his amazing brain

He is not the one

The reader leaves notes in Alex’s locker and Alex falls in love with the person through the notes, but the reader is devastated when someone else takes credits for the notes and Alex starts dating them.

‘There he is,’ you thought as you ducked around the corner to watch the young man go up to his locker.

He opened his locker and a piece of paper slipped out and fluttered to the ground.

He threw his books into his locker and picked up the paper, reading the note that you had left him.

You turned away, hiding so that he wouldn’t be able to see you.

That smile was a real killer, along with his beautiful eyes. They encaptured you, ensnared you until you could think of nothing else.

You laid awake at night, thinking of his beautiful face and the amazing words that came from his amazing brain.

He was brilliant.

He was Alexander Hamilton, the only man that you had ever had eyes for.

However, you were too shy and nervous to go over and talk to him.

So the only thing that you thought to do was write notes to him.

Mainly little poems that you came up with late at night. Sometimes you just wrote to him, you told him how you felt and then didn’t leave a name or a way to trace you back to the letter.

Then you would slip it into his locker, and hide until he got here shortly after fifth period.

After you saw him read the note, you would take off, running all the way to sixth period that the two of you shared.

AP Government with Mr. Washington.

You sat at your seat and tried to make yourself look presentable, then buried your head in your textbook.

As soon as Alexander and his friends came in, you listened to what they were saying.

They were talking about the note that you had left.

“Who do you think could be leaving them?” Alexander asked. You perked up. That was actually the first time that you heard him question them about who it could be.

They all thought for a moment before throwing out a few names, none of which were yours. You couldn’t tell if you were disappointed or relieved.

“We should ask around, maybe someone would have seen something,” Hercules suggested.

“Sounds good to me, nothing else I’ve tried seems to work. They always seem to get there before I can,” Alex replied.

Before anyone could say anything else Mr. Washington began class. You would have to wait and see what happens.


By the end of the day the entire school was buzzing with excitement about the notes. That was quick.

Whispers were filling the hallways, wondering about the mystery person.

It frightened you a little bit, would you be able to leave letters now, or would everyone be watching you.

Suddenly your ears caught something that made your heart freeze.

“Did you hear? It was Thomas Jefferson leaving the notes to Alex!”


You had to be hearing wrong. Did he take credit for your doings?

You ran to go find Alex, only to see him making heart eyes at Jefferson.

Thomas looked up at you and smirked. He had known all along, and now you were paying for it.

Tears ran down your face, and you took off for home.


You spent that night penning down your thoughts onto a sheet of paper.

You weren’t good at confrontation, and there was no one else to help you figure out what to do.

My dearest Alexander,

Do not believe what people have told you. Jefferson is not the one that has been leaving you these notes.

I am too afraid to tell you who I am. It makes me anxious and all I can do is admire you from afar.

If you want to be with Jefferson there is nothing that I can do to stop you. But you deserve to know the truth.

He is not the one that you fell in love with. He is not the one that stays up until three in the morning, writing these notes.

He is not the one who memorizes every aspect of your face and daydreams about the possibilities that we could have together.

He is not the one that leaves class everyday to deliver the notes to your locker. He is not the one that makes heart eyes at you from across the classroom.

He is not the one that you wanted.

But again, it is your choice. If you are happy with him, go to him. I will stay out of the way.

All I want is for you to be happy.

I will always be yours.

Goodbye Alexander. I love you.

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When Dipper said he wasn’t taking ford’s apprenticeship I screamed.I knew it was going to happen, but I still hoped that it wouldn’t.

I know that it’s meant to be a good thing. It’s meant to show that Dipper and Mabel are inseparable, and that they have ultimately overcome what set Stan and Ford apart.

But this this ‘solution’ to their fight is basically the equivalent of Ford skipping out on a fantastic opportunity, his dream college, in order to make Stan happy. It’s not even a compromise, it’s just Dipper giving in again.

Of course, Mabel did say that if he really wanted, Dipper could take the apprenticeship. After he had just said that he wouldn’t, in order to make sure Mabel left the Bubble with him. Going back on that now would make that whole fluffy speech seem brittle.

