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sehun not only read and memorized his lines for dear archimedes, but also everyone else’s lines. those working on the film have said that he has put tremendous effort into understanding the motivations and thoughts behind each character in the drama to better understand how the story unfolds. and not only is that amazing, but it just shows how passionate he is about acting and getting into character.


“It’s one of these moments where you see Alex, one by one, having to cross this road and see how people react,” Leigh says. “She hasn’t seen him in over a decade and, ‘Guess what? I’m gay!’ It’s great. His reaction is so wonderful. It’s a great, sweet, endearing moment: ‘OK, I’m being accepted for where I am.‘”

Um… okay Chyler, but have you seen your own face in this scene…..?

100% agree


This is about you. x

Try (A Song fic Drabble)

You walked into the small studio that Jensen had asked you to meet him at. You didn’t know what he was up to. His little surprises always made your heart soar and your stomach so flip flops.

You opened the door to see him sitting on a stool, strumming his guitar.

As if on cue, the minute his eyes connected with yours, he began to sing.

“If I sing you a song would you sing along
Or wait till I’m gone, oh how we push and pull
If I give you my heart would you just play the part
Or tell me it’s the start of something beautiful”

You watched him carefully, not sure that the lyrics he was singing were meant for you. You’d been dating Jensen for almost two years. Your relationship was incredible, but you were both incredibly busy. You split your time between Vancouver and Nashville. His acting career was here, your singing career was everywhere. 

His eyes locked with yours as he continued to sing.

“Am I catching up to you
While your running away, to chase your dreams
It’s time for us to face the truth
Cause we are coming to each other to change
And maybe I’m not ready
But I’m trying for your love”

His eyes met yours again as he continued to sing. 

“I can hide up above
I will try for your love
We’ve been hiding enough”

Now you knew the lyrics were meant for you as tears steadily fell down your cheeks. He stood then, walking over to where you were standing with your arms wrapped around your waist.

“If I walk would you run
If I stop would you come
If I say you’re the one would you believe me?”

He stopped playing then and got down on one knee. Your hand flew to your mouth, a gasp escaping your throat.

“Jensen,” you whispered as he took your left hand.

“I love you, Y/N. I know our lives are crazy. You’re career is booming and mine is taking off. I know you feel like you’re too young to settle down, but I’ve gotta know. I want you in my life. Forever. I want to know that you have my name, that I am the only man you ever think about. I want you to move in with me in Vancouver. You’re my family. You’re already my best friend. I want you to be my wife,” he swallowed thickly as he looked up at you, pulling a small velvet box from his pocket.

“Y/N, will you marry me?”

All you could do was nod furiously as tears poured down your checks. You were trying to catch your breath, but the tears were relentless.

Jensen slid the beautiful ring on your finger and stood, wrapping you in his arms and pulling your lips to his.

When you were both breathless, you pulled away and grabbed his face in both of your hands, unable to stop the smile that formed when you saw the ring glitter in the studio light.

“Jensen Ackles, I love you,” you whispered, kissing his lips tenderly.

He chuckled against your lips. “Well, there is one more thing,” he smiled against your lips. “This studio is yours. I bought it. I want you to be able to do everything here that you can in Nashville,” he said.

“Are you kidding, Jen?” you gasped as you turned around to take the place in. “You did this?”

His eyes sparkled as he watched you. “Anything for the woman I love,” he said, pulling you to him and kissing you fiercely.

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remember that time they asked who parties the most, and louis said it used to be him but then he settled down or that time the boys said he`s the most family orientated, or all the times we`ve seen how he acts around children and how much he loves them - if he actually had a child he would try to be with him all the time, this is so transperent, i just can`t believe some people still think it`s real

We saw Louis with children, we saw him with babies, we saw Louis with his family, we saw how much he protects the boys and his friends, and we saw Louis with his “son”. With one of them he acts different though, and is with the one he should act the most protective and full of love, pride and care and yet…. makes you think 

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.