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Too Close For Comfort

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Pairing: Sami Zayn x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing and really rude and hurtful things but then fluff at the end, also, claustrophobia.

Rating: Mature (for only swearing)

A/N: This was a request from an anon AGES ago: “I’m a sucker for hate/love things so I’m going to request it with Sami to feed your need lol Reader and Sami TOTALLY hates each other and are always fighting like they cant even see each other without saying something rude (Im also a sucker for rude and angry Sami) turn out they get stuck in the elevator together and one of the is claustrophobic so the other has to comfort it and they end up kissing each other and having a lot of fluff but then she says “I still hate u” so he try to change that

Sami Zayn is a fucking asshole. Whatever his fans said about him didn’t matter, you hated him. He hated you too. It all started when you came up from NXT. There was something he just didn’t like about you, and he made it known to everyone. “So please explain y/n, who did you have to sleep with to get here?” Even Kevin Owens glared at him, mouthing “what the fuck man?” at him.

“I worked my fucking ass off and you say that shit to me?” Sami just rolled his eyes and walked past you, slamming his shoulder into yours. It took everything in you to not run up and slap the hell out of him. Fuming, you stormed back the locker rooms. That’s how it’s always been between you two, pure loathing and hatred.

You were called up to the main roster about two months after Sami did. When he was gone from NXT, it felt like you could properly breathe again. Now he was back. The first few weeks were okay, just a few snide comments from both sides. Then it got bad. You started up a rivalry with Charlotte leading up to Wrestlemania 32 and would be placed in the match along with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Sami thought you were overstepping your “low status”. Your arguments would get so heated that people from Kalisto to the Big Show would have to separate you two. The fights were vicious. Although Sami wouldn’t hit you because he said it was against who he was, he made it clear that he would love to. You, on the other hand, didn’t care how you looked to others. Before you could usually smack his smug little smile off his face, someone much stronger and more level headed would swoop in and throw you over their shoulder. Whoever was brave enough would have to dodge your fists and knees as you tried to claw your way back to Sami. Kevin would usually come in and try to calm down Sami.

It was Wrestlemania weekend and like most NXT alums, you had just seen Takeover Dallas. It was amazing, minus Sami’s match. Not that it was a bad match, but Sami kept glaring at you when he would attack Shinsuke, like he wished it was you in Shinsuke’s place. 

After catching up with everyone, you along with the huge group of main roster stars, headed back to the hotel. You lingered a bit down in the bar, just sipping on a coke because the last thing you needed was a hangover during the biggest match of your life. Finally, you decided to head upstairs, taking the elevator to save your legs the strain. Once in, you hit the number 7 button and it flashed. Sami came sprinting in, just barely making it.

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I join a group well into a major campaign, after most of the party have established their characters’ relationships. Most of the party are beast people. My rogue is modeled after a snow leopard, another party member is a fox and essentially a succubus, and the berserker is a wolf. The summoner however is a dwarf, with a “rockin’ awesome ginger beard.“ The fox introduces herself to my character by propositioning him and he makes haste to inform her that he is gay.

Succubus: "Really? HEY, [berserker]! Guess what! He’s gay!”

The berserker looks my character over thoughtfully, then pulls out a replica of the dwarf’s beard from his bag and holds it up to my character’s face.

Berserker: *nodding solemnly* “We’re gonna get along just fine.”

(For reference, they got along so well that they got married and adopted a son, but at the moment my character was beyond confused.)


Request: Could you do a one shot where Daryl finds his girlfriend back in Alexandria and it gets super emotional and he asks her to marry him?

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 1,526

Warnings: Fluff

You’d been staying in Alexandria for a couple of weeks now, with what little remained of your original group. A couple of your friends had settled into this old suburbia routine straight away, but you’d never been a picket fence kind of girl. The walls made you uneasy; this whole place felt too good to be true. Free houses, running water, solar freakin’ electricity. At least when you were out in the wild you were in control. You knew who your enemies were because they were everyone. Now you were stuck in some alien world with dinner parties and pasta makers. It was just as foreign to you now as it had been in the beginning.

