, my back arching and sweat trails left on my forehead. “Fuck, please daddy.” Everything about each of the boys was anything but vanilla. It was far from it, and it was exhilarating. “You wanna be good for daddy and cum all over my fingers, huh?” Luke pushes. I nodded, a mewl escaping from my lips.

Most of the time it was Luke who had the master mind of fingering, as well as Ashton, but something about Luke made me weak. “Come on baby girl, we all know you’re close.” Calum says, coming up and kneading my breasts. “Mmm, daddy. Can I cum?” I asked. “Go ahead, princess.” Once I got permission, an intense wave of pleasure ran through my bones. My legs squirmed as my nails dug into the leather leaving half moons everywhere.

Long whimpers fell from my lips, as stars clouded my vision. Deep breaths came from my chest as I slowly opened my eyes. “Such a good girl, our good girl.” Ashton grabbed my hips pulling me right on his tongue. I struggled, being so sensitive. “Daddy, ‘m too sensitive.” I moaned. Ashton’s scruff tickled the insides of my thighs as his tongue was flat, cleaning me.

“No no no no, please daddy I can’t.” I begged, but I didn’t want him too. The pit of my stomach was on fire while my toes curling turning white. “You want me to stop, huh? Hm, cute.” Ashton chuckled. My second orgasm hit me harder, with long moans and whines coming from my lips. “God you taste so good.” Ashton worshiped.

Sweat trailed down my forehead as I tried to catch my breath. “You’re not done yet, princess. We still have a while to go.” Michael said. He grabbed my legs, pulling me down again. His tip ran against my folds making goosebumps rise on my skin. Slowly, he pushed into me, building up the anticipation. Finally, he began to thrust in and out of me.

Shaky moans came out of me as Michael’s grip tightened on my waist. “Daddy, please.” I moaned. “Already princess? You’re already begging..” He chuckled. My nails dragged down his back. “Daddy, I wanna cum, please let me.” I whimpered. “Cum for daddy, kitten.” He whispered while kissing my neck. Soon after I could feel myself losing control and I released around him. He unsystematically rode out my high before pulling out of me, catching his breath.

My body felt weak, I couldn’t open my eyes. “Okay baby girl,” Calum started, “you now missionary isn’t my favorite, ass up head down.” He demanded. My body was numb as I tried my best to keep my backside up instead of plopping down. My backside faced him as my toes started to tingle. The tips of Calum’s fingers ran along my back making me shiver. “You awake enough, princess?” He asked. “Yes, daddy.” I answered. “Good,” he chuckled.

He thrusted harshly inside me with a groan as I moaned out loud. After giving me a moment to adjust, he set a fast pace, fucking into me as hard as he could. Little noises slipped from my lips, gradually growing louder as I neared closer to my release. “Daddy!” I yelled out “I-I need to cum!” His thumb came down to circle my clit, his thrusts loosing their smooth finese as pleasure consumed him. “Go ahead, princess. Cum for daddy.” I detonated around him with a scream, milking Calum for all that he was worth. Calum covered my lips with his as he came hard inside me with a raspy, “Fuck, princess!”  

I felt my body go numb at this point, feeling no energy to keep going. “You tired, princess?” Michael asked. “Yes, daddy.” I yawned. “Alright princess, we’ll let you rest now,” Ashton said, picking me up bridal style. I was set down in the bed, covering my body with blankets as my eyes shut.

anonymous asked:

Sick shawn

I created an imagine of Sick Shawn right here –> (X)

  • So we’re living in the new condo right? Sleeping & waking up in the same bed and all of a sudden I just hear “Ahem.”
  • Then Again
  • And Again
  • He coughs and sneezes so loud, the apartment actually shakes.
  • I’d look at his weak congested body, and feel so bad. My poor baby.
  • Then again I kinda wanna scold him, of course which side gets the better of me?
  • “I told you not to cuddle me last week.” Id say.
  • “What?” he’d ask in his nasally voice.
  • “You got sick, because you couldn’t wait another week for me to recover from my cold.”
  • “You’re implying Im sick?” 
  • I give him the look that basically implies ‘I know it, You know it, the whole city of Toronto knows it.
  • Of course he’d tried to defend himself and look me dead in the eye but ends up sneezing on my face…gross.
  • “Oh babe, Im sorry..” Followed by another sneeze.
  • “Chicken Soup?”
  • “Yes….Please”

So Honey Hold My Hand - Grayson Dolan

“Okay, I need a shower, I’ll be back in like 30 minutes.” I got up from my seat on the couch with my grandma and boyfriend Grayson. This is the first time he’d met her, and it’s only because we got a little too drunk last night when my Grandma was out of the house. I made my way up the stairs and got a towel from my room before going into the bathroom. Not bothering to lock the door, theres only three of us in this house and we all know I’m in the shower.

The water touched my bare skin, it was warm, since it was a cold morning. Slightly hungover, it made my body relax and the ache in my head disappear. I’d already washed my hair and slightly scrubbed my body, not bothering to shave since I did that only a few days ago. I had some pop hits playing from my phone and the noise from the water hitting the bath tub beneath me making me hearing a bit clouded. 

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boldlydeepestcheesecake-deactiv  asked:

SHANCE ANGST! Lance gives himself up to save Shiro from the Galra. Shiro then has to watch Lance get hurt (can it be in Shiro's pOV?)

