his arms look much more deflated

Moscow (Part Two)

“Mister Nikiforov, was that child yours?”

“Mister Nikiforov, are you engaged?”

“Mister Nikiforov! Mister Nikiforov! Was that your bastard child?”

“How long have you been married, Mister Nikiforov?”

“Your wife, Mister Nikiforov, where is she?”

“Is it true you are fighting for custody of your child with its mother, Mister Nikiforov?”

He sat there stunned, listening to the shouts of reports as they bombarded him with questions. None related to the charity skate he had just done.

“ENOUGH,” Yakov declared loudly, causing the room to go silent, “We will only be answering questions about the charity event. No personal questions will be answered.” He glanced towards his coach, sending him a small smile before turning back to the crowd of reporters, plastering a smile on his face.

“Mister Nikiforov,” a young woman spoke up, raising her hand to catch his attention, “Did you do the charity event for your own child?”

Yakov let out a deep sigh while placing a hand on his shoulder.

“As I just said, no personal questions will be answered. Victor would like to keep his personal life personal,” Yakov spoke up again.

He knew people were interested in his personal life, as a sports star it was unavoidable. But he hadn’t been aware how quickly people jumped to conclusions.

Concluding he has a wife. That his child was sick. That he was fighting some custody battle.

“Mister Nikiforov,” a small voice spoke up, catching his attention. He smiled softly at the little girl that clung to the leg of one of the reporters in the room.

“Hi there,” he greeted, waving to the girl. The girl cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she shyly waved back.

“Um,” the girl started before glancing around nervously, “Mister Nikiforov, thank you for skating today.”

“It was my pleasure,” he ensured the girl, flashing her a bright smile, “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Yes!” the young girl declared with a nod of her head, “Especially when you jumped so high in the air!” He couldn’t help but chuckle softly and nod his head.

“Mister Nikiforov, do you have plans to have more children?”

“Do you plan to adopt, Mister Nikiforov?”

“Have you always been so good with children?”

Reporters started to pipe up, causing the young girl to shrink back against the person Victor concluded was her father or other relative. He sighed softly as he turned towards the reporters.

“That child today, wasn’t it the same one you tweeted about a month or so back?” One of the reporters piped up, catching his attention.

“Okay,” he sighed softly, “This will be my only statement regarding my personal life today. That child today, who I also tweeted about a little while back, is an angel that has stolen my heart, so maybe that makes him a devil.” He paused and hummed thoughtfully.

The room was silent for a moment before bursting into more loud questions regarding his Yuri. He sighed and glanced towards Yakov for help.

“If no one has any more questions about the charity event, Victor has some sick children to see,” Yakov declared. The room of reporters continued to shout questions unrelated to the charity event, ignoring Yakov completely. He sighed softly as he got to his feet and followed his coach out of the room.

“An angel, really?” Yakov asked as they made their way towards autograph session with all the sick children that were able to make it today.

“My little Yuri is an angel, Yakov,” he insisted while pulling out his phone and showing his coach a few pictures of Yuri cuddling with Potya. “I mean, just look at him,” he whined.

Yuuri chuckled softly as he gently ran his hands through Yuri’s hair as the boy slumbered against his chest.

The six-year-old had been at the crack of dawn, joining Nikolai to his morning walk to the corner store to pick up the morning paper and a few things for breakfast.

Yuri wasn’t good at sleeping when they were away from home, which often meant the boy crashed out during the day for a small nap.

“So cute,” a voice cooed, causing him to glance up and smile as Victor walked towards them, looking much more refreshed than he had after stepping off the ice.

“Hi,” he greeted, accepting the kiss Victor pressed against his lips.

“Hi there,” Victor said softly while sitting down beside him, “Sorry about the wait.”

“It’s fine. You gave Yura plenty of time to have a quick nap,” he chuckled while glancing down at the slumbering boy leaning against his chest. Victor chuckled along before gently leaving over and stealing the boy from his arms. He sighed softly as Victor cradled the boy to his chest seeming to deflate with the child in his arms.

“Okay, let’s get out of here. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving,” Victor whined while getting to his feet.

“Did Yakov give you the all clear?” he asked as he followed Victor’s example and got to his feet.

“Yakov said, I quote, ‘I don’t want to hear another word about your angel, get out of my face’,” Victor told him with a cheeky grin.

He rolled his eyes while following after Victor as he lead the way to what he could only conclude was the exit.

“How did the interview go? And the autograph session?” he asked with a soft smile.

“The autograph session was lovely. The children were so excited to meet me.” Victor sent him a bright smile as he spoke, though the way he tightened his arms around Yuri didn’t go unnoticed.

“The interview didn’t go well?” he questioned, causing the smile to slip from Victor’s face. They walked silently for a moment before Victor came to a halt.

“The reports, they,” Victor paused and took a breath, “They jumped to so many conclusions. I’m sorry about what might be said.” He stared at his boyfriend in confusion for a moment before reaching out to place a hand on Victor’s shoulder.

“Why are you apologising?” he questioned softly.

“I just know the media, they say such horrible things,” Victor said with a pained look on his face. He frowned and opened his mouth to question the older man on what he meant, only to pause as he heard Yuri let out a small whine.

“Yurio,” Victor cooed while gently rubbing the boys back. Yuri let out a soft hum at the sound of his name before jolting awake at what Yuuri could only conclude was recognising Victor’s voice.

“Vicchan!” Yuri said sleepily while flashing a large smile.

“Hey Yura, hungry?” Victor cooed while smiling brightly at the boy.

“Yes!” Yuri declared rather loudly.

He stood there a moment, watching Victor as he happily chatted with Yuri.

What had the reporters said that had upset Victor so much?

“Who is Nikolai?” he questioned as he sat on the balcony of their hotel room with Yuuri curled up beside him, two glasses and a bottle of wine on the table in front of them.

“Yura’s grandfather,” Yuuri stated simply while cuddling into the blanket that he had brought out with them.

After a lovely dinner, they had come back to the hotel and put Yuri to bed – he now understood why Yakov had gotten him an extra room – and decided to enjoy some wine on the balcony. Yuuri had complained about the chill and dragged a blanket out with them to keep them warm.

“I thought your parents were in Japan,” he questioned his pretty danseur.

“Not my parents,” Yuuri said while shaking his head, “Yura’s grandfather.”

“Oh,” he said softly.

At the start, from what little Yuuri had explained to him, he had just concluded that the two Yu(u)ri’s were father and son, but over time, it had come to his attention just how unlike the pair were.

They looked nothing alike and though genetics were complicated, he doubted that a child would get no aspect of his father’s appearance.

“Should I be worried?” he questioned while draping an around across Yuuri’s shoulder.

“Why would you worry?” Yuuri asked while looking up at him.

“I am meeting Yura’s grandfather,” he pointed out.

“And I’m sure Nikolai will love you. I know Yura sure does because he had a lovely time telling Nikolai everything about you,” Yuuri chuckled while leaning up slightly to plant a quick kiss on his cheek. Yuuri flashed him a smile after his little show of affection before leaning over to grab one of the glasses of wine sitting in front of them.

