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Try Me

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where the reader is Unser’s daughter, and Hale keeps flirting with her so she asks Jax to pretend to be her boyfriend to get him to back off. Enjoy the smut ;)

A/N - I’ve done this a little differently to my other fake boyfriend/girlfriend imagines, as I don’t want to seem repetitive :)

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“You don’t even know me. Get to know me, I promise I’ll change your mind.” You’re glad your back is turned as you roll your eyes in annoyance, not sure how long you’re going to be able to keep up the nice girl attitude for.

Turning to face the determined officer, you smile apologetically, your following answer the same as it always is. “Thanks for the offer again David, but I’m not sure things would work between us.”

“Why? Why do you always say that?” he asks, frustration heavy in his tone, his hand on your car door to stop you from leaving. “Is it because of the MC?”

“No-” You open your mouth to start denying his claims, trying to think of another reason not to go out with a dude that you just don’t find yourself attracted to, when you come up with the perfect solution. “Actually, yes. You’re completely right.”

“Listen, I know you’re close with them, but they’re bad people, (Y/N). You could do so much better.” Here he goes again, you think. Same speech as always. He doesn’t even know SAMCRO like you do, nobody does.

“Thanks for the lecture, David, but Jax asked me to be his girlfriend a couple weeks ago, and I said yes.” The pure horror on his face has you biting your lip to contain your smirk. “See you around.”

Walking into the clubhouse, you scan the room swiftly, not spotting the man you’re hoping to see. “He around, Sack?”

“In the apartments.” he responds, walking into the kitchen with a pair of rubber gloves and a plunger. You grimace, knowing Piney’s probably blocked the bog again. Shaking your head, you walk towards Jax’s residence, knocking on the closed door.

“Room service.” you call sarcastically, your voice sickly sweet. The door opens within a few seconds, Jax’s eyebrow raised, his lips turned up into a grin.

“Lucky me, though you’re slightly overdressed for the kind of ‘room service’ I’m used to.” he says, opening the door to let you in. “Wasn’t expecting to see you till’ later on.”

“I know, but I need to talk to you about a little favour so I thought I’d grace you with my wonderful company.” you tease, plonking yourself down on Jax’s bed. Shutting the door, he sits on a box in front of you, pulling his cigarettes out of his pocket.

“You can just admit you missed me, babe.” He takes a drag, your eyes capturing the way his cheeks hollow as he inhales the smoke, the action stopping your train of thought. “What do you need me for this time, Princess?“

“Are you ever going to drop that nickname? You’ve called it me for years.” He grins cheekily, the smoke parting from his pink lips as he shakes his head at you, knowing deep down you love the endearment. “Anyway-”

A knock on Jax’s door stops you, the two of you turning to see Chibs’. “Sorry to interrupt. Cops are here.”

“Could they be any further up our asses?” Jax spits rhetorically, discarding his cigarette in an ashtray on his cabinet before standing up. You follow him as he leaves the room, Chibs leading the way as the three of you head out to the front. All you’re thinking is please don’t be Hale.

You curse silently as you see the man himself standing against his police car, Jax tensing up as he sets eyes on the deputy. “You’re here so much I’m starting to think you wanna patch in.”

Hale just scowls, his eyes shifting to you as you move from behind Jax, stepping to take position between the Scot and the VP. He watches you for a moment, and you know Jax catches it as you see him look at you questioningly, a pleading look on your face as you hope he just follows your lead.

“We got a call about a guy on a motorcycle running a red light a few blocks from here.” You sigh in disbelief, having a sneaking suspicion that his visit is more out of spite than anything else. “Just here to check your plates.”

“Jesus, how bad did you piss off my dad to go from murders to speeding tickets?” you sass, folding your arms across your chest. Chibs chokes down his chuckle from next to you, taking a drag from his cig to keep down his humour.

“I’m here because it’s my job, (Y/N), to make Charming a safer place for our citizens.” You roll your eyes, nodding slowly. “Something bothering you?”

“Woah, I thought you were here for us, not for the chief’s daughter. Check your plates and you can be on your way.” Jax states protectively, not liking the way Hale is speaking to you. The officer glares in response, his hand moving to rest on the handcuffs on his belt.

“I wonder how the chief would feel if he knew what you were up to with his daughter.” Hale snaps, his whole entity dripping with jealousy. You swallow nervously, trying to hide the anxiety from your face.

Chibs laughs loudly this time, a laugh so loud with amusement that you can’t help but smile. “Jackie, you naughty boy.”

You share a look with your ‘boyfriend’, him smirking, a cocky grin spreading across his face. You let out the breath you’ve been holding in, Jax’s reaction of enjoyment rather than horror making you feel confident in your lie.

“Oh, I get it now. You’ve got a soft spot for my girl here, and you’re pissed she chose me over you.” Jax says, rolling his tongue over his lower lip smugly. “Not that you were even an option.”

“You watch your mouth, Teller.” Hale warns, his eye twitching as he steps up to Jax, the tension heavy between the two men.

“Or what?” Jax challenges, anger radiating off him in waves.

“We got a problem here, boys?” The voice of your dad cuts through the ever brewing argument, him smiling at you loving before turning his attention back to the two amped up males. “Hale, you’re not stationed to be here.“

You, Chibs and Jax watch on as Hale turns into a flushed mess, having no decent excuse for ever coming to TM in the first place - though you all know why he did.

“Thanks, dad.” You hug your father as you speak, him squeezing you tightly before leaving you to it.

“So, something you need to tell me?” Jax asks as you sit on the bench outside, embarrassment crawling up your body. “Wasn’t aware I was taken, darlin’.”

He nudges you playfully, your hands covering your face as you groan. “He’s been pestering me for weeks, figured you were the best deterrent.”

“Thanks.” Jax deadpans, a small smirk on his face as he passes you the cig, you taking a drag as you think about what to say. “Glad I could be of service, I guess.”

“Thanks for going along with it. Guess I owe you one.” You tap off the ash and pass the stick back, biting your lip anxiously. “How about I do you a favor?”

“Sweetheart, no offence but the kind of favours I’d like to have you do for me aren’t exactly innocent.” You cough, his reply completely unexpected, your core tingling involuntarily.

“Try me.” you tease, your gaze flickering to his lips for just a second, your hand coming to rest on his thigh, fingertips inching upwards.

Next thing you know, the two of you are locked at the lips, thankful that the clubhouse is empty, the others off on runs and whatever else. “How long have we got?”

“Half hour, tops.” Jax mumbles, connecting his lips back to yours, his tongue in your mouth eliciting a moan from you. “I don’t see us lasting that long to be honest, darlin’.”

You squeal as you feel yourself being lifted, the pool table becoming your seat as Jax places you on top. You rip at his flannel, the buttons scattering all over the room. Your fingers explore up and down his chiseled chest as he begins to nibble and suck at your neck, your eyes closing in pleasure as he works his way down.

“Please, Jax…” you pant, your underwear positively soaked as his tongue slips over your exposed skin. He practically growls at your pleading, him ripping himself from you as he expertly undoes his jeans, the fabric pooling at his ankles, his boxers joining the denim.

Your eyes widen as his cock stands before you, you pressing your thighs together subconsciously as the ache grows stronger. “Like what you see, Princess?”

