his ''gonna'' is more of a ''gonnae'' to be honest


I love how Betty and Jughead are protective of their own relationship and they just own it, it’s so adorable how they do it.

Veronica labels Jughead as Betty’s boyfriend (Thank you, V!) and tells him he has to go to the baby shower and he not only shows up, but actually helped organize it. He didn’t care if it knocked off some of his cool points, he’s just there. And Betty appreciates what he’s done and best of all, he was so gracious about it. He could’ve gloated about being an A++ boyfriend but there he is, making a joke about it, letting her know he doesn’t mind doing those things.


And that scene where he waited for Betty to talk about his dad. He was just so upfront about why he kept it from her. Guys, this is Jughead, Mr. I’d rather be homeless and live in school than ask help from my friends. And the way that Betty handled it, like she’s not mad he didn’t instantly opened up about his world just because they’re boyfriend-girlfriend now. She knew it was gonna be slow and she doesn’t mind. But she’s honest enough to say that Jughead has to start letting her get to know him more if they want this relationship to last. Guys, they’re in this for the long haul.

NTM, how Jughead was quick to decide to let Betty talk to his dad. He could’ve said he’d talk to his dad for her, but nope, they’re gonna go together and he lets her see what his life’s like. And don’t even get me started on that kiss after their talk with FP. That was passionate in so many levels. OMG, I’m gonna cry in a corner now. Bughead is too precious. Protect them at all costs. I am in BLISS.

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  • Yandere-chan: Oka, I want to help you become happy with who you are. And I know just the training you need to do that!
  • Oka: Yan-chan... Y-you're gonna train me??
  • Yandere-chan: Pft, what? Me?
  • *door bursts open*
  • Yandere-chan: Nah, I'm gonna get Budo to do it.
Living With The Murderer Pt 2

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Title: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Angst, gangau!, slight trigger warning but it doesn’t go in that direction.

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2593.

Description: He didn’t even have to do much, you were sure this wasn’t the angriest he could get but he scared you. Because now you knew he wasn’t as friendly as he appeared to be.

You hadn’t even begun to unpack your things, your suitcase sat by the wall, opened and only touched enough to get the things you needed out of it. Zelo had asked you if you wanted him to give you a hand, to do the deed of helping you settle in. that was over a week ago that happened now and you had declined, the same as you do every time someone makes a comment about your barely moving things.

And Jesus Christ why did they have to come into your room so much? It gave you headaches just knowing you were living with the killers of your own family, your only family. And when they barged into your room like it wasn’t your private area you considered pulling out the gun from under your pillow.

One that you hadn’t stolen, as a matter of fact, it even sent a shiver down your spine knowing there was one in your presence, and god knows how many more there was in this house. You were starting to think Zelo must be some sort of mind reader, he was always arrived with whatever you were thinking about in his hand not long after you had the thought.

“Um these areas can get pretty dangerous, and I know you want absolutely nothing to do with us or our lifestyle, but I want you to be safe, especially with us”

Zelo was kind, maybe a little too kind and maybe trying a little too hard to warm up to you, because who jokes that they’re going to give you a weapon and allow you to try and use it against them if you ever wanted so desperately to do so?

So now you had a gun under your pillow and every time one of them entered without knocking, got too close to you or commented on your things, Zelo’s words echoed in the back of your mind.

“You might just wanna use it on us, trade an eye for an eye. Probably better to say a life for a life this time around though isn’t it?”

You considered using it on the giant splinter then and there, you knew for a fact that it was loaded with as many bullets there could be shoved in the device. And you knew for a fact that he had no audacity to talk about your parent’s murder in such ways because it hurt, and he was the asshole that pulled the trigger in the first place. So you took to ignoring them, it seemed that this was Zelo’s house, but the others didn’t really like to leave and go to the land of their own homes, they spent most of their days lazing around here or going out to do things you didn’t care about.

You never ate with them, you were sure they probably kept getting confused if you were still here, it’s not like you hadn’t tried to leave, you had just been caught every time. Everyone but Zelo seemed to see how badly you wanted to leave and it was as if they laid in waiting for you to try and make a grand escape. They weren’t afraid to drag you back into the house, but it did seem they were afraid to tell the tall man about your continuous attempts to leave, and you really wanted to know why such a seemingly harmless giant was being kept out of such information.

Dinner would be getting served any moment now, not that you were keeping track of time as you made sure all of your things were tightly crammed into your suitcase and your bag was filled with your things. You didn’t pay any attention to the sound of footsteps making their way down the hall and coming to a stop in front of your room. Your body naturally jolted in shock as the door opened and Daehyun gave a scoff.

“Are you really trying to do this again?” He asked as your heard flicked in his direction, thinking he would throw your things out of reach or tie you to something so you couldn’t leave.

“I’m always going to try” You responded and Daehyun sighed as he shut the door behind him.

“And what’s the plan this time? Strap your things to your body and jump roof to roof? Or will you tie the sheets together and climb down through the window?” He asked and you glared at him.

“What, not gonna grab me or my things and hide them again? Or will you lock me in here once you hear my plans? Or would you rather hear my plans and let me get my hopes up so you can drag me back inside by the scruff of my jacket again?” You snarled and Daehyun shook his head as he sighed.

“To be honest, I’m rather sick of having to drag you back just because that kid wants you here, I’m not gonna stop you this time. But I can’t guarantee the others, especially Zelo” You stared at Daehyun, not having anything more to say and he stared back, smiling and reaching for the door once he believed his words had an impact on you. He left the room and you sat staring at your things you zipped your suitcase up and crawled over to your bed, throwing your body onto it and sighing as you drifted into your thoughts.

“Y/N, are you coming out to eat tonight?” It was useless to ask but Zelo still made the journey to your room to ask you the same question every night.

“Will you ever knock?” You asked as he came over and sat at the side of your bed, causing you to wriggle away from his body.

“Touché” He nodded as he leant onto his hand, his eyes travelled over to your packed things as you rolled to face away from him.

“You know, you should really come downstairs and give those guys a chance, you don’t even have to acknowledge my presence, just I think it would be the best for everyone if you did. Come and at least have a small conversation with one of them, maybe then you would figure out not everyone is as horrible as you think they are”

“Oh no, we are horrible, we’ve killed the ones she loved the most in life after all” Zelo looked over to the door and you even sat up to see who it was making such a dick move to say something like that in front of you.

“You see that little bag in the suitcase? My razor is in there and I’m not afraid to end your life with it asshole” You snarled, almost hissed at the one you believed said such a thing and he shook his head as he, then four more men walked into the room with plates of cooked food in their hands. One of them walked towards you, holding out one of the plates they held to you and you blinked at them expressionlessly as they gave you an apologetic smile.

“Don’t listen to Himchan, he doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong thing to say. I’m Jongup, I believe I didn’t get to tell you that yet Y/N” Jongup’s eyes gestured to the plate he was still holding out to you and you watched as Zelo gratefully took the food that he was given and took to making himself comfortable on your bed.

“What are you all doing in here?” You asked, slowly taking the plate and sitting it on the mattress as you stared at them all.