So when Aaron showed up with a bunch of newcomers who were being funnelled into two of the houses right across the street from you, your whole group was on edge. The Alexandrians were closeted – they had no idea how dangerous people had become. Far more dangerous than the dead.

This group in particular looked even more feral than your group had upon arrival. The person you guessed was the leader looked half-mad with his overgrown beard and intense eyes. Holding a baby on his hip didn’t make him look any less insane. Following him was a woman with a samurai sword, a kid in a sheriff’s hat, a huge ginger bulldog who looked like someone had brought a G.I. Joe doll to life and… was that a priest?!

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So, I really only discovered ice hockey this season, and I FUCKIN LOVED IT, but I feel like I'm really missing out for not knowing who all the pens boys are, so if you have time/inclination to take pity on me and maybe give me a quick rundown on the who's who of the pens in terms of name, nickname, number and maybe fun facts? Also, the boys won and I'm so proud I can't even <3

alright i’m gonna try to keep this short but i love every single one of them with my whole entire heart so srry if it gets rambly

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Hello dear! Can you make an imagine where Jerome reacts at reader getting shot really badly and nearly dying but then everything turns out into happy ending!:) *sorry for my English, not the first lang😂😅*

// Jerome Fic ~Not Kidnap, per say…~

 Of course Anon! I like this idea. And aw, you don’t have to apologize, your English is actually very good for it being your second language! <3


Warnings: None really. Possibly mild swearing. Eh. Possibly a little creepy. Jerome becomes infatuated with y/n. Stalking, kidnapping. Death and murder.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

I’m sorry this took so long! I was sick and then ended up having a lot of tests, and I kept forgetting to work on it. I hope you like it. //

Jerome stares out the car window, tapping his index finger rapidly on the dashboard. Greenwood leans forward from the back of the truck. “You’re wasting all of our time Jerome.” He grumbles, his eyes growing dark. “Give up on it already.” Jerome pays no attention to him, and stares out the window.

“She is perfect.” He whispers, his head tilting and a strand of fiery hair falling into his eyes. Greenwood rolls his eyes.

“Let’s get outta here, do something fun.” Greenwood says, falling back into the car seat.

“This, is fun!” Jerome snaps, his mouth falling into a wide smile. “And I think you need to remember,” he says, pulling out a small pistol, and pressing it to Greenwood’s temple. “Who’s the boss, Greenwood?”

“You.” He says, his voice gruff and his eyes filled with anger. Jerome brings the gun back to himself slowly, pointing it to his own neck.

“That’s right. I’m the boss. And normally, you do as the boss says.” Jerome points the gun subtly at the girl who is standing by the lamppost. “And I say, we go pay her a visit.” Before anyone can stop Jerome, he jumps out of the van.

You noticed the van a while ago, but it was so dark you couldn’t see anything, or anyone in it. You had assumed it was empty. Until the car door opened and a tall boy with fiery red hair jumped out. It didn’t take long for you to recognize him as Jerome Valeska, murderer, psychopath, and notorious troublemaker. You briefly make eye contact with him before realizing he is heading directly towards you, and begin to walk in the other direction, turning your back to him.

“Bad idea, gorgeous.” Jerome calls out, laughing loudly.  He wraps one arm around you, pulling you to him. “Don’t make any noise,” he says, pointing a gun to your temple. Jerome leans in, his lips close to your ear. “Wouldn’t want to wake the neighbors,” he says, his mouth dropping open a bit as he laughs slowly. Your heart pounds in your chest as you try to break free of his grasp. This only makes Jerome laugh harder. A sickly-sweet smelling cloth is placed over your mouth. Your vision begins to blur, and your mind is filled with his maniacal laughter as your eyes close, and darkness take over.