“Don’t get too smug, Jackson, gotta see if you can fuck me well enough, first.“ His hands pull at your shorts, you lifting your ass to help assist as he rids the material from your legs. Once he’s discarded the fabric somewhere across the room, he connects his lips back to yours, lifting and squeezing your ass as he moves to you to the edge of the table.

You barely feel him move your underwear to the side before he sinks into you, a gasp leaving your lips as he nuzzles into your neck, his teeth biting at your skin as he fills you up.

You dig your nails into his biceps as he moves out of you, slamming back in deeply. He pulls back, loving the expressions you make as he fucks you so well, the little moans and gasps leaving your lips making him want to explode there and then.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel you around me, (Y/N).” You place your hands behind you to steady yourself, your pussy feeling even wetter as he talks to you. “You feel so fucking good, baby.”

“I’m so close, already. Fuck, just like that.” you whine as he hits all the right places, his strokes alternating in speed, but never lacking in power.

You rub your clit, clenching your pussy as you come, your mouth open yet nothing comes out. “That’s it, come for me, baby. Good girl.”

Jax grips the back of your neck as he speeds up his thrusts, his gaze locked on yours as he gets closer and closer to climaxing. You’re practically on fire as you feel another orgasm creeping up on you, the pure hunger in Jax’s eyes making you more sensitive than ever.

“Who knew you could take cock so well.” he whispers as he drills into you, a high pitched moan slipping from your lips. “Imagine if someone walked in right now, saw what a dirty slut you are, so desperate for me.”

His degrading words push you over the edge, a loud curse leaving you as stars fill your vision, Jax continuing to slam into you as he rides you through your high. “You gonna take my come, hm? Gonna let me fill you up like the good girl you are?”

“Yes, fuck, please Jax.” you plead desperately, your nails clawing down his stomach as he places hos forehead against your own, his eyes clenching shut as he let’s go.

He kisses you roughly as he comes inside of you, his hips gently rocking as his hot spurts shoot inside of you, your teeth sucking at his bottom lip.

He pulls out of you slowly, his juices and your own dripping from your satisfied pussy, your body feeling empty without his shaft inside of you.

Jax buckles up his pants, grabbing your shorts before lifting you up as if you weigh nothing. He carries you down the hall, just in time in fact as voices begin to fill the clubhouse.

Reaching his room, he places you down on the bed, his body crawling over yours as he moves a piece of hair from your face. “I’ve gotta go for a vote, but when I get back, we’re gonna see how sexy you look on your hands and knees.”

With that, he’s gone, leaving you shaken and hungry for more.

A/N - It’s been a whileeeeeee since I wrote some smut, but I’m so glad with how this turned out!!!! Hope you guys likeddddddd xxxx


If you adjust for superpowers Sam Wilson is inch for inch and pound for pound the strongest and most agile of the team. The reason he hasn’t been experimented on is because he already has like 800lbs of pure awesome. 

I mean try it your damn self. Do a plank for two minutes. 

Ok, did you do it? 

Did you not because your core muscles clenched in fear? I know mine did.

You have the assistance of the earth to hold you up, meanwhile Sam is in a constant state of plank going like eighty miles an hour in the sky against all kinds of wind conditions and shit. 

But SAM MOTHAFUCKING WILSON is like no I am a graceful torpedo.


Does this man just casually bench 400lbs on arm day? Does his bicep curl move the entire machine???? WHAT KIND OF MAINTENANCE REGIMEN DOES HE HAVE?

I feel like Sam does body weight workouts on all the DC light poles he can find like man I gotta take the ferry somewhere, better get my workout on. 



THere’s probably an instagram account of the mysterious DC planker with like 7million dudebros following trying to figure out which protein he takes. 

The wings are a fucking jet pack there is no way you can convince me they’re anything less than 50 lbs of dead weight deactivated, and then over 300lbs of torque strapped ten inches from his asshole. He’s just casually maneuvering this shit without getting thrown are yOU KIDDING. 

I feel that Tony would be a far second because he moves his equipment around all the time, therefore has big arms, but I also feel like Tony is the kind of man to not know his macros and who never learned to lift with his goddamn legs and therefore has injured himself countless times until Rhodey forced him to build lifter bots. 

Cooking Classes

Summary:  One day your Friend Steve shows up in your house asking you to teach him to cook.

Words: 3418 (Holly Cow.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: There is a lot of music references in this, fuffly lots and lots of fuffly. A little angst and Smut ( Not safe sex and oral.)

A/n : Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta Ily ( you rock)

credits to the gif owners

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You wake with loud knocks on your door, you look at the clock and it says it’s 4 pm. Who dares to wake you up in the middle of your nap? You get up from your couch cursing the soul that is on the other side of the door.

When you open the door all your anger disappears, on the other side you see Steve and you hate how good looking he looks at the moment. He is standing there in a dark blue sweater and some jeans looking amazing.

You realize that you are staring “Steve, what do I own you the pleasure?” He smiles at you entering you house “Well, I miss you.” He hugs you as he speaks “I am pretty sure you do, but what are you doing here?”

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Who do you want?

Jughead x Reader x Archie

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader has feelings for both Jughead and Archie, but doesn’t want to hurt either of them.

Summary: Jughead, Archie, Reader love triangle

word count: 1.5k

this is a bit shit i’m sorry I’ve had a lot on the past couple of weeks 

I sat in pops, the iridescent lights leaving an ominous glow amongst the few people who decided to stay here at this time of night. I sit there reading a book waiting for Archie, it was a Tuesday night which meant Archie and I were due for milkshakes and a bowl of fries. He arrived without my notice, my nose too far in my book for me to care about any other being I this current moment.

I jump and let out a gasp as a pair of large hands wraps themselves around my eyes, blocking my view from the words before me.  “Archiekins” I giggle turn lifting my hands to his to pry them away from my eyes, only to be met by the infamous ginger himself. His dashing smile taking over his face. “Scoot over y/n/n” he says in my ear gesturing with his head for me to move over in the booth. I move over allowing him to slide in beside me.

He gently places an arm over the back of the booth behind my shoulders. I sink back into my seat letting his arm brush against my shoulders slightly. It was moments like these I thought we’d make the perfect couple. He always treated me so well, and we’d shared a couple of kisses in the past from being caught up in a heated moment. But something always manages to get in the way.

Jughead Jones. He never fails to sway my feelings for the ginger haired preppy boy before me. Whenever everything is going perfectly between us, Jughead always seems to pop up in some way and I’m never able to shake those feelings I get when he’s around.

He was the complete opposite to Archie. Where Archie Andrews held musical and physical talent, and was no doubt Mr. Popularity as of recently (and was easy on the eye) Jughead Jones was boorish in some manners but it suited him, he held a high level of intelligence that no one else could equate to and had distinctive features that made him attractive.

It was fair to say that they both had qualities I was attracted to. And both of them had been pining after me for months. I knew because both Veronica and Kevin had been telling about Archie’s feelings towards me, I didn’t know about Jughead until I overheard him speaking with Betty about it.

At times it feels like they are fighting over me. I can never hang out with the group anymore because every-time I do there always ends up being chaos.

“So what do you say y/n?” I hadn’t realised I had zoned out until Archie asked the question.

“Huh? What sorry, Arch I didn’t hear you, I zoned out?” I reply slightly ashamed at the fact he had been sat here speaking to me for 5 minutes while I blanked him.