Oh Yessss. Too bad I can’t explain the pain Lance is going through >…< But no worries, I’ll hurt Shrio enough to make up for it ;)


“Lance!” I called out, screaming his name like it my life depended on it. It kind of did. Without Lance I would be lost. I couldn’t get to him. He threw himself in front of me so carelessly, not caring about his own pain. I felt my heart get crushed beneath the Galra’s foot as I saw a knife slide straight into Lance.

“Lance what are you doing!” I screamed to him as he smiled weakly to me. The smile only making tears form in my eyes. “I need you Lance, we need you!” I cried out, stumbling to gather my footing as I tried to get to Lance. Right as I walked over Lance fell over me, protecting me from harm. 

I heard harsh panting in my ear and felt warm blood on my hands. I pulled them away, a sob escaping my throat as I saw how much blood there was. “Shiro, Shiro… I protected you Shiro… Shiro I love you… Please, tell my family I love them… Lead Voltron, they need you,” Lance forced out, wheezing breaths making it really quiet. 

“H-Hey, you’ll be fine Lance, don’t say good bye to me like this…” i whimpered out, my blood rushing to my ears as I saw Lance smile again, his body almost completely limp. “I love you too Lance, you can’t do this to my Lance, we have to get through, me and you,” I cried out, tears finally escaping my eyes as Lance smiled again. 

“I love you Shiro, I’m glad I got to meet you… To fall in love with you,” Lance said as he coughed, blood coating his hand. He leaned over, lips bloody as he pressed a sweet weak kiss to my lips. “Live on for me my knight…” Lance whispered, his grip growing weak on my body. I whimpered, sobs wracking my body as I held Lance’s limp body. My lips stung, the feeling of the kiss making my heart break even more. I wouldn’t get to have a future with the love of my life. No more bright blue eyed boy running around making my heart pound. Just memories of his smile and sweet comments..


I originally planned for it to be a fluffy end, but I chose to instead make you suffer :D Love you guys!! 

Like ClockWork Part 1

I’m introducing Gear to the blog! If you don’t know what/who he is, Gear is Ethan’s darker side. 
@i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing and I have discussed him a little and you can find a few works on Gear on her blog! 
I’m also going to turn this into another series for the blog.

Fic Request: 

No warnings for this one.

Hope you guys enjoy. 

Originally posted by mageofmysteries

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Go Back To Sleep

A dream and an empty bed is all he needs to panic….

“Mina, say goodnight to Appa. He won’t be coming back till tomorrow morning” you said, sitting down on the floor beside her where she was playing with her toys. Having got her attention, you passed the phone to her.

“Appa, are you working?” she asked. Being almost six years old, she was now well acquainted with her father’s chaotic schedule. His late nights, weeks off on tour and sleeping over at the practise room or dorm were very normal to her - something which he hated, but couldn’t really avoid.

“Yeah, I’m working.”

“Are you making a new dance?”

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Time Will Tell

I had an imagine idea where the reader and Tom are dating but the reader is a virgin. She’s really insecure and uncomfortable about herself but Tom is really sweet and caring for her resulting in her losing her virginity.

It’s our second anniversary together, Tom and I. It seems so surreal to me, that we’ve been together for two years now.

“Ready, Love?” Tom asked, touching my shoulder softly. I blushed and nodded. He gave me his arm and we walked out to the car.

After dinner, Tom drove us home where when he opened the door, rose petals were strewn all over the floor and Harrison was dressed in a tux.

“He isn’t paying me enough for this.” Harrison grumbled.

“I’m not paying you at all mate. You’re just my best friend who loves me.” Tom teased. They made faces at one another and Tom gave Harrison the keys to the car.

“Don’t crash it please.” Tom warned. Harrison saluted him and left. After Harrison left, Tom put on a slow song. I giggled as he did a small salsa and came over to me. He extended his hand out to me and I took it. We danced around for a bit and he dipped me as the song faded to an end. I brought my eyes to meet his and he was smiling.

“What?” I asked, blushing.

“You’re just so… Beautiful. Everytime I look at you… My heart quickens.” He whispered, bringing me back up. I felt tears sting my eyes as he brushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Oh Tom. I-” I started before his lips met mine, cutting me off. I wrapped my arms around him and he motioned for me to jump. I smiled into the kiss as I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. He threw me over his shoulder, causing me to giggle as he led us to the bedroom. He plopped me down onto the bed and hovered over me.

“What did I do to deserve you?” he whispered, kissing my neck. My face burned from his compliment but my body felt weak as his lips left small kisses around my neck.

I fiddled with his buttoned shirt, making sure not to break them off. We’ve only gotten down to our shirts being off because embarrassingly enough, I’m a virgin.

When we got to our usual stopping place, Tom looked me in the eyes as he laid down next to me.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked. I could tell he would do whatever for me, but his downstairs area would not as I saw how hard he was. I bit my lip and looked at him.

“I want to continue babe. I do. It’s just that..” I said before he shushed me.

“I know. I’ve only been with one other person and I didn’t know what I was doing and I still don’t to this day.” he said, caressing my face. I kissed his hand and sighed.

“I’m ashamed of my body.” I whispered. It was hard enough for Tom to see me without a shirt on. But I felt like he would be angry once he saw my scars. The ones on my thighs and ankles that were fading away. I was glad that they weren’t the puffy ones, but they were still scars. He kissed my shoulder and looked at me.

