his acting is really good !

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i think that louis' is more into songwriting and producing. he may release and collab on singles once in a while but he's not like into launching full albums and touring on his own (?). and i really like it because it'll be more lucrative and long term as a career.

I know that you have good intentions with this ask, but I’m really not into it, sorry. A lot of people in this fandom tried to say that Louis is more into songwriting and producing than singing and then he dropped Just Hold On with Steve, so please don’t come onto my blog acting like he cares less about singing and making his own albums and touring than Harry, Liam, or Niall, because I think that’s complete and utter bullshit.

Louis is currently trapped in hell and is clearly not able to put out music and promote it the way he wants to, which may make it seem like he’s hesitant on the album and touring front, but until he’s free, I’m not going to dismiss Louis’ love for singing and say “oh, I think he mostly just wants to be behind the scenes” because he himself has said that he’s interested in putting out more music and possibly an album. I think you’re making judgments based on the fact that Louis hasn’t signed a record deal yet and hasn’t done some of the stuff that you’d typically see with a solo career, but I think it’s unbelievably unfair to do that because it’s obvious he’s tied down in really significant ways that the other boys are not, or at least not to nearly the same extent that he is.

I think Louis does love songwriting and behind the scenes stuff, but he auditioned for the X-Factor because he wanted to be a singer, he was upset and felt that he wasn’t contributing enough to the band when they weren’t giving him solos because he wanted to be a singer, he gained more and more solos over the years because he wanted to be a singer, and he worked with Steve and sang on Just Hold On because he wants to be a singer. And I think it’s obvious that Louis loves performing (even if he gets nervous being on his own), so I don’t know how you can assume he isn’t as interested in touring.

It just doesn’t make sense to me that you would look at Louis when he has chains around his ankles and make a judgment on what he wants from his career based on that, so I don’t agree with your perspective on this.

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just out of curiosity, with all these fans i hear bumping into bts, do u think its not right for a fan (in general) to say hi in such a situation? while making it clear that they are not stalking and whatnot. or is it like basically necessary to just act like one doesnt know them

I really hope we just leave them alone during their personal time. No matter what good intention saying hi is or whatever, it’s still bangtan’s personal time and I hope we just leave them and let them enjoy it. We always talk about wanting bangtan to rest and hopefully get downtime during this rigorous tour schedule. And these instances that fans bump into them are during bangtan’s own time and trying to at least do things they want. so I think it’s just showing respect to leave them be and give them that time to do whatever they want and just leave them alone. 

I’ve mentioned before that bangtan had a lot of not good experiences with fans, so no matter if you feel like you’re not bothering them, they will still feel uneasy about it. Not because they don’t want to talk to fans, but they want to avoid to cause commotion and to not bother other people whichever place they’re in. Seriously if fans make it known that they’re around or bangtan feels like there are a lot of people who recognizes them, they will just leave that place they wanted to visit. So I hope fans just give them their space.

  • god: anyway here's my OC. he's an extraordinarily charming, funny, handsome movie star and dancer who can act really well but no one takes him seriously because he's so good-looking. he hooked up with every beautiful woman in hollywood and did every drug under the sun. now he's a good boy who does yoga a lot. he became sober and now he spends all his time caring for his children, doing charity, and grocery shopping.
  • comment: sounds like a mary sue :/
Marc and Cleopatra

      A Richonne AU One Shot! Enjoy if you will…..

   Michonne was sitting in her drama class with her acting partner, Rick. Their teacher, Mrs. Peletier, had assigned them all little scenes to act out.

    These little scenes were all interesting. She had one single bright light on the makeshift stage and the rest of the room was dark. She would peak over at Rick, who was slouched in his chair. He had on all black. He was interested in all the scenes.

     It was really heavy stuff for high school students, but Mrs. Peletier felt they could experience the real world. There was one scene where their classmate, Tyrese, had to forgive someone who killed his son. His acting partner, Philip was portraying the drunk driver. They did a real good job.

   Tara and Rosita played two women who fought in the gulf war and came back with PTSD. They individually spoke about how their lives changed with their families. Again, they did a good job.

