his body is made to be roleplayed

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Sick

♛ Ayato ♛
“Huh? You’re sick?” He grabbed your chin, looking straight into your eyes. “You’re not lying to Yours Truly, right? If you are… … Heh, you have a fever, don’t you?” He took your wrist, leading you to the nearest sofa. “Sit down, Chichinashi. Yours Truly will take care of you!”
Yeah, he went to Reiji to ask him for advice because he’s so stupid that he would kill you. Accidentaly.

♟ Kanato ♟
“You’re gonna die?” You saw a glint of hope in his eyes and mentally facepalmed. “Oh… So I should take care of you. Do what I say, okay?” He smiled happily as made you sit next to Teddy. “You should eat some cakes, they will help you. Hm? What do you mean by “they won’t”?! Be grateful that I share them with you!“
You apologized so he wasn’t mad too long. Cakes - of course - didn’t help, but you two had very nice tea time.

♞ Laito ♞
“Hmm~? Bitch-chan wants me to examine her body, doesn’t she? Nfu~”
You stared at him at sneezed.
“Oh, so you really are sick…” He wanted roleplay, didn’t he? “Hey, don’t come too close to me~ Huh? Vampires can’t be sick? … Okay, let’s go then!” He commanded, grabing your hand. “Where? To Reiji, of course. I have no idea what to do with you. But I want you to recover quickly. Sneezing in bed isn’t sexy, Bitch-chan…”
At least he was honest.

♝ Reiji ♝
He sighed, checking your temperature. “You really are the worst.” You looked away in embarrassment. “Come” he commanded shortly, leading you to his lab.
“Take a sit and do not touch anything.” He started searching cabinets and quickly found a small bottle. Mixed it with something on a table and gave you. “Drink it all, you will feel better. And expect a punishment after that.”

♚ Shu ♚
He smirked as you approached him, telling you’re sick.
“Such a troublesome woman…” He looked at you. “You should rest, right?” He moved. “Come here.” You hesitantly lied next to him and he wrapped his arms around your waist. He took a blanket and covered you two with it. “You’re warm… huh? Fever, you say? You should have it more often. Heh, only joking. Now sleep. Don’t stand up until you’re fine.”
You fell asleep aware of the fact he’s using your state to just cuddle with you.

♜ Subaru ♜
“W-what, are you dying?!” He, in the first moment, was really worried. Then you explained that’s only a cold. He looked relieved. “Huh… so… can I do anything for you?” Aww, he blushed! “O-oi, don’t look at me like that, I’m trying to help!” You started laughing. “Tch, you seem to be healthier than I thought you are…”
Then you sneezed and he started worrying again. He did anything he could to make you feel better.

This is Victorious Skullblood, my half orc wizard for a game I’m in, where he’s part of the advanced studies class of a dungeon delving arcane research academy. The class is made entirely of awkward oddballs, and the entire student body is gunning for them. It’s great. :D

Victorious is the first person in his family to go to university. He likes efficient but thorough study notes and meticulously coordinated outfits, has absolutely no concept of social nuance, and specialises in arcane couture.

Tsukinami Carla (1)

Shit short as shit and shitty as shit but shit cares. 

By me and @liasviel (she doesn’t know but shh)

- What is this supposed to mean?

He looked at her, his face not showing any emotions, as usually.

- I-it’s… - she stuttered, looking down at her hand. Her fingers were slightly burned and there was a small cut on the middle finger. - I-it’s nothing, nothing s-serious…

- You’re incredibly clumsy - he muttered, crossing his arms. - You have to clean and patch it up - he said and she looked up at him, but he still looked as if he actually didn’t care. 

She sighed quietly, disappointed.

- I-it’s nothing important, s-sir… - She bowed, trying to sound naturally.

His eyebrow twitched.

- I don’t want to see any scars on your hands. Go and do what I said.

She lowered your head even more, shivering at his harsh voice.

- Y-yes, sir! - She turned around and quickly walked away, not wanting to see his angry face. She held back tears, too proud to let them fall. Even if he didn’t care, she wouldn’t show that she did. She wouldn’t also say that she hurt herself while trying to improve her cooking skills since she enjoyed so much his pleased expression when he ate what she made.

- Nii-san? - sexy voice echoed in the living room (insert Revi’s fangirling) - Why did you say that…? It’s not like it matters… - he yawned.

