his best enemy


“Well… I hope you’re happy at the head of the table”
                                “You know, the table’s more or less littered with dead old dudes…”

Seeing Juvia alive, along with the wounds he got during and since their battle caused Gray to pass out. This is due to the emotional gravity of the situation. 

Post-499, Gray was utterly spent, physically battered, and emotionally devastated which carried him through his brutal asskicking on Invel, a partial demonic transformation, and a tough battle with his best friend and worst enemy. Through the sheer grief of a painful loss, he soldiered on with the power of raw grief and pain. Once seeing Juvia alive and well, he was able to physically respond. 

Hearing her voice caused him to whip his head around immediately, and he started shaking with realization while saying her name. It’s as if he was in utter disbelief Juvia was standing right before him, thus dropping to his knees. You can feel the emotional impact coming from Gray, especially when looking at the close up of his eye. It’s important that the author chose to focus on that detail. She has been his motivation to keep fighting, so for him to see her breathing, there was was enough safety and comfort to allow himself to finally rest. 

Juvia caught and cradled Gray in her arms, just as he did to her earlier. During this entire arc Gray and Juvia have done everything together. Their actions have been mirrored, such as their suicide attempt, where they both tried to sacrifice themselves for the other. This is because they both share the same mutual love for each other. Their feelings are the same, like two halves of a whole. And thus, now that Juvia confirmed Gray’s safety to herself, she too fainted with relief.

Hopefully when they wake up, they’ll be able to talk, because Gray already said he would be serious, and he would give her an answer after the war. He won’t hold back any longer because he got a second chance to be with Juvia that he’s never had with anyone else. Therefore this is more the prologue to their reunion, and there will be a continuation. However, it’s also very likely they won’t even have time to properly talk yet, as this is a war.

Mashima-sensei is simply delaying their canonization. Just as Gray had said he’d give his answer after the war, thus we readers will likely also have to wait for the closure to Gray and Juvia’s relationship at the end of the arc. So, please don’t be discouraged by this reunion, because there will be more to come.

The whole interaction was quite touching. Neither of them should have been moving after trying to kill themselves and being healed, but Juvia being gone kept Gray going. Gray being in danger kept her going. They both pushed their limits, as even Charle pointed out. When they found out the other was ok, they were able to let go.

Simple really.

Road is Sleeping Beauty, who was cursed by the malicious, yandere Innocence, who is even more yandere than the Queen of Yandere over here, but instead of something turn off like picking “her delicate finger with a spindle on a spinning wheel, she fucking threw herself in the crossfire to save her man, A++++++ my lady.

Which means Allen, you are almost the Blond Prince on White Horse, except you have no horse and the white haired one is you but in exchange you’re “crowned“ which makes you King, even if you’re broke (are you?), so do your fucking King thing and kiss your Queen awake.

Remember this funny little bit from Samurai Jack Episode XLVIII, “Jack vs. Aku”?  

After more failed attempts by the Shogun of Sorrow to best his enemy with incompetent help, Aku takes matters into his own hands and confronts the samurai himself with the prospect of a duel.  What immediately followed was a light poke at the standard Samurai Jack formula of episodic hero and villain conflict, humorously summarized above in Aku’s usual condescending manner.

At the time, it was a nice jab at the show’s status quo, an excuse to set up a cool fight that ended with - you guessed it - more status quo, even if Jack emerged the victor of a sorts.

Nearly 14 years have passed, and Season 5 is showing us exactly what happens when light parody gives way to a grim deconstruction of the eternal hero-villain duet rife in so many cartoons.

Fifty years of wandering a scorched, desolate landscape ruined by evil has left Jack a bitter and half-broken man.  The weight of time as well as his failures have bent him low, trapping him in an endless and seemingly futile cycle of heroic stultification, from which there seems only one escape - and his subconscious, at least, is dying to take the leap.  Turns out, being a hero locked in eternal conflict with a foe against whom you’ve made zero progress in half a century does cruel things to your state of mind.

 Ironically, episode 2 reveals that Aku is in very much the same boat.  Though his little “therapy session” was a nice light distraction from Jack’s brutal existential collapse, it still centered on the same problem: he’s made no progress on his “Kill Jack” campaign, with time itself now spurning him, and is reduced to pathetically waiting in his mental hovel for a solution to fall from the sky.  Try as he might to feign indifference, the fact that Jack remains both a potential threat and a persistent thorn in his side he can’t remove clearly bugs him.