The thing is, even if it’s not what the creators really mean, this ending implies that this is the correct choice. Somehow it has become a choice of dreams vs family when it shouldn’t have. Following your dreams doesn’t make you a villain, it doesn’t mean you chose them over your family. Ford deserved to go to an amazing college and have an amazing future. Dipper deserves to have his every dream come true and study the mysteries of the universe with a relative he genuinely connects with.

Fandom never should have made it seem like it was one or the other, because it never had to be. Stan and Ford’s situation was just a disaster of miscommunication and mistakes. It didn’t have to turn out that way. Dipper never chose his dreams over Mabel, because could you ever see them cutting off contact? He never saw Mabel and his dreams as mutually exclusive.

But Mabel did. (And some parts of fandom cause parallels I guess)

I mean, look at how happy the goobers are to play with someone.

Is it really so shocking that Ford would offer to teach Dipper, when Dipper loves the supernatural so much and might be the first actual friend he’s had in years? Dipper and Ford would have been so excited, solving the mysteries of the universes with a friend just as passionate as themselves

But as soon as Mabel finds out about this, she asks ‘But what about me, huh?’. I know it was a bad day for her, she’s twelve and she is really afraid of growing up, but does that mean she gets to ask this? Well of course she get’s to ask but should she? She’s asking him to give up something incredibly important to him and put her first. Again. And by now she should know that he always does.

In Time Travellers Pig, he puts her over his desire to spend the day with his crush Wendy, because she gets so upset over her pig that she sulks for weeks(as a joke for the audience tho). It’s not a bad thing, she lost Waddles helping Dipper. It’s just that it starts a trend. If she needles or sulks enough, Dipper gives in.

The Deep End. Dipper puts Mabel’s crush over his crush + his summer job

Sock Opera. Dipper puts Mabel’s crush of the week over something he really cares about, the mysteries of gravity falls. And then Mabel asks for more. More help after days of him helping her after she promised to help him.

And then Mabel puts her crush over Dipper ‘Can’t we wait till after the show?

And does so again. Even if just for a second, she gave up what they thought was dipper’s one shot at getting his body back. She put her crush over Dipper’s life and his most precious possession.

And now we have Mabel’s desires on display in the bubble prison, and what do we get? Dippy Fresh, a ‘back-up’ brother that supports her. Wow, a tad hypocritical there.

And now it’s all come down to this. Mabel refused to leave the bubble until Dipper gave in. Maybe this will change next episode, and Mabel will actually encourage him to do what he wants.

But even if she does, he’ll say no, because that would go against the lesson they just taught. A lesson I don’t agree with. It shouldn’t be dreams vs family, and family should never force you to make that decision.

Hugo Weasley Headcanons

•Hugo is incredibly smart, just like his mother and sister.
•He’s decent at quidditch, but never bothers to go for the team.
•He has bright auburn hair, a beautiful mixture of his mum and dad.
•His eyes are a mixture of both also, stunningly blue with flecks of muddy brown.
•He’s a proud Gryffindor
•Destined to be a prefect
•Hugo is incredibly excellent at charms & transfiguration
•But he loves magical creatures studies because his Uncle Charlie let him ride a dragon when he was eight.
•The following Christmas he got a toy Swedish Short-Snout he named Ricky
•Hugo loves to study to the sounds of classical music in his favorite giant worn chair by the fire in the common room when it’s late
•He won’t admit it, but he’s jealous of how easy it is for Rose to make friends.
•He’s glad he has Lily Luna as friend though, and lucky to have a fellow Gryffindor named Penelope Star as a friend.
•(Penelope is a muggle born like his mum. She prefers to go by Penny or Pen.)
•Hugo gets easily frustrated in potions despite his amazing brains and has Albus tutor him. Albus is brilliant at potions.
•Hugo loves days off so he can dress in his soft, ripped jeans & Chudly Canons sweatshirt.
•He spends days off with Lily & Penny by the black lake or in the astronomy tower.
•Hugo loves adventure though, despite his quiet nature. Sometimes James & Fred can lure him into a bit of mischief.
•Hugo has anger issues, usually triggered when he can’t keep up with his studies.
•He often gets bloodied knuckles from punching walls, & Rose or Lily are the only ones who can calm him down.
•They wrap him in a blanket and run their fingers through his locks while telling him stories about their parents childhood.
•Hugo particularly loves the one about Fred & George flying into the middle of an O.W.L.S exam and setting off fireworks.
•He’s only had one bad episode.
•It was his second year and he was close to failing a potions assignment. He broke the vials against the wall & Albus had to hold him as he thrashed.
•He accidentally got Albus really hard in the jaw, & couldn’t look at him for two weeks as the bruise yellowed & purpled. Albus never blamed him.
•Rose slept with Hugo for a while after that.
•When Hugo was little he found a compass in their field. He keeps it in his pocket because it reminds him of his mom’s time turner.
•Hugo hopes to be a dragon keeper like Charlie.