“Can I take you out on a date this Saturday? We could go out of town or something?” he speaks quietly getting nervous. Just as he finishes his sentence, Jughead walks through the door and sits down at the table opposite us. Archie sighs and lets out a “typical” shaking his head I just look between the two a little stunned. This seems to be a reoccurring theme. Whenever one tries to take things further the other magically appears. “Sorry did I interrupt something” Jughead says looking between Archie and I with a confused look on his face. “No-“I go to reply but was interrupted by a rather pissed off Archie “Actually yeah, Jug you are, don’t you find it convenient how, I say I’m going to take y/n out and you happen to turn up just as something is going to happen?” Archie beings to raise his voice.

“Woah- something was going to happen? And what exactly was that Archie?” I interject. Not really enjoying the fact he’s speaking about me as if I’m not even here. “You know what I mean y/n/n” he sighs and looks towards me. Jughead sits up straight. His jaw locked looking between Archie and I and realising how close we were.  

“oh and what was it that you said to the football team Arch, something getting laid and y/n being ‘lucky girl’ who gets the honour?” Jughead smirks towards Archie knowing he had something on him.

“Could you two stop treating me like an object for one second and perhaps take my feeling into account? I’m tired of you two competing for my attention. I like you both okay. I can’t decide what I want right now because I just don’t know” I stand up brushing past Archie and exit the diner walking towards my car.

I jump into the small vehicle and make the short journey home.

Later that evening I find myself laying in bed thinking over everything that has happened with both of them over the past few months when a text comes through on my phone.

Juggie: Hey y/n I’m outside could you let me in so we can talk?

I sigh and walk downstairs opening the front door to see Jughead standing on my lawn looking a little dishevelled. I gesture for him to come in and he does, slipping his shoes off in the doorway before slinking off upstairs, into my room, I follow him closing and locking the door behind me.

“Look about befor-“

“It’s fine Jughead, lets just leave it” I sigh walking around to sit on the bed.

“No I’m tired of leaving it, we always leave it. You always give Archie a chance and you never give me a chance.” He says looking down at his hands.

“At least let me try something before you completely give up on the idea of us” he whispers. I nod and he takes my hands pulling me off the bed so I’m standing in front of him.

    His hands slip around my waist and one glides up my arm to land on my shoulder. I hold in my breath at the gentle caresses and movements of his fingers on my skin. He leans down and places a kiss on my lips. I just stand there shocked un-able to move. My body felt like ice and as his warm lips melted into mine I shattered into a thousand pieces. I lifted my arms a little to rest on his biceps and I moved my lips with his. I pulled away breathless. Smiling I looked into his eyes and saw something in them I never had before.

“What do you want y/n” he asks me quietly. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew what the answer was going to be.

When Cassian woke up, he was lying on his back. His upper arms were bound tightly to his sides, completely immobile from the elbow up.

“How are you feeling?” Azriel said.

“Like I’m flying high.” Azriel frowned and crossed his arms. But Cassian just stared, transfixed, by the blue of his siphons as they pulsed and swirled and left a stream of sparkling blue across the air like a shooting star across the sky. After a moment, Cassian said, “Come on. That’s funny.”

“It’s self-deprecating.”

“If we can’t laugh at my pain, then what else do you suggest we do at it?” Azriel’s throat bobbed as he pushed off the wall to stand at the foot of the bed. His shadows wafted and ebbed and flowed and grew and shrunk and looked like the delicate tendrils of Nesta’s hair and—

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Reunited Lovers


Anon Prompt: Could you do a Owen Grady X reader Smut where the reader is an old lover of Owens and they bump into each other at the park and ba bam magic happens lol…..I love your writing

A/N: I am in a Chris Pratt mood today and I finally have time to write after my shitty day.

Warning: SMUT SMUT SMUT and swearing

Originally posted by jurassicparkfilms

Holy shit! You were looking at dinosaurs- actual living dinosaurs.

You could barely believe your eyes as you looked at the petting zoo enclosure where you were to begin your first day as a carer for the Stegosaurus.

“So you need to keep an eye on the kids as they tend to prod too much and we don’t want Steggy to bite their hand off” your new boss, Josh, joked.

“Has that happened?” you gaped at him.

He laughed, shook his head, and walked off while you stared after him.

“Well I guess I will never know” you sighed and walked into the office you have been assigned.

“Hey Y/N, did Josh give you his scare tactics?” your new co-worker, Jade, laughed as she filed the parent consent forms for the kids playing in the pen.

“He was messing with me? Of course” you shook your head.

You spent an hour setting up your desk and filling out the needed paperwork to work at Jurassic World.

“Come on guys, we have a park meeting to attend” Josh walked in and waved for you and Jade to follow him.

The training center wasn’t too far away and when you got there, the room was buzzing with noise among the 30 or so trainers.

“Oh there`s the T-Rex trainer, Steve. Awesome guy but terrible kisser” Jade pointed to a blonde haired man wearing a cork hat who waved a little too enthusiastically at her.

“Ugh there`s the raptor trainer, Owen” she swooned, “he`s so…hot” her hands waved at the man in question.

Looking over, you freeze. Owen, the one from your senior year of college.

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Heat (M)

Character / Genre: Jungkook x reader | Smut, Fluff

Summary: He needed to clear his mind. And you were his only cure.

Prompt: “I’m not done with you yet.”

Originally posted by jjks

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Knit and Lace

Prompt: Family/Pink
Warning: NSFW!

Inuyasha knew he hated Kagome for an irrational reason. She couldn’t help the fact that she looked like the ex that stomped on his heart ‘til it was ground meat. But, it was the principle of it all.

“I’d really like it if you put your differences aside to get along with her,” Miroku said beseechingly. “Sango and I are getting married, and you two are going to play a huge part in it.”

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Trent| Lucky |Seven

Title; Lucky

Pairing; Trent Seven/Reader

Words; 3256

Summary; “… Because every romcom and sitcom says so! Things would get awkward and weird and then someone moves out and then we never see each other again.”

Warnings; NSFW. Fluff (i think idk i’m bad at it). Smut. Here be no plots. 

Author’s Note: oh hello. its me. doing things again. stuff is happening in the next couple weeks. prepare for some fast and furious stuff. leave some noise and kisses.

Tag Train:

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rubysvida  asked:

jealous clarke?? something in that vein?? canon verse maybe?? this is so vague sorry ily <3

A|N: nothing to be sorry about considering jealous clarke is mY JAM

p.s: ily too <33


Look, objectively, Clarke knows that Bellamy’s a pretty attractive individual. A collective sigh goes up around camp whenever he wrangles his shirt off (completely unnecessarily) to do some mundane task or the other. His smile can reduce a normal, functioning being into a swooning mess. Monty claims to be forever changed after the one time he witnessed Bellamy emerging from the shower.

But, still. It’s no excuse for Roma to be hanging all over him.

“Her head is going to spontaneously combust if you keep glaring at her like that,” Raven remarks, drawing up next to her. The smirk on her face is enough for Clarke to direct the force of her glare over to her instead, crossing her arms over her chest. Unperturbed, she continues, “And is it normal for there to be a vein throbbing so close to your forehead? Because I’m getting a little worried.”

