his accent is actually quite attractive

Professor Irwin A.I

warning: smuttttt

word count: 4700+

summary: teacher!Ashton, y/n is late to class and her teacher isn’t very happy about it

requested?: yes, I hope you liked it Anon ;) YALL NEEDED TO STOP ME WHILE WRITING THIS IT’S TOO ATTACKING. I’M SORRY FOR ATTACKING YOU ALL actually i’m not this is filthy af and i don't’ regret a single word

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I chewed on the back of my pen as I absentmindedly stared outside the high auditorium window. I wasn’t really paying attention to whatever my Professor was saying, he always dragged on about unimportant information in the first 15 minutes of class.

As my eyes drifted back to the front I made eye contact with a pair of hazel and green eyes, the mysterious man’s mouth twitching into a small smirk as he walked towards my Professors desk. He was stunning, tanned skin with a sandy blonde quiff flopping on his head and a mouth that made my thighs clench.

He had an aura of authority, and held the brown leather satchel on his shoulder, hand gripping the strap so tight his muscles tensed in his shirt. He wore his clothes well and I had already figured out that he would’ve looked 10 times better without them.

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A Pirate’s Life For Me - Pirate Negan AU

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Author: @84reedsy

Characters: (Pirate) Negan X Female OC

Word Count: 4759

Warnings:  A level of smut that I was not even really prepared for. Also my first time writing Negan! NSFW, Swearing, language, some violence. 

Tags: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network

Description: A new crew member has a big secret to hide, will the Captain find out “Gabriel’s” hidden identity?

The seas were fairly calm, the skies were bright blue. The hull of the ship bobbed slowly in the water as if it were part of the tide, part of the sea itself. The Sanctuary was a mighty ship, it’s black sails setting it apart from many of its counterparts; the pirate ship’s appearance alone struck fear into the hearts of those who were unlucky enough to lay their eyes upon it. For when one saw the ship, it was usually to late to fend her off for long, for The Sanctuary was a mighty, mighty ship indeed as her lossless record of piracy would suggest.

The crew was kept well as any crew could. Captain Negan made a point to call them Saviours instead of pirates, saying their work was honorable and part of what the sea needs.

They did not want for much as long as their allegiance to their captain was strong. The deck swabbed daily, the ship kept in immaculate shape, even the cooks quarters, normally a source of disease and festering smells was kept well. The captain would tolerate no less. He was fair, but if crossed or disobeyed could be a vicious and as bloodthirsty as any pirate captain could be. Those he did not strike fear in upon his appearance, he would at the very least garner the utmost respect. Yes, Negan was one hell of a pirate.

The ship was large, one of the largest vessels ever stolen from the royal navy and left unreclaimed, for the military feared him as much as any other man. Knowing this only furthered Negan’s drive to plunder and amass his fortune.

Most of the crew was an aggregation of his conquests. Those that did not perish were invited to join the ship’s legion. Those that refused were left behind on their sinking vessels to die an almost certain watery death. It was on one of those ships that Gabriel was a recruit from. He was aboard a french ship on a destinationless pleasure cruise when they were taken by Negan and the rest of the crew aboard The Sanctuary.

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Detention Buddies (2/4)

Chapter 2

| ONE |

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: You were sent to detention by accident. He was sent there on purpose. But when they lock you and Sebastian in the school for the night, he shows you what it’s like to have fun. au

Word Count: 1,283

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Warning: Swearing

A/N: Glad y’all are already liking it! Here is chapter 2! Hope you enjoy ♥

“So I’m in detention because of you?!” you exclaim, slamming the desk standing up.

“Well, kind of yeah.” sebastian smiles at your reaction.

“You better confess to Mr. Hollows when he comes in here or else.” you threaten.

“Or else what? Little girl going to kick my ass?” sebastian laughs.

“I should’ve known.. I can see why you’re the most hated person in this school now.” you grumble, falling back down onto your chair, folding your arms in anger.

You were expecting a snotty remark from Sebastian, but when you turned your head, Sebastian’s head was hung low.

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Jim must admit, from the amount of alcohol in his system, he’s having trouble walking and looking straight. The world is fuzzy and has the tendency to wobble until he’s gone straight into Bones, who doesn’t look nearly as drunk as he should, after those shots he downed with Jim.