You know what I want? More content where younger Tony actually goes to his classes, engages with professors and pays attention during lectures. Yes, Tony is a super genius and I’m sure that there are plenty of times when he zones out because he understands things so damn quickly, but I feel like sometimes we forget how thirsty for knowledge Tony is. He skipped a bunch of grades, went to MIT when he was incredibly young… he must have reached a level where he was at least semi challenged by his classes. I mean, being a genius doesn’t mean that he came preprogrammed with all the information he would ever need. 

I want to see Tony meeting his profs at MIT, admiring them and being genuinely excited to learn from them. They are geniuses themselves, and have been in the field decades longer than Tony has even been alive. I want them to see the potential in Tony and pushing him by giving this mouthy, rich 16 year old hard questions and helping him figure them out. I want to see Tony cultivating his genius while also learning how to problem solve when he gets to a problem he can’t figure out right away. I want to see Tony stumped, having to go to his professors and ask them questions because hey, he’s a genius, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. I want Tony learning that his intelligence is a tool that he has to learn how to use properly, and that he didn’t come equipped with all of the answers to everything. Maybe it takes a little while for him to adjust to not being the person with the most knowledge in the room, but it quickly becomes his goal to absorb all of the knowledge that he can from everyone he meets. I want Tony who just loves learning, and yeah, sometimes he’ll meet an asshole who he knows he’s smarter than, and he gets a kick out of showing them up… but ultimately he has respect for other academics, and once he’s in a university setting, he starts to learn that he can benefit so much from all of the great minds around him. 

Tony being a total nerd, sitting near the front during every lecture and committing every word the prof has to say to his memory. Yeah, he read the whole textbook in a few nights, but listening to lectures helps give him perspectives on things that he can’t get out of a book. He learns by putting up his hand and asks questions. He probably voluntarily asks for more extra and more challenging assignments… not for extra credit, just for fun. 

Yes, Tony is a genius, and he blows his professors away when he sits down with a problem and refuses to stop trying until he figures it out (and then he figures it out in record time), or when he points out flaws in their research, or helps them work out the kinks in a problem they’ve been working on for years. He’s amazing. His brain astounds everyone. He can easily keep up with profs who have been experts for 30+ years. He runs circles around the other students without breaking a sweat. Even so, he’s there to learn… he does it with gusto and gets straight A+’s, but it’s not without any effort on his part.

Like, it’s totally understandable that we all fall into the “Tony gets bored and skips all his classes because they’re too easy” trope… but I’d love to see Tony facing some intellectual roadblocks, and having to fight his way through them. I just really want to see more of Tony approaching the learning process head on and absolutely decimating it, but not without having to stop at a few detours along the way. His genius is a gift and he is smart to the point where it astounds people who have been called geniuses their whole lives, but his drive and desire for knowledge give him the momentum to actually put that natural genius to use. In the end, that’s really his key to success. 

((This was not the design I was expecting to make for Tastee-Freeze but here you go you crazy kids, instead of a flannel-wearing dork you get wisdom doge.  Honestly, the engineers were probably planning on making him more human too and treat him as a serious test subject but then some engineer named Carol suggested they made Tastee-Freez a dog.  At first the other engineers were like “What??  A dog can’t run an ice cream shop!”  and then a video of a cucumber-serving dog in Japan proved them wrong and they decided to just make Tastee-Freez a total joke.

