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Random Underfell headcanons #11

Sans is actually an excellent babysitter. He gets nervous around babies he doesn’t know, anyway, because babies cry a lot and are hella fragile and he’s scared of dropping them or something. But once he gets to know them, he’s real good at it.

However, Flowey isn’t exactly a cute baby, so because of that and other minor reasons, he’s just choosing to be a little shit towards him.


I’m torn

Notorious (pt. 02)

Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst, future Smut & a bit of Fluff…
Word Count: 9k

Summary: Kim fucking Taehyung was notorious for being a pranker, a player and an asshole, and you hated him for it.

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02

“Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

Tell me more, tell me more
Did you get very far
Tell me more, tell me more
Like does he have a car”

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when jughead and betty kissed i launched couch cushions and pillows at the tv until it stopped, this is proof

Filming  Productions...

A/N: I haven’t posted in a while, lol. I’m sorry about that. What a surprise, another Dylan O'Brien imagine since there will never be enough in the world. Remember requests are always open and so are ship requests! xxx Love you all! x

Requested?: No

Relationship?: Dylan x reader

Imagine Type?: Fluff, so much fluff!

It is my first day. Oh My God! First day. I am finally pursuing my dreams of filming a movie! The best part is that Dylan O'Brien is the lead in the film. Me. Y/F/N. Is filming a movie with Dylan O'Brien. American Assassin. Before I was told I was hired for the job of the female lead, I read and reread the book and studied the script so carefully that I always accidently said lines from the movie in public making me look like a complete idiot. But who cares, I’m gonna be in a movie with my all time crush. I’ve had a crush on him since his first movie, High Road. His acting was so good for his age and plus he was just really damn adorable.

I made my way to the first filming location to properly introduce myself to the rest of the amazing cast, including the one and only Dylan O’Brien. I parked my car close by the entrance and walked towards security to assure that I was had to go through to the set. “Hi, my name is Y/F/N. I’m g-” you started. “Don’t worry, I know who you are, you can go through, Y/N.” he politely interrupted. I sweetly smiled at him and the security guard wished me good luck for the following months to come. My heart started to beat faster and faster within each step I took. What if the cast didn’t like me? What if Dylan didn’t like me? What if they all hate me? Suddenly, all the happy thoughts were bombarded by a hurricane of negativity. You weren’t going to let that happen, this was your first day of shooting, the first day of many and you were going to enjoy it whether anyone liked it or not.

The directors of the movie were waiting outside of set, backs leaning against the walls until everyone arrived. “Hi, Y/N. How are you?” I shook their hands and replied. “I’m doing great, thanks. Am I late?” Michael shook his head and laughed. “No, not at all. In fact, you’re the second person to arrive. Sanaa is inside, you can go introduce yourselves. I’m sure Dylan, Taylor and Michael should be coming soon.” He opened the door for me and smiled at me. I smiled at him and saw Shiva sitting on the sofa on her phone.

“H-hi, Sanaa. I’m Y/N. How’re you doing?” you asked, happily. “Hi, it’s so good to finally see you. I’m doing really well, thank you. How are you?” she responded. “I’m great, just really excited.” you said, warmly. “Excited for late night shooting or excited for the dangerous amount of coffee we may need to drink to stay up?” she chuckled and sat down while patting down the space next to her, signalling you to also sit down on the sofa. “This is my first proper movie and the best part is always meeting the cast for the first time. To me, probably one of the most exciting parts of filming.” Sanaa’s eyes widened. “First proper movie? Jeez, woman. This is a pretty big break then, if it’s your first.” I bobbed your head and grinned. We both jerked our heads towards the door when we heard it being opened once again.

“Hi, guys. Who’s ready for some hard core filming?” you smiled as Dylan walked through the door. His hair was sticking all over the place but still managed to look gorgeous. His golden honey eyes glistened in the light and his cute little upturned nose just looked so damn adorable. The same guy I liked years ago was standing right in front of me, Dylan O’Brien. “H-hi, Dylan. I’m Y/N.” I smiled graciously. “Yeah, I know who you are, I did a lot of research on you… And now that sounds like I’m a crazy stalker. Great first impressions, Dyl.” I giggled. “Hi, Dylan. I’m Sanaa.” she shook his hand and he replied. “Hi Sanaa, it’s nice to meet you.” She stood back up from the sofa, “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute. “Okay, bye. Sanaa.” I kindly said.

