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For Leverage's musical episode, maybe they need to take down a corrupt theater company, so they stage a musical. Sophie gets really into it, naturally, and since it's part of a con everybody loves her performance.

And as part of learning their lines, the con briefing is a musical, the takedown is a musical, the gloat is a musical.

In other words, yes!! I am so ready for this.

Also, there is dancing.

The Original Photobomb

Not my story, but still something that brings that sense of satisfaction.

When my mother and uncle were kids, they went to Disney World in FL for vacation with my grandparents. One day, there was this awful woman who all but pushed my mother and uncle out of the way for her snot nosed little brats for a picture.

My grandmother had never been so furious in her entire life.

A few days later, she saw the same family taking pictures with Goofy. Goofy had his hands on his hips so there was a window between his body and his arms. My grandmother, God bless this amazing woman, sneaked up behind Goofy and stuck her face in his arm hole. She stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes, the whole nine yards.

This was before digital cameras and this was their personal film camera. They didn’t even know about it until the film was later developed after they got home.

I have never been more proud to call that woman my grandmother.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here.

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You lean against the TARDIS, watching the Doctor walk up to you. You didn’t even know what planet you are on any more, but it is the end of the second adventure you had been on with him. You grin at him as he nears, and he also grins at you. 

“Did you enjoy that then?” He asks, stopping about a metre in front of you and crossing his arms.

“Yes! The adrenalin felt amazing!” You giggle and move your hair out of your face. Your body is still shaking from the excess adrenalin and you have never felt so alive before. The Doctor’s face falls slightly and his brow furrows.

“Do you want to go home?” He asks quietly, your heart sinks a little, thinking that he means that he wants you to go. You purse your lips and bite the inside of your cheek briefly.

“No, not really….” you mutter after a pause. “I’ve enjoyed myself so much these past to adventures I don’t think I can go back to a normal life just yet. I mean, if you would prefer me to go home then I don’t mind but I would prefer to stay for a little while longer…” You stare at your feet, feeling a bit too awkward to meet his gaze. The Doctor starts to chuckle and you look up, confused. He was grinning from ear to ear and laughing, but when he sees that you’re looking he stops laughing but continues to grin. 

“I would love for you to join me on more adventures, Y/N,” he walks around you and opens the TARDIS doors. “After you, we can pop back to your house for you to grab some clothes and other such stuff before we go and explore time and space!” You grin widely and run into the TARDIS feeling giddy and happy. 

“Oh my God thank you so much!” You turn around and hug the Doctor, who is a bit taken aback but hugs you back quite quickly.

“There’s no need to thank me for it Y/N.” He pauses and closes the TARDIS door before bounding up the steps to the control panel and you follow him up. 

“Where to?” You ask, running to his side. 

“I don’t know, let’s see where she takes us…” he pauses and looks up to you and whispers quietly, “you ready?” 


“Well then,” a bright grin flashes in your direction, “geronimo.”

Yours to Hold || Jonah & Becky
  • Jonah:was excited to see Becky again after their last encounter. The two seemed to get along a lot better now that he had opened up to her more about his past. He texted her telling her that he'd meet her at her church knowing exactly where it was. He got into his car and drove himself there. After parking it in a parking spot he got out of the car and locked it. Seeing that Becky wasn't here yet he leaned against door and crossed his arms as he glanced at the scenery around him. It still amazed him how the world and he himself was able to exist in it.

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Hi there! I just found your blog and its amazing! I was wondering if I could request a preference: the hosts finding out that y/n is super ticklish. It sounds dumb! Idk what time zone your in so sorry if this is in really late or early! ☺

Thank you so much! And I am so sorry this is so late, I hope you like it (:

Tamaki: He ran his hand down your arm absentmindedly, admiring the amazing person he had had the luxury to be dating, when you backed away slightly, a shiver going through you. He cocked his head to the side and smiled, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just a bit ticklish is all.” You mumbled, shifting uncomfortably in your seat as you sensed the impending torture that is about to happen. He smirked before grabbing your hips and pushing you down on the couch, straddling you. He began to tickle you. You screamed in laughter until you couldn’t breathe, so you pushed him off.

“That’s so cute..” He mumbled to himself and you knew tickling was going to be happening a lot more often.

Kyoya: As you lie with your boyfriend in his room, your legs tangle together and you let out a sigh. This was how you would spend every night of the rest of your life if you could. Kyoya, his leg getting a little stiff, moved to get more comfortable, and in the process, had touched the bottom of your foot. You squeaked and moved your foot away, getting a questioning look from Kyoya. Before you knew what was happening, he was on top of you, tickling you like there was no tomorrow until you tried to push him off. Instead of getting off he leaned closer to you, smirking before pressing his lips to yours in a passionate kiss.

Honey: He knew you didn’t like people touching your stomach or the inner part of your elbow, but he didn’t know why until one day he accidentally did it, and you nearly collapsed to the ground laughing. He smiled at you, laughing along with you.

“Awe, you’re ticklish, that’s so cute (Y/N)-chan! Now we can have tickle fights!”

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I’m having a lot of FEELS for Carl’s best friend that spoke at the service yesterday. Then he came back to my Mom’s after and basically held court with my family and told all these amazing and funny stories. He always let his arm linger on my shoulder while talking to other people. And I realized oh he’s like if Carl didn’t have his addictions and mental illness. He’s like the Carl I fell In love with. Which I mean, best friends for 30 years so they obviously had a lot in common. He even apologized for the mansplaining something to me on Facebook from like five years ago. And I realize that I’m just trying to keep Carl around and these aren’t real feels it’s just a defense mechanism cause Carl is in an urn on my table right now but man this is fucked up.

