his ''gonna'' is more of a ''gonnae'' to be honest


BOSS RUSH: a pregame UNDERTALE comic

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it’s finally done!! i have worked on this comic for approximately 1000 years of my life. i’ve never drawn a comic before so it took a long time and it’s maybe not the prettiest it could be, but it was a really good learning experience!! i worked REALLY hard on it so if you like it, please consider a reblog! <3

flowey says he fought sans before, so i figured, like anyone with the ability to save, load, and reset, he would eventually win, even if (as he said) he had to reset many times first, and maybe catch sans off guard. this is what happens next. 

some notes: i think regular!flowey’s special attack must be that unvoidable ring of bullets. but in the game it always seems to get interrupted by SOMEONE. sans is not like frisk and would never give flowey the satisfaction of seeing him cry out. also, page 5 is my favorite page over all other pages. PAPYRUS IS SOOO COOOOOLLL

(speedlines yoinked from here)

solisnumen  asked:

😈 [i'm gonna be a bitch sorry fireball <3 tamamo is neutral evil lololol]

            HE SHALL BE LEAD BY HER , TAKEN BY THE LEASH AND PULLED ALONG WITH NO OBJECTIONS.   Let her be his leader ,   &.   he nothing more but a follower. He did not wish to think anymore ,   did not wish to be troubled   any longer   —-   as if hearing his thoughts ,   s h e   had appeared   &.   solved his problems. Nod is given , relief flooding his entirety before head is bowed   (   a rare act of submission on his part , to be honest   )   &.   slight smile quirks upon scarred lips. 

                         Okay… Alright , you win…