his ''gonna'' is more of a ''gonnae'' to be honest

I spent, you know, 18 months… 2 years of my life just kind of really different to the past - just went out all the time, parting, drinking all the time, whatever.  And then I kinda realized that I was a bit of an idiot during those times, and I found my way back to my girlfriend. So I mean, that’s just one of the stories. And it’s just in general, I think, a lot of guys go through this. You almost feel, you know, like you gotta go through that stage in your life. But that was never me. So it’s kinda just telling that story, really. Because some songs…  they make you feel - like in the moment I’m really enjoying this, I’m in the club, this is great. But you’ll be able to feel, there’s the underlining kind of…
It’s just kind of looking back at the situation, having an understanding of it. These songs are written in present tense, so it is as if it was then. So like, you know, at the start of the album, it starts and there’s one song that’s kind of uptempo and it’s about going out one night after the other, you know? Being able to go and say: I’m gonna go out again today. And then, as a contrast right at the end of the album there’s a really like honest sad track, kinda reflecting about the whole time and how wrong it was… It’s not gonna be too deep, it’s not gonna be like ‘An evening with Louis Tomlinson - get to know all his thoughts’ But you’ll definitely get something from it, hopefully. I mean, from the fans perspective, I just want them to be able to understand more of who I am as an artist as well as a person.

This is all because of a conversation with @daryshkart about Peter and Star Wars. :D

Peter was old enough when Yondu abducted him (picked him up) to know that Star Wars was made up. Still, he’d always thought space pirates and aliens were all made up too. And now he was plunged onto an actual, real spaceship full of actual, real space pirates, very much like a dirtier, rougher, infinitely bigger Millennium Falcon, and it was terrifying and amazing and by far the scariest/awesomest/worst/best thing that had ever happened to him.

He was severely disappointed in the lack of lightsabers, though.


“You want me to build a what?”

“A sword,” Peter said. “Made of light. It’s, uh, it’s a thing we had on Earth.”

Rocket gave him a narrow-eyed glare. They hadn’t known each other very long yet, but Peter could sense the skepticism pouring off him. “Is this another made-up thing from your stupid Earth stories?”

“No,” Peter said promptly. “Well … yes … but –”

“I knew it!”

“Look, the galaxy has got jump travel, laser guns, artificial gravity, and stuff that looks pretty much like magic to me. Why the heck can’t it have light swords too?”

“Because light doesn’t work that way, you frikkin’ overgrown ignoramoose.”

“It’s ‘ignoramus’,” Peter said, wondering absently as he said it exactly what word he was correcting via the translator, “and fine, a simple 'no’ would have been enough.”

And he forgot about it after that, because it wasn’t like he didn’t have enough to keep himself busy, and anyway, Rocket kinda probably had a point. Peter didn’t know a whole lot about physics (dropping out of school in the third grade had its downside) but he knew what he needed to know in order to keep his ship running, and trying to combine the functions of “laser” and “sword” was probably, well, not a thing for a reason.


It was a week or so after everything that happened with Ego, and with Yondu, and with the Eclector – a week of making repairs to the Quadrant, limping slowly back from the outer edge of the galaxy – when Peter walked into his (Yondu’s) quarters, flopped down on the rank fur covering the bed, and bounced up again with a yelp of pain.

“Groot!” he yelled to the room in general, because the only people who ever came in here regularly were Groot and Gamora, and Gamora was the only person on this ship who wasn’t likely to leave junk laying in the middle of the bed. He picked it up without caring much, intending to toss it into the mess on the floor, and then stopped, holding it in his hand.

He’d never seen this before – which wasn’t exactly a new experience (Groot had probably found it in one of Yondu’s drawers; they were going to have to have a talk about going through people’s stuff again) but he couldn’t figure out what it was, either. It looked like the hilt of a sword without the blade. In fact, it really looked a lot like –

Peter gripped it without really thinking about it, in the handle-like way it seemed meant to be held, and two feet of glowing blue light stabbed out to illuminate the dimness of Yondu’s quarters.

Peter yelled and dropped it. The glowing blade vanished as soon as it left his hand. It plunked into the fur on the bed.

“That reaction was all I was hoping for and more,” came a sardonic voice from the doorway. “I just wish I had been recording it.”

Peter jumped and spun around. “Rocket.” He looked back at the thing on the bed. Picked it up. Squeezed it carefully. This time he didn’t drop it when the light burst out of the end. It even hummed – not quite the right kind of hum, but … damn. He tried an experimental slice through the air. “You … made me a lightsaber. An actual, real lightsaber.”

Rocket looked away and picked his teeth with a claw. “It doesn’t work real well. Actually it’s pretty lame-ass for cutting things. Laser torch works way better – which is pretty much what it’s based off of, just a glammed-up version. An’ the handle heats up if you leave it on too long.”

“You made me a lightsaber.” Peter tried a fancy side-swing he’d seen Gamora do, and lopped off the top of a lamp. Oops.

(Yondu’s gonna kill me was his first thought, for just an instant before the memory of why Yondu wasn’t going to do that slammed into him.)

And he glanced at Rocket in the doorway, at the feigned posture of unconcern, and he couldn’t help thinking that he wasn’t the only one who must have needed something to take his mind off things right now.

Losers, he’d called them once. People who have lost stuff. And they had; they’d all lost too much, and a glowing light stick didn’t bring any of that back – it was really just a toy –

A toy Peter had mentioned once, and given Rocket a quick sketch he’d drawn. And Rocket had remembered. And made it for him.

He was holding an honest-to-God functional lightsaber in his hands.

“I am not joking here, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Rocket. Thank you.” He tried some more swings, this time trying not to aim for any furnishings. “I’m gonna have to get Gamora to show me some actual sword moves.”

“If you take that thing into combat,” Rocket remarked, “you’re probably gonna die. Most likely after accidentally killing at least one of the rest of us, the way you’re swingin’ it around.”

“I don’t care. It’ll be worth it.” Peter looked up, grinning; he was feeling – happy, he was feeling happy, for the first time in a week. “Can you make another one?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“So we can duel. Obviously.” He tried reversing the blade samurai-style and almost cut his hand off. Oops. Probably didn’t want to emulate Luke quite that closely. “Can you make the other one red?”

“Humies,” Rocket sighed, but there was a slight smile tugging at the corner of his muzzle.

How Gladio came to finally trust and accept Prompto:

1.)    @oldsoulrocknroll Ahh thanks, I’m flattered! (I’m addicted to it too hehe). But what a good question! To be honest, I’ve been thinking this over myself the past couple days :P.

2.)  @literatadibujante  That… is a wonderfully angsty headcanon. Accepted >:)!

These two asks go so well with each other, time for some angst!

This is gonna be long so i’m gonna put it under a cut

Here’s how it happened:

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  • Yandere-chan: Oka, I want to help you become happy with who you are. And I know just the training you need to do that!
  • Oka: Yan-chan... Y-you're gonna train me??
  • Yandere-chan: Pft, what? Me?
  • *door bursts open*
  • Yandere-chan: Nah, I'm gonna get Budo to do it.
Not The One - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “ do ya mind writing one either about jeff being good/best friends with the reader & he’s drunk in a party so girls try to flirt but he simply says they’re not the reader & starts looking for her or the reader confesses she likes him but he leaves for some time bcos he doesn’t know how to react but comes back & kisses her passionately “

“I’m just really not sure, Jeff, i mean there’s going to be so many people and it’ll be crowded as hell, the weather is meant to be bad, anyways.” You sighed, walking down the hall in front of your best friend Jeff.

“Remember that time you called me at 3am because Buttons was throwing up everywhere, and i came to help you and you said you owed me? I’d like to cash in that favour, please.” Jeff smirked.

“For some stupid party? Why?”

Then, he got down on his knees and flashed you the puppy dog face which he knew you couldn’t resist. “Pweasee.”

“Get up!” You grabbed his arms and pulled him up. “You’re so dramatic.”

“Is that a yes?”

“If that means you’ll stop drawing attention to us.” You said through gritted teeth, dragging him along next to you. He gave a starlit smile indicating he was over the moon.