“I’m fine,” she huffs, gritting her teeth at the sound of Roma’s high-pitched, lilting giggle. Bellamy’s response is lost in the clamor of the crowd, but she recognizes the soft quirk of his lips, the sardonic arch of his brow. Amused. (It’s one of her favorite looks on him, even though she’d never admit it. Not to his face, at least.)

Raven looks thoroughly unconvinced by that. “Yeah, I’m having a little difficulty believing that considering your face is currently a unflattering shade of puce.”

The scathing response on the tip of her tongue dissolves at the sight of Roma’s hand curling over his bicep, squeezing, and she’s moving before she can rethink it; stomping towards them with all the grace and subtlety of someone who’s had a little too much to drink.

He brightens when he spots her; the expression quickly morphing into concern when he catches sight of her face. “Clarke. Is everything okay?”

“Great,” she manages, flat. “I just— I think we should rethink our plans to send a team out past Trikru territory. Do you have a minute to talk? Alone?”

“Yeah, sure.” He goes, completely unfazed; his hand coming down to rest on the small of her back as he steers her towards his tent. Then, looking over his shoulder, “See you around, Roma.”

“See you,” Clarke adds, shooting her a tight, close-lipped smile before striding off. (For some strange, unfathomable reason, the moment fills her with a kind of smug triumph that leaves her grinning throughout the rest of the day.)

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Sidney Crosby - Three Time Stanley Cup Champion

Originally posted by ohhhdreamer

This one is long and PURE smut so I hope it’s exactly what you wanted! I think we all need more Sid smut in our lives tbh

Request from @pensphan4life :  Sidney Crosby post Stanley cup smut . Please and many thanks

It was three in the morning and here you were prepping for your fiancée to finally walk through that front door so you could give him the warm welcome he deserved. You had been far too swamped at work to be able to take off for Game 6 in Nashville and to say you were heartbroken watching everyone else get to celebrate on the ice was a complete understatement. So, you settled for the next best thing. The minute the plane had touched down in Pittsburgh Sidney had texted you,

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I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 


You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for.

Jeongguk was devouring his dinner, barely looking up as you. Food seemed to disappear into his mouth at an insane rate. You smiled at his cutest. He loved food more than anything.

“How’s the food? Don’t eat so fast, you’re going to choke,” you brushed the stray hair out from his forehead. With his hair out of his face you could properly see his eyes. His eyes were your favorite part of him. They were large and always full of hope and stars. They always gave away what he was thinking.

Jeongguk gave you his little smile and then swallowed the chunk of food that was currently being chewed, “It’s really good, why aren’t you eating yours?”

You didn’t feel like eating, still a lot bothered by yesterday and this morning, “I’m not really hungry.” You went to eat a piece of sushi that was on Jeongguk’s plate. He usually hated sharing food but he always let you have a piece of his food.

“Is yesterday still bothering you? I’m sorry, that will never happen again,” Jeongguk’s head quirked to the side. His smile disappeared and instead it was replaced by a frown. “Y/N, you’re number one I promise. Girls are replaceable, you’re not. You are my closest friend. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

His words did little to soothe your heart. It made you think about all the times you were cast aside for his newest girlfriend or hook up. In his eyes, you weren’t seen as a potential girlfriend, instead you were his closest friend. You briefly closed your eyes as you tried to collect your thoughts and feelings that were wrecking your insides.

“Jeongguk, I’m not mad at you. It’s just sometimes, when you’re with a new girl you tend to forget that I exist. You tend to forget that I’m your best friend. I was just worried about you because you were gone and you said you would come back. I really do love you Jeongguk, so much,” these words just spewed out of your mouth. You were fed up with his ignorance. It was so obvious that you loved him so much, more than a platonic friend would.

“I love you too Y/N. I’m still sorry about yesterday. Jennie is nothing compared to you. I promise you are the best,” Jeongguk’s smile returned back onto his face and so was your heart. He quickly finished the rest of his meal, you picking at your own food.

Jeongguk pushed his chopsticks into your soup and grabbed a piece of meat from your bowl. You tried to push his chopsticks away with your own. He had his own food. He didn’t stop, he just kept trying to grab meat from your soup. You couldn’t help but smile, Jeongguk was such a glutton. You retaliated by sticking your own chopsticks into his meal and taking food from his plate. He tried to shove your chopsticks away with his own. It just ended up with the two of you battling it out with your utensils. You giggled at his immaturity. He smiled up at you.

It was these moments where you fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Jeongguk had said to you before that he hated when you were unhappy. He paid for the meal even though you tried to fight for the bill because you felt bad because he paid last time. Jeongguk refused to let go of the bill and even felt the need to use a little force.

“Hush, I’m paying for you and don’t even try to argue with me,” Jeongguk firmly planted his statement. Once the waitress had placed the bill on the table, he quickly snatched it up and you had no chance to get it.You tried to reach for the bill in the small confined space of the table. He stuck the bill up in the air with his long ass arms. He was too tall for you. You started swatting at him in hopes of distracting him. He let out a short and deep chuckle that resonated from his hard chest. It sweep straight through you and you couldn’t help but shiver. Jeongguk was reaching into his pockets for his wallet. There was no way he was going to pay for you.

“Jeongguk, just give it to me. You paid last time, it’s my turn,” you struggled. He just put his giant hand into your face. His big hand basically covered your face. You moved to his side of the table to get to the check. Jeongguk just pushed at your face even more. He was starting to laugh louder.

“You’re tiny. You’re not going to get this check,” Jeongguk smirked at you. When he smirked, you couldn’t formulate words. He just looked so handsome. These words just spurred you on. As you fought for the check, you ended up climbing on his lap and trying to reach the check. This brought your faces precariously close to each other.

“Y/N…” He swallowed. Your eyes followed the movement of his throat. You bit your lower lip, Jeongguk was creating a heat within you. He stared at your lips.

“Jeongguk, give me the damn check,” you breathed into his face. You looked into his hooded eyes. There was a dark stirring in his large eyes. His breathing started to speed up and so did yours.

“You’re so cute Y/N. Why didn’t I notice this before,” the side of his lips quirked to the side. You felt your cheeks flushed, Jeongguk usually wasn’t a flirt. An idea popped into your mind. His arm was started to lower. If flirting with him was going to get you that check and it was to flirt with Jeongguk, you weren’t going to complain.

Your hands left your side and slid up his other arm, gripping his biceps. Jeongguk didn’t move. His eyes pierced yours, there was a questioning look in his eyes. But it was quickly replaced with a consuming, needy look. You moved to straddle his lap, a bold move. He was used to you sitting on his lap, but this was different. The air around you was charged with tension.

“Y/N…” he started, but he was quickly interrupted by the waitress refilling your water glasses. Your face flushed and you scrambled off his lap, but not before grabbing the check. You shifted into your own seat without looking at Jeongguk. You couldn’t meet his eyes and quickly paid.

“Are you ready to go?” you murmured and got up. You looked up and your eyes met. His eyes were still dark with want and a little longing. His hands were gripping the side of his chair.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Before you could put your jacket on, he grabbed it and held it out for you to put on. It was obvious that something as charged between you guys. You let him put the jacket on for you, but not before feeling his hand caress your waist as he smoothed out the jacket. You turned around towards him. He handed you your bag and sent you a wink. Another spike of heat flooded through your lower body.

“Thank you,” you pursed your lips and started to walk towards the door. He followed close behind, never quite giving space between you two.