“You wouldn’t come down to eat with us, so we’re coming to eat with you” One of the younger looking ones shrugged and you looked down at your food as they all began eating and talking amongst themselves.

“You might want to start eating, otherwise you’re going to offend Youngjae” Zelo leant over, having noticed the said males heated stare on you and the plate you were just staring at. You looked up as he whispered to you and finally realised you were being watched.

“What a dumb thing to be offended about” You muttered back before stabbing your fork into the meat and shoving it in your mouth, effectively taking Youngjae’s eyes off of you.


It was one in the morning when you heard the last noise made in the house, and it was half past one when you crawled out of the bed, still in your clothes from that day. You slipped into your shoes and put on a warm jacket before shutting your suitcase. You hoisted your bag over your shoulder and looked around the room to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

You contemplated as if you were choosing life or death as you stared at your pillow. Under it, the gun still awaited some sort of use. After biting down on your lip hard enough you brought yourself to the decision of shoving it down the side of your pants, letting the waistband of your jeans hold it and the length of your jacket hide it. You opened the door, you didn’t care about making noise, because Zelo just had to be his apparent so kind self and take everyone’s plates downstairs after you all ate, and Daehyun spilt the beans on you wanting to leave again. And everyone held no hesitation in agreeing that they had enough of you disturbing their sleep.

They weren’t going to stop you anymore, and you were going to run for it before Zelo could figure out you were leaving.

You forced yourself to walk quickly down the hall and you ignored the creak in the stairs as you dragged your things down to the first floor of the house. You sighed and tightened your grip on the handle of your suitcase.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You heard his voice, it was so curious but you only paused in opening the door for the shortest moment it wasn’t even noticeable.

“I’m out, bye” You muttered, not looking back as you rushed through the door and shut it behind you. You could actually sense the way something snapped within Zelo, and he didn’t even have to swing the door open for you to know he was going to march after you in a fit of rage.

“Y/N!” He snapped and you forced your legs to work faster as you ran away from him. Zelo had never felt such rage as he watched you pull your things down his driveway, the way you were so determined to leave his sight fuelled something within him that made him sprint that distance to be in front of you.

“What makes you think you can leave?!” He exclaimed, snatching the suitcase from your grip, he threw it behind you, back up his driveway and his hands clamped down on your shoulders as you tried to go back for it and continue making your escape.

“I’m not staying with the people that murdered my parents!” You screamed in his face as he bent down to seethe at you.

“In case you forgot Y/N, you don’t have a choice anymore, you were brought here by the government, the one you keep claiming won’t allow such things to exist!” He snapped back at you and you fought his grip, waving your arms and slapping your hand down with a clap coming from your hand whacking against his naked chest. Zelo growled as you continued to fight him and his hand reached under you jumper as you screamed.

“Let go!”

“Where the hell did you think you were gonna go with this Y/N?!” Zelo waved the gun in your face and you flinched away from it, letting out an animalistic growl as you continued to fight against him.

“Unbelievable” He hissed. You screamed once again as he took you in his grip, roughly forcing you off the ground as he carried you and your things back to the house. Zelo kicked the door open as you continued to writhe in his arms.

“Put me down, you insolent gangster!” You screeched and Zelo laughed bitterly as he dropped your things to the floor and marched up the stairs with you in a tight grip.

“That’s a new one. Now be quiet, we can’t have you waking the others up” He deadpanned as you continued to fight against his grip, hot tears rolling down your cheeks as you grunted angrily.

“Where are you taking me? Put me down you asshole!” You slapped him again but it was as if Zelo didn’t even feel it as he opened the door to a room you had never been in before and used his foot to slam it shut behind him.

“You can’t be trusted, can you Y/N?” You gasped as he dropped you on the bed and his own body followed suit. You stared at him with widened eyes as your breathing came to a crashing stop and you watched the way he stared down at you. His hands were on either side of your shoulders, stopping him from putting all of his weight on you as one of them travelled down your body. You shook nervously, your voice had made a run for itself and you were unable to speak, to tell him not to touch you again.

Zelo pulled at something and you let out a squeal as the sheets you had been laying on were pulled out from underneath you. Zelo collapsed next to you, covering the both of you in the blankets and putting your body in a vice-like grip with his arms.

You shook in his arms and blinked owlishly as Zelo pulled you closer and stared down at you. His warm breath fanned over your own shaky breaths of air and there was still a dark look in his eyes.

“If you can’t be trusted to stay with me Y/N, I’ll just have to watch over you” He muttered, you could hear the anger in his voice and you could only look away from his eyes, forcing your own shut and mentally scolding yourself for feeling such fear against him. It felt like he was still staring at you, even as his breathing became even and his arms just weighed down on you now. But there was still something within you that caused your shaking to continue as you forced your eyes to remain shut so you didn’t have to see the situation you had been put in.

Instead, you pulled the blankets closer to you and hoped you would be able to sleep through this.


You didn’t know how you had managed to fall asleep but when you woke up with a start, you looked around at the room you were in and forced the dead weight holding you down off of your body. You got out of the room as quickly as you could and found your way back to what was could your room. When the door was shut behind you, a sigh fell from your lips and you found yourself momentarily relaxing as you walked towards the growingly familiar bed.

You hid under the covers and closed your eyes as you breathed out a breath of comfort. You may have been caught and ridden into fear, but this was just another night where you got caught trying to leave. Which meant one day you would successfully escape and fly away to make your own life again.

I wanna talk about Holden’s more selfless moments last night:

  • BEING HONEST!!!! ABOUT ALMOST!!!! NOT COMING TO SAVE THEM!!!! I wasn’t sure if he would be and I’m glad he was. He gave Alex all the credit for the Somnambulist.
  • Pushing Amos out of the way when the Caliban threw the crate at them. Like!!!!! He sees the crate coming and shoves Amos away. If someone’s gonna get hurt, it’s gonna be him. It’s gonna be the captain. It’s his job to protect his crew. And when Amos tries to help him he makes Amos leave. LIKE!!!! He tells Amos to leave him because he clearly can’t get him out and he’s gonna run out of air or get killed himself. 
  • Faces down his trigger alone. Like come on. COME ON. He’s spent a whole season scared to death of the protomolecule and it’s staring him right in the face and he powers through all on his own.
  • That Whole Nolden Scene. I mainly want to focus on two parts though. First of all, when his suit alarm starts going off due to his dropping vitals, he SHUTS IT OFF. The camera focusses on it. He’s doing it so Naomi won’t hear. So she won’t worry even more. So she won’t listen. He doesn’t want to scare her. and SECOND he tells her to NOT DO WHAT HE DID! He tells her to move on and stay safe and take care of herself and the crew. What he thinks he should have done after the Cant. Don’t lose yourself like I did, don’t be what I was. 
  • MAKING SURE AMOS WILL DO THE THING IF THEY CAN’T STOP IT AND SAVE HIM. Like shit dude like “kill me to save yourselves” like how he was GLAD when he thought that Naomi left him behind on Eros because she protected the crew even if it meant his death and he STILL feels that way but this time he leaves it with Amos because no matter what he knows Amos will let him die if there’s no other option. If there’s no other way to protect Naomi (and everyone else). 
  • Lastly, when Naomi wants to talk to him. “How bad could it be?” AS IF NOTHING SHE SAYS MATTERS. He’ll love her anyway or forgive or move on from anything she says he doesn’t care. he told her he’d love her through it all and he MEANT IT. even if it can hurt him. “whatever it is, we’ll be all right” AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW he wants to forgive her because he doesn’t want her to be upset or scared of his judgment because he WILL LOVE HER THROUGH IT ALL.

anyway James R Holden is too good and i’m so glad he’s come back

Royal Pains: The Confession

Chapter two

Read chapter 1 and 3!