“Bones,” Jim slurs the next time he stumbles into Bones. Bones just ends up rolling his eyes and winding an arm around his waist to make sure Jim didn’t brain himself on some unfortunate rock.

What, Jimmy?”

Jim pouts a little, completely forgetting what he was going to say with the feel of Bones warm arm around his waist. He’s so mean, Jim thinks childishly, staring up at Bones who is wearing a truly atrociousness pirates outfit; Jim couldn’t get him to dress up as anything else so Jim had compromised on his own outfit and had conspired with Gaila, pinching her torn skirt and a slutty blouse.

He must admit, he is feeling a little breezy around the cock area.

But then, then he sees how gorgeous Bones looks, with his three corner hat sitting at a jaunty angle, highlighting his sharp cheekbones and dark eyes, thin lips that Jim knows taste spectacular. He can feel the warmth of Bones’ body beneath his own and god, how he loves this man.

“You give me a boner, Bones,” He can’t help but giggle, because it’s true in more ways than one.

He drunkenly appreciates how long-suffering Bones appears as he says; “I coulda told you that, kiddo,”

“Noooooo, you don't understand,” Jim whines, and he purposefully leans more into Bones hard chest, arm thrown wide across it so as to grip the opposite lapel of Bones incredibly attractive coat. 

Bones grumbles, murmuring frustrated noises that Jim can’t quite understand right now but Jim notices how hard Bones rolls his eyes and vaguely wonders if it’s actually medically possible to roll your eyes so much and so hard that they fall out of your skull. If anyone could do that, it’d be Bones.

“What don’t I understand?” He snaps and Jim can’t help the snigger that escapes him because Bones has gone all Southern, accent lazy and drawling and it kind of makes Jim want to press Bones to the floor and ride that cock of his for all he’s worth. Maybe he’ll get to that when they get back.

“You give me a boner, but not like, a penis boner,” He blurts and then giggles at how a red blush blooms onto Bones cheeks. Jim reaches out to poke Bones face and accidentally ends up getting his ear and snickers drunkenly at how Bones playfully snaps his teeth at his hand.

“What other kind of boner is there, you dumb brat?”

“You give me a boner Bones, but a boner in my heart," 

"Oh god here we go,” Bones rumbles beneath his breath and Jim doesn’t even pretend to act like he heard that.

“You give me a heart boner-,” He says, resting his cheek on Bones deliciously broad shoulder.

“Oh my god, don’t you fucking dare, don’t you fucking dare you infant-,”

“You give me-” Jim pauses for dramatic effect and licks at the hand Bones tries to slap over his mouth. “An affection erection,”

“I swear to fucking god, I will leave you here if you ever say that again,”

“But Booones,”



"No, and don’t you ever say the words affection erection again if you ever want to get laid,”

Jim drunkenly wonders if Bones means that.

(By the hand that Bones has up Jim’s skirt later that night, he does’t mean it)

Oh no, he’s THAT customer (Pietro X Reader)

Nony asked

“i’m a new employee at starbucks and you’re always coming in here with these long orders of triple shots whatevers, and that’s kind of annoying so i purposely misspell your name every time Pietro x reader”

So here ya go Nony, I hope you like it ^_^

Characters: Pietro X Reader
Warnings: None/SFW
Word count: 821

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So far, you’re first week had been completely ok. You were a new employee at Starbucks, and surprisingly, you had yet to run into an annoying, over worked, under paid, customer. Yes, it was actually going quite smoothly…Until he started coming in.

“Hello, what can I get for you?” You asked sweetly, catching the man off guard, as you were actually the only female worker there.

“Hello krasota (beauty)” He spoke, his voice held a thick Russian accent, which you had to admit, paired with his features, made him pretty attractive.

“I’ll have a 5 shot venti, 2/5th decaf, ristretto shot, 1pump Vanilla, 1pump Hazelnut, breve, 1 sugar in the raw, with whip, caramel drizzle on top, free poured, 4 pump mocha.” he smiled, you blinked for a moment, before trying to remember it all as you put it in the register.

“Will that be all?” You asked, your mind was a bit annoyed at the man, but you tried to tell yourself to breath, this was Starbucks after all, some orders would be annoying.

“Yes” He smiled.

“Can I have your name please?” You asked, looking up at him.

“Only if I can have your number” He smiled while leaning on the counter.

