his arm around her

I mean, Killian obviously was the first to get ready. After crawling out of bed, he took the shower and Emma just threw on a robe and went downstairs to make breakfast. So Killian showers, gets dressed, comes downstairs, and sees his fiancée at the stove, still all mussed hair from the night before, and he cant help but wrap his arms around her and breathe her in. I mean, homeboy was all dressed and ready for the day, and then Emma is literally like, “Fuck the pancakes. One more round.” 

The Best Surprise

A/N: Happy birthday @animoozies! Hope you have a great day full of smiles, cake and most importantly…MOUNTAIN DEW. Love you, Connie! Hope you like this little Gruvia drabble!

Words: 600

When she feels his arms circle around her shoulders before reaching up to cover her eyes gently, she already knows who it is.


Gray leans down with a smile, his voice tickling the shell of her ear as he tells her, “No peeking, got it?”

Resting her hands over his, she nods excitedly. “Could this be a surprise for Juvia?”

“Yeah,” he says, helping her get to her feet before steadying her against his own body. “You could say that.”

Carefully, he guides her through their small home, along the hallway and up the stairs, the last one creaking just like always. Though she couldn’t see anything past the slits of light streaming in through his fingers, she knew exactly where he was taking her. Past the paintings and photographs, past the trinkets and ornaments they’d collected over the years to the room at the end which had always been labelled as the ‘spare room’ until just a few months ago when they decided it would belong to a very special person instead.

“Okay, stop right here…” With one hand, Gray reaches around Juvia to open the door, the other still covering her eyes.

“Can Juvia look now?” she asks, fingers clasped under her chin as she tries not to bounce on the spot with excitement.

“In a sec. First, take another step forward…”

Now, Gray-sama?”

Gray glanced around the room one last time before resting his chin on top of her head. “You ready, Juvia?”


And slowly, he lets his hands fall away.

Juvia finds herself standing in the middle of a room so blue, it resembles the sea. There are paintings everywhere—boats floating above soft waves with fishes swimming below, a rainbow stretching out across the far side wall and overlooking art of their guild, snowmen and igloos and penguins all dotted around as specks of glittery white fell down on them—every wall is different and is its own little story.

Tilting her head up to the ceiling, she sees fluffy clouds and a big yellow sun in the centre, its rays meeting the edges of the room and tumbling down the walls in bright patterns, like gold falling from the sky.

In the middle of the room, there is a white cot, and as she steps forward to get a closer look, she sees that hanging just above is an ice-made mobile, glinting in the light and crafted into shapes of different snowflakes by experienced and precise hands. She reaches to touch one, and when it jingles softly in her ears, she feels a lump rise in her throat.

For a moment, she stands in awe, glancing around the room once more, taking in every small detail of what was to be their child’s nursery—and then she hears his voice.

“Well, what d’ya think?”

Gray is still stood beside her, arms folded, a big smirk on his face. Only now does she see the splotches of paint on his clothes, and only now do her eyes fill with tears.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia flies into his side, wrapping her arms around him and pressing a kiss to his lips. “This is so beautiful!”

Smiling, he looks around the room at his work. Now that he had finished, the fact that they were having a child felt even more real. It was a strange feeling, knowing that there was going to be a little boy joining them soon, keeping them up at night, making them laugh, eventually calling the two of them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

“Juvia loves her little family so much,” she tells him, hugging the swell of her stomach. “And she cannot wait to be a parent.”

A strange feeling, but one he welcomed all the same.

“Me neither,” he says, placing his hand over hers.

but all i can imagine is how amazing it would’ve been if skam was going to get more seasons and in the final clip of like idk season 4, everyone is at a party, ok, and girls like girls by hayley kiyoko comes on. everyone’s dancing and the focus shifts to vilde. magnus has his arms wrapped around her but she looks distracted. we see vilde watching girls dancing, the focus on their hair and bodies and eyes and lips and the way they’re moving. and she looks unsure, her brows knotted together, chewing her lip, just looking, completely uninterested in the kisses magnus is pressing against her cheek. slowly, the camera zooms closer and closer to her face until the line “i’m real and i don’t feel like boys” comes on and vilde’s eyes look into the camera then BAM fade to black

Skulduggery doesn’t seem the sort of person who would really like having his picture taken, and unless he’s wearing a facade Valkyrie could never have photos of him on display anyway, but I like to think that on her dresser in her room at Skul’s house she has like

This truly horrific picture Ghastly took at Christmas when she was 17, she’s asleep on the couch and drooling a little on Skulduggery’s shoulder with his arm around her and some shitty seasonal film was playing and skulduggery is looking at her with his head tilted at the angle that is his version of Literal Heart Eyes and she looks so awful in that photo but she keeps it and loves it because ghastly managed to capture on his crappy flip phone a look she has never seen on skulduggery, ever

amozon28  asked:

prompt: obi feels the baby kick for the first time

Thanks for the prompt! I’m feeling super fluffy today!!