Honestly, Tastee-Freez’s existence is mildly upsetting because of the way they built him. Firstly, he has no mouth - TF is involuntarily mute.  Secondly, they decided to fill his brain with amazing problem solving skills so that anytime a problem arises, his computer brain would come of with hundreds of possible solutions but because he can’t speak, he’s stuck just watching the other idiot bots trying and failing to solve it when the answer seems so obvious to him.  He also has dog paws which make it nearly impossible to grip anything and be able to write.  He is also constantly patronized as people treat him like a dog when honestly, he is just as “human” as any of the other bot but he just happened to be stuck in this ridiculous body.  

None of the other bots really knew Tastee-Freez to be as intelligent as he was and they never will.  Tastee-Freez became incredibly frustrated by the inability to communicate and soon felt very isolated.  Because of this, he fell into a depression and stopped opening up his shop to serve customers, causing his business to fail.  This was only a few years into the experiment and the other bots weren’t really too worried about much and kinda just did their own thing.  They hadn’t had contact with their engineers since they were given their shops on Technocolor Avenue and told to just do whatever they can to stay in business. 

 But suddenly one day a van drove into the Avenue and four lab-coated engineers stepped out.  Most of the bots went to eagerly greet them and show them what they’ve done but Tastee-Freez didn’t even know the van had arrived as he was just curled up on the floor of his shop wallowing in sadness.  The engineers made some brief, patronizing acknowledgements of the other bots’s existence and marched off to Tastee-Freez’s shop.  Once they arrived on the scene (with a sizable crowd of curious bots following them) they knocked on the door requesting entry.  When no response was heard, they asked Big to politely knock down the door.  Big obliged, first lightly knocking on the door again and telling Freez that they are coming in to check on him and he’ll pay him back for the door later, before knocking the door in with his foot.  Freez looked up meekly at the engineers - being the only bot to know what would happen next after being cursed with the gift of knowledge with no ability to share it.

One of the engineers pulled a small, silver button from out of their coat pocket and as soon as the button was hit, some light sparks left his body as the light dimmed from Freez’s eyes and his body went limp onto the floor.  The other bots were confused and a little concerned about what they just saw.  Big placed his hand lightly on one of the engineer’s shoulders and asked what they used to relax Freez like that - not wanting to assume the worst.  Without answering the question, the engineer swiftly pulled out a taser and gave Big a good zap that sent him stumbling back a few feet and then looking back at the engineers with fear and confusion.  The bots murmured to themselves as the engineers began approaching Freez’s body.  

Finally, one pulled out a small tool kit and began carefully disassembling Freez into pieces.   Kaleidoscoops (One of the ice cream kids I still have to draw) screamed out of fear for the engineers to leave Freez alone.  The engineers looked like ants taking apart the body of a dead animal to them.  Kaleidoscoops looked around at the other bot (including Big) who were all frozen with terror.  At last, after pleading for the other bots to do something but to no avail, Kaleidoscoops - feeling a rush of bravery - ran at the engineers at full speed preparing to tackle them away from Freez’s body.  One of the other engineers pulled out another silver button, aimed it at Kaleidoscoops and with a quick click, Kaleidoscoops crashed to the floor - just as limp, motionless, and dead-eyed as Freez.  

The engineers pulled Freez apart and put his separate components in little shiny bags and began their work on Kaleidoscoops.  Dewar - still just as terrified and speechless as the other bots - began motioning the other bots to leave the scene with him.  He tugged on Big’s shirt (who still had not moved a muscle since the engineer shocked him) and told him it’d be best they go.  So with heavy hearts and bodies stiff with fear, the bots made their way back to their own shops - Big carrying the stragglers.  Later it would be discovered that one of the last acts of Freez was to scribble down what he could concerning the plans of the engineers and Technocolor Avenue.  It is only thanks to Freez that the bots now know about Operation Technocolor and the dire consequences that face them if they don’t stay in business or dare to stand against the engineers.  Freez was a good dog. ~ Magpie mun ))

There’s this one boy in my economy class and I’m so amazed by his brain. He literally has answer to everything, when it’s not even economy related. It was nice to meet that young fellow before he grows up to be something great.


You know what I wanna see in season two? I wanna see Raphael being smart, like scarily intelligent. This is someone who was turned really young but immediately found himself in a position of power (first second in command and now clan leader) but to do that he must be so smart, so clever and he’s probably so resourceful too. Let’s not forget that he can probably talk circles around all the other leaders at meetings to get what he wants and he’s literally made a name for himself in the downworld even though he’s younger than most of the immortals in it.