Just like you’d expected, the place was crowded and the suffocating stench of alcohol and hormones permeated everywhere. Jeff had arrived before you, so you decided the first plan of action was to find him.

You spotted him leaning on a cabinet in the corner talking to a girl. The dazed look indicated that he was already pissed, you weren’t sure you wanted to talk to him until you’d had a little alcohol yourself. So you headed to the bar and poured your drink of choice.

“Y/N! You made it!” A few drinks later Jeff was staggering up to you. He put his hand on the counter beside you, cornering you in with his close proximity and smelling strongly of Tequila. You, yourself we’re feeling tipsy so this wasn’t an issue, and if you were honest, sober you wouldn’t have minded much either.

“Steady there, Jeff.” You giggled, gripping his arm to centre him.

“You look very pretty.” He slurred in a somewhat whisper. He was close enough that you could hear.

“Don’t I always?” You joked.

“Yes, but I don’t always tell you because… I’m shy.” He chuckled in that drunk way.

“You’re silly.”

“I know.”

“We’ve been best friends for an eternity, you shouldn’t be shy in front of me.” You reached up and touched his hair absentmindedly.

“You wouldn’t understand…” He trailed off, his head lulling and landing on your shoulder.

“I think you may even be drunker than me.” You snorted, supporting his head with your hands. “Jeff there’s something I need to tell you…”

He snapped his head up, as though a lightbulb lit up above him. “I never spoke to Zach!”

You laughed at him once more, concealing the hurt that he’d just ignored you entirely and tapped his shoulder with a ‘go find Zach’, before he sauntered off through the people to find his friend.

Jeff had become scared that you’d say something he didn’t want to hear, and his reflex was to run away, he needed to come up with a game plan. Zach was always happy to help him. However, Jeff lost his train of thought halfway through the house, and found himself stopped by one brunette girl who’s name he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Hey Jeff.” She swooned. “Looking good.”

“Thank you.” He smiled, not one to be rude.

“So, how have you been recently?”

The conversation was menial, and Jeff’s memory for it was gone up until they both ended up sat on a couch outside. By then, he’d been joined by two more girls, a blonde, and one who he remembered may have been called G/N.

“That shirt really does suit you.” The original brunette purred, casually throwing a leg over his.

He looked confused down at the limb, but honestly, still didn’t think much of it.

G/N had shot her a dirty look, while the blonde tried nearing Jeff on the other side of the sofa.

“I’m gonna be honest Jeff. I think you’re so hot and… I really like you.” The brunette stroked his jaw.

“Hey!” G/N screeched. “I thought we agreed I was gonna get him tonight?” Meanwhile the blonde still edged even closer.

“Look, girls…” Jeff started, trying to gather his thoughts. “I’m flattered, but I sort of like someone else…”

And with the protesting moans of the three girls, he stood up and moved in the direction of the house, on the hunt for the girl he really wanted.

“Jeff!” The blonde girl ran up behind him. “I get it. But we can just make out or… something else…” she pulled at his shirt collar.

He moved her hand simply and deadpanned; “You’re not Y/N.”

“Y/N?!” she spat with disgust. But Jeff didn’t hear the rest, for he’d already left her behind.

That’s when he saw you. He’d sobered since you’d last spoken (not entirely, of course) and although he’d be too scared to do this stone cold, he was clear in what he was doing. You were dancing by yourself in the middle of an almost empty room, as most of its occupants had migrated to bedrooms. Carefree, gorgeous, and totally independent, he was reminded of all the reasons he’d fallen for you in the first place.

You saw him, and lifted your hand in a wave. Except, he’d sped over to you, taken that hand in his, and collided his lips with yours.

You’d expected him to taste of Tequila and forgotten nights of the past not to be revisited, but instead his flavour was of raspberry sorbet- sweet and tangy and you just wanted more, more, more. Your fingers tangled up into his hair, matted slightly by spilt beer but otherwise smooth and clean. His found the small of your back and your waist. The poppy music in the background slowed and muted as though you were hearing it underwater, all your senses utterly overtaken by this earth shattering kiss.

Every time you’d dreamed this, you’d expected there to be some discourse over the fact he was your best friend and it was weird, but everything fit. It didn’t feel wrong at all. It felt like finally, you’d both found your missing half.

When, after god knows how long, you finally broke apart, your forehead found his and your two contrasting gasps for breath filled the space.

“Wow.” You only just got out. You were drunk. Not from the alcohol, but from Jeff.

“In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve wanted to do that for a while.” He chuckled breathlessly, still gripping your waist with one hand, tucking hair behind your ear with the other. “Even after I had to clean up Buttons’ vomit at 3am.”

“Me too. Forever.” You grinned, as you and Jeff basked in each other’s adoration, and the feeling of something dormant finally coming into bloom.

Awakened-Chapter 8

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Waking slowly, the lingering affects of the drug throwing you off kilter. Mind foggy with confusion, and the voice in your head whispering Logan’s name, the deep lingering longing settles like iron in your bones. You don’t understand it, not yet.

Turning onto your back, you contemplate the man in question.

His eyes are closed, posture slumped, slouched over in a chair at your bedside. It certainly can’t be comfortable, but his arms are crossed and he seems to be sleeping. He confused you.

You had an… intense relationship in the past.

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I love how Betty and Jughead are protective of their own relationship and they just own it, it’s so adorable how they do it.

Veronica labels Jughead as Betty’s boyfriend (Thank you, V!) and tells him he has to go to the baby shower and he not only shows up, but actually helped organize it. He didn’t care if it knocked off some of his cool points, he’s just there. And Betty appreciates what he’s done and best of all, he was so gracious about it. He could’ve gloated about being an A++ boyfriend but there he is, making a joke about it, letting her know he doesn’t mind doing those things.


And that scene where he waited for Betty to talk about his dad. He was just so upfront about why he kept it from her. Guys, this is Jughead, Mr. I’d rather be homeless and live in school than ask help from my friends. And the way that Betty handled it, like she’s not mad he didn’t instantly opened up about his world just because they’re boyfriend-girlfriend now. She knew it was gonna be slow and she doesn’t mind. But she’s honest enough to say that Jughead has to start letting her get to know him more if they want this relationship to last. Guys, they’re in this for the long haul.

NTM, how Jughead was quick to decide to let Betty talk to his dad. He could’ve said he’d talk to his dad for her, but nope, they’re gonna go together and he lets her see what his life’s like. And don’t even get me started on that kiss after their talk with FP. That was passionate in so many levels. OMG, I’m gonna cry in a corner now. Bughead is too precious. Protect them at all costs. I am in BLISS.

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Fall Back Down, Pt. 4 [Finn Balor]

Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

Author note: This is the story that just keeps happening even when I don’t think it will. So let’s just agree there will probably be a part five at some point and be done with it.

This is just all fluff. This story is basically my happy place at this point.

Remember to thank SPARKLEEEE CUPPPP ✨✨✨✨ for the help.

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The rain was louder than you thought it would be. Maybe it was just you, but rain sounded different when it hit different surfaces. And as it hit the very top of the apartment building, and onto the concrete surrounding the empty pool that belonged to the complex, it felt like it was in surround sound.

You knew the storm would pass soon, maybe last a half hour more if you were lucky, but it was perfect for right now.

Even though it was 2 AM, the lights scattered among the buildings gave a soft glow in places. It was still fairly dark overall, only with spots of light.

It was peaceful. No one else in sight, out and about. Not that you expected anyone to be at this hour and in this weather, but there could always be someone like you who wanted to be out.

Things had been…a lot different lately.

Just a bit over three months ago, you’d had a decent understanding of your life. You’d suffered a big loss in your father’s death, but you were figuring it out. You were wrestling for NXT and training new ladies on the side. You had great friends and colleagues surrounding you. Best friends, a family, even.

And then Finn had kissed you.

