his and the original

‘Sherlock’ if it followed Pilot Sherlock and Pilot John:


  • They have their first kiss after the late night Chinese
  • They sleep together within the first week (Both knew what was between them was special, so they didn’t want to jump right into bed. But they waited as long as they could)
  • John still starts his blog, and Sherlock is protrayed only slightly more romantic than it is in the original show.


  • Sherlock introduces John as his ‘friend’, but John corrects him by saying ‘boyfriend’
  • Sarah still flirts with John, but John nicely works in that he has a boyfriend
  • John and Sherlock attend the circus together
  • The black lotus kidnaps a random stranger as insentive for ‘Sherlock Holmes’ (really John) to give them the pin. 
  • They go home after saving the day, to have energetic sex


  • John goes up to the spare room instead of going to Sarah’s after Sherlock shoots the wall
  • John immediately runs down the stairs after the explosion to make sure Sherlock’s alright.
  • John still acts jealous of Moriarty’s, but Sherlock assures him that he’s being ridiculous to think Sherlock would want anyone but him.
  • Sherlock knows immediately that John’s not Moriarty, but instead semi-panics at the sight of John in a bomb vest.
  • John makes joke that it’s not really the right time for Sherlock to be ripping his clothes off in a darkened swimming pool as “anyone could walk in.” Sherlock tells him that they’ll just have to save that for when they get home.


  • Pretty much the same, only Sherlock looks at Irene like she’s an idiot to think he has eye for anyone but John.
  • It also ends almost as soon as the phone arrives at Christmas because John says “Maybe she’s a little like me and my pin, try S-H-E-R.”
  • When Irene’s captured, Sherlock tells John they should probably save her since it would be a shame to lose such a worthy adversary.
  • John tells him to be careful.


  • They obviously share a bed, and there’s nothing to it.
  • John answers the question as to whether or not his one is a snorer.
  • John thinks Sherlock’s being ridiculous when he suggests John try to wine and dine Dr. Mortimer
  • They make up that night instead of the next morning, but Sherlock still calls him a conductor of light.


  • Upon leaving Kitty Riley's flat, Sherlock tells John not to believe anything he sees in the next 24 hours, no matter how real it looks. And tells him to give him a week.
  • One week post fall, John gets a summoned by Mycroft, and Sherlock is waiting to tell him everything

S2 Hiatus

  • Both understand it would be too obvious if both disappear/die, so John reluctantly agrees to let Sherlock go on his own. But John remains an active participant on the other side, acting as Sherlock’s handler while playing the part of the grieving boyfriend.
  • Every few months, they meet up at a safe house in a secure location.
  • John takes a job at a new surgery, where one of the nurses tries almost non-stop to get his attention and move on from his “dead” boyfriend. It doesn’t work.


  • John goes to pull Sherlock from Siberia, but doesn’t wait as long as Mycroft did, so Sherlock was only held for one day. 
  • John still goes into the bonfire, but Sherlock gets the skip code, and still saves him.


  • It’s John and Sherlock’s wedding.
  • They still get the Mayfly Man case since Sherlock insists that he and John serve as each other’s best man, regardless of the fact that they’re marrying each other.
  • They still save Sholto, and John and Sholto get closure from their “almost relationship.”


  • Only have to deal with Lady Smallwood’s problem
  • They figure out some other way of taking down CAM without committing treason or killing him


  • Sherlock and John fight an assassin thinking they’re going to find the pearl only to find a flash drive with some random letters on them.
  • The assassin escapes, Mycroft informs them the letters had to do with an elite mercenary team, and it’s none of their concern
  • A nurse from John’s old surgery disappears, but they don’t know or care
  • They treat Mrs. Hudson to dinner.


  • Smith eventually slips up, and John and Sherlock catch his scent and take him down.


  • Never happens. Sherlock’s only ever had one sibling, and that’s Mycroft.

Feel free to add your own thoughts/headcanons/ideas!


cel-shaded portrait of a Shadowrun RP character, commissioned by @slunkymcgee! Equipped with a gun, for when a situation calls for a heavier touch than hacking or diplomacy.

Here’s my commission info!