Carla narrowed his eyes a bit, glancing at him briefly. Just before he walked away, he said:

- Only the King can make scars on his Queen’s body.

open rp

Hugo leaned against the wall, cigarette in hand, watching the rain fall slowly from the sky. He tried to observe each individual raindrop hitting the floor as he took a long puff of his cigarette. Forgetting his umbrella at home today ended up not being the best decision he ever made, but at least it gave him this moment of peace. His life had been a whirl spin of events lately, so something about sitting around watching the rain fall with nowhere to go felt perfect.

It wasn’t long before he noticed that someone was standing beside him, doing exactly what he was. He couldn’t help, but ponder what they were thinking about or going through at that exact moment. Hugo turned his body slightly towards the other person before speaking and referring to the cigarette in his hand, “Would you like one?”

La Lune et la Nuit

Seltik closed his eyes the moment their lips made contact, thinking it a bit strange if they were left open. He took the chance of intensifying their intimacy when her mouth opened more, sending his hand to caress the back of her head instead of holding it up by the chin.
The demon’s spare hand moved as well, placing itself on her back while he moved both their bodies closer to each other.

Rosalinda let their kiss continue to satisfy both their hunger. She allowed him to bring their bodies closer to each other, which made the angel shiver at the touch of his strong body.

Her tongue slipped into his mouth, having her tongue glide across his’ before she draws it back.


Breathless [Depths of Hope]

Closed RP starter for @the-winged-son-of-ra

A passionate, but reckless artist sat by the sea one evening. He hadn’t told anyone he would be coming here… his family and friends would have tried to stop him otherwise, that was why Yugi never told them when he was going to go draw, paint or take photos somewhere. He could understand their concern, but the violet eyed man was convinced that the most inspiration could only be summoned in special places, or by special people. His greatest pieces were born of hours sitting in uncommon places… places where he shouldn’t be. The tower of a church at night, the cemetery on top of a hill by dawn, the rooftop of a high building…

The edge of a cliff by the sea.

The view was magnificent, one that Yugi knew he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, and the ambience itself was inspiring too. It was quiet, except for the wind and the sound of the waves crashing against stone.

Right now, he was just standing there, taking in the view and thinking of what he wanted to depict in the photographs he was going to take. All of his equipment was waiting for him a few feet behind.

Yugi took a deep breath and shifted to turn and go get his camera to set it up, but the ground under his feet suddenly became unstable, and he soon realized the ledge he was standing on was going to crumble down. It all happened too quickly, and though he tried to make it to safe ground, the young man found himself falling.

He panicked, but there was nothing he could do. He stared at the water under him, quickly becoming nearer and something in the back of his head told him he wasn’t going to make it out alive of this one. Finally, for the first time in his life, he felt like he shouldn’t have been as reckless as to come to such a dangerous location. But it was too late. No one knew he was there, no one would come find him.

Soon his body hit the water, and it hurt like hell and it made his bones ache due to the coldness of the water. There was little air in his lungs, and his fall forced him so deep into the water that he didn’t think he could swim all the way back to the surface without collapsing first. And it only took a few seconds before he noticed his vision blurring and his consciousness fading. The last thing he saw before everything went dark, was a long, dark tail with reddish hues.

Siren Song {Closed}

Peevils had come to an impasse. She should go for the easy, guaranteed kill, but his friend was so much more interesting. Her charm usually drew them in like a moths to a flame, but not him.

It seems they were two birds of a feather. Two hunters baiting their trap. She could feel the energy behind his voice. The melody like honey, luring them in. Peevils had made her choice. Charm seemed to ooze from every pore in her body as she sweet talked her way backstage. Waiting patiently for the man to finish his set and come back, she fixed herself a drink.


The "Magic Mpreg Fairy" Roleplay

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While Smaug was somewhat roused by the sensation of his mate pressing up against him, all he did was murmur a soft, purring sound and curl his tail around the little Hobbit in response. A dragon’s slumber was deep - sometimes so deep that it was almost impossible to rouse them from it. Right now, Smaug was lost in dreams of a different bed, one that shifted beneath his weight and formed to his very body, made of precious jewels and countless coins and treasures…

“Mmmnuh…” he growled as he felt Bilbo suddenly bounce upright, one golden eye opening and his brow furrowing slightly. Smaug gathered the quilts around him and rolled around, trying to find his dreams again.

However, while they sleep deep, dragons are always wary of danger - and there was something in his lover’s panicked tone that had scales prickling on Smaug’s skin. Asleep one minute, awake the next second. The dragon sat up, pointed ears twitching, nostrils flaring as though trying to sniff out what troubled his mate.

“What is wro-" His words were abruptly cut short as his gaze fell upon the sight of Bilbo’s swollen belly. Smaug blinked once, and then again. "You did not inform me that you were capable of carrying young, Bilbo Baggins, or I might have taken greater precautions in bedding you." 

