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NEWS - Goblin actor Gong Yoo named among most charming, fashionable actors in South Korea

February 23, 2017 

South Korean actor is named as one of the male celebrities with the best charm. He is also highly appreciated for portraying a character with great fashion sense. 

Gong Yoo not only impressed the viewers with his acting talent but also played the lead role with great style. The actor played the role of a warrior turned immortal god named Kim Shin in the recently-ended tvN series Goblin.

The drama was undoubtedly one of the best in the recent times and the ratings are a proof of that. Moreover, the character was one of the most fashionable characters in K-dramas. According to Soompi, Gong’s iconic character was given an impressive male winter fashion including oversized coats and turtleneck tops.

Many believed that the actor’s look was worthy of a model’s runway look given the tall stature and fit body of Gong Yoo. The pieces Gong Yoo wore in Goblin became hot fashion trends.

In the same list was Goblin’s lead actress Kim Go Eun. The South Korean actress made it to the list with the role of Hong Seol in Cheese in the Trap, where she managed a perfect combination of a ‘hipster style mixed with comfortable pieces’.

Currently, it is reported that Gong Yoo will be taking a break from work from mid-march as he did not ger a single day off after Goblin ended as he went on to complete his other commitments. Moreover, it is also said that the actor will think what to do next while he is on this break.

| CREDIT: http://www.ibtimes.sg/goblin-actor-gong-yoo-named-among-most-charming-fashionable-actors-south-korea-7805

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Basically this started as a crack idea of giving Yui wings and devolved rapidly into a 10-page Googledoc that will never see the light of day. EVER.

jake is just such a great character. i love his relationship with friends and family. i love how hes so funny and not only are his dialogues funny, the way its voice acted is also great. i love that the crew have fun with his shapeshifting power and we get to see some very interesting and creative shapes and uses. i love that hes written with real strength and flaws that affects the plot. i love his role in the story and how often and strongly he supports finn in his own jakey way. i love his cooking, dancing, violin playing and singing. i love how friendly and confident he is


2015 has been a great year for Aiba-chan, 3rd member to act in a Getsu9 which I was super worried for. Ratings and all, it was perfect and a great character for his acting career! Also Aiba Manabu going from strength and strength and the concept makes it enjoyable to watch still after over 2.5 years and now with its 1st SP. Being able to celebrate his 32nd together with so many fans and Arashi themselves. I continue to wish that Aiba-chan will strive for the best, take care of his health and always keep smiling. May he have all the luck in the whole world and I, yet again, will still support him though thick and thin through 2016 like I have been since 2008. May 2016 be his best year yet! Enjoy this 1 month of being the same age as Sho-kun ^^  #ずっと応援してます 

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