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Imagine coming home crying after a bad day at work, and he knows you've had a bad day and texts you "I've got cuddles and a take away ready for you when you get hime Gorgeous xxxx" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Please. I need this so bad right now and my work day has barely just started.

But you’d probably be texting him throughout the day and telling him how awful everything is and how stressed out you feel, and he’ll tell you not to worry; he’ll take good care of you once you get home.

He’ll spend the rest of the afternoon running errands, picking up comfort foods that he knows you love and maybe a new bath bomb or two, and a dozen roses, just because. By the time you get home, he has dinner on the table and there’s soft music playing in the background. He leads you into the kitchen and you sigh, leaning against his chest as he wraps his arms around you and hugs you close.

“You didn’t have to do all this,” you say, feeling tears pricking at your eyes.

“Course I did. You’re my girl, aren’t yeh? And you’re feelin’ poorly; s’my job to take all that stress away.”

The rest of the night, he makes sure that you don’t lift a finger. He does the dishes, prepares the bath, even washes you as you lay back against his body in the water. It’s all very quiet and calm and soothing and exactly what you need. When you fall asleep in his arms later that night, it’s to the sound of his humming in your ear and the feeling of soft kisses being placed on your forehead.


i’m having such DY feels its fucking insane

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your relationship would include:

  • doyoung curling his lips into his mouth to stop the smile that automatically finds itself on his face at the sight of you because he doesn’t want to admit to his sap 
  • and him folding his hands together to stop himself from holding on to you, looking down at the ground to stop himself from being completely drawn to you
  • doesn’t matter how, or where, just somehow, he always wants to be physically connected to you
  • lots of subtly holding onto your pinky as you stand next to each other, 
  • and, he loves curling his hand around your waist, gently feeling as your body moves under his fingertips
  • doyoung absolutely loves giving you backhugs, those where he wraps his arms tightly around your waist until your back is flush with his chest and he can feel you breathe right next to his heart and he can lean down and rest his chin on your shoulder
  • it might be a little bit of an awkward angle, but he likes hearing you talk so closely to his ear, subtly and murmured compared to the usual loudness all around him
  • he loves playing with your hands when you sit next to each other,
  • and adores it when you grab onto his hands and play with his fingers for yourself
  • doyoung loves it the most when you guys are around other people, like a very subtle way of showing to others that you constantly want to be together one way or another
  • doyoung always smiles at you, mostly when you’re not looking, because he doesn’t actually want to show you how much of a sap he is
  • he finds something new to admire every time, a mole on the side of your face, or a lock of hair that’s styled perfectly, or the shape of your ears are really cute
  • but mostly, he finds himself staring at you when you’re talking to other people intently, maybe from across the room or beside him it doesn’t matter, because he likes the way you talk and the way your face moves, and he loves that you have no idea how beautiful you are even with the smallest of expressions
  • he likes to think that he’s the only one who really pays attention to you
  • Doyoung’s the type to save you from an awkward situation, always willing to sweep in an divert the attention off of you as soon as he sees you a tad uncomfortable at an uncalled question or topic, and he’ll always come in with a wide smile and a hand on the small of your back to comfort you, and even though he knows you’re 100% independent and capable, he knows it’s always good to have someone to lean on and have your back, and he’s more than willing to be that person for you
  • but he also likes to lean on you a lot, especially when he’s stressed out about his singing or how many shows he’s on / has to mc
  • he’s the type to freak out on his own, doesn’t really like seeking too much comfort from his members, but with you there for him, he’s able to vent and relax into your touch and just take a moment to properly let it all out because he knows you’re there for him
  • but just as much as you guys lean on each other for comfort, you’re both playful with each other, and doyoung makes you laugh more than anything, especially when he makes a snide comment towards his members
  • he never really goes full savage on you, he could never
  • doyoung would never make a feisty comment about what you’re wearing, because even if you’d dress up as barney or that yellow bird from sesame street, he’d find you adorable, horrendous, maybe, but adorable and worthy of a smile full of teeth
  • but, he’s the type to insult characters in some show to make you laugh, or complain about you taking too long in the shower overly dramatic, or the way your cooking is shit even though he’ll wholeheartedly eat it because you’ve made it with love
  • but he’d never joke about the way you look, unless you’ve just crawled out of bed with your hair a bush and your eyelids glued shut with crust, and he’d joke around about your personality, because these are things that can be sensitive and that he personally doesn’t like being made fun of, so he’d never do that to you