“Do I also need his permission to marry you?” he asked curiously, causing Yuuri to let out an adorable squeak.

“Victor,” Yuuri whined while glancing back at him, cheeks flushed an adorable shade of red.

“What? I’m serious,” he ensured his boyfriend. Yuuri stared at him for a moment before ducking his head down in embarrassment.

“I mean, having his approval wouldn’t hurt,” Yuuri muttered softly while cuddling into his side again.

“So, I’ll get his approval than,” he ensured Yuuri while pressing a kiss to the top of his head, “I’ll do whatever it takes to marry you.”

Victor clung to Yuuri’s hand as little Yuri excitedly knocked on the large wooden door in front of them.

He shouldn’t be nervous. Yuuri had ensured him that he shouldn’t be nervous, but his heart was pounding a mile a minute.

“Dedushka!” Yuri shouted, unable to contain his excitement as he started knocking on the door almost immediately after the original knock.

“Yura,” he called out softly, reaching out with his free hand to grab the boy around the waist and pull him a few steps back. “You got to let your dedushka get the door,” he explained while ruffling the boys head. Yuri stared up at him, a slight pout on his lips.

“But, Vicchan-” the boy started, only to pause when the door opened to reveal a rather stocky Russian man.

“Dedushka!” Yuri declared while slipping from his gasp and charging towards the man.

“Yurochka! Yurasha!” the man greeted loudly, scooping Yuri up into the arms as soon as the child collided with his leg.

“Afternoon Nikolai,” Yuuri replied while gently squeezing his hand, “Nikolai, this is Victor Nikiforov.”

“That’s Vicchan!” Yuri announced while flashing him a bright smile which he couldn’t help but return.

“Ah,” the older man replied while eyeing him closely for a moment, “Don’t stand there, get inside before you catch your death.” The old man said while waving them into the warm house and out of the Russian chill.

“Sorry,” Yuuri said while tugging him into the house.

“Dedushka! Dedushka! Are we having pirozhki?” Yuri asked while tugging on the man shirt. Nikolai let out a cheerful laugh while gently setting Yuri on the ground.

“I don’t know, Yurochka, I need a second pair of hands to make my pirozhki,” Nikolai said simply.

He watched Yuri closely as the boys light up in delight and he quickly starting jumping up and down in excitement.

“I’ll help, I’ll help!” Yuri announced while turning towards them.

“Well, seems you have a little helper,” Yuuri said, flashing a soft smile towards the boy.

“Yes! Come, Dedushka, we have to make pirozhki!” Yuri announced, grabbing his grandfather’s hand and pulling him towards what he figured was the kitchen.

He let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding when Nikolai disappeared with Yuri a few steps ahead.

“I told you not to worry,” Yuuri chuckled while gently squeezing his hand.

“I know, I know,” he chuckled while glancing towards his stunning boyfriend, who stared at him with the most gorgeous smile on his lips.

“I never asked if he was okay with,” he trailed off while waving his free hand around.

“With?” Yuuri asked, eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, “Me being gay?”

He flushed in embarrassment while nodding his head.

“Nikolai doesn’t care,” Yuuri stated simply.

“Oh,” he mumbled. Yuuri rolled his eyes with a chuckle before pulling him along after the Yuri and his grandfather. They found the pair reading through a book, rather seriously looks on their face.

“What’s wrong?” Yuuri asked while letting go of his hand and approaching the pair.

“Papa, we don’t have enough flour!” Yuri announced, sounding devastated like it was the end of the world.

“Oh no,” Yuuri gasped, earning a serious nod of confirmation from Yuri in response.

“We need to get more flour, papa, or we can’t have pirozhki,” Yuri explained, “We have to go right now!”

“We don’t need-” Yuuri started, only to be cut off by Nikolai.

“I just need another bag of plain flour, Yurasha. The corner store sells them. It should only take ten minutes, if you wouldn’t mind getting some?” Nikolai stated.

“Please, papa!” Yuri begged.

“Sure?” Yuuri said with a nod of his head.

“Yes!” Yuri said while running over to his father, “Let’s go papa!”

“Okay, we will be right back!” Yuuri announced, eyes locked with his during the whole sentence.

“Be back, dedushka, Vicchan!” Yuri called out with a small wave before dragging Yuuri away.

He stood there a moment, staring after his Yu(u)ri’s before glancing towards the other male in the room.

Nikolai was staring at him, a serious expression on his face.

He now realised that the man had probably forgotten to get more flour on purpose.

“So,” Nikolai said while crossing his arms across his chest, “You are the man who is living with my Yura’s.”

“Yes sir,” he confirmed with a nod of his head.

“You don’t deserve him,” Nikolai stated. He blinked at the man’s comment, surprised by how quickly and simply the man stated it.

His first thought was to deny it – he did deserve Yuuri, or so he liked to think – but he was trying to impress the man. If he didn’t deserve Yuuri and his gorgeous son, who did?

“Does anyone deserve him?” he replied, earning a thoughtful hum from the older Russian.

“No, no one does,” Nikolai confirmed with a nod of his head. They stood there in silence for a moment, simply eyeing each other off.

“Is Yuuri, Yura’s father?” he asked, breaking the silence and causing the older man to arch an eyebrow.

“Yurasha is Yurochka father,” Nikolai stated.

“Blood father?” he questioned.

Nikolai stared at him silent for a moment before turning away from him and towards the oven.

“Yurasha is Yurochka father. It does not matter if they are blood or not,” Nikolai stated.

“Yuuri,” he paused. Yuuri loved Yuri with every fiber of his being, to the point that he didn’t question their bond at first glance.

He still remembered it. The panicked look on Yuri’s little face as his father lay on the ground, pale and unconscious. The boy had been so panicked it had taken quite a bit to calm him down, even after he had managed to get Yuuri back to his apartment and into bed.

“I don’t believe either of them could survive without the other,” he stated slowly and simply.

Nikolai stared at him for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.

“Those two have been completely inseparable from the start,” Nikolai said, letting out a soft fond sigh.

The silence overtook them again as they stood in different parts of the kitchen, not saying anything. Nikolai turned away from him momentarily to turn on the oven and do a few other things. He hesitantly shrugged off his coat and carefully draped it across the nearest chair.

“Victor,” Nikolai called out to him, catching his attention immediately.

“Yes sir?” he responded.

“You will look after them?” The question hung in the air for a moment, as they turned to face each other again.

“Yes,” he confirmed, nodding his head as he spoke.

“Look after them. Yurasha is too kind-hearted and my little Yurochka is too pure,” Nikolai said.

“I’ll protect them both to the best of my ability,” he ensured the older man.

“Thank you,” Nikolai said, moments before Yuri’s barrelled into the room with a bag of flower clutched in his hands.

“Dedushka, we got the flour! We can make pirozhki now,” Yuri announced while holding up the bag of flour.

“So, did you ask for my hand in marriage?” he asked Victor, eyeing the man closely as they climbed into their hotel bed on their final night in Moscow.

