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Promises, Both Kept and Unkept

pairing: philip hamilton x reader but also dad!john laurens x reader

word count: 2600

warnings: swearing, cheating

prompt/request: “um…hi, can you write something where the reader is john laurens’ daughter whose dating philip, but he cheats on her & laurens comforts her. ok thx :)” from @riiotkid

a/n: this one takes place in two different time periods - when they were kids (italics) and when they were dating. it’s kind of emo and sad but either way, enjoy! <3

“Kiddo, a new family moved in next door!”

You looked up from your coloring pages and frowned. “Da-ad,” you whined, “I’m coloring.”

Your father, John Laurens, laughed and shook his head, bending down to grab your hand. “Come on, Y/N, let’s just go say hi and then you can come back and color. It’ll be five minutes. I promise.”

You stuck your bottom lip out in a pout. “Fine,” you said stubbornly, getting up with reluctance and following your dad out of the front door.

It was a sunny afternoon in August; one that has stuck in your memory for years after. You remember every wavering blade of grass, every fluttering leaf on the trees surrounding your home. The sidewalk was hot, nearly steaming, and the breeze was little relief from the scorching light beating down on you. You looked up at your father to see him shading his eyes, and you repeated the action as you both approached your new neighbor’s house.

You saw him and everything changed.

He was so cute. Cuter than any of the boys in your middle school. His face was splattered with freckles, and his small eyes were shining and bright in the summer sun. As you walked up, a man was bending down to meet the small boy’s height, reaching to the back of his head and trying to pull the wild curls flowing down his back into a ponytail.

“Phil, if your hair gets in your face while you’re carrying boxes, you’re going to fall,” the older man said.

“Da-ad, I’m not gonna fall!” the boy, apparently Phil, complained.

“Phil. You’re going to fall and we both know it.”

Phil pouted the same as you had earlier and crossed his arms over his chest. “Fine.”

“Excuse me?” your father said as the two of you approached. “You’re Alexander, right?”

The man, whom your father just referred to as Alexander, stood up straight and smiled. “Yeah, that’s me,” he said with a nod. “You must be… John, was it? Eliza told me about you.”

Eliza? you thought to yourself. You didn’t know who that was.

“Yeah, I’m John,” your father replied, holding his hand out. Alexander shook it firmly. “This is Y/N.”

Alexander crouched down and held his hand out to you. “Y/N, is it?” he repeated, eyes sparkling. “Nice to meet you.”

“N-nice to meet you too,” you replied, shaking his hand.

“Do you guys need help movin’ in?” your father offered as Alexander stood up once more.

“Yeah,” Alexander responded, slipping his hands into the back pocket of his worn-out jeans. “That’d be great, man, thanks. Little Philip over here can only carry one box at a time, and Eliza’s setting everything up inside.”

“I can carry one and a half,” Philip corrected from the stairs, where he had collapsed during your introduction.

“I can help you!” you exclaimed, practically tripping over yourself as you ran over to the young boy. “I’m strong, just like my dad, see? Look at these muscles!”

Philip laughed and pushed himself off of the stairs. ”I have more muscles,” he said, rolling up the sleeve of his t-shirt and flexing his bicep. “See?”

“No, I do!” you protested, trying to flex yours even more.

“Well, let’s see who can carry the most boxes from the moving truck up the stairs and into the house,” Philip said. “Then we’ll know.”

“You’re on.”

Philip took your hand in his and together, the two of you ran over to the moving truck.

And things hadn’t been the same since.

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Happy Birthday (HP next gen)

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James Sirius Potter x reader

How to read: (Y/N) your name, (Y/H) your house

Warring: low key smut, fluff

Summary: James Sirius Potter, son of the wizarding world’s savior and every teenage girl’s dream. He’s highly annoying a cocky and you have claimed to dislike the boy but, that doesn’t stop him from winning your heart. Its is 17th birthday and you want to give a one of a kind present. So naturally you ask Ginny for advice…

You were in the kitchen at the Potter’s house. You were helping Ginny in the kitchen, she had asked for you help with dinner. The windows were open and the warm summer breeze flowed through the window. The sun was low in the sky.

Today was an important day in the Potter house. Today was James Sirius’s 17th birthday. You had been closed to the Potter family since birth but, it was only natural considering you were the daughter of Neville Longbottom. The two families were very close.

You and James had an interesting relationship to say the least. Currently the two of you were on friendly terms. He normally got on your nerves quite quickly, always trying to make moves and makings flirty comments that normally leads to him getting jinxed. He was also constantly asking you to got to Hogsmeade with him and you refuse every time. It’s annoying because you can’t even get away from the bloke because he is the captain of the Gryffindor Quittage team and you are a beater on the (Y/H) Quittage team. Honestly the boy seemed to have no shame.

You obviously didn’t think the guy was ugly. Oh no, he was one of the hottest guys in the bloody school but, you would never admit that. Yes he was annoying but, he was okay…. Some times. It was a constant mental battle with your feelings for him.

You were cleaning a dish by hand considering the fact that you were not of age yet, therefore could not use magic. You sideways glanced at Ginny. You didn’t have a gift for James yet but, the party wasn’t for about an hour.

After awhile of cleaning you were waiting for the perfect time to ask, “Hey Ginny?” You said finally. She turned to look at you.

“What is it dear?” She asked with a kind smile. Her smile lines showed.

You took a deep breath then responded. “Well, I haven’t gotten James his birthday present yet and I was wondering what you got Harry for his 17th birthday. Both James and Harry are so much alike I figured it would inspire me for James gift.”

Ginny stared for a second then her cheeks tinted pink as her face flushed. She looked away from you. “Well I didn’t exactly get him anything for his 17th birthday considering the fact that he was going to leave and look for horcruxes…” Ginny trailed off. “But if you must know.” She paused and lowered her voice. “I gave him the best kiss that he had ever had.”

Your eyes widened. “You snogged him? That was his present?” You said with a bit of shock.

“Yeah it wasn’t the best present but, he sure enjoyed it.” Ginny gave a chuckle.

You were going to say something back but the kitchen door swung open. James stepped into the room. “Mum when are the Wesley’s going to…” He paused when his eyes fell on you. His lips shifted up into a smirk.

He came over and slipped a hand over your shoulders leaning in and looking at the plates you were cleaning. “What do you want James?” You asked with an annoyed tone. Ginny smiled softly as you too began to bicker playfully. She flicked her wand making the plates clean themselves. She walked out of the kitchen leaving the two of you alone. The door shut behind her.

Hearing the door shut cut off your bickering. James looked at the door then back at you. He slipped his arm off your shoulders. He didn’t move away from you as you placed the plate that you had been cleaning back into the soapy water.

You looked up at him. His beautiful hazel eyes were already looking at you. Beautiful eyes seemed to run in the Potter genes. He was so close that you could see the flecks of green in his eyes. “So today’s your birthday huh..” You said nervously.

He only nodded. Your heart was beating quickly in your chest. You swallowed, “do I make you nervous (Y/N)?” He said smirking.

You scoffed and looked away, avoiding his eyes. “No.. Of course not” there was a silence then someone burst through the kitchen door scaring both of you. James jumped away. You could now see Albus Severus standing in the door frame.

Your cheeks flushed from embarrassment. Albus gave you both an amused look before saying, “Would you to quit snogging? The Wesley’s are all here.”

You scowled, “We were not snogging.” You stated.


All of the Wesley’s had indeed arrived. The Potter house was the perfect size to fit all of them. As soon as you saw Rose you wrapped her in a tight hug. Out of the entire Weasley-Potter family it was Rose which you got along best with.

After everyone settled down you scanned the room. You were sat on a two person couch with Rose. Hugo sat on the arm of the couch next to his sister. Albus was at your feet sitting on the floor. The other Weasley and Potter kids were scattered all around. James was sat across the room in an arm chair. He was talking with Ron. As you looked around at everyone talking and catching up you noticed that two people were missing.

“Don’t worry they will be here.” You heard Rose say. As if on cue there was a knock on the front door. A honey blonde haired girl with freckles covering her cheeks walked in followed by and blue haired boy.