  • he’s a softie for you
  • ultimate softy
  • and he loves your hugs so much
  • the way you fit perfectly in his arms with your head in his chest and your arms around his midsection
  • he loves it the most when you tightly grab onto his sweater, because he feels loved and cherished when you do that
  • and he rests his chin on the top of your head and hold your shoulders equally as tight
  • and he knows you think it’s super cute when he starts swaying, and he can’t help but do it because you make him feel giddy and restless inside and if he didn’t sway side to side, he’d most likely crush you from how much love he has for you
  • And gosh does he love backhugs from you, especially when he’s cooking a meal for you
  • he gets this huge smile on his face, one that he lets himself relish in because you can’t see how much of a sap he is
  • he love it so so so much when you nuzzle your head into his back, and laughs loudly when you do so, threatening to smack you with his greasy spatula if you continue, but in reality he loves it so much
  • Doyoung’s the type to love to go shopping together, out and about on the streets, especially when it’s slightly colder outside and you two have to stay close to each other to keep warm
  • he always melts inside when you hold his hand with your mittens on, thinking it’s the cutest thing on earth to swing your linked hands between the two of you as you walk
  • You always catch him staring at where you guys are connected, a big and bright smile on his face, one of the sappy ones he always tries to hide, but you see it from time to time, how much he cares and cherishes every moment with you, and warmth spreads throughout your entire body as you smile back, staring at his face
  • He’s the type to pay for you every now and then, but not too often because he knows you can pay for it yourself, but he does love paying for the food, feeding you snacks and cutting up dishes for you, because he adores watching you eat healthily
  • most of your dates, you guys talk about anything and everything, your day away from each other, an article you saw online, a stupid story about what your friends forced you to do
  • but he loves it when you ask about his members and how they’re doing, and his family, because you care and you genuinely want to know how much winwin’s korean has improved, how taeyong’s back is doing, if mark is struggling in school, what the hell johnny actually does at four in the morning with his americano, and doyoung appreciates the care for what he considers is his family, and is instantly filled with so much love that he wants to kiss you over the table, so he does, with a goofy smile on his face after, and stares at the table because he’s slightly embarrassed
  • Kisses, are, to say the least, most often pecks and closed mouth encounters where the pressure of his plump and soft lips is enough to get your heart beating radically
  • But sometimes, randomly when you’re alone, when he feels extra sentimental and just admiring you isn’t enough, he’ll kiss you for real, with his large hands cupping your face, face slowly coming in closer, his eyes wide and concentrated as they flicker between your eyes and your lips, and he waits until you’re barely breathing in anticipation, because you know exactly what kind of kiss he wants to give you, and your head automatically tilts along with his just before your lips touch
  • He makes the first move, slotting his lips between yours in a soft pout, capturing their shape and feel in one, two, three openmouthed kisses to make you tread on the verge of impatience, then, he’ll slowly lick the bottom of your lip with a smooth tongue, precise and perfect with pressure, slow and deliberate before you open your mouth wider to let him in
  • and those are the kisses that always leave you absolutely breathless and blushing, ears a beetroot red and lips swollen from the kiss
  • but the thing is
  • Doyoung is always equally as shy and embarrassed after one of those kisses, because he doesn’t quite understand how he musters up the courage to kiss you as sensually as that, and he tries to pull away but each time he does, your grip on his waist keeps him still and forces him to stare into your eyes
  • his eyes always sparkle after those kisses, with a spark of anticipation, and sometimes it stays like that between the two of you, where you just breathe in each others space until you both smile goofily, or sometimes it leads to something a little more

my feels are too much omfg

lol if you want a part two, or something more specific, or something from another member, drop a lil request in my ask


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Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader, Sam, Jody
Word count: 1,379
Warnings: Angst, swearing, death
Request: Anonymous. For the requests/Drabbles/oneshots thingy-DeanxReader, the inspiration: “Believe” by Hollywood Undead. Please and thank you this is the first time I’ve ever asked for anything hope I did it right 😖 Also I’m in love with all the stories here. You all are so talented and I love you all. AHHHHHHH I’m so sorry I forgot the relationship. Either the reader is a sister, or a good friend(TBH whatever you feel is right). This is in regards to the song “Believe” by Hollywood Undead. I’m sorry

Leaning on the door frame to your room, Dean had his arms crossed over his chest. You looked so peaceful, so innocent. Then there was him. This life had eaten away at any goodness that had ever been inside of him. His jaw tightened as he fought back the tears.

