his birthday is april 10th right


Hyukjae saw the birthday cake that ELF had sent him~ ^^

160404 CBB Fanacc :

Today my friend, a V-ELF came to Chocolat Bonbon and had a chance to talk with Hyukjae’s mom. Hyuk mom said that Hyukjae was still doing well, eating and sleeping well. 

My friend told her that she was from Vietnam. Hyuk mom said “Ah, I sent a picture of the cake from Vietnam ELF to Eunhyuk.” Then she run to the kitchen to brought her phone out and showed my friend the capture of her and Eunhyuk’s conversation include the picture of my birthday cake. (c)

* Hyukjae’s mom had shared ELF’s birthday cake on Twitter.

Hyuk mom said she was too touched so she cried

160404 CBB Fanacc :

Hyuk mom said she was too touched so she cried (because of Hyukjae’s birthday) Talked to Hyuk mom and she said Hyukjae is in the army today and he won’t be come (to celebrate his birthday with his mom) And she misses him too because she can only wait for Hyuk’s call. But they are able to KKT on some nights. And she shared her KKT messages with Hyuk with us.

Hyukjae will have a performance at Jinhe

I asked Hyuk mom why isn’t Hyukjae’s letter coming and she said because he’s busy preparing the performance at Jinhe and has no time to write. And she will convey the message to Hyukjae that we ELFs are missing his letters. She was so active in telling us to attend the event at Jinhae. The event date at Jinhae is from 4th of April to 10th of April.

Hyuk mom was really nice and kind. She greeted and talked to every single ELF that were at CBB.  (c)