“I could never stop loving you, Love. Even though you sing Justin Bieber in the shower. Nothing will change the fact that I love you. I would never judge you or your body. Ever.” he said, giving me a kiss. My heart skipped a beat as he said that. I loved Tom. I truly did. I bit my lip and gave him a slow kiss.

“I’m ready.” I whispered, nibbling on his neck to see if he was still excited. His breath hitched in his throat as I gave him a slight squeeze, knowing that he was still hard.


Tom laid down next to me, his breathing starting to go back to normal. It hurt at first but Tom was gentle as I got used to it. Evidently, we had sides of us we have both never seen before.

“Babe, your back is scratched pretty badly.” I told him as he sat up, because laying down hurt. He chuckled and turned to smile at me. I shifted myself to sit up and immediately felt numb from my bottom half.

“You need some help?” he smirked. I glared at him and quietly winced as I grabbed a pair of boxers from the bedside drawers.

“Happy Anniversary, Love.” Tom said, changing into some sweats.

“Happy Anniversary.” I said, slipping on a sports bra and his sweater. I headed to the bathroom to get some peroxide and cotton balls. He groaned but let me clean up his back. We laid back down onto the bed and he pulled me closer to him, my head resting on his chest.

“I love you.” he whispered in my ear. I kissed his shoulder and repeated the saying before I fell asleep listening to his heartbeat.


In ‘Say Goodbye’ Anti is shown to say things out of order. It’s jumbled until the last couple of sentences.
“You, his body was weak, you, you all said my name, kept me, I am here now, inside, you, it’s all your fault, too long, you will listen to me, you all made this happen, (laughs), you could have stopped me, but you just watched as this happened! Now, he’s gone forever. Say good bye”

At the PAX panel he seems a lot more coherent. Like, the whole monologue makes sense.
“Did you miss me? Look at you all just sitting there! You all thought I was gone! Not worrying about anything. You all thought I was gone but I’ve been here this entire time, keeping an eye on things. You stopped paying attention! Well I hope you’re happy. You found someone new, threw me aside. Someone to replace me. I’m not going anywhere. I’m always there, always watching. You can’t get rid of me. Enjoy the show”

The sentences aren’t as broken, it lasts longer and makes more sense. Anti has got used to Jack’s body and the blatant desperation and sorrow in Jack’s plea for help is confirmation that Anti has a very strong hold over him!

Poisoned  - Theo Raeken Imagine - Part I

S U M M A R Y: Theo Raeken went from someone the pack trusted to the enemy in what felt like a second. His intentions weren’t good, and everyone knew that. She did too. But she also knew that there was no way of wrestling herself out of the hold he had on her. He was toxic, and she was addicted to his poison.

P A I R I N G: Theo Raeken x Reader

W A R N I N G S: strong sexual content (i wouldn’t call it smut at this point but where does smut even start? idk tbh but it’s reEaAaally sExuAL.)

                                                 {   i   }

I have never felt anything slightly comparable to what I feel whenever I’m around him. Before him, I never felt pure desire running through my veins, I never felt like my skin was set on fire wherever he left his touch, I never felt utterly consumed by adrenaline, my pulse quickening to an immense speed whenever he entered the room. He had a hold of me like no one else. Whatever he wanted me to do I would, obeying him without any questions asked. He owned me.  He was reckless and dangerous and he could kill me in a second if he felt like it. He was toxic, but I was addicted to his poison.

No one knew about the ‘thing’ we had, and I would never let anyone find out. Because if the pack knew about my closeness to Theo Raeken, the enemy, I would lose them. Lose my friends. And I couldn’t let that happen.

I don’t know why he took an interest in me, because he could have had any girl he wanted. Someone with more experience, someone with power. But maybe the fact that I was weak, completely and utterly at his mercy, did the same thing to him as it did to me. It drew him to me. Fascinated him in a way I couldn’t quite understand. He probably didn’t understand it himself, even though that’s unlikely, considering the fact that he always seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

But I didn’t care. I didn’t want what we had to stop, not ever. Because nothing in my life had ever made me feel so damn alive.

,,Your excitement smells so fucking good (y/n).” he said, taking one step at a time, cornering me in the middle of the hall.

Everyone was in class and I had excused myself to go to the bathroom, not noticing Theo was following me. Now he had me pined up against the lockers, his eyes dark, looking me up and down, making me feel exposed.

I was at loss of words, his breath tingling my neck while he whispered in my ear, causing me to have goosebumps all over my body.

,,Oh the things I want to do to you, love.” His voice was slightly raspy and I his words made my insides clench.

My heartbeat was going crazy and I felt a little dizzy as he slowly pushed up my skirt with his right hand.

,,I have barely touched you (y/), and I bet you’re already so wet.” Theo’s eyes  went from my skirt directly to my eyes when he said that, his confidence in whatever he did was so arousing.

My cheeks heated up and I knew they were probably fire red.

His intense gaze made me look away, but he instantly grabbed my chin, firmly but without hurting me, and forced me to look at him. He then took his time to carefully slip his hand in my panties.

I let out a quiet squeak, to which he grinned.

,,I was right, you’re soaking.” He hummed, wetting his lips with his tongue.

I let out a silent moan in response, heat building up in my core as he palmed me.