Dean never had a real home, Sam never had a real home, but you? You had. You’d have a loving mother, an awesome step-father, and an older sister. Then they were ripped from you. Word got around that Sam and Dean Winchester had a little sister. Half sister, really, but technicalities didn’t matter to demons, to vampires, or anything else the boys had hunted down over the years.

Here you were, two years later. You were nearing those harder years of growing up- your teenage years. Years when a home, friends, and normalcy was most important. “Dean?” Came the voice of Jody, rough with the remnants of sleep.

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Random HC #35 (Continuation of #4 - #34)


“…I’m sorry, Robbie, I completely forgot your tea!” Sportacus shakes his head, confused about himself, when he leaves the bathroom to return to his friend again “I’ll catch up on it, immediately! Just… Robbie?!” he nearly drops the bowl in shock, when he finds the bed empty “Robbie!” The next second, he sees the villain standing in front of one of the smaller windows, his eyes fixed either on the heavy rain outside or on nothing at all. He has crossed his arms in front of his bare chest and is shivering. “Robbie?…” puzzled and a little worried because of the lack of reaction, Sportacus quickly puts the bowl on the bedside table and then carefully approaches the shaking, obvious absent villain “…Robbie, why aren’t you in bed? You shouldn’t walk around in this condition… You’re still weakened…and sick…” Still no reaction. “…Robbie?…” hesitatingly, he rests his hand on the other’s, once again slightly tensed back “…Hey…” Unlike what he has been expecting, Robbie doesn’t wince this time. He just shrugs his hand off and turns away, his eyes fixed on the ground now and his voice low but clear “…I should go now…”
“What?!” the hero stares at him in utter shock and confusion, then he wildly shakes his head “What is this now?! We agreed that you stay here! You’re far too sick to take care of yourself at the moment! How do you suddenly get that idea, anyway?!?”
“This is none of your business,” replies the villain coolly, straightens up and heads for the closed door to exit the airship “Thank you for your help, Sportaflop.”
“…Robbie…” Sportacus rarely feels overwhelmed or unable to cope with a situation, but right now, he feels like crying out in frustration and desperation. The villain was completely relaxed and at peace. Then he leaves him alone for not even three minutes and he starts to act…like THIS?! He doesn’t understand… But when Robbie manually wants to open the door, by pushing the button next to it, the hero reflexively calls “Lock!”
Robbie holds in his move, obviously aware that pushing the button would’ve got no point now “…You can’t keep me here against my will, Sportacus…” His voice is still low, but this time, there’s something in it that the hero has never heard before. It’s…a strange, grave seriousness…almost…close to…a warning…threat?!… Sportacus isn’t sure. But he doesn’t really care right now, either. “Robbie!” with a fluid motion, he easily flips over the other man and lands right in front of him, facing him with open confusion and fear “Robbie, what is WRONG??” The next moment, he nearly winces when Robbie meets his eyes for the first time now. They’re…cold. And just like it has been with his voice, the hero has never seen his eyes look like this before…
“What is wrong?! You’re keeping me prisoner! THAT is wrong!” Robbie’s voice still sounds this strange. And Sportacus feels his heart breaking again. He can’t help but sound hurt “No! That’s… I just want you to stay because you’re sick and I care about you! How… Why would you…”
“You shouldn’t!” Robbie clenches his hands into fists and turns away “You should not care!”
“Robbie, we’ve been there before!” the hero takes a deep breath, mentally preparing for another one of Robbie’s heavy self doubts “I DO! And you DESERVE care and love! What…”
