his birthday is tomorrow. the 16th. i just felt like posting it already

What Happened (Sammy Wilk Imagine)

I gasped in pain as I put weight on my left wrist. My wrist had been hurting for about a week now. I wasn’t sure why my wrist was hurting but I was glad that my boyfriend Sam wasn’t here. He freaks out every time I get hurt no matter what. It could be a paper cut and he wants me to go to a hospital.

I called my mom, making sure she was still coming to Cali for Christmas of staying home by herself.

I clicked call on her contact, the phone ringing.

(N=Nancy, M=Mom)
N: Hey mom! You still coming here for Christmas?
M: Yes, Nancy. I have the tickets and everything. My bags are packed and in the corner of my room by my closet. How’s Sam doing?
N: He’s doing good! He won’t be home sadly until the 18th.
M: I’m sorry sweetie. But on the bright side I’m coming up on the 16th. We can have some girl time.
N: That’s true mom. Hey I want to talk more but I have to go to the doctors. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, mom. Love you!

I hung up after saying goodbye to my mom. I sighed, now the doctors.

45 minutes later I’m sitting in a uncomfortable chair at 6:00 at night. Just waiting for my name to be called.

“Nancy Lowry?” An older woman asked.
I stood up and walked over to her, “that’s me, Ma'am.”
“Okay miss. Lowry. I’ll be checking your wrist and then the doctor will.”

Once she led me to the room, she asked some questions. Like, are you sexually active, how much do you weight, etc…

10 minutes later after the questions my doctor comes in snapping on his gloves.

“I’m glad your not in here for pregnancy scare, Nancy. I’m pretty sure your mom and Sam would have my head.” He joked.
I slaked my head, “naw. My mom would have my head. Sam however would have your head for checking me.” I joked back.
“Still not ready to be a grandparent?” Dr. Martin asked, talking about my mom.
“No. She’s in denial that she’s old. She thinks that she’s still in her 30’s. It’s scary.”
“Well now it’s time to go to business,” he looked at the notes that the nurse took. “I can already tell your going to need to wear a wrist brace for 1 week more.”
“Do you know why?” I asked.
“You put to much weight on it so you need to take it easy.” He grabbed a wrist brace from the cabinet behind him. “Keep this, okay? Anytime your wrist starts hurting put it on.”
I smiled at him, “thank you.”
“Your welcome” he said handing me my wrist brace. “I’ll see you next month for your check up.”
I got up from the bed and put on my coat, “see you Dr. Martin.”

3 hours later it’s 10:00 and I’m in the comfort of my home with a wrist brace I want to take off. Feeling sleepy I text Sam telling him I love him and to have a fun night with the guys. Getting comfortable in my bed, I slowly drift to sleep.

2:37 A.M

Waking up to the bed shifting, I roll over to the right side where the door is. Expecting to see the door I’m surprised to see Sam there in front of me on our bed. Not looking away I search for the switch on the lamp by me. Finally finding it the light fills the room.

“Hey.” Sam says.
I stare at him in shock. All he has to say is hey? “What happened?” I asked him, sitting up.
He bit his lip, “I lied about when I was coming home. I wanted to surprise you and so did the guys.”

I shifted all my weight on my left hand on accident. Letting out a yelp, I cradle my hand. Sam sat up quickly upon hearing me in pain.

He looked at my hand in the wrist brace. He narrowed his eyes at me and the wrist brace trapping my left hand.

“What happened? How long have you had it?” He said through his teeth.
“My wrist gas been hurting me for a week. I went to the doctor today and they told me to stay off it for a week.” I explained.
“Why didn’t you tell me that your wrist was hurting?” Sam said pissed off.
“You were on tour Sam! If I had told you, you would have rushed home and not stayed for the rest of your tour dates. I really don’t need another reason for your fans to not like me. Besides I went to the doctor and got it checked out. I’m fine!”
He stood up, “I don’t know because I’m your boyfriend? I love you! Did you think of that!”
“Of course I thought of that! How do you think I feel when your finally not in the studio and decide to hang out with the guys and leave me home alone? The exact same way you feel right now!”

He stared at me for a few minutes, “I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “I didn’t know you felt that way”.
I sighed, “ I’m sorry too. I should have called you and told you what was going on.” I glanced at the clock, 2:37 A.M flashed at me. “I know you don’t really care for airplane food so how bout I make you something”.
He nodded his head yes.

I got up from the bed on Sam’s side . I was about to take a step forward when he picked me.

“Sam!” I yelled.
He grinned down at me, “my baby girl is not aloud to do anything without me”.
I narrowed my eyes at him playfully, “ I think that’s for your benefit more than mine.”
He kissed my lips, mumbling against them, “I thought you liked taking showers with me.”
“I never said I didn’t, daddy”.

Only got a few other things to post for Sam’s birthday! Also part two 😉?