his accent is great

What’s the news, Marrison?

Colin O’Donoghue on what he and Jennifer are like on set.

“And then she gives me the news.”

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Hey John!! Just out of curiosity, why is Ignis your favorite chocobro?

He cooks, he’s responsible, he’s handsome, he’s well-spoken, his accent is awesome, he’s really handsome, his hair is great, his fashion sense is hilariously amazing, he’s so fucking handsome, he has glasses, he’s intelligent, he serves the sickest fucking disses and burns, and he IS SO GOOD LOOKING LIKE THE FUCK HE’S SO PURE


y'all i really love chris, his liveshows are great and i lov his accent

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You're misunderstanding what I'm saying. The original trilogy is done. This is a new era and a new, darker Luke. His story began with Kylo destroying his Jedi and it should end with his death at Kylo's hand. That's all that matters. Nothing from his previous life should factor into this. The trilogies are separate. You never hear Obi Wan mention Quing On in ANH (yes I know they were made after, but for the sake of continuity, this is necessary). So yes, Luke's story begins with Kylo in the ST.

Anyway, guys, I thought Ewan McGregor did such a great job as Lumiere! His accent was questionable, sure, but his singing and comedic timing were topnotch. I want to see him in more musical roles moving forward!

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What was your rationale for giving Mr. Freeze that accent? I'm just curious because I really like it--it was a very brave decision, considering that most people brace themselves for ice puns when they hear a similar voice. :)

I really wanted to have a Danish feel to Freeze, though it did come across as more German in the booth, but I felt it most fitting for Victor Fries.

I always imagined Victor as a European man - refined, brilliant, and in possession of an incredible tact. Another instance of someone who is great at hiding his feelings. The accent followed suit - though I agree, many braced for bad puns.

I do actually plan on recording some Batman & Robin dialogue with my Freeze, and seeing if I can actually pull off some of those puns. If not, it’ll still be fun to try anyway.




James couldn’t help but look. His eyes strayed to the long blonde hair as his hand drew more loops over “J+L.” They thought he meant Lily and he never corrected them. They didn’t need to know where his mind drifted as he wanked.

Lucius watched James trace over the “L” in envy, never understanding.

Draco did everything he could to goad Harry to talk. He could pick it out over dozens of others talking in the Great Hall. His accent so unfined compared to his posh upper class lift. The deep tone made him shiver and he played it over and over when he tried to fall asleep.

Harry just dreamed of him.

Al tried to control his hands, but they wouldn’t stop touching him. They’d walk to class together and he’d brush off imaginary dirt off his cloak. He would brush his hair back and claim there was fluff. He would gently guide him with a touch to the small of his back. They were best friends. But then one night he couldn’t wait any longer. The want too strong and the control too weak. Al kissed him.

And Scorpius kissed him back.

krem’s accent is so great… and his cheekbones… and his fondly disgusted resignation to iron bull’s awful jokes….. and his ridiculously huge maul… and his stories…. and his banter with bull….. and the dumb way he sits on his chair… and his easygoing cheerfulness… and his haircut…… and-

Stay With Me

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Prompts:  “Can I kiss you?” “Delete that immediately”

Triggers: Alcohol, Swearing, probably I don’t know(message me if you need me to tag anything triggering)

Words: 957

A/N: This is my first fanfic for this blog so it’s probably gonna be really bad


Ring… Ring… Ring…

 You groaned, leaning over to see who was calling. The contact read ‘Lafayette’ and you sighed, knowing that he’d be asking for you to give him and his friends a ride home from the bar. Why else would he call at nearly 3 am? “Hello?” You mumbled, still half asleep.

 “Great you’re awake!” Lafayette slurred, his French accent making it hard for you to decipher what he’d said.

 “I am now.” You got up, slipping on a pair of sandals. You heard loud laughter in the background, recognizing it as Hercules.

 “Listen, mon ami, we kinda need a ride home from the bar. John can barely walk.” Your cheeks involuntarily heated up at the mention of your crush.

 “Yeah, alright I’ll be there in a few. Try not to get kicked out of the bar, got it?”

 “Oui, merci!” The Frenchman slurred gratefully.

 You got in your car, sighing as it was slowly brought to life. You didn’t have enough to replace it, even though some of your friends had been willing to pay for a new car.