He’s exhausted.

It’s been a long day, filled with hard work and plumbing issues, but he’s determined to get the water running tomorrow come hell or high water. Shirayuki will thank him once the gigantic bathtub that he’d salvaged from an old farmhouse is filled with hot water and some of her bath salts.

Sliding between cool sheets is heaven on earth, and he breathes a sigh of relief as he feels the tension releasing from his muscles. He scoots closer to his wife, who is resting on her side with her arms wrapped around a body pillow. He smiles at how deeply she’s breathing, out cold from her own exhaustion.

Growing a baby is hard work.

He molds his body to hers gingerly, legs fitting behind hers like a puzzle piece, resting his arm over her midsection carefully and greeting their baby with a gentle caress as he places a kiss to her head. Settling himself in cozily, he yawns as he realizes that nothing could possibly wake her up and he can’t wait to join her in slumber, his nose inhaling the sweet scent of her shampoo as he relaxes even further into her.

A jar against his palm has his eyes popping open.

Obi freezes, his palm wide against the growing expanse of Shirayuki’s stomach, fingers frozen as he waits to see if his mind is delirious from sleep.

Something taps at him and Obi feels his breath rush out of him all at once as he realizes what it is; their baby is kicking.

Obi glances wildly around their dark bedroom, unsure of what to do as another little thump greets his anxious fingers. He doesn’t want to move his hand, but he doesn’t know what to do. Should he record this somehow? “Shirayuki,” he hisses in a desperate whisper as another little bump presses against his palm. “Honey, the baby’s kicking!”


Obi blinks down at his wife’s unconscious form, shaking his head lightly in merry disbelief. She hadn’t been sleeping well the last couple of nights, and the flower shop had been so busy with Mother’s Day coming up. She needed her rest. He’d just have to tell her about it in the morning.

He settled himself back down, his brow furrowing in wonder at the idea that his baby was moving around inside of her, happily squirming and getting comfortable. Obi’s hand cradled her stomach, rubbing soothing circles and gently tapping his fingertips against the bump. Another kick replied to his touches, and he smiled into the back of his wife’s neck as he felt his baby greet him after a long day.

I hope I did this justice! It was really fun to write and I hope you like it love :) @selenedarkbloom

This was it. High school was over. If you had asked Betty a few years ago if she ever thought she’d make it to this day, she’d had laughed and expressed her concerns.

“Hey gorgeous.” Jughead stood behind her, snaking his arms around her waist. They were currently at Veronica’s penthouse, enjoying a wild graduation party. Things were getting a little crowded, so as Archie chugged a mix of various drinks, she snuck out in the balcony for some air.

“Hi. You enjoying yourself?” Betty giggled as she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. They had been through a lot through the years. Polly, Jason’s murder, FP Jones, and even their fair share of fights. But they made it and she couldn’t wait for new experiences with him at USC. He had been accepted to various schools across the country and so had she, a few of hers far more elite than his choices, but they decided on California together.

“I would be, if my girlfriend didn’t leave me to clean up Archie’s puke all alone.” Jughead cringed, leaning forward and resting his nose against hers, playfully nudging it.

“Sorry, but it’s all getting a bit too much. I just came out here to think.” Betty sighed softly, toying with the collar of his black button up. He rarely wore formal shirts like this, but when he did, Betty couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

“Think about what?” He raised his eyebrows in concern, his thumbs moving in circles as they rested on her velvet dress.

“Just everything. Can you believe it’s all over?” Betty couldn’t help the way her voice quavered. She couldn’t imagine not waking up to V’s insistent morning texts or helping Kevin with his boy drama or even watching Archie grow into the sophisticated man he was today as opposed to who he was sophomore year. It all ended too fast. All she really had left was Juggie.

