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Hickeys | Jeff Atkins Imagine

Anonymous said: hii, could you possibly do a imagine where the reader is like really freaking shy, especially when jeff gives her hickies 😂 but then he like comfort her about it say that the reader doesn’t have to be shy? basically just a really sweet and loving jeff. thank you! 💓

your p.o.v ━

you were currently walking down the hall with one of your close friends, hannah baker. you were both quietly chatting about the long school day you had, both thanking god that it was friday.

as the both of you neared your locker, you saw your tall boyfriend jeff, leaning against it with a tired expression on his face.

“hi love,” he said, approaching you with open arms and a tired smile. you walked right into his strong arms, instantly wrapping your arms around the middle of his torso.

you were too short to reach his neck, even on your tiptoes. once you felt his arms wrap around you, he pulled you as close as possible against him mumbling a tired, “i love you.”

you grinned, pulling back a bit and tilting your head to gaze up at him. “i love you,” you whispered, biting your lower lip as both of your eyes stayed locked on each other.

“um, i should probably get going,” hannah laughed, making your eyes snap towards the brown haired girl, but you stayed in your position with jeff nonetheless.

“we still gonna go eat lunch tomorrow?” you asked, a small smile spreading across your plump lips. she nodded, “for sure, just text me when you wanna go.”

your eyes lit up, “absolutely,” you said, feeling jeff’s hands slowly make their way up and down the small of your back, rubbing you softly. you leaned your head down against his chest, still staring at hannah as she turned to leave.

“have fun you two!” she yelled, making her way out of the school. it was truly a blessing that there wasn’t a lot of kids left in the halls, most of them leaving as soon as the bell rung.

“you need anything in your locker?” you heard jeff mumble, then you felt him lightly kiss the top of your head.

you nodded, “yeah, come on,” you said, feeling your chest tighten as you pulled out of his strong embrace. he grabbed your small hand in his rather large one, walking towards your locker with you right on his heel.

“you still have practice?” you questioned, knowing you would have to walk home alone.

jeff sighed, “yeah, we didn’t have practice on wednesday so coach is making us practice today.”

you pouted, “that sucks, i wanted you to come over,” you said, stopping right in front of your locker, then quickly focusing on opening it. you sucked at opening your locker, usually jeff or hannah doing it for you since you always messed up the combination.

you felt jeff’s eyes on you, watching you struggle, but you were determined to open it this time on your own.

it took you a good three tries, before finally hearing the lock click as you swung your locker door open. “finally!” you huffed, rolling your eyes. you heard jeff’s deep chuckle, making your eyes snap up towards the jock. “what?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowing in question.

he shook his head, “nothing, nothing. you’re just so adorable,” he said softly, giving you a toothy smile. you blushed, turning your head back towards your locker and getting the book you would need to do your homework over the weekend.

“you’re handsome,” you spoke softly, almost mumbling. you were always shy around jeff, but he didn’t mind. in fact, that was one of his favorite things about you, besides your laugh. your little laugh drove him insane, always making him laugh with you even if nothing was funny.

you tensed up slightly, feeling your boyfriend move behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. jeff leaned down, placing a small, but gentle kiss against your sweet spot. you ran your tongue over your lips, tilting your head to the side, your eyes fluttering close.

“i’m going to be so late to practice,” he breathed against your neck, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he started harshly sucking on your sweet spot.

your eyes snapped open, before you relaxed your entire body, causing your full body weight to lean against jeff.

a soft, little moan escaped your wet lips, jeff’s arms traveling to your stomach, lifting up your shirt and gently letting his fingers stroke over your stomach.

this instantly caused you to release a small giggle, your body squirming against him. he laughed too, giving your neck a final kiss before pulling away, as if nothing ever happened.

you looked around nervously, not seeing anyone besides you and jeff, which you were thankful for.

you turned to look back at your boyfriend, noticing his eyes already on you with a small, cheeky smirk on his lips.

you avoided eye contact with him, feeling your face heat up. “you shouldn’t have done that,” you huffed, trying your hardest to look annoyed.

jeff laughed loudly, his laugh echoing throughout the hallway. “you’re so stubborn love,” jeff teased, while looking down at you with twinkling blue eyes.

you glared at him, “how am i stubborn?”

“well,” he started, “the fact that you’re so stubborn about me giving you a hickey because of your supposed ‘shyness’ for people seeing it makes you stubborn,” he stated, his tone sounding smart.

you felt yourself tense, a small frown appearing on your face. you couldn’t hold it in, you started rambling uncontrollably. “look, jeff, it’s not that i don’t want you to give me hickeys, it’s just that i don’t want people seeing it and then later on thinking all we do is-”

jeff suddenly cut you off, his lips pressed roughly against yours. you kissed him back, putting as much passion into the kiss. you felt jeff’s tongue swipe across your bottom lip, almost begging to invade your sweet, little mouth.

you opened your mouth slightly, both of your tongues swirling around one another’s, searching each other’s mouths. you moaned, letting the thick textbook that you had in your hand drop to the floor, making a loud sound as the book hit the floor.

you jumped, gasping as jeff pulled away, his eyes swimming with lust and most importantly, love.

“you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s opinions,” he whispered, his lips wet with your saliva. “it’s just you and me baby,” he continued, staring you dead in the eyes.

your heart melted, a small smile spreading across your lips. “i love you,” you whispered, your hands making their way up his chest, then moving towards his shoulders, gripping them tightly.

jeff smiled, “i love you most.”