“I DON’T!” the villain turns back again, his eyes not cold anymore but filled with tears and his voice breaks “I SIMPLY DON’T, SPORTACUS! Why can’t you just accept that??? WHY DO I HAVE TO YELL AT YOU SO YOU FINALLY LEAVE ME BE??? WHY…” he stumbles but catches himself, then he presses his hands on his temples and sobs lowly “…Why do I have to be…mean to you…to make you listen…” The hero is completely overwhelmed. He truly doesn’t know what has gotten into the other, but he knows that he has to calm him somehow… “…Robbie… I ALWAYS listen to what you say…” very carefully, he rests a hand on the villain’s shoulder, but he whines and pushes it off at once, so he keeps trying it verbally “…But no matter that I do, I CAN’T let you leave now! You’re…not yourself… What happened when I was in the bathroom? You’re all shaken up out of a sudden… Robbie? Please! Talk to me! Otherwise, I can’t help you!…” begs the hero desperately and takes a very small, careful step towards the other “…Robbie…”
“…You don’t want to help me…”
“That’s not true! Of COURSE I want to! I’m TRYING right now!” Sportacus takes another step closer and his voice softens “…Robbie, did you have another hallucination? Or a nightmare? Or…” His question appears to be unheard. “…You wouldn’t want to help me, if you knew…” Robbie breaks up and he wraps his arms around himself and slowly shakes his head. “If I knew what? Robbie. Please…” He gets cut off by a bright flash and enormous thunder, followed by a low cry and Robbie, slumping on the ground in fetal position, hugging his knees close to his chest. “Robbie!” Sportacus kneels down next to him, at once, and this time, he ignores the low cry at his touch and pulls the villain’s upper body onto his lap, holding him close to his chest, with both arms wrapped around him, taking his hands in a tight grip in his own. Robbie starts to struggle at once. He kicks into the air and writhes and swears and cries for long minutes, while the hero nuzzles his face into the tousled, black hair, murmuring soothing words, partly in English, partly in Icelandic, and waits him out…
His breathing has slowed down a bit, just like the beating of his heart. But instead, he’s shivering violently now and his eyes are still fixed on an imaginary spot at the wall. Sportacus is still caressing his hair in gentle strokes, a successful way to calm him that he has started, shortly after the villain had stooped struggling against his embrace. His shaking hands are now gripping on to the hero’s shirt, so tight that his knuckles turn white. “…Shush… It’s all right, Robbie…” repeats Sportacus once more lowly. But this time, he gets a response “…No… It isn’t…” Robbie’s voice sounds as if he’s suffering from grave pain and he swallows noticeably hard. “Of course, it is. Don’t be scared. You’ll become all healthy again, I promise!…”
“…No, you don’t understand…” whimpers the villain lowly and turns his head to look up, into the other’s eyes “…I… I…remembered…more about that evening…before my family left me behind…”
Sportacus feels a shiver running down his spine. That’s what he feared, the moment, Robbie broke down in an obvious panic attack. That’s what he has read about in his book. That’s what he hoped would NOT happen to Robbie…
“…Robbie… You’re under shock. You’re still running a high fever and you’re stressed. Don’t…”
“I’m not mistaken, Sportacus. That was a real memory. And…” his breathing hitches and he starts to sob again “And you’re going to hate me!!”
“Robbie, no. I could NEVER hate you!” contradicts the hero gently but firmly and he soothingly runs his hand over his bare back. But Robbie’s crying intensifies again and he starts tugging at Sportacus’ pajama top to release some of his desperate anger “You WILL hate me! Everybody hates me! Anybody, I ever met hated me! I-I can’t be loved! I… I shouldn’t even EXIST!!”
“Robbie!” exclaims the hero truly shocked and stills his hands “Don’t say things like this!”
“But it’s TRUE!” Robbie suddenly pushes himself up, keeps his upper body supported by his arms and strains to look the other into the eyes again “…I’m a monster, Sportacus…”
“Robbie, don’t…”
“You’ll realize that I’m right…”
“No, I won’t, because no, you are NOT!” Sportacus feels angry. Not at Robbie, but at his parents for not showing him the kind of love, he deserved and needed as a kid. No wonder, he believes these horrible things about himself, now that he’s feverish and completely overexerted and confused by slowly recovering his real memory again… “…Robbie, listen. Whatever your parents told you…”
“I’m a FELF, Sportacus!”