“I knew I forgot something,” Victor gasped, turning to him with a panicked look. He couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement at his boyfriend’s words.

“Really?” he questioned, earning a bright smile in response.

“Well, I didn’t ask for your hand. But I got something a lot better than permission to marry you,” Victor stated simply.

“Oh?” he questioned while moving to curl up beside his boyfriend under the covers, “And what is that?”

“His approval,” Victor replied.

“Approval for what?”

“To be with you,” Victor replied before kissing him gently on the forehead, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied, a bright smile on his face.

He was truly in love with this man.

Who adored his child and had now managed to gain the approval of one of the tougher people in his life, Nikolai Plisetsky. His parents would be a walk in the park for Victor after Nikolai.

“Goodnight, Vitya,” he mumbled while pressing a kiss of his own to Victor’s cheek.

“Goodnight, Yurasha,” Victor mumbled, causing him to gasp in surprise. “It is okay if I call you that, right?”

“Yes,” he said, maybe a little too quickly. He flushed in embarrassment while sending his boyfriend a smile, “I’m just not use to hearing anyone but Nikolai call me that.”

“Well, you are now also my Yurasha,” Victor mumbled quietly, tightening an arm around his waist.

“I can live with that,” he replied, speaking just as quietly as they settled down to sleep.

“Papa, Vicchan.” A small voice called out for them from the doorway of the room, causing him to let out a soft sigh as he shifted into an upright position.

“What’s wrong, Yurochka?” he asked softly as he stared at the boy who stood hesitantly in the doorway of the room.

“Can I sleep with you?” the boy asked while glancing behind him nervously. He glanced towards Victor who gave him a small smile that explained it all. Neither of them could say no to Yuri.

“Of course, Yurochka,” he said while opening his arms up for the boy. Yuri all but bolted onto the bed and into his arms, happily curling up between them without any prompting.

“Thank you, papa, Vicchan.” He smiled as he settled back down on the bed, unfortunately now a little too far away from Victor to be cuddled by the man.

“Goodnight, Yura,” Victor said, pressing a gently kiss to Yuri’s forehead, causing the boy to hum in delight.

“Goodnight, Yurochka,” he cooed, mimicking Victor by kissing the boy’s forehead as well.

“Night papa. Night Vicchan.”

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door

How We Live Now

Steggy Positivity Week | Day 4: Modern Day

Some of what Peggy has to learn about the twenty-first century is not the nicest of surprises.

The sight of his apartment door is a welcome one, and Steve feels a rush of relief as he fishes out the keys from his pocket. It’s a curious effect of the super soldier serum that, despite healing faster, and being able to walk away from what would seriously injure or even kill a normal man, he still feels the aches and pains for days. In fact, his whole body at this moment feels rather like one giant bruise. 

He’s looking forward to collapsing on top of his bed (or maybe the couch, if he doesn’t make it that far), but not before he says hello to the new roommate that he has recently acquired.

When Peggy turned up in the middle of New York, apparently catapulted through time by one of Howard Stark’s experiments, Steve was only able to spend a couple of days with her before he had to fly out on a mission. For the couple of days he’s been away, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the fact that she would be there when he got home.  

He still can’t quite believe that she is here, seemingly permanently, and when he sees her familiar figure in the middle of the room he feels a burst of joy spiral through him. He stops in the doorway to look at her for a moment. She was still in her forties skirt and blouse when he last saw her, but since then she’s changed into a pair of jeans and a knitted sweater, her hair loose around her shoulders. Somehow that modern attire makes it that much more real.

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Fic: Listen (Chapter 5)

Title: Listen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2.5K (this chapter)
Summary: Phil is a successful YouTuber, and Dan is a fan desperate for attention. Sounds like 2009, right? Except Phil is Deaf.
Tags: AU, Deaf!Phil, Mute!Dan, Both YouTubers, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Conversion Disorder
Fic also available on AO3 here

[Masterlist of all “Listen” chapters on Tumblr]

Chapter 5: First

Dan evaporated like mist, as if he’d never existed. One moment, Phil felt a constant frisson of awareness of that delicious warmth along his side, only inches away, and then suddenly … nothing.

Well, not nothing: a couple of very enthusiastic teenage girls, obviously subscribers, mouths moving excitedly, probably not really thinking about the fact that he couldn’t hear a word they were saying, though his lip reading had improved a lot since he’d first left the Deaf school. But then the girls were miming requests to take selfies with him, and Phil happily obliged, as always. But his mind was elsewhere. Where had Dan gone? Phil hugged the girls goodbye, trying to smile warmly as he waved at them, attempting to shoo them off without being rude. They clutched their phones, giggling, as he turned away to look frantically up and down the street.

His phone vibrated in his pocket.

Dan: i’m in the apple store. come get me when theyre gone

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Tree Climbing: Trevor Collins

Word Count: 673

Platonic bff reader x Michael

You peered into the Achievement Hunter main room and looked around, letting out a slight sigh of relief at seeing that Michael was the only one there at the moment. You slipped in and quickly hurried over, pulling Jeremy’s chair close to Michael, and flopping yourself down into the seat. Michael, having sensed and seen you out of the corner of his eye, pulled off his headphones and looked away from his computer screen to blink slowly back at you.

“Can I help you, Y/N?”

Biting your lip, you wrung your hands in front of you, “I have a question I would normally ask Lindsay but she’s out with the wee babe today, so I need you to be surrogate Lindsay, okay?”

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bambij05023  asked:

Hi! Before I ask for anything, I just wanted to let you know that I really love your blog :D It's soooo great~ I was wondering if it would be ok to ask for a few mini scenarios or reactions with Akashi, Bokuto, Kuroo and Tsuki? Their S/O is on the curvier/chubbier side and is a bit self-conscious about it, often wearing baggy clothes because it makes them feel more skinny. How would the boys react to that? Thanks so much, can't wait to see more amazing work from you~


Akaashi would be quite confused, asking you, “You have a beautiful body, why wouldn’t you want to show it of?”, and upon seeing you deflate, hug your arms around your hips and stomach, takes your face in his hands and presses a kiss to your nose.

“I think you’re absolutely stunning, and you make everything you wear look like it’s come right off a model. You look amazing, show yourself off with all you’ve got.”


Is absolutely flabbergasted and peppers kisses over every patch of available skin, whispering sweet words as he moves from expanse of skin to expanse of skin.

“I love you so much, Y/N, all of this body that you’re self conscious of I adore. Why? Because there’s more of you to love, please don’t ever feel bad about that.”


Kuroo is very comforting, sitting you down to talk out and help him understand what you’re feeling, once you’re done he goes you a smile and takes you out shopping you get you absolutely gorgeously soft and beautiful clothes, and get your hair/makeup done professionally.

Upon asking why, he replies, “Because, kitten, I want you and the world to see you as I see you; absolutely flawless and perfect. I want you to love your body as I love you.”


He takes the moment to take your hands in his and remind you of all the reasons he loves you; growing increasingly sappy and sentimental, something that wasn’t Kei. Tsukishima kisses you gently and rests his hands on your hips, over one of his t-shirts.