“Do you think Sanaa will mind if I steal her seat for a bit?” I smiled at Dylan and shook my head. “Nope, I don’t think so.” Dylan groaned as he sat down and I twisted my body around so I were facing him and he did the same. He leaned his head against his hand on the back of the sofa and just stared at me. “What is it?” I asked curiously. “You’re just a lot prettier in real life. Not that you weren’t pretty in your short movies and stuff. You’re just even more beautiful now.” I felt a hot blush rise to your cheeks. “I’m really not that pretty, Dylan.” I responded. “Trust me, you’re probably the most attractive woman I have ever met.” Dylan scooted closer to me. “Then, in that case. You are the most handsome guy I have ever met.” I moved closer to Dylan.

Oh my god, he just called me pretty. No, he called me the most attractive woman he had ever met. Jesus Christ, this is actually happening. He could most likely hear my heartbeat from where he is sitting, it’s literally like a hammer smashing against a wooden table. Okay, this is happening. Get a grip, Y/N, you can do this! Let’s not die today, Y/N. We’ve 100% got this, don’t mess it up. Stop thinking and actually do something, Y/N!

Dylan moved his hand on top of mine and gently squeezed it. “Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?” I hesitantly nodded my head. “Yeah, I do.” Our faces were right in front of each other and I could feel his hot breath fanning my face. His free hand cupped my hair and his thumb slowly stroked my cheek. “You’re so damn stunning.” he leaned forward and his lips crashed into mine. Like he was running out of oxygen and I was the only thing that could keep him alive. I snaked my arm around his neck and played with the little hairs on the back of his head which caused him to moan into your mouth. Our lips were moving so perfectly against each other, like this was the 1000th time we’ve kissed.

We quickly separated when the door freed open and Sanaa was standing by the entrance, mouth wide open. “I leave you guys for 5 minutes and you already suck each other’s faces off. Kids, huh? I will never be able to get that imagine out of my head.” she laughed and sat down on the chair opposite the sofa. I glanced back at Dylan and chuckled when I saw lipstick smudged above his lip. I lifted my hand and swiped it off with the tip of my thumb. “You might wanna re-apply your lipstick, it’s kind of just completely gone, basically just ended up on me.” Dylan smirked as I brought my phone up to my face to use the camera and he was right, literally nothing left. “Oops, what happened here? You know what? I’m not going to re-apply more, it would be a waste later.” I winked at Dylan and lightly kissed his cheek. “I think I’m falling in love, Sanaa.” he stated.

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Omg!! Harley tells joker "my heart scares you but a gun doesn't?" While she points the gun at him as he says "do it"!!!!


Yes, that line was a stroke of genius. I love it so much. If you don’t mind though, I want to talk about this face Joker makes a little before and then I’ll talk about that line. 

If you noticed in the video, Joker doesn’t even look at the gun. He just looks from the dead guy to Harleen. It took me forever to figure out what emotion that is on his face is. It’s just such a beautiful look that I feel like I have to talk about it. 

It almost looks like he forgot his arrogance for a second and was just a man who had a crush on a woman. Look at his eyes, so earnest and endearing, throughout most of the movie Jared does this amazing dead psychotic look that makes him look absolutely crazy. But his eyes in this photo are just looking, like he’s just looking at a woman he thinks is pretty. There’s no, ‘I need to scare this person’, no ‘how dare you take my gun’, etc. 

I think he might be proud of her. I bet he’s shocked because no one has ever killed someone, essentially, over him before. 

She took his gun, his weapon. He didn’t even flinch, didn’t even worry about her taking it out of his holsters. I don’t know if you’ve ever read a history book or seen a history movie, but when the king’s weapon gets taken, they don’t look at the stealer like J looked at Harleen. And if you get killed by your own weapon it’s basically the biggest spit in the face ever. So he shouldn’t be looking at her like he is. I think it all boils down to this. 

His guard is down. 

He trusts her not to kill him. 

Even as Harleen, he trusts her.


Now, onto your actual ask. “My heart scares you and a gun doesn’t?” I’ve seen some people mention this as well, but the fact that J reacts like a cornered scared defensive dog after she says that means she hit the nail on the head. Joker knows he has feelings for her, but he can’t accept it. Can’t comprehend why or how. So he tries to push her away, he tries to scare her into being afraid of him. And it doesn’t work because Harleen will never be afraid of him. 

I could talk about the complexities of this couple for years and never be bored. 


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Yandere 2p Canada headcanons?

-For someone as reclusive as himself he never thought he could be so obsessed with another person due his general misanthropy and pessimism.