Marinette and Chat Noir DO NOT put their crushes on pedestals.

Okay, so the majority of the fandom believes that Marinette idolizes Adrien / sees him as a god and Chat Noir sees Ladybug as a goddess and places her on a high pedestal, correct?
This is simply wrong.
Yes, Marinette gushes over Adrien quite often and has called him perfect once or twice but if you really analyze their relationship, is the conclusion that she really does see him as perfect correct?
Marinette is anything but shallow. She did not fall in love with this kid for looks, or money. She fell in love with this kid for his kindness and his insecurities.
Lets take a look at the origins, shall we?
Marinette was absolutely FURIOUS at Adrien for supposedly “putting gum on her seat”. She didn’t care that he was the son of her idol. She held that grudge until the end of the episode. What happens next?
Adrien reveals his insecurities to her and opens up to her. She knows he’s insecure and awkward. She does not place him on a pedestal. She falls in love because she understands that he is a human and he has insecurities but still opened up and showed his kindness to her.
Now one might question: Why does she stutter so much around him?
We are all different. Marinette is insecure, but she does not see Adrien as some untouchable, impossible goal. She does not know how to convey her feelings properly. We see her character development throughout the season when her and Adrien become pretty close and she can hold conversations with him without stuttering or running away. In fact, if anything, it’s Adrien that puts Marinette on a pedestal. Class president, friends with everybody, plays video games like a goddamn boss, and incredibly sweet. This is displayed in the Gamer when he looks are her in awe and says “You’re awesome Marinette, you don’t need me,” and shys away with insecurity, yet another example of how he has displayed his insecurities to Marinette, and she tries to reassure him that he’s also very good. Along with that, there’s also his interactions with Ladybug. She knows he’s lonely. She knows his mom is missing. His life isn’t perfect. Marinette knows he’s isolated and sad.

On to Chat Noir.

Chat Noir is extremely aware that Ladybug is not perfect. He knows she’s clumsy, insecure, brash, and can easily get jealous. These are all characteristics articulated from her in the Origins and sprinkled around in the rest of the season. And guess what? Even after he saw her tumble, doubt herself, and charge at this unknown monster, he still falls in love. That says a lot.
Chat Noir does not need a lot of explaining because it’s somewhat easy to analyze him but the majority of this fandom believes that Marinette placed Adrien on this high pedestal and that just isn’t right. Maybe she’s still insecure about herself not being enough, but there will be a lot more character development throughout the next few seasons. They’ll mature.

Pink Skies

PINK SKIES — you are my favorite everything. been telling girls that since i was 16. shut up, i love you. you’re my best friend. ( pink skies, lany )

REQUEST — archie comforts his best friend.


NOTES — a late v-day gift from me in the form of head-over-heels archie and his aloof best friend, the reader. this was originally going to be a quick little piece about y/n spraining her ankle and archie being her overprotective boyfriend; somewhere along the line, it ended up becoming archie trying to keep y/n’s mind off jason on her first valentine’s day without him. ( requests: open )

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olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff & angst || 915  || more fics

summary: prompt: Felicity has a tattoo that’s a not so subtle reminder of Oliver (thank you @yellowflicker09011996) based on [x]
a/n: reminder that anita made me do it

Felicity tried in vain to take a picture of her back. Her tattoo was still fresh, kind of red and angry, but she wanted to take a picture so bad. She was going to text a picture to Thea before Oliver got home. He had been out all day, helping with the Hoffman’s third backyard barbeque that week, then he volunteered to bring the snacks to the little league game, and then he was going to the store to get groceries for dinner. While he was playing his suburban role, she went into the city to… well originally she was just getting out of the suburbs to relax, but she passed a tattoo parlor.

She hated needles. Like really hated them, so how she ended up laying face down with a strange man stabbing her repeatedly with a needle, she would never know. It was so impulsive, but she was happy with the finished product. A little arrow on her shoulder blade; an outward reminder of who held her heart.

It was super cheesy wasn’t it? Whatever.

“What are you doing?”

“Ack!” Felicity fumbled with her phone, dropping it on the counter. “Nothing.”