“Y/N, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I get to call you my s/o. You’re perfect in every single way, your body included, and I love it, just a s I love you. I want you to see that.”

With This Ring

With This Ring

[This is for the request - Can you write something where the reader has to go under cover as a couple with Morgan and Spencer is super jealous, maybe possessive Reid?]

“Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex. Yippee.” 
― J.R. WardDark Lover


“Since everyone’s been relayed their assignments I say we should get to work.”

“Oh, do you need me back in the lair yet? I want to help with Y/N’s makeup.”

You smirked over at Garcia. “In emergencies I have been known to be able to pretty myself up.”

“But you need to take it up a level, you’re going to be out there at night, you have to shine if you want to catch the unsub’s attention.”

Hotch actually smiled at this. “She’s right.”

Garcia slapped your arm before turning to JJ. “And we have to find the perfect dress!”

“What do we need a dress for?

“You’re late, Reid.”

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anonymous asked:

Don't know if this has been covered already, but what if Dougal didn't arrange or even suggest Claire and Jamie's wedding and Randall came round looking to arrest her.

It had been a long night in the room above the tavern.  She wasn’t cold – the roaring fire in the hearth faithfully pumped heat into the small, close room. Her mind had raced – thoughts of Frank, of the Jacobite uprising, of the poor men who had been unjustly crucified on the windswept moor.

And of Jamie - his kind eyes – his adorable awkwardness. And that searing touch, two nights before -  

At dawn she finally stood and gazed through the grimy window at the courtyard below. A dark-haired, kilted man slowly crossed her field of view – Rupert, or Angus, or Willie? Definitely not Willie – this man was much larger around the middle. Rupert, then – likely sent by Dougal to check on the horses.

And then Claire’s heart froze. For a quartet of redcoated soldiers clopped into the dooryard – led by a man who she could identify just from how he carried himself, even though his tricorne hat obscured his face.

Black Jack Randall. He’d found her.

Absently she rubbed the spot on her stomach which Randall had punched the previous day. She knew a bruise was already blooming there. Between his loving cruelty – and the savagery she knew he possessed, after caressing Jamie’s back that one time – she knew that whatever the captain had in mind, it would not be pleasant.

For Dougal had refused to hand her over to the Captain yesterday, insisting that the Captain had no right to summon anyone like a common soldier. She had trusted his judgment – but now found herself doubting.

Would this man take her away again? What would happen to her? What if he found Jamie?

She watched Randall and his men dismount – almost as if she was in a dream. This couldn’t be real. Her mind raced in all directions, a thousand thoroughly unpleasant scenarios flitting behind her eyelids.

Footsteps on the landing – and a hesitant knock.


Jamie. Surely he’d know what to do –

Quickly she crossed the room and flung open the door. “He’s here.”

Jamie nodded, hair still mussed from sleep. Dimly Claire realized that he must have slept outside of her door again – a wadded blanket, which must have been his makeshift pillow, lay abandoned on the top step of the landing.

“I know. We have no time. You must do exactly as I say.”

“But Randall can’t know that you’re here – ”

He set his jaw and grabbed her shoulder, holding tight. “Do as I say. Please.”

All protests died on her lips – and she nodded.

“Good. Come down wi’ me, then.”

Quietly she closed the door behind her, following Jamie down the creaking stairs to the taproom. She blinked in the half-light, recognizing Murtagh standing by the fire. And Dougal, quickly spooning parritch into his mouth. Jamie nudged her to sit at one of the tables, and he slid onto the bench beside her.

She could almost see the tension in the room – fearing that even by breathing, it would become too much. So they waited. And waited.

And then the door burst open, and Black Jack Randall tumbled into the room.

Dougal rose in challenge.

“You forgot to bring me something yesterday,” the captain sneered. “Your most prized possession. I was waiting for you at Fort William – I’d even set a place for her at my dinner table.”

His cold eyes lighted on Claire – and bugged when he saw Jamie beside her.

“Two of my most favorite people,” he purred. “How convenient. I only brought the one extra horse – but I trust the two of them can fit on it. Even if he *is* a big lad.”

“I’ll no’ surrender either of them to ye,” Dougal said quietly. Menacingly. “I am on lands owned and governed by my clan. An English officer cannot compel a Scottish person unless there is proof a crime has been committed – and even so, cannot force a Scottish subject from clan lands wi’out permission from the laird concerned.”

Randall’s head swiveled to face the war chief. “Have you turned lawyer, then? Perhaps that works for the fox cub – but not for the lady. She’s English – a subject of the crown.”

Jamie suddenly gripped Claire’s hand under the table – a signal. This was it.

Jamie slowly rose to face the man who had disfigured him. Tortured him. Taunted him. Savaged him. And spoke four words that would change the course of his life.

“She’s no’ English anymore.”

Randall’s dark eyes – pools of unfeeling black – narrowed. “Oh? Are you saying she’s French, then? Spanish, perhaps? Did some identity papers materialize in the past two days?”

Claire watched the muscle in Jamie’s jaw clench – strung tightly. “She’s a Scot now. We handfast – the two of us. That’s as legally binding as marriage, under Scottish law.”

Claire’s heart stopped. Dear God – he was brave. But what the hell was he talking about? They’d only exchanged pleasantries since she’d returned from her audience with Randall, two days prior –

And then it hit her. By claiming they’d handfast, she was a Scot now. Not subject to English law, as long as she remained on MacKenzie lands. But surely Randall would realize that the event hadn’t actually happened –

“It’s true. I witnessed it,” Murtagh said gruffly from his perch by the fire. “Last night, after we arrived here. They both wanted it – so I witnessed it.”

Jamie lay a strong hand on Claire’s shoulder. Claiming her in front of his uncle, and godfather, and the man who was the literal embodiment of his nightmares. He pressed his palm into her shoulder – and she felt the tremor within his capable fingers. Dear God, Jamie was brave.

Randall tilted his head, inquisitive. Watching the two of them. Cold. Calculating. Claire was seized with a desire to take a long, hot bath to wash the stain that man’s eyes had left on her dress.

“I see I’ve been mistaken, then. My apologies.” He tipped his hat. “My congratulations on your – marriage. May I ask – was it consummated?”

“It was,” Claire heard herself reply. “More than once, if you care to know.”

Jamie dug his blunt nails into her shoulder.

Randall’s lips twisted into an unfeeling smile. “I daresay. She must be a lioness in bed.”

Claire felt Jamie straighten – strong, confident. “She is.”

Dougal just stared at them, shaking his head.

“Good day to you, then,” Randall remarked, turning around on his heel and slamming the rough-hewn tavern door behind him.

Jamie sank, deflated, next to Claire. Not caring a whit, he buried his face into the lovely curve of her neck, breathing deep. She held him. They felt each other’s pulses racing.

She looked over Jamie’s head to see Murtagh smiling – or as much as he could smile, with that thick beard covering more than half of his face. And then she turned her gaze to Dougal.

