his beautiful face tho

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.


Teachers: Simon in Every Episode

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So Jerome is probably one of my favorite Jokers out there just saying

Ruka Gojou from Nanbaka as a merman.

He is just so pretty! ^^ He’s mah hubby~

I drew this for a celebration Deviantart because the group Nanbaka-Fans got 400 members. But I had to draw something else ‘cause I forgot to draw the theme… it was for a contest… hehe… heh… he… h-


170624 - Fansign Fanacc - OP asked Joshua and Jeonghan laughed




Please. Please don’t do this.


I didn’t and don’t really ship Caviva, but man this was too cute of an idea to pass up.

Chris found Aviva outside looking at the stars, and they sat and talked for a while, he said something funny and all of a sudden she started laughing, and he looked at her right then and got hit smack in the face with “oh no she’s so gorgeous oh crap what do I do???“ I titled this “starstruck.”

I had a lot of fun with this, even though it’s really lazy (in my opinion) and I didn’t spend as much time as I should.

Thinking of Gladnis Beauty and the Beast AU, what about these:

Disney’s Tangled, except it’s a Gladio x Noctis.

Disney’s Enchanted, except it’s a Noctis x Ignis.

Disney’s Aladdin, except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Cinderella except it’s either a Prompto x Noctis or a Prompto x Ignis.

Disney’s Little Mermaid except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Hercules except it’s a Gladio x Ignis or a Gladio x Prompto.

Disney’s Sleepy Beauty except it’s…anything involving Noctis.

This is a mere joke, but if anyone ever does any of those, please do tell me, haha.


I’m not an easy person to trust.