♡ ♡ ♡

this is my first imagine for this blog, and there will be plenty more to come! also, please be patient, i have over 25 requests that i need to do, and all will be up asap! thank you!

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition | Dan Howell, local punk, and his friends need a new cafe to hang out in, now that Dan has ruined starbucks for them (don’t ask). So they try out the new family business that just opened up a few days ago… and somehow Dan falls in love with the Pastel Goth kid behind the counter who just so happens to be his waiter. Why Phil seems to think disgusting smoothies are going to win Dan over, no one knows, but… well, they do. | Phan | Teen and Up | PastelxPunk | 8,359 Words

Thanks to @botanistlester for the title, and the fic inspiration, not to mention listening to me talk about this fic for the last 3 hours of writing. I apologize for any typos, but screw proofreading, I really want to post already.

Art: (Dan & Phil) (Mini Comic) (Full Comic)

(ao3 Link)

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do you ever have class with that one person who keeps glancing in your direction? and you’re really confused? because you’re making eye contact with them every 10 minutes? and you’re not sure if they’re looking at everyone or just you in particular?? maybe someone right next to you??? what is happening

faetouchedinthehead  asked:

How fast can Buttons draw his gun? Does being nervous make him fumble with it, or has he practiced enough that it's an automatic motion?

HHhhaaaAAAA*chokes on own joke*

AHEM! He’s not as blundering as he might look. Of course he had to learn how to properly handle his weapons but he only gets slightly sloppy when he’s in direct sight and in turn, direct danger.

Sehun Having A Really Short GF

•bitch is gonna be so smug about being extra tall then you
•like he’s already tall but you being extra short is even better
•he likes it a lot even tho he teases you
•'what’s up shorty’
•'how’s the weather down there’
•'woah, didn’t see you since you where so short’
•is one of those guys who puts stuff on the highest shelf so you would have to ask him for help
•all your step stools were gone mysteriously
•like why would he even do that
•that costed money
•is kind of salty when you wear heels
•you’re still not taller than him but he likes you being extra short
•uses you as an armrest
•his arms aren’t in your waist because you’re too short so he has to kinda put them under your boobs whenever he backhugs you
•also has his chin on your head
•cheeky af but it’s cute so you let it go

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 6

Characters: Derek Hale, AJ, Reader.

Kinda NSFW

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

AJ was at the house almost as much as the pack. You’d done subtle things, such as place your hand on his arm when he says something funny, or wear something just a little too short or a little too tight when he was around. No one had caught on yet, but you knew that AJ would jump you the second he got the chance.

Derek had gone out with Stiles for a training session and left you at home with Max. At three months old, he’s been sleeping through the night a little bit more so you’ve had a bit of time to make yourself presentable. Which is saying a lot compared to the first month, when you were lucky if you’d showered that week.

Derek walks in the door, fuming.

You had Max balanced on your hip, feeding him a bottle. Both of your heads turned towards the slammed door. “What’s wrong?”

Derek shakes his head, taking his leather jacket off and hanging it up. “Stiles is so stubborn! He doesn’t even try to learn. All he wants to do it smart off.” He grunts. He walks over to you and holds his arms out for Max. You hand Max to him and his face immediately softens. “Hi, baby boy.” He smiles and Max giggles.

“What’d he do this time?” You grab a towel off the counter and begin cleaning up.

“I mean, he refuses to let anyone tell him anything. I tried to help him with the whole mental side of things and he just won’t listen. We got into a fight and he left. I’m sure he’ll turn up in an hour or so to complain to you.” He sits at the counter with Max in his lap.

“Honestly, Derek..you’re a little too hard on him. He’s got a quick wit but he’s more fragile than the others. He doesn’t respond to tough love.” You shrug.

“Of course you take his side.” He rolls his eyes.

“Hey, I’m not taking sides. I’m simply putting it out there that Stiles is a little sensitive.”

“Well, I’m putting it out there that I think you never side with me.”

“Oh come on. I’m not defending him. Derek don’t be a big baby.” You roll your eyes and cross your arms.

Derek scoffs. “Yeah. I’m the big baby. It’s Stiles, for God’s sake. The kid has a skull so hard I’m not sure insults even penetrate it.”

“Derek, just because he imprinted on you first after he changed doesn’t mean you understand him more. He’s a kid. He’s barely eighteen. You just don’t understand what he’s going through.”

“And you do? You’re telling me that a twenty-three year old woman can understand an eighteen year old high school boy more than I can? Okay..” Derek stands up with Max.

“What the hell? I was just talking with you, why did you feel the need to get so heated?” You sigh.

“I get heated because you always choose the kids first! You never see my side of things.”

“Derek, I am the pack mother. If you don’t like it, fine. But, you’re not going to tell me not to care about those kids.”

It’s been a week an no one has heard from Stiles. You can tell Derek is feeling guilty, but you are beyond pissed at him. You haven’t spoken to him since your argument.

“Y/N..I’m going out to look for Stiles.”

You throw him a sarcastic thumbs up. “I don’t know why you think going out and searching for him everyday will make a difference. He’s gone, Derek. It’s your fault. He was the baby. He was the closest one to me and you had to screw that up.”

“God, will you stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong?”

“I will when it’s not your fault! You yelled at him and now he’s gone. You keep yelling at me too, you’re lucky I’m here. You could never handle the pack on your own.”