    Then there was Abraham and Eugene who played two guys coming to terms with what was their usefulness in life. Mrs. Peletier didn’t mind cursing, as long as it wasn’t toward an individual. So Abraham would throw in colorful improvisations. At one point he told Eugene’s character he’d have a better chance at picking up a clean end of a turd. Michonne bust out laughing, as did the rest of the class.

      “Now, my Marc and Cleopatra.” Mrs. Peletier said clapping for their arrival to the makeshift stage.  Rick stood up in his black hoodie and jeans. Michonne followed suit in her all black t shirt and leggings, and they headed to the center of the room. Everyone’s eyes were all over them. Michonne felt her knees grow a little wobbly and Rick smiled at her. She wasn’t used to standing in front of large crowds.

     “You ready?” He whispered in her ear. She nodded quickly and closed her eyes regaining her composure.

       “Okay, I’m ready.” She took a deep breath and kept calming herself down until she became Cleopatra. It’s like she actually went back to that place. Back to the roman empire. She felt like she was a queen, so she became royalty. She started the scene.

     “Don’t go. I demand that you stay,” she said in a desperate and commanding voice. She turned and faced the audience. Her eyes looking off into the distance, past the students in the class. Her character did not want Marc to go to war, she was trying to convince him to stay.

     Rick, in character, walked up behind her touching her shoulders gingerly. Needing her to understand that he would be with her no matter what. “I have to go. I’m at war with Octavian. It is my duty to go lead my men.” He turned her around abruptly causing her to gasp a bit. So far their performance was going great.

    “I love you, dammit. Can’t you see that Cleopatra? Can’t you see that in my eyes? In the way that I stare at you? The way that I care about you and how I make sure you’re taken care of?” He held her shoulders tight and looked into her eyes. “Don’t you see it, Cleopatra?” He gazed at her intently.  His sky blue eyes had a questioning look in them.

    Michonne was stumped for a minute because he went completely off script. Like, he was way in left field and the ball was in the right. She was supposed to be the one begging and pleading. Not him. Even Mrs. Peletier put her glasses on to read the script thinking maybe she had forgotten what she wrote. So, Michonne improvised as well.

   “I love you, too. From the moment I met you til each second that passes by. I’ve always known it deep down. That’s why I can’t let you go away. I can’t lose you.” Michonne walked away letting the character control her. “If you leave me I won’t have anything. Sure, I’ll have everything I want at my disposal and a kingdom to rule under my every whim.” She swiped her hand across the audience. “But without you there by my side ruling with me, it won’t mean a thing. I need you.”

   She walked closer to him, extending an arm out so her hand could touch his face. It was smooth. She smiled. “If I lose you, none of this means anything.” She looked at him longingly. She tried to get back on track, but he veered off course again.  

    “I wouldn’t leave you if this didn’t mean so much to me. If fighting for what’s mine wasn’t so important, I would stay, but this war is bigger than us. Bigger than just you and me. If I could, I’d stay here with you and feed you grapes. Taste the finest wine with you, but all I can do is give you this.” He grabbed Michonne and hungrily kissed her lips and she was on fire. He plunged his fingers through her soft locs, and cupped the back of her neck with his fingers, the other hand planted at the small of her back. She could do anything but fall against him and hold on.

  At first it was fast paced, he devoured her lips taking her by surprise. Whatever he was doing, he was setting her ablaze. Michonne never kissed a boy before. Not that she didn’t get approached or asked out. A lot of guys have asked her out. But she was so occupied with school, she didn’t see how a boyfriend would fit into her hectic schedule.

    Something was fitting now. Rick pulled her even closer to him and she heard a whimper. Was that her?  He slowed the speed of his kisses down and gently kissed both the top and bottom of her lips over and over again, until he parted from her and gave her the deepest stare. She didn’t know what she looked like, but she knew she was pulling lust and want for him off right now.  Her lips were tingling. Other places on her were, as well.  

