his are quite beautiful

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what is skittle's favorite color in the rainbow

Like any true Wind patriot, he likes the greeny-bluey range most commonly seen on good old Windsinger. (Nothing wrong with, say, Steel or Denim though, wink wink) He’s quite happy with his Seafoam wings. Dragons are beautiful in any hue, of course, he’s just delighted he happened to be born with such a flight-appropriate colour – that’s generally an auspicious sign for superstitious dergs.

On Hiatus

Hi beautiful friends,

I am feeling quite down at the moment because of real life events. Hence I am not feeling 100% committed to blogging at the moment. I will be taking a few days off although I may pop up here and there if there is something new about Cake. I have posts queued up for you guys so this blog will be semi-active.

So toodles for now till I gather my emotions together again and calm myself down.


I was skeptical when I joined my sister to view Far From The Madding Crowd, having read my fair share of Thomas Hardy novels. Not that I don’t enjoy his work. The Return of the Native was one of my favorite things I read in high school (Diggory Venn!). However, along with beautiful prose, his novels are often depressing. 

I quite enjoyed the film and I will shallowly admit a large part of that was because of the glory that was Matthias Shoenaerts as Mr. Oak. I am a smitten kitten, folks. Those kind eyes! Oddly enough, the more layers that were added to this man, be it scarves, cable sweaters, or a nap sack…the more attractive he became to me. 

Please be in more things and may your beard stay scruffy, sir.

Hi my beautiful members. I know the main has been very quite this weekend. I’ve been busier than I expected to be, and after a stressful week at work, just wanted to spend some time on the dash. Anyway, after work tonight I’ve set aside the time to make the graphics needed for all the new characters, post the bios, update the masterlist, and even work on the new ooc masterlist. I will also be answering all the asks for dorms and extra curricular things, updating those listings too. 

I also just wanted to mention that one of our members, CJ, is going through a very hard time right now, and although she’s on hiatus, I’d just like her to know we are all thinking about her, and here for her. We hope she will be back with us soon, but until then, she will be in our hearts and thoughts. 

Hope you all have an amazing day/afternoon/night x

yo, this is my face for those of you I met at the S-K LA show (or anyone else who gives a shit) because I’ve been quite anonymous on here~ Hi, hello, hey - you all are beautiful.


Kick up the fire, and let the flames break loose
To drive the shadows back;
Prolong the talk on this or that excuse,
Till the night comes to rest
While some high bell is beating two o'clock.
Yet when the guest
Has stepped in to the windy street, and gone,
Who can confront
The instantaneous grief of being alone?
Or watch the sad increase
Across the mind of this prolific plant,
Dumb idleness.


Philip Larkin

Today’s poem is by one of my favorites, Philip Larkin. Much of his work is quite bleak, but also beautiful. This one I actually know by heart! Hope you enjoy it, too.  

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You should check out the blog lushmania... Very up your ally I would say and his/her original posts are quite good !

Oh wow it is so beautiful! I couldn’t help myself and reblog a few pictures from it!

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I am in love with your blog) btw,what do you think of his little poem "Music is sacred"? And does a voiced version of it exist?

Awww awesome! Thanks :) thats very sweet of you to say.

I personally think his poem is quite beautiful and I really dont know why people were saying it was just Jack promoting TIDAL. I think that’s ridiculous. The man loves music and its been a huge part of his life since he was a child. We dont criticise lyrics from his songs, so why should we criticise his poem. Its just another form of expression that we should be glad that he chose to share with us, and then some people just go and ruin it. No wonder he tries to be careful with what he says, but he’s a human like everyone else, so he should be able to express himself, like everyone else would.

It would be amazing if there was a voiced version of it, even from the man himself, but as far as I know, I dont think there is one. Not yet anyway :)  

Due to the nature of my job, I spend alot of time indoors, in front of my trusty computer. 

When I go outside when I have the time (usually in the afternoon about 4pm-ish) I look at the clouds and the sky. The sun is in the west, but not quite setting yet. I thank God. How beautiful His creation. How beautiful He must be. Again, if we can appreciate the good things He’s created in this life, how much better will it be with Him in Heaven. 

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I want the 3 of them to wear flower crowns


Time’s is beautiful in his long hair, Sky’s doesn’t quite fit right but he manages, and Twilight’s is all knotted but oh well uvu

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"You're such a pretty little darling." The Groom smiles down at the other, empty eyes glancing over such an angelic, beautiful face! Oh, blessed day! Lovely lashes--long, drawing over his eyes, a youthful face, blood-red lips. "So, so pretty, my dear."