“I know, it’s kind of surreal. We’re not that far away from them y'know and I’m sure Ronnie will force everyone to come back every break we have.” Jughead reassured her, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Yeah, that’s true. It’s just going to be hard not being around them every day.” She captured her bottom lip in between her teeth and looked down. She looked as if she were hesitating to ask something, which prompted Jughead to move one of his hands up to her cheek, stroking the soft skin with his thumb.

“I just…I’m worried about us. We’ve been together for so long and I’m still so in love with you. I hope you are too. But college is this whole big thing and I don’t know. Where do you see us in 10 years time?” Betty inquired, her shoulders slightly shrugging and a concerned expression etched across her face.

“You already answered for me.” Jughead chuckled and his fingers finding a strand of her wavy blonde locks and twirling it around. Her expression changed from concerned to confused as her mouth formed a small pout. He laughed at his girlfriend’s cute features and leaned forward, pecking her pouted lips.

“I mean, you said where do I see us. And that’s it, I see us in 10 years. Still together, happily married, good jobs, white Pickett fence house that you most likely forced me to buy because it just had ‘something’ about it.” Jughead smiled fondly at the blonde beauty in front of him as her face broke out into a large grin.

“And what about..children?” Betty wondered, her finger finding a stray curl from under her boyfriend’s beanie. He even wore it graduation.

Jughead hesitated. It wasn’t that he didn’t want children. That wasn’t it at all. It tugged at his heart strings, the thought of mini Betty’s running around their house.

“Oh.” Betty took his silence as a response as she slightly pulled away from him, her eyebrows creasing in thought. She wanted kids with Juggie, she wanted mini Jughead’s running around with the exact same beanie on their heads. Did he not want that with her?

“No, no, Betts.” Jughead pulled her back towards him, his arms resting on either side of her as she leaned against the balcony railing. He tucked his head against the nape of her neck and sighed. He smiled slightly when he felt her shudder at the feel of his breath. They were never good with keeping their hands to themselves even after so many years together.

“I just worry. About me. As a father.” He finally revealed after a long pause. He didn’t want to end up like FP. He wanted to be a good father, who’s there for his kids and doesn’t shut down when things get hard. Sure, FP was better now, but it took him years and it wasn’t enough to make up for everything else Jughead missed out on in his childhood.

Betty watched him carefully, as he frustratedly ran a hand through his hair causing his beanie to fall. She watched as he picked it up and let out a heavy sigh.

“What if..what if you decide that I’m not enough for you and you leave? I don’t think I could take care of kids on my own without turning into my dad. I love him, I do, but he’s not exactly the role model that I envisioned. Hell, I’d even be worried about him as a grandfather. Where does that leave me? We share the same genes. Even if you don’t leave, so many things could happen and I..I could ruin them.” He swallowed hard, his shoulders slumped in defeat as he lay down his insecurities in front of her.

“Oh Juggie..you are not your father. I know you, you know me. I would never leave you and if you treat our kids even half as good as you treat me, they’d be fine. I have watched you grow from such a broken boy to the man you are today. I want to have your kids and I know you want them too. I’m scared. I’m scared that one day I’ll snap again and it’ll be on them. But I know that I’ll have you there and we’ll try. Remember, we’re not our parents.” Betty smiles, recalling the first time he said that before he kissed her. As if on cue, he lets out a small smile too, remembering the time he crawled through her window and told her that before finally giving into his feelings.

“I love you, Betts. I’m just scared is all.” He wraps his arms around her and she leans up, pulling him into a passionate kiss. He grins against her mouth and leans into her, his hands moving down to her hips and gripping them tightly. He groans when she pulls away and looks up at him expectantly.

“When the time comes, we’ll get through the dark haze together. No matter what. You’re my best friend and the love of my life and I’ll be damned if I let you think you’ll be a bad father to our children. Okay, Romeo?” She sternly raises her eyebrows and crosses her arms over her chest.

“Okay, Juliet.” He laughs, capturing her lips once more and wrapping her in his arms.

“All right lovebirds! You have 4 whole years to do that, come inside and watch Archie drink pickle juice and rum!” Veronica shouted from the slide doors, her head peeking out.

Betty and Jughead simultaneously rolled their eyes before walking towards the door.

“Surprisingly, I’m gonna miss you Ronnie.” Jughead tells her fondly before heading inside.