Theo didn’t have to try hard, just the barest touch made me lose control. I hated and loved it at the same time. He, obviously, found great pleasure out of that and he took advantage of my devotion to him whenever he could. It was like he always knew exactly what to do to get the reaction that he wanted out of me. Like he calculated every single movement in mere seconds, already planning his next step and next word. That boy knew every single weak spot of mine before I could discover them myself. But i honestly started to feel like when it came to him, every part of my body was my weak spot.

Suddenly his hands left my body faster than I could comprehend, and he was walking away from me before I even had noticed the students coming out of their classrooms.

I stood pressed against my locker, unable to move. Slowly breathing in and out trying to get myself to focus.

Every time he would pull something like that on me I was left overwhelmed. And much to my dismay, unsatisfied and on edge for the rest of the day.

Fucking tease.

,,Having a bad day huh?” Scott nudged my shoulder, giving me a genuine smile.

No, I’m just damn horny.

,,No, I’m just a bit tired.” I responded instead.

We were walking down the hall, passing several students who were laughing and chattering. Scott was talking about some issues he had with the research about Kitsunes, but I was only half listening, due to the kind of uncomfortable wetness in my panties.

Apparently Kira hasn’t been herself lately.  Now whenever he talked about her, he wore a concerned frown. It didn’t suit him well, and we all missed his dimpled smile.

It was one of the things I had liked most about Scott, that after all we had been through, he managed to keep some sort of light inside of him, and it would shine on all of us in times of darkness. That’s why he was our Alpha. Not perfect, nobody is,  but he united us. Whatever was going on with him, was also going on with us, when he felt strong it made the pack stronger, too. And when he felt low, sad, or weak, the pack was the same. Which is why his bad mood affected all of us.

,,Well, I see you at lunch.” Scott said, waving me goodbye before turning right to get to his next class.

I watched him walk with his head hung low and I frowned. Seeing my friends hurt was one of the things i hated the most. When the people you love are in pain, and you don’t really know how to help them, you just feel worthless. It’s the worst thing in the world. That’s why I can never let Scott, Stiles, Lydia or anyone else find out that there was anything going on between me and Theo.

Because it would crush them. And I would never forgive myself.

part 2?

A/N: So, yeah i guess i’m back. I kind of lost the motivation to write and i sort of neglected MTT, but i think i might still continue it if you guys want to read it. But here’s something new i wanted to write(for a while). I never had the courage to try something as sexual as this and i hope i’m not going to flop lmao. I would love to get some feedback! xx

Stefan Salvatore~ Rippah

Requested be: @bigtimerushfan12andbtr4ever

Summary: You’re Stefan`s human girlfriend and he turns his humanity off and is killing everyone he see’s but you insist on seeming him.

Stefan had been gone two weeks now and you were fed up waiting for Damon to save the day it was obvious that Damon had given up but he told you that there was no way you were going to see Stefan because he would drink you dry. But you didn’t care anymore you needed to see him.

“You can do this y/n” you kept repeating to yourself as you walked into the bar he was meant to be in. You tried to ignore the voice in the back of our head that was reminding you how dangerous he was, reminding you all the things Damon had told you he had done. He was the love of your life, you trusted him with your life.

You walked in to the mostly empty bar and spotted Stefan instantly he making out with a brunette. He looked up as he heard the door creak shut. 

“Y/n! Have you come to join the party?” He said giving you an evil smirk. 

“Stefan why are you doing this?” you ask trying to hide your nervousness.

“What? Oh you mean being the real me?” He replied harshly.

“This isn’t the real you! The real you  compassionate, caring and sweet.” You yelled.

“Thats only the side of me you know, the side of me you like.This is the real me.” He said before sinking his fangs into the innocent women.

“Stefan stop!” You yelled realising that he wasn’t planning on letting the women live.

You continued to plead him to let her live but it was no use. You watched in horror as her head snapped of. 

“Y/n, I’m not the fake Stefan you love I’m the real Stefan.” He said as his face began to go back to normal.

He turned away from you the get a drink.

“Stop lying! You`re not just lying to me but you`re lying to yourself, you`ve convinced yourself that this is who you as now-” You tried to convince him.

“Shut up! Shut up and leave before i ripe you head off” He yelled as his vein began to appear and his fangs came out.

You were taken, he had never raised his voice at you before. Part of you thought he might be telling you to leave because he didn’t want to hurt you but you weren’t going to give up anytime soon.

“No. I’m not leaving you Stefan. I’ll be here for you, I’ll help you with turning it back on.” You tried to comfort him and reached for his hand.

He immediately grabbed your wrist roughly digging his fingers into it. 

“How many times do I have to tell you, I am NOT turning it back on.” He screamed and slammed his glass on to the bar counter, small pieces flew everywhere.

You tried to jump back but he had a tight gripe on your wrist. 

“Stefan your hurting me.” You cried as the pain in your wrist became worst.

“Oh really, well I`m about to hurt you a lot more.” He said before plunging his teeth into your neck.

It was so painfully.

“Stefan!” You yelled weakly, “ Stefan please stop!”

He didn’t pay any attention and just continued. You realised he was about to kill you.

“Stefan please! You`re going to kill me” You cried.

Suddenly he realised what he was doing and pulled back. Your body fell against his as you were too weak to stand.

“Oh my god, y/n!” He said and gave you his blood.

“I`m so sorry, I can’t believe I did this.” He said and you could see the saddens in his eyes as a tear ran down his cheek. 

“You stopped, you didn’t kill me, does that mean your humanity is back.” You asked in disbelief.

