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BTS Reaction to: their S/O sending pictures of lingerie during their practice

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This boy almost wouldn’t be able to handle it when you sent him a few selfies of you in pretty black lace. He’d swallow passed the dryness forming in his throat, try to blink away the rush washing over him. His body would be jittery suddenly, squirming in his seat while Jimin sang in the booth before him. Something akin to embarrassment would paint his cheeks with roses, not that he didn’t love it when you teased him like this. He simply wasn’t used to your bold actions and it made him feel like his head was spinning whenever you pulled a stunt like this. The images would surely come as a surprise, catching him off guard especially in the middle of recording. Still, he wouldn’t deny that it ignited a fire in the pit of his stomach and made him much too eager to get home to you so he could love you down. He’d take a soft breath before texting back, the ghost of a smile burning amidst his flushing face.

“You look so beautiful! But you don’t have to send pics, I like it when you surprise me. I’ll be home soon.”


If you sent a picture to Yoongi during his practice, especially if he was in the middle of writing, you couldn’t expect a text back right away. The photo you blessed him with would be a lavish treat, one he would certainly want to reward you for, but he’s too level-headed and submerged in his work to tell you right away. He would glimpse at his phone when it lit up next to where he was scribbling lyrics, leaning back a little in his chair and allowing a chuckle to slip from the back of his throat. A smug smile lifted the corners of his lips as he licked them, taking his precious time drinking in the sight of you. After a moment, he’d lock his phone and set it back next to his work, face down this time. As much as he cherished every moment of your digital sensuality, he would need to finish whatever he was working on before allowing himself to indulge in you. But as soon as he could, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell you just how appreciative he was.

“I love it so much when you send me texts like this. Fuck, I can’t stop staring at that photo. When I come home, why don’t you sit on my face and let me show you just how thankful I am for everything you do for me, baby?”


Hobi would be in the middle of going through a dance routine when he decided he needed to catch his breath. He’d be skimming through his phone, patting down his glowing face with a towel, when he’d spot your message in his notifications. Instantly his heart would race, eyes lighting up behind his lashes. A bright grin would overtake his face, heat crawling up his neck and nestling in his chubby cheeks when your picture filled up his screen. He’s the type to forget the nature of the picture and its intent to turn him on. Instead, he’d go straight to overly-affectionate boyfriend mode who cannot comprehend the beauty that was his significant other. He’d be so giddy, so amazed by you, so enraptured and smitten.

“Oh my god!! That’s my baby!! Holy shit you look so good, you’re breathtaking!! How did I get to be so damn lucky!! I cannot believe I have the most beautiful significant other in the entire universe!!” A plethora of heart emojis would be scattered between all of his sweet compliments, and he’d be beaming for the rest of the day.


Teasing Namjoon was all too fun, especially when you knew it would be at the most inconvenient times. The threat of punishment that always followed your teasing riled you up in ways you never failed to take advantage of. Namjoon was spending some time with the rap line, working on a new song for the upcoming comeback, when his phone buzzed in the pocket of his souvenir jacket. He ignored it at first, assuming that you had simply forgotten that he was at work and would retract into waiting for him as soon as you realized. However, when his phone buzzed not once, not twice, but three more times, he cleared his throat and glimpsed apologetically between Hoseok and Yoongi before meekly requesting for a short five-minute break. Standing up to take a step away from where they sat on the grass, he reeled out his phone and unlocked his messages only for blood to jolt south through his body.

Texting back at a ferocious speed with a clenched jaw and furrowed brows, he warned, “Princess, keep teasing daddy like this with that pretty lingerie and you’ll get punished when I’m done at work. But that’s what you want isn’t it? I know you love it when I spank you.”


Jimin would react in one of two ways, depending on his mood that day. Some days he is the small, shy mochi that blushes profusely at the smallest things, and other days he can kill a man with just a quick side glance through his blonde fringe. More often than not, he’d love the thrill of you sending explicit pictures during his practices. The possibility of one of the other boys seeing you like that, sprawled out on the sheets and sitting pretty for him, made his blood rush. Noticing his phone going off in his pocket, he’d slyly fish it from his tight jeans and keep it hidden beneath the table as he unlocked it. Nerves were tingling in spine as he squinted at the bright screen, only to inhale sharply and quickly lock his phone back up. Only Jungkook sitting next to him seemed to notice his strange behavior, nudging his arm a little. Politely excusing himself with a nod of his head, he’d step out, legs feeling heavy beneath the weight of his arousal, dark lashes fluttering on his flushing cheeks. 