“It’s for your order sir” You smiled, fully used to guys flirting by now.

“Pietro” he replied, oh that was going to be fun to try and get right.

“Your order will be right up sir” You smiled, putting the money in the register, and glancing behind him to make sure there wasn’t anyone else, before going to make his drink. You were a few people short today, so you found yourself rushing around more than normal. After finishing his drink, you tried your best to write his name correctly, though you were sure you still got it wrong. Saying it and spelling it often ended very different in the English language.

Calling out the name, you slightly gasped when the man was suddenly standing before you.

“Here you go sir” you smiled.

“Thank you very much printsessa” He smiled, before winking, and making his way out of the building. You had hoped that would be the last complicated order you would get…But of course, you were wrong. For the next two weeks, once a day, Pietro would come in, and order these really long and complicated drinks. You wanted to slap him, but knowing you would lose your job if you did, you settle for the next best thing…Misspelling his name on purpose.

At first he didn’t seem to mind, but by the end of the two weeks, he finally decided to ask.

“Why do you always spell my name wrong?” He spoke, leaning against the counter while he watched you make the drink.

“Do I sir? I apologize” You spoke, glancing up at him for a minute.

“I think you do it on purpose” he teased.

“Why would I do such a thing sir?” You asked

“That is what I am trying to figure out” He added.

“Well I am very sorry if I have upset you sir, here” You spoke, handing him the drink.

“Is that spelled correctly?” You asked, to which he nodded.

“Have a nice day sir” You smiled, before turning around to work on the next drink, but Pietro didn’t move.

“You know, you’re the only reason I come here everyday” he confessed, taking a sip of the drink. His words stopped you, you hadn’t honestly thought someone would come everyday to a place just to see you, that stuff only happened in movies.

“Is that so?” you asked, handing the next to drink to the last customer.

“It is, why else would I need this much coffee?” He asked

“I suspected that perhaps, you just liked coffee” You said, raising a brow.

“So tell me, why did you always misspell my name?” He asked, leaning closer. Sighing, you decided to tell him.

“I got annoyed with your long and super complicated orders” You shrugged, you expected him to get offended, but he simply laughed.

“What’s so funny?” You asked.

“I only did it to mess with you” he smiled.

“Wait…What?” You were shocked, he had been making your life annoying for the past two weeks, just so he could mess with you?!


“Easy printsessa, I only did it because you are very cute when you are flustered” he smiled, his statement making your cheeks get hotter. After a moment of you trying to find something to say, he spoke again.

“So y/n, would you like to have dinner with me?” he asked, shocking you. You thought about it for a minute, he had completely annoyed you for two whole weeks, simply because he thought you were cute when you were flustered. And he just confessed that he only came in to see you everyday…

“I get off in ten minutes” You smiled.

“I’ll be waiting then” He smiled back.


“I realize I’m sort of attracted to her [Mary]…and I’d love to actually just have a normal relationship with her. I don’t know quite how to express it in the beginning of the show…”

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485. crashed the their car au -- I haven't seen this one before! :)

The car pulled out in front of her suddenly. Emma braked hard and swerved to avoid it. The car kept going, the driver clearly oblivious, and Emma briefly thought that she had just dodged a bullet. Until, she heard squealing tires, followed by a sickening crunch as she was jolted against the door.

She took a shaky breath and allowed herself a moment to appreciate that she was still alive.

The sounds came to her as if from a long distance, faint and echoing. A car door opened, footsteps, and then a quiet tap on her window. She cracked an eye to see a man looking at her with a worried expression.

“Are you alright?” he asked, clearly distressed. Emma took a deep breath, this one much steadier than the last, and began to feel more like herself. She nodded to the man.

“Yes, just a little shaken. You?” She took off her seatbelt and opened her door. He stepped back to allow her out. Emma looked around, glad it was late. The road was empty and she didn’t have to worry just that second about their accident blocking traffic.

“I’m fine. I saw the wanker pull out in front of you. I’m really sorry I couldn’t stop in time.” She noted that he had an accent and was actually quite attractive. Emma decided she must be recovered if she could notice such things at a time like this.

Emma smiled. “It’s alright. If it is anyone’s fault, it was that idiot.”

“True,” he nodded and gave a wry smile. “But your little bug seems to have copped most of the damage from his actions.”