Emma has had some doubts clouding her mind and Killian does his best to help ease her worries.

Rated M

You can find more of my work on Ao3 and FF!

It was a peaceful spring day in Storybrooke, Maine. The birds singing, the flowers were blooming and Emma was showing. She was almost twenty weeks along and she was already feeling enormous. Realizing that the internet and her mother was right. Your second baby will start to show way sooner than your first. And even though it had been a while since she had Henry, Emma remembered every bit of her pregnancy. At five months with Henry she just had a cute little bump, but with this one she felt like a beached whale.

She stared into the bathroom mirror analyzing every aspect of her body. A part of her hated the way she looked. She couldn’t fit into any of her clothes anymore and she felt self conscious about being naked even if she was by herself. Killian on the other hand hasn’t seemed to mind one bit about her bodies recent changes. In fact he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Constantly telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, always wanting her at anytime of the day. And to be honest Emma hadn’t minded that part, ever since she got pregnant she had been horny as hell, never being able to get enough of her pirate. But since she’d gotten bigger, Emma hasn’t wanted to be intimate.

It had been a two week drought and Emma knew it had to been killing him, but he never pressured her about it. He had never even asked. And on the other hand Emma felt guilty for feeling so shitty about how she looked. She was growing a human life inside her and all she could worry about was her appearance, and worrying if she was no longer desirable. But deep down Emma knew that it wasn’t just about her image. She was out freaking inside. Would she be a good mother? Did she deserve to have another child? Will she fail this one too, like she failed Henry?

There were so many questions buzzing around in her pregnant mind. Emma knew part of the problem was the fact that she was pregnant and her hormones and emotions made thinking rationally next to impossible. The one thing she did know, was she needed to talk to Killian about this. He always knew what to say, and was so incredibly supportive. Emma didn’t know why but she felt tears beginning prickle in the corner of her eyes. Just before the full water works began she heard the front door open downstairs.

“Emma, are you home? I picked up your favorite soup on the way home if you’re hungry,” Killian shouted from the entry way. When he didn’t hear any response or noise upstairs he started to worry. He dropped the soup on the dining room table and booked it up the staircase.

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Chibs Telford - A Fighting Chance

Requested: Jax is like your brother and he doesn’t approve of you and Chibs, Chibs tries to prove he loves you to Jax.

“You need to stop seeing him, [Name].”

Jax told you. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the man who told you this for the you couldn’t even remember how many times now because you lost count.

But regardless of how many times he told you your answer was always the same. There was no way you were leaving the man that you were with right now because of the reasoning that Jackson was continuously giving you.

He always told you that it was dangerous for one. Well that was obvious you had been around the club long enough to know that you were his childhood friend after all and had grown up extremely close with him to the point where he acted as if he was a big brother towards you.

The dangerous part wasn’t even hardly a threat because like you and he already knew you had been around the club long enough to know how to take care of yourself if anything were to happen.

The next was the whole age. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at that as well. You didn’t care about his age and he didn’t seem to mind too much about yours either. You were extremely mature for your age and you could handle the baggage that he carried when he would allow you to know about it.

You were probably one of the most mature women of your age that you had ever met before. And your man knew that as well. That’s why he was with you, at least one of the reasons why he was with you.

And then there was the whole you’ll end up getting hurt and he’ll break your heart speech. You swore if you had a dollar for every time he told you this you’d feel just like a stripper. You’d have money raining down from the skies and he do a little happy dance in it.

“Jax, just stop it. Please you’re gonna make me upset and it’s all over nothing.”

You told him as you rested your elbow against the bar as you stood there talking to the blonde.

“I swear sometimes you play more of the jealous boyfriend than the big brother.”

“I’m just trying to look out for you like I always have. He’s extremely loyal, but it’s to the club. If things go bad and he has to end up picking you or the club – it’s gonna be the club.”

He told you his honest opinion. You rolled your eyes again.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it Jackson.”

You told him as you pushed away from the bar and headed outside. You seriously needed some air right now thanks to Jax’s fatherly talks again. Reaching outside you took a deep breath and sighed.

“Tough day?”

The voice asked causing you to look toward him with a small smile.

“Chibs you have no idea. Jax is in there trying to get me to leave you again.”

You told him honestly. You knew that if you were honest with him, he’d be honest with you – for the most part. Chibs raised a brow as he flicked his cigarette off to the side before standing up and walking over to you.

He knew it upset you when Jax would try to pull this and honestly it upset him as well. The two of you had been together for nearly five months and it had been rocky thanks to Jax and his little talks with you.

Yet the man had yet to come talk to him.

He kissed you on your forehead as he stopped in front of you. He looked down at you as he had his hands on your arms.

“I’ll talk to em.”

He told you. You sighed softly as you nodded and watched as he walked back inside. You had the urge to go back inside and listen to them talk, but you knew this was something they needed to do alone. Shaking your head you figured you’d go talk to Gemma in the office.

About an hour passed and you were leaning over a car in the garage as Juice was teaching you a few things about engines. You were so focused you didn’t even hear Chibs walking up behind you until he placed his hands on your hips causing you to jump.


Chibs said with a slight grin. You scoffed, slightly annoyed by the fact that you knew damn good and well he wasn’t sorry about it by the look on his face.

“Jax should back off a bit now. I had a talk with the lad and we came to an understanding.”

He told you causing your eyes to widen. You shook your head baffled wondering what in the world it was that he could have possibly said to the man that made him agree to back off.

“What did you say?”

You wondered looking up at him. How could he have gotten Jax to back off so easily?

“Nothing much. Just a friendly talk about how if he made ye upset again I’d wallop em regardless of em being my VP.”

You blinked with widened eyes. You couldn’t believe he had actually told Jackson that. Then again he always seem to surprise you with how he handled things.

That was one way of doing it you guessed.

i asked my brother some questions after newsies live

“ill give honest… dont get mad at me if you dont like what i say”

whos your favourite?

“UH… um……. can i say top 3? well my favourite is les… jack…then.. .then… daney. davey. but my favourites les. OH. CRUTCHIE. crutchie’s third.”

what do you think of race?

leans back “… hes, um… hes a funny character, but hes probably gonna get cancer" 
"dont get mad at me. hes funny, hes a funny character- hes gonna get cancer. and one more thing- how come every time he put the cigar in his mouth, no smoke came out? he just put it in there, then took it out”

what do you think of romeo?

