his biggest secret



This is the first page of my comic and I am excited to share it!
In case you guys don’t know:
Trent and Gar have been together for months. No relationship is perfect and they all have secrets. Gar has shared his biggest secret, however: Gar is the famed superhero known as “FIREPUNCH!”

Trent is supportive of Gar’s career, but often worries about his boyfriend’s safety. What will Trent do if his fears become reality?

I hope you guys enjoy!

lmao so someone on IG majorly spoiled Seven’s route (++secret endings) for me and now I feel askfjdh about doing his route. Haha; damn && i was even saving his route for last because people say it’s the best

i told my sister about the 707 spoilers that’s been sent to me so far ((hoping that there’s still something i don’t know)) && she’s like “damn that’s everything haha you’ve been spoiled about everything rip delete your game now it’s done


Prompt: Can a request one where Bruce leaves the reader ( they’ve been dating for a year now) in the house while he runs a quick errand (going out as batman with the kiddos) and she being the curious person she is goes hunting for A good book (since she’s read all the ones in his house) but ends up finding the bat cave and is just really chill about it …. But mentions him to bring her back some fast food

Words: 389

You and Bruce have been together for a little over a year, and you’ve known him even longer. When you stumble upon his biggest secret, you’re not all that surprised. You were just looking for a book to read. You just happened to pick the book that opened a secret passage way, and because you don’t have any self-preservation, you follow the stairs.

When you reach the cave, everything kind of clicks into place. Especially, those late night errands. To be honest, the thing that throws you the most is the dinosaur in the far corner. You take your time exploring the room. You stop at the costumes, studying each and every one. You connect each one to one of the boys, and that’s when you kind of pause, because this means your babies are crime fighters. Bruce is one thing, but your babies!  

You’ve known most of the boys since they were children. It’s one of the reasons you and Bruce started dating. You’ve known him since you were children, were friends through high school, and you started working for Wayne Enterprises while he was away… a story you’re going to grill him about that night. You help him run the company, and you’ve been there as each and every boy has come into his, and your life. You’ve spent more time babysitting than anyone else. In fact, it’s the boys who got the two of you together.

You take a seat in the big chair in front of a huge computer and just kind of wait. When a huskier version of Bruce’s voice comes through the comm, saying that he’s heading home, you can’t really help yourself. “Hi sweetheart, I placed an order in at that Chinese restaurant that we like, can you make a stop on your way home?”

There’s a few seconds of silence before each of the boys’ voices start yelling. You let out a loud whistle, effectively quieting everyone. “Don’t worry, we’re so talking about this when you all get home. I’m heading up to the kitchen now to get plates out. I’m serious about that Chinese, Batsy. Love you boys, see you guys soon.” And then you’re walking away. You pass a stunned Alfred on the way out, and tell him not to worry about dinner, you’ve ordered out.

ldeni637  asked:

Hi I'm looking for this fic where Phil is dans teacher and finds dans blog where he writes poems about Phil and Phil tells his whole class about dan then in the end dan does something to show Phil he runs the blog then Phil confronts him I hope you can find it (thanks in advance ) 🖤🖤

(ur welcs m8. cheers ^^)

Two Halves of One Heart - Dan Howell spends the majority of his English lessons gawking at his teacher, Mr. Lester. A tall man who’s seemingly every Dan’s not, but as his biggest secret is exposed quite the unexpected happens.

- Emily

One Year

Requests: “kol eating y/n out??”

You swung your door open to reveal Kol standing on your doorstep with his wicked grin and flowers in his hand. You blushed and pushed your large framed glasses up your nose. Kol stepped inside, closing the door behind him and pecking you on the cheek and then handing you the flowers. You sniffed them and blushed again, it seemed like a rather expensive bouquet. 

“Happy one year.” You beamed up at him, and in return, he kissed you sweetly on the lips. To this day you wonder how Kol could have any mortal he wanted and chose you. It had been the best year of your life, explaining family problems to each other and he revealed his biggest secret to you. Despite him being a thousand years old, you trusted him with your life. 