-Furthermore, as a yandere Matt before meeting his crush was characterized by his lack of emotion, empathy, and cold personality, He sees his crush as a source of comfort in his pretty bleak life.

-He would prolong officially approaching the s/o to confess his love (he’s the type to stalk someone first to formulate a plan before approaching a crush unlike Allen or Luciano)

-He has a thing for dependency. If he is rejected by his s/o when he comes out to them he might try to initially play it off, but lash out when the s/o least suspects it.

-Matt wouldn’t feel reluctance to becoming violent to his s/o, either on the grounds of his sadism or because he really does think he’s acting for your own good.

((Also I want to wish a happy Canada day to all my Canadian followers today! ^^))

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Rfa(plus v and saeran) + MC finding out she's pregnant and being super nervous about telling them.


  • Oh boy
  • You guys were so careful, because neither of you felt ready for kids yet.
  • For days, you’re freaking out.
  • Days.
  • Freaking out.
  • FOr DaYS.
  • “Oh god, what if he doesn’t want it?? Should I just get rid of it and save the time??? Oh, but what if he does want it??? That’d be even worse…”
  • After you had time to make your peace and be prepared for whatever he had to say, you gather up the courage to tell him.
  • “Zen, I’m pregnant.”
  • He chokes on his water.
  • “You’rE whAT”
  • “Look, it’s up to you what we do. I’m not sure how I feel but I just thought- Zen?”
  • He’s done choking now and he’s just staring at you.
  • “We have to keep it.”
  • “What.”
  • “We can’t just throw something so… gorgeous away.”
  •  o h b o y


  • You know he’s going to be either super psyched or terrified, and there’s no in-between
  • Of course you have to have to tell him, because you cant hide it forever.
    • But maybe…..
    • No
  • “How the hell do I tell him this?”
  • After rehearsing a couple of lines in your head, you got a bit frustrated and let out a long sigh.
  • “Hey, Honey! I know this is the last thing you expected to hear after work, but I’m pregnant and absolutely horrified and…. Jesus, that was bad.”
  • “YOU’RE WHAT???”
  • You nearly jumped out of your skin holy shit Yoosung when did you get home
  • “MC, you’re going to have a baby?????”
  • “I’m going to be a dad!!!!!!”
  • Yeah and you’re going to have two babies


  • You’re fairly certain that Jumin is not ready to have children.
  • He’s not the best with kids.
  • No offence to him of course, he’s just
  • He just seems so clueless when it comes to kids.
  • Not that you knew much better..
  • Oh my god, you both knew nothing about kids how the hell were you going to do this??????
  • “Hey Jumin, how do you feel about kids?”
  • “Hm? I’m not sure… They’re-”
  • “Jumin, I’m pREGNANT WHAT DO YOU thINk WE ShOuLD DO ABOUT It????”
  • “….pardon?”
  • “I’m pre-”
  • “No, I heard you.”
  • “Then why did you-”
  • “Elizabeth 3rd will be their best friend.”
  • “Okay honey.”


  • Alright.
  • Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright.
  • This is fine. This is okay. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT.
  • You know about how fucked up his parents were, so you’re afraid that he’s going to be scared.
  • Of course there’s also that little part of you that thinks that he might act the way his parents did, but you know he would never.
  • He’s really good with kids though. Like,,,,,, he’s basically an overgrown kid,,,,
  • One night, you’re watching Little Rascals, and he makes a comment like “Oh man, these kids are hilarious!”
  • “So… you… like kids?”
  • “Of course! And kids love me!”
  • “Oh, that’s good….”
  • You guys continue watching the movie, but after thirty seconds he gasps.
  • “Whaaaaaaaat?? Pff, no. No way. Absolutely no. You don’t think I’d tell you if I was pregnant?”
  • You just get a look.
  • Why does MC end up with one more child than she signed up for wtf


  • Y’all ain’t even married yet.
  • Sex before marriage,,,,,,,,, sinful.
  • He sort of wanted kids, but the thought always came after marriage.
  • You end up pacing around the bedroom after you find out. He’s in the living room doing who knows what.
  • “How the hell are we gonna go about this?”
  • “Go about what?”
  • “noThIGN HONEY”
  • “….. okay.”
  • “Should I take care of it…?”
  • “Darling, who are you talking to?”
  • “n o b o d y”
  • You thought that maybe since he couldn’t see you very well, you had more time.
  • You fool.
  • V knows everything.
  • One day, out of the blue,
  • “MC are you pregnant?”
  • “Uh…. Yes…..?”
  • 0:
  • “Oh, that’s great! They can be part of the wedding.”