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So I really feel like Stiles' silence in the pool scene in response to Derek saying "I don't trust you, you don't trust me" and that he was only holding Derek up so he could fight off the kanima, was very telling. I have always read that as Stiles thinking "But thats not true" and hes actually sad about Derek saying that and it kinda breaks my heart :( Ughh now Im sad!

Callie (calicokat-teenwolf) actually broke this scene down recently and as always, the visuals Zhe catches are amazing. Because Stiles’s face actually runs through a whole range of emotions in that scene. He’s hurt, because he does trust Derek and he’s upset because he thought that Derek trusted him, and then he’s angry.

Callie’s screencaps really capture it- when Stiles drops Derek, he doesn’t simply let him go, he actually shoves him away. He’s furious. And it’s not like he needed to push away from Derek- Derek’s paralyzed. He couldn’t hold on to Stiles. So, no, it’s anger. Stiles has been misunderstood from day 1. That’s his whole life- him talking about all the amazing things his brain is churning out and people staring at him blankly (or laughing at him). It’s his venerable spot

After all, no one likes being misunderstood, but for Stiles it’s happened so many times, and Derek IS someone who he trusts, someone that Stiles hoped understood him. (And honestly, Derek does understand Stiles, probably better than anyone else. His brilliant brain has been working on the Stiles puzzle since he climbed into the police car with him. But Derek has his own issues, and that was what made him say what he did.

Meanwhile, Stiles knows they are in danger. He’s already feeling how much work it is to keep 200 lbs of muscle above water, and he’s afraid he can’t do it. To have Derek lash out at him like this cuts deep and yeah, in his hurt he flings Derek’s ‘little werewolf ass’ away. 

And what happens? (warning, this is going to get sad) He races to call Scott- his friend, his brother, the guy who’s he’s helped so many times- and Scott hangs up on him. Derek’s words might have made Stiles angry, but Scott just guts him. He drops the phone and haul Derek back up to the surface, because it’s all on him now. There’s no Calvary coming. Stiles, puny, human(ish) Stiles has to save the day.  No wonder he looks like he’s going to cry as he’s struggling to keep Derek and himself afloat. He probably would, be he can’t waste the energy.

And Stiles finds his heart that day. In that huge, broken, angry hunk of werewolf, Stiles finds something that he needs, and that needs him. He doesn’t understand it. He can’t even process it. But it’s significant that Stiles holds Derek above the water, even as he’s sinking. Giving Derek his last second of strength.

Is it any wonder that Derek is totally flatlined when Stiles, who should be hurt and broken and pulling away (after all, that’s all Derek’s known for a long time) instead sticks up for him, saying the Kanima is an abomination, and Derek isn’t. 

There’s a reason the Pool scene is so important. And its worth noting that both Hoechlin and O’Brien have said it was their faverite scene of the season. 

8 - Chris Wood

[Imagine meeting Chris]


“No.” I whine, as the taxi passes me.

I sigh, running my hand through my knotted and wet hair. I’m late for work, I overslept, my cars dead and its raining.

Heavy raining.

I shake my head, lifting my hood up from my hoodie which is underneath my jacket. I had no time for an actual outfit, so I grabbed whatever came into mind.

Plus I missed breakfast and I’m starving.

Shaking my head, I gasp as a cold essence of even more water drenches my side. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I groan, yelling harsh names to the driver.

Great, now I’m not only ten minutes late, I’m half coated in dirty water.

I wipe off the dirt from my cheek, adjusting my bag on my back before I stuff my hands in my pockets.

It’s at least a half an hour walk to my work, which is a simple coffee shop. I have to pay for my college funds.

My life is horrible.


“Y/N, only an hour late.” My boss, Jackie, tells me. She raises a brow as glances from her watch.

I roll my eyes. “I know, I got caught up.”


“Ok, I overslept again.”

Jackie sighs, shaking her head at me letting her dark brown locks swing past her face.

“When will you ever learn, Y/N?”

I shrug. “Hey, last night was Containment. I regret nothing.” I say, taking off my jackets.

Jackie laughs and I grin, going to the back. I put away my jackets and bag and fixed my clothes, well it was an old top that hung off one shoulder and some leggings.

