his beard makes him look ginger

I join a group well into a major campaign, after most of the party have established their characters’ relationships. Most of the party are beast people. My rogue is modeled after a snow leopard, another party member is a fox and essentially a succubus, and the berserker is a wolf. The summoner however is a dwarf, with a “rockin’ awesome ginger beard.“ The fox introduces herself to my character by propositioning him and he makes haste to inform her that he is gay.

Succubus: "Really? HEY, [berserker]! Guess what! He’s gay!”

The berserker looks my character over thoughtfully, then pulls out a replica of the dwarf’s beard from his bag and holds it up to my character’s face.

Berserker: *nodding solemnly* “We’re gonna get along just fine.”

(For reference, they got along so well that they got married and adopted a son, but at the moment my character was beyond confused.)