Better than any other Western animated series, Samurai Jack shows you just how bad the standard heroic wanderer formula can feel when stretched on too long, and when progress, however measured, falters.

i am excited for the christmas special NOT because of river's return, but because of this possibly happening
  • river: hello sweetie~
  • missy: excuse you? who are you calling sweetie?
  • river: why, the doctor, of course—
  • missy: he is MY sweetie. understood?
  • doctor (in the background): oh god
  • river: what exactly are you going on about? doctor, do explain this please.
  • missy: did you give him a birthday gift? i gave him an army for his birthday! what have you gotten him?
  • river: well—
  • missy: HE'S MINE.
  • BONUS:
  • missy: well if you do claim to be his wife, surely he has told you about me before. i'm his greatest adversary. his equal, his best enemy *grins*, his ex.
  • river: *smiles* oh, you are the master aren't you?
  • missy: the mistress now, thankyouverymuch miss song.
  • river: doctor dearest, you never told me that the master was THIS obsessed with you.
  • missy: i aM THe onLY ONe who cALLs him deAR

me: So in Lin’s-

family: *laughs*

me: what


me: but anthony is john lauren’s and philip hamilton

me: and daveed diggs is lafayette and thomas jefferson

me: so hamilton is dating his kid and one of his best friends and enemies


I kind of wonder if this is a character development moment or if this is a trait Kaidan had always possesed. By which I mean:

did Kaidan - after it turned out Shepard joined Cerberus in ME2 - sit like this for hours and hours and mull over and over in his head the reasons why Shepard would do something like that, trying his best and failing to really understand

OR did he not think about it that hard just judged by his own morality code, and then - after Shepard destroyed the Collectors (so it turned out Cerberus did do something good for a change), and then immediately ditched Cerberus and returned to the Alliance to be detained (so it turned out Shepard actually was just using them) - he felt bad about judging too fast, and this is him now, trying his best to understand his enemies before judging them.

(or is it both, in a way that he did think hard about Shepard’s reasons, didn’t understand them then, and afterwards came to the conclusion that, yep, he did think about it, but maybe not hard enough. So now he’s just making like triple, paranoid effort to understand things that can’t be understood)

Home (Kylo Ren oneshot)

Prompt: Based off this imagine - http://imaginethatpeeps.tumblr.com/post/137404673805/i-dont-own-the-gifspictures-another-stroke

Word count: 394. (Wow so short omg)

Not my gif btw.

A/n: I’m KR trash and was majorly considering this, then someone said I should do it so thanks for the request and let’s all jump in this dumpster/trash can.


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Another stroke of lightning fell, electrifying the air and illuminating your surroundings - specifically, the fallen man, who you once knew to be your friend.

“Ben!” You cried out, barely audible over the battle nature seemed to be having against itself. Even so, the dark figure span around, searching for the voice in the dark - you.

His best friend, now his enemy.

After all, if you weren’t with him, you were against him… Right?

“My name is Kylo Ren - Ben is dead.” His voice, a low rumble, could just be heard, from the few feet away that you stood. Defiantly, you shook your head, ignoring the stands of hair that stuck to your face, wet from all the rain.

“That’s a lie, and you know it!” His mask, though it covered his face, couldn’t hide the truth, “Ben is alive! I know you feel it - the call to the light! It’s not too late for you; it never is!”

“How could I go back – to what I was; who I was. Ben was weak, and a fool!” His head lowered, thoughts running almost as fast the lightning that danced through the sky. Taking this as a sign, you edged forward, until you were stood directly in front of him, staring up at the darkness of his mask.

You didn’t know if he could see you - if he was even looking; it was all hidden behind that damned mask, but it was worth the risk. Reaching up, you placed a gentle hand on the mask and then the other, grabbing the bottom firmly as you slowly pulled it off his head. He never moved; never resisted your action - that was a good sign.

Now, there stood your friend - your best friend - in the flesh, for the first time in a long life. Sure, his black hair had grown longer, curling at the ends - but he was still Ben. He was still your best friend

His dark, brown eyes shimmered with hidden tears, that soon began to roll down his pale cheek. Wiping it away, you smiled, feeling the prick of tears at your eyes too.

“We can go home, Ben.” And with that said, you hugged him, holding as tightly as you could.

Never again would you lose him. Not in a million lifetimes, would you let him feel this bad. And you didn’t.