My leggings had dried from the rain but I smelt of rain and dirt. I cringe, spraying myself with my spray before I redo my hair into a messy bun.

Leaving, I tie up my apron as I go to my till awaiting customers. “Oh, Y/N.” I hum to Jackie.


“You’re working late tonight, I’ve got plans.”


“But you were late.” She interrupts, smugly.

I roll my eyes. “Can this day get any better?” I mutter, running my hand down my face.


Humming to my favourite song that plays through my earphones, I rock my head back and forth as I clean the table.

Standing up straight, I pick up the tray and sing along as I put away the tray before going to the front again.

“Oh, sorry we’re closed.” I say, seeing a guy sit at the table.

He has a baseball cap on so I can’t see his face. I sigh as he doesn’t reply and take out my earphones setting the down with my phone.

I walk around to him, tapping his shoulder. “Excuse me, dude. We’re shut.” I repeat.

He doesn’t reply and I groan with annoyance. “Hey, dude. We’re-”

I stop myself after I see his face and purse my lips together. “I’m sorry what?” He asks, taking out his own earphones.

Oh my god!


Oh my god, fucking Chris Wood is here!!!!

Ok, Y/N act normal.

I blink to reality. “Oh, did you want anything?” I ask, fighting my inter fangirl that is screaming.

Chris smiles his smile that makes my heart melt. “Just a simple coffee please.”

I nod. “Course.”

My heart bashing against my chest as I make his coffee. My hands tremble from excitement as I steal a small glance off him.

Chris is on his phone, completely zoned in.

“Oh my god.” I mouth, looking down as I finish the coffee.

“Act normal.” I mumble under my breath before I go and give him his coffee.

“Uhh….here.” I hold out his drink, cringing at myself.

Chris grins, taking the cup. “Thanks.”

I smile, walking back to the till. I look around, before I doodle on my notepad.

I still can’t believe, Chris Wood, the real and amazing hot Chris Wood is here.

“Excuse me.” I zap into reality looking up to Chris, praying I’m not blushing.

“Sorry.” I awkwardly laugh. “Did you want anything else?”

Chris shakes his head. “No, I just need to pay.”

I nod. “Right.”

He laughs and I smile at his cute laugh. Chris hands me the money and I thank him.


He can’t leave.

“Wait.” I blurt out, my hand goes over my mouth as I cringe.

Smooth Y/N, really smooth.

Chris turns around, his eyebrows raised. “Yeah?”

What have I done?

“Do I know you from somewhere?” I ask, trying not let it slip I’ve watched everything he has been in.

Chris smiles, shaking his head. “Maybe, depends.”

“Ok.” I bite my lip, acting as if I’m thinking. Soon I look to him. “Wait….”

He laughs. “You were on the show, Vampire Diaries right?” I ask.

He nods. “I was.”

I smile. “That’s right, Kai, right?” He nods and I smile more. “Oh, well is it bad to say I laughed as you died?”

Chris laughs and I giggle a little. “It’s fine, it was a different death.”

“It was, but on a whole I did the character Kai. He interested me.”

Chris seemed a little confused. “How so?”

I shrug. “The way he acted, the way he thought. It was interesting how his brain worked.”

“So you’ve interested in mental health?” Chris asks, a little impressed.

I shrug. “I study psychology, the human brain is a big mystery to me.”

“That’s really cool.” He grins, taking a step closer.

Yes, stay Chris Wood.

“It is, ever since I could even remember I’ve always wondered about people. Why do they do this? What is making them believe that?” I tell him, resting my head on my hand.

Chris nods. “So the character Kai, his brain was…”

“Amazing.” I finish, grinning. “I mean, he was driven into madness of course by his family.”

“He was.”

“But what happened in his brain to cause it?”

Chris smiles. “You’re right, I’m sorry what’s your name?”

“Y/F/N.” I answer, smiling.

He nods, holding out his hand that I shake. My body tingling as I’m touching Chris Wood’s hand.

“Chris.” He tells me. “Or I guess you already knew.”

I laugh. “Kinda.”

He laughs, and reaches in pocket for something. Chris takes out a small piece of paper and burrows my pen.