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Skinny Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1000-ish
Summary: When Sam goes on a date, you and Dean suddenly find yourselves alone for a TV night, sparks fly.
Warnings: language, fluff (because I don’t want you to not know that here might be…fluffy fluff)
A/N: second part of this TwoShot will be out on wednesday. Enjoy and tell me your opinions x

Dean’s arms around you, his warmth flooding through you - that’s all you had ever dreamed of.

You wouldn’t even need to be his biggest need, his secret wish number one, no, you would lay on your bed in your room in the bunker at night, just imagining, how it would feel like, if he would once just… see you.

You knew you weren’t the prettiest girl, you weren’t good in teasing and making jokes and drawing attention to you.

But oh, you wished you would be. You wished you could just make him see you, make him understand, make him love you.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like you, no, you were reasonable enough to know, that he did. But that was it.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: As the Days Go By

By @erisedsubrocs

3.4k words, G Rated

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Albus makes the decision to risk everything and tell Scorpius his biggest secret yet. However, untimely complications arise, putting Albus’s plan out of action and steering him down a dangerous path of pain and longing.

Scorpius continues to prove why he is the best friend a boy could possibly have.

Thank you so much to @autumn-of-ilvermorny for not only being my fantastic beta once again, but also for supporting me as I delved into this new area of writing, and for being a great friend :)

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PROMPT: Your OTP subconsciously holding hands all the time, whether in public or not. Sometimes getting smiles, sometimes odd looks, but they hold each other’s hand anyway. (Link to prompt: here)

- They didn’t understand why people gave them funny looks every now and then.

- Remus would get fidgety because he hated getting attention from the general public against his wishes.

- He always felt that he was being judged, or that they had somehow figured out his two biggest secrets and were planning a way to ship him off and send him far away from Hogwarts.

- Sirius was just used to people staring at him for being the heir of the Ancient and Most Nobel House of Black.

- He knew the looks he got were either from people who wanted to schmooze him so they could climb their way up the pureblood social ladder or to get into his pants so they could claim they had been with the heir of the Blacks, or even attempt to blackmail him or his family for their secrecy about having been with him.

- (Unfortunately, someone had tried to do that to him once despite the fact he had never been with this person. Truth be told, he didn’t even know this person existed until the attempted blackmail. But Remus took care of them with a well timed hex and a threat of his own. No one upset his Padfoot.)

- But James knew the real reason why they always got odd looks.

- Even if they didn’t realise it themselves.

- And it really irked James to no end that they didn’t realise it themselves.

- It was because everyone at Hogwarts were trying to figure out if those two were a god damn couple!

- It started off in third year when Remus and Sirius would share a bed at night.

- James and Peter never judged or say anything to them about it because for once their friends actually slept a full night and felt well rested the next day.

- Who were they to take that away from them?

- But then it just escalated over the years.

- Even though the Marauders were very touchy-feely people, it seemed like Remus and Sirius had to be touching each other constantly

- They’d hold hands at dinner on the bench in-between them so no one would notice unless they were looking for it.

- (Which James and Peter, and later on Lily, certainly did look for.)

- They would link arms walking down the corridor in-between lessons

- Sirius would always lie his head in Remus’ lap in the common room.

- Remus would always stroke and play with his hair - something that Sirius would never allow anyone else to do - whilst he finished reading his book.

- Sometimes, he would even put his book down completely - something completely out of character for Remus - so he could braid Sirius’ hair.

- In lessons, Sirius would trace his fingers up and down the scars on Remus’ arms without Remus flinching like he usually did. 

- In fact, sometimes his eyes looked droopy and had a soft smile when Sirius did that, almost as if he was about to fall into a peaceful sleep.

- Then the kissing started.

- It was never kiss-on-the-lips-make-out-session type of kissing.

- It was chaste little pecks to their cheeks, their foreheads, their knuckles, literally everywhere but their lips.

- Whenever Sirius and Remus were going separate ways, like when Sirius was going to Divination and Remus was going to Ancient Ruins, Sirius would lift Remus’ hand to his lips and leave a sweet kiss to the back of it.

- Remus would gingerly smile with a slight pink blush on his cheeks, and would lean forward to kiss Sirius’ temple. 

- They would both step away from each other before they allowed their hands to let go and fall to their sides, as if it was such a hard thing to do.