“My beautiful, sweet baby. I can’t wait to come home and push those pretty panties to the side so I can taste you. Would you like that? My tongue on you for hours?”


Taehyung is an absolute tease himself, so moments like these where you teased him were dangerous. He always found a way to bite back with ten times the suffering. It was during a water break mid-dance practice that he picked up his phone from the floor, mindlessly swiping through the messages until your contact name sparked his curiosity. The small picture preview seemed promising, and he was quick to unlock his cell, eyes trained on the device while he tilted his water bottle and gulped down the refreshment. Once loaded, he choked, spluttering on water and eagerly zooming in to see every detail of your body presented to him through the text. Nervous eyes scattered around the room, ensuring that none of the other boys would notice his disappearance. His fingers clutched his water bottle too tight, choking the plastic the way his jeans were his hardening dick, as he pushed into a stall in the nearest bathroom and locked himself in. It took him a few tries to get his jeans unbuttoned with how his hand was shaking with excitement. His lower abdomen was exposed, fine lines chiseling his body, free hand snaked beneath the confines of his clothes. He wanted to show just enough to make your stomach flip, to dangle the threat of pleasure just out of your reach.

“Oh sweetheart, you look SO stunning in that red lace. Had to sneak away from the boys and find a little relief. You’d better still be wearing that when I get home.”


Jungkook can be pretty cocky, so whenever you would send him pictures like that, he wouldn’t hesitate to save them. He probably has an entire private folder on his phone just for pictures of you, the ones that make him bite his lip and clench his jaw and breathe a little heavier. Whenever you send them to him, doesn’t matter when, he feels his ego boost ten fold. He would be fiddling around on his phone during practice while Tae and Jimin worked out a part of the chorus together when your name popped up on his screen, already painting a bright smile on his face. That smile would falter and muddle into a sly smirk at the sight before him, the boy quick to hit the save button and wet his lips with the tip of his tongue. While the others worked, he’d continue to savor the image, letting it burn into the back of his eyelids so that all he’d have to do to see you so perfect and needy for him is close his eyes. Taking a moment to suck in a puff of air and let out a soft hum from the back of his throat, he’d feel his body heating up as he shot back a quick reply.

“Where did you get that? It looks so fucking good. Jesus Christ. Have any more pics you want to send me, babylove?”

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"Baby, please." Shawn speaks from where his head lays on the pillows of the bed, as you sit between his legs after teasing him for a while. "Please what?" You giggle from below him. "Pl-please just let me come." He begs, unable to speak to his full potential from what your doing to him. "Where? Use your words shawn." You say firmly, smirking up at him as his eyes tug open, blinking down at you. "Let m-me come inside y-you" - Carry on??? Give us enough this time cause YOU KILL MEEE

Shawn would be such a mess at that point. His whole face flushed with a pink that spreads down his neck and over his chest. His chest heaving up and down with exhausted pants. His bare stomach glistening with sweat. And his cock… his thick cock laying against his belly, as hard as it gets, raspberry red at the tip and leaking milky streaks of precome against his own skin.

You’d have teased him to a breaking point before then; nearly ruining him with all of the techniques up your sleeve. First laying him down on the bed for a nice, deep massage to the inside of his thighs, then giving him a gentle hand job before swallowing him down and letting him spend some time at the back of your throat.

Now, he’d be desperate to have a release. Or your permission to release, rather. And he’d beg you for it in such a broken little voice… pleading with you to be allowed between your legs and to leave every bit of his cum deep inside of you.

“Okay, you can fuck me,” you’d finally relinquish, crawling away from him and laying on your back with a smirk. Spreading your legs for him and revealing your slickness so that he could see how much the process of wrecking him had wrecked you, too.