“romeo… what i think of romeo? its hard to say… GOOFY. hes goofy and hes funny i like romeo and he was like ‘HOWD SHE KNOW MY NAME’ when she was just saying romeo…and juliet. so hes goofy and funny… hes like goofy and goofs around”

whats your favourite song?

“my favourite song… ah thats hard ………  OH SHIZ!!!! ……………. i remember enjoying one… but i dont know which one i enjoyed ….  my favourites crutchie… yeah. crutchies solo. and then… crutchies solo is my favourite, but i still like the one at the start- with crutchie and jack. and every other song. crutchies my favourite. crutchie’s song is my favourite. les doesnt have a song”

what do you think of medda?

"oh! um! i like her… shes really nice because shes really nice to jack… starts playing minecraft vid by accident and she was giving jack money! for what he enjoyed to do- draw”

what do you think of katherine?

“katherine… who was katherine?" 

"oh katherine. oh katherine. um… hm. OH. katherine was like sassy and shed joke aorund and make jokes and i liked how she like betrayed her father to go on jacks side”

Brohm |Word-Count: 1,097

Prompt: “You might’ve left your shirt in our dorms dryer, so when I did my laundry I took your shirt and now I’m wearing it on purpose oops” – a mix of a few prompts

Bryce took his laundry basket back up the stairs, humming happily to a tune he’d heard earlier, and entered his dorm room. “Hey Jon,” he greeted his roommate, who was seemingly very busy on his laptop, but Bryce knew otherwise.

Jon looked up and instantly caught a whiff of his bubbly attitude, “Hey Bryce… Did you see him today?” Despite already knowing the answer, Jon asked with a large smirk and gazed back down at his computer. Bryce blushed and set his basket by their shared dresser.

“Who, Ryan?” he asked nonchalantly, opening up a drawer to begin putting his clothes away.

Who, Ryan?” Jon mocked, “What the fuck, yes Ryan! I can practically smell your thoughts! I’ve known you for a while, Bryce.”

“Smell my thoughts?” it was Bryce’s turn to mock, making Jon snort.

“Fuck you,” he laughed,

“Did you see him or not?”

“Yeah, I did… I saw him in the laundry room, he smiled at me,” Bryce said, a large smile on his face as he sorted his clothes into the spaces of his designated drawers. Jon smiled knowingly.

But when Bryce picked up a shirt he knew he didn’t own, his heart stopped for a second. Jon peeked over his shoulder to investigate his sudden quietness.

“Is that… his shirt?” Jon sounded just as shocked as Bryce felt.

“Shit, Jon… I didn’t take it on purpose! It must’ve been in the dryer or something… How am I supposed to give it back? ‘Oh, yeah, hey, I was too busy checking you out in the laundry room, I didn’t quite notice you left your shirt in there. Sorry, here’. No, Jon! That’s not how it works!”

The sudden meltdown startled Jon to the very core and all he said was, “Then don’t give it back?”

“What?” Bryce was confused. Jon merely smirked back at him.

“It’s your shirt now,” he replied, giving Bryce a small playful push. It was now Bryce’s turn to be stunned.

“I, OK…”

So Bryce wore the shirt the next day. It was an extremely soft baseball shirt, sleeves black and the rest heather red. There were three buttons at the collar of the shirt, going down, which if unbuttoned would show plenty of chest. On Bryce at least, it was a bit bigger on him than it would be on Ryan. As he walked out of the bathroom he heard Jon snicker behind him.

“You’re legit wearing that out?”

“Yeah, I guess…” Jon pulled on his bright blue hoodie and nodded at him.

“Ok then, let’s head on out,” Bryce fidgeted with the bottom of the shirt the entire car-ride. He hoped to everything good that he wouldn’t see Ryan anytime soon; he probably wouldn’t be able to face him. But knowing his luck, something was bound to fuck him over.

“Oh shit, man! This is my jam, duet NOW!” Jon announced, cranking the music up and singing obnoxiously. Bryce filled in when Jon looked at him and he danced along to the beat.

They pulled into the grocery store parking lot, and Jon reluctantly turned the car off.

“Let’s get whatever we need and get the fuck out,”

“That was the plan,” Bryce informed him. He knew Jon didn’t like going out, but he appreciated that he did anyways.

“Good. You get cereal, I’ll get ramen. Meet me in the chip aisle in 5 minutes sharp,”

“Got it, good luck soldier,” Bryce replied.

“Right back atcha, private. Alright, break!” They high fived and they split to go get the items assigned to them.

Carrying a jumbo sized box of ramen, Bryce swore he saw Ryan while walking to their meet up destination. He knew it wasn’t possible, just his eyes (and probably guilt) playing a trick on him.

He waited in the aisle and Jon was about 10 minutes late. Was this even the right place? That’s when Jon walked down the aisle, talking to the one and only Ryan. He felt like a shirt thief. And technically he was.

“Hey man, sorry I’m late, I found Ryan though,”

“I-I wasn’t looking for him,” he muttered to himself.

“Dude, your shirt is sick. I think I have one just like it,” Ryan sounded as if he were teasing him and he knew Jon said something by the shit eating smirk on his face.

“Huh, that’s crazy.”

“Isn’t it a bit big on you?”

“Eh. I like baggy shirts,” Bryce could not even bring himself to look up from the tiled floor.

“I’m gonna go pick up a few more things, and then I’m gonna go wait in the car. Come on out when you’re ready,” Jon winked and took the box of ramen from Bryce.

“So, a special fairy told me that somebody has a bit of a crush on me,” Ryan said in a sing-song voice.

“Hm, I wonder who that could be,” Bryce still wouldn’t look up, but his eyes just screamed ‘I’M SO SORRY’.

“He just so happens to be wearing my shirt, too,” Ryan sounded as if he was right in front of him. “He’s cute. Super cute. I’ll be honest, I like him too.” Bryce felt the blush creep up his neck and settle on his ears and cheeks.

“Hey, Bryce. Guess what?” Ryan grabbed Bryce’s face and lifted it up to look at him.


“I like you. A lot, would you consider going on a date with me?” Bryce’s hands gripped at the bottom of the shirt he was wearing as he began to fidget once more. He couldn’t look away any longer; Ryan had their gazes locked together.

Bryce couldn’t even force any words out of his mouth, so he eagerly nodded, making Ryan smile a large toothy smile.

“Cool. And just so you know, Bryce? You can wear my shirts anytime you want to babe.” Ryan winked. “Meet me at the laundry room tomorrow at 2:00.” He let go of Bryce and sauntered away.

Bryce sped out of the store and back to Jon’s car. He swung the door open and got in quickly.

“I hate you so much,”

“So it went well?”

“It really did… Thank you Jon.”

“What can I say? I’m a good wingman. I do expect a bit of help with someone ya know, if you wanna pay me back…” he said subtly.