Your face transformed from worry to happiness as soon as you saw them. You quickly got up and ran at them. You jumped and hugged both of them tightly. “(Y/N)?!” They both said. You let go of them both.

“I’m so happy to see you guys!” You exclaim. You wrap your arms tightly around Victoria. She smelled so nice and looked as beautiful as always.

You then turn to Teddy who already had his arms open ready for a hug. He hugged you tightly. “I missed you guys.” you say letting go of him.

Teddy placed a hand on your head ruffling your hair. “We missed you to.” Victoria said.

Teddy and Victoria were honestly the best. You grew up as an only child. You and Teddy were basically brother and sister by this point. He acted just like your older brother. He would always come to visit you when you were young. Victoria was like your older sister. You  were so happy when you saw them together, they were definitely relationship goals.

You went and sat back down next to Rose. On the small couch. They greeted everyone and took their seats.


After dinner we all relaxed back into our seats. Everyone was having an amazing time. You looked to see your dad, Neville Longbottom, talking with Harry. You looked next to Harry and locked eyes with a pair of Hazel ones. You felt your cheeks flare up. You remembered the present that you got for him, this only cause you to blush more.

There was a click and all the lights went out and the kitchen door opened. Instantly the room was lit up with an glow. Ginny was walking with her wand pointed at the cake. The cake was floating in front of her. Everyone began to sing happy birthday.

She placed the cake on the coffee table in front of James. We all finished singing. He glanced up at you his eyes locking with yours as he blew out the candles.

The lights were flicked back on and everyone cheered. James was smiling and was no longer looking at you.


James had opened all of his presents. They were all really goods. Your nerves were all over the place. Rose kept giving you looks, also as though she wanted to ask what was up but she never did.

After everyone had finished their cake they returned to chatting with each other. Rose was talking with Albus and Hugo was talking with Roxanne. You sat silently, nervously picking at the hem of your shirt. You then stood up and told Rose That you would be right back.

Quickly, you walked over behind James who was still sitting in the arm chair observing one of his new gifts.

You lent down “Hey James, could I talk to you?” You asked him. He gave you a questionable look but agreed none the less. He got up following you to the stairs and up to his room.

He walked in after you and shut the door. “What is it you wanted to talk about?” He asked slightly confused.

“I wanted to give you your present.” You said standing in front of him, just a few feet away.

You took a deep breath. “I wanted to get you something different. I thought about getting you something to do with Quittage but, I figured most of your presents would be Quittage based.” You trailed off.

“So I wanted to get you something that would stand out. Something that you really truly wanted. So I really had to think,” You pause “then I found the perfect thing for your present.”

There was an awkward silence. For the first time James was actually silent.

“Close your eyes…” You said softly. He did as he was told. You moved toward him and quickly place your lips on his. The kiss only lasted a second before you pulled away.

Your cheeks were flaming red and so were his. His hazel eyes opened. You realized how close you were. Your lips were only inches from his.

You gathered your courage again and attached your lips to his. They were so soft. This time instead of just standing there he placed his hands on your lower back and pulled you closer so your body’s were pressed against each other. Your hands flew up to his soft hair and began to run your fingers through it.

He groaned softly against your lips and kissed you back. His tongue swiped against your lower lip, begging for entrance. You let him in and began to fight for dominance. James came out victorious.

You both began blindly walking backwards desperately trying to find his bed. Without breaking the heated kiss you finally found it. The back of your knees pressing against the side of the soft bed.

Finally breaking the kiss you fell backwards onto his queen sized bed. He smirked and crawled on top of you. He scanned your flushed face. “God you’re so beautiful.” He mumbled placing his lips on yours again. It was a sweet and soft kiss.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this..” He mumbled as he placed his lips on the skin behind your ear. “This is the best present I’ve ever received..” He mumbled trailing kisses down your neck.

You hummed, “even better than the broom you got second year?” You asked. You felt him suck at your sweet spot. You were holding back a moan knowing everyone was downstairs.

“Yeah even better than that.” He said into your neck. He kissed back up to your mouth. He hungrily kissed you and pulled you up into a sitting position.

He wa in between your legs as his tongue fought with yours. Your hands found his hair and he groaned into the kiss. One of his hands was on your lower back and the other gripping your upper thigh.

The door to his room swung opened. Rose and Albus to a step into the dark room. Rose shrieked at at the sight of the two of you and Albus’s jaw hit the floor. You and James jumped apart.

Lily Luna had poked her head in as well and her eyes were wide at the sight of you and her oldest brother. Both yours and James faces were red with embarrassment.

You watched in horror as Lily ran down the steps. When she hit the living room all eyes were on her. “They were SNOGGING!” She yelled.

Teddy spit out what looked like fire whiskey. Harry’s mouth fell open and Ginny’s hand slapped to her mouth.

All the color had drained from your father’s face. The butter beer bottle slipped from his hand and crashed onto the floor.

“Oh my god..” Albus said looking at the two of you. Rose grabbed Albus by the back of his shirt. “Sorry for interrupting,” she squeaked and ran out of the room with Albus slamming the door.

You looked over at James. “Happy Birthday..” You said a bit flustered.


The two of you slowly made you way down the stairs. There was a soft buzz of people whispering to each other. You both stepped into the room and everyone’s eyes fell on the two of you. Both of your faces were bright red with embarrassment. You refused to look at him. Your bottom lip was between your teeth. Your hair was a mess and you had a purple bruise on your neck.

You glanced at James. His lips were swollen and his hair was even more messy than it normally it. It stuck out at 10 places instead of 5.

That’s when you saw Ron and Ginny what looked like money. Ginny gave you a sheepish smile. “I knew what was gonna happen when you asked me in the kitchen earlier.” She confessed.

“Yeah and I bet it would never happen but, I guess I was wrong…” Ron said sighing.

You looked at your father. The broken bottle had been cleaned up. He gave a shrug, “I guess it’s okay, as long as you’re happy.” He paused “I’m just happy he’s a Potter than anyone else.” Your father smiled at Harry.

“Oi James, If you hurt her then you’re dead. Got it?” Teddy said in a stern tone.

James looked slightly alarmed but nodded, “of course.” He responded. Teddy gave his signature warm smile.

Jame finally turned to look at you. He gave a wink and you rolled your eyes turning away from him. He accepted your challenge slipping his hand around your waist and pulling you towards his front so you’re facing him. “Hey..” He said smirking.

“Hey,” you responded gazing into his beautiful hazel eyes. He leaned in and softly placed his lips on yours and you smiled into the kiss. The room even erupted with cheers a whistles. You broke apart from the short but sweet kiss and James smiled. “Definitely the best birthday present ever.”


Authors note: Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and I hopped you enjoyed my little fic type thing. This is my first time writing so I apologize for the mistakes!

March 27th

For James Potter, and a life well lived.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” -Oscar Wilde

A/N: This is a late James Potter birthday gift, and is dedicated to the amazing @ginnyweaslcy, because Faith’s blog gave me inspiration for this fic! 

Jily, Marauder’s Era, Rated: T

Word Count: 2263

Fanfiction.net & AO3

March 27th, 1960.

“Hello darling,” she cooed.

The baby cooed right back, and wrapped his tiny hand around her pinky finger with surprising strength.

She looked up at her husband and smiled at the expression on his face: one of awe, amazement, and above all, love.

Euphemia looked up at Fleamont, as he reached out a hand and held the child’s face gently.

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Okay, so this is a day late but it’s done. My lovely girl @smokesforsterek​ celebrated her birthday on the 17th. This is my present for you, Sweetheart. It’s not beta-read, unfortunately but then again, given how this story refused to be written at first … and then refused to go how I wanted it to go … you know what I mean, right?^^ Anyway, I loved writing it and I hope you like it, too!

The alarm clock hit the wall with a sad crash before it dropped to the ground and died. Stiles groaned in reply and turned his face into the cushion to avoid the light falling through the open curtains. It was way too early to get up. Especially when one considered that it was his birthday and it was a Saturday, too. 

At least one of those should warrant the opportunity to sleep past eleven in the morning. But no – his father seemed to think that it was the perfect day to set his alarm to seven o’clock. Whatever made him think that this was an acceptable time to be awake on the weekend?