“Oh, sure. I lost your baby and now you’re pissy. Get over yourself. Stiles left on his own, if he was really your baby he would’ve let you know where he went.” Derek walked out the front door, slamming it behind him.

You sat in front of the couch, trying not to cry. Derek had been so mean to you recently and you couldn’t figure out why. A switch just flipped in him. You groaned when you heard a knock at the door. You got up and answered it.

“Hey you.” It was AJ.

“Hey.” You felt better. You were going to start your payback right here. Right now.

He steps inside and you close the door behind him. “Where’s Derek?”

“Oh, you just missed him.” You shrug. “You can wait until he gets back if you want.”

He sits on the couch and you sit beside him. “Where’s the little dude?” He smiles.

“Oh he’s down for a nap. He should be up soon.”

“I was just about to go shower…do you mind waiting? I’ll only be like ten minutes.” You smile.

“Sure. No problem.” He nods and you head upstairs. You hoped Isaac wouldn’t come home but you know that he probably would. He’s got a knack for showing up at the wrong moment.

You showered and put on a tight t-shirt and short shorts. You smirked at yourself in the mirror before going downstairs.

“Hey. Sorry, I took longer than I thought.” You sit back down and watch his eyes give you a subtle once over.

“You’re fine..I wanted to ask you something and I hope it’s not too soon.” AJ smiles.


“Do you want to go on a date with me? Tomorrow?”

You smile. “Yeah. I do.”

“I’ll be here at 7 then?”

“Works for me.”

Derek walked in and you turned and looked at him. You immediately stood up went upstairs and left AJ with him.

You called Stiles again. You knew it wouldn’t make a difference but you’re still trying. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked hot. You answer the door when AJ arrives.

“Hi.” He smirks. “You look great.”

“Thank you. Come on in, I want to run upstairs and tell Max bye.” He nods and steps inside.

You go upstairs and tuck him in, kissing his forehead before you go. Derek catches you in the hallway.

“Where are you going?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“I’m just asking a question.”

“I’m not sure I should answer. I wouldn’t want to make it your fault.” You go downstairs and meet AJ at the door. Derek follows behind you.

“Ready?” You nod and guides you outside, his hand on your waist. “Bye, Derek!” He waves at him and you smirk. That was petty. AJ was honestly being nice but you knew that would piss Derek off.

The date was average. You knew AJ enjoyed it though. You got home and you saw Derek looking out the window when you got there, so when AJ leaned in for a kiss, you didn’t deny him. You said goodbye and walked inside, taking off your shoes and going upstairs. You got up to your room and started to unzip your dress.

Derek had been staying in Isaac’s room. You didn’t know the details, you just knew you didn’t want him with you anymore.

You take your dress off and put it in the laundry. You’re just about to take off your bra and shower when Derek walks in.

“Derek!” You grab a shirt off the bed and cover with it.

“AJ? Really? Are you trying to make me jealous? Because, it seems like you are.”

“Why does my reasoning for going on a date have to involve you?”

He steps forward. “I know you, Y/N. I know that you’re trying to make me jealous.”

“I couldn’t care less about you being jealous.” You cross your arms over your chest, holding the shirt to your body.

“I know that that’s a lie..I know because I can smell the arousal dripping from you.” He steps even closer.

“Don’t act like I can’t smell you. I know that when I wear those red shorts you’ll smell like arousal for a week afterwards. I also know that when we’re sleeping, if I turn against you I can get you hard.”

Derek smirks, “You getting me hard is no surprise.”

“Oh yeah? Then why’d you tell AJ I was available?”

“Because you are. I don’t see a boyfriend here.”

He steps forward again, your lips inches apart.

He pulls the shirt off of you, smirking.

“Derek..” You look up at him and bite your lip.

He watches your actions and picks you up, holding your thighs while he presses you to the wall. “I think you know what you do to me, the little fights you pick, the outfits you wear..”

“What do I do to you? I had no idea.” You smirk.

“You drive me..” He presses his lips to yours. “Absolutely.” He kisses you again. “Crazy.”

You wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him back. You’d been waiting for this for a long time.

You kiss down his jawline, pressing a kiss behind his ear. You smirk when you hear him groan, sucking on the spot you’d just kissed. You start to pull on his shirt when you hear Max screaming. You both groan and he puts you down.

You throw on a t-shirt and shorts before jogging down the hallway. You kept his crib in Isaac’s room while he was gone. You’d talked about getting a new house so everyone can have their own room, but you haven’t started looking.

You scoop the baby up, rocking with him. His shrieks turn to whispers as you comfort him.

“I don’t want you to go out with AJ again.” Derek says quietly.

“What’s going to stop me?” You turn and look at him.

“Everytime you see him I’ll kiss you like that again.” He smirks.

“You may see that as punishment but I see that as motivation to see him as many times as possible.” You smile.

“If you want it all you have to do is ask.”

My Seventh Deadly Sin | Greed
  •  pairing: jungkook | reader 
  • genre: smut, smut + a dash of fluff
  • ∘    word count: 2,493

Part One: Envy

A little morning fun with JK. 

Originally posted by roselstra


Was it really?



 Your brain processed the time for a few seconds, then slowly got up, moving Jungkook’s arm to his side so that you wouldn’t wake him up. 