“I guess the real me fought ripper me and turned my humanity back on, y/n i really am sorry-” You cut him off by smashing your lips into his. 

“You don`t need to apologise, you weren’t in control.” You whispered.

“How can someone be so perfect” He said making you giggle.

You ran your hands down his cheek.

“I love you so much, y/n”He told you. 

“I love you too.” You said before passionately kissing him.


Type: smut

(A/N) I wrote this a while ago but I thought it was good enough to post so here you go!!! my requests are still open!!! I need more so anything works ((:

Warnings: Daddy/Princess kink, spanking, unprotected sex, tying up, cursing

Pairing: Pete Wentz x Reader

Word Count: 1.9K

Originally posted by fromunderthegaytree

I set my coffee on the counter, scurrying through my backpack to make sure I grabbed all my assignments.

“Shit,” I whispered.

Still rustling through the paper mess in my bag, I quickly jog back into my bedroom. Right as my foot enters the doorway I begin to tiptoe, remembering that Pete was still fast asleep. I silently set my backpack next to my desk and search on the desktop for my homework. I squint through the dim moonlight, trying to decipher which assignment is which. I click on my desk lamp. Papers are flying everywhere as I dig through them to find the right one. My heart starts racing as I panic. Quickly shifting over to the dresser I try my best not to wake Pete up.

“Looking for this?” My body jumps at the groggy voice. I turn around to face a very much bed head Pete sitting up in the bed holding up a packet of papers.

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The End of All Things: Chapter 03 (Antisepticeye X Reader)

Anti X Reader Part 3

(AN: Okay the text thing was weird so here are Anti’s thoughts: Damn not this again. Just let her move. A sign of life. Please.. Just- I don’t even know what happened. If she’ s not gonna wake up, I’ll just go into her head. This better work Y/N. Sleep. I’m coming.)

Triggers:  Language, Violence, Nightmares, and Unknown Numbers

Originally posted by bekadmfb

“C'mon Y/N you have to drink!” I hollered at her unconscious form while I attempted to open her jaw enough to pour the drink down when I felt more blood pour from her nose.

“D̰͔͍̪̜̦̆͗͟͡A̴̖͉̟̩͎̙̟ͨͫ̒̍̕͜M̸͇̖ͬ̑͛͜N̶̪̹͓̗̥̯̭̳ͥ̊̉ͦ͢I̷̡͈̣̰͕̳͎ͯ͋͠Ţ̵̢͓̘͕͉̺̞̔ ̿ͭ̃͆͌ͦ͋̀҉̻̥͎̥̺N̴͓͙̞͚̟͋ͦ͞Ŏ̵̟̩ͪͬ͂͢T͉̼͌ͪ͐ͪͩ̒̈̋ͫ͡͡ͅ ̼̫̗̹͌̆ͣ̉ͧ̚T̨̪̪͖̞̯͎͙̽͟Ḩ̱͈̬͈̯͈͇̐͊̄ͣ̐ͧ̀̇ͣ͟I̶̳̺̔ͩ̾ͩS̠͍̰̱̫̄̏̈ͤͦ̍ͮ̾ͣ͟͠͠ ̉͛̈͑ͯ҉̶̱̬̗̦͢Ȃ̷̦̖̗̪̰̌̋̾͗͘G̤̗̠͚̠̹̹͆̅̌̓͊̋ͥ͆͡ͅĂ͇̩̙̫̓ͥͮ̂̓ͥͣ̏I̸̧͕̦͈͙̪̮ͦͣ̑͗N̶̝̅ͫͤ́͆͢”

Hearing the glitch in ny voice rise i restrained and physically drew myself back, “Just a few tissues.”

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AntiSepticEye Things/Theories

We all know of the amazing Antisepticeye and that he is making a grand return! Most likely on Jack’s birthday! One thing I noticed no one had really done was going through all of the subtitles in his videos. I did. I took me like 6-7 hours. You are welcome. Here is a list of all that I found, and if you find anymore that I missed, tell me: 

Sister Location #1
The temptation to sprint is huge 33:29
in the NEXT VIDEO 39:28
im finally here 39:31
Feeble 39:39
You know me 39:41
ANTI S E P T I C E Y E 39:42

Y̵̨̗͔͙͚͛͆̇̋͡o̟̙̫̹ͬ͐͒ͯ̀͢ủ̡̦̖͈̹̬̬͚̮͑ͪ̀'̻̳͈͈̩̜̳̾͌̍ͮͦͅv͌̽͆̿͏̻͎̯̭̳̘ͅͅëͦ͂ͫ͘͏̤̘̦ͅ ̲̝͙̲ͬͦͤ̊̃͒̔̓w̅ͦ͗͋́̊҉̰͚̻̭̥̖̟ͅa̵͙͔͓̘̐̓ͬ̔̂̀i̱͇̯̮̰̜͓̽̑̃̆ͫ̂͆̎́̚̕ͅͅṫ͚͓͇̙̽͞͠e̲̝̖ͭͤ̍͐̈́͝d̹̳́̆́̕͝ ̬̬̖̠̰͋͌ͦ̉ͯ̀̚ͅa̴͓̤͋ͩ̀͛̿̈́ͣ̂͘ ̻̠̼̏̀͒͋̀̎̑ͦ̕l͎̞͖̻̩̼̮͈̻̍ͨ̐̊̅ͯ̑o̠̥̦̗̣̲̫͙̲͛̑̀n̢̲̥̯̝̟̻̾͛̀ģ͚̫̩̙̼̘̭̏ͨ̀͠ ̸̻̔ͯ͗t̶̫̱̜͇͓̯̗͓̑̓́ͪ̐i̢̹͍̊ͣ͘m̢̪̖͓̹ͭ̾ͬ̈́ͨ͂̅͒̉͢ͅe̻̮̬̳͉̘̎̀̔̒́
̴̟ͦ͋N͕̯̘͇̼͓̗̘͗̇̀ͤ͆̀͝o̟̠̣̯̙̲̺̎͘͠ͅw̧̔̾ͤ҉̴͎̮̭̙̝͔ ̧͓̩̰̼̬͖̈ͩ͌I̧̠͕̘̲̭̒ͩ̆̋ͣͤ͢ ̨̣̻̫̫̜̥̬͌͋̔̈́̐ͧ̀͢͢ŵ̴̴̹̳̼̠̪͚̗̔ͥͫ̃͊͑ͫ̕a̡̹̪̭͇̰ͨ̒̔̔͑͋͂k͍̤̰̞̲͖̠̽̒̾̋e̡̛̖̤͉̮̙ͯͦ̐́

