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the depression's hit me with several non-functioning days at the worst part of the sem, any advice?

hi, hello. i know, from experience, that those days are the worst. it’s difficult when you need to do things, but you just can’t function. sometimes you even begin to hate yourself. don’t. during these times, practice self-care.

these are some things i would recommend when you feel the blues™:

  • change your sheets
  • get enough sleep
  • take a hot (or cold) shower
  • do a complete skin care routine
  • make your bed
  • clean up your desk
  • throw away the trash x get your laundry done
  • walk
  • run
  • run some more
  • better yet, take a hike
  • visit museums, look at art
  • buy flowers and put them in your room
  • be silent, clear your mind of any thought
  • unplug from social media
  • draw a self-portrait
  • laugh at memes
  • if you don’t play an instrument, listen to live music
  • sing/lip sync along to any music you want
  • free-write
  • make a list of beautiful things you’ve seen
  • make a list of all the places you’ll go to
  • compliment yourself
  • dress up really nicely
  • watch the sunset
  • go to the sea (you’re 60% water)
  • hold a hand
  • be silly
  • dance until you shatter yourself*

ETA: Get shit done, no matter now little you get done. Self-care is fighting back, one little step at a time.

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Question. How did you originally gain the confidence to start publishing your art? I've been trying to get back into drawing, but I'm having a hard time building up the confidence to even try, much less post anything. (I keep crying when I see my old art or try to draw new art because my friend, who is a freaking fantastic artist, insulted my work every chance she got) I admire your work very much, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

Hi nonnie. 

I think your friend has no right to insult your work, especially if she’s an artist herself…she’s supposed to be your friend??? I’m sorry you had to deal with that. 

I’m lucky in the fact that I never had a doubt whether to publish my art or not, it wasn’t an issue for me. Since I was a child I always drew things and gave them to people, I’d never heard of drawing solely for oneself, so naturally a lot of people got to see my bad art! (I now regret)

 Having someone bring your confidence down over your art is definitely an impediment, I mean even now I get super bummed when someone criticises my work and I get art blocked because of it. 

My advice to you is keep trying. Even the best artists started by drawing badly, and most of us have hidden from the world for a while to give ourselves time and healing in order to improve. 

Even if you have to draw in secret, just draw! Publishing something you poured your heart and soul into is scary, and you don’t really have to pressure yourself into doing it if you don’t want to. And if you do want to post your stuff, try not to over-think it! Just post it and have it done with, then you can start working on your next piece :D

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Hi Daddy. To get to my girlfriend it's a three and a half hour drive. As a closeted pan dating a closeted girl while we are both not yet adults, we can't see each other at all - all I want is her to be my date to my school formal, but she has stricter parents - they've never even met me. I hate having no control over this - I have OCD and in this situation with a total lack of control, hurts. I don't know how to get it back. Sorry to bother you, but please, any light shed here would help. <3

Hi there. Gosh I understand this. So is there any way you could contact the girl without both of your parents notecing? I don’t know how strict they are. I think it’s sad if people can’t talk to their parents for some reason when they have something on their mind. Anyway. I would try to contact her ans ask about the school formal, after having the answer you will have better control and can calm a little. About not being able to see each other, that’s hard because you life far apart. You have to think about it yourself. I don’t know how old either of you are and how the whole situation is. Please always consider that both of you have to be safe. I hope you can see each other soon and that everything works out. All the best to you

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Hi I need some advice. I'm trans and I need to tell my parents but I don't know how to. I don't know how they feel about transgender people and I don't want them to disown me cause I have no one else..

You could always test the waters by bringing up trans issues or mentioning a trans celebrity. That way, you can gauge their reaction. If they react negatively, I don’t think it would be safe for you to come out, but you know your situation the best.

As for coming ou, you can choose to write a letter or an email if you would rather not tell them face-to-face. It depends on whether you want time to figure out how to say what you want to say, and whether you want to be there to answer any questions they might have.

- Ray

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Im like 1000 years late but i have a question about the laurens lives au would philip still die? Like, maybe laurens had overheard hamilton tell philip his advice and is all like "yo thats a terrible fucking idea why dont u shoot him instead." And maybe philip doesnt get shot??? Idk

who knows!! maybe, maybe not! butterfly effect….mayb philip dies anyways

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Hi i just need this answer, how your advice if a writer not in mood to write? Have ideas but can't write it?