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Hate Me Today

Word Count: 2,321

A/N: Loved this request tbh :)

Tags:@thegenericluchadora @wrestlingnoob @reigns420 @sheaxdevitt @baybayforlife @originalbish98

Request: “Well I have a request and since you don’t do smut maybe it can be implied I wanted to request Kenny omega where yall hate eachother because yall are attracted to each other. Yall get into a argument in the ride to the hotel with the young bucks driving. When you get there you find out there are no rooms and the only one available is with kenny and it’s a single bed. You’re scared because you talk in your sleep. You have a naughty dream about him and he confronts you about it in the morning”

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Tired and Scared

Title: Tired and Scared

Pairings: Dean Winchester x sister!reader, Sam (mentioned).

Words: 1300

A/N: So, backstory is that the reader is doing some sort of a quest and it’s doing bad stuff to her, sort of like Sam and the trials.

Your name: submit What is this?

You could swear you just saw your reflection blink.

You were sure, you were going crazy. You didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t anymore. The boarder was gone, blotted out.

You had this darkness in you as well. It came with the craziness, and the craziness came with the mission. But you felt like you had these demons inside of you, and you couldn’t drown them, because they knew how to swim. And this presence, these voices, they were eating at you. It was like they were consuming all of your energy and leaving nothing to you. You felt empty, and tired.

You stared at your reflection, looking deep into your own familiar, but still very different, eyes. The more you glared, the worse they looked. You studied the rest of your face. It looked pale. Dark, purplish circles framed your eyes, and had the hollows of your cheeks sunken in, if ever so slightly? You didn’t look healthy at least.

And now you couldn’t sleep. You couldn’t relax, you couldn’t find peace. Even now, your breathing were too light, and your hands were clammy. Meanwhile, you were so exhausted, you really needed your rest. But just that thought diminished your ability of sleeping even more.

Your head hurt and your body ached while your legs were tingling. Slowly, and carefully you turned on the tap, just a little. Then, you brought your hands under the water stream and washed your face and hands with the cold water. It calmed you down a little bit, but not enough. You quickly dried your face on a nearby towel, and returned to stare into the mirror.

Only this time you didn’t just see yourself.

There was someone standing behind you in the doorway to the bathroom, you had left the door open when you escaped to the room to calm yourself down and drink some water. You could only see the dark silhouette, intently watching you.

You didn’t react as you were supposed to, not at all. As a hunter, you should fight for yourself, or try to run. In summary; just act. But this time, you completely froze. A gasp got caught in your throat, your eyes widened and you lost all capability to move your body as a wave of electrical fear rushed through it, all the way out to your fingertips.

The silhouette began to slowly move towards you, uttering something that you couldn’t comprehend. You could hear its voice, but you could neither place or understand the words. It felt far away. Instead, you began trembling, as you still were completely frozen. The silhouette only got closer, and you could only watch.

”Woah, (Y/N)! Do you hear me?” The voice started making sense. At the same time the silhouette came close enough to be reached by the fluorescent light; and you realized that it was Dean.

The gasp managed to escape, and finally, you could breath. Dean moved slowly, concerned and slight shock in his green orbs, he hadn’t foreseen that you would react like this. His hands were wearily outstretched towards you, showing his palms as he continued talking calmingly to you. You slowly relaxed, and Dean noticed this. For the last steps towards you, he picked up a more natural tempo.

As he reached you, he placed his large hands on your shoulders. His eyes met and locked with yours, although you’d rather just stare at the floor, you couldn’t break the glance.

”(Y/N), are you okay, kiddo?” Worry laced his words. ”What happened?”

”I d-don’t know.” Your voice was raspy.

”How are you feeling?” Dean asked again, as you didn’t answer his first question. He wouldn’t let it go.

You looked into his eyes, how much you just wanted to look away. Dean always had this ability to make you talk, it was something with him that always made you spill. Same went for Sammy. That’s why you tended to avoid them in these times. Because, although it didn’t really make sense, it was easier to keep it to yourself. To keep it locked down far away was easier than to put it into words. It was scary to share these things. Especially this; it was too dark. So you kept it inside, or at least tried, and suffered alone.

”I’m fine.” It was a complete and utter lie, and Dean knew this.

He let out a dry, humorless chuckle. ”Don’t you get it? I can see that you’re not — easy, in a long way.”

You slowly blinked. Was all the time you spent on trying to hide this lost, good for nothing? And if that case, how? How could he see it when you worked so hard to keep a strong — no perfect — facade up?

He saw the confusion in your eyes, and answered your unspoken question. ”Because I’ve spent most of life to over watching my younger siblings. (Y/N), I’m telling you, if there’s anyone who knows your patterns and… anything, it’s me.”

You realized he was right, and you had been foolish to think that you could hide this.

For the first time, you were able to break eye contact. Dean instantly tired to catch your gaze, his face coming closer, but you stared intently at the floor.

”So, I’m gonna ask again, and you’re gonna be honest; what’s wrong?” His tone was stern but still gentle.

”Uhm…” You didn’t know what to say. ”I’m tired.”


”I’m exhausted. And I can’t sleep.” You confessed, as you slowly looked upwards again.

”Do you feel sick? Hate to break it to you, but you don’t look too peachy.” His eyes scanned you, you saw something, you saw pain. Pain for your sake, and you felt horrible. But, the more you thought about it, it made sense. He loved you; of course he was suffering with you.

”Just drained.” True. ”But… But there’s this darkness. I-I don’t know how to describe it.”

”I know, sis. I know how you feel.” He nodded.

There was a moment of silence, before you spoke up again. ”Do you think I can do it?” You voice trembled, and was filled with disbelief.

”Of course. You’re my little sister, aren’t you?” He nudged you, and a faint smile pulled on the corners of your lips. ”No, but you’re crazy strong, both Sammy and I think that. And I believe in you, you’ve got this.”

You let out a deep breath and nodded.

”Come here, super girl.” Dean spoke, and pulled you into a tight hug, a hug that you apparently really needed.

He had his arms wrapped around you, radiating warmth to your now quite cold statue. You took in his scent and listened to his heartbeat. He placed his chin on top of your head, and rubbed his hand over your back.

You felt safe and relaxed in a way that you haven’t in a long time, and you concluded that no matter how old you got, you older brother’s embrace would always have this positive effect on you.

”Sam and I will help you feel better. And you don’t have to be scared, we won’t let anything happen to you. We’ve got your back, okay?”

”M’kay.” You responded, your voice muffled from speaking into his shoulder. ”I’ve got your back too.” You added, your words brave.

Now it was Dean’s turn to smile. It meant a lot to him.

He was severely worried about you, about your health and what awaited you. Nevertheless, he could feel the ache around his chest slightly releasing as you had a much more lighthearted tone on your voice. He had meant what he said, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.

You didn’t know how long you stood there, the time became fluent. It didn’t matter anyhow, because the hug felt relaxing, comforting and just great.

”Love you Dean.”

”Love you too, (Y/N).”

Roommate {Suga SMUT}

This is my first smut ever and I used mystikimagines to inspire me a little, check out her/his/their (sorry haha) page, the imainges are amazing!

Word count: 2545

Contains: Yoongi being a bitch, tongue technology


 Life was good. You started uni 3 months ago, found some awesome friends, you go to awesome parties and you actually really like the classes you’re taking. There is only one thing - actually one person - that annoys the shit out of you. Your roommate Min Yoongi. In the first two weeks that you guys were living together, you got along really well with him, but for some reason he snapped and since then he never once smiled at you and the only words he ever talked with you were things like him banging on the bathroom door and telling you to hurry, because he needs to get ready too. What pisses you off most though, is that he acts completely normal with your other roommate - Hoseok, a very positive, open minded and kind hearted guy - but as soon as you enter the room, he would turn into an ice cube and not even look at you. The only thing that keeps you from actually yelling at him is his intimidating aura, which for some stupid reason you found extremly attractive. And guess what? He’s taking the same courses. Life really wanted to punish you for having a good time.

 It was just another friday morning and you were sitting at the kitchen table going through your phone, waiting for the water to boil so you could finally do your coffee and leave for uni. You mindlessly searched for a banana and being lost in one article about psychology you slowly started eating it. You didn’t pay attention to your surroundings until you suddenly heard a raspy voice groaning “Fuck”. You looked up and met Yoongi’s eyes. Why do his eyes have to be so perfectly shaped? You hated the fact that you found him attractive. “What?”, you asked him, not breaking your eye contact with him, since you don’t want him to think you’re weak. The only time he speaks to you is when he’s about to complain, so what did you do wrong again? “Nothing.”, he mumbled, turned around and left you dumbfounded in the kitchen. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with that guy? 