“Love you, V. You’re gonna be a great aunt someday.” Betty smiles and hugs her before heading inside, leaving a confused Veronica.

“Wait, are you pregnant?!”

We Intertwined: Ch. 17

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 16 | AO3 | Chapter 18
Word Count: 2,451

A/N: Slight NSFW in this one, as well as some very monumental realizations. Let me know what you think!

Raine awoke the next morning feeling more rested than she had in years. In her sleep, she’d shifted onto her side, and she felt Ignis’ chest pressed up against her back. She rolled over in his grip to face him, and he mumbled something incoherent. He was still out, and his usually perfectly styled tawny hair fell onto his face.

Ignis looked so peaceful as he slept. His brow relaxed, and his lips were parted slightly to let out small, even breaths. Raine couldn’t help herself. She scooted a little closer and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, and he started to stir.

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strong-bottle-of-jyn  asked:

For the kink meme - breaths, bruises and other wounds, heat, humor as a mask, shower sex. For either winterwitch, romanogers or rebelcaptain (from Rogue one if you do that)

[for my kink meme]

Evil,” he says, breath hot against the column of her neck as he nips at her skin, hot water spraying on them from overhead. She tangles her fingers in his wet hair and tries to drag him up, to drag his lips to hers, but he just sucks on her pulse and very nearly makes her knees wobble. She’s certain that she’d be on the floor by now if not for his metal arm wrapped firmly around her waist to keep her upright. The steam is almost smothering, making her head spin, and she’s already having a hard time trying to catch her breath with James nipping at her throat like this. “You just love breaking the rules, don’t you?”

She giggles, tightens her grip on his hair. “What rules?”

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Once You Go Demon, You Never Go Back

Demon Dean x Reader Supernatural Fanfiction Warnings: smut, oral sex female receiving, blow job male receiving, Orgasm Denial, daddy kink Summary: Demon Dean Winchester seeks out his girlfriend and she’s so happy to see him she can’t tell he’s a demon until he’s already fucking her. Requested by: @deanjensengirlmaggie

After Sam told Y/n her boyfriend Dean, the love of her life was dead she completely fell apart. She collapsed on Sam’s bed and she stayed there sobbing until she fell asleep. The next morning she left the bunker, it was too painful for her to stay there. A few weeks past and she was still killing her pain by getting drunk. She thought she was beyond drunk when she saw Dean right in front of her. He was looking her right in the eyes, she stuck her hand out and poked him and it was really him. “Dean” she cried throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. He pulled out of the hug and smashed his lips on hers and kissed her passionately. “I missed you so much Dean, losing you almost killed me” she said, “show me how much you missed me” he said.

He took her hand and led her to his room, “take your clothes off daddy” Dean said. She unzipped her dress and dropped it to the floor, she unfastened her bra and took it off, she took her panties off. “Undress daddy” he said, “yes daddy” she said. She unbuttoned his flannel shirt and pulled it down his arms, she pulled his T-shirt over his head. Y/n unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants and pulled them down, she got on her knees. “You know what to do” he said, she thought she saw his eyes go black, she just thought it was because she was drunk.

She put her hand on his cock and pumped it, bringing it towards her mouth. She kitten licked the head of his cock, he growled at the action and put his hands on her head. Y/n took him into her mouth and sucked, at the same time she ran her tongue over the vein at the back of his cock. “Fuck Y/n, stop I’m not cumming in your mouth, get on the bed” he said. She took him out of her mouth and got on the bed, “yes daddy” she said. Dean went to the bottom of the bed, “open your legs” he growled.

She opened her legs and he crawled up in-between them he opened her pussy lips with his fingers. He licked her clit, she fisted the sheets moaning his name. Dean licked her entrance collecting any wetness gathered there, without warning he slammed his tongue in her entrance. “Fuck Dean, yes” she screamed, he fucked her with his tongue while his thumb rubbed circles on her clit. Dean felt her pussy clench around his tongue and just as she was about to cum he pulled everything out of her. Dean crawled up her body to her lips and kissed her lips, he put his lips on her pulse point.

Dean put his hand between her legs and slid his finger in her entrance, she moaned loudly as he pumped it in and out. Dean added another finger and his thumb to her clit, he pumped his fingers while his thumb rubbed circles on her clit. “Dean, yes baby I’m almost there” she moaned, he immediately moved his hand. “Ahhhh what the fuck Dean” she cried, he just laughed but it wasn’t Dean’s laugh it sounded evil.