​If you aren’t in the mood to write, maybe don’t. Unless you’re on a deadline. Then get into the mood. Do whatever you have to.

Sometimes it helps to have a pre-writing routine. Make coffee. Grab a snack. Do a little dance. Anything. It can be as simple as walking the dog.

Also know that some days you won’t be in the mood. You won’t always feel like writing. Being able to embrace that might help you write even when you aren’t happy or inspired.

Try to build the habit of writing every day or writing frequently. If you can, you’ll find it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood to or not. Getting into a consistent routine primes your brain. So your mind might realize come 8 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon, it’s time to get to work. It’s time to write.

Set the mood even if you’re writing a certain sort of scene. Listen to a sad song to write a sad scene. Play upbeat music for a happier meeting between two characters.

If you have ideas and can’t write them, ask yourself why? What’s holding you back? Is it fear? Doubt?

Sometimes you just have to sit down, pick up a pen, and get something down on paper. So free-write. Journal. Switch off your internal editor. Tell him or her to shut up.

A dedicated physical space for writing could work wonders to get you into the mental writing space as well. Your office, the kitchen table, etc. You’ll likely find yourself writing just about everywhere. Still, having a home base is nice to have.

Crack open a book. And find a relevant or profound quote. Use it as inspiration. As a prompt. As a starting point. As a sentence stater.

Block out time for writing. Ideally during an hour or two in the day when you feel great. Maybe that’s right when you wake up or before you go to bed. Figure out yourself and when you write best. When you’re the most creative, most motivated.

Make goals. Small goals. Your dreams can be big and insane. But your goals need to be attainable. That way you’ll feel less discouraged during the writing process, which should make you feel better more often.

Reward yourself for writing. And though punishing yourself for not writing probably isn’t the way to go, don’t let rewards come before work. Perhaps your all time favourite TV show comes on at 7 p.m in the evening. Instead of putting off writing until after the show, push yourself to get some words down before it.

Have restraints. Tell yourself you’re going to write a scene that takes place at the park. Or you’ll only write for ten minutes. Or you want to fill up three pages. Preferably you set a small goal. Of course if you get in the zone, you can keep going with the scene from the park to the mall. Who knows ten minutes could turn into thirty. While three pages becomes thirteen.

Reread what you read yesterday, so you know where you left off. You can also leave your last sentence incomplete and come back to it tomorrow to get into the scene again. It may help a lot to stop when you’re ahead, when you know what’s going to happen next.

It isn’t easy. But starting is probably the toughest part.

Good luck! Happy writing. 


Sean Pertwee gives advice on how to treat people at Toronto Comicon ‘17 (x)

As requested by @yayume-ladypenguin


NEW VIDEO: “LGBTQ+ Advice: Bigot Grandmas, Getting Tested, First Pride & More! - one of my favorite things about being in the LGBTQ+ community is the chosen family it comes with. I’m no expert, but in my new video, I give viewers some big-brother advice from the heart. Hope it helps - I don’t have all the answers, so ask YOUR chosen family for advice you need! :]


Kol angsting over Davina’s picture

tips all students need

1. learning is better than knowing. you don’t need to be a genius to do well in school, only dedicated enough to actively pursue your education. 

2. straight A’s =/= intelligence. don’t let your grades define you; test grades can’t capture the passion in your eyes and the resilience in your bones.

3.  friendships change, but sometimes that's a good thing. some relationships are bested by time, and people grow apart. in the absence of others, you may find that you’ve been missing out on what’s been right in front of you the entire time. 

4. rest is important. your health is always more important than school. while stress is inevitable, never be afraid to take a day off, or talk to a trusted adult. Mental health is just as valid as physical health.

5. your life is just beginning. i know that failing test grade or the fact that your crush rejected you seems like the end of the world, but i promise you that it’s not the end. life is literally the longest thing any of us will experience, so fall in love with living. think of every opportunity as just another beginning. 

The Longest-Running Everyday GIF Artist on Tumblr Just Broke 4 Years
Angular Geometry’s mesmerizing loops have been a GIF art staple for nearly half a decade.

Angular Geometry (@angulargeometry) is so great! 

After we told him Tumblr’s data confirms he’s the longest-running everyday GIF artist, he said, “I have no idea how to word what I am feeling to be honest. I am really moved.