 Your day passed just like every other day at uni. You tried to sit as far away from Yoongi as possible, but for some reason today you couldn’t focus on your professor, because your gaze always landed on his face. He was sitting two rows diagonally in front of you, so you had the perfect view on his face from the side and god damn it, even though you don’t want to admit it to yourself, that boy is one of the most handsome guys you’ve ever seen. You started to notice some of his habits, especially him sticking out his tongue or biting his lip, which made you feel things that you don’t want to feel at all. You imagined him kissing you with his plump lips, sowly moving to your ear lobes which he would start bi - NO! You shook your head trying to get rid of the pictures you just had in your mind. You really need to stop, that guy just annoys you to death, you don’t want him to do any of those things. When you look up again you can see Yoongi quickly turning his head to the front again. Did he just stare at you? That’s not possible.

 After class you didn’t even look up, you just took your stuff as quickly as you could and left as fast as possible. You were scared that Yoongi will be able to read your mind if you would look him in the eyes. One thing you know about him is that his stares feel like he’s reading your soul. Before you go home, you decide to go to a convenient store and get some instant noodles, since you don’t have any food left at home and you’re too broke to actually eat in a restaurant. You walk as slowly as possible, because you want to avoid meeting Yoongi as long as you can. By the time you arrive at home it’s 8:30pm already. You decided to eat your food at the store and took a walk along the Hangang after that. All you want to do now is take a shower, and watch some Netflix. When you enter your appartment you can hear music playing in the living room and people talking. You decide to quickly take a look and go to your room afterwards. After taking off your coat and shoes, you start walking to the living room and you see Hoseok sitting next to one of the most beautiful guy’s you’ve ever seen on the couch and Yoongi sitting on the floor. All of them have a bottle of Soju in front of them and they seem pretty drunk already. The second Hoseok sees you he’s on his feet. “Y/N you’re here finally! Come sit with us and drink!”, he yells enthusiastically, while giving you one of the tightest hugs. “Nice to see you too Hobi”, you laugh. “I’m sorry, but I’m really not in the mood to drink tonight, another time yeah?”

“Come on just stay here for 5 more minutes at least.”, the guy next to Hoseok says, while standing up. “I’m Taehyung by the way, nice to meet you.” He’s giving you a hug too. Gosh that guy doesn’t only look like a god, he smells like one as well, fuck. “Nice to meet you too.”, you say shyly. “So you’re staying?”, Hoseok asked, looking at you with his biggest smile. “Fine”, you sighed, “5 more minutes.”

“Perfect.”, you heard Yoongi mumbling when you were walking past him to sit on the couch with Hoseok and Taehyung, but you tried to ignore it as much as possible. Seriously why does he hate you so much? “So you want to drink some Soju?”, Taehyung asked you and for some reason you could not resist his deep and sexy voice and gave in. “Alright, but I’ll just take one shot.”

 Well, that one shot turned into one bottle and soon all of you were super drunk. Taehyung was flirting with you all the time and at some point he put his arms around you and your head was resting on his shoulders. Everyone was in a good mood. Everyone except for Yoongi of course. He was more tensed than he normally was though, this time he’s different, you have never seen him this pissed off. But you couldn’t care less to be honest. You won’t let him destroy your happiness.

Half an hour later - you and the others finished another 2 bottles of Soju - Hoseok came up with the idea to play truth or dare. “Seriously?”, Yoongi complained. “How old are we 15?”

“Come on hyung, it’s gonna be fun!”, Hoseok cheered. Yoongi mumbled something under his breath, but agreed to join. And so the games began. A few rounds later it was your turn. “So Y/N, what’s it gonna be? Truth or dare?”, Tae asked, his arm still around your shoulders. You grinned at him and cheekily replied. “Dare.” You really hoped that Hoseok would get what your intentions were, you’d be very disappointed if he wouldn’t. “That’s an easy one”, Hoseok said and winked at you. “Kiss Taehyung.” Bingo. Even though this is what you wanted you couldn’t stop you from feeling super nervous. You haven’t kissed anyone for ages. You looked up to Taehyung, asking for his permission with your eyes. He didn’t say anything, he just put one of his hands on your cheek and pulled your face closer to his. But before your lips touched, you felt someone grabbing your arm and pulling you up. “You’re not gonna do this.”, Yoongi growled, pulling you closer to him aggressively. You looked at him in shock. Who the fuck does he think he is?!

“What the fuck man?”, Taehyung asked madly, standing up too. “You heard me. She’s not gonna do this. And if you don’t mind, could you please leave before I beat the shit out of you? This is the only time I’m gonna ask for this.”, Yoongi threatened, his voice being colder than ice. “Woah, Yoongi chill.”, Hoseok said, standing on his feet now as well. “Get him out of here.” Yoongi looked at his friend. “Please.”, he begged. Yoongi normally never begs for anything. Hobi knew that better than anyone else, so he nodded slowly and grabbed Taehyung by his shoulder to escort him to the door. You didn’t even realize that Yoongi brought you to his room, because you’re still shocked about what just happened. Yoongi just went too far this time and suddenly all of your anger, that came together the last few months, escaped you and you slapped him in the face. His only reaction to this was putting his hand on the spot your hand just left a red mark at. He didn’t even look at you and it drove you insane. “WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!”, you scream. “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH? WHY-”, before you could say anything else he pushed you against his door and smashed his lips on yours. It took you a while to realize what is going on, but when you did you pushed him off you.

“What the-”

“I don’t hate you.”, Yoongi mumbled.


“I said I don’t hate you. I never did.” You couldn’t believe what he just said. Are you hallucinating? “It’s the exact opposite. I like you. I like you a lot. I’m just really bad at handling situations like this. I was hurt a lot the last time I had feelings for someone.”, he confessed. Min Yoongi, the guy who you thought hates you the most, just confessed his feelings for you. And for some reason it made you the happiest person ever. “You like me?”, you asked. You could feel your cheeks burning, you just can’t believe it’s true…

“Yes, Y/N, I really do.”, he replied, biting his lip because he’s so nervous. “I’m really sorry for kissing you earlier without your permission, I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do-”, this time it was you interrupting him.

“Kiss me.”, you said shyly.

“W-what?”, he stuttered. Wow, he can actually show his weak side too. “I said kiss me, you idiot.”, you replied, this time more confidently. With that Yoongi pushed you against his door again and kissed you. Your heart pounded in your chest when his tongue dipped into your mouth, which you welcomed with your own. When you put your arms around his neck, he pulled you closer to him deepening the kiss even more. He slowly kissed his way down to your neck, where he left soft kisses and bites. You could feel the pleasure and your lust growing more and more with each kiss. “Yoongi.”, you moaned his name when he reached your sweet spot. “You like this huh?”, he teased you and started sucking your sensitive skin right there, which made you moan even louder. Your hands were tightly grabbing his hair, which made him growl and pick you up and carry you to his bed just to throw you on it. He was now hovering above you and looking at every inch of your face. “God you’re beautiful.”, he whispered and smashed his lips against yours again. The more you made out the more he was rubbing his crotch against yours and you could feel him getting harder and harder, while you felt yourself getting wetter.

“Y/N”, he moaned. “I want you so badly.”

“Why are we still dressed then?”, you replied cockily. You didn’t have to ask this twice, he immediately took off your dress, leaving you in your underwear only, and threw it on the ground. He looked at your body, breathed in sharply and bit his lip.

“Fuck”, he growled and kissed you again, this time touching every inch of your body, his fingers leaving burning prints on your skin. You are so needy, you want him so badly, you want him now. “Take - off - your - clothes.”, you manage to get out between heavy breaths, while he is kissing his way down to your panties. He looks up to you and smiles at you with his arrogant smile, that you used to hate, but that turns you on even more now.

“Not today, gorgeous. Today it’s all about you.”

