his backwards hat

But omg fic where Chris introduces Sebastian to the true New England ridiculousness that is an ooey gooey Fluffernutter sandwich. And he wears his hat backwards all the time. And he takes him to Fenway for a Sox/Yankees double header, and to the Garden for a playoffs Bruins game, and to the holy grail to Chris that is Gillette Stadium, home of his beloved New England Patriots. And he drinks Dunkies iced coffee in a fucking blizzard. And he says things like ‘you’re a wicked fucken’ good kid’ while he drinks his Sam’s Porch Rocker over there in sleepy little Sudbury.

**my Boston is showing


anyone remember how i said i have misophonia?? weLL i just finished my bio test and im sitting here in agony because i feel nauseous and lightheaded and some fuckhead white boy with his shitty hat on backwards decides to start SMACKING ON HIS GUM and all i can hear is the fucking squishing and smacking and squelching and its so fucking disgusting and i swear i want to punch something now im already pissed that i probably failed my test and im so overly stressed and!!!!!mtherfck i have a spanish test later and i probably have to make up a gym SLO because i missed the last one due to my three hour EOC exam????????i hate life i hate everything and all these emotions are coming out due to the fcking “im so ghetto and swag, you fucking faggot” white kid decided to be disgusting in complete silence

verum-exsolutus asked:

Truth was enjoying a nice glass of whiskey at the bar, not minding the loud noises and drunken slurs being shouted around him. He was focused on just enjoying his time. He finished his first glass and ordered his second round when the other male sat next to him. He glanced over and noticed the card in his hat and smiled. "Lively night in here isn't it?"

Finally able to walk away from the table to take a small break, Fate settled himself beside a redheaded male. With a quick rise of his finger and a nod to the bartender his order was soon passed without a single sound. Not as if the bartender could’ve heard him over the riot behind them.

Feeling the eyes of the male beside him, Fate turned to glance at the side and grinned back. He noticed his lips were moving and moved in just slightly to catch his words. “You can say that again, mate.” He tipped his hat backwards, the shadows on his face sliding back to just above the bridge of his nose.

“I think it’s one of the lad’s birthday. Always a reason to drink and celebrate, ain’t it?” He winked and he passed his coin to the bartender as he got his own drink. “Cheers mate!” He lifted his glass in greeting before taking a gulp from his own whiskey.