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anonymous asked:

Happy birthday sweetie!! How about scenario of Daddy Bakugou woken up at night when his baby cries because of dirty diaper, when his wife is about to change for their baby he don't let her do that because she looks restless, he does it instead? Daddy bakugou is my aesthetic ❤ thanks

Saving the best for last~ (Slightly changed the prompt to fit better with my idea, but is still domestic goodness~)

(Huge thanks to @sportyheroesimagines for allowing me to use Katsumi in my fic. Her domestic Bakugou fics have practically become canon in my eyes and I can’t see Bakugou without Katsumi and Katsuhiko as his future children anymore. Rae writes a BEAUTIFUL assortment of domestic BNHA, so PLEASE go give her stuff a read if you have not already, you won’t regret it!)

Domestic! Bakugou Katsuki:

The baby monitor was going off again, your infant daughter crying her tiny heart out again. You rolled over, eyes opening and taking a moment to wake up before you decided to sit up and take care of your baby girl.

Katsuki was stirring next to you, his eyebrows knit together in annoyance from hearing his daughter’s cries in his unconscious state. You sighed but smiled softly at your husband, moving softly as not to wake him up.

He had just started returning to work this week after his long paternity leave, leaving you to take care of Katsumi on your own during the days. It wasn’t as much of a hassle as it was before, especially now that Katsumi was nearly 11 months, but even so you could not help but feel utterly beat when these 3am screams started.

You had insisted though for Bakugou to go back to his agency, even though he could still take at least another month off with paid leave. But you knew he missed his hero work and was craving to do heroics again. So after much coaxing and pushing him out the door, he was finally back at work.

Truthfully the house was a bit quieter with him out during the late mornings and afternoons, allowing you to take care of Katsumi as well as finish your own todo lists. You loved Katsuki… but at times he was a bit too loud and emotional to have around a small child.

As such you had been taking the nightly calls, letting Bakugou sleep. He was going back to work and being more careful now that he had a daughter in his life, therefore the least you could do is let him sleep.

Your feet hit the carpet near your bed and you raked a hand through your hair, trying to find the stamina to stand up and walk down the hallway. The sooner you comforted Katsumi, the sooner you could go back to sleep. Plus you precious child needed you and you would do anything to calm her bubbling whimpers.

“Lay the fuck back down.” Bakugou’s voice caused you to jump slightly, his rough hand gently pulling you back. “I’ll get our brat.”

“You’re awake? Sorry, did Katsumi wake you?” You spoke to him, watching as he got up effortlessly. He was so full of energy, unlike yourself.

“Yeah but unlike you I’m not running on fumes. Lay down, I can take this one.” He repeated himself.

“You have work tomorrow though.”

“And you’re fucking taking care of Katsumi all day in my place.”

You gave in, laying back down underneath the covers and sheets. You heard Bakugou click his tongue, obviously proud to have won the argument with his usually stubborn wife. But he knew why you gave in so suddenly, and was going to help you out.

His bare feet tickled against the cold hard wood as he arrived at the door he had now become accustomed to looking at and checking for nearly a year now. Katsumi’s shrill sounds were still on max volume, however the minute Bakugou turned the knob her sounds lowered.

Katsuki walked in, turning on a small purple desk lamp lighting up the room so he could see his pride and joy. Katsumi was standing up against her crib, her small fists balled against one of the blankets hanging from the crib. Her red eyes were bubbling with hot tears, her small lips quivering.

When she recognized it was her father who had come to her aid, she let go of the blanket and stretched out her arms grabbing her palms towards him. Bakugou sighed coming forward and picking up his scared child.

“You lonely or something brat?” He asked her like she could say more than a few words.

Katsumi clung to him, her cries finally dying down against her father’s chest. He heard her mumbled incoherent words and babbles, the occasional ‘dadda’ spoken by her as well.

Bakugou rubbed her small head, rocking his baby back and forth waiting for her breathing to slow and her words to stop. He had never been very successful putting Katsumi to sleep, but he was determined to try tonight.

“You’re exhausting your mother, did you know that baby girl?” He asked her, her red eyes looking at his matching pair, her soft features looking at him in wonder.

“You have no idea what I’m fucking saying, do you?” He chuckled head lowering, feeling Katsumi reach up to grab his locks. Her arms were luckily too short to reach his shorter locks. He knew better than to let her grab onto his hair, as when Katsumi grabbed his lovely wife’s hair her cute little hands turned into a death grip. Her determination to keep her grip already strong and a force to be reckoned with.

She was acting like him more and more everyday, making Bakugou swell with pride already. Katsumi was perfect in his eyes and nothing would change his idea of her: she was his baby, a product of the love he had for his wife and every single good thing he had about himself was Katsumi.

Katsumi yawned, her grip loosening and her eyes starting to droop again. Bakugou continued rocking her in his arms until he was sure she was back asleep again.

He observed his baby for a few minutes in her crib to double check and when she didn’t stir again, he left Katsumi to her dreams. She was finally asleep again and he could return to his bed and to (Name) who was keeping the bed warm.

He creaked the bedroom door open, seeing the other most important girl in his life peacefully sleeping. He sighed, crawling in next to her again and observed her breathing for a few moments, a small smile on his lips.

It was rare for him to give off one of those pure smiles, one filled with happiness and love. But you had given him enough of a reason to give one at this early morning. Pulling you close to him, he breathed in that scent he had fallen in love with all those years ago.

Very quietly he pressed a kiss to your temple, then closed his eyes once more as the alarm clock would be ringing sooner than he wanted. Taking one last glance at you he mumbled his words at you before retiring back into the realm of dreams like everyone else in the Bakugou residence already had.

“Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I never knew I needed.”

Flashing Lights (part 2) - Benedict x reader

A/N: I’m sorry this took a while, but I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted like two days ago, so you can imagine the mess that I am right now…
I wasn’t planning on writing this second part, but a friend asked for some intense riding smut, so here I am. lol.
To @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch who sent this lovely request my way, I hope you don’t mind but I’m planning on writing that as a part three, so sit tight because it’s coming!
Also, if any of you want to be tagged in the next part, do send me an ask and I’d be glad to add you!

Word count: 2481
Warnings: smut

[Part 1] - [Part 3]

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Boyfriend Johnny

this is for you @superwholockotuka !! idk why but your request got deleted by tumblr i’m so sorry

  • okay i was lowkey waiting for someone to request this because johnny’s such a wrecker
  • so thanks for requesting omg
  • and also to commemorate his debut here’s to all of yall johnny stans
  • pardon me if i faint halfway while typing this
  • im warning you , lots of fluff coming up so read at your own risk
  • kidding let’s start

  • so you were staying in korea and considering to migrate there because you wanted to experience a whole new environment

  • and you always had a thing for korea
  • so now that you were independent and had the money , you thought of staying there for a month or two first to get used around there
  • but your korean was really bad and you weren’t very fluent yet
  • so you often had problems finding your way around and doing things as simple as ordering food
  • one day you wanted to head to this famous restaurant
  • but on the way you turned the wrong direction and you got lost
  • and your phone battery died
  • you tried asking people for help but no one couldn’t understand you since you were mixing korean and english together , and you were panicking so your sentences came out broken
  • until you met this tall and goodlooking guy who was minding his own business using his phone and sipping his coffee
  • “ Annyeong .. Can you help me ? ”
  • “ Yeah sure , what do you need ? ”
  • he replied in perfect english
  • and you’re so happy you wanted to cry because finally someone who could speak and understand english
  • “ You’re at the wrong place , it’s pretty far from here though .. How’d you get here ? ”
  • “ I don’t know , Korea’s so big i get lost often ”
  • “ It’s okay i’ll take you there ”
  • then he drives you there in his car
  • throughout the journey you share with him why you were staying in korea
  • and he also told you his story ,
  • both of you exchanged names
  • when you reached he gave you a smile and offered to help you around korea
  • and you couldn’t help but accept his offer
  • because he’s too goodlooking to be rejected
  • so that’s how the both of you exchanged phone numbers and texted each other frequently
  • he also introduced his friends to you ,
  • and they all treated you really well ,
  • the main reason why you decided to officially migrate there was because of them and their warmness towards you
  • you didn’t know how and when you developed feelings for him ,
  • it just hit you one day when you saw him hanging out with his close girl friend and when they were too touchy with each other you got all cranky and upset
  • and you were all like ,
  • is this jealousy ?? what is this feeling ? is this normal
  • you told jaehyun about this and asked for his opinion since he was close with the both of you two
  • yet all he did was laugh and smirk at you , giving you sly smiles
  • jaehyun you’re not helping
  • until johnny showed up at your home one day without notice
  • and throughout the whole day he was acting all flirty and trying to get your attention with pick up lines
  • which it sure did
  • “ what do you think about this couple ”
  • “ what couple , johnny ”
  • then he pulls out his phone and turns on the front camera
  • and you stare at the reflection of both of you , trying to understand
  • “ this couple Y/N ”
  • then he snaps a picture of the both of you and shows it to you
  • and you blush and tries to ignore his question
  • but he catches on quickly and pulls you into a hug
  • “ jaehyun told me , now we’re a couple am i right ”
  • “ wow to think i actually trusted jaehyun , but sure ”
  • then he kisses your forehead and the rest of the day is spent hugging and teasing each other
  • johnny’s the type of boyfriend to either tease you or compliment you all the time , no in betweens
  • since he’s such a tall giant he often teases you about your height
  • “ my neck’s aching from looking down at you ”
  • “ don’t look then , you asshole ”
  • “ i have to see my beautiful girlfriend’s face you know ”
  • “ then don’t complain , you’re too tall ”
  • “ you’re too short darl ”
  • he rests his arms on your head/shoulders ,
  • purposely placing things at the highest shelves so he can see you struggle and try to jump to take them
  • and he always carries you up suddenly , most of time you’re screaming and hitting his back and telling him to put you down because he caught you offguard
  • but he loves it when he can rest his head on yours and that you’re just the perfect height for him to hug
  • he loves it when you initiate skinship
  • and he always returns it with 10x more
  • you could be just holding his hand in public
  • yet one moment later his arms are wrapped your waist and shoulders and he places your head on his shoulder
  • lots of making out tbh
  • but only when the both of you are alone
  • although he steal kisses from you in piblic and infront of the other members
  • he probably teases you when you speak korean and would probably make fun of you for the rest of the month with that one mistake you made
  • “ Babe do you wanna eat out today ”
  • “ Sure thing , ARASSHO ”
  • “ Johnny i swear if you say that word one more time- ”
  • “ ARASSHO ”
  • “ bye i’m leaving ”
  • “ HAHA i’m sorry it’s so cute i’m not over it , don’t leave ”
  • “ my pronunciation was really bad don’t do this to me baby ”
  • “arassho babe ”
  • although he often jokes around and teases you ,
  • he gets serious when he needs to ,
  • and his masculine side just appears
  • like when you’re sad or feeling down ,
  • he listens to your problems and gives you advice
  • he gets very logical and serious
  • the side of him you really adored
  • yet when he’s really tired or sad ,
  • he jokes around even more to cover his sadness
  • but when you ask him about it he shares his thoughts with you
  • when he gets jealous , be prepared to be shocked
  • because he gets really overprotective and manly
  • and i mean seriously ,
  • he wouldn’t hesistate to beat up anyone who was trying to harrass you ,
  • he pulls you away from them
  • and if he needs to he’d be more than happy to kiss you infront of them
  • he then softens when he sees that you’re shocked from his sudden actions
  • and he’ll hug you until he calms down
  • lots of lazy days together ,
  • since the both if you would rather stay home all day
  • your phone lockscreens are ugly pictures of one another
  • it started because he set a picture of you eating messily as his lockscreen one day
  • and to get revenge you took and set a picture of him laughing with his mouth wide open as yours
  • he tests you on your korean from time to time
  • the other boys have heard enough of you already since he’s always bragging to them about you
  • “ I really love this brand of chocolate omg ”
  • “ yes i know ”
  • “ wait how’d you know that ”
  • “ hyung’s always heading to the convenient store to get them for you . Half of our fridge is filled with it ”
  • you’d smile like crazy because you always wondered how johnny always managed to bring a bar for you everyday
  • the younger members go to the both of you when they need advice
  • or when they need someone to talk to
  • because both of you are like the two adults they can depend on
  • he probably calls you cringey names but you lowkey love them , like
  • babygirl , princess , sweetie etc.
  • after all he’s a really funny boyfriend and would be there for you no matter what
  • he says he loves you all time
  • and isn’t afraid to show you off
  • he thinks you look good in anything that you wear
  • and compliments you to assure that you look fine
  • let me stop here ,
  • mark’s my bias , mark’s my bias
  • so before i swerve into johnny’s lane i’ll stop
Good Girl Ch 15: I’m A Big Girl