  • Oh god, neither of you are ready for this….
  • His past + your lack of knowledge in the children department = bad
  • For a few days, you’re freaking o u t.
  • Every time you think about it, you feel like throwing up.
  • He notices your strange behavior, but when he asks about it, he doesn’t get a legit answer.
  • “MC, I accidentally knocked over the waste basket.”
  • OH NO
  • “What is this?”
  • O H N O
  • “That’s um…. Why,,,,, That, my dear Saeran is a pregnancy test.”
  • “I know what it is, I just meant-”
  • He sorta squints at it again.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “I was scared you’d be upset.”
  • “Upset??? MC, I don’t know anything about babies, but if we work together, I think we’ll be just fine.”
  • “I’m not worried about us. I’m worried about the baby.”
  • “Oh”

dtappreciationweek day 3 favourite non-DW role - The Peterson twins in Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger.

Because he’s in it twice.


Last night I saw David Duchovny for a second time! I got a VIP ticket too, because my birthday was on Friday and I wanted to treat myself.

So we were supposed to have group photos and a Q&A, but David wasn’t feeling well and wanted to save his voice. Instead we got individual photos and a poster. I was somewhat less star struck as last time, but only somewhat. I walked in and waited for David to motion to me to come stand next to him, and he put his arm around my shoulder. 😍 As I left he softly said, “Thank you” and I told him that I hoped he gets better soon.

He also came out and hung out with us for like 15 minutes as his band did the sound check. He stood right behind my table… He kept doing a slow clap that I found funny.

His opening act was really good, I thought.

David opened with 3,000, and even sick he rocked it! He gave us a heads up that he was sick, and a few of us went “Aww!” He brushed us off, saying, “No, we’re not going to let that stand in the way of our fun.” Then he joked about having a fever, and the only prescription is “more cowbell.”

He was delightful and adorable. At one point he came out into the audience and even stood up on a couple of the tables.

For me, the highlight was likely David singing a cover of BECAUSE THE NIGHT. He nailed it. I want to say that was after he’d taken off his jacket and we could see his beautiful, sexy arms…

At one point someone offered him a root beer with honey. He took it, and later I commented “Must be fate.” Fortunately someone beside me heard and laughed.

He played a couple of new songs, which were great! Apparently his next album should come out some this spring (maybe next… hopefully this spring!).

During his encore, he and the whole band put on pussy hats, and everyone cheered. Also he changed the last line POSITIVELY MADISON to “F**k me, I miss Leonard Cohen.”

Overall it was amazing, and I loved it! ❤❤

Never Easy, But We Try

A/N: This is just a little fic about Maurice and the Prince bonding that I couldn’t get out of my head. Enjoy friends, and happy weekend!


The trip to Paris is not entirely a smooth one, through patchy forests and muddy, uneven terrain after a heavy rainstorm the night before. Still, from his view, the rain is far preferable to eternal snow. Unexpectedly, the wheels slam against yet another tree root that feels like a brick wall, sending the carriage and its passengers jostling–and nearly sending his stomach flying right out of his throat.

He moves to tighten his hold on the person next to him, who miraculously has managed to stay asleep through their entire morning ride. Belle’s head bobs up and down with the rhythm of the carriage, before falling, her weight nestled once more against the nook of his shoulder. Not that he’s complaining. 

He studies what he can of her serene profile, familiarizing himself yet again with the gentle curve of her jaw, the graceful slope of her forehead with those little valley lines that can only mean she’s deep in thought, even in her dreams. Out of some strange yet familiar, domestic habit, his fingers quickly sweep away that troublesome patch of hair out of her eyes, revealing her appealing little nose. He hadn’t thought noses could be appealing (generally speaking, they’re not the most attractive body part); but honestly, everything about her is alluring to him that he can’t stop himself from reveling in her quaint little nose. Regal–that’s what his fellow nobles at Versailles would call it. She has a regal nose.

As if judgement of a person’s station were solely dependent on outward appearance.

He swallows, feeling a knot tighten within his chest. 

There was a time when his view of the world comprised exactly that notion.

“Well,” Maurice huffs from the seat across from him, graciously pulling him from his thoughts, as the carriage settles back into a somewhat easy ebb and flow. “I haven’t had quite this much fun on a long journey since the night I stumbled upon your castle in the woods.”