“You want to get some ice cream and then head home?” He asked you, opening the door in front of you to walk through. He placed his hand on your lower back, you jolted at the feeling. You could feel his smirk from behind you, his hand curling around your waist.

This was how you guys walked to the ice cream place right next to your apartment. The night was still young, the streetlights were casting shadows everywhere. Jeongguk’s hand was still placed on your back. His fingers were ghosting up and down your lower back. Your heart was pounding uncontrollably in your chest. Boundaries were being crossed and you didn’t know what to do. Jeongguk was horny and you could feel it. It didn’t help that you hadn’t have sex is months.

There were no words exchanged on the way to the parlour, none was needed. You knew what you wanted tonight and you were going to get it. You weren’t going to back out, Jeongguk was acting differently and you were ready to finally to take that chance.

The ice cream parlour was pretty much empty, there was another couple in the corner who was feeding each other their ice cream. The teenage boy at the corner looked extremely bored and didn’t even react when you guys came in.

You chose the vanilla bean and he had ordered his favorite, cookies and cream. This time he paid for you and you didn’t argue. He sat down in front of you, holding your orders. But before you could reach for your ice cream, Jeongguk had grabbed a spoon and scooped some of your vanilla bean and shoved it in your mouth. You were surprised but you still opened your mouth for the spoon. Your mouth enclosed around the spoon and licked the bottom of the plastic. Jeongguk was staring intently at your mouth, his eyes were turning darker and his breathing was coming out at a faster pace.

“What are you doing Jeongguk? I can eat by myself you know. I know you’re controlling and all but c’mon. I’m a big girl,” you teased him. He finally pulled away the spoon and started eating his before it melted.

“I know you are, but I like to take care of you. You make a mess of everything,” he winked. You quirked your mouth to the side and stuck your tongue out between your teeth.

“You know I’m just a little messy, but I always clean up. What about you? You have ice cream dripping from the sides of your mouth,” you moved your hand up to wipe away the stray ice cream. His eyes followed your movements. Your thumb reached out to wipe it away. His tongue peeked out and you felt it as you tried to clean him up. You leaned more into the table and closer to him. He did the same, he gravitated towards you. As quickly as it happened, it stopped.

“Hey, you two. Get a room. I want to keep this PG in here,” the bored teenager from before yelled out. You jumped back and blushed, looking down. Jeongguk let out a growl of annoyance and glared at the cashier.

“Fine,” he took the barely finished ice cream cups and threw them out. You watched him as he cleaned up the table in lightening speed. He grabbed your hand and basically ran you outside.

Before you could react, you were slammed against the side of your apartment building. Jeongguk followed and slammed his body right flush against yours. His head settled in the nook of your shoulder and started to kiss up to your neck. You slid your hands into his shirt and felt his tight and hard abdomen. He let out a small groan. Hir arms wrapped around your waist.

“Y/N, what are you doing to me,” his deep husky voice breathed into your ear. You couldn’t answer him. Your body was running too hot. You grabbed his jaw and brought it to your face and kissed him. His lips moved sensually and hot against your own. His tongue teasing the lining of your mouth. You giggled, not letting him in. Your hands still wandering under his shirt and it ended up wrapping around his back. He was so muscular and it was turning you on horribly. His hands creeped up into your hair as your mouths were still connected.

“Apartment. Now,” he growled into your ear. You bit your lip and interlaced your hands and hauled him into the elevator. Heavy breathing permeated the small space. You grabbed Jeongguk’s collar and slammed your lips back onto his. That small moment of walking to the elevator had you wanting more. You moaned into his mouth as he caressed your waist. He struggled to press the button to your floor. He broke away from the kiss and started to plant kisses down your jaw and to your ears.

“You’re so fucking hot I can’t contain myself. What are you doing to me Y/N,” he nibbled on your earlobe. Your ears were your weak spot. It was basically the thing to press to unzip your pants.

“Jeongguk. Stop talking. More kissing,” you gripped his hair to move him back to where you needed him. He didn’t complain as you slanted your head for better access. The elevator dinged to your floor and he struggled to get you and him into your apartment. He patted his jeans to find his keys but he didn’t have it. You had the key, you just giggled at watch him like a fool. You were so whipped for him. You brought out your own key and opened the door.

“Get your fucking ass into the apartment Y/N, right now. I can’t wait any longer,” Jeongguk lifted you from your bottom and you wrapped your legs around his strong waist. There was no extra space between you and him. He stumbled to his room, using free hand that was not wrapped around your waist to open the door.

He threw you on his neatly made bed. You bounced slightly due to the force of the throw. Jeongguk ripped off his shirt, eager to get back to you. You did the same and shimmying out of your pants. You were having a little problem with getting them off. Jeongguk just grabbed the pant leg and ripped it off. He could not wait. You were left in your matching red bra and panties.

“Y/N.. what are you doing to me. I fucking love you so much,” Jeongguk stopped for a second to admire you. His hooded eyes were almost black with desire. He ran his hands down your body. You could see the tent in his pants, seeing his arousal made you more turned out and drove you crazy.

William Nylander - I Love You

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Another Willy smut coming right up!

Anon Request: Could you write a smutty William Nylander imagine where you’re best friends and you end up admitting you love each other? Thanks!

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Damn, Son.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warning: swearing, mentions of sexy stuff, Natasha being a smart ass
Notes: Content is something I’m in need off, and so this was born.

James Buchanan Barnes is a very attractive man, no doubt. Throughout the time he’s been on the team, you’ve progressively noticed small details about him. For example, during meetings, you would watch how the light reflected off of his sky-blue eyes, or the way his flesh arm would flex in the gym. But there’s just that one part, that one simple part of the body that everyone has….his thighs.

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Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes 

Warnings: None 

Summary: Bucky helps you study for your anatomy exam.

A/N: Please let me know what you think! 

Word count : 613 

Groaning you dropped your head onto your textbook. Your anatomy exam was in two days. Two days and you still couldn’t recall names of muscles off the top of your head. You heard footsteps behind you enter the empty living room but decided to keep wallowing in despair with your head down.

“What’s wrong, doll?” Bucky was mildly concerned at your apparent state of distress. 

Groaning again you answered, “I have an anatomy exam in two days and I know nothing about these stupid muscles!”. You loved your university class but lately you had been slacking because of your duties with the Avengers.

“Want some help?” Bucky’s slight twinkle in his eyes almost gave him away. Having just come out of the gym he was in a black tank top and sweats. You bit your lip at the sight , sweat glistened on his skin ,his veins were almost pulsing and it was as if his body thrummed with energy. 

You nodded your head as he unwound his boxing wraps with ease. With his hands on his hips , Bucky asked “where do you want me?”. Your head snapped up at his words, you thought he was going to offer to help with revision.

“What do you mean?” at your words Bucky’s grin widened. Reaching back he pulled the tank top off and threw it down on the couch. You gulped and you were sure he could see your pulse speed up under your jaw. 

“Don’t you think I’d be the perfect model?” Bucky spread his arms out in a grand gesture, you loved when he was cocky. Nodding shyly you got up on shaky legs, nervous around Bucky especially a shirtless Bucky. Holding your book in front of you, your hand hovered over to his shoulder. He tutted at you, pulling your book out of your hands and throwing it on the floor, “without the book, doll” . His eyes were hooded as he looked down at you. Grabbing your hand he placed it over his shoulder and looked at you expectantly. 

