his bio is adorable

After just finishing a hella mentally and emotionally abusive relationship I’d pretty much decided that I never wanted another relationship again. The past relationship really effected me badly and I was super depressed so my friends suggested I got tinder with them as a laugh to try and cheer me up and oh man was it funny. I never took any of it seriously but then however after swiping left to many odd and weird looking dudes I stumbled upon one guy who caught my interest.

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Eliot is so amazing and odd, though?? Like?? Literal list of things Eliot Waugh has done

  • Loves making food because it’s a concrete result to his action.  It’s something he made and he can see the direct results of his actions and he finds this really pleasant.  
    • As a result of that, he throws awesome dinner parties for his friends like. a lot. and he’s meticulous about it.
  • Buys either really old Mongolian spellbooks or really old Mongolian erotica?? We just don’t know??
  • When his people are under threat, he starts off like “I’m gonna kill them!” And then amends his own throughts bc no, he doesn’t want to kill them, just “mess them up real good.”  Literally that’s a quote.
  • Thinks of Quentin as the family he needed all along to become who he supposed to be. 
    •  He realized that just bc he doesn’t need his bio family, he can still have people he adores and who adores him and he finds that in Quentin’s friendship!! 
  • .Literally becomes a hero and does a bunch of amazing deeds in hopes that the gods will let him see his best friend again
  • Is a natural savant at magic, but comes out average-good most of the time, bc he’s lazy af.
  • Formats an emergency letter like a telegram in all caps with STOP every other sentence 
    • He 100% did not have to do that and signed the telegram with KISS. 
  • Is p. sure faeries do everything “for the lulz”
  • Adheres very flawlessly and considerately to Fillorian etiquette bc he respects them a lot
  • Quotes Tennyson before grand adventures
  • Says things like “dot in the shark” and “the thick plottens”
  • Survived living with a nasty, homophobic family, cut them off and found new people
  • Thought of bringing something cool back for the Dean of his school when he went to a literal fantasy world
  • Takes care of other people, even when he’s falling apart inside
  • Falls into alcoholism and depression, but also recovers
  • Actually SUPER GOOD AT BATTLE MAGIC when he wants to be
  • Super involved ruler who gives every bit of love his subjects give to him back to them
  • Sobs when his bff is almost gone forever
  • Is a natural leader always
  • just wants to be needed
  • Believes people have a guiding truth that he calls “The point of them”
    • It’s always something rlly flattering
    • Like Josh’s is his big heart
    • Quentin’s is the way he can truly passionately love something in ways most are too jaded to
    • He thinks that when ppl are misunderstood, ppl just don’t get the point of the person a lot of the time
  • Is so cool, the multiverse keeps his life in two volumes

Hey look! More fairy dragon!!!! I thing I want to get him wing silks but I haven’t decided yet. But yes, I finalized his gijinka design, I liked the doodle I did of him last night so I went with it!!!

Orin is a changeling, a fairy (tho no one but taea knows that yet). He constantly exudes magic, and his particular aura manifests a ‘sweet scent’(no dragon can actually smell it, so we’ll just have to take Taea’s word on it?) so he constantly attracts insects like butterflies and bees to him. He is quickly becoming a Wonder of the clan, or a kind of ethereal princess. No one wants to approach him but everyone wants to catch a glimpse.