                   Didn’t this charming man just KNOW what to say! Jaibo’s expression lit up, his smile becoming wider and a soft giggle escaped those luscious lips. “Kyaha! You’re flattering me! So kind of you to notice!” despite of course how utterly OBVIOUS it is. He should be complimented every single day but it seems as though others just don’t CARE. It peeved him to an extent but bearing witness to such a LOVELY man grinning down at him made his heart absolutely FLUTTER

                    “You’re quite beautiful yourself you know~” Jaibo hummed, hands crossing behind his back. “Might I know your name?~”

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"I still have your underwear."

He doesn’t remember her, not even when she makes her accusation – or is it one, really? It sounds like it a bit, but then not – and he’s quite ashamed of that fact. She’s beautiful in a way that reminds him of Shadowhunter women: beauty that whisper of so, so much hidden danger. Beauty that is self-sufficient. Not quite his type, if he is to be honest with himself – that kind of Amazonian warrior beauty reminds him too much of his sister.

It’s not like it would matter too much, though – although conspicuous sounding enough, he knows nothing has happened between the two of them that would involve him having to think about a type. And he knows that for certain, because if he doesn’t remember her, then he must’ve been drunk when encountering her, and if he was, there would have been no chance of anything more than conversation, and, perhaps, some incredibly ridiculous pranks. Which might have been the case, seeing that his underwear ended up misplaced… but trying to remember any details is enough to give him a splitting headache, so he brushes the thoughts away.

Instead, he folds his arms across his chest, his trademark superior grin coming to curl his lips upwards, slightly. “How lovely of you to let me know, biscuit! I suppose it would be too much to ask whether you’ve brought it along, so, when may I come collect it? I’m afraid I’m ridiculously attached to my belongings. Well, when sober, that is.”

William Knight. The coolest 87 year old ever. Him and his wife started a business in the 1970s of preserving orb weaver spider webs onto wood plaques in Williamstown, VT. He now has a spiderweb farm in his driveway. His pieces are beautiful and natural and he is quite the storyteller! We had to pick one up. #spiderwebfarm #spiderwebs #williamstown #vt #vermont #oddities #spider #web #unique #oneofakind by kaileym__ https://instagram.com/p/3MiDdRHj9l/

Sugar, Yes Please || Skye & Eve

It had been a few days after he moved back to Skyline Apartment. As a man who was constantly moving from one “home” to another, it usually took some time to prepare for heists. The first step, thankfully enough, was easy: all he needed to do was get to know his neighbours.

And what a surprise it was when he found out his neighbours were quite the band of beauties. For him to be the sole male on the floor was a blessing from the stars– lady luck was pampering him again with her blessings.

After ironing his jacket, a dash of cologne applied and his brightest shoes, he went on his merry way to his first neighbourly.

“–!” Appearing to be shocked at the blonde beauty that opened the door of Apartment D401, Skye took a moment to “register” just who it was greeting him. All he knows of the elegant employee of Moonlight Cafe was that she lived alone– a perfect target for the yet-to-be-known thief. This will change soon enough, however, as he feigns innocence in the meantime, a kind smile now donning his face as she looks fondly at the blonde. “You caught me by surprise, beautiful. Here I was just hoping to borrow some sugar yet I was greeted by such a goddess.” 


I met this gorgeous guy tonight, his name was Bernard (quite unusual name here) he had beautiful blue eyes and a beard and reminded me of the tullamore dew commercial about those irish guys, he was so beautiful so we made out but it doesnt matter since we were a bit drunk and he’s not from here we wont see each other again

That was a fantastic wedding weekend for a fantastic couple. Congrats to the guy who puts the rad in @nicrad and his beautiful wife Laura! You guys know how to throw quite the party! @hello.shannon enjoyed ourselves immensely. I’m leaving the city too soon. Come down and visit Savannah. Tootle-loo

Absolutely Phryntastic

Reading Cocaine Blues - and I love how Phryne bucks convention. The meeting between Jack and Phryne is priceless.

After being asked to have her person searched for cocaine, Phryne agrees only if Jack will also be searched….

“I’ve got nothing to hide,” said Robinson. Ellis drew his chief aside by the sleeve.

“But Sir, we’re policemen!” he stuttered.

“I know that,” agreed Robinson, “So?”

“We could arrest them and take them down to the station; search them there,” suggested Ellis. “It isn’t right, us being searched.”

Phryne unbuttoned the brocade robe.

“If you try to take me to any station,” she declared in a cold, remote voice, “you will have to take me like this.” She dropped the robe and stood revealed, quite naked, pearly and beautiful. The manager, averting his eyes, allowed a small smile to cross his lips. You couldn’t out-manoeuvre the Windsor’s clients that easily. The policemen were taken comprehensively aback.