Gingerly, Rupert and Angus slipped through the back door and stood beside their chief. They knew they had missed something –

Jamie wrapped his arms around Claire and held on like a drowning man clinging to driftwood. Seized by a tenderness she had no idea she possessed, Claire kissed the curls on the crown of his head, inhaling his scent. Wanting to make what he had said had passed between them a reality. It startled her – but it was so right. He was so right. He had risked capture for her – risked his life for her. More than any man, in any time, would have ever sacrificed for her.

She held him tight. Dougal slowly crossed the room, his bootsteps echoing in the cavernous silence.

“Christ, it would be easier to kill ye both.”

“But much harder to explain.” Jamie’s voice was muffled against the flesh of Claire’s neck – where he’d been gently sucking the tender flesh.

Claire drew him closer.

Dougal’s eyes narrowed.

“Did ye really handfast?”

Jamie sighed and sat up straight, meeting his uncle’s gaze, fingers entwined through Claire’s.

“We can right now – wi’ a lot more witnesses.”

He stood – and extended one arm to help Claire to her feet.

“I’m thinking by the fire would be nice. And then we can go back upstairs for a wee bit? And the men can spend the rest o’ the day celebratin?”

“I saw storm clouds on the horizon,” Rupert piped up helpfully. “There will be rain afore too long. And we’ve been on the road for so long – ”

“Aye – the muddy roads arena good for the horses, ken?” Angus added. “And besides – the ale here is quite delicious – ”

Dougal sighed. Murtagh – now standing at Jamie’s elbow – clapped his godson on the back. Jamie turned to Claire, and hand in hand, they stepped toward the roaring fire.

Presque Vu

Rating: T (mild coarse language)

Words: ~4700

Links: FFN // AO3

Summary: Presque vu, the intense feeling of being at the brink of an epiphany. // Leo is dense, Elliot is in love, and Oz is a cupid, or at least trying to be. // Fluffy Elleo modern AU.

Happy birthday, Leo! // October 25

The companion piece to this artwork.

This is also for PHPM prompt #4: love.

Let it be said that Elliot was an idiot. An utterly clueless, clumsy idiot.

Because Leo had always known that Elliot was tactless at best, and a walking disaster at worst, but he hadn’t figured it was to this extent. Sometimes he wondered how such a prominent family like the Nightrays could completely overlook the delicate art of not sticking your foot into your mouth every other time you open it. But evidently it was possible, because that was exactly what Elliot did.

To be fair, he did have a certain amount of grace when maneuvering any sort of casual human interaction, but even the tiniest bit outside the acquaintance zone and he would just flounder pathetically.

So that was a foregone conclusion, and you would think he’d at least have the sense to tactfully retreat from such social situations, but no, Elliot would tackle them head-on and get his sorry ass handed to him.

It was probably out of some cosmic hiccup that he had actually managed to form a somewhat functional friendship with Leo, though the functional part was debatable, honestly. And even with Oz, it was more of Oz made friends with Elliot, and Elliot grudgingly accepted that Oz just wouldn’t leave him alone. So in the end, Elliot failed horribly at dealing with people in any even slightly intimate circumstances.

Which made it all the more painful when Valentine’s Day rolled around.

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i want ; calum au

so this is a little different than the usual stuff that i write, and a little big of a different style. but i’m still really proud of it. which doesn’t happen often with me lmao. but i hope you enjoy & let me know what you think! (also let’s play how many songs can i reference in one piece)

He didn’t remember falling in love with you. 

He just remembered holding your hand and realizing how much it was going to hurt when he had to let it go.

His summer was meant to be three months long, free of any work, any promos or red carpet events. And it was, but the time seemed to slip through his fingers like the smooth grains of sand he was sitting on. His hand was tethered to yours, the night sky a black abyss spanning out in front of the both of you.

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Synopsis: You are struggling with your winter finals, and boyfriend Cal is trying to help.

Calum smiles softly to himself, he was looking down at you. He didn’t know why, but seeing you so quiet and peaceful just made him happy. Especially since you had just been so upset recently. Calum had watched you struggle with all the stress of finals, and it broke his heart. You cried at night because of all the stress you were under. It just sucked that all he could do was say a few comforting words, and pull you close to him at night when he finally convinced you to stop studying.

“Come on baby, if you don’t sleep, no matter how much you read, it won’t help iyou’re a zombie in the morning.” He says, his voice deflating.

“No, Cal, I just, I need to read a little bit more.” You whimper softly, your lip trembling.

He rushes over and sighs, crouching down. “Look at me baby, you’re stressed and sad, this isn’t helping, it’s hurting, and you know that too.” He coos, wiping the tears that were pooling on your cheeks.

“I just, I’m so scared.” You cry softly and look up at him. Your arms are draped over his shoulders, your hands clasped by his neck.

“I know baby, I know. But you’re so so smart, and I promise you can do it.” He whispers and picks you up, holding onto you tightly.

You nod, your head buried inside his neck. You sigh softly. “I just feel so dumb.” You whisper, sighing softly, you hated this, hated it so much. You were ready for the stress to be over, and just cuddle up with Calum all day.

You let him lay down with you, he pulls you close and frowns. “Just try and sleep, baby.” He whispers, starting to sing softly to you. He keeps singing until you’re asleep in his arms.

He falls asleep, the next morning he wakes up early, and rushes downstairs into the laundry room. He puts on a shirt and combs his hands through his hair. He grabs his keys and goes to get you coffee. He even stops and gets you a box of macaroons.

By the time Calum gets back, you are groggily getting ready, starting on your makeup. “Good morning, baby.” Cal whispers, the coffee and macaroons laying on the dining room table.  

“Morning.” You whisper, rubbing the foundation in, your voice evidently tired.

“I have some stuff for you downstairs.” He coos, rubbing your shoulders gently.

You nod, “What is it?” You ask softly, looking up at him. It had peaked your interest and would be a nice distraction from your current stress. Calum always had amazing treats for you, he was so thoughtful.

You finish your makeup. You walk downstairs, sighing gently, until you see the box. “For me?” You squeal and look up at Calum, hugging his neck and kissing his cheek, sweetly.

“Of course they’re for you, pumpkin. ‘Cause I know you’re gonna kick ass today.” He rubs your back then kisses your lips softly. You smile kissing back.

“I have time to eat with you.” You say. “But lets save these for after my classes.” You say, grabbing the donuts off the counter. You open the bag, giving each of you a few, eating quietly and sipping on your coffee.

“Alright, bye baby, I love you so much, you’re gonna do great.” Cal whispers hugging you close, kissing you quickly as your rush out of the house.

About two hours later, Calum gets a text. ‘English went great!! Couldn’t of done it without you baby!” You text quickly while walking to your next class.

hey guys! so, I am going to write romance and such now! this is the second one i’ve written. if you guys have any prompts you’d like to request that is totally fine!! 

currently, im writing a request about motor tics, and doing my research for it!! 

im very excited to start this new chapter i guess!! but of course ill still be doing bsm’s and ddm’s!! 

love you guys! and happy holidays to all of you!