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Also madzie leaned spells really quickly cause she's smart as hell but her emotions are really hard to get under control and do her magic can get out of control. When's she scared she'll go invisible and Alec will only be able to find her cause she's sobbing. When's she's angry the room she's in will go zero gravity but usually seeing Alec and Magnus try to swim in air to reach her usually makes her giggle and cheer her up

When madzie is happy she’ll accidentally end up changing colors which kills Magnus’s decorations and all of Alec’s shirts. She’ll run into Alec’s arms and rest her head on his chest and suddenly it’s pastel green. She’ll run her hands on the couch while her papa makes her breakfast and it’ll turn rainbow. One memorable time she kissed the top of Alec’s head while sitting on his shoulders and his hair turned blond. He had to go the entire day with bleach blond hair until Magnus could fix it

oh my goddddd, this is just too sweet for me to handle, anon you’re ruining me right now

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How come people would hate Thomas Jefferson and then meet him and decide he was great? was he Magical?

Because he hated social situations and would cross his arms in front of his chest and have a glazed sort of distance watch in his eyes which made him seem unapproachable. But once you got to talk to him, he would loosen up and divulge into intellectual conversations that I would kill to take part in.

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How would Underswap, Swapfell sans and Underfell papyrus react to someone straight up challenging them and saying that they would be a way better Boyfriend for the skeleton's S/O.


He takes a challenge in the literal way of a battle because of the culture in the Underground. He smirks, crosses his arms across his chest and then promptly kicks the guy’s ass. At the end of it, he spits on them, declaring “I WON. NEVER SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN.”


He usually loves a healthy challenge, jumping on the opportunity to practice the skills he’s trained for. But he doesn’t feel good about this one. His S/O isn’t an object to be fought over without their consent. He goes back to his S/O and asks them what he should do. 


He straight up goes “lol nah” and walks away from the challenger. He tells himself that his S/O chose him to date him and their choice is the only valid thing here. Still, his anxiety gnaws at him about the what if the other person really is better? Is he condemning his S/O to spending time with someone not as good for them? He tries to squash his doubts down with the first thought.


Same as Fell!Pap, challenge = battle. He goes back to his S/O, tells them about the incident, hands them a video recorder and tells them to film everything while he kicks the other guy’s ass. Deep, deep, down, he gets the nagging insecurity about his capabilities as a boyfriend. Maybe there is someone out there better than him for his S/O. He represses it hard by kicking the shit out of the challenger. Whoever is better for his S/O, it’s definitely not this guy.

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that waistcoat though.... (why is this on anon, i bet you know who it is)

i know exactly who this anon is

you mean the waistcoat that clung to his shoulders and his chest as though hanging on for dear life? that deep rich red and the thin pinstripes at the front, the subtle lighter pattern down the back. that waistcoat settled on a shirt dancing somewhere between dark grey and navy, hugging his arms and partially unbuttoned and open over his broad chest.

imagine him picking it out, pulling it on in the morning, settling it over one of those henleys and stepping closer to his mirror. head tipping to the side as he carefully buttons each button, pulling the whole thing tighter. it’s smart, settled on his shoulders, matching his pants. and that ritual, slowly buttoning every button, his fingers dragging down over the pinstripes, smoothing it into place

if you listen closely you can hear someone needing medical attention for a certain reoccurring issue

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Not that I judge it but why do people draw McCree thick? Sure normal weight is okay and muscular is common but lately I've been seeing thick McCree it's kinda cute but when people go over board I got a bit hissy also @sin-is-good takes art requests of mchanzo (it's my side blog by eh) what is you take on the thicc werewolf and skinny dragon? Also trans! Hanson is amazing bless to the person who started that

So I love thick McCree. Always have always will. To me, I think it’s because people justify Hanzo as being totally ripped because we can physically see his chest and arm so it’s like we know he’s got hella muscle. Where as with McCree, it’s a lot more ambiguous because we can’t see as much of his body. So that’s one thing, it’s open to interpretation more. In addition, the size difference thing is great. Hanzo being shorter and very muscled is awesome, so Jesse contrasting him and being taller with some weight is great too!

I personally like it because that’s my favorite male body type: muscular with a little/a decent amount of fat on top, and chest hair. And since McCree has hella facial hair, it’s easy for me to picture a southern dude with a lot of body hair and a little bit of gut ontop of muscle.

As for the were!mccree and dragon!hanzo, I dig the concept of mccree getting really big, and Hanzo being about the same size. Also, I don’t make a ton of trans headcanons but I think Trans!Hanzo is particularly compelling because of the concept of pressure from the clan and the dragons helping him realize who he is.

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8, Mike x Ginny

Wanna Bet?”

This was all Ginny’s fault. At least, that’s what Mike told himself as he stood in front of their bedroom mirror, his skin tingling with embarrassment and his mood darkening as the seconds passed.

“Come on, Lawson,” Ginny called, her giggle tinkling in the air and a mocking lilt to her words.

“Fuck it,” he sighed, squinting at his reflection one last time before throwing the door open and walking into the hallway.

“Falcons,” Mike declared three hours earlier, passing Blip a beer before settling back down on the couch. Ginny glanced up at him from her spot by his chest, her fingers tapping a beat against his arm and her foot tickling the length of his calf.