Trigger warning: This chapter contains an almost rape scene so if you are uncomfortable with that please do not read this chapter! 

I rest my head on the desk, enjoying the quiet classroom for a few minutes. This the first time I’ve been alone since Monday morning, and even though the empty room makes me feel kind of lonely, I’m going to enjoy it because who knows when I’ll be alone again. Plus being alone gives me a few minutes to let what has happened the last few days to settle in. I slept in Kris’s bed last night, something that the older man had demanded. After that had been decided, the rest also decided for me that we would just go by age now, so tonight is Suho.

This morning like the other two mornings, all the boys busted into the room at the crack of dawn to make sure I wasn’t raped or murdered or something. Not that I don’t enjoy their loving wake up calls, it’s just way too early for me, especially when Kris kept me up a good amount of the night talking. I mean, I loved talking to him and everything I just really need some sleep. Which is how I ended up alone during lunch, I told Jihyo that I wasn’t feeling well but she should bring something back for me when she is done. I also told her not to tell the boys where I am or why I’m not there, and I can imagine how well that went.

“Look who we have here,” An unfamiliar voice purrs. I look up from the desk to see a boy I’ve only seen in passing, he’s friends with Chanyeol, I think. “What is a pretty girl like you doing all by herself?” He starts walking toward where I’m sitting at the far desk by the windows.

“I’m just taking a nap,” I deadpan before looking out the window. Out of the corner of my eye I watch him weave threw the desks to reach me. He sits backwards in the chair in front of me, an unsettling grin on his only slightly attractive face. The more I look at him the louder the alarms in my head scream,.

“So you’re Chanyeol’s new pet?” I want to gag as his eyes scan me, stopping at my chest.

“We’re close friends.”

He scoffs, “You’re just some little whore him and his brothers are fucking, aren’t you?”

I glare at him, “I don’t think Chanyeol would like it if he heard you saying things like that.”

“He couldn’t give a single fuck about what I say to a slut like you. I see that your close to that other slut, Jihyo, what do I gotta do to get both of you?”

I laugh, “Is this you trying to sweet talk me into getting in bed with you? I’m done with whatever this is.” I stand up to leave but he grabs on to me.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going? I didn’t say we were done,” He growls at me.

“Let me go,” I growl back, returning to my normal tough self after being a child for the last few days. I pull my hand out of his grasp, “I said we were done. Now leave me alone.”

“Or what?” He stands up, towering a good foot over me, and smirks down, “Are you going to go cry to Chanyeol? We’ve been friends for years, he won’t believe I would ever fuck with a mutt like you. And even if he does, he won’t give a single fuck. This won’t be the first time I fuck one of his toys.” He grabs my arm again; I automatically punch him right in the gut, making him grunt.

“I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” My small victory is short lived when he grabs my hair by the roots and pulls me up.

“You little bitch!” He slaps me across the face, my cheek burns and I can already imagine the bruise that is going to form. I try to swing at him again but my arms are too short to reach his ugly face, making him laugh. “Keep trying you whore. You aren’t getting away from me. Chanyeol should be heading this way any moment, I can’t wait to have him walk in and see me fucking you. Will you cry when he doesn’t help you?” His other hand wraps around my throat, squeezing it until I can’t breath. My hands claw at his, my toes are just barely touching the ground as he lifts me higher. “To think I was actually going to play with a mutt like you. You should have been a good girl. Now I’m going to have to punish you.”