“Sure man, I gotcha.”



pairing: min yoongi x reader; min yoongi POV
genre/warnings: fluff, mention of smut (like, almos nothing, but) and a little of swearing. <3
words: 1,451
summary: Yoongi told you to wear something before falling asleep. You would wake up the next morning with cold, and of course, wake him up. But do you listen? Nope. So now, face the consequences. 

A/N: This is the first fic/drabble/anything, that I’ve ever did in my life. So, be nice and say whats wrong <3 I hope you enjoy it! And also hope that I could portrait Yoongi well. Mwah!

Also, I need to dedicate this to two jewels. @chanyeolingss and @floralseokjin , without you, I would never have the guts to do this. Thank you for not giving up on me and I hope I didn’t disapointed you <3

Though his eyes are still close, he can’t fucking accept that he is awake in such an early time on a freaking Sunday. Like, for real life? He had one of the craziest weeks of all and when he gets the chance to finally rest as a king - sort of - something wakes him up too early, and that’s exactly why he’s so piss. You’re the one that woke him up, and he can’t get mad at you for that.

Well, to be completely honest, yes, he can be mad at you for that. Last night, after all the cuddles, kisses, bites and more, both of you were dozing off when Yoongi told you to put something on.

“I think I know my body pretty well Yoongi, thank you” you said with a tiered voice, already closing your eyes and snuggling into his chest.

“Y/N, I’m serious. You’re gonna wake up with cold and most importantly, you’re gonna wake me up. Put anything, I don’t know, my t-shit is right there” he said pointing to the floor, near the end of the bed. You raised your head and pulled him by his neck, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips and going back to your previous position, completely ignoring what he had told you. This fucking girl. If she wakes me up tomorrow…

Bam. You did.

 Of course you would be cold. Yoongi told you that you would be cold. Min Yoongi is always right. After taking his time to take all the courage on the world to not brutally cover you up or hand you something to wear, Yoongi slowly opened his eyes and let them wander through the room, until he looked down and found you.

Even with all the anger and annoyance filling up his body and soul, he couldn’t avoid a small and tiered smile on his lips after he really toked a good look at you. Even if you keep telling him that no fucking one can look anything besides hideous in the morning - with morning breath, the dry drool on the pillow and on the side of your mouth from the sleep and your double sized face - for him, you always looked incredible. It’s the only time he can actually take a good look at you, since you somehow have a problem with being watched. You say it’s creepy and every time he does it, you tell him to stop.

“Wuat?” you say with your mouth full of kimbap.

“Nothing, just looking at you.” He says turning his attention to his own kimbap, taking a bite and starting to chew. “Can’t I look at you?”

“No, is creepy. Stop it” You say and gave him the tongue before taking another bite.

Sometimes, Yoongi thinks you have some sort of radar. Once, he was watching you from a good and safe distance; him on the couch, you on your study table, facing the window of your apartment. Each one was doing your own thing and minding your own business, when Yoongi stopped to stretch a little. After he did it, he let his arms fall back on the notebook and looked at your back, thinking about getting some food for the two of you. 5secs later he heard “I can sense your look Yoongi, stop being creepy”.

So basically, you don’t like being watched and he likes to watch you, so he takes those morning moments - or the moments that he’s awake and you’re asleep - to appreciate you without you complaining that he’s being creepy and all that shit. And since he is awake because of your stubborness, he felt the moral obligation to admire you and be as creepy as he wants. Woops, to bad for someone.

Yoongi brushes softly the hair over your face and put it loosely behind your ear, while he lets his eyes travel all over your face. He stayed like this for a few minutes, taking all your features in: your long lashes - that completely disappear from your face when you close your eyes and laugh hard of something stupid -, your red cheeks with some pillow marks on your left one, your heart shaped lips - that you use so well to whisper sweet nothings in his ears and right after, to trace long paths of kisses and bites all over his skin.

Then, he looks to your shoulders, where some small freckles can be spotted. Cautiously, he lowers himself slowly and brush his lips softly on then, depositing a shy kiss on your skin. When he returns to his previous position, his eyes found your torso and hips, where some other dark marks can be seeing, nothing like your cute freckles. Those marks where the signs that he left on your body and seeing them printed on your body makes a grin appear on his face. Yoongi has some of his own too, but nothing compared to the ones he left on you.

His bony fingers find a particular mark - on your waist - and your body flinch a little. Carefully he looks again to your semblance, afraid that he might have woken you up - he didn’t finish his task.  Another sound is made from you and you slightly turn yourself to the right, laying on your back. Your breast are staring right at him and he feels something twitch between his legs. Nope, no way.

Slowly and with all the caution he can get inside of him, he get’s up and go after some clothes. He’s not gonna let his hormones take control of this situation. Yoongi grab the t-shirt of the floor - yes, the one that he told you to wear - and put it on, going after his boxers right away. He found his pants and inside them, his boxers.

While he was fighting gravity to put them on without falling on the floor, he saw your clothes on the floor, trailing the path that was going from the door of your room to the side of the bed. You two never looked so eager and desperate for another. He laughed very low, remembering how you kicked the foot of the bed with your pinky  and how you interviewed the curses with deep kisses. He looked around, trying to find something for you, but your tank top wasn’t going to make any difference.

Slowly, he approached your closet and opened, looking for anything that seemed big and confortab - What the fuck. The little thief. He found his ¾ t-shirt, baseball style that said “Brooklyn x New York”, the one that he spend days looking for and when he asked you if you saw it, you said “No babe, no idea where you put it. You should be more careful with your things. Look how organized Hobi is.” You were not helping yourself at all today.

Yoongi grabbed the shirt and closed the closet, walking back to bed. He sited on your side and put his hand on your hip, brushing softly his thumb on you to wake you.

“Y/N, wake up. Let’s get dressed, come on.” You  squeezed your eyes and scratched quickly your nose, making a funny face while humming a low “No”. He gave you a small shake. Your skin was actually colder than he expected.

“You’re freezing babe, please. Just put this on and go back to sleep.”

After a few seconds, you slowly lifted your body and finally sat down, eyes still closed. Raising your hands up, you waited for him to dress you up so you could go back to sleep. Really? Really? Yoongi sigh heavily, although a smile started to form on the corner of his mouth. After dressing you up, your body feel on the bed and started to pad the empty space next to you.

“Yoongi…come back.” You said, finally open your eyes and looked at him. Sleep was dripping from your eyes and had some hypnotized aura around them. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. God, do you look adorable in the morning.    

Slowly, he returned to his previous place and grabbed the heavy duvet from your feet, pulling it over to cover both of you. You immediately closed your eyes and melted right beside him, gently letting your arm found his back and letting it rest there, your silent way to say “don’t leave again”. He smiled and brushed his nose on your forehead, kissing it right after. “Never”

He keept his eyes closed, drinking your last features before he went back to his precious dreams. His eyes were almost closed when he heard you.


“Yes babe?” he answered, looking carefuly at your face.

“Stop staring. It’s creepy”

Alright so I just finished the CFAR workshop which was amazing and disorienting and reorienting and also a long-put-off goal that explicitly and implicitly was all about getting me to actually do the things I want to do.