“As much as I hate to say it,” she grinned, moving from the couch over onto Mike’s lap, “there’s no way Brady won’t win. Pats got in the bag, and we just have to accept it. Besides, shouldn’t one aging all-star” she added, her mouth ghosting along the side of Mike’s, “support the other?”

“Brady’s a jackass,” Mike murmured, catching her lips with his own, “and I’m not aging.”

“Tell that to your ear hair and social security checks.”

“Funny,” he droned, biting back a smile as she grinned at him, her smile curling around his heart and giving it a squeeze. “But you’re wrong on both fronts. Me and Brady aren’t anything alike, I’m too good looking for that mook, and, he’s going down.”

She cocked an eyebrow, a challenge glistening in her eyes just as the ball flew through the air for the first time that night. “Wanna bet?” 

He swallowed as she shifted, his breath catching in his chest as she got comfortable, much to his growing discomfort. “You playing dirty?”

“I’m playing to win,” she purred. “The usual bet?”

“Laundry and dishes?” He laughed, his arms flexing as they wrapped around her waist. “No way. I think it’s time for that thing.”

Ginny twisted, her lips puckering into a frown. “Absolutely not.” She growled, yelping as his fingers pinched into her side. “You promised not to bring up,” she cast a furtive glance around the room, making sure to keep her voice low before her nosy teammates decided to tune into their conversation, “that thing again.”

“Yeah, well…” he trailed off, rolling his eyes as Javanes jumped up with a scream, spilling beer along the coffee table that had cost him more than he was willing to admit. “Shouldn’t talk a big game if you aren’t ready to back it up, Rookie.”

She jutted out her chin, torn between a willful stubbornness and the dread that could be coming three hours from now. “You’re on,” she decided, sealing their bet with one last bounce over his throbbing crotch. He coughed out a laugh, his heart thrumming with the promise of his reward. Ginny, with her devilish grin, light cheers and quickly dwindling smirks, could spend the next three hours trying to drive him wild. In the end, it wouldn’t matter. The Falcons, and Mike by extension, would be winning.

Or, so he thought.

By the middle of the fourth quarter, Ginny was out his arms and standing beside the couch, letting Livan twirl her as they glowed with victory, their chants twirling around him in a teasing melody. “We’re going to win, we’re going to win…”

“You’re twenty-four,” he threw behind him, snatching the beer from Blip’s hands and draining it in seconds.

“Dude,” Blip cried, smacking at the back of Mike’s head. “Evie’s got me on a two beer limit.”

“You don’t know what’s at stake, man.” Ginny stretched over the back of the chair, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. 

“But I do,” she sang, biting down on the shell of his ear. “Hope you’re ready.”

Mike blanched, lunging for the beer Blip grabbed and twisting off the top.


“Not now,” he growled.

And, with a twenty-five point gain in the time it took Mike to blink, and a historic overtime touchdown, the game was over and the Patriots had won. Ginny had won. And as much as Mike wanted to blame her, and he really, really did, he should have just bet on the laundry and the dishes like she’d wanted. Because, as much as she hated handling his jockstrap and scrubbing sticky pans, he wouldn’t have minded throwing her sports bras and thongs into their washer/ drier. Even dealing with the burnt mess she called dinner would be better than this.

He strode into the hallway, his shoulders back and his chin up even as her eyes widened with glee and a giggle hiccuped out of her mouth.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed, bouncing on the balls of her toes as she clapped. Her eyes moved over his body, to the frilly mesh skirt stretched over his hips to the see-through material straining across his chest. With a sigh, he raised the duster that came with the costume, brushing it along his apron and watching as her body shook with laughter.

“We’re burning this thing.”

“I don’t know,” Ginny breathed, forcing her expression into something of mock seriousness, “I sort of get why you wanted me to keep mine.”

“Sure,” he said gruffly, “just not why you had to go and buy a matching set.”

She shrugged, pressing a hand to his stomach to feel the muscles shift underneath her touch, and began to nudge him back. “I’m thinking,” she started slowly, “we talk later, and you get to cleaning now.”

He hummed, feeling the back of his knees bump into the bed. “Really?”

“Yep, I’m done playing dirty. Now,” she trailed off, “I just want to be it.”

He fell backwards, looping his arms around her waist and taking her with him. And it didn’t matter that this wasn’t the first, the second or the twentieth time they had done this, it still felt brand new having her settle between his legs, the slide of her mouth against his skin setting his heart on overdrive.