Before, it was just Steve and Bucky and Bucky was always looking out for Steve. I don’t think he ever got jealous of Steve, even after Steve saved all those soldiers. I think he was mad that no one else saw Steve until he became Captain America, mad that he was the only one who saw Steve for who he was and not for what he looked liked until after the super solider serum.

The one who supported Steve and was his best friend became an enemy to all but Steve, who knew that there was more to the Winter Soldier, that past the Winter Soldier mask was Bucky.

Bucky, who looked out for him. Bucky Barnes, who would not give up on Steve Rogers.

Then they switched roles.

[not my drawing]

Character Trivia #4 :
*Shirota Mahiru*.

Birthday 7th July
Age : 15 (First Appearance)
16 (Current)
Height 5'5".
~favorite color is orange
~He was nicknamed MahiMahi by Kuro in the Drama CDs.

*White and Black* :
Mahiru’s name contains the Kanji for “true” (真), “noon” (昼), “castle”(城) and “rice field” (田).
“城,” can also be read the same as the Japanese word for “white,” which is meant to contrast Kuro’s name, meaning “black”

*Nice and kind*
~Mahiru is nice to everyone, since the beginning he was aiming to avoid any fights and get into a peaceful settlement. He has a down to earth personality, he even tries his best to save his enemies.

*Hardworking and serious *
~He likes taking matters into his hands and pushes himself to do everything like it’s his obligation. Once he tries to do something, he gives his all to make it work
He gives everyone a chance and tries to befriend them, however if anyone harms those he befriends he’s willing to take a serious stand.

Testsu refers to him as a big brother, with sakuya bonding over missing parents. Other friends are Ryuusei and Koyuki. Another one is misono, mahiru happened to be misono’s first ever friend.

*Unknown Father*
There was a mention of his mother passing away though mahiru’s father has not been mentioned yet.

*Simple is the best!*
He likes to keep things simple…from making cookies for school festival to his over optimistic beliefs regarding peace with tsubaki “Simple is the best!” ~Mahiru.

*Reaches out*
Kuro and mahiru didn’t get along in the starting however eventually they became closer and involved though they’d still mess with eachother while giving off an old couple’s aura. That is because mahiru reaches out to people, it was same with misono. Though he certainly sucks at doubting people but this doesn’t stop him from reaching out.

*Hotblooded and worrywart*
He has a hotblooded and serious personality and easily gets angry or stressed out. He doesn’t hide his emotions or feelings and prefers to say everything straight out like he did with Tsubaki, implying he’ll give tsubaki a name.

He can manage all the housework on his own which is why kuro even nicknamed him ‘housewife’. Moreover he is somewhat of a cleanliness freak. Sometimes kuro has to remind him to relax a little
He might even be a catlover since he picked up kuro and decided to keep him a pet even if out of his own reasons.

*Promising and Trust worthy*
With sakuya, he promises to stop tsubaki for the sake of keeping their friendship. His trust in others and himself is far too optimistic
With kuro, he promises to face kuro and be an eve worth for kuro to rely upon, he doesn’t backs away on kuro’s past. He even cried when kuro turned into a ball in apology

*You’re not alone!*
Even if a bit of hot tempered, naive and an idealist, he simply is too kind and stands for everyone. He is the one who’s keeping everyone together so far and he repeatedly assures many around himself ‘you’re not alone’

Seiyuu : Takuma Terashima (also did snake in black butler , Shima kaidou in super lovers, Harue Wataru in princess princess and so on)

//check akaritsuki11@instagram as well ;-; //


Dear friends who still love Severus Snape because he is tall, dark, broody, evil and whatever else

Might I introduce you to a non/far less problematic alternative?

This fucker right here

Ballister Blackheart from the comic/webseries Nimona.

He’s tall

He’s got dark hair

He’s the “villain” (sort of)

He’s brood-y (ish)

He’s a massive nerd with a metal arm and a crush on his best friend turned enemy.

Look at him

Look at this precious


science nerd.

Go read Nimona. Give him love (the other characters too). Just do it, it’s worth it I swear.

Plus, he is a million billion times less creepy and problematic than Snape.

(All the art belongs to Nimona’s creator/author/illustrator Noelle Stevenson)


What a difference a year can make. The first picture of Red, a man in control, about to best his arch enemy, Berlin. The second picture six months later, just before the shot is fired, showing a heart broken, wounded man, who thinks he has lost his Lizzie forever. The year has been very difficult for Red and it has taken its toll.

Updated after S2E22…

Now, close to tears for a moment as Lizzie remembers killing her father and feelings of failure for not being able to keep Lizzie as she was….