With that he pulls down your panties slowly. Way too slowly. It’s driving you crazy and you want to feel him touching you more than ever.

“I must admit that I want you to eat me like that banana you ate for breakfast, but we’ll have plenty of time for that.” You almost choked on your breath and you could feel your cheeks burning in embarrassment. So he watched you eating that banana in the kitchen today! You wanted to bury your face in his pillow, but as soon as he started kissing your thighs you arched your back in pleasure and forgot everything around you. This guy is driving you insane. He places one more kiss on your inner thigh, then looks up to you with his gummy smile, which makes you crave him even more. Then he finally dips his head into your center, licking a light strip along your folds, which made a loud moan slip through your mouth. It’s incredible how good he’s making you feel, it’s like his tongue was made only for you, as if it knew exactly what to do to drive you crazy. As if you weren’t in a blissful trance already he only adds to the torturous pleasure by adding a single finger into your core, followed shortly by a second one and you’re about to lose your mind. You’re so close to your release, your whole body filling up with a hot tension. Your left hand reaches out to tangle itself in his blonde hair, while the other one is grabbing the bedsheets under you.

“I’m so close”, you mumble, which makes him put some more pressure on your clit.

You threw your head back in euphoria when you were finally coming, a mess of moans escaping your mouth. Yoongi helped you riding out your high and when he felt your body relaxing, he slowly pulled out his fingers and started kissing his way up to your lips and when he reached them you could taste yourself on him. He slowly pulls away, looking at you one more time.

“I want to hear you moan my name more often.”, he says cockily, resting his head on your shoulder now.

“I might think about it, if you stop acting like a complete douchebag when you’re around me.”, you reply, trying to be as cool as possible, after what he just did to you.

He lets out a husky giggle and snuggles his head in the crook of your neck.

“I will treat you as the princess that you are. I promise.”

And with that you both fall asleep, your legs tangled around each other, his head still resting in the crook of your neck.

anonymous asked:

After all the joy and relief of seeing him return from Homeworld wears off, do you think Connie is going to be very pissed at Steven for scaring her and leaving her like that?

It’s possible she might be a little mad about it? But Connie understands that everything Steven does, it’s to save those he cares about. I think she respects that, although she may not always agree with his methods. 

Rather than be mad, I think Connie is gonna be way more protective of Steven from now on, and insist on staying by his side when shit gets real. 

Between Steven’s Dream (watching Steven and Garnet argue while Pearl looks distraught) and The New Crystal Gems (realizing that Steven is often stuck playing the role of the adult while the Gems act like children), I think she’s slowly catching on that something is Not Quite Right™ here, and the rose-tinted glasses that she once saw the CGs through are slowly coming off. 

I’m also concerned about how Connie’s gonna feel about Pearl and Garnet once she discovers that they haven’t been completely honest with him. Because no matter how you slice it, Steven was lied to, and that lie nearly cost his life. 

sparkly-eyed-dork  asked:

if you're still doing the misc sentence starters thing: "you have no idea how much you mean to me" (marco to star) I loooooove ur writing! <3

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this!

“Star!” he called, hearing nothing but the soles of his boots slapping against the marble floor as he ran through the halls looking for an exit she might have slipped out of. What was he thinking? Bringing Jackie to Star’s fifteenth birthday ball, especially when things had been so weird between all three of them since Star’s confession. Way to go, Diaz.

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13 + Drake x MC

13. Dancing: Come Away with Me

This is an AU ending to the meteor shower chapter of The Royal Romance. In this version, Drake and MC (Louisa) get back to the mansion but Hana isn’t waiting for them so Louisa asks Drake once more to teach her the Cordonian Waltz. 

I apologize for how long this got! I really meant for this to be short and cute and it ended up being long and kinda angsty! I hope you like it anyway! Thank you for the prompt, @thechrispowell

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

You stumble through the heavy wooden door of Olivia’s winter home and Drake slams it shut behind the two of you. 

“You all right, Tennant?” Drake asks.

You turn to find him leaning forward, hands on his knees. Like you, he’s out of breath and covered in heavy wet snow. 

“I’ll be fine. Just need to warm up.” 

“Yeah, me too,” Drake says, “So on that note, I’ll say goodnight.”

You watch him walk past you toward the staircase. Before he reaches the first step, you call out to him. 

“Drake, wait a second.” 

He pauses and then turns on his heel to face you. He raises an eyebrow, questioning why stopped him. 

“I know you said that Hana could teach me the Cordonian waltz, but it’s a little too late for that. So I was just wondering…could you maybe teach me?” 

Drake barks out a incredulous laugh. “Uh, no. I can’t.”

“Come on, Drake! You can’t seriously tell me that in all your years of hanging around the Cordonian courts you don’t know how to do this dance?”

“Okay, let me rephrase. I could teach, but I won’t.”


“It’s a bad idea all around.”

“What? Why?”

“It just is, Tennant. Trust me.”

You decide to resort to begging. “Please, Drake. I’m so tired of feeling like the clumsy, uncouth outsider.”

“Hey, sounds like we can start a club.”

“Drake. This isn’t a joke. Please. If you know how completely crappy this feels, why wouldn’t you help me avoid it?”

Drake’s eyes slide closed and he sighs deeply. He’s quiet for a long moment and you hold your breath waiting for him to answer. 

Finally, he shakes his head and says, “Fine. Fine. I’ll teach you, but these clothes are going to be soaked in about 10 seconds so I’m going to change first. Find a song in ¾ time and I’ll…I’ll meet you in your room.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Drake! I promise this will be quick and painless!” you say with bright smile.

“Yeah…right,” Drake mutters just barely under his breath as he turns back and heads up stairs. You follow him and at the landing you split up and head to your respective rooms. 

Back in your luxurious suite, you change out of your own cold wet clothes and slip into a pair of flannel PJ pants and an old Star Wars sweatshirt you’ve had since high school. You’re digging in you suitcase for your warmest socks an when there’s a knock at the door. 

“Just a second,” you call out. You finally find the fuzzy gray socks and then you hop across the room while you slip them on. When you reach the door, you open it to find Drake. He’s leaning on doorframe, hands in his pockets. 

“Took you long enough, Tennant,” he says gruffly. He stands up and shuffles restlessly from foot to foot. He’s wearing a pair of loose-fitting sweatpants and a tight, black t-shirt. His hair is tousled, cheeks still tinged pink from your snowy escapade. He looks more casual than you’ve ever seen him and for a second you’re taken aback by just how good he looks. Somehow he’s even more handsome now, underdressed and disheveled, than he’s ever been before 

“Uh, come in,” you finally say after shaking yourself out of your stupor. 

“Thanks,” Drake says as he slips into your room. “Nice digs,” he comments as he looks around. 

“It’s actually bit much for me,” you admit, taking in the over-the-top decorations and expensive finishes. “I prefer cozy to ostentatious.” 

“Yeah,” Drake says as he smirks at you, “me too.” For a moment, the two of you just look at each other. The room fills up with some unspoken thing that hovers between you. It takes you a moment to find your voice. 

“So I found a song,” you say finally, “Norah Jones.” 

“Put it on and we’ll get started,” Drake says quietly, looking as unsettled as you feel. 

You fuss with your phone until the first  soft strains of Come Away with Me start playing. Turning around, you stand in front of Drake and await your first instructions. 

“All right, Tennant, here we go. Give me your hand.”

You do as he asks, slipping your hand into Drake’s for the second time tonight. He closes his fingers around yours. They’re warm and dry, a little bit rough. He steps closer to you and places his other hand just below your shoulder blade. 

“Put your hand on my shoulder,” Drake instructs and you comply. “The key to this,” he continues, “is to stay relaxed but structured. It sounds contradictory, but you’ll get when we start.” 

For the next little while, Drake helps with the basics of waltzing. You step on his feet a couple time, but you manage to pick things up pretty quickly.  Eventually he moves on to the Cordonian parts of the waltz. 

“All right, first up is the reverse. I’m going to step forward and you step back at the same time, got it?”

“I think so.” 

Drake gives your hand a gentle squeeze and then he steps forward. You follow by moving backward in step with him and the two you glide smoothly across the room. 