I want to engage more with the community, whether that be tumblr folk or meatspace activities, and get over the weird inhibitions that keep me offline. That’s a bunch of stuff that I can get into later, but for right now, I want to build some momentum so I’m gonna say:

hi weird corner of the internet that is my tribe. to all the people I met at CFAR, a big giant thank you. I’m sitting next to @michaelblume and @theunitofcaring while honest to goodness glowfic is being composed and that’s not something I expected to happen.

(I’m totally gonna cheat and ask them to reblog this to bootstrap some of that momentum)

I wanna be friends and talk about cool stuff. Not *just* with rationalists (hi random people who somehow started following me before I got scared and fell off the internet), but I’ve lurked rationalist tumblr long enough and want to try actually doing the thing. Hope I can be a part of keeping the sphere an awesome place.

new-recipe  asked:

How do you think the Chocobros would react to walking in on their S/O while she was changing?

Noctis - If it was a fairly new relationship and he’s never really seen his s/o half naked or anything then this poor fucker would probably just about die of embarrassment. Like literally he wouldn’t even be able to apologise or look at them for at least a week. He’d literally walk in, see his s/o changing, his eyes would widen, he’d gasp and his cheeks would turn so fucking red, and then he would just fucking run for it. Like he’d just slam the door shut and just cringe his life away, he would be so mortified.

If they’ve been in a relationship for a while his reaction is gonna be much less dramatic. Like, I think his face would still heat up at the sight of his half naked s/o, but he’s not gonna gasp or leave the room in a panic or anything, I think he’d just try to act as casual as possible. He might clear his throat awkwardly a few times, but generally he’d just go about his business as usual, trying not to look at his s/o too much or he’ll end up getting turned on.

Prompto - Okay this fucking nerd is gonna be like in the middle of starting a convo with his s/o when he walks in. He’s gonna be completely oblivious when he first walks in just chatting away happily, however, once he realises that his s/o is half naked he’s just gonna freeze and be like ‘omg WHAT!?‘and then cue the awkward flailing chocobo impression. He’d be fairly embarrassed, but at the same time he wouldn’t be sure on how to react? Like is his s/o okay with this or??? He’d probably attempt to calm himself and act like its no big deal, and would just walk into a wall in an attempt to leave the room.

If he’s been with his s/o for a while he’s gonna turn into a complete sleaze, like he’d be giving them greasy compliments on their body, telling them how good they look and all the while he’s gonna be standing there like ‘pls God just let me get laid rn’

Gladiolus - Lets be honest, he’s gonna react the same regardless of how long he and his s/o have been in a relationship for. He definitely wouldn’t be as flustered as the other guys, he’d be more turned on than anything tbh. However, he would try his best to act like a gentleman if the relationship is fairly new. Like it would be so hard for him to tear his eyes away from his s/o’s body but he would definitely turn around and utter out a quick apology to his s/o, before walking back out, unless his s/o objects and invites him to stay ofc *wink wink*.

However, if Gladio has been with his s/o for a while he’ll probably just admire their body, humming in an approving manner. He’d probably just sit on the edge of the bed, watching his s/o, offering a few compliments, maybe even letting out a low whistle. It would most definitely end with a hot make out session because Gladio is a whore.

Ignis - Aaaah, good ol’ specs. Let’s be honest he’s a complete fucking gentleman, so any reaction of his is gonna be so polite and sweet. Like if the relationships new he would immediately gasp, a very faint blush dusting his cheeks as he turns his back on his s/o. He’d quickly retreat out the room, allowing his s/o some privacy. After they’re finished getting changed he’s gonna apologise profusely whilst reassuring them he didn’t see anything lies, you just know he managed to sneak in a good eyeful

I think he’d be near enough the same even if they had been in a relationship for a while, except he’d be less flustered. He’d still leave the room tho, because he’d respect his s/o’s privacy, unless he’s feeling rather naughty ofc. Then he’d maybe just stand and check out his s/o, a small smirk weaving its way onto his face as he admires his sexy little kitten.
Tired and Scared

Title: Tired and Scared

Pairings: Dean Winchester x sister!reader, Sam (mentioned).

Words: 1300

A/N: So, backstory is that the reader is doing some sort of a quest and it’s doing bad stuff to her, sort of like Sam and the trials.

Your name: submit What is this?

You could swear you just saw your reflection blink.

You were sure, you were going crazy. You didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t anymore. The boarder was gone, blotted out.

You had this darkness in you as well. It came with the craziness, and the craziness came with the mission. But you felt like you had these demons inside of you, and you couldn’t drown them, because they knew how to swim. And this presence, these voices, they were eating at you. It was like they were consuming all of your energy and leaving nothing to you. You felt empty, and tired.

You stared at your reflection, looking deep into your own familiar, but still very different, eyes. The more you glared, the worse they looked. You studied the rest of your face. It looked pale. Dark, purplish circles framed your eyes, and had the hollows of your cheeks sunken in, if ever so slightly? You didn’t look healthy at least.

And now you couldn’t sleep. You couldn’t relax, you couldn’t find peace. Even now, your breathing were too light, and your hands were clammy. Meanwhile, you were so exhausted, you really needed your rest. But just that thought diminished your ability of sleeping even more.

Your head hurt and your body ached while your legs were tingling. Slowly, and carefully you turned on the tap, just a little. Then, you brought your hands under the water stream and washed your face and hands with the cold water. It calmed you down a little bit, but not enough. You quickly dried your face on a nearby towel, and returned to stare into the mirror.

Only this time you didn’t just see yourself.

There was someone standing behind you in the doorway to the bathroom, you had left the door open when you escaped to the room to calm yourself down and drink some water. You could only see the dark silhouette, intently watching you.

You didn’t react as you were supposed to, not at all. As a hunter, you should fight for yourself, or try to run. In summary; just act. But this time, you completely froze. A gasp got caught in your throat, your eyes widened and you lost all capability to move your body as a wave of electrical fear rushed through it, all the way out to your fingertips.

The silhouette began to slowly move towards you, uttering something that you couldn’t comprehend. You could hear its voice, but you could neither place or understand the words. It felt far away. Instead, you began trembling, as you still were completely frozen. The silhouette only got closer, and you could only watch.

”Woah, (Y/N)! Do you hear me?” The voice started making sense. At the same time the silhouette came close enough to be reached by the fluorescent light; and you realized that it was Dean.

The gasp managed to escape, and finally, you could breath. Dean moved slowly, concerned and slight shock in his green orbs, he hadn’t foreseen that you would react like this. His hands were wearily outstretched towards you, showing his palms as he continued talking calmingly to you. You slowly relaxed, and Dean noticed this. For the last steps towards you, he picked up a more natural tempo.

As he reached you, he placed his large hands on your shoulders. His eyes met and locked with yours, although you’d rather just stare at the floor, you couldn’t break the glance.

”(Y/N), are you okay, kiddo?” Worry laced his words. ”What happened?”

”I d-don’t know.” Your voice was raspy.

”How are you feeling?” Dean asked again, as you didn’t answer his first question. He wouldn’t let it go.