“I’m sorry,” she giggled, her tongue dragging over his bottom lip, “but while the whole french maid thing is very funny, it’s not really working for me.”

“Oh, it’s not?” He slammed her down against the mattress, a gasp ripping up her throat before his mouth was slanting hers and his hands were everywhere he could reach. “How about now?”

Her fingers danced along his arms, pulling him closer, pawing at the damned costume that was quickly turning into the best part of his night, and she groaned as his hips fit against hers. “You know,” she panted, “I’m getting there.” He sucked in a sharp breath, her shirt somehow finding its way to the floor and a tear crawling along the side of his costume. 

“Oh,” Ginny scrambled up from underneath him at the sound of a disbelieving gasp, her arms folding across her chest and a blush spilling across her cheeks. Blip’s gaze moved from her over to Mike, his narrowed eyes widening with each painful heartbeat that passed. “I’ll be damned.”


Blip held up his hands, inching backwards as he shook his head. “Nope, don’t want to know.” He decided. “Just…wow.”

They waited for Blip to disappear, Ginny’s hand clapped over her mouth and Mike, still half dressed as a french maid, flopped onto his back. “Fuck the Falcons.” He grunted, throwing an arm over his eyes and praying for death.

“And thank God for the Patriots.”

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ok but luke wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him like chest to chest and his eyes would be boring into yours as he says 'pretty baby lookin good' and smack your ass making you blush, a deep red and hide ur face in his chest causing the blonde to roll his eyes whispering 'don't try to act like you don't love it when i give you compliments, Bri' whilst giving you a small little pinch on the butt

skdnvkbfjnr I’d love that so muCH!!!!!!!

commandergreysonpike  asked:

Can you do a 18 and 16 w/ Johnathan Archer. Thx.

18 - jealousy
16 - “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We do not have the time for sex.” 

“I just didn’t like how close he was.” Archer mumbled out, keeping his eyes averted from you. “Like he didn’t even care that I was standing right next to you.”

Despite the low tone in Jonathan’s voice, the fact that he was jealous made you smile. When you draped your arms over his shoulders, smoothing down the front of his chest, the Captain instantly touched his hand to your arm. It was easy to do, seeing as Jonathan was sitting. His shoulders were always so far away.

You dipped your head down to press a kiss to his temple. “I kinda like it when you’re jealous.” You mused out, delivering another kiss to his cheekbone.

Jonathan smirked at your words, but didn’t reply. You pressed kisses here and there; something Archer enjoyed a lot. But then your lips reached the shell of his ear. Once he felt your teeth graze his earlobe, the Captain sat up straight in his chair. “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We do not have the time for sex.”

“That’s a lousy excuse.” You purred out, pulling him back against the chair. And he didn’t fight back when you placed a few kisses to his jawline and neck. Maybe you two did have some time, after all.

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Archie laying down trying to read and his gf just like sneaking up under his arm and setting their head on his chest and like koala cuddle


appledoodlearts  asked:

Is there a purpose for the glowing sun-like emblem on his chest? Nice OC, by the way!

He has tattoos on his back, his left arm, his chest, and the bottom of his arms. They glow whenever he’s controlling water, and his hair turns blue. His hair is originally black. His eyes roll back tok

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#21 or #11 with iwa saying it to oikawa please

I’ll do you one better and do both and do one of them saying a prompt each. I hope you like it, not quite romantic, as it is silly and fluffy! #11 “I thought you didn’t want me” & #21 “I’m better when I’m with you.”


“Alright, it’s set up!” Issei called out as he moved back from the television set to sit on the couch next to Takahiro, kissing his cheek. Takahiro smiled, turning to kiss Issei on the lips.

“Ew, can you two stop being so gay?” Tooru called from the other couch, scrunching his nose up in disgust.

“Oikawa, you were literally about to cry half an hour ago because Iwaizumi wouldn’t kiss you.” Issei shot back in a deadpan voice.

Screwing his face up even more, Tooru crossed his arms over his chest, harrumphing as Hajime walked into the room from the kitchen, a bowl of popcorn in each hand.

Handing one to Issei and Takahiro, he sat on the other couch next to Tooru, placing the second bowl between them.

“Same teams as always?” Issei asked everyone.

“I wanna be on Makki’s team this time. You two are being mean to me.” Tooru said, pouting as he looked from Issei to Hajime.