“Wait for me, my love. I’m only going to be in the distance.” He held her hands and kissed each one. He was slightly taller than her so he bent a little to meet her gaze. “Look for me there, in the distance. Okay?”

   He let her go and left her standing there. Mesmerized. Confused again. Other feelings she couldn’t explain, but once he left she felt an ache, a bit of heartache and it read all over her face.  She felt crushed a bit because her world came crashing down around her. Her mind and heart were trying to level her to their playing field and she didn’t know which one to follow.

   He came back onto the stage and grabbed her hand and shook her out of whatever state she was in. He leaned over and told her to bow to signify the scene ended. She took her bow, but did it end?

  The class gave them a standing ovation. Everyone started talking about it. The girls were crying. Crying. They were moved to tears. Mrs. Peletier even appeared to wipe her eyes a bit.

    She walked over to them clapping her hands. “Brava! Brava! If you’re going to improvise, you better just go full Nelson with it. That was better than what I wrote. Where did y'all draw that from? That was riveting?” Mrs. Peletier was smiling ear to ear.

     Michonne hadn’t heard a thing she said. She looked at Rick, who for the first time all year really looked at her.

   His eyes never left hers.

                                                        END SCENE

rfa + v + saran react to a MC is a musical actress in the musical heathers she is veronica and zen is j.d

A request from @awesomehauntedturtlecollectionme

I watched the movie for better accuracy and its quite interesting and then I listened to the musical and I saw a musical version of it.

What I not do all for research but it was good so I did not mind.

I hope this is what you wanted !

They are in a relationship with MC and they know what profession she has.

Fem MC here I can rewrite  it for a male MC if anyone wants that


  • Zen was really happy as he found out that you are a musical actress after that he would keep his eyes open for a chance to act with you.
  • So one day he sees the perfect chance for that they plan to play heathers and they hold auditions.
  • He is really exited and he auditions as J.D while you want to do Veronicas part.
  • You both are getting really exited after you get the parts.
  • Zen spams the chat and annoys everyone with countless selfies of himself in costume.
  • You are more moderate about it but you are more then happy to play with Zen as he is but you try to keep professional.
  • You practice a lot with Zen he really loves to rehearsal with you specially “Dead girl walking” you two practice that song a lot.
  • He says its just for practice but you know he just has too much fun with this.
  • The performance is a great success even when the ending makes Zen really emotional but he just loves doing a musical with you.
  • Zen waits for more opportunity´s like this your fans and his fans join forces since everybody ship you two really hardcore.


  • He is proud that his girlfriend is a musical actress he loves to see your performances.
  • He is happy that you got the new role but then you tell him you play with Zen as your male lead.
  • Yoosung really does not like that so much specially when he watches the movie and then he hears the songs.
  • First of all he finds the story kind of scary and the love scene really brothers him but he does not want to stop you either.
  • Yoosung is really conflicted but he decides to support you since he knows he can trust you but he definitely can´t trust Zen.
  • He is jealous that you will have some intimate scenes with Zen and he does not like how much time you spend with him.
  • Yoosung often picks you up from rehearsals and he keeps an close eye on Zen.
  • You know how much it´s bothering Yoosung so you invite him to a dress rehearsal.
  • He likes your performance a lot till  the song he fears the most -Dead girl walking-
  • Yoosung feels really bad when he sees what you are doing with Zen even when you told him before head how it´s done.
  • He just feels bad about this the rest of the rehearsal he thinks why you are with him when you could be with someone like Zen for sure.
  • After the show you see how bad Yoosung really feels you tell him it´s just pretend you not even really kiss you offer him to do the song with him and he agrees even when he is nervous.
  • After this he understands it a bit better.
  • Even when you will have to make sure he knows that you are only love him.