“T…trapezius” stuttered your answer, the proximity of Bucky was invading all your senses. His shoulders were magnificently sculptured and you could feel every breath lift his muscles. Slowly he dragged your hand over this arm, his skin was warm from training in contrast to the cool metal hand holding yours. “Bicep” you spoke, the tension rising in the room with every move and breathe between you. He continued down his arm, “Triceps” he moved your hand “extensors” you breathing had sped up and you heart hammered against your chest, “flexors” you finally answered.

Bucky had remained silent so far but you swore you heard his breath hitch when you touched his bicep. Finally he moved his hand down toward the hard muscles on his stomach. You closed your eyes , breathing in deeply. His stomach rose with every breath , he was warm to the touch and you shivered at the contact. 

The tension in the room was palpable and the air crackled with unsaid words and intentions. “Name it , doll” his raspy voice broke through your reverie. “Abdominal muscles” you whispered , not being to help it a small moan escaping your mouth. 

“Look at me , y/n” Bucky whispered as if speaking would ruin the moment. You opened your eyes and looked up into his. He bent his head and touched his lips to yours. The kiss was soft and searching at first, in a heartbeat the kiss was passionate and full of yearning. With ease Bucky lifted you so you could wrap your legs around his waist. “I think we should continue this lesson in private” he murmured against your neck and you were glad your exam wasn’t tomorrow.

Music Series: Memories by Shawn Mendes

Beautiful! Wow, just a beautiful song! Thanks for the request, Anon!

Love the piano, the soft bit of strings, the sentiment and emotion…really love this song. I think it can be interpreted in different ways for different imagines, but this is my interpretation for this story (didn’t want to jump into another sad one yet), so I hope you like it.

This is “Memories” by Shawn Mendes, which you can find for a listen HERE on my Spotify playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time’.




When I wake up to your footsteps

As you get up out of bed

They make a song that sounds so simple

But it dances in my head

A melody so perfect

That it gets me through the day

And the thought of us forever

Is one that won’t ever go away

Harry feels the opposite side of the bed shift slightly, as you stand to start your day, your feet lightly tapping on the floors as you make your way to the bathroom. Smiling, Harry turns toward your side of the bed, draping his arms across the warm spot you just left on the sheets, opening his eyes and watching you at the bathroom mirror, getting ready for your shower and doing the little morning routines that he swore he could watch you do all day long.

He loved everything about you.

So let’s hold on together

To this paper and this pen

And write down every letter

To every word we’ve ever said

“Come lie next to me, love,” Harry requested, as you walk back into the bedroom, seeing he was awake and smiling at him.

You walk to the bed, your still slightly damp body snug inside your towel, lying back down beside him as he wraps his arms around you, burying his face into your neck and groaning in pleasure.

“Stay here with me today?” Harry asked, not wanting you to leave to go to work. “Let’s shut the world off today, okay?”

“Do you not have to work too?” you ask him with raised eyebrows.

“No, I’m free today, babe,” he says, kissing your neck. “Stay here with me.”

“I’ll just ring them and tell them I need to have sex with my boyfriend all day. Would that be a personal day or a sick day?” you giggle.

You feel Harry’s mouth draw into a smile against your neck as his body vibrates with a laugh.

Let’s write our story

And let’s sing our song

Let’s hang our pictures on the wall

All these precious moments

That we carved in stone

Are only memories after all

“Harry, it’s a bit late for me to call in sick, isn’t it?” you ask, struggling with wanting to stay but knowing you should go.

“Do you remember the first time we made love, babe?” Harry asks you, ignoring your comment as his hand lightly stroking up and down your arm.

“Of course I do,” you grin, kissing his bicep as it moves closer to your lips. “It was amazing.”

“Three days we stayed in, shutting ourselves off from the rest of the world,” Harry reminds you. “Not one stitch of clothing worn the entire time,” he laughs.

“Like I said…amazing!” you giggled.

“It was beautiful, love,” Harry says, lightly placing a kiss on your collarbone, then another to your chest. “You’re beautiful.”

You know, you gave me hope

But I’ve got to let go

I’ve got to let go

It’s taking its toll

Deep in my soul

Now I’ve got to let go

“Already made a lot of memories together, haven’t we?” he asked you, thinking of all the vacations you’ve taken together, the holidays you’ve shared with him and his family, and the millions of little moments that filled every day of your lives together, that may be quickly forgotten in the moment, but Harry wanted to remember all of them.

“We have,” you agree. “Looking forward to making a lot more, too.”

Harry smiles widely, kissing you sweetly, pulling you into him as he looks into your face with an ornery smile and chuckle, making you giggle as his lips continue their path along your skin.

“So…” Harry giggles. “Are you calling your work or am I?”

We wrote our story

And we sang our songs

We hung our pictures on the wall

Now those precious moments

That we carved in stone

Are only memories after all

Treat You Better

Tony Stark x reader

Warnings: angst, abusive boyfriend, angst, swearing, angst, fluff

Words: 3.2k

Inspired by: “Treat You Better”- Shawn Mendes.

All credit goes to Marvel

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The first time Y/N brought her boyfriend to the tower, Tony’s heart sank. He and Y/N hadn’t been official, it was never anything more than friends with benefits. She was allowed to date, they even had discussed this. But like most friends with benefits cases, one always falls for the other. For once in Tony’s life, he developed actual romantic feelings for someone.

And that someone had found someone else.

Y/N’s laughter filled the hallway as she dragged her boyfriend through the tower, giving him a tour. Tony cleared his throat, and busied himself with washing the dishes. “Tony, you know you have like 100 people that you pay to do that for you, right?” Y/N asked. Tony looked over his shoulder, doing a once over of the guy Y/N was with.

“Yeah, uh, I gave them all the night off to get some sleep for clean-up after the party tomorrow night.” He focused back on the hot water running over his hands and Y/N’s smile faltered, but quickly brightened back up.

“Okay, well I was just going to show Darren around the tower.” Tony nodded and Darren scoffed. He could hear Y/N give him a swat, but he pretended not to hear the comment, despite his anger starting to bubble. This guy was an asshat, what was Y/N doing with him? He shook the thought out of his and sighed when he realized he was alone. Tony dropped the dishes back into the sink.

“What am I doing? I don’t wash dishes.”

It was 1:03 in the morning. Tony laid in bed, tossing a ball into the air and catching it, a constant cycle to distract him from his thoughts. Y/N’s laugh played over and over in his head like a broken record. He should be the one making her laugh. Not Derrick or whatever his name was. He just looked like a tool. Y/N’s too good for him and everyone knows it. Tony groaned before pushing himself out of bed and walking down to the lab. He had a suit he had been working on, and hopefully forcing himself to finish it would ease his mind.

Except it didn’t. Tony just sat on the couch, replaying old news clips about all the times he’s “saved the day” or “saved the world”. He guessed he must have been playing the TV too loud, because soft steps pulled him out of his trance. “Tony?”

Y/N stood at the doorway of the lab. Her hair was tied in a messy bun that was now loosely hanging off of her scalp, she was wearing a pair of dark red sweatpants and one of Tony’s old sweatshirts that he had given her at least a year ago. “Hey, what are you doing up?” She padded over to the couch, plopping down on it and resting her head in his lap as he yawned. His fingers instinctively began brushing through her hair.