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Welp, here I am. SMUT Friday prompt time! Had this idea for a while, well it's more of a dialog between Jongkey after some much needed smexy time. Figured what better time than SMUT Friday (Teehee ^^). Hope you can incorporate it somehow. ;}

So like…dirty talking…? *thinks about it* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Jonghyun pulls out with a satisfied grunt, beads of sweat glistening across his upper lip and forehead. Kibum sighs draping his arm across his face. “That was amazing.” He confesses, Jonghyun chuckles. “Was it?”

“Yeah, you haven’t been that excited in ages.” Jonghyun chuckles again resting his head on Kibum’s chest. “We haven’t done it in a while, our schedules have been hectic.”

“True.” Kibum moves his arm away placing it to Jonghyun’s shoulder. “To be honest…”

“Hmm?” Jonghyun tilts his head up to look into his eyes. “I want to go again.” Jonghyun’s eyes widen and Kibum bites his bottom lip. “Wait–really–you’re testing me aren’t you?” Kibum shakes his head. “We should make the most of it right, who knows when we’ll have another chance like this.” Jonghyun shoots up, staring Kibum down, his round eyes squinting in on his boyfriend. “Kibum,”

“Just…yeah…” Kibum trails off, licking his lips feverishly before meeting Jonghyun’s eyes. “I want you again.” Jonghyun’s heart kicks. “You what?” He questions. “You…Jonghyun don’t make me beg you for it.” Kibum mutters and Jonghyuns lips quirk into a smirk. “That’s exactly what I’m going to make you do KIbum.” He leans forward, his breath moist against Kibum’s left ear. “If you want it, beg for it.” His tongue flicks out to lick the shell of KIbum’s ear. Kibum shudders. “So? Do you want it?”


“How badly?” Jonghyun wraps a hand around Kibums slowly hardening cock. “Badly.”

“Then tell me you need it.”

“I need i–” But before kIbum’s able to finish his sentence, Jonghyun lowers his head and bites Kibum’s nipple eliciting a deep cry from him. “Come on Kibum, tell me.” His hand begins to stroke along Kibum’s length. “Jonghyun…I—d-damn…” Kibum huffs, his legs spreading. “If you don’t tell me I can’t please you.” Jonghyun places a kiss to the mid of Kibums chest. “I can’t bite your thighs how you like nor can I slap your ass in the way you like–you like it when I do that don’t you?” Jonghyun’s voice was low and husky. “You can tell me if you like it, it’s just us here.” Jonghyun says somewhat arrogantly and Kibum would have rolled his eyes if it wasn’t for the constant fluttering of his lashes. “Bummie,” Jonghyun whispers and Kibum arches up when he feels a cold finger slide slowly down his inner thigh. “I need it, Jonghyun.”

“I can’t hear you.” Kibum bites his bottom lip almost drawing blood. “Jonghyun, stop teasing me.” He commands and Jonghyun laughs darkly. “Then should I…” He moves his hands away from Kibums body and goes to touch himself. “Have all the fun by myself…?” He poises the question tauntingly and Kibum watches as Jonghyun leans back and clutches himself. He hums lowly, his eyes closing, Kibum watches. “I’m thinking of you.” He says softly. “Of how you’d clench around me.” Jonghyun’s voice trembles. “You always do it so nicely, so perfectly.” Jonghyun’s eyes snap open to look down at Kibum. “I’d be in you taking you from behind or on my back with you riding me.”


“Only if you force me to.” Jonghyun snaps back with a playful wink and so Kibum does just that, jumping up and locking their lips together.

A/N *looks to the sky* yes, I’d like to ask god for forgiveness, I have sinned lol whenever i write them dirty-talking it feels so…dirty? I know that’s what it is but Idk DX (not like i didn’t enjoy it though~)

Burning the Inhabited Body

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(The gif has little to do with this. I just really love this gif and you can really see where he burned through his vessel very well, I think.)

Your fingers traced over the bumps on his skin, smooth and rounded. They were imperfect ridges etched into his skin but the way your fingers glided over the bumps on his hands and up your arms caused a sense of curiosity and amazement to go through you. Your fingertips brushed on his hands, up his arms, and soon glided up to his neck and over his face were the most noticeable damage was.

Your eyes darted over the perfect features of the handsome devil before you. Scanning his every move for the sign of a flinch or any form of pain, you watched carefully, ready to pry your hands away at the sight of anything of the sort. Then, despite seeing no pain on his face, you decided to whisper the question.

“Does it hurt? Touching them?” 

Lucifer chuckled at your words, thinking it to be humorous to have you worried so much. “ No, Y/N. Not at all.” 

"Did it hurt when he first started to burn up?” Your voice was low, curious of the vessel Lucifer inhabited as well as Lucifer himself.

Lucifer paused to think about it. “It hurt him a bit but it never bothered me.” He told you.

Then, you nodded, satisfied with the answer. “ Try not to burn him up too much… A new vessel could be hard to find and… I’d miss you while you looked.”

Lucifer smiled at that. “Of course you would.” He agreed, kissing you softly.