  • As soon as she knows that you are also a musical actress just like Zen she is fangirling just as hard about you.
  • She loves all your performances so much she goes to every single one of them.
  • When Jaehee hears that you are auditioning for the same musical as Zen she double fangirls and she is almost more exited then you are when you get the part.
  • Jaehee supports you 10000percent she insists on you to watch the movie with her and she has bought the cd as well.
  • You are very well prepared for the role thanks to her.
  • Jaehee even does rehearsals with you at home she can play all roles once you are done.
  • She makes sure that Zen does stay professional with you since Jaehee knows that you are 100percent professional.
  • On the day of the opening show she got the best place possible.
  • Jaehee got you a huge bouquet of flowers and she is just so sweet to you he is your biggest fan ever and you offer her to become your manager since she is obliviously the best for the job.


  • He has some mixed feeling about you performing with other guys but Jumin knows you love your work so he will not stop you.
  • He supports you when ever he can even when you are not wanting him to pull strings for you.
  • You just rather make it with your talent then with Jumins money and he likes how devoted you are.
  • He is happy that you got a lead role and he does not mind so much that Zen plays a role too at least till Jumin hears he will be the male lead and there are kisses and a love scene in the musical.
  • Jumin does really not like that he feels like Zen is not professional enough to play with you as their partner.
  • Jumin talks to you about this he wants you to put the role down but you really want to play it and you also see that Jumin only focuses on that love story part even when that is only a small part of the play.
  • So you show him the movie and then he understands it a bit better and then he does some research -aka he asks Jaehee- about love scenes and kisses in musicals and he finds they all make believe so that makes it easier for him.
  • He rents out the entire theater for his visit on the opening night – even when you told him not to do that-
  • Jumin also made sure that Zen knows that he does only act with you and nothing more -he threatening his with bringing Elizabeth the 3rd to his next performance if Zen does not behave-


  • He first was a bit worried since you are a public person and with his job he has to life in the shadows.
  • He still supports you 100percent and more then often you are wearing so heavy makeup that no one recognizes you anyways and you are more shy then Zen too and you are really so important to him that he accepts your Job after a while.
  • Specially when he sees how much passion you put in to your work he ends up really enjoying your plays even when he only watches Videos of your work.
  • When you tell him about your new role he is happy and he does not really mind that it´s with Zen.
  • He knows that Zen is a good guy and you both are professional actors.
  • He later does some research about Heathers and he sees the movie , what his much darker then he expected.
  • Their he also finds out about that love scene and that brothers him he does trust you of course but he just can´t stand the image of you doing that with Zen on stage even when its only an act.
  • You tell him over and over again that you only love him and even show him how you make it look real.
  • He still feels a bit insecure but he does not stop you.
  • On the opening night he is actual their for the first time ever you are surprised to see him after the show is over and you jut are so happy you hug him and kiss him and their he knows he never actual had anything to worry about.


  • He likes your profession and he loves to see you on stage -yes he can see is this-
  • He is their by every performance you give and he loves taking pictures of you in costume.
  • He made your set card and he always supports you 100percent in what ever role you want to play.
  • V is is your biggest fan no doubt about it.
  • It does not brother him at all when he hears that you get to play with Zen after all he is also a friend of Zen.
  • He trusts both of you too so he does see nothing wrong with a love scene or a kiss scene maybe it is was a stranger but he knows Zen and he knows that Zen is a professional.
  • He comes to your opening show and he enjoys it even when the love scene brothers him a bit in the end.
  • He would never tell that to you though so he comes backstage and you ask him what he thinks and he tells you how much he loved the play.
  • But you notice that he is slightly bothered by something so you ask him if he is alright he does not really tell you his thoughts but you think you get him and give him a kiss and tell him that you are only loving him that works on him and he goes back to be cheerful again.