Your eyes open slowly, still heavy from being sedated. You can hear bouncy footsteps nearing you as the tall ginger, Jerome, enters the room. “You can’t just go kidnapping people,” you can hear a gruff man’s voice say, as a bearded man stands up and blocks Jerome’s path threatening. Jerome, still smiling, casts an eerily calm look at him, and it’s obvious he is on the brink.

I think,” he begins, his jaw dropping slightly. “I call the shots here.” He moves past the man quickly, and smiles down at you. “Hey gorgeous. Sorry about Greenwood,” he motions over to the man, “he’s got a temper.” Jerome helps you sit up, and then sits next to you. “Is there anything you need?” He asks softly, which causes you to laugh. This makes Jerome’s lips curve into a larger smile. “What’s so funny?” He asks, his voice slightly giddy.

“Your hospitality.” You say, and sit with your legs folded beneath you. “You kidnapped me, and then make sure I’m comfortable?”

“I wouldn’t call it kidnapping, per say…” Jerome says, and waves his hand in a circle motion. “More of…forced play date.” You cock an eyebrow. Before you can get a word in, Greenwood stands up and rushes over to Jerome.

“Boss is going to be mad at you when he hears about how you’ve been wasting your time…” You zone out as the two begin to argue back and forth, and close your eyes, wondering if you are going to be here forever.


~Days later~



“Hold your ground, boys!” Jerome says, standing up straighter. “They can’t shoot at us.” Jerome jumps and spins around, firing his gun. You stand where you are, suppressing a laugh. Maybe it was being surrounded by insanity all the time, maybe you had just finally cracked. All you knew was this was fun. Your heart thuds loudly at the rush of pulling the trigger on the gun. Jerome glances at you, and smiles. One of the cops pops out from behind the police car, and the loud bang of a gun shoot sends everyone silent. Your hand goes limp instantly and the gun falls to your side. As your vision blurs, your legs give way and you feel yourself falling. You can vaguely feel someone catch you, and hear multiple shouts.

“Light em up!” Jerome shouts, frantically moving you to the truck. He holds you close to him, his whole body shaking in fury. His head tilts and a strand of hair falls into his face, a smile forming across his lips. “If she dies,” he begins, as the truck starts to move away. “Gotham will burn!” He shouts at the top of his lungs, laughing hysterically as the truck speeds away. He looks down as your eyes close, and shakes you slightly. “Keep your eyes open, doll…you’ll be okay.” He whispers, his voice growing more frantic by the second. You attempt to open your eyes, but the drowsiness is taking over your body fast. The sharp sting of your wound has just started to enter your mind, and your breathing grows laborious.

“I don’t want to die like this,” you whisper. You can hear Jerome release a shaky breath, and he places his hand on your cheek.

“I won’t let you die. I’ll never let you die. We’re too good, doll. Too good to die.” You can feel his lips on your cheek, and then sleep overtakes you. Jerome’s face contorts in anger, and he holds you tighter, frantically holding your face, examining you. He pats your cheek softly, trying to get a reaction. But there’s nothing. Jerome’s eyes widen, and his facial expression goes blank. “How much longer until we get to Theo’s?” His voice is toneless as he looks up at Greenwood.

“Only a few minutes.” He answers angrily. “It’s your own damn fault for taking her.”

“Was I just supposed to leave her at Theo’s?”

“I mean taking her in the first place. You know, kidnapping her?” Greenwood growls, his hands tightening around the steering wheel.

“It wasn’t kidnap,” Jerome says, and shakes his head. “She just isn’t like the rest of them…the rest of those…whores.” Jerome hisses, staring down at you. “She’s perfect. She’s beautiful…she gets me.” Greenwood laughs at this, which causes Jerome to slap the side of the truck.

“Just hurry up! I can’t lose her. I won’t. I’ll do anything to keep her alive, I’ll destroy this whole city if I have to.”

~At Theo Galavan’s house~

“I’m sorry Jerome. You win some, you…”

Your eyes snap open and you inhale deeply. The first thing you see is Jerome, who is standing right beside you. He makes eye contact with you and your heart aches. His eyes are puffy and bloodshot, and his face is paler than usual.