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I Used To Be There - Daryl Dixon

Things between Reader and Daryl have fallen through. The two of them are in high school now and stuff just isn’t the same.
Read part one and two here of my multipart Dixon love story!

You’ve been there for Daryl Dixon more times than you could count on your hands. But that was what friends do for each other, you stood up to his father for him and you let him into your home; even when you knew that your parents would ground you forever if they found out. But when your 17th birthday rolled around you found yourself deviating from Daryl because he had not made any effort to push your friendship to the next level. You had honest feelings for the teenage Dixon, you bonded closely like brother and sister but as you grew older those feelings morphed romantically. “So you want to go out this weekend?” you sat down next to Daryl in your math class, his face was buried in a book. “Maybe.” this turned you off slightly because his tone of voice was emotionless. “You know what..forget it!” you picked your books up from your desk and walked to the opposite side of the classroom, Daryl’s nose never budged from his book.

Since that class, you never bothered again trying to push Daryl into the next step and just let what was between you demolish into a frail shell of what was a beautiful friendship. Daryl caught you in the hall talking to a fellow classmate of the two of you, you were laughing and smiling widely. The other guy was laughing and smiling as well, it was obvious that the two of you were hitting it off well. Daryl eavesdropped as he passed by the two of you, “Yeah! I’d love to go to the drive-in tonight!” your face was almost hurting from smiling. The drive-in was a favorite spot for Daryl and yourself. The two of you found yourselves there often watching scary movies, dramas, and comedies; which horror and dramas were your personal favorites. This caused Daryl to erupt in frustration, he knew that it was his fault about what had happened between the two of you and he was going to do what he could to get you back.

It was 8:00 and the sun was starting to set on the beautiful Friday night that you found yourself out on a date with your classmate, Nate. “I’m so excited to watch this movie! I heard it’s sooo scary!” you were talking about Scream, a slasher movie that some kids at school were gossiping about. “Yeah I heard it was really good.” Nate smiled at you, grabbing onto your hand. You swallowed hard as a lump formed in your throat as Nate was caressing your hand. “I hope it’s legit.” you pulled your hand away and tucked it underneath of your thigh. The sun had finally set and the movie screen lit up with the trailers that were before the movie started. Little did you know that Daryl was going to show up at the drive in and confess his feelings that he’d been hiding from your since the two of you were young. He got some flowers and wore a nicer plain black shirt with some newer blue jeans that Merle had got for him for his birthday. He asked to borrow Merle’s truck and drove away to the drive in to win you back.

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” the killer Ghostface asked hauntingly to Drew Barrymore. “That’s spooky.” you joked around to Nate who was only trying to creep his hands closer to under the skirt that you were wearing. “Oh okay..” you pushed his hand back down off of your thighs, “Please stop.” Nate’s voice was clearly annoyed when he expressed that you were being a tease to him by what you were wearing and the signals you were giving off. “What’re you even talking about?!” you scoffed at his insensitive remark. “I know you like me Y/N. I always see you at school and I just think you’re super cute and I know that you think I’m cute..” he leaned in closer to you, his lips puckered out for a kiss but all he received was a swift slap to the cheek. “You’re a pig Nate!” you tried opening the car door to escape from the awful situation but Nate grabbed a hold of your arm and insisted that you stayed in his car for the entirety of the date. “Let go of me, perv!” you struggled against his force as he was quite a bit stronger than you were. An arm reached through the small opening of Nate’s driver side window , which unlocked the door and Nate was ripped from his seat and onto the graveled ground. 

“The hell you think you’re doin’ boy?!” it was Daryl’s voice and he was punching Nate in his face and his stomach. “You think it’s okay to make a girl do what she don’t wanna?!” you were scared at first because it all happened so quickly. “Daryl stop!” you yelled out to him, disturbing everyone’s movie experience. Several drive-in workers ran up to the scene and pulled Daryl off of Nate, who scrambled to his feet and drove away quickly in his car. “Gonna have to ask you guys to leave.” the one worker instructed the two of you, which was another thing to ruin your night. “I’ll drive you home.” you raised a hand up to Daryl and started to walk home. The Dixon boy followed you home in his brother’s truck, calling you to climb in. “No Daryl.” you fought back some frustrated tears. It was wonderful what Daryl did for you, protecting you like that but you were still upset because he wasn’t worth it. Daryl sped up and parked Merle’s truck up before you and jumped out. 

“Y/N!” he was waiting for you catch up to him but turned around and started running away. Daryl took off running after you and when he caught up to you, he grabbed a hold of you and swung you around. “Why you runnin’ for?” Daryl’s face was distressed as your actions were worrying him. “I wanted to keep you safe. Who knows what he coulda done.” Daryl was right and you were thankful but you couldn’t let what he had been doing these past few years slide by. “Let me take you out for real..” Daryl was starting to try and explain his actions these past years but you stopped him in his tracks. “Daryl, I  can’t. I can’t. I don’t know where you’re going with this but I know that I can’t do it. I wanted to be together for a long time but you – you never tried.” you held back some tears. “You never tried anything with me. I tried so hard with you but you just – nothing.” your eyes were welling with tears no matter how hard you tried to hide it. “Just tell me why.” you wanted that answer so bad. Daryl looked at you but his eyes were lost and his mouth was lost for words. He opened his mouth but nothing came out, he thought all day of what to say to you but when it came to the time, he couldn’t say it at all. “That’s what I thought.” you pushed him slightly off of you, turning to walk away. “Guess we weren’t meant to be.” you took off in the opposite direction, taking the longer route to your house purposely – so you would’t run into Daryl again.

imthatginganinja  asked:

Hi! So cool to find a blog for MidCin! Do you know if the English game will get Albert's main route or the other characters like Rayvis OR get to have the voice content from the seiyuu like the Japanese game? I'd throw my money at all of it so hard! (If only I could read Japanese)

Hi there, and thank you! Well, now… you see, literally about ten minutes ago, I saw this post.


If Cybird don’t give us that damn boy in the month of his motherfucking birthday I swear to god I’m going to assemble a mecha out of the remains of the world’s tables, flipped personally by moi, and walk across the ocean floor to Cybird to ask why the hell not-

Sorry about that. Anyway…

In all seriousness, I suspect very strongly that Albert’s route is next, because if I recall correctly, in the Japanese MidCin he came after Louis’ Ever After. So, it might be Albert. However, Robert was also released in the Jap MidCin late last year, and then landed in the English version not too long later. So, that actually makes me think that I wouldn’t put it past Cybird to release Rayvis out of the blue in the English version.

As for the voices, I think, honestly, that it’s very likely they’ll be added in the coming months. Things have been picking up speed amazingly quickly in the English MidCin;

After 4 years, the Japanese MidCin has:

  • Albert’s main route
  • Alyn’s main route & ever after
  • Byron’s main route & ever after
  • Giles’ main route & ever after
  • Leo’s main route & ever after
  • Louis’ main route & ever after
  • Nico’s main route
  • Rayvis’ main route
  • Robert’s main route
  • Sid’s main route

After 2 years, the English MidCin has:

  • Alyn’s main route & ever after
  • Byron’s main route & ever after
  • Giles’ main route
  • Leo’s main route
  • Louis’ main route & ever after
  • Nico’s main route
  • Robert’s main route
  • Sid’s main route

So, the English version is actually only missing two main routes (Albert and Rayvis), and two ever afters (Giles and Leo). That’s not to mention the fact that the UI update came in December for the Jap version, and March for us. Basically, we’re catching up pretty damn fast, and with another route release in May, assuming the Jap version doesn’t bring something out at the same time (something I need to start keeping track of), we’ll only not have three routes in total that they have.


I think there’s a big chance of them giving us Albert next month (I highly doubt the next route will be yet another ever after), Rayvis in the next six or so months possibly, and the voices in the next few months or year at an absolute maximum.