  • He does not mind that you are musical actress but he does mind that you play with males.
  • It took him very long to trust you but he does not strangers and its only worth with males.
  • He often tries to stop you from plays where you play with a male lead.
  • You love being a musical actress though and you tell him that its all just show he is not very happy with it but he really does not want to loose you so he just lets you do what you want.
  • He does not go to your show though since he would not be able to stand it.
  • Its not much different when you get the role in Heathers and actual it´s a better at first that he knows Zen.
  • Even when Zen has a certain flirty attitude Zen always keeps his distance and when Saeran tells him to back down he is not offended.
  • But when he finds out that there is a love scene and how it will look -since he looked a video from a stage play of it-
  • It makes him really angry he really does not want you to do this at all he feels really betrayed by you to do this to him.
  • You show him the whole scene to show it´s just make believe there is not much actual skin contact nor is it as bad as it might looks.
  • Saeran does not mind it when you do it to him but to Zen seems still quite bad to him.
  • Even when you ask Zen to show it with you for him it really does not make it better.
  • But you want to play the part and that one scene is just a small part of it so what can you do?
  • You try to convince the director to chance the scene a bit so you are not really to see or that you are not lighted so much but there is no way around it.
  • For the sake of Saeran you want to give the role up even when you want to play it you don´t want to make Saeran sad.
  • He already pulled threw a lot for the sake of your carrier you know it hurts him its not really worth it to make him feel bad.
  • When Saeran hears you talk to Zen about this on the phone how you want to give it all up just for him since you just love him so much he realizes that it was stupid of him to be jealous like this you love him you will not cheat or leave him for anyone.
  • Its just a act so he tells you to not quit and that you better play the best Victoria their ever was.
  • Of course you promise him that and you also tell him again that he means the world to you and that you are really happy with him.
  • He keeps an extra close eye on you still but he knows deep down that you will never leave him even when he is jealous of your male partners.

Take a look at my Masterlist , I have headcanons ,writings and some drawings.

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Just a thing that really bothers me- SOME people act as if Harry is free and chose Columbia just because he wanted to and that Louis was forced to sign with JGG- now ofc Louis was forced to be with JGG, but like...Harry isnt free at all and i do think he was forced to sign with a Sony label and especially one that has worked with the boys before aka Columbia, yes his management and pr agency are good but they dont have 100% control over Harry because he isnt free yet like the rest of the boys. x

Mhm agree. I don’t think he was like “ah you know what? I’m signing with this people that fuck me and my boy for years because I just love them so much”. A deal was definitely made there and now we have to wait see how things will go from now on 

gosiamahoney replied to your post:

what do you mean in your ross post about him…

But I think it’s intentional. That is very much the skill of his acting. He misses his natural softness, his spark of eyes, he doesn’t fearlessly pour our his heart, he is a different Ross with Elizabeth. It’s precisely those little nuances I love that show how good Aidan really is. It’s not Aidan’s acting that’s lacking, it’s Ross’s.

Oh, but don’t get me wrong. In no way I’m criticizing Aidan’s acting skills. While I do like to make fun of him, I think he is a brilliant actor and I admire his talent immensely. Ross would be an unredeemeable piece of unpleasant trash without his charisma behind it and his natural softness. It’s like it pours out of it and he makes Ross incredibly warm and human. ALSO, I think Ross could potentially be an one note character without his acting and his subtle moments and it’s a pleasure to hear him talking about the show because you see he understands and at times relate to this character and loves Ross and working on the show. I do think, however, it’s not completely free from how he feels about the story he is telling, and how he seems to be really comfortable working with Eleanor because he found this incredible actress that is his equal in skills and just work perfectly alongside him and that he respects a whole lot and how the chemistry is sold because it’s so natural and not fabricated. So, when Ross smiles at Demelza with eyes so loving and so true it is because Ross LOVES Demelza and just projects with Elizabeth, but I think it is also about a series of factors that makes it efortless of his part. He never can quite sell anything with Elizabeth, even when he so clearly has to because what’s lack there goes BEYOND acting. That Aidan is capable and Heida got a lot better in Season 2… In fact, when you compare both Ross and Demelza scenes in Season 1 and Season 2 you can sense a shift that’s a lot telling from both seasons also there. So… I think what happens is that Eleanor brings the best out of Aidan and vice versa so when Ross is in love with Demelza we as audience can really buy it while with Elizabeth the whole thing seems forced and flat. Just MO.

