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An actual interaction I had last night

Me: new rule. no more spongebob quotes in bed

Boy: :^) *opens mouth*


Boy: …

Boy: …yes Mrs.Puff

Headcanon: The first time Widowmaker and Reaper met following their both being in Talon wasn’t the first time they’d officially met. However, it didn’t mean they liked each other any more. 

Widowmaker & Reaper © Blizzard

Artwork © Branded-Rose

I will live and die on the avowed-Anglophile-Dirk-Gently train, but I also think it would be hilarious if it turns out that he has no real opinions on tea? Or that he’s absolutely shit at making it?

He’ll either take the teabag out after ten seconds or he’ll overbrew it by leaving it in for fifteen minutes.He can’t taste the difference between Earl Grey and English Breakfast. He adds milk to green tea, and sugar to chai. He assumes that tea works the same as coffee and adds every single flavoured syrup under the sun. Todd and Farah are beside themselves trying to brew tea properly (”he’s from England, he probably has tea in his veins”) and Dirk’s happily sitting in his wheely chair taking shots of something lukewarm and vaguely medicinal that he threw in the microwave.

One time he throws a handful of leaves from Todd’s cupboard into the kettle and drinks the results, and that’s how the rest of the agency end up discovering what boiled parsley water tastes like (”the universe did not bloody well want us poisoned, Dirk!”).

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Hi dear, I'd like to know what do you think about crowley's arc of this season and the decision to cut him out the show. I think that crowley didn't have a personal storyline this season. All the personal stories were poor but crowley was as insignificant as his death. Thanks!

Hey anon!

Hmmm, I think I have to agree and disagree with you on this one. Much like with Castiel as I just talked about in the previous ask I responded to, I feel the show had Crowley tread the same waters for a while. With him however I feel the show may not have earned itself an emmy for their arc, but I feel it was still more consitent than it was for Castiel.

I personally think that actually none of the main characters, no matter if Dean, Sam, Cas or Crowley had particularly well executed or developed personal storyline this season. And I guess that Mark Sheppard - and this is me speculating here based on Mark’s tweets and stuff - was unhappy with the writing or lack of focus and story for Crowley, which is why I think the reason that Crowley died was due to him maybe saying “goodbye” and not the show deciding to kill off the character. But again I have hardly been online and have no clue if there is more information on this topic that I simply don’t know about.

But to look at Crowley from within the narrative and his arc, I have to say - while I agree with the first part of your ask saying that Crowley didn’t have a very decided personal story and that those that were done were executed rather poorly - I do disagree quite a bit with the sentiment that Crowley’s death was insignificant. Could they have explored and wrapped up and better explained and worked on Crowley’s decision leading up to his decision to scarifice himself over the course of the season: Absolutely. But if I look at Crowley’s overreaching arc spanning from S8 to S12, then I think the send off that was given to Crowley was a beautiful one, because it followed a clear narrative path and also showed a great deal of growth and character development.

From the moment Crowley re-connected with his humanity in late S8 and his wish to “be loved” and accepted and wanted and needed has been an integral part of his whole story. His growing humanity was highlighted In S9 with Dean losing his humanity (and I have to say I absolutely adored the Den and Crowley dynamic in S9 and S10). When Crowley turned Dean into a demon that wasn’t just because - like he tried with Lucifer in S12, which is where the cycle closes - he wanted to be accepted and seen as powerful. With Dean he imo in all honesty he wanted and longed for something like human connection and friendship as well. That whole thing was re-explored and further built on when Rowena was introduced and his relationship with her and his wish to “be loved” got re-explored and put under the microspcope even more. We had a few quite powerful and amazing Dean and Crowley scenes showcasing Crowley’s “going soft”, “wanting more” and wanting something else than he had. But he never was able to get any of that, instead he reverted back, but only on the surface. Crowley was changed after the cure and he remained so. He went back to being the King but it was just something he did, he was going through the motions, but not feeling it. The past two season were a testament to how jaded he was and how he looked for a reason to keep going here and there but in the end it all was hollow, because none of what he did - whether it was trying tocontrol Amara or Lucifer - could fill the hole within. Sure, he was more friend than foe with the Winchesters and even though they fought side by side, it must have always been strikingly clear to him that he could never be a part of that life as Cas is for example (and I am talking simple friendship here).