- James would usually watch these exchanges with furrowed eyebrows because how could they not see they were a couple?!

- One day, James just lost it.

- Sirius and Remus were walking around the campus, holding hands again, and giggling with each other.

- James decided to follow them under the invisibility cloak. 

- They walked to the Marauders favourite tree and sat down in the shade. 

- Sirius leant his head on Remus’ shoulder and closed his eyes.

- Remus started reading one of his books whilst Sirius slept in the sun.

- James was getting annoyed now. 

- How can they not see it?!

- In a fit of rage, he threw the invisibility cloak off of himself and pointed his finger accusingly at them.

- Remus jumped at the sudden intrusion, jolting Sirius awake.

- “Wha-”


- Sirius and Remus just stare blankly at his outburst.

- Then they turned to look at each other.

- And bursted out laughing.

- “Prongs, mate, honestly, what the hell are you on about?” Sirius asked, amused.

- “Yeah, we’ve been together for nearly a year and a half now!” Remus laughed, wiping the tears from under his eyes.

- James stiffened.

- “You. What?” 

- “James, I told you about this! Remus was in the room with us when I did, you Berk. You said you were okay with it!” Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

- “What? When?!” James snapped. 

- “When we first got together! We were in the dorm, and I said to you that Remus and I have decided to be partners …”

- “… I thought you meant on the Potions project!” James threw his hands into his hair and started to pull lightly.

- This only made Remus and Sirius laugh even harder

- “Oh my god, I knew you two were together the whole time?!” James started to fret.

- “Well, it wasn’t as if we were keeping it a secret, James.” Sirius chuckled. “We just didn’t announce it to the public at large.”

- “Oh my god, I’m an idiot. I’ve been planning ways to get you two together for nearly a year now! And you were together the whole damn time!” 

- Sirius and Remus leant into one another and couldn’t control their howling of laughter, even if they wanted too.

- This was too damn funny, and just classic James.

- The oblivious romantic that he was.

- Eventually, James dropped down next to them and joined in with the chuckles. 

- It turns out the only one who was dumb enough not to realise they were together was James Potter.

I was supposed to be doing a bunch of work today, but I procrastinated and decided to write this instead. Ooop. Hope you like!

Oswald x Reader- Little Princess (Rated M - smut and sinister acts)

So here it is! After all the opinions on where I should take this story, here’s the result!! Thank you all for your input!! Please read the warnings under the cut. Please really please!

You are Sal Maroni’s daughter, caught in the crossfire of Oswald’s planned revenge after your Father gave away his biggest secret to the woman he cherishes most in the world…..

This is a really sinister Oswald, please proceed with care!

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

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Solangelo Headcannon- Bob

Nico befriended Bob.

He would talk to Bob every time he was in the underworld and they became very close.

Nico would even help Bob clean, which had Bob calling him the Kind Prince.
So when Bob started to remember who he was Nico became scared and very sad.

Scared because Bob could kill him if he wanted. Sad because he would lose a friend. Bob knew his biggest secret.

Bob surprised him by showing up at Camp Half-Blood (which put everyone on edge) and told Nico “I may be a Titan and you a Demigod but I never had a friend before. I choose my side, and my side is with my friend.”

That was the first time Camp Half-Blood saw Nico cry, and while Bob was hugging Nico he said “Percy is nice and all but the blond from the Apollo cabin looks at you like you are the rarest thing in the world.”

Bob gave Nico the push he needed to, to let Will in and a little later they started dating. Bob was also a common site to see at Camp Half-Blood.

The Secret Life of Ralph

For the anon with this majorly awesome idea, hope this is something like what you were looking for :D