He’d scramble to you, thanking you as he did so, his poor, teased and dripping cock bobbing around with his movements, forehead creasing in concentration as he grips hard to the base of his cock with one hand then splays the other against your stomach, dipping the thumb down to flick over your swollen clit.

“Fuck, baby.” You’d groan, his ministrations knocking you off your dominant game for a bit as you glanced down at where he was giving you friction. “What’s this?”

“Getting you close,” he’d choke out.

“But I didn’t ask for your fingers. You know what I want.”

“I know what you want, but I’m getting you close first. You know what you’ve done to me… Won’t even last a minute inside you at this point.” He’d pause just long enough to lick the pad of his thumb and then he’d keep going. “Need to get you close.”

He’d keep rubbing you, tight and firm circles over your bud, until it feels that every ounce of blood in your body has concentrated to your center and you’re pulling his hand away before you go over.

He’d quickly let his hips fall between your legs at that point, positioning himself at your entrance and pushing into with a deep thrust that bottoms him out and fills you up. Digging his head into the crook of your neck to gasp hot breaths against your skin as his thrusts slap against you desperately, making both of you cry out.

Fucking… Shit!” He’d grab your breast hard with one hand and the top of the mattress with the other. “T-tell me I can cum, baby. Please… y-you need to tell me I can cum.”

“God, Shawn, almost… Just get me there first,” you’d moan. “Always me first.”

He’d press into you hard enough to knock the breath out of you and pin you there without motion, letting go of your breast to return the hand to your core and the thumb to your clit, rubbing you roughly and biting your earlobe and making you snap.

Every muscle in your body would go tight with the pressure of your orgasm. And, to Shawn, it would feel like the inside of you was a fist just squeezing his cock. He’d growl at the pleasure, letting out every single bit of pent up energy that he’d been holding inside of himself since the beginning of the night then, snapping his pelvis down in thrusts that bordered on animalistic, chanting your name as your pulsing wetness brought him to a climax that later on he’d admit was worth every bit of the wait…

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4. flintwood

The sliver of sunlight beaming into the room through a small gap in the curtains washed over the right side of Oliver’s face and illuminated the gentle dusting of freckles decorating his skin. He squinted into the sunlight, wiping the physical layer of grogginess from his presence by stretching out his muscles and feverishly blinking out the sleep from the corners of his eyes. Oliver was… confused. He didn’t recognise the emerald drapes surrounding the bed, nor the ignorantly loud ticking grandfather’s clock settled in the corner of the room. This definitely wasn’t his bedroom, nor was it a room in his house for that matter.

Oliver shot up, groaning at the flash of pain that darted from one side of his brain to the other. It felt like a small electric shock warning his whole body to not move that quickly for the foreseeable future, and also like a firm telling off from the mature part of his brain for getting so irresponsibly drunk. He wanted to panic and deduce where he was, but, alongside the pain tainting his forehead, the warm body to his right also stopped him in his tracks. He definitely didn’t remember coming home with anyone, or meeting anyone wherever he was last night; the bare chest and ominous pile of clothes donning the foot of the bed didn’t fill Oliver with any reassurance that he’d been responsible last night.

“Merlin you don’t have to move so fast,” the once motionless lump murmured. The voice sounded oddly familiar, the demeaning and critical tone resonating with Oliver for some unsettlingly peculiar reason. “Not all of us like waking up at the crack of dawn.”

“Wait-” Oliver started, audibly groaning when he realised who the person lying beside him was. “Marcus, why are you here, why are you shirtless and what happened last night?”

“Glad our rendezvous was memorable for you, babe. Nice knowing you were satisfied,” Marcus chuckled, the husky morning filter to his voice breaking with a hint of sarcasm as he spoke. “What do you think happened, Wood? Surely the lack of clothes, mind-splitting headache and alcoholic after-taste in your mouth speak for themselves.”

I’m too sober for this,” Oliver murmured. “Far too sober. I can’t process this right now.”

“If you’re too sober I’m always up to get you drunk again, Oliver,” Marcus helpfully offered, smiling up at Oliver through half-closed eyes. “You say, and do, some incredible things when there’s a drink in your hands.”

Imagine waking up beside J after a night of drinking.