“Couldn’t sleep, Darren snores.” Tony laughed.

“So do you.”

“Yeah, but I don’t hear it when I’m sleeping,” she smiled softly, closing her eyes. Unbeknownst to Tony, she missed this. She missed this feeling. Especially his fingers running through her hair. When Darren did it, he would do it quickly and pull at any knots she had; it was painful when he did it. But when Tony did it, it was enough to lull her to sleep. Which it was currently doing.

Tony was looking down at her. Her eyes were closed, her hair was brushed from her face, and her cheeks were a rosy pink. She peeked one eye open, “Tony?” He hummed in response, never ceasing the movement of his fingers. “Do you want me to call it off with Darren?”

Yes, yes. Oh God, yes. Please dump that tool and love me instead. “Do you want to call it off with Darren?”

“Well, no, but I can tell there’s something that you don’t like about him. What is it?”

He’s not me. Tony took a deep breath. “I get a bad feeling from him. Is he treating you right?”

“Yeah,” she looked down at her hands on her stomach. “He has some anger issues.”

And that’s when Tony saw it; the big dark purple mark on her left shoulder that wasn’t being concealed that great by Tony’s baggy sweatshirt. He cleared his throat, averting his eyes. “Y/N…” she didn’t answer. He gently lifted her from laying on his lap until she was sitting in his lap and resting against the arm of the couch. “Say the word and he’s gone. I won’t even let him make it past the front gate. He won’t hurt you again. Not on my watch.”


“Just sleep down here with me tonight, please. If he asks in the morning where you went, tell him Natasha and Bruce broke up and you spent the night eating ice cream with her and binge watching Gossip Girl. I’ll even have her back you up. Stay, please.” Y/N looked to be contemplating her options before she slowly nodded. “FRIDAY, lock the doors, close the blinds, and turn the lights off.”

Tony laid down on the couch, pulling her on top of him and tucking her head into the crook of his neck. She lightly gripped his shirt and her breathing wavered for a split second before he felt her take a deep breath and relax in his arms. This is so not running away from my feelings, he thought to himself.

The next morning, Tony jolted away at a hand on his shoulder. He immediately went to grab the wrist of the person, but relaxed when he saw it was just Bruce. “Have you seen Y/N?” Tony asked, looking around the lab.

“Yeah, she was making strawberry pancakes in the kitchen,” Bruce noted. He paused, then opened his mouth in shock and somewhat disappointment. “Tony, tell me you didn’t hook up with her again last night.”

“Strawberry? She doesn’t even like strawberries.”


“No, no, we didn’t. She came down here last night when I couldn’t sleep and I saw something. I couldn’t let her get back in bed with that sadistic bastard. I had her sleep down here with me. No sex.”

“Saw something?” Bruce urged Tony to continue, even though he already knew where this was going.

“Yes, something. That something being big, purple, and in the shape of a handprint, Bruce,” Tony had gotten up, and began pacing back and forth in front of the couch. “What am I supposed to do? I mean just go tell her I love her and that I can treat her better? That’s insane.”

“What did you just say?”

“That she had a big, purple bruise in shape of a handprint.” Tony stopped pacing, looking up at Bruce curiously, who in turn was looking at Tony like he had three heads.

“After that. That you…” Tony nearly had to sit down at the realization of what he just said hit him. “…love her?”

“I…love…her.” He sounded out, Bruce nodding along slowly to each word. “I have to go tell her.” He got up to walk from the lab but Bruce grabbed onto his bicep, stopping him from moving.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea when she’s eating breakfast with her boyfriend?”

“I have to try.” Bruce begrudgingly let go of Tony’s arm and watched as Tony nearly sprinted from the lab.

“Y/N, I need your opinion on something for the party tonight, can you come with me?” Y/N looked up from the stove top where she had been flipping the strawberry pancakes that everyone knew she hated. Her boyfriend turned to look at Tony. “She’ll only be a minute.” Tony added, trying his best to sound pleasant.

Y/N began following Tony down the hall until they were standing in the doorway of his bedroom. “What do you need my help for?”

“You need to leave him.”

“What?” Y/N looked incredulously at him. He’s out of his mind, she thought. She knew from the start that she didn’t want to be with anyone other than Tony, but when she found out that he and Pepper had gone out, she gave up on pining for him. He just wanted a distraction from Pepper’s absence. She should have known that their breakup wasn’t permanent. She was just a filler in Tony’s sex life.

He gently pulled the hem of her- his- sweatshirt down, exposing the bruise along her collarbone. “Do you expect me to believe he gave you hickies in the shape of a hand? Y/N, what has he done to you?” Both their heads turned when they heard Darren call for her.

“I have to go, Tony.” She began walking away.

“Wait,” Y/N turned back to him. She felt her eyes light up with hope. Maybe he was going to tell her he loved her and that she should leave Darren and they could go and elope in Paris, she wished. Tony looked like a deer caught in the headlights that she actually turned around. How the hell was he going to tell her? Why did Bruce let him leave the lab? “Um, you don’t like strawberry pancakes.” Y/N let out a sigh.

“He does, and I want him to be happy.” She walked away, and Tony felt his heart breaking all over again.

For the rest of the day, Tony busied himself with preparing for the party. He made calls to the caterers, decorators, and made sure security was almost air tight for this party. He had subconsciously picked the color scheme to be blue and green- Y/N’s two favorite colors.

After he had showered, Tony went to his closet, pushing the doors open, pushing aside all of his different suits one by one until he found the one he was looking for. A dark blue blazer with a brown blazer and white dress shirt. He found the matching blue pants and laid the ensemble down on his king sized bed, staring down on it. “Y/N’s favorite suit.” A voice from behind him said. He turned to look. Steve stood in the doorway of his bedroom, leaving against the wall, a knowing smirk on his face.

“What’s it to you, Cap?” Tony said, popping the ‘p’, hoping Steve wouldn’t catch on to his nervous and very un-Tony Stark behavior.

“Tony, it’s no secret that you and Y/N were friends with benefits. Both of you would come down from your rooms in the morning with hickies all over each other, despite neither of you bringing someone home the night prior. She’d whisper something to you at a party and you’d disappear for hours immediately after,” Steve smiled, a new realization dawning on him. “You like her, don’t you? That’s why you give Daniel dirty looks all the time, why you’re wearing her favorite suit, and why the decorations for this party are suspiciously her favorite colors.”

“Okay, one, his name is Darren. Two, have you not seen her shoulder? It looks like he missed her hand in a violent game of patty-cake,” Steve narrowed his eyes, his jaw clenching. “Third, I don’t like her. I believe ‘head over heels in love with her’ is a better term.”

“So why not kick the guy out?”

“Because what if, in some sick and twisted way, he does make Y/N happy? Why would I get in the way of that because of my own selfish feelings?”

“I can almost guarantee that if he’s hitting her, she’s not happy.” With that, Steve turned and left, leaving Tony with his thoughts.

He looked in the mirror as he buttoned up his dress shirt, which was already tucked neatly into his pants. He pulled his tie around his neck and began tying it, remembering all of the times Y/N would do this after they snuck away from his party for a little bit. If only he knew then that he was going to fall this hard for her.

He shrugged his jacket on and slid his sunglasses on before checking his hair once more and spraying his cologne and walking down into the common room, where people had already began piling in for one of Tony Stark’s signature parties.