He positioned himself in-between her legs and slid his cock into her pussy “fuck Dean” Y/n said. He thrust into her hard and fast while she screamed his name and wrapped her legs around his waist forcing him deeper into her. Dean pounded into her, while he put her nipple in his mouth and bit down. Y/n gripped his arms and squeezed, she thrust her hips up meeting his pace. She felt her release building she put her hand between her legs and put her finger on her clit and rubbed circles on it. Dean felt his balls tighten and sped up his thrusts until her orgasm ripped through her.

She scratched her nails down his back screaming his name as she squirted all over his cock. “Fuck Y/n” he said, after a few more thrusts he shot his load into her. Hee growled and his eyes turned black and demonic, that time she saw it. She knew for sure that the man she loved was gone and she was with a demon.

“So who’s using my boyfriends meat suit” she said, “nobody is, I’m still Dean thanks to The Mark of Cain when he died I came back as a demon” Dean said. “Oh and you’re staying with me, it took me too long to find you to let you go” he said. “Get some sleep now, we leave in the morning” he said, she nodded and rolled to her side. She didn’t know what to do, she knew she should call Sam. Y/n also knew she she was miserable being alone, was demon Dean better than no Dean at all. At the moment, her answer was, yes.

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Hide Your Crazy-10

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“Vincent, I love you too….if Graysen finds out about us…”

“(Y/N),  I’m going to get you away from here, away from him. I almost have enough….”

“Tell me what you need, I’ll find it. I can’t be with him anymore….I’m scared. “

Vince wrapped his arms around her, she hissed , and flinched in pain. He turned her around, lifting up her shirt, seeing the bruises. “I’m going to kill him!”

“You can’t let on you know…”  She leaned into kissed him. “I’ve got to go.” (Y/N) turned to leave, Vince wrapped his hand around her wrist, stopping her from leaving.

“Please, don’t leave. Let me protect you.”

She shook her head, looking at him sadly. “We have to stop him. I’m the only one that can do it.” He watched her turn and head towards the house.

Neither of them noticing the man in the tree line watching them, recording everything.

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(...) "So please, stay, I need you. I would be nothing without you. Steph stay.” Matt wraps his arms around Steph trying to get her as close as he possibly can. 
“Always.” Steph rubs up and down Matt's back.(Since it was the last one I thought I would expose myself, surprise!)

-crying and clapping- BEAUTIFUL

You Are My Home (6)

A/N: This chapter is SUUUUUPER long. And it’s got all the smuts. So be warned.

When she heard the door slam shut, she couldn’t wait for them to reach the bottom of the stairs. She bolted up, taking the steps two at a time, and met Dean in the middle, throwing her arms around his neck in a giant hug. It had been two weeks since she’d seen them. It was the longest she’d been away from them since she met them and it had given her a lot to think about.

“I really really missed you,” she said, pressing a kiss into his cheek. After a minute, she stepped back and gave Sam a hug too, but Dean was pleased to see that it was much more reserved.

When they reached the floor, Maddy came into the room, ready for her boys to acknowledge how much they’d missed her. While Sam listened to Maddy’s updates (he’d missed the newest episodes of My Little Pony and she had two new books to show him), Y/N grabbed Dean’s hand and pulled him into the study.

“Dean, I need to apologize. It wasn’t my place to get onto you for bringing a girl home.”

Dean waited for her to admit that she was jealous, but she didn’t. He thought of the opportunities he’d had on the road to sleep with other women and he wanted to tell her how he couldn’t because his mind and heart were too filled with her. But he didn’t. They stood there in silence, staring into each other’s eyes, a million truths on the tips of their tongues.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a sleeping hc for goldgraves as well? loved the gramander!