“Y/n?” He whispers, his voice full of innocence and surprise. Before you can reply, before you can say anything, he pulls you to him and cradles you in his arms, falling back against the couch. “I love you,” he whispers into your ear. “I’m never letting you go, I’m never putting you in danger like that again, y/n, doll, I…”

“But it was fun.” You whisper, causing him to pull back and grasp your face in his hands. You make eye contact with him once again.

“What?” He whispers.

“I had fun.” You reply, ignoring the aching in your shoulder. Jerome’s eyes widen slightly, a single tear falling out.

“You…liked that?” A smile creeps onto his face almost instantly, and he laughs. “Of course…you love causing chaos, don’t you doll?” He kisses you, and then laughs again. “This is going to be fun.”

Dough Boys (7/?)// 1 2 3 4 5 6// Sami and Finn are a married couple who own a bakery in a small town. @sunshinesamizayn @dahdeemohn @celestialsami

“Ya’ ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

They’d snapped the picture before the doors opened. It’d been Finn’s idea to wear suits, and by the end of the day they were covered in flour. Sami at least had worn a tshirt under his button down. Smart guy.

A year had gone by fast. Early mornings and busy days (thanks to an education from years of self-promotion), Finn stopping Sami’s hand wringing worry with a abundance of forehead kisses, and coming home tired but happy. They attracted the daily visitors and special orders, and put that special touch on every one. With their own work and a little help, they’d created something good out of their situation.

Finn preferred the detailed work, something that was creative and delicate. It reminded him of the intricate work of legos, the pride that came when finished. He decorated the sweets while his sweet leaned more towards the rough hand that came to kneading bread and making sure his end result was something warm and comforting. It fit Sami’s penchant for moving around a lot, plus, he always smelled like bread, everybody won.

Sami, though, even since meager beginnings in their small apartment kitchen, would’ve been happy to be little more than a taste tester. There might not be a need for them, but Finn was proud of his abs, and while the odd cupcake wouldn’t really hurt, he wasn’t going to be testing every batch. Not the way Sami did.

Each batch, every day he was present, had an extra for tasting. Quality control he argued. Finn loved watching the delighted look on his face when something came out just right, his own pride swelling with each bite, so he never called him out on his bullshit.

That morning, Sami had enjoyed an everything bagel and a ‘morning cupcake’ (“It’s 8 a.m.” “It doesn’t have frosting, it’s a morning cupcake.” “I tink dey call dos muffins.”) Then, half an hour later, he wandered over from his bread table, and sat his elbows on a free spot in the table to watch Finn work his magic. His eyes big and loving as he took in every flick of the wrist and self taught swipe of glaze onto the tray of pastries.

“They look amazing,” he commented, his admiration not really on the food.

Finn smiled at him as he finished up the last frosting drizzle on the flaky danish. “Tank ya, love.”

“How many do we have?”


“You sure it’s not 31?” Sami raised his eyebrow, looking like a curious puppy.

“Nope, it’s 30.” Finn confirmed.

The way his ginger husband’s face fell almost made him feel bad. Finn sighed and rolled his eyes playfully.

“Not countin’ yers.” He smiled, bringing out the cheese danish that he’d hidden beside the tray. Leaning over, Finn put it up to Sami’s lip, who happily opened his mouth and took the biggest bite he could.

The two laughed as Sami wiped any excess away from his beard, chewing thoroughly.

“Perfect as usual,” he said finally, and pulled Finn into a kiss before making his way back to his station, danish in hand.

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A Flint/Miranda/Thomas prompt : after James returns from his three months away in Nassau and he gets to be with his loves again, Thomas and Miranda welcoming him back the proper way with lots of cuddles and ginger beard admiration

Peter wished them both a good day and took his leave, crossing the great drawing room and going out into the corridor, heels clicking over the floor boards. Thomas let out an unsteady breath, hearing Peter’s voice as he spoke to Thomas’s servant while he retrieved his coat.