I don’t speak Japanese (although I’m learning), but I do the odd translating here and there, although I’ve not done any in a while because I’ve been busy, but the voices are just heavenly. Every single one of them… *fans self intensely* CYBIRD PLS GET OVER HERE WITH THE SEIYUUS SO I CAN LISTEN TO ROBERT EVERY DAY ;-;

Thank you for the ask! It’s lovely to meet you!

anonymous asked:

no, no, I'm pretty sure the ages are confirmed. hunk just had his 17th birthday. and I allura was a teenager, all I mean was be careful. and while I agree it doesn't look like it would be abusive... would you date 25yo when you were 16? anyways, your response was nicer than it could've been, thanks for not like.. blowing up at me. I leave you alone now, tata


aaah ok. [happy bday hunk?! when did this happen and how did i miss it D:] 

lol yea like i said, i don’t think anything i ship personally is worth worrying over, but i also don’t really care what other ppl are shipping. i might not agree or like the ships, but i also just don’t really care lol. 

about the 25yo thing: like… to be fair i didn’t really know any 25 year olds when i was 16??? cos i didn’t have any reason to hang around them :’D so again i say i can’t really judge on that, since their situation is so different. i personally can’t get behind all the ships cos i don’t see the chemistry in all of them, but you gotta admit that their situation is completely different than ours, so putting our own standards and society norms seems kind of silly…

and yea, i’ll continue to think it’s a waste of energy to worry about it when it’s just ppl making fan content that has no bearing on the source material. even if you find a fic where shiro is like a sexual adonis making aggressive advances on the younger paladins/allura, i mean yea it’s like…ew… but also, obviously that’s completely ooc and not to be taken seriously anyway lol. [and really that should be your reaction if the characters are the same age too cos that kinda behaviour is never ok, regardless of age…]

anyway, sorry again about the long response xD [and for the record, the first one wasn’t so much directed at you as it was at the crazy behavior in the fandom so sorry if you felt i was aiming that at you haha]

Light up the Dark

So I’m finally cross-posting this here from my ao3 account. I would have done it sooner but that would have required some editing and I’ve just been lazy :-). I figured I might as well put it on my blog (after 3 months lol) just to archive it.

Warnings: Try not to cry I guess.

Disclaimer: This is not a writing blog. I just like to very occasionally write fan fiction when I have the time (and I usually don’t).

To be honest, Jungkook had no idea what to expect when his mother (without his permission) signed him up to be a volunteer at the small local hospital. He imagined wearing a girly striped smock while cringing as he changed a sickly, middle-aged man’s bed pan. He imagined wanting to tear his ears off after hours of listening to elderly patients gripe about backhanded politics, overly complicated technology, and how his ear piercings made him look like some kind of “flamboyant thug.” Hell he even imagined getting roped in a doctor’s desperate plan to save a patient’s life who’s been impaled by a stop sign like in those ER shows he secretly binge watches when no one’s at home.

What he didn’t expect was to be led to the long-term stay ward by a pale, blond haired nurse, who looked like he rather curl up in the nearest comfortable spot and take a nap then be a full-time medical worker and be introduced a teenage boy with bright red hair and an even brighter toothy grin sitting upright in scratchy, white hospital bed sheets.

“Jungkook, this is Jimin.” The nurse drawled out with a deep, but lazy tone. “Jimin, this is Jungkook. He’s the volunteer assigned to you to keep you company for a few hours a week. Try not to scare this one off with your greasiness.”

The boy, Jimin apparently, let out a high-pitched laugh. “Ah Yoongi hyung I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why would I scare away someone as handsome as Jungkook here.” He ended with a flirtatious smirk and eye-smile directed towards said boy, making Jungkook highly consider turning about face and walking straight out of this hospital without even a glance back, but despite himself he stay rooted to the same spot sporting an annoyed look on his ‘handsome’ face.

“You see that’s what I’m talking about.” Yoongi let out an exasperated breath and turned to leave Jungkook to his fate but stopped to give Jungkook a side long look. “Hey this might be asking much but please be patient with Jimin. He’s a good kid, an annoying little shit at times, but a good kid nonetheless.” Jungkook just nodded at Yoongi’s sagely advice as said nurse shuffled away, kind of struck speechless at the fact that a medical professional would call someone a ‘little shit’.

Jungkook wearily walked towards the empty chair that was adjacent to smiling boy’s hospital bed and sat down. A few moments of uncomfortable silence passed by as Jimin stared at the teenage boy waiting for him to open his mouth and Jungkook stared out of the large sliding window, determined to avoid looking at the guy that had some nerve to openly flirt with him 10 seconds after meeting him.

“Ah I see, you’re the shy type. I guess that means I’ll have to be the ice breaker.” Jimin rubbed his chin in a comical, but contemplating manner. “I know,” he snapped his fingers as an idea popped inside his mind. “Want to know what I’m dying from?”

Snapping his attention away from watching a bird bully a squirrel, Jungkook couldn’t help to give the red-haired boy a wide eyed ‘are-you-serious’ look. He couldn’t believe that came out of someone’s mouth.

“I see that got your attention.” Jimin gave him smug smirk (that looked suspiciously similar to the flirty one he gave Jungkook a few minutes ago, Jungkook noted wearily). “Yeah well I have cancer-leukemia to be exact. I actually had it when I was little kid and it was thought it was gone and I was in remission but then BAM!” Jimin clapped his hands for emphasis, startling Jungkook a bit. “A few months after my 17th birthday I get the news that it’s come back.” He let out a short sigh before plastering a genuine grin on his face. “Such a life, but enough about that boring stuff. I want to know about you.”

All Jungkook could do was stare, absolutely befuddled at the sight before. How could someone, anyone, talk about dying from a terminal illness as if they were discussing the weather. There was only one thing Jungkook could think of to respond with.

“You’re…really strange, you know that?”

“Haha, thanks!”

“That wasn’t a compliment.”


Strangely enough Jungkook found himself back in the same wooden chair the next couple days, partially ignoring Jimin as he whined at him for barely answering his rapid fire questions. Even Yoongi raised a blond eyebrow as Jungkook signed in for work at the front desk earlier that day.

“Oh so I guess the kid didn’t scare you off yet with his shitty attempts at flirting.”

“Jungkookie~” His name was annoyingly drawn out, snapping him out of his musings.


“You’re ignoring me when I’m trying to ask you questions.” He put on a childish pout. “I swear kids these days are so disrespectful to their elders.”

“Okay first I don’t know why you feel the need to ask me so many questions; I’m not that interesting. And second you’re only two years older than me, though I have hard time believing that.” Jungkook eyes roamed over Jimin’s shorter stature and slightly chubby cheeks.

“Aish, this kid.” The red-haired teen gave him a faux glare before slipping into his usual smile. “But what do you mean you’re not interesting. Everyone has something interesting about them, like…do you collect anything?”


“Play any sports?”

“Not really.” That was kind of lie. Jungkook was actually really good at sports, but participating in organized sports never appealed to him.

“Know anyone famous like Big Bang?”

Jungkook couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that one. “Of course not.”

It amazed Jungkook how someone who was sick with such an aggressive illness could be so energetic. His dark eyes lit up when Jungkook walked in the room and had yet to stop shining as he roamed around the slightly spacious room while talking about everything and nothing.

“Come on everyone has something about themselves that’s interesting. How about music?”


“Yeah like can you play an instrument? Or sing, dance?”

Jungkook was just going to say “no” but thought better to tell the truth to maybe end this meaningless conversation. “Well, uh, I can sing, I guess.” He averted his eyes, embarrassed at his admission. Not many people knew about his love of singing. That privilege usually belonged to his parents, brother, his old childhood friend, and his shower at home.

A calm silence spread throughout the room after Jungkook’s admission. Averting his dark eyes back to a now silent Jimin, Jungkook was surprise to see a soft look gracing Jimin’s face, taking place of the usual flirty grin.

“You can sing?” He asked softly, more softly than he’s ever been since they both met.

“Uh yeah, nothing special.” Jungkook shrugged his shoulders as his eyes desperately flitted around the room looking for anything, something to distract him from the strange look the usual jubilant boy gave him. They finally settled on the various “Get Well Soon” cards strangely organized on Jimin’s mostly cluttered desk.