Hajime stared at Tooru for a moment before shrugging and looking at the TV, picking up his controller. “Shame. I was finally about to offer you a kiss if our team won.” He said nonchalantly.

Head snapping back, Tooru moved the popcorn away from in between them, holding Hajime’s arm. “No, no Iwa-chan I take it back, love me!” He pleaded.

“I thought you didn’t want me.” Hajime said causally, making his character selection.

Pouting even harder and tugging on Hajime’s arm, Tooru whined. “But Iwa-chan, I’m better when I’m with you. Please. You know how good we are at this game together.”

“Jeez, just play on his team Iwaizumi. If only to save the rest of us from his whining and sulking.” Takahiro interjected.

Hajime rolled his eyes, sighing dramatically. “Oh, alright. Just to stop him from being a baby.” He surrendered, biting back a small smile. He would rather lose a limb than admit to anyone that he liked Tooru’s clinginess. Loved it even. It made him feel loved; wanted.

When the game was over, Tooru was happily gloating and boasting about how good of a player he was now that their team had won.

Rolling his eyes, Hajime directed his face towards his own to pull him in for a long kiss. “There. Now hush.” He ordered with a half smile.

“Iwa-chan, let’s win again!” Tooru shouted with enthusiasm, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, kissing his cheek loudly.

Hajime rolled his eyes fondly, mouth turning up into a smile. He loved this dork.


IC Blog: @tyloraniel

Full Name: Tyloraniel Greyashe

Nickname(s): Tylo

Age: 29 human equivalent

Birthday: October 18

Race: Sin’dorei

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Relationship Status: Single

Religion: N/A

Occupation:  Assassin, archaeologist, jewelry thief

Language(s) Spoken: Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Goblin, Zandali 


Face Claim: Alexander Uloom

Hair Color: Black ish brown, wears it either down, tied or in multiple braids

Eye Color: Chartreuse

Height: 6′4″

Build: Athletic

Distinguishing Characteristics: Tattoo covering his side and part of his chest/arm, nose & bottom lip piercings. Few gold rings in each ear


Positive Traits: Intelligent, agile, skillful, forthcoming, open-minded, authentic, curious, sensual, adapting, daring

Negative Traits:  Persistent, trouble maker, picks fights, provoking, egotistical, self-centered, arrogant, indecisive, deceptive, clingy, careless, manipulative, melodramatic, borderline obsessive

Goals/Desires: To become head of the family business

Fears:  Angry spirits, curses, commitment

Hobbies: Gambling, playing hand drums, sword dancing, trouble making

Quirks: Has a strong dislike of toads, sometimes plays with his lip ring

Likes: Snakes, fine blades, tea, coffee, spicy food, dancing, flirting

Dislikes: @selithil Comparison


Father: Whereabouts unknown

Mother: Deceased

Sibling(s): Younger brother @pirategreyashe

Child(ren): None

Other Family: N/A

Pet(s): None

Financial Status: Middle class


Criminal Record: None

Drink: No

Smoke: Occasionally

Drugs: No

Class: Rogue


#it’s not like they literally jump into each other’s arms #letting go what they’ve been holding back for so long #the way she wraps her arms around him kills me everytime #this was so hot and cute and passionate and adorable at the same time #outer space puppies in love

don’t imagine what happened after the scene faded. don’t imagine sherlock pressing a barely-there kiss into john’s hair. don’t imagine john finally just managing “christ” and wrapping his arms around sherlock’s waist, cries buried into sherlock’s chest. don’t imagine sherlock biting back tears and wrapping his arms tighter around john’s shoulders, gently rocking them both side to side. don’t imagine john’s hands gripping the fabric of sherlock’s shirt as if it was the only thing grounding him. don’t imagine sherlock closing his eyes helplessly and repeating “it is what it is” with his voice breaking. don’t


Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

for @asweetdeception

you know how everyone has that hc of andrew scaring his future teammates who get confused when they see him being soft with neil? like, i get that bc of andrews reputation but. neil’s fucking scary. dude has a bunch of fucked up scars all over his arms, chest, and face. prolly never smiles unless it’s to intimidate the opponent or when he’s destroying some reporter who stepped over the line. everyone knows his dad was part of the mob. my point is: neil’s teammates being scared of him until they see him smile and laugh and be soft when other foxes go to his games. even better: andrew going to watch a game one day and neil kissing his cheek before it starts. going back into the field with the goofiest smile. completely befuddling everyone on the field