He stared down into the bourbon, teeth clenched with impatience. He could practically feel James somewhere behind him; it was like torture.

Just a few more seconds… he thought. Finally he heard the front door open and close. He glanced over to James, who had not moved and still stood as though frozen in place in the center of the room. The servant poked his head into the room.

“Will there be anything else, sir?” he asked.

“No Cedric, that will be all, thank you,” said Thomas with as much finality as he could muster. It had the desired effect and Cedric nodded curtly before disappearing back down the hall. Thomas’s shoulders sagged as he sighed in relief. He turned slowly to face James, who was also taking a moment to unburden himself of the suffocating propriety he had been enveloped in. His hands hug loosely at his sides. He closed his eyes and opened them and turned to Thomas.

Thomas’s heart fluttered when James’s stoic expression melted away to reveal a tenderness and a longing there, his thick and elegantly long eyebrows coming up to form a wrinkle between them, lips parting. His new mustache and beard was well-groomed and had a brilliant copper sheen to it that Thomas immediately wanted to feel.

He pushed himself away from the table, a new kind of adrenaline filling him up to replace the earlier one charged by the distress of the day. James was in front of him before he knew it, all lips and breath and hands dancing over his face, starved after a three month-long fast.

A small noise of pleasure escaped the back of his throat at the sudden and forceful contact. It was James, all James and nothing but James. He smelled of smoke and aftershave and tasted like the sea, with a touch of the bourbon on his tongue. Thomas greedily took it all in. He raised a hand to James’s face and touched his beard. It was thick and wiry, just like he’d imagined it.

At last James broke away from him, leaving Thomas breathless.

“God, I missed you,” he breathed, thumb gracing Thomas’s bottom lip. Thomas’s heart ached.

“Words cannot describe how much I missed you,” replied Thomas. Their lips met again and Thomas closed his entire mouth over James. He wanted to devour him in some intrinsic way, to never let go.

James turned as Miranda made her way to him. Thomas beamed at her wide smile that mirrored James’s own. They embraced softly but fully. James wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around his neck. Thomas watched as James nuzzled her neck, eyes closed. Then he pulled back for a lingering kiss. Miranda touched his beard.

“And what fuzzy addition is this?” she asked, intrigued. 

“I was about to ask the same,” said Thomas, running his fingertips through it. James laughed out loud–a sound sorely missed–and pulled away from them.

“You both act as though you’ve never seen a beard before,” he quipped.

“But yours is wonderfully ginger,” Thomas replied. He sounded like a perfect love-struck fool but he didn’t care as long as James was looking at him the way he was. Miranda, too, looked more joyful in the presence of their lieutenant. 

They went upstairs shortly thereafter. They didn’t quite get to making love, but their were plenty of hurried and much-needed intimate touches everywhere. When James woke next, he was on the left of Thomas (his favorite side for actual sleeping) who was wedged peacefully between he and Miranda. Miranda had an arm wrapped around her husband’s bare waist. The legs of all three of them were still entwined. James smiled and fell back asleep.


Hope For the Hopeless~ Part 2 of Finn/ Sami Imagine

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Part 2

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It’s been a few months, not a call or a text or anything from Finn. Sami never brought him up because he knew how much it would hurt you just the mention of his name. Hearing his name brought you in tears. 

You had lost him as a friend.

He didn’t love you. 

You poured your heart out to him but he broke your heart out, ripped it out of your chest, stomped on it and threw it away like nothing. 

“ Stop thinking about him” Sami mumbled into your shoulder, you laid in his arms. It was morning, being around Sami brought you happiness like nothing else. But he knew you better than that. 

“ I’m not” You mumbled into the pillow. Who were you fooling him? He knew you. 

Placing kisses from your bare shoulder to your neck, his beard tickling you making you giggle. “ Sami!” 

He smiled against your skin, he loved the feeling of your skin. It was so soft, he loved touching you, being around you, looking at you. He was so deeply in love with you. 