“Jesus Christ,” you grumbled pulling the blanket up over your head. You had a killer headache this morning and the faint memory of tequila shots.

You heard a groan from beside you and immediately sat up. Clearly, you hadn’t made it home last night.

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What kind of heated argument did they have that time Suzu asked Obi if Shirayuki and Yuzuri and garack all proposed to him at the same time (chapter 39.5) did he pick Shirayuki immediately!? Or just studies the situation with the three of them XD


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*I tried posting this earlier but for some reason there was a problem. If two copies appear at some point I’m sorry 😂
Requested - Rocket has a nightmare about his past. Reader asks him about it and Rocket opens up to them for the first time. Enjoy guys 💚*

Rocket jolted from his sleep. His eyes darted around the room manically searching the darkness surrounding him. He took a few shakey breaths and noticed the hoarseness of his throat. He must have been shouting in hos sleep again. After gathering himself and limiting the trembling of his small body he slowly sat up from his bed. He blinked a few times and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. It was always like this. Rocket has been running off minimal sleep for a few months now and it was starting to take a tole on him. Every night he was back there… strapped to that bed… surrounded by wires and surgical tools… Rocket shook his head to clear the memories; his subconscious had scared him enough for one night. He let his legs dangle over the edge of the bed for a second before pushing himself off completely and landing on the cool metal of the ship floor with a thud. After stumbling blindly over the tools scattered around his floor he found the door to his room and opened it.
You sat with your blanket draped over your shoulder. You hugged your knees up to your chest and watched the galaxy pass you by from the pilot’s seat. With all the running around and saving the galaxy you never got time to truly admire it. The patter of claws hitting the floor pulled you from your thoughts.
“Couldn’t sleep either huh?” You asked not turning your gaze from the window.
“Nah.” You heard Rocket’s gruff voice whisper from behind you.
Rocket made his way to the co-pilot chair and hopped up onto it. You finally looked at him. His fur was matted on one side of his face and he has the top half of his jumpsuit tied around his waist exposing the top half of his body. It was rare Rocket let anyone see this much of him. Your eyes were instantly drawn to the pieces of metal protruding from his collarbones. He sensed your gaze on him and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. You noticed his discomfort and returned to looking out of the window.
“What you doing up this early?” Rocket asked scratching behind his ear. “You should be asleep like everyone else.”
You glanced back over to him and were met by his dark brown eyes studying you. You paused wondering if you should tell him the real reason you were up.
“I heard you screaming.” Rocket’s eyes darted away and you noticed his ears flatten against his head slightly. “Fourth time this week Rocket…” You kept your gaze fixated on him. “You can always talk to me you know? It might help.”
“It’s nothing… Don’t worry about it.” Rocket ran his fingers through the crumpled fur on the side of his face after catching a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of the window.
“It has been over two months now… I understand if you don’t want to talk about it to me but don’t do us both the injustice of lying through your teeth. It’s okay to not be okay.”
You hadn’t known each other for too long; half a year maybe. You couldn’t blame him for not trusting you enough, you were suprised he was still sitting with you if you were being completely honest. It hurt though, hurt to know he didn’t consider you that close of a friend to talk about what was bothering him. You had found yourself drawn to him as soon as the two of you had met. His quick wit and ability to create weapons out of nothing but a toothpick and some scrap metal; you couldn’t help but be impressed. Quickly your admiration turned to love but you could never bring yourself to tell him. The thought of him rejecting you was too much to take.

“I…I can’t.” Rocket whispered lowering his head.

“You can’t?” You were confused by his answer.

“I… I can’t do this anymore.” He stopped and considered leaving but something about you made his words tumble from his mouth quicker than he could stop them. “I’m so tired (f/n) but everytime I close my eyes I’m back there, back in that place. I though I was over it y'know? But it’s happening again -the nightmares are coming back and I-I can’t escape them.” He was shaking and you could hear the trembling of his voice. He was holding back tears, he didn’t want to let you see him cry.
“I just want to forget… I want to get some actual sleep for a change instead of feeling like crap all of the time.” A small tear escaped from the corner of his eye which he was quick to wipe away.