“What are rocks compared to ravenous wolves?” he quips, before he can stop himself. He almost winces at his tone. Oh, he’s in fine form already. If he can’t even go half-a-day’s journey without uttering some derisive remark, how does he expect to resume the social graces required of him in Paris? All this time closed off from the outside world may have merely distorted his coarse behavior. 

But Maurice chuckles heartily, seemingly oblivious to his impropriety. “Just so.”

When he finally manages to tear his gaze away from Belle, he notices the calm, mischievous twinkle in his father-in-law’s eyes; and it’s a familiar, knowing look, one that tells him Maurice knows exactly what he’s said but doesn’t seem to mind–it’s a look that Belle seems to have inherited and perfected as a means of disarming him as well.

He clears his throat, trying to recover his manners. He’s unsure why he still feels the need to act so formally around Maurice. Perhaps it has something to do with feeling both like a host and a child in his company. “I’m glad you could join us, Maurice.”

Maurice smiles kindly. “Thank you for inviting me along. I haven’t been to Paris since…” His smile fades, and the carriage falls into solemn silence for a moment.

He clears his throat again, unexpectedly even more unsure than before. “I’m sorry. Belle told me…well, that is…”

“Oh, I know about your little magical excursion.” 

As Maurice raises a single, paternal eyebrow, he shuffles in his seat nervously. “Ah. Of course.”

They’re silent for a bit once more, until he remembers where his thoughts had been leading him. “I am…truly sorry. I can’t imagine leaving…the woman you love…” He glances back at Belle, suddenly overwhelmed at even the idea of having to leave her behind, to save a child that doesn’t exist yet. What an impossible choice.

Belle also seems to have inherited from her father the ability to read his thoughts so easily. “It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make,” says Maurice. And when he glances back up at the older man, Maurice’s gaze is fixed upon his daughter, his eyes a bit greyer, carrying some secret horror he cannot name. “But I…I couldn’t leave my baby girl to die. She came first. She always has.”

He has no idea what to say to that, except his heart positively rings with the truth of his father-in-law’s words.

“And besides, if I’d stayed, who knows…I might have ended up alone.”

He understands what that’s like. Had Maurice made a different, easier choice…who knows where any of them would be. Belle’s life has touched so many others. Perhaps it’s a selfish perspective, but he feels that her very presence has changed him the most. And he can’t imagine…a world without Belle seems unlovable and unlivable. His kingdom for a choice, the choice of a simple yet honorable artist. And he wonders, not for the first time, if perhaps he misjudged his own father for depriving him of the chance to say goodbye to his mother. Maybe his father was protecting him more than he realized. Maybe that seeming act of cowardice was really the one good thing his father ever did with his life. 

“Someday…when you have children, you will understand.”

He nods, though he’s not sure what he’s agreeing to. All he knows is he’s grateful in ways he doesn’t even know how to put into words. That ridiculously expensive education, and all he can come up with is, “Thank you, Maurice.”

Maurice frowns, and the man looks so much like Belle that he can’t help but smile a little. “Whatever for, my boy?”

He swallows. My boy. His remembers his own father calling him many things throughout his life, but never that. For being a good person. For being the father figure I never had.

Yet he simply settles for, “For saving her life.” And saving mine. “For welcoming me into your family after…” After everything I put you through. 

He sighs, the guilt of years past creeping up on him again. “I’m sorry,” he finally utters quietly.

Maurice frowns again, and he realizes with a start that he doesn’t see it. Maurice may be a wise father, but in many ways the man still carries the sweet innocence of a child. And once again, he finds himself involuntarily dreading introducing Belle and her father to the aristocracy he’s socially bound to reenter. He knows what they’ll think of their marriage, what they’ll think of Maurice. If Belle thought one small village could hold so much prejudice… It seems wrong, somehow, to bring Maurice back to a place filled with so much hypocrisy. He feels he’s finally beginning to understand why Belle has been so protective of him all her life. 

“I’m sorry for the way I treated you when we first met. I was a fool and…a great deal many other vulgar, unmentionable qualities.” Qualities they’re all going to have to experience again tenfold.

Maurice smiles, ever the patient soul. “You know, one day, you’re going to have to stop apologizing. It’s all been forgiven, my boy. It’s in the past. Besides, you’ve more than made it up to me by making my little girl so happy. Just treat her with all the goodness she deserves–as I know you will–and we’ll call it even.”

He’s reminded yet again, as he so often is, that Maurice is truly one of the best men he’s ever known. It’s obvious now why Belle grew into such a lovely person, with such a gracious figure to guide her and care for her. Maurice may not be gentry, but he possesses the natural generosity of a saint. Versailles doesn’t deserve him. 