 “Hey, Y/N’s here!” You could hear Alex’s voice call out, and suddenly you were bombarded by your friends, all reeking of alcohol.

 “Alright, come on; get in, you guys.” You smiled, greeting them and bringing them to the beat up wreck you called a car.


 You arrived at Alexander’s house first, helping him out of the car since he could barely stand. When he wrapped his arm around your shoulder for balance, you noticed a scowl on John’s face but you decided to ignore it.

 After getting Alex in his bed, taking a total of 10 minutes, you drove off, reaching Laf’s house. Hercules and Lafayette equally had decided Herc could stay with Lafayette for the night.

 Once you helped the both of them into the house, Hercules on the couch, Lafayette in his bed, you walked out to the car, immediately noticing John’s change of seating.

 “Why are you in the front now?” You wondered, turning to him as you climbed into the driver’s seat.

 “I wanted to be closer to you.” He slurred, gazing at you with a lopsided smile. You desperately fought the heat rising to your cheeks, and focused on the road, driving quickly to John’s house.

 “You know,” John spoke up, finally breaking the silence, “I could just crash at your place.” A blush appeared on your face, and you couldn’t even risk a glance towards the freckled man.

 “I think I should just get you home.” You stated flatly, trying not to reveal how flustered you were in your tone.

 “It’s closer, you’d get to drive less.” You could feel him leaning closer to you, drunkenly rambling why he should stay at your house. “And I could sleep on the couch or something or we could watch movies or-“

 “Ok. Fine. But you’re staying on the couch. Got it?”

 “Yes ma‘am.” You weren’t looking but you could tell he was looking at you with a smile.


  “You’re really pretty.” John’s voice was soft, but you could still hear the slurring in his words. Your blush darkened, as you pulled the car into the parking lot of your apartment. You helped him into your apartment and walked off to the kitchen.

 “You have to drink this.” You returned, handing a glass of water over to John, who was sprawled out on your couch. “It’ll make you feel better in the morning.” He took the water and quickly drank it. You smiled, and walked off to your bedroom.

 “Wait!” John called after you, and suddenly he grabbed your wrist, gently pulling you back.

 “Yes?” You turned to face him, he leaned in close.

 “Can I kiss you?” You froze, your face heating up to a dark red.

 “Uh, I- um, well…” You stammered, not knowing how to react. Suddenly you felt his lips against yours, and you almost fell back from the movement. You pushed him away, your eyes wide. “J-John you’re drunk we can’t do anything.” He frowned

 “At least stay with me?” He pouted, and you finally gave in with a sigh.

 You sat next to him on the couch, turning on a movie, as your eyes got heavier. You quickly fell asleep, not realizing how tired you were already.


 You were abruptly awoken by a loud camera clicking noise, when you opened you eyes you saw Alex, Lafayette, and Hercules running towards the door. You didn’t understand why they had taken a picture until you noticed your position. You were cuddled up against John, and Hamilton had just taken a picture.

 “Alex, get the fuck back here!” You yelled, jumping up and racing out the door after the boys.

 “Holy shit run!” You could hear Alex faintly, and you knew where he was headed. If you didn’t make it in time he’d get to the elevator. You turned a corner, the soft carpet hitting your bare feet as you ran.

 You finally reached the elevator, jumping in just as it closed behind you. You puffed up your chest, trying to make yourself look more intimidating, as Alex stood with his phone out, a wide grin spread across his face.

 “Delete that immediately.” You growled, glaring at him.

 “I will, but just so you know…” He laughed, “I just sent it to everyone in my contacts list, including John.” You blushed, eyes wide.


That Thomas Sangster accent tho
  • Newt: for a minute I though you had the chops to be a runner.
  • Me: *sighs* he says runner so nicely.
  • Newt: it's the maze, changing.
  • Me: he says maze so beautifully.
  • Newt: you supposed to be the guest of honor.
  • Me: he has such a way with words *sighs deeply* how he does that?
  • Newt: you wanna be useful? Go get us some more fertilizer.
  • Me: how someone can make the word fertilizer sounds so damn adorable and attractive?
  • Newt: we are all in this together.
  • Me: *casually breaks into signing HSM while thinking how amazing Newt sounds saying those words*
  • Newt: we can't risk losing anyone else.
  • Me: his voice is the most majestic thing to ever exist, especially when he's talking to his boyfriend and saying he can't risk losing him.
  • Newt: it's a girl.
  • Me: *dies*
  • Newt: *speaks*
  • Me: *comes back to life just to have a breakdown and die once again*
  • Wes: I might add that (Newt calling Thomas, Tommy) to the next one. It sounds great coming from Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  • Me: *in my afterlife* Don't play with my feelings like this.
  • Newt: *on Scorch Trials* thanks, Tommy.
  • Me: *squeals*
  • Me: *dies in my afterlife then dies in my after-afterlife*
1. Punk Harry How you meet :)