Love Letters From Thief X - How the Black Foxes take care of MC when she’s lonely

One of two requests from the same anon - How the Black Foxes look after MC when she’s been feeling lonely. 

Enjoy! :) 

Hiro - With the Black Foxes currently active, things had been busy at Le Renard Noir after hours, while you had planned for the next mission.
Planning to go to Dubai for an art exhibit that was believed to have a piece of your Gramps artwork on display, Hiro was a natural choice because of his skill in disguises, though the others were quick to insist that you stay in Japan.
‘Why?’ you asked, looking surprised by their decision, especially Hiro’s support of it.
‘We need another guy to go along with Hiro to pose as his date while he is disguised as a woman for the start of the event,’ Riki explained. ‘Plus this has the potential to be more dangerous and Hiro will be more objective if he doesn’t need to protect you.’
Feeling a little deflated by Riki’s words, you tried to hide the disappointment with an understanding smile, though Hiro knew you much better than that as he walked behind you and slipped his arms around your waist. Noticing that you hardly reacted to his touch, Hiro leaned his head on your shoulder, knowing that the other Black Foxes were used to his displays of affection with you.
‘Trust me Princess…you are just as important in the Black Foxes, if not more so than the others to me. Boss and Riki just think two men will be better suited for this job and your safety is always my priority,’ he uttered so that only you could hear.
‘It’s fine,’ you responded, though your quiet tone told him otherwise as he leaned in closer to your ear.
‘I promise you I’ll make this up to you when I get home, will you wait for me until then Princess?’
‘Of course I will,’ you nodded, though you still seemed slightly sullen as Hiro kissed you softly on the cheek.
‘Hey, do you mind not being so gross in front of me,’ Takuto grumbled, barely looking up from his computer screen as Hiro pulled you in closer.
‘Don’t be so mean Takkun! If I can’t be with my beloved for a while then I need to make the most of it now,’ he responded with a bright smile. As always he was completely unperturbed by Takuto’s harsh remarks, though you had no idea just how long the trip was going to last.
It had been a week since Hiro and Riki had gone on the trip to Dubai and while he was absent, the other Black Foxes had tried to keep your hopes up, though they knew that you worried over Hiro’s safety.
But with Riki being with him, you didn’t have much time to talk either, leaving you feeling incredibly lonely as the days wore on. Even when you discovered Hiro request that Seiko take you out for a girly day while he was gone, even his twin could tell just how much you missed him.
Curling up on the sofa one evening, you had been watching a movie with some chocolate in front of you, with Hiro’s spare Black Foxes jacket draped over you, his soothing scent feeling somewhat comforting as you noticed your phone light up.
Glancing at the message, you couldn’t help but feel a pang in your heart at Hiro’s name popping up as the sender. 

Hey my beautiful girl! I hope that you’re okay without me. I miss you so much! Riki does not compare to seeing your pretty face every day -.- I just want to cuddle you. I can’t stand being without you for so long. Next time they suggest this, I will refuse unless you can come along! Even if you don’t take part in the mission! I’m so jealous of the other guys seeing you…don’t let them hit on you, ‘kay?? I love you! - Hiro <3 

Smiling sadly to yourself, you wanted to sound upbeat in your response, but you also realised how much you wanted to just be honest. 

I miss you Hiro…I miss your smile and I wish you were home…I love you too <3

After sending it, you had begun to fret that you would make Hiro feel bad, though you knew that he was missing you too.
As another hour went by without a response, you had begun to fall asleep on the sofa when the doorbell rang.
Sitting up sleepily, you looked at the clock and wondered who it could be. You weren’t expecting anyone. Walking to the door quietly, you peered through the peephole and were amazed with the face before you.
Opening the door quickly, you were so thrilled to see Hiro stood before you that you couldn’t help but throw your arms around him.
‘Whoa,’ he remarked in surprise, catching you easily and chuckling as he held you in his arms. ‘I never expected you to be so bold! But I’m so happy!’
Standing silently with your arms still wrapped around him, Hiro reached up a ran a hand through your soft hair with the other on the small of your back as you breathed in his welcoming scent.
‘I missed you…’
Feeling him tense a little at your words, Hiro suddenly embraced you tightly putting all his love and affection into that one embrace as he held you close.
‘I missed you too…’
Leaning back so that you could look at him, you felt slightly embarrassed as you then took his hand and led him into your apartment. Locking the door, you turned to find Hiro taking your hands as he smiled warmly at you.
‘What are you doing back? I thought…’
‘I wanted to get back as soon as the mission was over. I told boss to keep it quiet though as I wanted to surprise you. So you miss my smile, huh? What else have you missed?’
Leaning his forehead against yours, Hiro ran his hands through your hair before kissing you, gently at first, but then more passionately.
‘Everything,’ you uttered breathlessly in between kisses as he looked at you with that gaze that just made your heart melt.
‘I won’t leave you for that long again,’ he promised, ‘I can’t have my Princess feeling lonely, can I?’ he remarked softly, his voice slightly husky as his lips trailed down your throat, taking all comprehensible thoughts with it.

Takuto - With no missions currently being undertaken by the Black Foxes, you saw much less of the guys than usual. While this wasn’t uncommon, Takuto had been putting in a lot of hours at work, meaning that you had hardly seen him for two weeks.
Returning home after work one day; you felt more disheartened than usual when you realised it had almost been two weeks since you last saw your hacker boyfriend.
Switching on the lights, you were reminded of the way Takuto would never leave until you put the lights on in your apartment when he dropped you off after a date.
Seeing no new messages on your phone, you put your bag on the sofa and went into the kitchen, hoping that preparing dinner might take your mind off things. Thinking about the last time you had spoken, you knew Takuto had been working so much overtime, including pulling a couple of all nighters and the workload was making him more cranky than usual.
Wishing that you could see him and hug him, your mind was elsewhere when you accidentally cut your finger on the paring knife you were using. Wincing in pain, you quickly rinsed the wound under cold water before dressing it and thinking how Takuto would react to it.
Continuing to make dinner, you resolved to call him and see how he was getting on at work. Perhaps he would be home? The thought was enough to lift your spirits a little as you finished cooking and settled down to eat, with a little music in the background to keep the room from feeling so quiet.
Once you had eaten, you dialled Takuto’s number and waited for him to answer, though his voice sounded entirely unenthused.
‘Hey Takuto…’ you breathed softly, a small smile on your face at hearing his voice.
‘What’s up?’
‘I just wondered if you were at work…’
‘Yeah, I’ll probably be pulling another all nighter tonight,’ he responded, sounding nonchalant as you felt your hopes depleting.
‘Is everything okay?’ he asked, noting the silence on the other end of the line, though as you went to respond, you bit your lip, thinking it perhaps unfair to embarrass him on the phone by admitting that you missed him.
‘When you call someone, generally you speak,’ he added, startling you from your thoughts as you finally admitted how you felt.
‘It’s just…Not seeing you for two weeks has left me feeling lonely and well…I miss you Takuto…’
Now it was your turn to be submitted to silence on the other end of the line, it making you feel anxious when you heard a quiet response.
‘I said you’re an idiot,’ he repeated, though his voice didn’t sound harsh. Realising you must have embarrassed him, you apologised for bothering him and went off the phone before he could say anymore.
Breathing a sigh, you felt guilty that you had bothered him with how you were feeling, though you were surprised that you almost instantly got a text from him.  

