his arms make me want to punch my screen

Just Like the Movies

Summary-    Dean is on a hunt for a ghost murdering people in a movie theater, little does he know that theater is hosting a movie premiere for the latest Hollywood Horror Blockbuster. He ends up running into the star of the film and ends up getting more than he bargained for when she turns out to be more than just an actress.

Written for @kittenofdoomage​ ‘s Summer Lovin’ Challenge. I decided to do a twist on the Blockbuster idea that I hope you all will enjoy. (Ao3 Link) 

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1858

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Cameron Dallas imagine: distracted.

“Babe stop.” I mumbled shoving Cameron in his chest lightly.
“Babe stop, I’m trying to watch the movie.” I said wiggling around in Cameron’s arms.
“Cameron stop, seriously.” I said starting to get annoyed.
Cameron’s lips and hands were roaming my body, his hands were tickling me, I wanted to punch him.
“Babe, you’re no fun.” He groaned placing his head in the crook of my neck.
“Because I want to watch this movie.” I said slowly.
“But I just want to cuddle you and kiss you.” Cameron said kissing my cheek.
I sighed, focusing my attention back on the movie.
I could feel Cameron’s breath on the back of my neck making the hair rise.
I shifted in Cameron’s lap trying to focus on the screen and not Cameron’s breath on the back of my neck.
He placed a soft kiss on my neck making chills go down my entire body.
I shifted my neck to the side so a Cameron could get better access.
“Cameron, the movie.” I mumbled closing my eyes.
“It can wait, I can’t.” Cameron said flipping us so he was now hovering over me.
“I missed you.” Cameron said putting his weight onto his arms.
“I missed you too.” I said running my hand down his cheek.
Cameron placed sweet kisses on my face, my forehead, each of my cheeks, my nose and finally my lips.
I was craving for his touch, his feel.
I lifted my body, deepening the kiss.
The fireworks were still there, the love was still there.
Cameron’s hand massaged the side of my waist.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered kissing the side of my neck.
When it was Cameron and I nothing mattered, it was like the world was shut out, nothing mattered, because he was here. He was with me, and I was completed.
“You’re cheesy.” I said smiling.
Cameron looked down at me with a grin on is face.
Cameron began spreading sloppy kisses all over my body.
“Cameron stop!” I said laughing shoving his face away with my hands.
Cameron settled laying his head on my chest looking at me.
I ran my fingers through his hair repeatedly.
“I love you.” He said.
” I love you more.” I replied.
We were in love, and no one and nothing could come between that.