Sam and Steve welcomed him into the circle of 90% of the Avengers and handed him a glass of tequila. “Thanks, Lord knows I’m going to need it tonight,” That’s when Steve pointed to the stairwell, where Y/N was walking down. She was wearing a long silver evening gown with a dangerously long leg slit. Her black heels accentuated her legs. Her hair was curled to perfection and her makeup was simplistic. “Does anyone else feel like they’re going into cardiac arrest or is that just me?” His teammates laughed and smiled as Y/N approached them closer, Darren at her side. “I’m going to be playing a dangerous game and I need you to play along.”

“You look amazing, Y/N.” Natasha said, Y/N smiled and thanked her.

“Simply stunning. You might just be the most beautiful girl in the tower tonight.” Tony complimented, giving her a hug and making sure his hand splayed widely on the small of her back, just about touching the rise of her butt. Y/N’s back tensed against him but the smell of his cologne made her relax slightly, aside from whatever he was doing.

“Tony, help me get drinks for everyone, yeah?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” They began walking to the bar and once they were out of ear-shot, Y/N stopped him, lightly grabbing his forearm.

“What are you doing?”

“Treating you how you should be treated, unlike him.”

“Darren’s a great guy.” Y/N said confidently, but Tony knew better. He knew she put on a confident front when she was unsure of something.

“Is he, though? Y/N, if he’s hitting you,” Tony started, voice getting lower and turning into a hushed whisper. “You have to leave him. Please.”

“Why, so we can go back to being no-strings-attached fuck buddies?”

“No, dammit.”

“Then why?” Tony bit his lip, cursing himself for causing this situation. He had to tell her.

“Because I love you, and I can treat you better. Frankly, I don’t know how he can live with himself after doing this to you,” he gestured to her shoulder, which was covered the best she could with makeup. “You don’t have to leave him for me. Just leave him.” Both of their heads turned when they heard Darren calling for her.

“Why did you wait until now to tell me?” She asked. It was as if she was almost pleading with him, begging for him to give her permission to leave Darren.

“Because I never explored the possibility that you could end up in someone else’s arms.” She grabbed his hand, looking down to where they connected. It felt like they were made for each other, fitting so perfectly. She squeezed his hand.

“I have to go.” She whispered. Tony nodded, releasing her small hand from his. He didn’t turn around to watch her walk back into Darren’s arms. He couldn’t.

Darren had a death grip on Y/N’s arm as he nearly yanked her away from the party. She tried scanning the crowd to look for her friends, but they were all chatting with each other and not paying much attention. They wouldn’t notice even if she was waving her arms like crazy. Darren shoved her into her bedroom, falling onto the floor before he slammed the door behind them. “What’s going on between you and Stark?”

“Nothing, he just needed my help with something.”

“With what? What he needs to do for you to get on your knees for him? I bet that’s already happened though, huh?” He gripped onto her hair before spinning it around his fist and yanking her up onto her feet, a cry ripping through her throat.

“Let her go.” Y/N nearly cried of relief when she heard Tony’s voice at the door. She opened her eyes to see Sam, Bruce, Bucky, Natasha, Tony, and Steve all blocking the door. Tony stepped first into the room. Darren released his grip on her hair, nearly pushing her back onto the ground. Bruce picked her up off the ground and brought her to the corner of the room, farthest away from Darren. Tears pricked at her eyes and she buried her head towards Bruce’s shoulder. She promised herself that he would never see her cry; nobody would. Crying meant weakness. She didn’t have room for weakness. Natasha and Steve stood behind Tony, one on either side of him.

“Bucky, get Y/N out of here.” Steve ordered. Bruce lightly pushed her over towards Bucky who held his arms out for her.

“No, let her stay,” Tony said. Y/N paused, standing between Bruce and Bucky. Sam stepped in front of her, forming a protective border around her. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.” Tony snapped. Darren looked unfazed.

“Are you really going to defend the same girl that you only used for sex?”

“At least the only handprint I left on her was on her ass. You, my friend, crossed a line.” Tony pulled a handgun from his pocket and the air in the room thickened. He rarely threatened someone like this.

“Stark-,” Steve began, trying to ease the situation, much to Tony’s disagreement.

“He hurt my girl.” Tony nearly growled. He clicked the safety off the gun and aimed it straight at Darren.

“We’re not shooting him,” Bucky said. “He’s not getting off that easy.” Tony thought for a moment before pocketing the gun once more. He turned to Y/N, who Bucky had stood in front of when the gun came out.

“Y/N, say the words, and he’s gone. Remember what we talked about?” Tony asked, eyes imploring her to give him the permission he needed to kick this guy out already. Y/N looked at him, and it was as if he could see her strength and courage he knew so well blossom back to life. She stepped out from behind Bucky and Sam and walked up until she was side by side to Tony. Sam couldn’t hide the smirk, more than pleased to see the old Y/N begin to shine through once more. Steve and Natasha still stood protectively by their sides, but she didn’t need it. She looked Darren right in the eye, smiling.

“I want him gone.” Darren’s eyes just about glowed with anger, but before he could lunge at her, Bruce jumped in front of her, putting him in a chokehold.

“You really don’t want to do that. I may not kill you, but piss me off enough, and the other guy will.” Bruce sneered. Y/N stood motionless by Tony’s side, still smiling to herself as everybody walked Darren out of the room. Steve shut the door behind him, leaving the two alone.

As soon as he heard the door close, Tony wrapped Y/N in his arms, hugging as tightly as he could without hurting her. He pulled away, checking her for more injuries as the smile on her face grew. “What happened? Is this a prank? Why are you smiling like that?” He asked frantically. Y/N pressed her palms against Tony’s cheeks before lifting herself up to his height and pressing a long kiss to his lips.

“I love you too, Tony.”

All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.3

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Vampire!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2118
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: Sorry this part took so long, my dears!! But it’s here now and I hope you like it!

Click HERE for a little more character information.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

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You were only home for a few days when you started growing suspicious of your friends. During your first night back it seems they noticed the connection between you and Bucky. How you seemed to gravitate towards each other, like an invisible force was trying to pull you closer together. But now any time you were just about to make the slightest contact, something would come up.

It started out unsuspectingly enough. You had been alone in the lounge with Bucky the day after your return and he was telling you about his past. Just as the moment was turning a little more heated, Natasha had walked in. She asked for your help and effectively ended your moment with Bucky.

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Requiem: Part Fourteen


A/N: There are mild spoilers for ACOWAR in this, mainly names. 

A/N: I did have something else, but more has been added because SOMEONE didnt give me everything i needed before posted. (i wont name names)

“What were you thinking,” Lucien yelled for the tenth time, his golden-brown fingers digging into his son’s shoulders, near shaking him.  Bay leaned against the wall, arms crossed, watching his friend’s father lay into him. “He isn’t well and you know it. You scented it and still, you went without me.” 

His russet eye blazed with unshed tears of worry and fury. “You could have gotten yourself killed! You are a child and you keep doing things without thinking. Just because it’s hard to kill you doesn’t mean it can’t be done!”

Ash rose his chin, his eyes flashing, not backing down. “It was what Aurora wanted. We had Dacia. We had a plan but-”

Bay cleaned the condensation from his glasses. Here we go.

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