You looked into his eyes, how much you just wanted to look away. Dean always had this ability to make you talk, it was something with him that always made you spill. Same went for Sammy. That’s why you tended to avoid them in these times. Because, although it didn’t really make sense, it was easier to keep it to yourself. To keep it locked down far away was easier than to put it into words. It was scary to share these things. Especially this; it was too dark. So you kept it inside, or at least tried, and suffered alone.

”I’m fine.” It was a complete and utter lie, and Dean knew this.

He let out a dry, humorless chuckle. ”Don’t you get it? I can see that you’re not — easy, in a long way.”

You slowly blinked. Was all the time you spent on trying to hide this lost, good for nothing? And if that case, how? How could he see it when you worked so hard to keep a strong — no perfect — facade up?

He saw the confusion in your eyes, and answered your unspoken question. ”Because I’ve spent most of life to over watching my younger siblings. (Y/N), I’m telling you, if there’s anyone who knows your patterns and… anything, it’s me.”

You realized he was right, and you had been foolish to think that you could hide this.

For the first time, you were able to break eye contact. Dean instantly tired to catch your gaze, his face coming closer, but you stared intently at the floor.

”So, I’m gonna ask again, and you’re gonna be honest; what’s wrong?” His tone was stern but still gentle.

”Uhm…” You didn’t know what to say. ”I’m tired.”


”I’m exhausted. And I can’t sleep.” You confessed, as you slowly looked upwards again.

”Do you feel sick? Hate to break it to you, but you don’t look too peachy.” His eyes scanned you, you saw something, you saw pain. Pain for your sake, and you felt horrible. But, the more you thought about it, it made sense. He loved you; of course he was suffering with you.

”Just drained.” True. ”But… But there’s this darkness. I-I don’t know how to describe it.”

”I know, sis. I know how you feel.” He nodded.

There was a moment of silence, before you spoke up again. ”Do you think I can do it?” You voice trembled, and was filled with disbelief.

”Of course. You’re my little sister, aren’t you?” He nudged you, and a faint smile pulled on the corners of your lips. ”No, but you’re crazy strong, both Sammy and I think that. And I believe in you, you’ve got this.”

You let out a deep breath and nodded.

”Come here, super girl.” Dean spoke, and pulled you into a tight hug, a hug that you apparently really needed.

He had his arms wrapped around you, radiating warmth to your now quite cold statue. You took in his scent and listened to his heartbeat. He placed his chin on top of your head, and rubbed his hand over your back.

You felt safe and relaxed in a way that you haven’t in a long time, and you concluded that no matter how old you got, you older brother’s embrace would always have this positive effect on you.

”Sam and I will help you feel better. And you don’t have to be scared, we won’t let anything happen to you. We’ve got your back, okay?”

”M’kay.” You responded, your voice muffled from speaking into his shoulder. ”I’ve got your back too.” You added, your words brave.

Now it was Dean’s turn to smile. It meant a lot to him.

He was severely worried about you, about your health and what awaited you. Nevertheless, he could feel the ache around his chest slightly releasing as you had a much more lighthearted tone on your voice. He had meant what he said, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.

You didn’t know how long you stood there, the time became fluent. It didn’t matter anyhow, because the hug felt relaxing, comforting and just great.

”Love you Dean.”

”Love you too, (Y/N).”

SVT Reacting to You Being In Love W/ Another Member

anon asked:

reaction when they are in love with you but you are with another member? love your blog! :D

S.Coups: He’d be mature about it, and he wouldn’t really show you how he feels because he respects your feelings for the other member. However, expect a bit of distancing because he’d feel hurt when you’re around, when you sit near him he’d stiffen up or move altogether. His ego wouldn’t be hurt, yet he’d be extremely sad that your feelings aren’t returned. Upon hearing that you like someone else, he’d confess to you since he wouldn’t be able to keep his feelings a secret. “If you have feelings for him, then what can I do? I just hope they treat you the way you deserve.”

Jeonghan: He’d feel like he’s not enough, he’d wonder what the other member has that he doesn’t have. Jeonghan would still try to be understanding, yet he can’t help being cold around you. He wouldn’t talk to you or the other member as much, he’d definitely let his feelings get the best of him at first but that’s just because he likes you so much. At the end of the day, he accepts the fact that your heart belongs to someone else and he’d keep his feelings to himself. “I could’ve been so good for them.”

gif credit to: @17-bangtan-boys

Joshua: When he first hears that you’re in love with someone else, and that someone else turns out to be a member in the group, it’ll be like he got punched in the stomach. It would hurt and surprise him a lot since he’s been giving so much effort in showing you how he feels. Joshua would still keep in touch with you, if anything it’d hurt him even more if he couldn’t hear your voice. In front of you, he’d ask you how you are, and would make small talk. Yet, behind closed doors, he’d be over thinking and hardcore simping. He’d definitely confide in some of the older members, and Vernon.  “I should’ve confessed to them sooner.”

Jun: Jun would feel some sort of betrayal. Not in the way that he feels like you owe him something, but in the way that he had expected you to like him back too. He’d be nosy and ask the other members about your relationship with the member that you have feelings for. Jun would be quite observant of you when you’re around the other member, but that would just hurt him even more when he sees you smiling around them. In the end, he’d try to get over you. “I just wish things were different between me and them.”

gif credit to: @seok-sun-min

Hoshi: He’d be a sad little puppy. Although, Hoshi didn’t expect much from you he still held a bit of hope that maybe you’d return his feelings. Once he hears that you are in love with another member he’d accept it right away. Hoshi would wish you and the member happiness. Don’t let his happy appearance fool you because Hoshi would be devastated and crushed. He’d either confide in one person, or keep his thoughts to himself altogether. Honestly, he’d turn his sadness into an indirect choreography about you. “I guess he can make them laugh too.”

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would always give you subtle hints about how he feels, yet the second he’s about to make the big reveal he’d back out. So when he hears about how you and the other member are involved, he’d feel so defeated. He’d just look at you from afar. Wonwoo would still long to be your friend, and you’d wonder why he’s acting so weird so every time you try to reach out to him he’d reject you. Wonwoo would certainly need time to himself to get over you and the situation. “I just wish I could be the one to make them happy.”

gif cred to: @wonshi-17

Woozi: Woozi would try to hide his feelings the best he can. He’d distance himself from both you and the member you’re infatuated with. He wouldn’t see the point in trying to win your heart anymore, he’d be down on himself for not being bold in the first place. He’s not the type to cage himself in a room or anything, he’d go on in his normal routine yet more solemnly. Honestly, he’d write a song or two about the situation but that would only help him clear his head. Afterwards, Woozi would slowly seek to become your friend again like old times. He wouldn’t seek consolidation in the other members because he feels like he has a pretty good grip on the situation. “I don’t want to force them to have feelings for me because if it was meant to be then they would’ve, but they didn’t and that’s okay too.”