Hooked and sinked. 

Turning around, you glanced at your boyfriend. From his ginger bed hair, to that smile he had on those pink plump lips of his. He was adorable. 

“ We have to get up” 

Groaning, you brought your hand behind his head bringing him down for a kiss. Sami smiled against your lips, kissing you back. “ Five more mins” You mumbled against his lips. 

Instead, Sami chuckled he got off the bed, he was only in his boxers and the sight of him like that made you just want to crawl to him, get him back into bed with you and have your way with him. 

“ Jerk” You threw his pillow at his bare back as he walked into the bathroom. 

You could only hear his laugh as he closed the door. 

Finn scrolled through his twitter, mainly his dashboard, he came to your twitter name seeing you posted a picture of yourself with Sami, grinning holding up two shirts. Those shirts in your hand and Sami’s were your new shirt at the WWE Shop. 

He liked the picture before requoting it, he added, “ Congratulation, looks good. I’ll need to get one”

He went back to your profile, clicking on the Media where he could look at the pictures. He noticed in most of the recent once, Sami was in them. 

You two were dating already, he was glad you were happy. But did he do the right thing? He let you go so you could be with Sami rather than be with him.

He was stupid to let you go, he loved you like you loved him. Now it was too late or was it? 

Sami didn’t particular like that Finn wanted to get in touch with you, he saw the tweet. Finn and Sami weren’t on good terms, you didn’t want to ruin their friendship but Sami told you not to worry. 

Your finger hovered over his number, you desperately wanted to hear his voice. You wanted to ask how he was doing and if he missed you at all.

Two hands came to your shoulders, scaring you half to death.

“ Ahh!” Turning around, glancing seeing Seth was the one who scared you. “ Thank you for that. I almost died because of you” 

One hand was on your heart, it was beating so fast all thanks to Seth. “ Your welcome” He joked, sitting down next to you. “ What are you doing?” He glances at your phone seeing Finn’s contact. 

“ Nothing” He gave you the look like don’t try to lie to me because I know when you lie. 

Sighing, you slumped your shoulders as you looked down at the table.

“ Let me give you some advice. Don’t try to call him. Your finally happy with Sami. Stop reaching out to him, it looks like he is trying to but he’s only going to make things worse”

“ I miss him Seth..” 

“ I know Y/N. I know. It hurts, you were best friends for a long time and letting go of him is really hard because your still hanging onto him. Your not letting yourself move on, Sami is your man. Forget Finn even though it hurts to” 

“ Thanks, I guess” 

He pulled you to his side, hugging you sideways. It was weird but you took it. “ No problem” 

He had to see you, all he thought about you when he was recovering was you. You. You. You. 

Slumping against the chair, he looked at the ceiling. 

“ What are ya doin to me Y/N?” He mumbled to himself. Finn’s mother peeked into the room seeing her son looking troubled. 

“ Finn, everything alright?” He sighed. “ I’m fine, mom” She walked into the room wiping her hands with a hand towel. “ Do you want to talk?” 

He sat up rubbing his face with his good hand, he was tired and hurting. He admits to himself he is in love with you and needs to see you.

“ I made a mistake” He says. His mom walks more into the room, “ What do you mean?” 

“ I let her go mom. She was da best ding dat happen to me beside wrestlin” 

His mom rubbed his shoulder as she stood next to him, “ Then you have to get her back” 

“ I can’t. She’s with Sami” 

“ It won’t hurt to see her” 

So Finn began his trip to come see you. 

Sami had went out with some friends tonight, you didn’t feel very good at the moment. Curled up in bed, watching some tv when the knock came to your door.

 Did Sami forget his key? 

Throwing the covers off yourself, you walked to the door not bothering to look at the peep hole throwing the door opened. “ Sami, did you forget-” But what it wasn’t Sami who was standing at the door.

It was Finn. 

Staring at him, you couldn’t believe it was really him standing in front of you. Jaw tight, glaring at him as you ask, “ What the hell are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home?” 