“Can you sing for me sometime?” The question had Jungkook refocus his attention to Jimin, who still had that weird look on his face. For some reason Jungkook couldn’t bring himself to look away this time.

“I’ll…think about.” Jungkook answered surprising himself.

Jimin let out an amused snort at the younger’s cryptic answer. “You know I actually wanted to be a singer, an idol even.”

Now it was Jungkook’s turn to let out an amused snort. “Really?” To tell you the truth Jungkook couldn’t even imagine being one of K-pop’s many idols. Sure he loved Big Bang and highly admired G-Dragon, but you couldn’t pay him enough (or not pay in some cases) to have makeup caked up on his face almost every day, do body rolls and hip thrusts in front thousands of teenage girls, and have very risqué fanfiction written about him and one of his bandmate (or in some scenarios all of them). He just rather stay in Busan and loudly play video games with Taehyung, low key stalk G-Dragon’s Instagram, and secretly practice girl group dances in his room.

“Why does everyone always say that?” The red-haired teenager let out a sad puppy pout that made him look even younger than he already did. “I always thought it would be cool to have fans from Korea and internationally, travel the world holding concerts, and learning all sorts of choreography. It might seem like a hassle to some people but it’s a life I wouldn’t mind experiencing, even if was for one day.”

“Yeah but…” The younger hadn’t really consider the upside of being a singer. It was often hard reading idols faces; were they really happy with their life style choice, why did they choose to sign a binding contract just to have their face and private life plastered all over the internet, what is their goal? In all honesty Jungkook thought if he decided to become an idol, there may be a chance he end up resenting himself.

But of course he didn’t say any of this Jimin.

“But aren’t you too short to be an idol? The fangirls would have a hard time seeing you on stage.” He couldn’t help replying teasingly.

“Yah you’re really are a brat!” Jimin complained even though he was struggling to hold in a smile.

And despite himself, Jungkook couldn’t help let slip a chuckle from his lips, amused by Jimin’s red hair and even redder face.

Jimin stared out him for a little before bursting out in laughter himself, forgetting all his previous frustration towards the younger. “Ah Jungkookie you’re so cute when you smile.”

Jungkook quickly dropped his smile and looked away with an exaggerated eye roll. “I’m not cute and don’t call me ‘Jungkookie.’”

“I beg to differ.” Giving Jungkook his signature eye-smile. Glancing back at him, the younger couldn’t help but notice how genuine Jimin was being. Maybe this once he’ll return a compliment.

“Hey so when you finally sing for me, can you do it without a shirt on like Taeyang-sunbae?”

Or maybe not.

“I change my mind, I’m definitely not singing for you.”

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Colonial American Birthdays!

It’s Alexander Hamilton’s birthday today, so I thought I would look into the ways in which Americans celebrated birthdays in the late 18th-century. I found very, very little. So, I dug through everyone’s favorite website, Founders Online, and found any mention of birthdays I could. Royal birthdays were traditionally marked by large balls and other public celebrations, and after the colonies declared independence they began to celebrate George Washington’s birthday this way instead. Since Washington’s birthdays were outliers, I ignored them.

In general, it seems that personal birthdays were widely celebrated. Benjamin Franklin’s wife, Deborah, wrote him in 1765 to say that their friend Mr. Bartram (presumably John Bartram) “asked us to celebrate his Birthday.” Celebrating a birthday in someone’s absence seems to have been relatively common: Eleanor Morris, Mary Hewson, and Sarah Bache all wrote Franklin to let him know that they would be keeping his birthday, in 1768, 1779, and 1783 respectively. Morris says that she and her cousins celebrated his birthday (“that Happy Day”) by having plum pudding with their dinner and drinking tea to his health. Bache, his daughter, claims to keep Franklin’s birthday “in the most festive Manner in my power,” and invited sixty children over for a dance.

Birthdays for children were certainly celebrated. Franklin’s illegitimate grandson, William Temple Franklin, wrote to his cousin to say that he would be visiting a friend to celebrate their son’s first birthday. In 1771, Benjamin Franklin wrote to Deborah to say that he celebrated his grandson’s birthday with friends: "At Dinner, among other nice Things, we had a Floating Island, which they always particularly have on the Birth Days of any of their own Six Children.” A floating island is a French dessert, basically meringue floating on crème anglaise. Apparently, fancy desserts were considered an acceptable way to celebrate a birthday.

I found two instances of personalized poems written in honor of someone’s birthday. In 1767, Benjamin Franklin wrote a poem for Mary Stevenson, the daughter of his London landlady, which included the line “You’d have the Custom broke, you say, That marks with festive Mirth your natal Day,” which also implies that birthday parties were considered customary. On February 21st, 1793, George and Martha Washington sent a birthday greeting to Elizabeth Willing Powel and expressed their regrets that they were unable to attend her 50th birthday party that evening. They also enclosed a personalized birthday poem. In 1814, John Quincy Adams’s seven-year-old son wrote from Saint Petersburg to say that he had performed in a French play at the birthday dinner of a Mr. Krehmer (presumably Sebastian Krehmer, a banker). The dinner ended with a dance.

John Adams, in true New England fashion, marked his 37th birthday by writing this in his journal: “Thirty Seven Years, more than half the Life of Man, are run out.—What an Atom, an Animalcule I am!—The Remainder of my Days I shall rather decline, in Sense, Spirit, and Activity. My Season for acquiring Knowledge is past.” Slightly more optimistically, he writes, “And Yet I have my own and my Childrens Fortunes to make. My boyish Habits, and Airs are not yet worn off.” Two years later, he noted his 39th birthday but wrote nothing else about it and seemed to have spent most of the day traveling.

If we sometimes caricature Ben Franklin as our most bacchanalian founder, and John Adams as a bit of a Puritan stick-in-the-mud, I feel like these examples provide a good range. There are many other examples of letters that simply begin with a birthday greeting, or dates that note that it’s the author’s birthday. Most people seem to have kept track of their birthdays and mentioned them to friends and family, and quite a few seem to have celebrated with dinners, poems, special desserts, and even dances. 

So, what about our birthday boy, Alexander Hamilton? Well, he never mentions his birthday in any of his surviving letters. On January 10th, 1772, the day before his 17th or 15th birthday, he wrote to his employer, Nicholas Cruger, to let him know how business was going. At the end, he thanked Cruger “for the Apples you were so kind as to send me,” but there is no other personal information. It seems extremely unlikely that these apples were some sort of birthday gift, since the last letter he’d had from Cruger was from December 20th, 1771. The only notable thing about Hamilton’s birthday seems to be that he didn’t take a break. There are plenty of work-related letters sent on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of January throughout his life. On his 34th or 36th birthday, he wrote a particularly lengthy one to Thomas Jefferson, entirely concerned with politics. So if you were curious about how Hamilton celebrated his birthday…he might not have. 

Happy 259th/261st birthday, Hammy!

Happy Birthday Babe//Grayson Dolan//Personal Requested Imagine

today its my birthday, can i have a grayson personal imagine please?

So I got her information because she didn’t say it. But Happy 17th Birthday babe. Enjoy this lovely imagine. Also this is a day late because I fell asleep last night..oops. Sorry babe! I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: none

Requested by: iheartgrayson

Pairing: Grayson Dolan X Anthi 

“Happy Birthday babe.” A husky voice says awakening me from my slumber.

I smile rolling over to face a goofy smile plastered on Grayson’s face. I smile snuggling into his bare chest. 

“Anthi babe, get up I made you breakfast.” He says running a hand through my hair and placing a kiss onto my temple.

“I like food.” I mumble happily. 

“I know.” He chuckles. “Ethan helped too. He wanted to help so I let him.” 

“Ohh the twins worked together on something, how exciting.” I answer finally deciding to sit up.

“There’s my beautiful girl.” He announces. 

“I love you.” I smile pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“I love you too babe. Eat up. We have an eventful day ahead of us. I’ll be back.” 

I start eating my food and after 20 minutes I’m done and very confused on why Grayson isn’t back yet. 

I stand up when the door opens, but I’m surprised to see Ethan and not Gray. 

“Where’s…..” I trail off. 