You stood up taking your blanket with you.
“Come on.” You said walking towards the small table and seating area next to the kitchen of the ship. Confused, Rocket scampered behind you on all fours trying to keep up.
“Go get comfortable.” You said with a warm smile and nodded towards the booth of seats. Rocket did as he was told and jumped up. He watched as you made the two of you some hot chocolate that you had took from earth when you and Peter took a trip there a few months ago.
Once you had finished making the drinks you walked back over to Rocket and slid his across the table. He caught it and sniffed it unsure of if he trusted the liquid in the mug. He had never tried hot chocolate before.
“It’s good, try it.” You smiled taking a sip from your own. Rocket hesitantly drank some. His eyes seemed to light up a little at the taste making you smile.
You adjusted your blanket so it covered both you. Rocket scooted closer to you and took another sip of his drink.

“What’s made the nightmares worse?” You asked quietly wrapping your arm around his back and stroking his arm.

You knew a little bit about Rocket’s past. How he was ripped apart and pieced back together again in the name of science. How anyone could do that to him was beyond you. He was a sweet guy and you were angry about the suffering he had endured.

“I don’t know. Guess my mind had been preoccupied but lately we haven’t been doing much so I’m starting to think about it more. I can normally ignore it but lately it’s gotten worse. What if it never gets better? What if I never get over it?”

“The nightmares?” You ask.

“The pain. Everything hurts (f/n). It feels like every bone in my body is broken and my skin is on fire. What if it gets worse?” Another tears fell down his cheek and got caught in his fur. He didn’t bother to hide that one.

“I’m so sorry Rocket.” You whispered removing your arm from around him not wanting to make the pain worse. He looked up at you hating the loss of contact.

“Why’d you stop?” He asks with a quivering lip.

“You said you were in pain. The last thing I want is to do is hurt you even more.” The concern was evident in your voice. He smiled with watery eyes at your words. No one apart from Groot and ever shown concern for him.

“You ain’t hurting me, can’t make it any worse at least. It felt nice, y'know, better than what I normally feel.” Rocket mumbled shyly.
It had been a long time since anyone had shown him affection and he found himself craving it. His tough guy persona didn’t exactly help him out in that respect. He scooted closer and snuggled into your side. With a smile you wrapped your arm back around him and kissed the top of his head.

“I can’t promise that it will get better Rocket, but I can promise that I will be here for you when things get tough. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you ever need to.” You smiled placing another kiss on top of his head.
“I won’t.” Rocket whispered. “Thank you (f/n).”

You stroked the bald patch where metal had been pierced into his skin. The scars were uneven and jagged letting you know that the scientists that did it to him weren’t gentle and didn’t care about how he healed. To your suprise Rocket didn’t flinch or tense up at your touch. In fact he sighed and snuggled closer to you allowing his eyes to close. Although he hated his scars and felt like he should be ashamed of them you didn’t seem to mind them.

The two of you sat there together long after the drinks were finished. Only when you heard the light snoring from Rocket did you realise the time. The others would be up soon and you felt it best to move Rocket back to his room.
Gently you scooped Rocket up in your arms and headed towards the sleeping quaters, dragging your blanket behind you. Rocket mumbled in his sleep and grabbed a hold of your black vest top. You looked down at him and smiled. Not wanting to risk waking him up by removing his hands you decided to take him back you your room. Slowly you tiptoed across your bedroom and lowered down onto your bed. Rocket curled up on your chest and you pulled your blanket over the two of you.

Rocket woke up late in the afternoon. For the first time in a long time he felt rested. He slowly pushed himself up only to realise that he wasn’t in his own room. You were still asleep beneath him and he remembered everything you had done for him the night before.
“Thank you.” He whispered not wanting to wake you up. Slowly he leant down to place a kiss to your cheek. He blushed under his fur and with a shy smile he returned to lying on your chest. In that moment he made a promise to himself to protect you from everything and anything and to always be there for you the way you were there for him. He had started to care for you more than he cared to admit… For now at least. He closed his eyes and was happy to be met with images of you and him snuggled together drinking hot chocolate.


a concept: as third year students, aizawa and his classmates were tasked to look after a pair of kids with quirks