Sister Location #2
In the NEXT VIDEO 19:01
I never die… 19:04

F̴͔ͧ́ŏ̪̄ͪͬͯͧ̿̚l̶͕̘̟̠̜̱̬̗͂̇ͮ̿̒l͕ͯͣo̟̤̗̙͖̳ͧͮ̐͐̏͛̚w͕̗͈͚̭̩͕͒̈́̿ͯͅ ͙͔͓ͪͩ̆ͮ̂̒̓̓ͅt̼͇̯̘̜̙̓͆̓̾̃͘̕ͅh̘̪̲̼̯̙̟̥͉̿ͧͩͥē̝̼͓͚ͫ̏͆̉̂͋ͭ ̼͖̗͍͔́ͯ͟͢ͅs̢̒̃͌ͤ͊͛ͩ̓͏̹̮̝̻͓i̢̼̙̮̯͚͇͋̆ͪͦ̓͞g̡̞̤͖͓̦̗̱̤̼͒ͪ͆̄ͭṉ̴̤̱̂̊̑̎ͤ̉̔̆̿͞s̺̦̘ͪ͜͡
̶͈̼̻͈̰̘̣̱͆ͭ̏͝r̗͙͇͇͍̈͋ͮ͐͟e̟̼ͨͧ̋̏ͬ̌͞l̘̳̹̩̭ͦ̚ę͔͉͇̫͚͎̩̊͜͠ͅâ̖̩͉̘ͥ̋̏̽́̕͜s̞͇̱̗͈͚̦͎ͧ͋͐̆ͅè̸̱̤̈́̃͢ ̫̱̞͉͖̱͚̥ͦ̀͆ͮ͋m̢̢̞̖̩̜͇͙̺ͤ͆͑̈̿͑̈͐ͧë̶̯͈̘͒̏̏ͅ.̢͇̘̪͓͙̹̠̓͌͛̇ͭ̕.̶̦̙ͭ

Sister Location #3
Anti:HELLO   5:28
Anti: *giggles*   5:32
Anti/Jack: Fuck… 8:26
Anti: I AM NEAR  8:39
Anti:  :D  10:44
Anti:  :d   14:32

I̸̻̳̻̖̜̿̿͒̈́ͣ̋̓ͣ̎ ̓ͮ̄̐̽̅̊҉͉͙͍͢ş̲̫̃̕e̷͚̠̖̪̻̜͔ͯ͋ͪ͝͡ē̡̨͇̗͖̬̤̦͕͇ͨ͌ ̵̖͎̄̃̀y̛̤̦̟̲̞̩ͮ͛͌ͅoͭ͊̇҉̼͓̩̝̜͉̗̜ü͏̣͕̖̤̗ͅ ̩͓͍͈̭͓ͧ̒ͪ̅ü̠̦̳̒̎̀ͮͮ̐͋͊n̂҉̴̙͉̱̭d̶̮̭̺̮͓̭̰͋̐ͭ͒͞eͮ͒́́̔ͪ͗̀͗҉̣͔̙̳r̟͛͗s̫͇̐̎ͫͦ͠t̷̰̣̄͋͂̆́̕å̧̽ͧ̒͗ͨ̉҉̸̣̘̰̭n̒̈̈ͫ҉̟̫͈̘͍̬̘̕ͅd̴̜͈̹̗ͧ͋̔̓͑́͜ ͚̬̠̬ͬͦ͒̇̀n̴̖̩̪͓̤͕̼̆ͪ͗ͥ̒͗̐͒ͦ́o̵͚̠̍͛̃ͤ́̚͠w̄̊͑̔ͮ̚͢҉̳͈̭̱̬͊͆҉͏͉̱̱

k̨̪͉̱͇̂ͬ̇ͅȩ͇̺͍͍̫̹̪ͯͨ́͢ȅ̺̣͚̟̬̲̽͂̒ͫ͆ͭ̚͢pͯ͗ͤ͑̾͂͏̮̩̮̙̻̜ ̵ͮ̐̐҉͍̥͓͕̩w̧̥̠̖̘͛̕a̶̧̤̭̞̯͉ͩ͒͑ͦ͋̕t̏̒͋̒͏̧̞͉̟̻̜̩̪ć̵̜̟̼͋͒̀h̀̍̒̀̔ͬ҉͓̪̯̩̙͙̪̣͢͢i̶͓̙̭̗͒̅ͧ́n̶͙̮̭̩͈̠̮͂͂͊ͭ̀ğͦ̃͏̬̱̦̦̜͕̱̼