“He’s busy. But he wants me to tell you that to go take a shower. I’ll clean up.” 

“You sure E. I can help.” I say.

“No, Anthi. I’m okay. It’s your birthday. Go take a shower you’ll need to be ready soon.” He smiles kissing my forehead. 

Ethan and I have always had that sort of brother sister relationship. So kissing me on the forehead is not a weird thing or something Grayson will get jealous at. Grayson a/”lways awes when the brother sister love between us comes out. 

I guess he’s just happy that we get on well. It would probably kill him if we didn’t get along. I really love him so if Ethan and I didn’t get along, I wouldn’t go anywhere, He means too much to me.

I take about 20 minutes in the shower then finally decide to get out. I turn the water off, opening the shower door, I step lifting my eyes to see the most gorgeous dress hanging on the door. Along with a gorgeous pair of Gladiator sandals.


I get dressed finish my makeup and go to leave the room when a see a sticky not on the back of Grayson’s door. 

Go to the place we met.

That’s easy. It’s the Starbucks in town. 

“Hey Ethan! Can you drive me to the Starbucks in town?” I ask running down the stairs. “Ethan?” 

“He’s already in the car waiting for you.” Cameron yells from the kitchen.

“Thanks Cam.” I yell.

“You’re welcome Anthi! Have fun!” 

I climb into the car and Ethan drives me into town and I get out walking.

“Hi. Are Anthi?” One of the Baristas ask. 

“I am.” I smile. 

“Oh good. I was asked to give you this and this drink.” She says handing me a sticky note and my favourite drink. “Also Happy Birthday.” 

I look at the note reading it. 

Second last one. Go to the jewelry store where you saw so many nice things in.

“I’m guessing you already know where to go, so just drive.” I giggle, He chuckles pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot. 

Once we pull into the parking lot and he stops the car, I jump out running into the store. 

“You’re Anthi right?” The jeweler asks. 

“I am.” I smile.

“Here. But read the sticky note throughly.” He says narrowing his eyes in a joking manner. 

“I will. Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday!” 

“Thank you so much.” 

Don’t open. I mean it Anthi!!! I’ll open it when you get to me. Also your last hint. Meet me in the park. 

I’ve been walking around the park trying to find Grayson but I can’t find him anywhere. 

I text Ethan again asking him if he drove me to the right park. He texts me back quickly saying yes, just keep looking. 

“Hi baby,” I hear a quiet voice say. 

I turn to see Grayson looking gorgeous as ever, giving me a gorgeous smile. 

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d look as gorgeous as you do in that dress.” He says slowing walking towards me. 

“Really?” I ask blushing. 

He chuckles pressing his body into mine and kissing me roughly.

“Mmm babe people are watching.” I mumble unattaching my lips from his.

“I don’t care.” He chuckles. I cough embarrassed pushing the far to obvious ring box in his chest. 

“Oh goody, you got it!” He says like a child. “Did you look at it?” 

“No. I swear.” I answer. 

“Good.” He says opening the box. I look down my eyes widening. “Now before you go all crazy, it’s just a promise ring. This is my promise to you. To be the best boyfriend I could be! I love you.” 

“I love you more Gray.” 


Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You x Hoseok

Synopsis: It’s the night before J Hopes birthday and you spent it with the rest of the boys, having already opened up about your relationship to the fans, you were going to make it good for everyone.

Word Count: 1080

After spending that night with the boys you and your boyfriend Hoseok made your way home. You lived in a small apartment with only 4 rooms and a hallway. It only had the basics in it and didn’t cost much but you didn’t need a lot. The little time you spent in the place you didn’t need much more than what you had.

It had been six months since you had opened up about your year long relationship with Hoseok to the rest of BTS, and three months since you confirmed all of the suspicions of the fans who had seen the two of you together in the street occasionally and a few times in the Bangtan bombs. The rumours had been flying around since he was first spotted going into your apartment and coming back out with you, the both of you looking very smart. It was your first proper date after all. After that you decided you should probably be more careful; but apparently you weren’t careful enough. You were spotted many times after that and due to you just being another girl and not an idol, people started to wonder what was up. They found out everything about you. Where you worked, lived, name, age, birthday, your favourite restaurant. Everything. On your birthday some people even sent presents. That was when you realised how serious it was. But when the two of you came out as a couple everyone was very supportive seeing how happy you made Hobi. Moving in together wasn’t a shock to anyone; although you were relieved that people didn’t know where you lived anymore.

You had been together a year and six months now and it was 11:15 on the 17th of February. You had just got home. Hoseok had thrown his coat onto the rack behind the door and collapsed onto the sofa in the living room with a sigh.

“Tired?” you asked, taking your coat off and placing it onto the rack neatly.

He groaned in response and rested his head on the back of the black sofa. Placing yourself next to him, you kissed his cheek. “Go to bed then, I’ll be in in a sec.” He nodded sleepily and pushed himself up, eyes droopy.

You laughed at his tired state. He had been screaming and dancing all night, pulling you up to do the same. You somehow weren’t as tired as him. Probably because you had stopped every once in a while to talk to Yoongi.

“Anything planned for tomorrow?” Yoongi winked and you shook your head disapprovingly. Elbowing him in the ribs too.

“Nothing like that.” You laughed and he laughed too. “But not really.”

Yoongi sighed, “Really? I thought you were one to go all out?”

“I was last year.” You stated and elbowed him again when his eyebrows wiggled. “Not like that!”

He laughed again.

Conversation flowed easily between you and all of the boys. There was never an awkward moment no matter who you were with.

Tonight was one of the many late nights you had spent at the Bangtan (minus Hope) place. Although, the two of you might as well have lived there as you seemed to spend more time there than at your own place.

Lifting yourself off of the sofa as well, you made your way to the kitchen to get two glasses of water. You knew without him saying that Hobi had a headache.

Two glasses of water in hand, you walked into the bedroom to see your boyfriend sprawled out on the bed -fully clothed- with one arm covering his eyes.

“Water.” Was all you said as you climbed on the bed and reached over to place one of the glasses on the table next to the boy’s head.

“Thank you.” He lifted his arm from his face to get the glass and used the other to push himself up to rest against the head board. You sat next to him and drank your own drink too.

Finishing his drink, he got up off the bed and walked over the dresser that the two of you shared. He lifted two items of clothing from his drawer, throwing one of them at you.


The black soft material landed on your lap and you lifted it up to get a proper look. In your hands was your favourite t-shirt that of course belonged to Hoseok. Smirking to yourself you changed into the t-shirt that fell to the middle of your thighs.

Hobi himself had also changed and was now in long, black trousers, shirtless. You had seen the sight of a tired Hoseok, eyes struggling to stay open, shirtless, wearing only low cut trousers, but the sight always made you grin.

He laid in bed, half covered, and patted the space next to him with the arm that wasn’t behind his head. Smirking, you laid next to him and rested one hand and you head on his bare chest. Admiring the soft beating of his heard and the rise and fall of his breathing.

You looked at the clock on his table and grinned to yourself, sneakily pulling your phone to your chest.

“Hey Hobi.” You grinned, he looked down at you, one hand still on the small of your back and the other still behind his head, and furrowed his eyebrows. “Happy Birthday.” Taking the opportunity to snap a quick photo for twitter of his tired and natural face. His face then broke out in a smile as he leaned down to kiss your head.

Rolling onto your back, you tapped away quickly at your phone and pressed ‘Tweet’. A vibrate sounded on the table and the brown haired boy took his phone from the table and read aloud.

“Dearest Hobi,” He started in a semi-mocking voice, “Happy Birthday. The photo below is the first of many to come on your 23rd Birthday which I’m sure ARMY’s will appreciate. I love you very much, now come back and cuddle.”

“I didn’t write that last part!” You laughed causing his chest to wiggle with laughter too.

“I know.” He laughed and placed a forefinger and thumb under your chin to make you look at him. Before you could say anything else, he gently swooped his soft lips down to meet your own.

“Thank you Y/N.” He whispered when he pulled away. To answer him, you just kissed him again.

This was the second of many to come on his 23rd Birthday.