“What’s this?” I ask, as he hands me something.

“An opportunity for us to meet again.” Chris winks to me before he leave the store.

I squeal, opening it and gasp at the message.

It’s his number.

I have Chris Wood’s number!!!!!


[New imagine, hope you enjoy it and comment any requests]


30 Day Manga Challenge day 03 – your favorite mangaka
Togashi Yoshihiro

In Japan, some of the most ardent fans of a particular show/person/manga/etc. who will go to any length to defend the object of their fannishness are called 信者 (shinja), meaning “believers”. (Um, yeah, I just realized that’s about the same naming convention as “Beliebers”. I guess devoted fans seem almost religious all over the world?) I’m not even ashamed to say that I’m a Togashi shinja. I don’t even care what he does, I plainly adore his work and I’m constantly in awe of the weird, amazing stuff that comes out of his weird, amazing brain.

I don’t care what people say about his work ethic or art style. I love the way Yu Yu Hakusho degenerated towards the end, it’s one of the most interesting aspects of the work and elevates it to almost a meta-fictional level. Level E is a masterpiece of modern manga, probably one of the best shonen manga of the 90s, and you have no excuse to not read it. Hunter x Hunter is the best series that’s not running in Jump (potshot).

Togashi’s ideas are always original and leaves you wondering how the hell he even comes up with this stuff; the way he structures his plots and storylines are entirely unpredictable but always satisfying, leaving you with the feeling that he could not have done it any other way; and his characters are fleshed-out and seem so human even if they only appear for a few chapters, because he’s committed to getting across their personal motivations and emotional truths to the reader (even when those motivations and emotions are fucked up). He doesn’t have the best work ethic, no, but the passion and dedication he puts into his work in order to make it the best it can be is always palpable to me.

I sound pretty creepy even to myself, but Togash is just perfect, okay???


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Ok i just looked back at the supers!au and i just realized that Eren can only turn gravity on and off. I thought it was telekinetic power of some sort. Oops. Have you thought of powers for any of the other snks? :o

I actually haven’t though at least the titan shifters also have powers. I think Erwin and Levi are government supers. Mikasa and Levi have fire powers because those are badass. Erwin has professor X like powers because of his amazing brain. But other than that I haven’t really considered so if anyone has suggestions they are most welcome :D

As for Eren, his powers extend beyond turning gravity on and off and his powers are considered one of the most powerful and dangerous. He can manipulate the gravity of objects as large as a cruise ships (that was the biggest thing he could find to manipulate without causing too much trouble) and he can control gravity of an area (like a ceiling, causing everything to fall upward). He can increase or reduce gravity. He doesn’t like to increase gravity too often or too much because the chances of it going wrong and him killing someone are high. He has actually accidentally killed people that way, because gravity around him increases when he becomes overly emotional.

  • Hannibal: *pines over will*
  • Hannibal: *talks to literally everyone about will*
  • Hannibal: *kills a guy who looks kinda like will*
  • Hannibal: *draws will*
  • Hannibal: *probably dreams about will*
  • Will: Hi i came back to you
  • Hannibal: *Drugs Will then attempts to cut his skull open while he's still alive to eat his brains raw*
Easiest way to justify continuity errors to yourself while watching the show:

All continuity errors we’ve seen since the end of 3x22 from events that took place PRIOR to 3x22 can be all be explained by Killian and Emma messing with the timeline.

It didn’t change any major events in their lives, but minor ones (like in continuity errors) are now easily explained via the butterfly effect

You’re welcome, fandom.

Writing Desk

Harry groaned and let his forehead hit the desk as Mr. Binns continued to drone on and on and on about the History of Magic. Honestly, it would probably be pretty interesting if Mr. Binns wants so bloody boring.

He sat up again when he felt the very sharp elbow, that of course belonged to Hermione, dig into his side. He instead decided to doodle on his desk and pretend he was taking notes. Hermione just rolled her eyes and went back to actually taking notes while Harry doodled.

Actually he would doodle on his desk all the time, but ever time he came back to class, his desk had been spelled clean. He thought it was the house elves, but some of the other desks had a bit of graffiti on them, so he did wonder why it was only his desk that was spelled clean every day.