Emma patted her trusty vehicle affectionately. “She’s served me well over the years. I’m sure she’ll come out of this none the worse for wear.”

“As long as her owner is the same, I shall be satisfied.”

Emma glanced up in surprise and saw that he was looking at her warmly. After a brief hesitation, she smiled back.

“I’ll be fine. Though we should exchange numbers and everything.”

“Indeed,” he said, his eyes brightening. They quickly wrote down their details for the other and then moved both the cars off the road.

They talked while waiting for the tow trucks and found they had a surprising amount in common.

Two days later he called her. But not about the car.

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Ashton Irwin Smut

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Y/N and Ashton

Character Count: 3.9K

Rated: R (sexual content & offensive language) 

Description: You & your boyfriend Luke have just broken up, and it’s girl’s night out for a distraction. Little did you know that a bartender would be your actual distraction.

(i apologize for how bad this is)

“Last call!” the bartender yelled. You turned to your friends, “One more for the road?” They nodded as you stood up to order the last round. This was your first Saturday night out with the girls since you and your boyfriend, Luke, broke up and all you needed was a distraction. You walked over to the attractive bartender. “And what may I get for you?” he grinned. Looking down at his nametag, you saw his name was ‘Ashton.’ He had a thick Australian accent and his smile was quite mesmerizing. “Four beers please,” you reply. He slides them over and you head back to your table. 

Slowly, people start leaving the bar. One by one your friends start to leave until you’re the only one in the bar. You sit alone, deep in thought. So many things were racing through your mind: how Luke cheated on you, how you forgave him and took him back only for him to cheat again. Anger started building up inside you. How could you let him treat you like that? Why were you okay with it? You started tapping your heels against the wooden floor of the bar when someone came up behind you. 

You look up abruptly to see the bartender. “H-hey….” he stuttered, with a surprised look on his face. “I didn’t know anyone was still here.” You quickly stood up, grabbing the collar of his shirt and smashing his lips to yours. You move your fingers to grab his hair, tugging lightly as the kiss became heated. This is exactly what you wanted, to forget about Luke, just for one night. Ashton slowly breaks the kiss, “You know, you never told me your name,” he breathes.  “Y/N” you whisper, pulling him back in. He puts his hand on the small of your back, guiding you backwards, so your behind the bar table. 

He roughly grabbed the ends of your dress and pulled it off your body. “Damn..” he whispered, looking you up and down. You unclasped your bra as he slid your panties to the side, shoving two fingers inside you. “Oh fuck” you gasped as he pumped his fingers at a quick pace, giving you no time to adjust. He grabbed your leg with his other hand and propped it up on the bar, and curled his fingers. You let out loud moans as Ashton tugged at your g-spot. “A-ashton I’m close..” you pant. Your vision goes white as you come undone onto his fingers. He pulls his fingers out as you bring your leg down from the bar. 

“Your turn,” you  smirk, looking at the growing bulge in Ashton’s pants. His excitement is clear as you get down onto your knees to pull his jeans and boxers off. You wrap your hand around his length and start pumping it. “Mmm fuck…” he groans as you lick his tip. Finally you take him into your mouth, his hand grasping your hair and guiding you. You let his tip hit the back of your mouth to fully to take him in, making him groan loudly. “Nuh-uh, nope.” Ashton puts his hands under your arms to pull you back onto your feet. “I wanna come while fucking you.”

He turns you around so your ass is against his front, and you’re bending over the bar table. You feel his tip rubbing against your entrance, purposely teasing you. “Ashton, please..” you beg. “Please what?” he smirks. “Please fuck me!” you plead, the wetness between your legs growing. Without warning he slams into making you scream in pleasure. “Fuck Ashton!” you yell, his thrusts getting stronger, hitting your spot everytime. Your hands grip the edge of the bar tightly, knuckles becoming white. “That’s right,” he urges, “let everyone know who’s making you scream like this.” He groans as he reaches his high, spilling his hot liquids into you. His thrusts become slower as he moves his finger down to rub harsh circles into your clit. 

You soon reach your high and release, the two of you catching your breath as Ashton thrusts a few more times to ride out your highs. “Wow…” you pant as Ashton pulls out. “That was amazing,” he whispers. “How would like you let me take you out on a date?” You smile and nod as you both put your clothes back on. 


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