Sister Location #4
Anti: JAcK cAn’T fiGhT 1:19
Anti: I aM NeAR  7:32
Anti: Hah, Jack’s way to easy to take over~.
We a̧̖̳̮͖͇͠͡re t̡̰̤̜̘̹͞ͅogether as͡ one no̘̭̗͓͉̮̘̦ͅw in F̷͞ive Ni̴ghts At F̛͠re̵͡ddy’s Sister Loca̧̖̳̮͖͇͠͡tion

I͈̫̅̎̆̉͛ͥͮt̢̺̬̪̰̩͔̃̓̈́̂ͬͤͯ̄͛̀͘'̨̤͉̼̥̯̙̱̐ͪ̕s̶̝̤͚̲ͧ͒̐̈ͬ̚͞ͅ ̼̏ͧ̐̐̎ͭ͢͝a̳̗͖̞ͩ̊̅ͮ̀͢l̷̺̻̄̌ͪ͑͟m͙̻̪̣̩̜̩̼̆ͤͭ̐͛̓͘o̳͉̲̍ͬͭͦ̑̋̚̚s̢̧͎̼͔̈̈́͋͠t̙̞̮̩̯̞͙̬ͩ̾͌ͧ̊ͩ̈́̚̚ͅ ̩ͨ͂t̶̶͉͕̻̘͚̫̘̹̔̈́̈͐̀̉̊͗ḯ̤̙͚̝̲̿ͤ̓̔̑ͫͨͅm̦͙̤͎͉͖͚͎͖̈͋̈̎ͬ͝e͐̀͑̔̊ͧ̔͗͋҉̤̟͓͖̤͍̰͝͡
̖͔̗͕̠ͮ̑ͥ̓͞I̭̠͚͛ͨ̃͞ ̡̝͈̺̗̳̎ͪͬ̋͟͢g̡̢̜͙̤͕̙͕ͮ͐͡r̷͇͎͉̝̥̈̄ͮͪ͟͞ö̴̜̖̙͇̤̯͍͖̺̃̓ͨ̃͜w̨̳̺ͥ̐̊̊̍̍͠ ̙̦ͭ̍̅̓̓̋̄̈͘s͈̟̯̿̅̐͐̍̈́t̨͚̱͔̺͇̤͚̞͒̎́r̸̄̒҉͎̞̪̤o̼̪̮̰ͯ́̆̽ͫ̃̑͢n͓͚͓̪̗͆ͬ͆̽͠ģ̴̜͔̫͕ͫ̄̇ͭ̑̊͛̉ͯe̤͕̒͋̀̚rͭ̈́͐̓͌͏̗͉͞

The Temple Of No!
(Mention) we all know about Anti, don’t we? *webcam glitches*

Stuntfest #2
(You good there 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31?)  2:19
31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31  2:20
Hehehe…   5:01
I’m growing nearer 13:24

Hi there. My name’s Jack. (Sure it is)

Layers of Fear #1
*Anti giggle over a low grumble*

i̜̲̝̙̭̿̄͊ͧ́͟͞t̛̯̬̱̼̬̟̰̦̦ͮͩ̿ͯ̋ͫ̒͢͜'̵̰̟̬̭͓̞̞̾ͨ̈̊̚̕s̝̘͓̉ͥ͂́ͮ͌͘ ̯̲̟̦̈͌̌̋̄͒̇̅t̄̎̓̇̅͆̌̚͏͙̦̻͍̟̙i̶̟͈̖͍̮̙̞̘͐̀̎ͫͣ̋m̸̑҉̪̳̦̺̭̪̳̤e̛͙̤͔̱̻̥̼͓͇̒̂̍ ̟̮̅̽͒͌͋ͭ͒̀̕ͅtͭ͛̆̊̉͏͙̻o̡͆̔҉͎̙͙̮͈ ̡͂ͮ̒͏͙̹̲̳̭s̷̷̪̜ͧ̾̄͌̎̍a͎̍̀̆͡yͨ̍̆ͣͨͯ̀҉̬͇̣̕ ͙ͬͤͯ̐ͥ̃g̿ͥ̎ͤ̌̏ͪ̃҉̨͓̖͡ô͕̭̣̋ͪ̑͘͜͠o̧ͣ̈́̍̀ͩ̈́̋̏҉̼͙ͅd̸͕̯̮̤͙̟̻̭ͣͮ̊̑b͖̟͈̪ͯͪ͛̾͛͋̋ͧ̀̀ỳ̶̩̂̓̉͑e̸̎̋̂̽ͥ̅̅͗҉̝̱͙̥̹

Mr. President #3
*Creepy Giggling as screen glitches* 11:16

The Cubicle
Anti: We are one  1:42
(anti, is that you?)  3:49
(ayy anti fam what up)  3:50
anti’s back 7:29
Anti: I h a v e c o m e ( eyyy it’s my homeboy anti) 9:17


