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could you write a fic about the bughead kiss that is your header and sorta how the kiss happened and stuff

Sure! I can’t wait to see how this actually plays out on the show!

He was at a baby shower.
Two weeks ago he was wondering where he would be sleeping , and today he was at a baby shower his arm tucked comfortably into his beautiful girlfriend.

He glanced down at her as she contemplated eating one of the cupcakes on the display.

She had on that thinking face he absolutely loved.
She always wore that face when she was trying to make a decision, be it big or little.

“I could eat this cupcake, and then skip out on the strawberry shake I was gonna get at pops, but I love pops shakes, and who knows if this cupcake will be any good ya know? I don’t wanna waste it.”

He couldn’t help the grin he wore as he looked down at her smiling.

People annoyed him.
Talking annoyed him.
People who talked annoyed him.

But he swears he can listen to Betty talk all day everyday, about anything in the world.

Even a cupcake.

She looked up at him with a confused smile
“What’s got you so happy, silly boy?”

He gently bent down and pressed his lips to hers.

Pulling away as she hummed happily and snuggled into his side.

“You, Betty Cooper.”

My Guardian (Part 8)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1475

Warnings: swearing, mention of illness (vomiting, etc.), mention of blood, angst.

**Sorry for the delay on this one. Hope y’all like it. :)

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Crowley spun the empty glass jar in his hands. He shifted in his makeshift throne and let out a deep sigh, alarming one of the followers at his side.

“Is something the matter, My Lord?” the goon asked.

Crowley snorted out a laugh, never taking his eyes off the simple glass jar. “I’m just imagining taking something from those bloody Winchesters. Something the boys and their dull little angel truly treasure.” He gently placed the jar on the arm of his giant wooden chair. “Something that would look beautiful shining in this jar.”

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“Every time,” he said quietly. “Every time I think I’m missing a piece of me, you give it back.”

There were no words, so she didn’t say any; just turned around in his arms and kissed him on the cheek. He was beautiful under the night sky, the stars shedding their light down over him, gleaming against his hair and eyes and the Herondale ring shining on his finger, a reminder of everything that had been, and everything that would be.

okay, the kiss was everything I need for the rest of my life, but the hug though. The way Stiles presses his face into her hair and holds onto her so tightly. His arms are literally completely around her. It’s the most beautiful embrace my eyes have ever witnessed.


“Shiro… Can you save the boy you love…?” (SHEITH Mononoke AU)


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

soft™ even & isak moments

  • even resting his head atop isak’s when they’re just standing around in the hallways having a conversation, or in line for kebab. on the bus even putting his hands in isak’s hoodie pockets from behind him to keep his hands warm 
  • entire weekends spent together just laying in bed. even shows isak all his favorite movies but they just end up making out half way through. even thinks it’s a good idea to put the movies on mute and narrate them to isak with his own dialogue, and he’s mostly right
  • even getting restless a lot and isak telling him to draw on him for something to do with his hands
    • sometimes even draws the most elaborate, beautiful landscapes on his arms that isak complains because he’s going to have to wash it off 
    • other times he draws,,, other things 
    • or sometimes even will ask isak to take off his shirt and the first time isak raises his eyebrows bc ;-0 but actually even wants to paint on his back
  • even maintaining his extraness and keeps using little doodles to communicate
    • he leaves one of a universe where they have no eggs, in which there’s a little drawing of his pouty face and a grumbling stomach. and another of the opposite - instead of just asking isak to go grocery shopping  
  • isak wakes up to even resting but awake right beside him because after that one morning isak told him he was afraid he’d left even most always stays in bed until isak wakes, at least for some time before isak notices it’s a deliberate thing and tells him he doesn’t need to, that he’s not afraid of him leaving and never had been after that morning
  • even waking up after isak, which only starts happening the further into their relationship and the more stable his medications get
  • calling each other boyfriends so much at first people have to stop and ask isak what even’s actual name is and vice versa