“ Can I come in?” Looking at him like he was insane, “ What are you doing here?” You asked him again. 

“ I needed to see you” His eyes held sadness in them. You just wanted to hug him right there and there but held back because you wanted to punch him at the same time. 

Opening the door wider, he walked into the room looking around. His eyes landed on Sami’s stuff in the room, he looked around the room seeing if Sami was around. 

“ He’s not here” Finn turned all the way to you as he looked at you. Your hair was down as you were standing in your pjs looking at him annoyed. 

“ Want to tell me why your here?” 

“ I’m sorry..” Rolling your eyes, “ Anything else?” 

“ I’ve made a huge mistake letting ya go Y/N…” He looked around the room avoiding your gaze. 

“ You expect me to just forgive you? I’m not an idiot, you don’t have feelings for me. I was only fooling myself thinking you felt the same way about me. But I’m with Sami and I’m happy.”

“ Are ya?” He took a step closer to you. 

“ What are you talking about? Of course I am” He took another step. 

“ Ya don’t dink about me? Ya don’t dink about what could of been if I was yar boyfriend?” 

He was now standing really close to you, he could just reach out to you and pull you against him. You were silent and that gave him your answer. 

Finn leaned in, looking you in the eyes seeing if you’d slap him or pull away but you stood there like a statue. 

“ Yar beautiful” He cupped the back of your head with his good hand placing his lips on yours, the feeling of his soft lips against your was what you dreamed for so long. 

Forgetting Sami, you threw your arms around his neck, closing your eyes as you kissed him back. He licked your bottom lip for entrance, you let him in, he slide his tongue into your mouth battling your tongue with his. 

Moaning as his tongue roamed your mouth, tugging on his jacket pulling him closer, no space between the two of you. Things got heated, clothes were thrown off as things lead to the bed. 

Finn kissed your neck as his good hand held onto your bare hip, rubbing circles around it. The TV was still playing in the background, the cool air from the window made you shiver. Continuing to moan, Finn’s lips went down to kiss in between the gap of your breast to your stomach

His hand was teasing you, running his fingers up and down your skin. Finally, they gotten where you wanted his fingers to be. Gripping the sheets, throwing your head back as he slide a finger into you. He looked at you, a smirk on his face as he sees the look of pleasure cross your face. 

Finn slide two more fingers into you, expanding you. It felt amazing, you were moaning his name, louder and louder. Feeling your stomach tighten as you came onto his fingers. Pulling out his fingers, he sucked on your juice. 

You glanced down seeing him sucking on his fingers. It was so hot. 

“ You taste so good love” 

He massaged your breast with one hand while he crawled back up to you kissing your neck, all around. He wasn’t leaving any hickey’s. 

His lips were teasing you, the way he was kissing you, so gentle and brushing his lips around your neck. It felt so good. He slide off his boxer, his dick springing out. 

He laid on his back so you got on top of him. 

He slide himself in you, you gasped at how good it felt for him to be inside you. You whimpered out as he thrusted in you, hard and deep. He went faster and faster, taking his hand, he began to rub your clit, you grabbed onto his shoulders. 

He knew how to please you. 

His hand went to your hip, digging his nails into your hip as he thrusted deep inside you. Soft moans escaped your moth before Finn reached up kissing you passionately on the lips. 

Your orgasm was growing, coming closer. He was also close, his moans were loud as his thrust became sloppier and sloppier. He continued to thrust in you, sweat dripping down both your bodies. 

You both came at the same time, your back arching as you had reached your second orgasm. Finn let out a deep moan as he came, you slide yourself off of him before collapsing right next to him.

Sami was coming back soon, you forgot about him. “ Shit!” You yelled out causing Finn to sit up in worry. “ What?”

“ Sami will be back any second, the room smells like sex and if he finds you here naked with me, he’s going to beat the living hell out of you” 

Finn scrambled to his feet, putting on his clothes, the best way he could. You also began to change, you were sure you were sore and it’s going to be bad tomorrow but Sami was going to be here.