300 followers smut series - Day 6: Epilogue

[I thought this would just be a little bit of fun. There is implied smut but no actual smut. Honestly I was more excited writing this part than the actual smut. SURPRISE TWIST FOR MY BEAUTIFUL SMUTTERS. Again, please excuse my mistakes…Enjoy.]

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Crystal Ball/Beer Bottle edge Roleplay

Shadows- canine/feline like creatures made of shadows, messengers for NVM and Overseer

Liquid CB coughed up- high concentration of magic that builds up in the body. Some can handle large amounts while it makes others ill

‘Cece mal’- 'creators above’ in Void dialect

CB and Bottle’s abilities- connections to the Void and other realms leads to people gaining special 'talents’. Fusion, future telling and demonic 'summoning’ being just a few

~To be introduced/ formally introduced
NVM, LSB, The Rift, The Overseer and his followers

Realm Walkers- Canine like creatures the have masks covering their faces. Act as transportation from realm to realm

Ink Well, Tamara, Marble, Cloud Dad, and Cookie Dad

Allistar, (possibly Ryden, Hime, Vargas, and Astral)

Mod and Mun CC

Date, Donny Style || Larry Stylinson

I woke up before Harry, something that didn’t happen a lot. I opened my eyes slowly I was on my left side, Harry’s strong chest against my back. I slowly reached out looking at my phone, it was almost 10 am. I gasped we rarely, or Harry, rarely did. I tested out my limbs, everything seemed to work but my bum was so sore. I would surely be limping today. I gently got out of Harry’s grasp. I giggled as a pout formed on his face. I gently ruffled his curls before making my way to the bathroom to wash out all the dried cum and blood off my body. I made a mental note to tell him he needed take is easier, or I may in in a wheel chair. I was washing my hair when I felt arms circle my waist. I opened my eyes, looking up to the soaked alpha. “Hi, Hazza,” I said turning around his arms before pecking him on the lips. “How did you sleep?”


Awaken || Closed


Thoth was always drawn to darkness. Ever since he was a child, he was interested in anything mysterious, especially things that didn’t occur as completely legal to his people.

As he grew up, his attention was shifting more and more towards the power of the Underwold and its master, Anubis. Fascination and jealousy fogged young Toth’s mind as he performed ritual every single night in order to gain as much power as his idol.

The last ritual he performed required the sacrifice of his parents, and on that day he embraced a new name - Tenebris.

It wasn’t too long before people of his city found out about the horrific things Tenebris did and they punished him rightfully. Before he was thrown into his cell, he was severly burned,  then wrapped in a gauze, chained and locked in a sarcophagus - alive.

Before he fell unconscious he made a deal with a demon - when he would be awoken again and set free, he’s going to gain all the powers he’s been working so hard to get.

What he didn’t know he already gained was immortality and eternal youth, so his body is perfectly preserved, looking like he’s only been sleeping for more than 2000 years.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Doctor!Tae roleplay with shy gf n lots of teeth n tongue? Luv luv luv your blog, mmmah~

V smut- Admin G

You stared at the door and bit your lip, fidgeting on the bed with excitement. You and Taehyung had a very good sex life, but lately you two had been fantasizing about each other in a different setting and roles so you both decided to try and do a little roleplaying. That night you two were acting out on of your mutual fantasies.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write about what kind of lingerie the bidders like on MC?

Kinda suggestive but nothing explicit.


Soryu: He likes something more demure on you. Maybe something white that makes you look pure and innocent. His favorite is babydoll that is made of satin because he likes to touch and feel.
“It feels nice on your body,” he said shyly as he continued to caress your body over the thin material.

Baba: Baba likes everything. But if he has to choose something for you, it’ll be something that can be used for roleplay. Black dominatrix corset or very sexy ruby red lingerie so you can play thief and cop. You probably refused if you’re shy so his second option is the playboy bunny type of lingerie.
“No, that is also not an option, Baba.”
He whined like a child, “But… I already compromised.”

Mamoru: Mamoru is pretty conservative so he would choose something black or boyshorts. He thought he did not care about what you wear until one day you decided to surprise him.

Sitting in the dimly lit room, you waited for him to enter the room. You only wore his boxers with nothing to cover your chest. He walked inside and loosened his tie. He paused the moment he saw you. His pupils dilated and he stopped breathing for a couple seconds.
“What are you doing?” he asked as he tried to control the blood that went down south to a specific region. Something about seeing you in something his drove him crazy. He was pretty possessive actually.