And neither does he, he thinks.

“You deserve all the happiness in the world,” says Maurice. 

He starts. For a dreadful moment, he wonders if he’s uttered his thoughts aloud. Or perhaps it’s that mind-reading trick only Belle and Maurice seem to possess. Or it’s possible that it’s merely his own thoughts that have become so open, like a book to be read by the world. Stripped of his mountains of fur and devilish horns with claws to match, he no longer has a disguise to conceal himself beneath. And he’s severely out of practice hiding his feelings.

Still, he knows when to accept kindness offered at face value. 

The men share a smile, until Belle suddenly stirs, lifting her head from her slumber. Immediately, his eyes find hers as she wakes. 

“Oh, forgive me.” She sits up quickly.

He smiles, sweeping a bit of hair out of her face once more. “There’s nothing to forgive,” he answers quietly, just for her, Maurice partly forgotten for a moment. He knows how much she needed rest. She was up all evening before their departure, reorganizing the luggage system, while trying to manage the school accounts for Pierre Robert. 

Her eyes go wide as she glances out the window. “The country!” she cries. “Oh, I’d hoped we’d be near the city by now.”

“It is a long journey.” He tries to soothe her by running his hand across her back, and she does him the decency of at least pretending to be comforted, leaning back into his embrace with ease.

“One that you insisted that we drive for whatever reason.” She shoots him the look.

“Well, it did give us a chance to talk,” Maurice chimes in.

“I see. And what exactly have you two been discussing while I’ve been asleep?” She glances between the two of them, before settling on her father across the aisle. “Nothing embarrassing, I hope, Papa?” 

He has to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at her tone.

Maurice settles back into his seat with feigned innocence. “Me? Embarrass my daughter? I think not.”

Belle narrows her eyes before glancing back at him. “You would tell me if he said anything, wouldn’t you?”

He can’t help but tease her. “I believe in our vows we promised that we’d never lie to each other.”

She smacks his shoulder once. 


“You are as bad as he is,” she remarks, wearing a firm frown, but he can spot the easy humor in her eyes that give her away.

“Thank you. I take that as a compliment.”

EXO: mtl to be with a wife-like partner/settling down


XIUMIN~ I’m sure this boy is already looking for someone to wife tbh, he’s ready to put a ring on it and settle the heck down. Despite his busy life, I really think he’d make a lot of effort to make time for domestic life and would want it more than some of the others…but that’s just imo.

Lay~ okay so he’d hella busy as it is, but I just see yixing as the type of person to want to look for someone with “wife-like” aspects. Like I just always imagine him dating someone and I can’t see him being single for long you know?

D.O~ idk man since he’s keeping to himself all the time, it wouldn’t be hard to get married when he wanted and keep it pretty low key. I think he’d want this since he isn’t the type of guy to always be going out and I don’t see him casually dating, so he’d want to wife up someone like that since he’d feel like he’s finally starting a family of his own.

Suho~ like I’ve said before, he’s hella messy so please…someone help him fix his life and get it together. It’s not like he’d want to suddenly rush into marriage, but I think the fact that someone already acts like his wife would make him feel really good, so he’d think about tying the knot for sure.

Baekhyun~ after all the bull that he went through with taeyeon, I think he’d hesitate to be on a serious level in a relationship that quickly, esp if he sees that you’re always worried about him. He wouldn’t want you to think that he’s not serious, but tbh he would wait before being that serious with someone.

Chanyeol~ he wouldn’t like this as much bc he’s a free spirit, I really don’t think he’d be down for someone to act like they’re a married couple early on in the relationship. Over time, he’d have no problem with it, but he’d have to be absolutely sure that they’re the one…like I think this kid totally wants to settle and have a huge family, he just needs some time.

Chen~ ehhh idk…he seems like he might like it, other times I look at him and think nah he’s too wild, not yet. He wouldn’t want to be held down that quickly, he would for sure want to put his career as a priority before settling down and putting a ring on it.

Sehun~ he’s just so young so I honestly belive he’d wait before making a move that big, so he wouldn’t like it if someone wanted to hold him down like that. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll probably love to date someone and be serious with them, he just wants everything to happen in due time instead of rushing himself.

Kai~ despite the fact that he’s ‘dating’ Krystal, he’s got way too much on his mind and way too many plans for his career to be worried about things like marriage and dating. I don’t think he’d casually date either, he’s the type that seems to think everything happens for a reason, so he’d wait as long as he has to before that special someone walks into his life.


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