“Nice work, Tennant,” Drake says you come to a stop, “You’re not as clumsy as you think you are.”

“Gee, thanks, Drake. You sure know how to sweet talk a girl.” 

He smirks at you and you love the way his eyes crinkle at the edges when he does. He really is ridiculously handsome when he smiles. It’s really too bad that it seems to happen so rarely. 

“Next is the spin,” Drake interrupts your thoughts. He reaches out to take your hands in his. He spins you slowly around and you stumble slightly. 

“Remember to relax, Tennant. I’ve got you,” Drake’s speaks quietly and he’s close enough in this position that you can feel his warm breath on your neck. You shiver and try to do as he says as he spins you again. This time you let yourself trust him and instead of stumbling you spin fluidly in his arms. Eventually, he brings you to a stop facing him.

“Yeah, just like that,” Drake murmurs. His eyes search yours for a long moment and you feel a warm heat unfurl low in your belly as the intensity in his look grows. Your let your eyes caress his features, taking in his dark eyes and high cheekbones, the slight stubble along his jawline. When your gaze drops to his lips, you see Drake suck in a sharp breath. 

“Louisa,” he whispers huskily, “don’t.” Despite his words, you feel his hands tighten on your hips. His fingertips gripping you tightly. 

“Don’t what,” you whisper back. Your eyes never leave his lips. You’re mesmerized by them now. The way his lower lip is fuller than his upper lip, the way they move when he speaks, the sight of his tongue moving just behind them. You’re suddenly overcome with a desire to know what it would feel like to press your own lips to his. 

Before you can think better of it, your eyes slip closed and you move to kiss him. You expect him to meet you halfway. You can feel the heat rolling off him and you’re sure that he must want this too. You lean forward, but in a reversal of the dance step he taught you only moments ago, Drake moves backward and drops his hands from your body.

When you open your eyes, he’s still standing right in front of you. He looks like he’s in pain though and you wonder just how badly you’ve messed everything up. This is Liam’s best friend and you just made a move on him. What were you thinking? You thought maybe Drake was attracted to you too, but you’ve just made a complete fool of yourself. 

“Drake, I’m so…” your voice cracks as you start to cry. 

“No. Don’t apologize,” Drake says with a sad smile. “It’s my fault. I knew this was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have come here.”

“But if I hadn’t kept pestering you…” you say. You stare at the floor, trying to hide your tears. “You didn’t do anything wrong. I have a duty to Liam and it doesn’t matter what I might want and I should have known better than to give in.

Your eyes fly up to him and you can pain and desire written clearly on his face. It breaks your heart and you let out a quiet sob. 

“I’m gonna go,” he says quietly.


“No, I’m gonna go. You’ll do great tomorrow at the ball. Liam is gonna be really impressed.”

“Drake, please, don’t go. Not like this.”

“I have to, Louisa,” he whispers, using your name for the first time, “This can’t happen and it’s best if we just forget about it, okay? Focus on Liam. He’s the reason you came here and you deserve a man like him, a real honest-to-goodness prince.”

Drake gives you one more sad smile and slips out the door. 

Island of Hope PT.2

Characters: You and Hoseok (J-Hope, Hobi), Suga, Namjoon, Jimin

Word Count: 4047

Read PT.1 Here 

“Folks, we are preparing for landing” You faintly heard your pilot announce through your sleep.

You lifted your head up and rubbed your eyes. As you looked out the window, you gasped as how dramatic the change was in scenery. Not too far off in the distance, you were finally seeing the ocean that you had been dreaming about for so long.

“Hobi! Wake up and look outside!”

You nudged his arm.

“Huh?” He replied.

He got up and peered out the window.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe we’re here already”

He turned around.

“Hey guys, wake up! Do you see this?”

From behind you, the rest of the group slowly woke up.

“Are we there yet?” Yoongi asked with his eyes still closed.

“We’re here!” You replied excitedly.

As your group grabbed their luggage, Hobi made a few calls.

“The bus over there is going to take us to our vacation house. Once we check in and put all of our things away, you’re all free to explore. These cards will get you into many places on the island.”

“I’m so glad you made all of these arrangements” Namjoon said as he received a card from Hobi. “This trip is going to be amazing”

Hobi laughed.

“I wish I could say that I did it all by myself but Y/N helped out a lot too”

“Well, in that case, thank you Y/N” Namjoon said.

“Aww, our Y/N is the best” Jimin cooed.

You grinned.

“I won’t accept any praise until we are actually in our house. Who knows? What if I actually majorly screwed up?” You joked.

“Holy shit. This place is huge!” Emily yelled as you all got inside the house.

“Huge and expensive” You replied laughing. “But totally worth it! Everyone pretty much gets their own room”

“Oohhh, let’s get the rooms with the biggest bathroom!”

You nodded in agreement and ran around with her trying to find out where it was.

“I think these are the one” Emily said proudly. “Which room do you want?”

“I don’t care to be honest”

“Oh Y/N! Pick one!”

You laughed. “Fine. I’ll take the one on the right”

“Ohhhh, the one closest to Yoongi??”

“Oh gosh! Stop! I really wish that I hadn’t told you”

She laughed.

“Sorry Y/N, it’s just so cute how juvenile you’re being about this. Are you sure you like him?” She asked.


“Then promise me that you’ll try and make a move already… I hate seeing you suffer like this”

“I’m not suffering! I’m just waiting for the right moment. Besides, I have it all planned out. Once he sees me in my new swim suit, he won’t be able to resist me”

“Oh gosh Y/N. I wish you all the luck in the world! Now. I’m off to try and woo Namjoon.”

“Joon?” You asked surprised.

“Yes! He’s sweet and handsome. He also has a wicked smart mind! He’s perfect Y/N. You can’t tell me otherwise”

You began to laugh. “Do you hear us? We sound like sirens or conquerors of weak men”

Emily began to laugh too. “Is it our fault that their hearts are so weak against beautiful women?”

You shook your head. “Okay, even I don’t know what to say to that”

She winked.

“I’ll see you later, Y/N”

With that she walked out of your room and back to hers.

On the other side of the house, all the men were gathered in the kitchen after picking their rooms.

“Is it weird if I’m a little jealous that they got the rooms with the big bathrooms?” Jimin asked.

“No need to get greedy” Joon replied. “Even if you’re sharing a bathroom with me and Yoongi…”

“Alright guys, I know you’re all jealous about losing the big bathroom to the women, but there are more important matters such as what we are going to do first and what are we going to eat later?” Hobi asked.

“I’m gonna rest for a bit” Yoongi replied.

“Didn’t get enough sleep on the plane?” Jimin asked.

“I’m feeling a bit jetlagged. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to bed. I’ll see you guys later for dinner”

“Alright then, how about you Joon?” Hobi asked.

“Emily asked me to go with her to the shopping centers.”

“You guys are going shopping? I want to go!” Jimin said not understanding the situation.

“I guess that just leaves me and Y/N then” Hobi said. “You guys have fun! We can meet later for dinner if we’re all still hungry by then. Just give me a call or text”

“Gah! Didn’t he sleep enough on the plane?” You whined as you walked the streets with Hobi. Sure the sun was warm and shining but you couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy.

“He said he was feeling jet lagged”

You groaned again. “Go wake him up!”

Hobi laughed. “You can do that yourself Y/N. Just go in there and start yelling like you always do when you’re having a fit. I’m sure he’ll wake up”

You stuck your tongue out at him and knew what he meant. You were probably annoying him with your antics. “Sorry Hobi. Where are we going, anyways?” You asked.

“I thought it would be nice to go eat somewhere new”

“I do love food…” You replied.

“Come on, this way Y/N. I’ll feed you.”

As the waiter sat your plates down, you both began to drool at how delicious everything looked.

“I can’t Hobi. I have to help you pay for this! I don’t care what you say. Just look at the way the steam radiates off the meat!”

“It’s fine Y/N! Now eat before it gets cold”

You grabbed a fork and dug in.

“How is this so good?” You practically cried out. “You have to try this, Hobi!”

You grabbed some more food and held out your fork for him to eat.