Please follow me :)

“Can I help you?” Y/N asks when she pumps into a tall young man with a dark curly hair. He turns around and takes a look at Y/N’s figure and smirks.

“Sure you can, babe. Where’s the class 24A?” He asks. Y/N raises her eyebrows when she hears his british accent. Great. He is the new kid.

“Right behind you.” Y/N and points the door behind his back.

“Oh… Thank you, babe.”

Y/N nods and walks past him and sits down on her seat next to her best friend Niall. The teacher walks in and starts to talk something about evolution, but Y/N is not focusing. Who has that guy? He is from England and he is clearly into punk. He had tattooed arms and a lip ring and….

“Y/N?” Teacher asks and snaps her fingers in front of Y/N’s face. “Are you focusing?”

“Yes, ma'am. I’m sorry.”

“If you were listening, why aren’t you with your partner?”

“My… partner?” Y/N asks slowly, looking for Niall and seeing him sitting down next to a girl named Amber. Great. No Niall. “I… I couldn't find my partner.”

“I’m right here, babe.” A deep raspy British accent says behind Y/N’s back. “Sorry that I was out of your sigh. I’m Harry, by the way.” He says and shakes Y/N’s hand.

“I’m Y/N and stop calling me babe.”

“What ever you want… Babe.”


Ok so I had been on tinder for a little bit and I had met up with like two people and it didn’t really go anywhere so I decided I would probably just get rid of my account but then this guy started to talk to me and he was good looking and really nice and he asked a lot of questions to get to know me, like what I like to do, my favourite colors, innocent things, and thing is - he didn’t speak English well, that’s what he told me, so he felt a bit nervous talking. I think that it might be a problem but he’s doing well enough so I decide to drive up to where he lives about 30 minutes away to meet him for coffee and God I was so nervous!! I could see him in front of the coffee shop but!!! I almost couldn’t force my way out of the car. But we met and he’s actually very good at speaking English, and his accent is great, and our date consisted of Walmart and iHop and we haven’t been on tinder since and it’s been about 6 months and we’re still very happy together.

“Yes, the accent was quite hard work. I actually spent ages with 1920s recordings of old Dartmoor accents trying desperately to pick it up. Now that I’ve got it, it’s pretty hard to stop.  Sometimes I slip into it. I always wonder whether I’ll get treated differently with a different accent.” // Jeremy Irvine on his broad west country accent for the films ‘War Horse’ and 'Great Expectations’ [x]

Today was gr9. Highlights included the look on the adults’ faces when my response to “oh her dress is so beautiful” was “why thank you, my fairy godmother made it” (the ugly laughter that followed was hilarious), being asked “where are you from?” Answering, “Lakeland” and getting “Not with that accentttt” in response. When a kid wasn’t in the room I was just like (still in the accent) “that’s because it’s faaaake~”. And the biggest triumph was being visited by one of the supervisors who is actually an Englishman, and after his four adorable children went around the corner he stage-whispered to me in his own natural Cockney, “great job on the accent!” I have been Englishman approved, YASSS!

For anyone who hasn't had the chance to meet Troye yet

•he is vvvvv polite and sweet
•his hair is amazing too holy shit
•his eyes
•holy fuck
•he smells so good his cologne is amazing js
•don’t get me started on his eyes
•idk if he does this for everyone but he’ll ask U ur name aww
•His eyes are so fucking blue
•his voice is like velvet
•literally tho his eyes like are so much more amazing up close
•he’s a great picture taker (Obvi)
•seriously his EYES
•his accent is seriously like a million tiny daggers into your soul
•like his eyes

•@troye sivan just fuck me up