his acting feels so real

meta won’t be out for a couple of days at least, but here are my initial thoughts: 

  • the premiere wasn’t perfect, but i think the set up it created was—meaning, i think camelot is really the perfect place to take our characters, and i’m glad we’re physically going there
  • similarly, i’m interested in the allusions to the white swan/dark swan we’ll be seeing side by side via the time jump. showing the duality of her without literally doing it, etc
  • wtf belle ugh god hold my hair while i vom
  • unfortunately the writers did make another rape allusion and it was p unsettling bc once again—do they realize the implication of that kind of writing? probably not. they’re treating it way too lightly
  • jane espenson i am relying on you to slap them upside the head pls come through
  • then again again, everything else about zelena was so entertaining and i am glad they’re keeping her around 
  • K I L L I AN
  • “it has to be her choice” HATERS, WHAT’S GOOD rape culture my left tit 
  • his desperation, his pleas, his hair, his everything
  • JEN’S ACTING god bless her for making this feel so real and not a hammy fairytale thing 
  • all of emma’s scenes were perfect honestly 
  • merida!!!!!!!!comeback sooo000n
  • is rumple personally conscious of what he’s telling emma to do, even while physical body is in a coma? or is it emma’s projection? this is p important to know especially since belle has conveniently forgotten all of his betrayals to lovingly stare at him on his deathbed (commencing eye roll in 3, 2……)
  • anyway
  • i still love this show and as i said at the top, V excited for the camelot stuff, but overall, not the strongest episode in terms of connectivity of storybrooke and camelot/emma
  • on that note, A/E are much better at finales than premieres, which is understandable bc it’s easier to tie things up with a bow than introduce all the strings, but i may include a fluidity critique in my meta
  • also, yes, i am doing a meta. again, look for it late tuesday-thursday. this week is crazy for me as i’m moving across the country in two days and have much to do for a while
  • anyway, once is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!!

Can we just make a petition to see Mads Mikkelsen in a movie/series that doesn’t involve his character getting hurt, bullied, killed, tortured, pushed off a cliff, in emotional pain etc? Because his acting is so good and it all feels so real that every time I watch one of his movies I wanna either cry forever or dive off a cliff.
Can we just…For all this pain, can we PLEASE have four hours of Mads Mikkelsen’s character being a sweetheart or a dick (i don’t care), but like a happy one who gets to receive hugs and kind words and happiness?!?!
Because my feels hurt like fuck and I need nice things in my life.