“Holy shit Y/N. What did you order again? I’m gonna have to come back later and get the same thing for myself! Here, try some of mine”

“Where did you find this place?” You asked as you took a bite from his fork.

“It was just on Yelp!” He replied.

Once you were done with your meals, Hobi waved a waiter down for the check.

“Thank you again.” You replied as he placed his card into the checkbook. “I’m gonna be honest though… If you find a few twenty dollar bills hidden around you later… don’t be surprised”

Hobi laughed and shook his head. “Please don’t. I don’t know how you do it… but to this day I still find dollar bills in the weirdest places”

You both couldn’t help but laugh. As the waitress came back, she placed the receipt down along with a slice of cake.

“A dessert on the house for the happy couple!” The waitress said.

You looked up in surprise at the waiter. “Oh, we’re..”

“We’re so glad we get free dessert! Isn’t that right, honey?” Hobi said cutting in.

The waitress smiled.

“How long have you guys been together?”

“About 10 years” Hobi said with a smile.

“Ten years?” She replied. “You guys don’t look a day over 21. How old were you when you asked her out? 12?”

“Yep, I knew she was the one for me when I first laid eyes on her” Hobi continued. “Thank you. We’ll enjoy it!”

You grinned and grabbed his hand from across the table.

“Thank you” You said to the waiter.

“No problem! We hope to see you two lovebirds again!”

“What was that?” Hobi asked laughing after leaving the restaurant.

“What do you mean? I had to make it believable!”

He continued to laugh. “It was already believable! That’s why we got the dessert in the first place! You violently grabbing my hand made it obvious that we weren’t.”

“It wasn’t even violent! And hey! We still got the dessert!”

“Aye, Y/N.. What am I going to do with you?”

“Well, now that you ask….. There was something that I saw that we could do tomorrow.”

“And what’s that?” He asked.

You showed him your phone.

“No, no, no!” Hobi replied.

You grabbed onto his arm.

“Pleaseeeeeee! It’s just turtles! It will be so fun! Plus, there will be an expert guide with us and I already made a reservation for all of us and so you can’t back out now”

“I don’t know, Y/N” Hobi said turning to face you.

“We did not pay all this money to not go snorkeling with turtles! Nothing can go wrong! Plus, I’ll be there with you, Hobi.”

Hobi pouted.

“The things I do for you, Y/N…”

“Welcome to Oahu Hidden Gem Tour! I’ll be your host today!”

Even though the tour was beginning now, you couldn’t help but glance over to where Yoongi was. He seemed so content just staring out into the sea.

Wow. You thought to yourself. You still couldn’t get that dream out of your head.

Hobi nudged you.


“Our tour guide asked you a question”

You snapped out of your daydream and looked up turning red.

“Oh! I’m sorry! What was the question?”

“I wanted to know if you were enjoying your stay here”

“Oh! Yes! I love it here!” You replied.

She smiled and continued to talk to everyone on the tour. “Today we will be visiting some major landmarks and then later on we will split into pairs to snorkel with some of Hawaii’s famous green turtles!”

Pairs? You thought to yourself. This was your chance to get paired up with Yoongi! But then you looked at Hobi and knew you couldn’t leave your best friend alone like that. You knew he was nervous and so you linked arms with Hobi and smiled.

“You’ve got this”

He smiled weakly and nodded.

“Save me if a shark comes?”

“Of course! Before we left, Jungkooky told me how to fight off a shark.”

“Jungkook?” Hobi asked wearily.

You continued.

“Yeah! You just gotta punch it in the nose!”

As you threw your arm in the air, pretending to punch a shark… Hobi shook his head.

“Oh god, we’re going to die…”

“Alright everyone! Gear up! All required equipment is here and ready for pick up”

You stood in line with Hobi and continued to cheer him on. Even after the beautiful scenic boat ride and hike around Oahu, you could tell that he still wasn’t at ease yet.

“You can do it, Hobi!”

He smiled at you. “Thank you, Y/N”

He turned to look at Yoongi and then back at you.


“What is it Hobi?”

“You should team up with Yoongi”

Your eyes grew wide. “What? No! I can’t leave you!”

“I’ll be fine Y/N. Besides, someone needs to pull Jimin away from those two. I don’t think he knows that Emily wants to pair up with Namjoon.

You turned to look at your friends and couldn’t help but smile at how oblivious Jimin was to the situation.

“Have fun with Yoongi, okay?”

With that, he ran off before you could stop him. You watched as he walked up to Jimin to direct him away from Em and Joon. You sighed and really hoped that he would be okay. Even if he said he was fine, you were still going to keep an eye on him.

As you continued watching, you saw Hobi walk up to Yoongi. They both looked your way and you turned around as Yoongi began to make his way over to you.

“Ready Y/N?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah! Just gotta put the equipment on” You said as you struggled with your mask.

“Are you ready?” You asked.

You looked up at him and began to laugh.

“I look like squidward with the mask on, don’t I?” He asked.

“Just a little bit”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“It can’t be helped”

“Alright divers! Gather around!”

You and Yoongi walked towards the crowd.

“Does everyone have a partner? If not, please step to the side so we can find one for you”

You looked over to Hobi and waved at him. He gave you a small smile and turned to face the instructor.

“I hope he’ll be okay” Yoongi said.

“I know he will” You replied. “He’s a lot braver than he seems”

As soon as you said that, Hobi and Jimin went in the water. For a while, you lost track of where Hobi was.. but as soon as he came up from the sea… you saw a giant smile on his face.

“See?” You replied happily. You waved at him again and cheered him on.

Once it was your turn, you began to feel a little scared. What if you did see a shark? You looked for Hobi and there he was cheering you on from the boat. Just seeing him made you feel better and so you dove into the water. In that moment, time seemed to have stopped as you looked at the tranquil depths of the sea. Even though Yoongi was your partner, in the water, you swam away from him, enjoying the beautiful view below you by yourself.

“That was amazing!” You said once you got back on the boat. “Did you see the turtles? They were so cute! I wish I could take one home with me!”

“It was pretty amazing!” Yoongi replied. He took his mask off and began to dry himself off. “I wonder if they let people go in a second time?”

“Y/N!” Hobi yelled.

You turned around and grinned as you hugged him. “I told you it would be fun!”

“I wish I could go back in!” He replied.

Behind him, the rest of the group followed.

“Did you guys see any sharks?” Namjoon asked.

“No, why?! Did you see one?” Jimin asked.

“I didn’t but Emily said she did. She’s pretty shaken up by it. I think I’ll go comfort her”

You turned to look at your friend and she winked at you.

You couldn’t help but laugh to yourself at how sly she was.

“Alright passengers, it’s time to head back to shore! Please return all borrowed equipment as we make our way back”

You couldn’t believe how quickly the day had gone by. As you stood in line behind Yoongi, you realized how little you had done to try and woo him. Two days had already passed and still nothing.

When it was your turn to turn in the equipment, you stopped to ask your instructor if she knew of any good places for couples to go.

“You know, there is an area not too far off that you and your boyfriend can go visit. Lots of couples go there to watch the sunset. It’s called Sandy Beach! Look it up!”

You thanked her and walked away to search for more info on your phone.

As you walked back to the house with Hobi, you continued your search.

“I think… I think I’m going to ask him to go here with me!”

“Where?” Hobi asked.

“Sandy beach! Apparently the water can be a little scary… but I don’t plan on going in it. I just want to see the sunset and  I read that you don’t have to walk far to get a great view of it”

“That sounds nice” Hobi replied.

“Right?! I think that once we get back to the house and I’m all nice and clean… I’ll just go up to him and ask him to go with me”

“It sounds like a plan. I think I’m gonna go to sleep as soon as I can.”

Inside your room, you began to get ready. Before you were going to head for the shower, you looked at your phone and saw that it was close to dying. You plugged it into the charger before making your way to the bathroom.

Once you ripped away the dirty clothes you wore, you excitedly thought of tomorrow’s possibilities with Yoongi. You stepped into the shower and smiled at the thought of you and him again.

After washing away all the salt water from your body and hair, you got out and began to put your plan into action. While you ran downstairs, you spotted him outside in the front yard by himself.