•Ralph has always been the golden boy at school
•It’s not something he ever actively strove for; he just did what he naturally wanted to do, and arriving at the top of his school’s social hierarchy because of it was a bonus
•He’s in advanced classes, captain of the soccer and track teams, and, most important to him, is his position as student council president
•He even has the prettiest girl in school, the captain of the cheerleading squad, as his girlfriend
•Yeah, everything is absolutely perfect for Ralph
•Or at least it looks that way
•In reality Ralph has a lot of secrets, his biggest one being about who his heart’s true desire is; the “rough around the edges” Jack Merridew, a boy who’s as feared by the students as Ralph is loved
•Ralph came to terms with his sexuality a long time ago, but he never felt the need to tell anyone. He’s literally liked Jack since forever, since the first time he saw him even, so he never really felt conflicted about who he was. It was part of his identity from very early on, and he wholeheartedly accepted it despite the fact he kept it secret
•Jack is in some of his classes, but he doesn’t get the chance to see him often since he hangs out with an entirely different group of people
•But Ralph manages to find other ways
•If he’s being completely honest with himself, Ralph likes to go to the football games not so much to see his girlfriend and her team perform, but to see Jack play
•Jack’s a running back for the team, and Ralph can’t tear his eyes away from him whenever he’s on the field
•He bumped into Jack at the end of a game once, after saying goodbye to his girlfriend, and was taken so off guard that he could barely form the words “good job” before getting out of there as fast as possible
•He didn’t see it, but Jack stared after Ralph with a confused but interested smile forming on his lips
•A few weeks later Ralph became Jack’s tutor for history class
•Piggy was going to be Jack’s tutor at fist, but Ralph stepped in to “save” his friend because he knew how much Piggy didn’t like Jack (but really Ralph just wanted to spend more time with Jack)
•They stay after school in the library, all alone most of the days
•During their sessions Ralph was surprised and excited to find that he got along really well with Jack, and as the days went by he slowly realized that Jack was taking up every single one of his thoughts
•Guilt began to gnaw at Ralph as he tried to tell himself that he had other things to focus on (like student council), that what he was feeling was probably one sided, and that hell he still had a girlfriend technically
•However Ralph also had no idea that Jack was actually feeling similar things toward him, so it took him completely by surprise when one day during a session, Jack reached over to hold Ralph’s hand from across the table
•The next thing Ralph knew, they were kissing behind one of the bookshelves
•Since they were always alone in the library after school, Ralph wasn’t afraid of anyone seeing them
•That confidence was shattered as soon as he heard the loud *crash* of text books hitting the floor
•Piggy stood at the opposite end of the shelf, mouth wide open in shock, having dropped all his books in disbelief
•Ralph jumped away from Jack, not knowing if he should stay put or go to his friend
•Piggy just stared for a few seconds, his eyes flickering between his best friend and the person he hated, and then walked away silently
•Ralph had trouble sleeping that night so he called the one person who would know exactly what to say, and who would still be awake at 2:15 in the morning: Simon
•Simon already knew what happened, Piggy had told him, but Simon wasn’t nearly as upset as Piggy was
•In fact, he actually supported it
•Simon said that his main concern was that Ralph was happy and true to himself, so if this is what he wanted then he shouldn’t have to keep hiding
•Ralph took comfort in Simon’s words and realized that it was time to be honest with everyone; with his teammates, his student council officers, his girlfriend
•They were all going to know the truth soon

Fitzward + Superhero AU

In a city plagued (though, some would say blessed) with a vigilante superhero who fights crime in the streets, there’s a little courthouse where legal assistants Grant Ward and Leo Fitz have worked together for just over a year. Fitz thinks he knows his friend pretty well, but when he’s saved by the hooded vigilante,Guardian, he finds out maybe he missed a few things. Mainly, how his attractive co-worker fights crime by night. Ward chooses to trust Fitz with his biggest secret, and the two grow closer, eventually falling into something like a relationship, together. It’s not exactly easy, but it’s plenty exciting. And the crime-fighting’s pretty thrilling, too.

I ended up coming with a completely new character to follow the roleplay with @fortheloveofrainbowsans and decided to try sketching him. As I don’t have a computer rn taking a pic of the sketch is the only way to post this. Haha

This is Thamus Furfor, the antisocial scientist.
His magic’s (eye) color is orange, and it may vary between yellow (alert) and red (angry).
He likes large pants but tight shirts, and often is seen using boots.
His tail is thin and quite delicate, and he usually hides it by letting it wrapped around his skeletal body beneath his clothes.
Talk about hiding, he tries to hide his body the most, using long-sleeves, turtlenecks, pants and coats even if the days are not that cold.
One of his biggest secrets is that the same accident that gave him the huge crack on the left side of his skull, also gave him the ability (or knowledge) to magically transform anything electronic.
(A Tecnomancer, I would say)

- Only leaves home to work, only leaves work to go home.
- Is actually a scared baby.
- Pretends not to believe in magic because of science.
- His only friends are robots.