“You’re standing here shirtless in front of the mirror,” Oliver said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe this is a stupid question, but what is the significance of the tiara?

This is not a bad question at all, and the answer lies in Jack Kirby’s Magic Hat World.

Kirby was one of Wanda’s co-creators, and that man fucking loved hats. Some of his most famous hats include that thing Galactus wears on his head and the approximately 5000 different hats Odin wore.

The original Lee/Kirby Wanda wore a wimple. Or at least, it’s sort of like a wimple.

The headwear, whatever shape it comes in, marks Wanda as a product of Jack Kirby. It ties her to a certain era and to one of the greatest comics artists of all time. Obviously, Kirby’s original design is not the most famous one, but I think the headpiece should survive in some form as a nod to him and to her origins.

For a long time, artist Don Heck continued with this wimple/box headpiece, but in Avengers #36, he introduced what would become Wanda’s signature look.

The size of her tiara has varied over the years. It can be huge pointing horns or tiny kitten ears. In the dreadful 90’s, when Edgy™ was in style, she frequently didn’t have a tiara at all or she had a headband that mimicked the shape. Nowadays, she has a more elaborate headpiece that also mimics the shape of her famous tiara and adds jewels and dangling beads.

A lot of characters have headpieces that are in the same vein as this (Storm, Polaris, Enchantress, etc.), but Wanda’s is very, very heavily associated with her character. It is her iconic shape. If she has a logo, it’s the curved M of her headpiece. The tiara itself is not unique per se, and I think, in universe, the explanation is basically “that’s the style.” It’s just a superhero thing, like capes and dead parents.

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an argument i've seen a lot from VIPs is that in top's stage that specific imagery has a very deep and personal meaning- which i totally get- until they start saying that by using the same imagery, bts are demeaning what top was trying to express. it's irrational to me. a static "no signal" image isn't his original invention, so other artists should be allowed to take the same imagery and use it to create their own symbolism. yes, in the context of top's performance it had a meaning that was +

+ very personal to him and touching to VIPs, but since the “no signal” tv static wasn’t created purely for the purpose of his performance and to have that specific meaning, other artists should have the right to use it to create their own meaning- or none at all, just using it for aesthetic purposes. since the context is totally different- one being a performance made by and for a single man to express himself, and the other just being the intro to some group’s award performance- you can’t +

+ compare them. to say that top’s use of “no signal” makes any other use of it a complete bastardization of top’s performance is just… entitlement. it’s like saying because van gogh painted sunflowers while he was going through complicated emotional pain, any other artist who wants to paint sunflowers are completely disrespecting gogh’s artistic integrity. no one is actually thinking that way. gogh wouldnt think that way. sorry for the super long rant, i just needed to say this

- everything u said 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

anonymous asked:

I have a few questions about Discord, and since you probably have access to historical/magical research books I don't, I'm hoping you could answer them. Do you know how, when and where Discord was born/originated? What are the extent of his powers? For example can he do resurrection or time travel? Lastly, he clearly knows extremely advanced magic beyond you and the royal sisters. Do you think he had to study it or it comes intuitively to him?

Discord is rather resistant to being studied and doesn’t like to answer questions. I asked him about his magic once, which I’ve written about in a previous issue that I recommend you read instead of me repeating myself, and I’ve also asked about his nature.

My studies, or at least attempts at study, haven’t yielded much information, as you never get straight answers, can’t trust the answers you do get, and it seems impossible to get readings from him; the instruments just go haywire.

If you ask him, he’s always existed, just like chaos has always existed. He isn’t chaos itself though, he’s a spirit of chaos, so I doubt he was always around. My guess is he formed gradually from an accumulation of ambient wild magic until strong enough to take corporeal form.

As for time travel, yes, or at least the illusion of it. If he could change history I assume he would have gone back to his first defeat and changed the outcome as soon as he was released. So either it’s the type of time travel that doesn’t let you actually change anything, or it’s an elaborate illusion.

Resurrection, well, I don’t think so. An illusion that gives the appearance of it, certainly, but not actual resurrection. That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing his magic would allow, from an archetypal perspective he’s a trickster, not a healer. But maybe that’s me reading too many novels.