Choices Part 1- A Robbie Kay and Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Choices Part 1
 Request: In this AU Peter isn’t Rumples father,he is his older brother.He was abused by theirs father so he dreamed of Neverland. At the age of 17 Peter escaped by magic bean to Neverland leaving Rumple with their abusive father. Now back to the reader
 She is 17 from the wealthy family,outcast if the family since she is kind of tomboy. She has a best friend named Robbie and she is in love with him. (I am divided this request into a three part imagine, this is the first part of the request)
 Pairing: Peter Pan x Robbie Kay x Reader

 *in a flashback*
 "Father you can’t do this to us!“ yelled Rumplestiltskin to his abusive father.
 "Just watch me boy.” his father responded. His father went on the hit Rumple’s younger brother, Peter, until he was bloody and bruised.
 "Father I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to stay out in the woods that late!“ Peter screamed.
 *flashback over*

 Peter suddenly woke up from a nightmare of his childhood. When he was younger, Peter’s father was very abusive to him and his older brother.
 When he was 15, Peter heard about a place called Neverland. In Neverland, you would never grow up. To him, this place could be his escape from his abusive life.
 On his 17th birthday, he escaped his home and bought a magic bean to open a portal to Neverland. His father and brother never got to know what happened to them.

 When Peter got to Neverland, it became his new home. He became the leader of the island, taking on the name Peter Pan.

 Now back in the enchanted forest, Y/N was outside cutting some firewood. Y/N was a very smart and pretty 17 year old, but her family outcasted her. She was to tomboyish for her wealthy family. Her family wanted her to wear big ball gowns and jewelry, she just wanted to wear pants and a bagging shirt.
 When she was done cutting the firewood, she headed back to her house. On the way back, she ran into her best friend, Robbie Kay.
 "Hey Robbie!” she called to him smiling.
 "Hey Y/N! Wanna go walk for a bit?“ he responded.
 "Yea sure.” she said.
 They walked around their village, just talking.
 "Things any better at home?“ Robbie asked her.
 "Not really. My parents made me sell Carl.” she responded. Carl was her horse, who she would ride around on in her free time. That horse was her escape from her reality.
 "I’m so sorry Y/N.“ Robbie responded sadly.
 "I’ll be fine.” she said smiling weakly.
 Suddenly, they heard someone calling Y/N’s name in the distance.
 Y/N sighed, “It’s my mom. I gotta go Robbie.”
 "You better run back, you don’t need to get in trouble.“ Robbie responded.
 Y/N laughed and hugged Robbie, then ran back to her house.

 "Dinner’s reader.” Y/N’s mother said when she got home.
 "Thanks. I’m gonna go eat in my room.“ Y/N said as she grabbed her plate and headed upstairs.
 Y/N ate quickly, and then sat and looked out her window. She saw Robbie.
 She watched him talking to some kids, and her eyes were gleaming.
 Robbie had been her best friend since she moved to his village, and they always were together. People mistakenly liked to call them brother and sister, which they found hilarious because they looked nothing alike.
 They just got along very well, and would continue to do so.
 "Y/N! Come down and cleans the dishes please!” Y/N’s mother called.
 "Coming!“ Y/N yelled as she looked at Robbie once more and shut her window.
 She couldn’t keep her eyes of him, but had to go clean the dishes.

 Y/N was falling in love with Robbie, fast and very unknowingly.

Thanks for reading part one of this mini-series!


A lot of things can happen in a year. And as far as I knew, I was staying peacefully in Shawn’s fandom. But you know, we all love to swerve. Now I’m here, loving this funny, handsome, caring, sensitive, cute, positive and absolutely amazing boy. Now, I don’t regret any choice I’ve ever made, because I know that all of my mistakes and successes have lead me to him. And he is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. He is one of my boys, I can honestly say I’m in love with him.

I love the freckles on his chest and shoulders, and the scar on his chest drives me crazy. His green eyes are the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. His lips, oh boy, they are the fluffiest and cutest lips I’ve ever seen. I love how his hair is messy as fuck, but I know I’d love to play with it. But hey, it’s not all about looks. Because I’m in love with the way he makes me laugh when he does this strange voice, I love how he cares a lot about his fans, I love how nothing has stopped him from being who he is today, I love him. I fucking love this boy.

I’m proud to be here, figuratively next to him, on his birthday.

Happy birthday baby, happy 17th birthday.

Thank you, for everything you’ve done, for every smile you’ve put on my face, for everyday you’ve made better, for being such an angel.

I love you Aaron, keep doing what you love. Stay humble and have a beautiful birthday.

A father;
he stands before you
bearing a hug or a punch or a lesson
and that is how you know it’s a dream.

A mother;
she cups your cheek
and whispers things you want to hear
and that is how you know it’s a dream.

A brother;
it’s your 17th birthday
and you don’t feel alone to your stomach
and that is how you know it’s a dream.

A lover;
he doesn’t pull away
when you spread his fingers across your ribcage
and that is how you know it’s a dream.

And you tell yourself it was enough, it was enough,
it was,
it was,
it wasn’t.

—  your heart sleep-starts when you’re awake, too. (n.a.)
500 Girls

On December 25th, you got a text.
It was from him; it said, “Merry Christmas!”
You didn’t fall for it though.
It wasn’t really meant for you.
It was simply a forward.
500 other girls just got it, too.

On New Year’s Eve, as the ball dropped, you got another one.
But he was still just having his fun.
The circumstances were still the same.
Not a single thing had changed.
It wasn’t really meant for you.
500 other girls just got it, too.

Come Valentine’s Day, he had two words to say.
“Be mine.” That’s what you saw pop up on your phone that day.
But you were just another girl in his head.
Just one, out of another 500.
Because you know, he wasn’t really being true.
Sarah Dobbs got it just before you.

Come March 17th,
You turned an envious green.
He wasn’t even Irish,
Yet, you still went in for that kiss.
But those lips were just as deceiving as his eyes.
Stacy Curtis just gave them a test drive.

In June, it was your birthday.
He didn’t remember, because he’s fake.
He was too busy tuning his keys,
So he could practice serenading Taylor Otey.
But don’t worry, it wasn’t just you.
Throughout the year, 500 other girls were forgotten, too.

Weeks later, the two of you were at a show,
And you realized something you didn’t want to know.
Though he held your hand all night,
Someone else was the apple of his eye.
He’d die before he’d ever confess,
But everyone knows his heart is set on Tabitha Barrus.

Then at school, you went on a choir trip.
As you left your front door, he texted you a fib.
It said, “I’m just going to hang with you.”
But when you got there, he was a bit rude.
His attention was probably split 500 ways, wouldn’t you guess?
Nope. He was with just one girl that day. He was with your best friend on a mattress.

Before you knew it, it was Halloween.
A month in advance, he asked you to homecoming.
But as the night unfolded, his secrets were unmasked.
It turned out, Kelli Long was the girl he had originally asked.
You weren’t his first choice; before he decided on you,
He made sure to consider 500 other girls, too.

And one more holiday before it’s been a whole year.
On Thanksgiving, you were in bed when you heard a buzz at your ear.
So, you lifted your head off the bed to look at your phone.
Heaven knows why, for you had already known.
But this time, you didn’t respond; you repelled.
You knew 500 girls just received his junk mail.

Yet as Christmas Eve comes along, you find yourself anticipating that mass text.
In a year’s time, he’s managed to sneak in and mess with your head.
So, then you get on your knees and make your Christmas wish like every year you do.
You pray to God and beg him to somehow make this guy be true to you.
And though he’s always mingling with those 500 other girls.
You pray to God that someday, you could be his world.

I'll See You In My Dreams (Jalex, One-Shot)

**Please Ignore spelling and grammar. I was being kind of lazy while editing.**


“You know, you’re probably the best boyfriend ever.” I said linking my hand with Alex’s. It was Valentines Day and he took me to an ice skating rink. I called it cheesy but he called it romantic. But I guess that’s why he’s the best. I liked all the cheesy things that he did for me. He never did this with his past girlfriends, It made me feel special.