D.K: Oh boy. He’s gonna be heartbroken. He’s gonna go through all of the stages of grief to be honest. D.K would TRY to keep a leveled head. But… he’d do petty yet harmless things to the member you have feelings for. He’d give the both of you attitude although he doesn’t mean to you. D.K would really need support from the other members in order to calm down and accept your feelings. It’d be really hard for him to contain his feelings towards you even if he knows the other member likes you too. “I just hope he’s able to make them smile.”

gif credit to: @seventeenreactions

Mingyu: PUPPY EYES ALL AROUND. He’s just gonna look so lost, like “Why doesn’t she love me?”. He’s also going to be like Jeonghan in the sense where he’ll wonder why he’s not enough. He’d be stressed out thinking of the situation, and thinking of you. Mingyu would have a big burden on his chest because he wonders of what he could’ve done differently to make you fall for him. He just wishes he could be the one to hug you and to hold your hand.  Although he knows your feelings, he wouldn’t be able to hide his. So one day, he’d just explode and confess to you. “Why him and not me?”

Originally posted by mc-gyu

The8: The8 seems the most rational out of the 13 members besides Woozi. He seems to follow reasoning, and he’ll understand your feelings. Depending on who the member is, he’ll either be more or less salty. He’d definitely judge the member that you’ve fallen for in the sense where he’ll conclude if you two are compatible for each other. He’d take his stress out by breakdancing, and practicing martial arts. At first, The8 would find it hard to seek advice or to vent to anyone else but as a week or two passes he’ll finally tell a member how he feels. But he wouldn’t try to go for you knowing your heart belongs to someone else. “I just need some time to get over them.”

Seungkwan: Seungkwan’s world would be shattered once he finds out. Seungkwan wouldn’t feel betrayed or shocked, he’d just be disappointed that you had to fall for someone else. This would ruin his self-esteem for a little while. He’d definitely shed some tears, he’d definitely act differently. The other members would console him, and everyone in the group would know the situation. The member that you’ve fallen in love with would feel bad for Seungkwan. But Seungkwan wouldn’t want to keep you and the member apart. So he’d wish you two the best from the bottom of his heart. “I guess I should be okay with them being happy, even if it’s not with me.”

gif credit to: @ohmysoups

Vernon: Vernon would act very nonchalant. Around the members, he’d be normal and all smiles. The moment he sees you, his heart would break. He wouldn’t let the fact that you have feelings for someone else bother him throughout the day, it’s not always gonna be in the back of his mind. But when he does think about it, it’ll mess the boy up. Vernon wouldn’t feel like his time was wasted liking you, but he did hope and imagine a future for the both of you. “It doesn’t hurt if I don’t think about you.”

Originally posted by sneezes

Dino: Dino could really go either way, he’d either be really sad or he’d learn how to cope. But either way, he’d definitely be affected by the news of you liking another member. He’d cry to his hyungs about it, or he’d just be silent and dance his heart out, or both tbh. He wouldn’t be mad at you for not returning feelings, yet he wouldn’t understand why you would feel the way you do when he’s tried so hard to make you like him too. Undeniably, Dino would confess to you even though he knows your heart. “I just want to let you know that I really liked you, but if you like my hyung I hope you two can make each other happy, and I hope he’ll treat you well.”

Originally posted by dino-net

Thanks for requesting ^.^ - Admin V.K

 P.S I kinda went overboard with this one :’)

Jack’s Post Was His Own Downfall

Finally! Something NOT Undertale!-Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Mark sees Jack’s post about being ticklish and of course has to investigate. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! It was really hard writing their dialogue and I don’t know much about the actual layout of Mark’s house or any of that so forgive me for a couple inaccuracies. Set in the future, i guess? The post is referenced as old since they haven’t gathered at Mark’s after the post was made which is how this is set.

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anonymous asked:

What would Mcree/Reaper/76's reaction be to finding out their s/o telling them they're gonna be a dad? Like which one passes out in the delivery room because lets be honest, giving birth is gross and bloody.

DADS?! praise thine pure ask holy shit

this is totally gonna be a recurring headcanon theme just watch ok

Initial Reactions

McCree: he is absolutely giddy and will (very carefully) sweep them off their feet in a rush of joy. “Darlin’, you’re amazin’. Are you for real? Am I really lucky enough to be a dad?” Jesse thanks all the gods in extistence, but no more than he’ll thank his lover. He will immediately begin the pampering as well, and will 100% buy the baby unisex Western-themed baby clothes ASAP. McCree’s a family man, and all he wants to do is do right by his family and make sure they never have to go through what he did for a full life. 

Soldier76: Is in disbelief, and then is worried. Of course he’s happy. “Babe, this is a goddamn miracle-” he’ll stutter. “But how? I.. I didn’t think I had it in me… What if something goes wrong?” Oh yeah, he starts worrying immediately, but underneath all the nagging and fretting and planning he does, he’s the proudest and happiest future dad ever. He’ll even make matching shirts for teh whole family- DAD76, Mom76, Baby76, all that. Jack realizes how much he’s ached to be a father, a real father. 

Reaper: Does a double take, then very calmly takes off his mask, gloves, all of his unused ammo clips, and sets them aside. He then turns back to s/o, and wraps his arms around them, pulling them close. Out of three, he’s the most tender with them from then on, even more than McCree would be. “Cariño, if this is true, I swear to you, nothing will ever come between us again. Ever. Have no doubt.” He places his hands on their stomach, then takes a knee to kiss them there. If they look at his eyes when he does this, he’s actually crying a bit. His body is disintegrating into shuddering smoke. He never thought that he deserved a chance like this.

Delivery Room

Who’s supportive but panicky: Reaper

Who’s supportive but internally screaming: Soldier76

Needs to be calmed down by the person who is actually giving birth: McCree


Request in which you’re the tall girlfriend of Joji and she embarrasses him in public, the guys making fun of him (it’s not a mistake that the title is all caps, that’s the way I wanted it to be). 


“Do you think they’ll like me?” you ask, nervously arranging your blouse, then groomed your hair so it could stay still and smooth.

Joji chuckles and grabs your hand to stop it from trembling. He intertwines his fingers with yours and it actually calms you for a few moments. He tiptoes a bit to capture your lips, and you respond back eagerly to divert your attention from worrying too much. 

“You’re gonna do fine, don’t worry about it.” Joji was more worried about them making you uncomfortable. He knew this was a bad idea but Max and Ian (and many others, to be honest) insisted on meeting the mysterious girlfriend of George Miller that he tried so hard to keep a secret of. He knew that he had to present you sooner or later and well, he now had the opportunity, didn’t he?

The only problem was that he knew they’re gonna embarrass him somehow. He just felt it in his bones. And while a lot of things went past him, unnoticed and ignored, he had a feeling that today was not going to be a day where he could keep calm. He has been on edge for some time now about various things, so he wasn’t in an exceptionally high mood. He was slightly excited by the meeting but anxious and nervous at the same time. Joji knew that, if you tolerated his sense of humour (which you did and shared), you will like them in return. But there was one thing totally bothering him that he didn’t quite shared with you. And that thing was the height difference. It wasn’t a huge difference, he was aware of that. The problem was that he was the one shorter than you, his lover. 

And Max and Ian were observant, they’ll surely make a few rude jokes.

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