his arm is too short

Someone asked me, months ago, to draw Don from pose meme pose number 2 and here it is! Not as good as I hoped for since I’m not familiar with 2012 turtles but I managed XD Sadly I don’t have that ask saved anymore in my inbox so… whoever you were, I hope you like this :) Also if anyone wants to color this, go for it! ;)

PS. It was @Hatsunekei who requested this! Thanks for letting me know, dear!

little dylric things pt 1

- when dyl puts his hair in a ponytail and eric waits until dyl isn’t paying attention and YANKS THE BAND OUT and dyl SCREECHES

- when the boys are trying to get used to each other’s nicknames
dylan: “hey eric-”
eric: “it’s REB!”
dylan: “FUCK!”

- when eric puts on his trenchcoat for dylan and eric’s arms are too short and the sleeves are too long, and eric asks how he looks and is acting all tough but dylan is just like
“look at my little boyfriend, holy fuck”

- when eric catches a mild cold but sounds kinda sickly and dylan won’t leave the poor boy alone and says, “hey, are you okay?” at LEAST every 5 minutes and wraps him up in 40 blankets n eric sits there in a burrito like (눈‸눈)

- dylan: *eats a shit ton of candy, taking shots of whiskey in between*
eric: *viciously playing doom*
dylan: *slurring* “you’re gonna die, you mess up every single time right he-”
eric: *dies*

BMing to bait Faker into a level 1 fight and blow his flash with a gank

Nothing gained out of it and you’ve probably pissed off the greatest player in the history of the game on one of his signature champions

Young Man, Your Arm’s Too Short to Box With God

Fast sketchy drawing of Enjolras and Grantaire. Grantaire has always hated his arms and hands. His fingers are rough and calloused, too short and too thick, his palms too wide, and his arms are covered in the evidence of past habits. But Enjolras loves those tiny flaws that R despises so badly, and will do anything to prove to him how beautiful he really is.

I went up and said hi and he said “Hi!” back all cheerfully with a wide grin. English is my first and only language and I totally forgot how to speak it for a second before asking if we could do a cheesy sitcom laugh. I’m too short for him to put his arm around me, so shoulder lean it was. He’s so cute, I’m going to eat my entire foot.

I was thinking about baby shapeshifter Odo. He must get it wrong sometimes? 

What if Odo spends a long time away from humanoids in other forms and when he comes back he has forgot about proportions? He returns, takes on humanoid form and everything is slightly off. 

His arms are too short, his legs are too long, he forgot about knees. His torso seems to have 20 ribs. One of his hands is twice the size of the other one. His hair shines so much it hurts peoples eyes. He manages to create a descent nose, but its more towards the left eye than the right.

When he walks he just sort of glides along the floor in goo, like he’s floating on a moving puddle of water. In the beginning, that was just because he forgot about feet, but he likes moving silently along the promenade freaking Quark out, so he keeps it.

Under the Hood: Speed

Summary: Dean can’t take it anymore, and Pala pays the price.
Rating: PG-13
A/N: If you haven’t read Under the Hood, then this story is not going to make sense to you, as it’s a side shot set post-epilogue. For everyone who has- I’d say enjoy, but we all know better. Mine is an evil laugh.
Love y’all.

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Skater boy got heftier when he broke his leg. A few months of sitting on his arse led to said arse expanding and developing a soft paunch where his eight pack once was. Soft and paunchy he head back to the park for the first time since the accident his skateboard under his arm and his better fitting elastic shorts, most of the others were too tight and caused a bigger overhang. Used to go going shirtless he wore a shirt self consciously, aware of how much he had chunked up, even his cheeks has filled in. Pretty soon his friends started teasing him about how red he was getting and how out of shape and breath he was getting. The shirt sweaty was clinging to him and outlining his gut. He eventually had enough and defiantly threw the shirt off. His tummy wobbled slightly as he went over bumps and his friends giggling. He could see the funny side as he rubbed his soft stomach.

So Ben’s sweater in this episode?

It’s too short for his arms.

I’m not saying that Ben is stealing Balthazar’s sweaters, but I’m pretty sure Ben is stealing Balthazar’s sweaters.