My vision starts to blur and I can’t get my body to keep fighting. He notices my fading consciousness and chuckles before loosening his grip slightly, “We don’t want you passing out before the main event do we?”

I want to cry, I want nothing more than to cry right now, to break down but I will not beg this bastard to let me go. So I do nothing for a moment, letting him say whatever he wants, hoping that he’ll just get bored if I don’t react. But that doesn’t work.

He slams me against the wall, his hand still gripping my throat just shy of cutting off my air completely. I want to throw up when he presses himself against me, his lips try to find mine but I turn my head, earning me another slap on the same cheek. Tears sting in my eyes but I’m not going to cry, at least not until I’m away from this bastard. He holds my jaw tight as he presses his lips to mine, forcing my mouth open to allow him access. I feel disgusting, my anger gets the better of me, I start clawing at his face, forcing him to pull away and hold me at arms length again. Bright red lines over his cheeks, blood starts dripping down from them.

I earn myself a punch to the gut before he throws me to the ground with a thud. “Fuck,” I growl under my breath, I glare up at him, my body aching from the abuse.  He quickly kicks me in the stomach, I scream out in pain, clutching my stomach only for minute before he’s on his knees on top of me. He has me on my back with my hands held above my head with one of his. Struggling is useless as he leans down with that same disgusting smile, “I’m going to have you, no matter how much you fight me,” He leaves a trail of sloppy kisses along my jaw as his free hand palms my breast threw my shirt. My chest tightens as panic sets in as my opportunities of escaping lessen by the second. I always thought that if I was ever in a situation like this I would be crying for my mom or maybe my dad or even repent and pray to God. But here I am and the only people I’m wishing were here to save me are my daddies.

“Does that feel good you whore?” He purrs in my ear when I let out a little cry, a single tear runs down my cheek. “Chanyeol keeps talking about how sweet you are, should I have a taste?” His hand stops kneading my sore breasts and slides down my body to cup my womanhood. “I can’t wait to fuck you. Hopefully you’re better than the last one. Hyung talks a lot more highly of you, but I know better than to think that he sees you as more than another pretty face. You are just another pair of legs that we had to use a little extra force to get open.” That feel myself crack at his words, again I remember that my daddies aren’t good guys, that they are bad guys who do this to girls like me for fun. They hurt people, kill people, they do what has to be done to protect themselves. Something I’ve been over looking to not break down and realize that I’m in horrible situation that I’m not one bit in control of and have no way out of.

I close my eyes as I try to push those thoughts away again, knowing that however this ends I have to go back to the same group of men and pretend that everything is okay. That my life hasn’t been threatened, that they didn’t have to have a talk so that no one would try to rape me, that I don’t hate myself for liking such fucked up people, and that I’m not weirdly happy with this fucked up situation I was given. God I want to fucking cry right now!

 “What’s wrong? Did you just realize how little you mean to him and his brothers? That must be hard,” He mocks. “How does it feel to know no one is going to come save you?” He chuckles. “Why don’t you try begging, huh? They always beg for something or someone, come on you little whore, beg. Who are you going to cry for? Your mom? Dad? Maybe you still think Chanyeol is going to save you?

I can’t help but shed a few more tears as he begins rubbing my threw my underwear, I’ve never felt something worse than the shame I feel for not being able to protect myself. “Come on, you bitch, fucking say something, tell me how much you hate me for this. Or maybe you like it rough like this. Pinned down to the floor with your legs forced open. Tell me, huh, say fucking something!” He yells in my face.

“Just stop fucking talking!” I yell as my knee flies up and hits him right in the dick. He drops to my side, I ignore the burning feeling all over my body as I manage to get to my feet and kick him again in the same place, before getting the nerve to kick him in the face. As I see him there laying on the ground clutching his bleeding face, soft cries coming from him, I feel undeniably pleased at the site. I crouch down near his face and say, “I fucking told you, I’m a big girl, I don’t need anyone to save me.” I feel brave even with tears running down my face.

“Joon-ya!” Chanyeol’s voice calls happily as he slides the door open. Both Joon and I look at them, he stops in the doorway with the other four behind him, their smiles drop the minute they see me with a bruised cheek and their friend with a bloody face. “Baby,” Chanyeol whispers.

“What the hell is going on?” Tao growls as he pushes past Chanyeol to get to me.

“Stop!” I yell after only takes a few steps. I back up into the corner, my hands out in front of me, and my heart going a million beats a minute.

“This crazy bitch fucking attacked me!” Joon growls at me. It surprises us both when Tao kicks him in the stomach.

“Watch your fucking mouth you bastard!” He yells at him, suddenly there is a cold fog over his eyes, over all their eyes. “Did you do this to our baby? Did you fucking do this?” I shrink into a ball in the corner, I feel little again with them here, but I don’t feel the same safety and warmth anymore. I just feel naked without anyone I can trust, making me curl tighter around myself. Tao’s yelling isn’t helping anything.

“Wow, Tao calm down,” Joon says from the floor.

“Tao,” Kyungsoo basically growls. When Tao grabs Joon by the roots like he did to me, the younger boy looks to his hyung, blinded by anger. “You’re scaring her.”

Tao looks to me, his face automatically softens at the sight of me curled into a ball, tears still streaming down my face. He lets Joon drop back to the floor as he tries to approach me again.

“Please stop,” I beg softly.