Awww. And as if his GIFs themselves weren’t inspiring enough…

His advice to artists on their own everyday creative journey is, "Don’t worry so much. So much greatness is ruined by anxiety. Some days will turn out like garbage, some days you will be magically inspired and you will make something you are extremely happy with. The great thing is that the days just keep coming.”

It’s been a beautiful four years, Tyler. Here’s to four more. 

hey friends!! a lot of you ask me for tips on things all the time + this is just some really good advice i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student shared with you:


  • study frequently so when exams/tests come by you only need to revise your shorter notes [you will thank yourself later]
  • i know it’s tedious but try to always do your homework [it’ll help you in the long run]
  • do your readings before class, this will help you understand better!!
  • use time wisely, for example study on the bus on the way to school [i really like doing this]
  • teach yourself material by giving lessons to soft toys or maybe using actual tools found in your household [i like using this method particularly for biology especially with water]
  • if you have to read to revise, read aloud
  • record yourself to be able to listen later when on the bus or something [i like doing this with poetry]
  • make sure to always get enough sleep, it’s not worth it losing sleep over studying! [also i find it better to wake up a little early to revise than sleep late]
  • incense works wonders if you’re trying to calm yourself down whilst studying
  • keep a hot beverage around when you’re studying + reward yourself by drinking a little bit of it when you want to
  • get rid of distractions while you’re studying, put your phone on flight mode or leave it to charge somewhere
  • if music doesn’t hinder your attention span, then listen to it whilst studying/doing homework [i suggest classical music/coffee shop noises/rain sounds] ~ [my spotify playlist // classical favourites // get ur studying on // flourishment]
  • watch videos on a particular topic before you cover it in class
  • if your syllabuses are available online, download them + print them out
  • have an organised desk, it helps you feel less stressed
  • use the pomodoro technique to study
  • make sure you have good lighting
  • work out past exam papers if they’re available to you, these are really good practice for your exam!
  • talk to your teachers during their office hours if you need to, that’s what they’re there for
  • if you’re too afraid to do the latter, send them an email when you need them!
  • have different files for every subject to keep you organised
  • don’t neglect any subject- just give them the time they need + prioritise
  • use a planner/bullet journal to help you plan your week

school stuff

  • smile at people, you have no idea how much it could brighten their day [plus your smile is great!!!]
  • always keep a water bottle handy
  • make your school lunch in the evening so you can sleep a bit more in the morning + not spend your money on school lunches
  • always take your headphones + charger to school [if they’re allowed]
  • keep some emergency money or something in your pencil case, you never know when you might need them!
  • if you menstruate make sure to keep a bag with stuff for when you’re menstruating [if not for you, maybe your friends may need something too]
  • take naps on the bus if the journey is long [make sure you don’t sleep + end up on the other side of the city/country]
  • if you have free lessons, utilise them! do your work at school if it can be done there so you are able to study/relax at home!
  • always take a book with you to school just in case you ever get bored
  • go to a guidance counselour if you need one [they can help with practically anything you may need!] 
  • go to private tutoring lessons if you need them/can afford them

personal life

  • take pictures, lots of them!!! not just for instagram or something, they’re actually a really great memory
  • don’t forget to visit your relatives every now and then
  • watch the news/read articles to help you stay in touch with the real world
  • don’t worry so much about social media honestly from experience, it’s trivial anyway. indulge yourself in the real world + spend time with family and friends!!
  • don’t compare yourself to others, you’re not them + they are not you!
  • try to get some exercise done, even if it’s just using the stairs instead of a lift or dancing around in your room
  • always keep yourself hydrated
  • remember to take a day off once a week, it’ll help you avoid burnout
  • eat fruits/nuts as a snack!! 

+ my masterposts

these are all practically all the tips i can remember!! i hope they help a lot of you out <3 good luck with school 

-helena xx

i’m convinced that Tony doesn’t actually go to high school and just shows up occasionally to give cryptic advice to Clay

Tony Stark in Hawkeye (2012) #6

Things I love about this as a Tony Stark fan:

1. The fact that Clint saw tangled wires and assumed Tony would know what to do

2. The fact that Tony actually came to help him

3. The fact that Clint did not take his advice anyway

4. The fake drama and how Tony looks far more anxious about this than he is about most life-threatening situations

5. This is Tony’s only appearance in the entire series, except for the next few panels where he offers to buy Clint all new stuff (which ends on a surprisingly poignant note). Like this is it. He just shows up to fix the DVR and is never seen again

6. “Tony Stark Genius Superman”