[muffled cackling]
[muffled stomping]
[loud cackling]
[muffled] HELP ME!!
[maniacal laughter starts before fading out again]
[whispers] You                        
His body was weak!!              
all said my name
k e p t  m e
I am here now
It’s all your fault
t o o  l o n g  y o u
listen to me! [distorted laughter]
You all made this happen!
[high pitched distorted laughter]
You could’ve stopped me
but you just watched
Now he’s gone forever

 s  a  y  g  o  o  d  b  y  e

Y͕̦̖̼̻͖̹̞̮͚̱̭̪̎̂̄͊̏͐ͨͫ̊̈́͑͊̃ͣ̾̈́̿̀̕͝͞͡õ̬̙̫͔̠̝̲̋́̂ͯ̇ͧ̈́̇ͧ͢ư̢̺̻̫̱͊͋ͣ̎͑̍́ͬ̾̈͋͗̀ͮ͛͗ͥ͋ͪ́̕͝ ̸̨͓͈͖͚̰̗̩̺̼̄̈́ͪ̾̏̉ͬͩͫ̂̆ͯ̔̀̏͐ͦ̒ŵ̷̡̭͍̻̣͈̲̫̠͎̠̥̤̘̯͕̬̩͋̈́ͪ̾ͨ̇ͨ̉̈́ͫ̾̐͋͗͜a̶̢̱̻̼̫͌ͪ̋̄̌̀̽ͮ̆̍̈́̑̑̏͛͝n̸̷͔̲͚̦̘̘̺̻̪̳̞̼͕͚̹͕͍̉͗ͦ͂̋̒͐ͪͣ͐̉ͪͬ̊͐̑́͡ͅt̴̡̮̹͇̬̥͕̟̳̳̘͈͙͍̦̪͉̳͉ͮ̑͒ͩͫ̈ͥ̅ͪ̇ͯͬ̕͘e̸̩͎̫̬͇̘͎̖̣̟̪ͫ̈̌̋͑ͯ̎͟͡d̶̨͉͇͖̠͉̮̹̝̃͒ͯͨ̋̿ͫͨ̓́ ̨ͤ̅̀ͯ̅̎̔͛̏҉͏̩̙̦̖͇̝̼͕̜̖̞̼̳̬͉͖̤̝́͞ͅm̑́ͨ̔̇̓͗ͮ̀̀͡͠͏̤̗̠̥̰͍̦̤̺͎̻ͅe̷̛͔͇͓͚͕̳̓̆̈ͥ͐̂̅̆͛̏͌̚͘͞.̨̩͖̺̬͈̱͙̫̭̥̗̞̲̠͈̉ͧ́ͪ̃͊̒̉͂ͩ̓̚͘͡.̷̧̬̫̩͕̺̳̻̦ͣ͋̋ͬ̀̽ͬ͌ͬ͒ͬ͐ͯ́͟͝.͎̗͕̺̹̬͓̬͔̬͖̻̘̟͍͇͆ͦͪ̚͜.̡̼̯̥̖̙͔͎̱̤͈̉̌̎̑̿̾̃ͮ͊͑̄ͨ̍̑͂ͬ̿̏̕̕͠͡ ̸̴̛͈͇̲̖̙͇̞͙̝̰͔͖̹̪͍̝̰̥̊͋ͮ̆̃͞w̧̛̟̞̫̰̘̭͓̜̺͖̦̺̺͔̯͔̠̣̼̓ͦ̂̀̾ͤ̂̊̇̋̈́̊̐̽̆̄́͝e̷͆́̏͛̍̈̒̂͊ͫͬ̔̔͗̃̃ͪ͏͇̣̙͕̜͍̲̟̬l̈́ͫͣ̈́͜͏̣̺̜̼͓̲̦̭̥̠̭̞̪̳ͅļ̷ͤ̾̇̇̇ͥ̓̄̋̔̈́̉҉̨̙̺̥̳̖̱̗̱͚̪̰̦̹̦̦̯̗́ ̢̼̼̪͈̠̯̹͚̃̂̽ͨ̄̅̓̀̿ͤ̉ͯ̈̇͂̚̕͞hͨ̈͊͊̃ͮ̆ͤ̊̈ͩ̅͏́͏̸̺̦͙̪̥̪͙̟̼̝̳̝͚̠̭̺͉ę̸̧͖̜̘̼̘ͦ̊ͬ̀̇͐ͫ̐͛ͥͯͫ̂ͤ͛̄͑̔̒͢ř̷̬̜͙̲̏̓͗͊e̛̹̘̭̼̥̺̥̦͕̣̹̰̩͈ͨ̇ͭ͒͋̐͊ͨ͋̅̋͆͢ ̴̣̙̭̙̐ͧ̑͆ͨ͟ͅI̵̵̷̟̺̘̭̯͕͇̓͑̆̑̀̽̎͠ͅ ̸̜̟͍̝̥̜̝̮͇̘̞̞̟̞̦̯̝̿͌̿͒̓ͭ̌͐ͫ͌̈̓̓̀͘͡͝a̞͎̳̬̬͔͔͉͎ͪ̈́̎̍ͥ̽̋͒ͥ̄͆́̚͜͞m̷̶̷̸̥̠̱̖̥͈̘̦͉̠͖̳͑̈ͤ̅̔̂

Happy Halloween
kh zloo eh plqh. brx zloo vhh. mxvw zdwfk ph.
he will  be mine. you will see. just    watch me.

(credit goes to person in the link)


Detention #2
AntiSepticEye: Forgotten  or just too afraid to remember?
s  a  y  g  o  o  d  b  y  e



All of this has been made easier by @antisepticjack

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