His fists are tight at his sides, “Why baby, please let me come comfort you.”

“Just give me a fucking minute to understand what the hell is going on in my head alright?” I snap back, using the little bit of bravery I know I have left. He backs down, looking to his hyungs for help.

“Should we get Suho hyung?” I hear Sehun whisper to the others.

“Call him, and have him call the others to meet at home,” Kyungsoo orders.

Kai speaks next, “We need to get out of here, I’m going to fucking loose it.”

“Stay calm,” Kyungsoo reminds them.

“How the fuck do you expect us to stay calm with her looking like that?” Tao snaps back. “Hyung, look at her,” Tao points at me, but Kyungsoo can’t even look. “I said fucking look at her! She is crying in the corner, and won’t let us go near her, you expect me to be fucking calm?”

“Baby please let us come closer,” Sehun begs me.

“What the hell is going on? Since when do you guys care more about some bitch then your friend?” Joon snaps from the floor, just earning himself another kick to the stomach before being grabbed by the roots again and dragged toward the hall.

“I makes me sick to see anyone who has hurt our baby in the same room as her, I’m going to wait in the hall for hyung,” Tao tell the others as he drags a crying Joon behind him. Kai looks at me for second before following after, Kyungsoo does too a couple seconds after.

“Chanyeol,” I deadpan when the older boy takes a step toward me. His worried expression shifts to the same cold one that the others put on before going into the hall, and like them, he leaves. Sehun is still standing in the doorway, the last to go, or at least he will leave soon like the rest of them. Then maybe I’ll be done, maybe they won’t want me anymore since I’m dirty now, something that breaks my heart but I know it shouldn’t. I shouldn’t want to start crying more, I shouldn’t want to rush into Sehun’s arms but right now, I want nothing more. So, I’m going to forget about all the people he could have killed, the girls he could have raped, the people he could have hurt, and just think about how warm his hug is going to be.

“Daddy Sehun,” I cry as I hold my arms out to him. Within seconds he is scooping me up, my legs go around his waist, my arms around his neck, and my face buried into the crook of his neck. “I was so scared!”

“I know baby, can you tell me what happened?”

“He grabbed me, so I hit him, he grabbed me by my hair, and he almost choked me out. We were against the wall but I scratched him so he threw me on the floor. He kicked me, like Tao kicked him. And then he,” I can’t hold my tears back anymore so I just burrow myself deeper into his embrace.

“Just nod your head, did he touch you like any me or Xiumin hyung touched you?” His voice is soft but I can hear the anger boiling behind it.

I nod.

There is a pause as he tries to restrain himself from joining his hyung in the hall and beating that bastard to death, “Did he go under your clothes?”

I shake my head.

He lets out a sigh of relief before he places a dozen kisses on top of my head. “I’m so sorry we weren’t here to protect you. We are bad daddies. I’m so sorry,” He whispers softly in my hair.

“Sehun,” I look up to see Suho at the door, there is blood in his knuckles, whether it’s his or not is something I’m not sure of. “Oh my god, our baby,” He rushes toward me only to stop like the others did when I burrow my self back into Sehun’s embrace. “Why is she doing this?”

“Give her a few minutes Hyung, she’s just scared.”

“Of us? Why of us?”

“Baby,” Sehun coos in my ear, “Did that bastard say something bad about us?”

I tense in his arms, not having the heart to respond, because if I do that means I have to think about all of that stuff again and I don’t know if I can convince myself to look past it a third time.

“Just shake your head.”

I nod.

“Can I see her?” Suho asks coming closer.

“Baby, let hyung see you.”

I shake my head, “He’ll get mad at me like everyone else and leave.”

“Is that why you think they all left? Because they’re mad at you?” Sehun sounds in utter disbelief.

I nod, “Once they look at me, they all get really mad and scary looking, I feel like I’m going to be in trouble for hitting your friend.”

“You will not be in trouble,” Suho says firmly, “Now baby girl, let me see your face.” With a deep breath I look up to Suho, there is a mixer of anger, guilt, and sadness of his face. “I’m so sorry,” He chokes out as he reaches to stroke my face, hesitating when I flinch.

Taking a deep breath I try to calm myself, my body doesn’t shake as bad, and for a few seconds I feel better, “I’m fine, that’s just going to happen.” Suho moves slower this time caressing my good cheek gently.

“We need to get you home,” Suho says a he pulls away.

“What did you tell the hyungs?”

“I wasn’t so sure what had even happened, all I know is that there was an issue with Joo and then I saw the others beating the shit out of Joon in the hall. It didn’t take me long to catch on after that. So I told them that Joo got hurt and Joon was involved so we better beat them home or they are going to cause a scene by torturing that kid on school grounds.”

“Daddy Suho,” I say barely above a whisper.

“Yes baby,” He comes closer, a warm smile on his face, resting a hand on my back.

“I’m scared.”

That smile falters, “Of what baby? That boy? That boy won’t hurt you anymore.”

“No, of my other daddies,” I hate myself for crying more, “they are going to be really mad aren’t they? Daddy Kris and Luhan are going to be really angry at me, daddy Chen and Baekhyun and Lay aren’t even going to be able to look at me. I don’t want to know what daddy Xiumin is going to do, I’m really scared.”

“Kris and Luhan will not be mad at you, not one bit, and Chen and the others won’t be able to look away from you, but Xiumin hyung,” Suho pauses as he grimaces, “that maybe something to worry about.”