“Only the best for you.” he replied in a strange baby talk voice. He kissed me lips and pulled me off the ice. “It’s pretty late and they are closing soon.” I mumbled back a ‘mhm’ and took off my skates. “You looked really cute out there.”

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Lucky (Colbie caillat and Jason mraz) +wolfstar

I acc love this song ok and can we just discuss how perfect it is for wolfstar?

  • “Jimmy, I think I’m in love,” Sirius whined for what seemed like the 32nd time that evening.
  • “I wouldn’t have guessed.” James rolled his eyes. “Just fucking tell him, you twat.”
  • “I can’t just tell him, are you nuts, that would be like you telling Lily you love her”
  • “I have. several times.”
  • “Exactly.”
  • Sirius face planted his bed.
  • “Hey guys, what’s up?” Remus chose that exact moment to walk in.
  • “Oh nothing just discussing how-” James was interrupted mid-sentence by a flying pillow coming from Sirius’ bed hitting his head
  • “Don’t tell him, you absolute prick.”
  • “Tell me what?” Remus seemed confused.
  • “Yeah tell him what exactly, Padfoot?” James faced him rubbing his head
  • “That um- we uh- we’re planning a surprise party for Pete.”
  • “Ooo,” Remus seemed genuinely interested in the idea, peter’s birthday was in a few days and they had nothing planned.
  • So that’s how Peter had a surprise 17th birthday 
  • Such a surprise that even the people throwing it didn’t know they were throwing it 
  • and that’s how Sirius came to be intoxicated at 3 in the morning and pulled Remus into his arms and whispered everything he felt 
  • Everything from the first time he saw him 
  • from when they became friends
  • from when Sirius felt himself start falling
  • everything
  • He was fully aware of all that was happening but he knew he could always blame the alcohol if it backfired 
  • but it didn't 
  • because Remus felt 100% the same 

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He cheats (Matt Espinosa Imagine)

sorry for the grammatical errors. Imagine requests are open.

It’s been months since the last time that you saw Matt, you’ve been both busy. You’re busy with school and he’s busy with Magcon. 


you checked your phone and you saw that it’s already 7:30. he should have been here 30 minutes agoMaybe he’s on his way you thought 

You’re in a fancy restaurant that Cameron, Nash and the other boys reserved for you and Matt. It was Matt and your’s 2nd year anniversary today. You were wearing the little black dress that Matt gave you on your 17th birthday. Matt didn’t know that you were waiting for him, the boys set it all up. 

You glanced at your ring with Matt’s initials engraved on it. You looked at the clock and it’s already 8. You decided to call Matt’s phone, but he was not answering. 

***listen to last kiss by taylor swift or it won’t work***

“Miss, Miss, I’m sorry but it’s already our closing time” you opened your eyes and saw a waiter in front of you. 

“oh, okay. uhm. sorry. What time is it?” he glanced at his wrist watch 

“it’s already 10:45 miss”

“uhmm, did a boy came here?" 

"sorry miss, but you’re the only person here since we opened today”

“oh, thanks, do I need to pay for anything?”

“no, your friends told us that they will pay”

you smiled at the waiter and  left the restaurant. You decided to walk to Matt’s hotel since it was just 2 blocks that way. It was the magcon venue that is far. 

you looked at the stars, wondering where is Matt. You feel really sad because he didn’t showed up. He didn’t even texted you or call you. You were biting your lips as you walked in the hotel, preventing for your tears to fall. Some fans were saying hi to you and some were sending dirty looks. 

Cam said that Matt’s room was located on the 3rd floor, room 206. You got in the elevator and pressed the 3rd button. 

as you reached Matt’s room, You knocked twice. But no one answered. You twisted the door knob, and you were surprised that it wasn’t locked. 

You felt the hot tears flowing from your eyes. You can’t believe what you saw. Matt is sleeping with another girl on his bed. And the worst part is their both naked. 

That’s why he didn’t showed up. He was busy banging another girl. You feel like any moment right now, you’re going to explode and break down. 

You feel sad and angry at the same time. You threw your phone to Matt and that causes him and the girl to wake up. He was shocked when he saw you.


“babe who is she?” the girl said


“y/n i’m sorry!” Matt said as he slipped into his boxers and approached you 


"sorry. Sorry” he hugged you but you pushed him away 

“DON’T TOUCH ME. DON’T FREAKING TOUCH ME.” you saw that Matt was also in tears

“How long Matt? how long? I never thought you’ll do this to me. I thought you love me because I fucking love you Matt. I fucking love you. but I guess that’s not enough. Have I done something wrong Matt?" 

"no” he answered quietly 

“Then why! I gave everything to you. Everything Matt. Everything. Was our relationship a joke for you? Did you ever loved me?" 

"of course. I do love you. I love y/n" 

"really? cause I don’t believe you! If you really love me, you won’t bang another girl! You won’t cheat on me if you love me! I was nothing but a good girlfriend to you matt? wasn’t it enough? WASN’T IT ENOUGH THAT I GAVE EVERYTHING TO YOU?" 

You saw a picture frame of you and Matt’s photo in it, the photo was taken 3 months ago, when everything was perfect. 

You reached for the picture frame and you threw it to the girl. who is now fully dressed. 

"Matt. Matt, I made you the center for my world. I-I can’t believe all this. AM I TRASH FOR YOU? AM I JUST ONE OF YOUR HOES THAT YOU CAN PLAY WITH? I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS REAL. I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

“Hey what’s happening? we heard shouting- oh” You saw Cameron, Nash, Carter and the rest of the boys standing at the door way. 

You took your letter for Matt in your bag and you threw it at Matt’s face together with the ring that Matt gave to you. 

“Happy 2nd. I thought we’re gonna last for more than 2 years. But I was wrong." 

"y/n! y/n! What do you mean? we can fix this y/n!” He was hugging you now and he was also crying as hard as you. 

You tried to push him away, But you don’t have enough strength to do that. And that’s when you break down. 

“I love you. I do. I really do.” you whispered. “but… I know that you don’t love me back.”

“Don’t say that! I love you. I really really love you" 

You tried pushing him again, and this time he let go. He knee led in front of you, but all you could do is whisper a good bye and ran away.

But one thing is for sure, you’re gonna miss him so much. You’re gonna miss his kisses. You’re gonna miss his hugs, you’re gonna miss his scent, you’re gonna miss everything about him.

He’s the only boy that you’d love. and it’s quite impossible to move on. 

It was raining hard when you got out of the hotel, you just walked and walked and walked, not caring if you’re already dripping wet. All you can think of is Matt, Matt, Matt, and Matt.

You were awaken from your thoughts when you heard a loud honk, and then everything went black



THE “AVI KAPLAN BIRTHDAY PROJECT 2015” is finally here!

If you’ve participated on Scott’s Birthday Project last year, you know how this is going to be. This is the video we did for Scott last year: 2014 Dear Scott Hoying. Now, we’re doing one for Avi!

I need your help in order to make this successful. All you have to do is take a picture of you, or with your friend, or in a group of friends holding a paper or a banner that says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVI (KAPLAN)!” on it. You can also add a simple message somewhere if you want (just make sure it’s legible). Make sure to include your name or username, and where you’re from, so Avi will know it’s from you!

You can send your photos in until the 13th of April and send it to me at ayepentatonix@gmail.com. (I will get back to you asap to assure you that I’ve received your email. If I do not, then I probably did not receive anything from you.) I’m going to compile it and post the video with all your photos and send it to Avi on his birthday: April 17th! He’s turning 26!!

*EDITED: If it’s possible, please try take a horizontal picture instead, so it would perfectly fit the video. If you took a picture with Avi, I will accept that but please don’t forget to include your name and birthday wish somewhere. Lastly, I will not accept letters or edits of Avi. It has to include YOU, YOU are what will make this birthday project special so please don’t send me a message and say you don’t have the time and materials because this is not really that hard and it will barely take 10 minutes of your time.

Make yourself a part of this. Let’s acknowledge Avi for being the most beautiful, sweetest, sexy bass man in the entire world! DO IT FOR AVI. LET’S ALL SURPRISE HIM! Reblog this! Spread the word! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to DM me, tweet me or email me! ♡