I don’t know the limits of his magic, and I don’t think he does either. As he’s explained it, it’s not a matter of study or control, just following the current. I’m guessing that means what he does often doesn’t have any specific intent, that not even he knows what will happen.

I suppose if your goal is chaos, precision isn’t necessary. Like flailing your hooves wildly in a glassware shop will accomplish your goal if your goal is just to make a mess.

If so, it would certainly explain why he’s been struggling with friendship and harmony. That requires a lot more thought and intent. You can’t just accomplish friendship by trying things at random.

Like most of ciceregas stuff is more of a cover than a mashup (although his work is probably the most original mashup music since feed the animals created the model of “short hip hop vocal samples played over rock music”).

Like I said earlier (wrote a paper that was denied from jacobin abt it) that mashup music was a product of this time when there were such massive splits both in music and in society as a whole, and their schtick of putting “scary” hiphop vocals over classic rock instrumentals was a way of trying to bridge these genres and showing one American music tradition. This failed and mashup became what it was which is basically production for hip-hop.

Neil’s take on mashup is both more willing to be unpleasant and more willing to be funny (with repetition, a sometimes jagged sampling, the use of a generally agreed upon meme music). His music doesn’t really have the mission that older mashups had but in giving up tropes of the genre, cicerega has managed to make an album that more perfectly captures the feeling of living in 2017 than anything else I’ve listened to. You get this feeling of being bombarded by multiple informational feeds, but at the same time being okay with it, somehow getting through it, with a sentimentality that’s behind so many layers of irony that it’s nearly impossible for anyone, including you, to understand what’s really being said

Atlantis: Scene Three

Milo played by: @lupinaesthetic

Kida played by: @highwaytothegrangerzone

Milo: Okay, Milo. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Milo: I have some questions for you, and i’m not leaving this city until they’re answered! Yeah, that’s it, that’s good. Okay. 

Milo: *Checks for her again. She is gone* What?

Kida: *hops down behind him. And then covering his mouth*

Kida: I have some questions for you, and you are not leaving this city until they are answered.

Milo: Yeah, well I–!

Kida: Shh. Come with me.

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Bates Motel Boss Dissects Premiere Twists, Confirms [Spoiler] Theory
Norman Bates’ final descent into Psychosis has begun. The fifth and final season of A&E’s Bates Motel got underway Monday night, and it was completely, utterly, gloriously nuts. It …
By Michael Ausiello

TVLINE | When we meet up with Dylan and Emma, they have a daughter, which suggests a fairly significant time jump. How much time has passed?
About 18 months.

TVLINE | Why give them a child?
We wanted Dylan to have actually succeeded in separating from [Norma and Norman], to have a marriage that’s good, to have a job that he likes, and to have a child. All Dylan’s ever wanted is a family that he belonged to, so it seemed like a beautiful way to [illustrate] that he succeeded 90 percent of the way. But there is 10 percent of him that is still attached to his family of origin, and still has guilt that he left them.

TVLINE | Remind me — how the heck did they never find out Norma had died?
When Dylan left at the end of last season, he changed his number. Also, there’s really no responsibility of anyone to call next of kin as long as one relative knows of the death, which was Norman. And Norman didn’t want to tell him.

TVLINE | How long do they remain blissfully unaware?
It definitely comes into play. I can’t tell you exactly when, but it’s a big part of the story.

TVLINE | In other words, they won’t find out in the final 15 minutes of the series finale.
[Laughs] No. It’s a big part of Dylan’s storyline. And Emma’s.

theamazinghannaisnotonfiree  asked:

There was this one fic I read where Dan stared at the ceiling in his room and it was plastered in glowing stars. I don't really remember what happened next but basically he woke up in "another universe" where Phil had a boyfriend and they were about to get married? Anyways, It got really really sad in between but Dan ended up somehow being back in his original universe laying in his bed crying and Phil leans on the doorframe and asks him what's wrong. It would be very good if you could find it:/

If Lost, Return To Phil - Dan and Phil are friends with benefits, which always works until it doesn’t. Dan wishes things could be different, and gets more than he bargains for.