You didn’t want him to know that Finn was here. 

“ fuck, fuck, fuck” You mumbled. “ You need to go” 

Finn turned to you, walking around the bed as he pulled you into a kiss. “ Go” You pushed him away after kissing him back. He left leaving you in a room that smelled like sex. 

Sami didn’t notice anything different. You called room service to change the bed and give you something to spray the room. Thank god it helped otherwise Sami would kill you and Finn. 

But it was so hard to look at Sami, you slept with Finn and cheated on Sami. If he knew, it would break his heart. God, you couldn’t imagine his face. Not at all.

You didn’t want to lose Sami. 

You were in deep shit. 

Few weeks went by, you weren’t feeling well, taking some days off so you could get better. You thought you had the flu or something but you were thinking of something else. 

You had missed your period and gone to the store to get a pregnancy test. Three in total.

Sitting in the bathroom, you waited for the ding from the timer. Sitting on the closed toilet seat, you were scared. 

The timer dinged, you gotten up to see what the test says. 

“ Pregnant” 

You collapsed on the floor, sobbing into your hands. How were you going to tell Sami? Finn? Oh god. 

This was all a mess and it was all your fault. 


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the sweetest muffin around! Hope you are enjoying your trip to Vancouver! Not only are you obscenely talented, but you are a delight to know. Hugs and kisses on your special day. 

Have some fluff based on my absolute favorite work you’ve created. (I lied. They are all my favorites.)


She had trouble sleeping when she was a kid - always too distracted in the group homes by the other children, their whispering and laughter making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, an uneasy sort of awareness keeping her from closing her eyes and relaxing into the lumpy mattress. When she eventually was placed in a home, she had been too nervous to sleep then, too. The bed was too big and the house too quiet, her eyes darting around and trying to memorize the neat stack of toys in the corner and the pale yellow wallpaper and the little sign on the door that spelled Emma, just in case she had to go back. 

(She had to go back.)

Now, though, it’s different. 

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| Part 2 | Masterlist

Originally posted by piningflint

Prompt: based off the song Castle by Halsey for Karolina’s Playlist (1k Followers Celebration Challenge)

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Crowley

Word count: 1963

Warnings: violence, blood, death, cursing, lyrics of the song are in italics, gif used isn’t mine and neither is the song linked in my prompt!

Authors note: wow this took absolutely ages to write, I had to rewrite it as I wasn’t happy with the result! Also if anyone would like more parts, please let me know! I love and want feedback!! As always I hope you enjoy x

Tags: @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname, @xxtaylorsingerxx @loveitsallineed @deanwinchester-af @aprofoundbondwithdean @queensdontwaittobesaved @gabby913 @bowties-scarves-and-impalas @diesintheshower @marksthatsignify-her-fromtherest @imnotlikeyou0214 @my-name-is-alice-ayers @sushidoesntneedtoknow

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anonymous asked:

please talk more about nohmmy and barista and porn star au bc im pretty sure that is a combination BORN to be amazing honestly

“I need coffee.”

“Tom, come on, Kate’s expecting us, we can have coffee at her place.”

“I. Need. Coffee.” Tom glares at his brother with half-opened eyes. “My coffee place is right over here, and I need coffee.”

“Sure, ok.” Bill sighs. “…wait. Your coffee place. Does this mean I get to meet that Hungarian barista you’re always obsessing about?”

“He’s Romanian. I’m not obsessed.” Tom drags his brother towards the Starbucks. “I need coffee.”

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Cutting Out a Different Path

Ship: Pre-ahot6 (raycheal centric)
Word Count: 14800+ (longest oneshot to date)
Summary: Loosely based off the movie Push (2009) wherein I stole the powers but changed a few other things. 


Notes: Massive huge thanks to maffasaur and spiderjockey for keeping me going and making sure I finished this beast without crying too much! I’m so happy to be seeing the year out with this, Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for all your support in 2014!

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