I didn’t make you mad, did I? I can’t believe I’m worried about that…just come over to my place, okay? - Takuto

Looking at the message in surprise, you didn’t understand why he would tell you that when he had just told you he was working an all nighter, but not wanting to debate it with him, you got your bag and keys and left the apartment.
Getting to Takuto’s large home that he had to himself, you found that the lights were indeed on inside. Walking up and ringing the doorbell, you waited somewhat nervously, hearing a lock click as the door opened and Takuto appeared before you.
Standing aside to let you in, you had been about to apologise when he shut the door and pulled you into a hug.
‘Why are you saying sorry?’
‘Because you said you were at work and I was selfish…’
‘Shut up,’ he remarked, though his voice was soft as he caressed you gently.‘You shouldn’t be so cute…’
‘But, I…’
‘I missed you too…’ he admitted shyly, refusing to let you look at his face as he continued to hold you. ‘Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep without you next to me now?’
Blushing at his words, you couldn’t help but feel happy inside as you hugged him tightly, your free hand reaching up and running through his soft blonde locks.
‘Feel safe now?’ he asked gently, leaving you only able to nod as he finally leaned back only to put a hand to your cheek and kiss you tenderly.
‘Taku-to…’ you breathed, seeing the blush on his face when he caught sight of the wound on your hand.
‘What did you do?’ he asked with a frown, looking over it as you explained yourself, though as he brought it to his lips and kissed it, a wicked grin suddenly appeared on his face.
‘W-What’s that look…’ you stammered.
‘You made me worry…and you hurt yourself. You’re going to have to make up for that…’ he responded, taking your hands and leading you into his room. Once there, Takuto took you in his arms again and laid you down on the bed as though you were a delicate piece of artwork and kissed you softly, his hands intwining with yours as his bangs brushed against your forehead.
‘What have you done to me to make me so crazy for you?’ he remarked.
‘I don’t know…but whatever it is…I’m so glad,’ you responded, making him blush deeply as he shook his head.
‘Too god damn cute.’ 

Riki - Having a boyfriend who was not only a member of the Black Foxes, but also a government official was difficult sometimes. Whenever he was requested to undertake work overseas, there wasn’t much that he could do in order to get out of it. As such, he had been gone for three weeks and you were feeling lonely without him.
Calling into Le Renard Noir one evening after work, they were busy as usual and Atsumu had asked if you would mind helping out.
Thinking it would be good to take your mind off how you were feeling, you happily obliged and assisted Atsumu in serving throughout the course of the night in between socialising with Kenshi and Hiro who both stopped by.
‘So have you heard anything from Riki?’ Atsumu asked with a kind smile as things began to quieten down.
‘Not for a couple of days…he did say he was pretty tired from the workload he’s had while he’s been away,’ you responded, though you knew that Atsumu could tell you weren’t entirely okay.
‘I might be an old man, but I do pick up on things you know…’
‘I just miss him…I know he’s been away with work before, but I guess I thought it would get easier, not tougher.’
‘Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ he responded, placing a hand on your shoulder. ‘But all things aside, when you love someone, your love grows day by day. So you’re probably more in love with him now than the last time he was gone, therefore you miss him even more.’
‘That makes sense,’ you nodded, thinking it over when Atsumu offered you a smile.
‘I know it’s hard, but it’ll be worth the wait once you see him, won’t it?’
‘Of course it will,’ you responded, smiling more wistfully as you picked up your bag after finishing serving the last round of drinks.
‘Do you want to stay for drinks? Kenshi is coming back later and Takuto will probably be awake by then too.’
‘Thanks boss, but I think I’m just going to head home. I had a busy day at the museum and I’m feeling quite tired.’
‘Well okay, just take care walking home and thanks again for helping out. I really appreciate it,’
‘Anytime,’ you responded, waving goodbye as you left and started the walk home.
Taking your time, you were in no hurry to return to an empty apartment, though Atsumu text you asking you to let him know you got home safely while you were walking back. Yet as you got to your apartment, you noticed a familiar car parked outside and a light on in your apartment.
Fumbling with your keys in the rush, you almost dropped them before opening the door and finding Riki waiting for you on the sofa.
‘I wondered when you’d finally be home,’ he remarked with a smirk, getting to his feet as you dropped everything and threw yourself in his arms.
‘Hey! Jeez, if I’d known you’d be this happy to see me, maybe I should go away more often.’
Seeing you pout at his remark, he chuckled softly and kissed you on the forehead.
‘That’s mean…I missed you a lot you know…’
‘I miss you too…do you have any idea what it’s like being without you for so long?’ he remarked, making you blush as he kissed you.
‘There…you smiled,’ he breathed softly, his eyes warm and loving as he enveloped you in his arms.
‘Weren’t you worried when I didn’t come home after work?’
‘I called Takuto and he said he’d heard you downstairs with Boss, so I figured you were helping out. He offered to tell you I was home, but I wanted to surprise you,’ he smiled.
‘I really am so glad that your home,’ you remarked, your emotions getting the better of you as you kissed him and hugged him tight, making Riki lose his cool and blush at your bold actions.
‘I love you Riki…’ you whispered, feeling so grateful to be wrapped up in his warmth.
‘I love you too…always,’ he returned, his voice soft and loving. He didn’t let you out of his embrace all night long.  