So his favorite “lingerie” is you wearing something that belongs to him: his boxers, shirts, etc.

Eisuke: Eisuke likes something classy but sexy. Maybe transparent lace with a simple pearl necklace as an accessory. ((For some reasons, I kept imagining that Eisuke would love pearls on MC.)) Either that or a corset where he can undress you slowly by pulling the strings with his teeth.

Ota: A corset or a bustier with garter belt. Something tight fitting where he can admire your body shape. When you wear it, he will be surprised because he doesn’t expect you to wear something revealing. So he will just stand there and look at you until you ask for him to take you.


a/n: Thanks for asking! It’s interesting and I gotta do lingerie research on this ;D

More headcanons [x]

The estate was vast; sprawling endlessly in any direction, with twisting pathways and secret hideaways. There were trees with empty swings delicately hanging, and quaint, perfectly positioned ponds to rest beside. In the centre, surrounded by meticulously trimmed, lush green grass and the reds and yellows of flowers clipped to perfection, stood the main home of the Arryn family. 

She did not concern herself with those pretty things in that moment. A half mile from the large house was where the small crowd had gathered, dressed in greys and black and soot and coal. Few had made the journey, to pay their respects. because few were left to make the trip at all. And as to her own siblings, well, it was believed a clean break would be best. 

She wore long skirt, plain and dark, to match a buttoned blouse and cloche hat borrowed from her aunt’s vast wardrobe; she had nothing of her own there, having been refused time to gather her personal belongings in the frantic scuffle. In front of her, a beautifully designed coffin was being lowered, lowered into the ground. Inside the ornate, swirling patterns atop wood rested her mother, cold and still and rotting. 

She did not cry; the last time she thought to shed a tear her aunt had gripped her hand, coldly, in warning. Lysa Arryn was not a patient woman, nor was she a friendly or kind or pleasant woman. She sat next to her then, stoic and uncaring; her perfectly plastered makeup was not marred by signs of grief, but it also did not conceal her shrewd, rodent-like face or cruel eyes. 

Behind her, she heard a man whispering to another, “who’s that?” And so the girl turned, in the sort of apathetic, idly curiosity manner gifted to someone who had just known great loss, until she saw the figure in question. 

He was more shadow than person; the sun seemed to miss him entirely, favouring instead the shrubs and plants on either side. It was a he, she was certain by his posture and lack of curves, and he was simply watching from afar. Her own brows furrowed, mentally ticking off every friend or foe of her mother’s, coming up decidedly short. 

Who was he?

The evening proved to be exactly what she had expected; almost-strangers offering almost-sincere condolences, and she lost count of how many times she was called, “poor girl,” or someone praised her aunt’s selfless act of taking the orphaned child in. She had learned, even in such a short time, that her aunt might be many things, but selfless was not one of them. 

She found herself searching for the man from earlier, the intrigue providing a suitable distraction from all other less favourable emotions. She surveyed the large dining hall, walked some of the hallways, and even stole into the kitchens in an attempt to discover that enigmatic, shadowed form. And eventually, her efforts provided results. 

Leaning against the wall, hiding in plain sight, it was him. The greying temples struck her first, he must be older then, a contrast to his youthfully thin body. He found it hard to determine what colour his eyes were, exactly, as she made her way to stand in front of him.

“I saw you earlier. At the funeral.” Was it an accusation? Her tone might have suggested as much. “Who are you?”

Lost Boys - OPEN RP

It had only been a few weeks since the twins decided to leave the orphanage. They had found a small alley to hide in, collecting a few things from garbage cans and nearby stores to make their shelter and home. Staying out of sight didn’t matter, as no one was looking for them, but also impossible when you had two heads but one body. People stared where ever they went, made pickpocketing harder, not impossible though.

For now, they were setting up their cot for the night when noises from the end of the alley disturbed them. Hesitantly, they looked at each other before approaching the noise.

“..Hello..?” The twin on the left called out, while the twin on the right clung to his brother’s arm.

Closed roleplay

with jessie-the-rocket 

It was late, and getting cold outside as Team Rocket made yet another attempt to follow the twerps, and find their Pikachu, though James honestly hoped that they could find another Pokemon instead, on their way; he really did not enjoy walking in the cold, or the darkness, either, and he was beginning to get sore.

His body forcing him to stop and sit against some nearby rocks, he sighed, his eyes feeling a bit blurry, though he shook it off, hugging himself to brush cold feeling off of himself, was it getting colder?  "Why don’t we look for a place to sleep for the night?“ he suggested to his friends, feeling his shoulder length blue purple hair blow against his back.