So keeping all that in mind I don’t think Crowley’s death was insiginficant or meaningless, in fact to me it was one of the most emotional death of the season finale. I personally always thought that at some point - much like Castiel - Crowley would ask Sam and Dean to cure him in order to close the Gates of Hell (which was kind of what I think he had in mind had they not needed one person to sacrifice themselves for the spell), because demon life was no longer something that gave him something, he craved something else and I think he also identified with something else. So to me when Crowley told Sam and Dean “Bye boys” it was a very fitting resolution to his story starting in S8. He started out a demon who - much like Meg - fell in “love” with humanity again and in the end died to protect it and the people he cared about.

And that is why I am actually rather sad they cut Crowley’s line

“Even when I lose, I win.”

that now is part of Mark Sheppard’s t-shirt thing, because damn does it ever hurt and sum it all up in a nutshell: Because yes, Crowley may have lost where Lucifer is concerned, but in the end he won, because he managed to feel and experience something that Lucifer never has: Love. So even when he himself wasn’t loved, he on his end experienced love (or deeep care) again, a very human emotion and that - being human - on SPN has always been portrayed as a gain and never a loss…

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What do you think about Yuzuru's and Shoma's choice of music for next season?

ride or die, bros that recycle together stay together

i mean, we don’t know what yuzuru’s fs is yet, but i’m not excited for him to bring ballade back for a third season, even if it’s a good program. i think he already did everything he could with it. maybe he could change the music cuts, tweak the choreo…but it’s still the same piece of music and if you’re going to spend time rechoreographing it, why not just make another program to different music instead? but considering that so many other skaters are also recycling old programs for the olympics, it’s…a strategy, i guess. not really a strategy i approve of, but that’s just me. i hope his fs will be new, at least.

shoma picked some of the warhorsiest warhorses, which means he has to work that much harder to overcome my trepidation. four seasons has the potential to be good, i like the little bits we’ve seen of it so far. (it also helps that even though there are 34636354 four seasons programs, i don’t like/remember most of them, so the bar is already set low for me.) i hope he’s going for a darker interpretation, that might be interesting. turandot is…well, he already confirmed it will have new music cuts and new choreo and essentially be a different program from the first, so i’ll wait and see how it goes. not excited about this choice either, but again, it seems to be the prevalent strategy for next season. he says he wants to show how much he’s grown by using it again, but i’m afraid that it might be seen as a step backwards instead.

basically, i’ll give the programs a chance, but i think both skaters are capable of more than this.

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What would it be like after sarumi started dating, yatas mom insisted them coming over for a few days. And when they arive, momsaki hugs misaki and says "my son" with so much love and then w/o hesitation she hugs saru and says "my other son" with just as much love. saru & misaki's reaction?

I could almost see Yata’s mom doing that even if Fushimi and Yata weren’t dating, she clearly thinks highly of Fushimi when he’s just Yata’s friend and I think she probably has some idea of that fact that Fushimi hasn’t got much in the way of a real family. When Yata tells her that he and Fushimi are dating now she’s probably not very surprised, like she knows Yata’s had a crush on Fushimi since middle school and it’s about time those two finally got together. Yata’s still a little nervous about bringing Fushimi home though, like his mom seemed fine with it when he talked to her on the phone but who knows how she’ll be in person. Fushimi’s a little nervous too even though he’s not admitting to it, obviously there’s no point in telling his own mother (since they haven’t even talked in years) and now he’s suddenly meeting Yata’s mom not as Yata’s best friend but as Yata’s boyfriend and he’s not entirely certain that Yata’s mom won’t be upset by him somehow.

Then they get to Yata’s house and his mom greets Yata with a hug before turning to Fushimi and calling him her son too. I think Fushimi would just immediately stiffen in surprise, like his body has this automatic visceral reaction to someone calling him their son (particularly in a sincere manner, not mocking like Niki would be or cold like Kisa). Yata’s mom just strokes his hair and tells him that she’s glad to have him as part of the family. That’s when Yata finds his voice and is all embarrassed as he’s like ‘mom we haven’t gotten married yet what the hell’ and Yata’s mom just laughs and teases him a bit, like Saruhiko was in our house enough growing up what’s wrong with me calling him my son too. Yata would probably accept it pretty readily after that and in particular I can see both him and his mom smiling all fondly at Fushimi, who’s trying to recover himself and act like he doesn’t care what Yata’s mom calls him even though he’s obviously really touched. Also imagine Yata’s mom telling him that regardless of his relationship to Yata, even if they decide it doesn’t work and break up some time down the road, Yata’s mom will always think of Fushimi as part of their family. That really gets to Fushimi too, having grown up with no family and now besides Scepter 4 and Homra here he’s got Yata’s family as well, with Yata’s mom fussing over him and treating him like a child, and even as he tries to act unaffected his voice is clearly shaking as he quietly thanks her.