If bts were to learn how to dance Latin music I think
•Jungkook and jimin would excel in bachata( with a lot of practice Jin would prbbly b really good 2)

•Hobi would be salsa king( namjoon would really try and god bless him but😐)

•Yoongi would be really good at merengue but he’d act like he didn’t know what he was doing mean while he dance better than my abuela when she did have to use her wheel chair full time

•also taehyung would tear up the dance floor with his quebradita

Rating of PJO based on mentions of peanut butter
  • The Lightning Thief: 2 mentions. Nancy Bobofit throws peanut butter and ketchup sandwich pieces at Grover. Disgusting combination, used for a disgusting act. This book slanders the good name of peanut butter. 1/10
  • Sea of Monsters: 3 mentions. Percy buys Tyson an extra peanut butter sandwich at lunch one day. Percy also can't bring himself to look at Tyson's face bc he is distracted by peanut butter in his teeth. Finally, there are PB+J sandwiches aboard the CSS Birmingham. Good amount, sets up Tyson's continued love of peanut butter throughout the series. 8/10
  • The Titan's Curse: 2 mentions. Tyson thinks Annabeth is the coolest thing since peanut butter(and he really likes peanut butter). Peanut butter is not actually present in the scene, but it is acknowledged for being very cool. 6/10
  • Battle of the Labyrinth: 3 mentions. Tyson wants to relive the good old days when Annabeth, Percy, and he used to go on quests and eat peanut butter sandwiches. Later, Hera serves them all peanut butter sandwiches, which Tyson inhales. Although Tyson is incorrect in the amount of peanut butter sandwiches consumed in the Sea of Monsters, there are still a good amount of mentions. 9/10
  • The Last Olympian: 10 mentions. By far the most. May Castellan makes PB+J for a son that will never come home. This is very sad and makes me cry every time. On a lighter note, Tyson and the cyclopses use peanut butter as their battle cry, which Zeus finds odd. All in all, a robust amount of usages, all of which are very important to the plot. 27/10

namjoon truly doesn’t deserve the shit he gets from the world he takes everything to heart and thinks too much and just wants to do good by others and to be able to love himself. he’s earnest and genuine and has so much love in his heart, he just wants to be a good person. he really takes in all criticism and really turns it over in his head for ages, asks mentors about it, goes out of his way to educate himself to avoid hurting others. it’s dumb bc i dont really know but i can just kinda feel it from the way he talks, the things he talks about things, the way he carries himself? he’s just a good person. the world needs more people like him.


so the humans are space orcs posts where we can just hide emotions from our customer service skill set, why don’t we take that a step further.

What about actors, who literally train for years to act different behaviors for different roles, from good guys to bad guys. One minute the human is kind and gentle, the next he is arrogantly addressing the pirates who invaded, all from his acting days.

Their strict memorization can help them recall lines for any situation. They can cry on cue, motivate their crewmates with a well place monologues, become the life of the party with one liners and comedic sketches.

Hell this can apply to dedicated fans. The ones who try to get in character at cosplays, or memorize entire dialogues from their favorite scenes.

Really I just want someone to write alien fic where a human quotes the wallet scene from pulp fiction and just fucking terrifies them

neil patrick harris as count olaf

one of the things i really appreciate about the new series of asoue is the quality of neil patrick harris’ acting.

neil is an excellent olaf, in my opinion, with a great balance of the hammy humour that is integral to the character and genuinely scary moments. one of the things i appreciated was the reveal of his plot to marry violet. unlike the film, i really felt that the realization that violet has in the book during this scene (that he isn’t just a drunken brute, he’s a clever drunken brute) was translated well onto the screen.  but, more than being a good olaf, he also manages to give each of olaf’s disguises a personality of their own, while never losing the base olaf personality behind them.

he does more than just putting on different voices - he switches back and forth between the character of olaf and the secondary character he’s playing, and constantly has to remember everything about olaf’s character while he’s covering it up, and remember to let some of that show through.

i don’t know how to express this properly, but this reminds me a lot of helena bonham carter pretending to be hermione disguised as bellatrix. i think it’s outrageously clever to get this right, and definitely something that was improved on from the 2004 movie in my view. i felt that jim carrey went a little too deep into each of olaf’s characters, losing much of the base, but nph has got it just right - he’s still olaf, a character who is a poor actor acting another character.