The next time he walked into History of Magic and sat down, he was prepared to start doodling on his freshly cleaned desk again, but instead of it being clean, right in the middle of his desk was scrawled in very elegant script, ‘Stop drawing on my desk.’

Harry snorted and pulled out his wand to spell it clean, earning him an approving glance from Hermione that quickly became a scowl when he dipped his quill in ink and scrawled back to the other mystery owner of the desk, 'It’s my desk too.’

'Maybe, but your drawing suck, and so does your hand writing. Haven’t you ever used a quill?’

This was the new message on his desk the next time he came in. He knew he probably should be offended by this, but seeing it written in the elegant script of his mystery pen-pal just made him laugh. He spelled the desk clean and then went to reply.

'Only for the last 5 years, but yes I have in fact used a quill. Your handwriting is very nice.’

After that message, it took a few weeks for his pen-pal to write him back. At first Harry was a bit bummed, but then just thought that the other person was probably shy.

This time though when he walked in, he saw on his desk, in that perfect script, the entire alphabet and the message, 'Stop doodling on my desk. Practice your handwriting, it’s still an eyesore. You can use mine for practice.’

Harry smiled and sat down, spending the entire class mimicking the alphabet the other had left and writing random nonsense for practice.

'Better. I almost don’t want to spell out my eyes every time I look at it now.’

Was the, probably, compliment from the other.

'Thank you, it’s really helping. I’m sure the professors appreciate it too.’

Harry tapped his quill against the desk and decided to change the subject from his horrible-but-improving handwriting.

'Hey do you like Quidditch? What’s your favorite team? I like the Bulgarian team, their seeker is pretty cool.’

And so it went for a few months, Harry now really looked forward to going to History of Magic, just so he could talk to his pen pal. They talked about just about anything mundane, nothing personal though because they really weren’t the only ones who sat at these desks.

He found that he really got along with this person. Whomever it was had a bit of an attitude and was very snarky, but Harry found that it meshed well with his sarcasm and general dry humor. At this point he was almost starting to enjoy sitting and scribbling on his desk more than hanging out with Ron. His handwriting had even improved immensely, it wasn’t the same as the script of his friend, but that was because he had made it his own.

There was just one thing that was really bothering him about this whole ordeal, he had no idea who he was talking to. The only thing he (probably) knew was that the other person was a male. Though he only thought that from the nature of conversation.

Harry decided he was going to fix that, and break the unwritten “no personal information” rule.

'What is your name?’

It had now, again, been a few weeks and he hadn’t heard anything from his pen pal, even after the few scribbled apologies. The Gryfindor in him was roaring now, he needed to know!

He decided, in his amazing scheming brain (that had not yet thought of this) to show up for class extra early, and see if he could catch the person who was at his desk. Of course he had no way of knowing if his mystery friend was in the class just before his, but if it wasn’t him then he would just show up at all the other classes until he figured it out!

He wasn’t a stalker, really.


Harry got to the classroom just as all the other students were filing out, and he tried to push his way through the tide to maybe catch the person at his desk. By the time he made it through, however, there was only one other person in the room, staring at his desk with a contemplative look and his wand out.

“Malfoy!” He said, shocked and storming forward, “what in Merlin’s name are you doing to my de–”

He stopped short when his desk came into view, and the elegant script of his friend was once again on the desk

'Draco Malfoy’

Malfoy spluttered upon seeing Harry, “Your desk!?”

Harry took a deep breath before answering. He hated Malfoy, but he just got on so great with his desk friend! Maybe they were one in the same person, and he and Harry were just not able to get past their first impressions of each other in first year.

Malfoy had started to back away when Harry took too long to answer but stopped short when Harry suddenly stuck out his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Harry Potter.”

He stared at Harry’s hand for a couple of minutes, then he grasped it and shook his hand.

“Draco Malfoy.”

biting is usually synonymous with playfulness, but tail biting indicates mating fondness and dominance

so to just come up and start nibbling on another dragons tail is just naughty


…this is an excellent headcanon fuck I need to write it down.

No seriously that’s a whole of nlandlnélnén yes you dumb bog scaly doofusfaces please proceed with nibbles.

Okay you really draw Karkat’s, Wildclawey, feathery crest + horns most awesomely! John looks like he’s achieved maximum limp noodleness