Part 11 | Other Parts

  • Nico looked at Will as they stood in front of his door. He was slightly shaking as he was about to tell his biggest secret to his brothers. 
  • “It’ll be okay. And I’m right here.” Will promised before kissing his head. 
  • Nico nodded and opened the door for them. His mom was home, relaxing on the couch, still in her work uniform. 
  • “Hey mom.” Nico said.
  • Sally looked up and saw her youngest son there holding hands with a guy. A smile came across her face as she saw the newcomer. 
  • “Hi.” She smiled. “Nico, who’s this?”
  • “This is Will. May boyfriend.” Nico told her. “Will this is my mom.”
  • “Nice to meet you Miss Jackson.” Will said.
  • “Oh no dear, call me Sally.” She insisted. “Are you staying for dinner? We are having pizza tonight.”
  • “Oh, uh, that would be great.” Will smiled. “I’ll just tell my mom.” 
  • Will took out his phone to text his mom that he’ll be having dinner with his friend. 
  • Nico looked at his mom, who was smiling at him. “Are Percy and Jason home?”
  • “They’ll be home by dinner.” She told him. “If you two want to hang out in your room, you can but the door needs to be open.” 
  • Nico blushed and nodded. He took Will’s hand before going to his room. 
  • “You okay?” Will asked as they got to his room. “You’re pretty flushed.”
  • “Yeah. I’m fine. I was hoping that my brothers were home so I can tell them. It’s making me nervous just waiting.” 
  • Will leaned on him and wrapped his arm around him. “It’ll be okay. You can wait a bit longer.”
  • When Percy and Jason came home, they were both shocked to see Nico cuddled up against a boy as they napped. This only cleared their suspicions about their youngest brother.
  • “Boy, I want you to-” Sally said as she came to their door. She saw Nico and Will napping in his bed. “Go downstairs and wait for the pizza guy. I’ll wake up your brother.”
  • The older boys left and sat on the couch.
  • “So our little brother-” Jason said.
  • “Yeah.” Percy agreed. 
  • “We shouldn’t say anything. He’ll tell us when he’s ready.”
  • Percy nodded in agreement. 
  • When the pizza came, Nico and Will joined everyone at the table. Nico was still nervous to tell his brothers, but Will held his hand when Nico decided to tell them.
  • Percy and Jason just smiled and introduced themselves to Will. 
  • “Wait, you’re not-?” Nico started.
  • “We saw you two holding hands in the hallway and napping together. We put two and two together.” Jason told him. 
  • “And we’re glad you told us.” Percy added.


  • Percy looked at his phone as he waited for Annabeth. He was nervous as she came out of her apartment. 
  • “Hey.” She smiled.
  • He looked at her and a smile came across his face. “Hi. You look wonderful.” 
  • “Thanks.” She said as she subconsciously straightened out her skirt. “You ready?”
  • He nodded and took her hand as they headed to the movies. A cliche date, but Annabeth said yes anyways. 

Pregnant Elissa Cousland-Theirin getting severe hunger pains during the night and her adorable bear-husband Alistair finally giving in knowing exactly what she’s been craving, taking her by the hand to the cellar, walking through the cellar past all of the wine and useless junk you used cellars for, pulling back a curtain to reveal a door he unlocks with a “C” key and then stepping back to reveal his biggest kept secret since his heritage. His cheese cellar. 

“It’s how I can tell it’s mine, he wants cheese before he’s even in the world”

The crown jewel || closed

Clint usually spent a lot of the day in his hoard when Natasha was gone. The entirety of his basement, practically, was filled with it, gold and silver, and precious and semi-precious stones, heated to a roasty 85° by space heaters, it was his happy place. It was also his second biggest secret from Natasha.

He was mostly dragon when he heard the basement door open, and immediately he shifted to human form, wishing he’d had his clothes closer, since he was just in his boxers. Natasha could see everything except what the was. “I… I can explain. But it’s going to be really hard for you to believe.”