Atsumu - It was rare for Atsumu to join in with field work for the Black Foxes, but they were up against a particularly tough mission and Riki was certain that Atsumu’s assistance would prove useful.
While you fretted over Atsumu, you couldn’t also help but feel slightly disheartened that his free night would be used for a mission. Things had been so busy at Le Renard Noir lately that Atsumu had very little time to see you other than when he was working.
He had been so exhausted from it that as soon as the bar closed, he had gone to bed to catch up on a little sleep before starting over the following morning.
You hadn’t wanted to say anything regarding it. You felt it would be selfish to tell him that you wanted to spend some time with him when you knew he couldn’t help how busy things had been.
As such, you traded places with Atsumu and took his post in watching over the bar while he and the other members of the Black Foxes left for their mission. The place was busy as always and you had your hands full serving, but with a little help from the part time staff that Atsumu had, you handled things smoothly.
You had been so used to running the bar and assisting Atsumu that it had almost become second nature since you had first met the Black Foxes. While it gave you some level of comfort and provided a distraction however, you were still left feeling as though you missed Atsumu’s company.
Once the bar was closed, all was quiet for a little while as you tidied up alone. Though soon enough, the Black Foxes came flurrying in, chatting and laughing as they did and clearly triumphant in their mission.
‘That was so cool, you’ve still got it Boss!’ Hiro grinned cheerfully as the others informed you about the nights events.
Managing to get through the guys, Atsumu gave you a gentle kiss on the cheek and thanked you for watching over the bar for him,
‘Not a problem,’ you responded, though you felt as though your answer was somewhat strained as Kenshi suggested you all have drinks to celebrate.
‘Sounds great!’ Hiro beamed,
‘Count me in,’ Riki agreed,
‘Not you. You’re such a pain in the ass when you’re drunk,’ Takuto remarked with a sigh, prompting some bickering between the two as Atsumu went to fetch glasses and some alcohol.
Feeling disappointed that you wouldn’t get to spend some time alone with Atsumu, you quietly excused yourself from the group, deciding to head up to Atsumu’s place and get some rest after the long and busy day you’d had. But also, to avoid the questions of the other Black Foxes. You knew they could read you quite easily and honestly, you didn’t want to be put on the spot about how you were feeling. Though as you changed and readied yourself for bed, you hadn’t long since lay down on the bed before Atsumu came in quietly, looking for you.
‘Hey, is everything okay? It’s not like you to disappear without saying anything…’ Atsumu remarked softly, sitting beside you as you tried to pass off his concerns.
‘It’s nothing, I’m just tired and I thought I’d try to get some sleep,’ you responded, somewhat unconvincingly as Atsumu took your hand and encouraged you to talk to him.
‘Did something happen? Please talk to me,’ he remarked, his disheartened tone of voice making you feel guilty as you finally sat up and wrapped your arms around your legs, though for a moment you didn’t look at him…
‘I miss you…’ you uttered quietly, clearly surprising him as he turned himself to face you. ‘Lately, you’ve had so much going on with work. The bar has been so busy and I’m really happy that it is. I’m glad that you got to go out with the Black Foxes and be in the field again like you used to be…it’s just that you’ve been so tired and I hardly feel like I’ve seen you when you haven’t been working or surrounded by other people. I’ve felt lonely…and I know that’s selfish but-’
‘Stop,’ Atsumu instructed gently, taking your hands and pulling you closer so that he was incredibly close to you as he put a hand to your cheek. ‘You’re not selfish…I’m sorry…I got so wrapped up in the bar being busy and everything else that I didn’t set aside time for the most important part of my life. I promise you I’ll make it up to you…the last thing I want is for you to feel lonely when you have made me so happy.’
Smiling tearfully at him, Atsumu pulled you into his warm embrace as you lay your head against his chest and relaxed at the feeling of no one else being around.
After a couple of minutes, Atsumu suggested you get back under the covers so you wouldn’t get cold.
‘What about the others?’
‘They can get drunk and pass out on their own. Don’t worry, they’re probably too drunk to have noticed I’ve come upstairs. Besides, I’ve got something important to do right now…’
‘What’s that?’ you asked, seeing him offer you a kind expression as he took your hand in his.
‘Reminding you of how much I love you.’
Blushing deeply at his words, you squeezed his hand before finally meeting his gaze.
‘I love you too Atsumu…’

Kenshi - Between work at the museum and Kenshi’s job as a fireman, as well as helping out at his Mother’s restaurant and the various jobs that came up for the Black Foxes, you and Kenshi had hardly been able to spend any time together as of late.
While you knew that it was bound to happen from time to time, you couldn’t help but feel lonely when you realised that it had been a good couple of weeks since you had seen him properly, let alone spent some quality time with him.
Deciding to make Kenshi a lunch to take into the fire department, you had gotten up a little earlier that day to prepare it and happily took time out from your lunch break to walk down to Kenshi’s workplace.
Though unfortunately, when you got there, his colleagues told you that he had been called out to a fire and wouldn’t be back for some time. Having already written him a note to express how you felt, you put it in with the lunch you had prepared and asked his coworkers if they would pass the lunch along when he got back.
‘Sure, you’re his girlfriend, right?’
‘Thought so. He talks about you a lot,’ his colleague grinned, making you blush slightly as he told you that Kenshi also kept a photo of you in his locker. While it made you feel a little happier to know that he would do something like that, you still felt a little embarrassed as you left and went back to work. You didn’t have much time to eat yourself, but you felt glad that you had found a way to tell him how you were feeling.
You knew that you could talk to Kenshi, but you had felt ashamed to let him know that you were missing him. After all, there was so many people who relied on him and you didn’t want to be a burden.
But it didn’t stop you from remembering that he also wanted you to be honest with him. After all, it was better to find out how you were feeling from you directly as opposed to someone else.
As the afternoon continued on without any problems, you had been dealing with a brand new collection that was gaining a lot of interest, especially the signature piece that you had been admiring yourself.
By the time you returned to the desk, you had only just realised that a business card had been left on top of your ID tag, it surprising you when you recognised the small logo.
Ensuring no one else was around, you took a quick look at it and recognised Kenshi’s handwriting.
‘Tonight I will come and steal you away…be prepared.’
Putting the card in your jacket, you felt so much more uplifted that you managed a genuine smile. Of course, with the excitement of the day coming to an end, you knew that the time would go slower, but finally it was time to lock the doors and head home.
Half expecting Kenshi to have been waiting outside, you found yourself a little disappointed to see no sign of him, though as you headed home, you clutched onto the little card in your pocket. It was as though it kept your spirits high as you got back to your apartment and let yourself in.
Smelling a wonderful aroma from the kitchen, you placed your keys down and removed your coat when Kenshi appeared in the living room, his warm smile melting your heart as he walked over and put his hands around your waist.
Lowering them to your thighs, Kenshi swiftly picked you up and wrapped your legs around his waist, making you let out a sound in surprise as he grinned and kissed you. Kenshi was so much taller than you, but right now, the difference was minimal.
‘Mm…Kenshi…’ you murmured.
‘So, did you get my warning?’ he asked with a grin as he finally set you down. ‘I did, when did you leave it there?’
‘When I got back to the station, after the guys told me you had left me a package, I had to do something in return…especially when I read your message.’
Glancing down automatically at his reference to the note you had left, Kenshi gently took your chin in his hand and brought you to look at him.
‘I never want you to feel alone…you know you’re always welcome to stay at my place, no matter how much work I have. I’m always happy to see you…’
‘I missed you…’ you admitted, getting a little tearful when Kenshi pulled you into his embrace.
‘I missed you too…any time that I’m not with you, you’re on my mind.’
‘Really,’ he responded gently, his soothing voice and strong arms around your slender frame making you feel safe and contented. ‘Whenever I have a bad day, you know what makes it better? Seeing you. Why do you think I have that photo in my locker?’ he asked with a slight blush, catching your glance as he explained that the guys had told him they had shown you.
‘Anyway, I’ve cooked dinner and we both have tomorrow off work, so what do you say to us having a date starting right now?’ he asked, slipping his arms around your waist and pulling you in close.
‘As in a date lasting all night and tomorrow too?’
‘Don’t forget tomorrow night,’ he added softly in your ear, making you jump slightly at his close proximity when he kissed your cheek and took your hand, though as he went to lead you into the kitchen, you tugged him back slightly.
‘I love you Kenshi,’ you breathed softly, making him blush deeply before he swept you up in his arms and kissed you with all the passion he could muster.

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