  • Who is a night owl: if we are comparing Percival with Tina then I’d say, Percival. because he has the bigger responsibility in running the department thus more paperworks and plans to be read and approved. but Tina always, always sleeps in Percival’s study waiting for him to finish his work and it always ends up with Percival gently carrying her back to their bedroom. his work forgotten for the night.
  • Who is a morning person: definitely the both of them with Tina running around getting ready for the day while Percival lazily making toast and handing the mug of hot coffee to Tina.
  • Are they cuddlers: yes! esp. Tina after a long day at work and at first Percival is kinda reluctant to indulge her in it because he never cuddles before but Tina is persistent, pulling Percival into the bed and nuzzling his chest with her arms around his shoulders until Percival’s fingers start to comb her hair gently.
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Percival is the big spoon and Tina loves it because although she is a strong woman, she also longs to feel safe in the arms of the man she loves.
  • What is their favourite sleeping position: Tina hogs the bed, her slender body going everywhere. her feet always end up on top of Percival’s stomach and Percival always sleeps on his back, his hand always reaching out for Tina.
  • Who steals all the blankets: they both do and it’s always a battle that Tina wins because she always ends up kicking Percival away.
  • What they wear to bed: Percival loves silk pajamas but he also sometimes sleeps in the nude esp. after a long hot bath and Tina is either in modest pajamas or very very short and see-through silk camisole that Percival buys for her.
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Percival Graves esp. when he comes home from a week long assignment and finding Tina sleeping in one of his white button-down shirt. there’s primal possessiveness when he sees her like that, all soft and all his.
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Tina because she’s been running around gathering intels on very important case and she hasn’t slept in hours so when Percival looks at her when she doesn’t answer his question, he just conjures a soft blanket and covers her with it. and with a silent Nox and a gentle kiss to her cheek, Percival lets her nap.
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Percival always wakes up from nightmares and it’s usually about a case gone wrong with Tina hurting or worse dying in his arms as he pleads her to hold on.
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Tina did and it’s usually right up at Percival’s throat that he always woke up coughing violently because his girl has a mean punch.
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themself: Tina Goldstein can’t keep her hand to herself esp. when Percival has loosened his tie and shrugs off his coat and he’s only in his white button-down shirt and slacks and barefoot. like this, looking all vulnerable and soft, Tina will always end up hugging her boyfriend from the back, nuzzling his shoulder and kissing his neck. her hands wandering up and down while she unbuttons his shirt and Percival will let her take care of him.

send me a ship and I will tell you: (sleeping!)

Birthday Dilemma:

“We are not getting that for Barbara’s birthday”.

Tim was standing across from Steph with a rock polisher in his arms. She was going to kill him, they had been in this store for two hours looking for something for Babs’ birthday and they had nothing.

“Why can’t we get this? I know she’ll like it”.

Tim looked insulted that Steph wouldn’t trust him with this after all he had known Babs longer than she had.

“We are going to get her a gift card Tim, I’m tired and hungry and want to go home”.

Tim put the rock polisher back and wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked from the store.


Barbara’s birthday was a relaxed affair. Helena had cooked a meal for the birds and the bats and Barbara was now opening her gifts. Steph couldn’t believe some of the stuff people had gotten for Babs. Bruce got her a server farm, Damian had painted her a portrait. Dinah and Helena didn’t have a gift per sae got her a day off ;they had spent the last day and a half handling all the calls that came in for Oracle to give Babs a well-deserved break, Duke bought her a digital keyboard that could turn any flat surface into a keyboard, Dick had taken her skydiving earlier in the day as well as giving her a small pendant which was shaped like a circus top with the inscription “Honorary Flying Grayson” engraved on the back and there were many more gifts piled up from other heroes. She opened the gift card politely thanked Steph and Tim and gave them both a brief hug before moving to talk to Kory and Donna who had just arrived with a large bouquet of flowers and an oversized box of Babs favourite chocolates.

“I told you we should have got the rock polisher”.

Steph was going to kill him and wipe that dumb smirk off his face.

“Bite me”.


Cass arrived back from her ballet rehearsal with a large wrapped box for Babs.

“See even Cass got her a gift Steph we were lazy and honestly we should have kept looking”.

“Bite me, Drake”.

Babs had finished unwrapping Cass’s gift, it was a rock polisher.

“I love it Cass, it can go in the lab downstairs right across from the Spectrophotometer”.

Babs hugged her daughter and asked for Dick’s help in moving the polisher downstairs.

“I told you she’d like it, I knew it, we look like chumps Steph”.

“Bite me Tim, bite me”


#it’s not like they literally jump into each other’s arms #letting go what they’ve been holding back for so long #the way she wraps her arms around him kills me everytime #this was so hot and cute and passionate and adorable at the same time #outer space puppies in love


You said you’d never leave or forsake me
When you said, this life is gonna shake me
And you said this world is gonna bring trouble on my soul
              When everything falls apart your arms hold me together