tl;dr - neil i’m fucking impressed


The best thing about it, honestly, is working with Chris again. I first met him in Kenneth Branagh’s house in England in 2009. We were mere children, in the very beginning of our acting journeys. We made an instant connection, and it’s been extraordinary to share the ride with him—this mad journey with Marvel. Anthony Hopkins has been on set this week. And Taika Waititi is magnificent. He has found a way of honoring everything that came before but doing his own thing. And he’s so funny. His films—and if you haven’t, you must seek them out: What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople—they have this combination of light-hearted, good humor and emotion. They’re very moving. Everyone’s really happy. 

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow
The more I think about Sun and Moon

The more I FUCKING love it.

Yes I do think there are wasted opportunities with UB for main story but that’s a tiny pebble compare to the massive stones of awesomeness.

The Pokemon are fun and really cool! The Pokedex gives a layer of depth and surprising realism to these fantasy monsters.

The characters are amazing.
The trial captains are unique
The Kahuna are strong

Hau is fucking lovable
Lillie’s character growth is really amazing
Gladion’s slow opening is good too!

The villains are what take the cake though.

Each of them have so much in depth that goes really far.

Guzma has an abusive dad who (depending on what you think) either beat him or transferred his own failures into him. He acts stupidly tough but he raised a fuckin Wimpod and every single grunts cares for him.

Plumeria is the Admin but she looks and cares after every single grunt with genuine love and affection. She even starts the Trials anew to turn over a new leaf and Challenge you! She’s a tough chick!

Each Grunt is implied to be rejected who wants to join Skull cause they feel accepted.

Lusamine was amazing awful. She did absolutely horrendous stuff to Lillie and Gladion but post game reveals some hidden stuff about her.
She lost her husband because of Ultra Beast, and he disappeared forever and she (possibly) got infected beforehand. We know she used to be a good mom before she went crazy, and Nihilego’s Toxins are said to bring out people’s desires out to an insane degree. So there are many factors to her actions which makes it complex.

Wicke turned out to be the loving mom we all wanted and what Gladion and Lillie should’ve gotten if Lusamine didn’t go crazy. She truly is pure.

Faba is a snobby asshole who’s barely a threat and hilarious cause of that.

Fuck this game is soooo good!

Have You Tried Seducing?

Anon Requests: Do you think you could do something like Reader is only wearing Cas’s shirt and they’re in the living room or kitchen or some place like that and Cas thinks it’s Sexy so he decides to fuck reader and they break something, which wakes up in the Winchesters and the Winchesters walk in and Reader get’s embarrassed but Castiel don’t stop fucking until he’s done? Thank you! AND How about a cas x reader where cas has been in love with reader for ages but never acted on his feelings/urges because he’s an angel and it’s a sin for an angel to be with a human(it’s forbidden). The reader overheard cas confess his affection for her to the Winchester boys and she decides to seduce him because she’s always liked him too but felt he hated her(but he was just avoiding temptation). So he just cracks and some really good smut follows and then some cute fluff 🤗 love you btw ✊🏽

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: smut, a little bit of dirty talk, language, nsfw gif further below the cut!!

A/N: I decided to combine 2 requests for this one. hope thats alright!


3 weeks.

It had been 3 weeks since you had overheard Castiel confess his love for you to Sam and Dean.

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I am constantly amazed by how responsive Steve and his team are to this fandom. They watch us and they LISTEN to us, and then ACT quickly on it. 

After the shirts sold out quickly today, they have now put the shirts on pre-order so that all the fans that missed out can get a shirt. Not only that, they have added sizes XL and 2XL as requested by fans, and are now also addressing requests for shipments to other parts of the world. 

They have really taken the fans’ feedback and acted on it. Impressive! The 1D fandom just isn’t used to this kind of reaction from the artist and his team (or any reaction at all, really)!

More importantly, Steve’s account itself has made sure to tweet out all this information!

This is what a good team does. Hopefully, Louis is taking pointers!

Bravo! This is what good work from a good team looks like!


I’m torn