Perfect! You thought to yourself.

As you continued on your way, Hobi popped out of nowhere. Unsurprised, you figured he was there to cheer you on and so you continued to the front door.

“Hobi, there he is! Wish me luck.” You said as you ran by.

“Wait Y/N!”

“Don’t worry,  I’ll be back”

Hobi tried to stop you but you were on a mission. You walked over to where Yoongi was and tapped his shoulder. When he turned around, it took all of your courage to ask him.

“Hey Yoongi, I was wondering if you would like to come with me?” You asked him.

“Where?” He replied.

“I hear that there’s this beach that isn’t to far away from here where you can watch the sunset… I was wondering if maybe you would like to come with me tomorrow?”

Yoongi gave you a confused look and then shook his head.

“Sorry Y/N, I don’t think that would be a good idea. Maybe you could ask the rest of the group to go with you?”

His phone began to ring before you could interject.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I have to take this call. It’s my girlfriend-“


In an instant, you understood why he had turned down your request.

“Oh. It’s okay.”


You turned and walked away as fast as you could so he couldn’t see the tears that were beginning to form. You knew you couldn’t go back to your room. There would be too many eyes on you and then questions would arise and so you just kept on walking. Once you made it to the kitchen, you turned and went outside to the back where the pool was. Luckily for you, no one was there since they were too busy getting ready for bed.

You sat at the edge of the pool and dipped your feet in. As you sat by yourself, you thought about how much of a fool you were.

“Hey Y/N. Are you feeling okay?”


Hobi sat down and wrapped an arm around you.

“I’m such a fool, aren’t I? I wish I never even came on this stupid trip”

“Don’t say that Y/N.”

You knew he was right but at the moment you just didn’t care. You looked off into the ocean and continued to cry.

“Is that why you were trying to stop me?” You asked.

Hobi sighed.

“I saw him facetiming her once I came downstairs to grab a water. At first, I thought it was just a friend, but then he said he loved her and that he couldn’t wait to see her again. I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. I tried to call and text you but you didn’t answer me. I’m sorry I came so late”

“It’s not your fault.”

For a while, the two of you just sat outside listening to the waves in the background.


“What is it, Hobi?”

“Would you like to go with me to go watch the sunset?”

You shook your head no. “I don’t want anything to do with that beach now”

“Come on Y/N, it will just be me and you”

“I think it’ll just remind me of how stupid I probably looked in front of him”

“I’ll make you forget about him and that, I promise!”

What did you do to deserve such a wonderful person in your life? “Tomorrow then, okay? Right now, I’m just ready to go to bed.”

“Alright Y/N, I’ll walk you to your room”

Hobi continued to have his arm wrapped around you as you both made it back to the house. Outside, Yoongi was waiting.

“Y/N, before you go in, can I explain myself?”

You gave Hobi a nod and he let go.

“I’ll wait for you inside” He said.

You looked up at Yoongi and gave him a small smile. After your small crying session, you realized that you were being juvenile about this. “Hey Yoongi”

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean for your feelings to get hurt.”

“No, I’m sorry. Here I was trying to throw myself all over you. I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend. How long have you been dating?”

“About 5 years now”

“Wow! How have you guys been managing that?”

“I don’t even know. She’s just really amazing for standing by me all this time”

As he spoke of her, you felt happy for him. You were never a spiteful person.

“You seem like a lucky guy”

“I know. So is Hobi”

You were confused. “What do you mean?”

“He has you”  


“You know he’s in love with you, right?”


“You’re all he ever talks about.”

You shook your head. “No, Hobi and I? We’re just friends.”

“Honestly, have you never noticed? When you guys are in the same room, he only looks at you. All his songs… his lyrics… really Y/N? His willingness to do everything for you even though he can be scared of so many things?”

You stood staring at him speechless and so he shook his head.

“Maybe you thought I was the one for you… but who you really needed was always in front of you and you were just too blind to see it.”

He walked up to you and patted you on the back.

“It’s probably a lot to sink in but just think about it for a bit and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Now let’s head inside before he gets worried”

Yoongi led the way and you followed. Inside, Hobi was waiting.

“Hey guys, everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is fine” You replied. “Let’s go get some rest.”

Inside your room, you wanted nothing more than to lay down and go to sleep. You were no longer sad about Yoongi but what he said to you was stuck in your head. If Hobi was in love with you… then why didn’t he ever say anything to you?


He was your best friend… why would he not tell you? You got out of bed and made your way over to his room. You wanted to know if it was true.

*Knock* *Knock*

“Who is is?” You heard him call from inside.

“It’s me”

Hobi came and opened the door.

“What’s wrong Y/N?”

As soon as you saw him though, you lost all courage to ask him about how he felt about you. In a way, you were scared to hear the truth. What if he didn’t? You didn’t want to ruin your relationship with him. You felt lost.

“Can I… can I sleep here tonight?”

Hobi was confused but he agreed.

“Sure, let me just make the bed.”

As you laid down next to him, you couldn’t help but still think about what Yoongi said. You turned to look at Hobi but he was already fast asleep. You thought back to the restaurant and how he said he had known you were the one for him since he first laid eyes on you. Was it a lie? If not… Holy shit. You thought. For 10 years he didn’t say anything! But maybe Yoongi was right, maybe he did in other ways but you were just too blind to see it.

You moved up closer to Hobi and placed your head on his chest so you could fall asleep.

In the morning, you woke up to finding yourself wrapped around Hobi. With his arms around you, you felt so safe and comfortable as you always did with him. And that’s when it dawned on you..  Hobi was better than any guy of your dreams…. He was real… He was real and he had always been there for you.

You slowly detached yourself from him and made your way out of his room and back to yours.

A/N: J-HOOOOPE! This is the end of pt.2! *Spoiler alert* I think there will only be one or two parts left to this. I dunno. We’ll see! Hopefully everyone is doing well! I, for one, am doing okay! I’m not writing as much as i would like but i am close to finishing a new and different story! Im still working on Spectre and Lone Wolf though! I swear that i have not abandoned it! Funny story though, every time i go back to read and edit them… i get really sleepy because i have read it so many times hahah -_- 

Fan account of Sons of an Illustrious Father at Obaren (Stockholm, Sweden)

Soooo me and one of my closest friends, @imbossthatswhy​, went to go see the Sons of an Illustrious father show on the 13th of September in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a bit late in writing this as I have been super busy working.

That show was so awesome. The vibe, the love, the overall good feels everywhere was so entoxicating. 

Just gonna recap this adventure so I can remember it in the future cause I have a shit memory.

We live in Denmark so first of all we had to get to Sweden. Day of our trip, I find out that I forgot my passport so I had like severe anxiety the whole journey to Stockholm and tried to get my friends to take a picture of my passport for me, just in case you know. Luckily, we weren’t checked so we made it safely to Stockholm and checked into our hostel. So, we wander around a bit, grab a coffee and try to get a grip of our nervousness. A lot of cigarettes were smoked on this 1-day trip.

We walk around a bit trying to locate Obaren but we’re hella confused ‘cause we see a seemingly swanky restaurant where the place should be at. We’re confused but determined to find the place. We end up going inside and my girl asks one of the workers where the bar is. She leads us into the swanky restaurant and towards some hidden stairs. We’re both like…what? How were we supposed to be able to find this place? Anywaaaays…We get there and we both don’t know what to do with ourselves. The door was closed and the facebook event said that the doors first opened at 8 pm but I checked the door just to be sure. It wasn’t locked or anything but all I could see was the stairs and some lights. No music, just silence so I went out again. 

We went outside to smoke a bit more and kill some time because we were there about 2 hours before opening because we were expecting there to be a queue. There wasn’t but we did run into a few people that came early like us. We met this one guy, who is now our friend, who was carrying a DC tote bag around along with wearing a Batman shirt, so we knew he must’ve been there to see Ezra. Luckily my friend is like super extroverted so she started all the conversations. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her because I am extremely introverted and I don’t know how to strike up a conversation.

We end up going inside to wait in front of the Obaren door again. We wait some more and then suddenly the band comes downstairs and I was just gob smacked cause there he was. Ezra fucking Miller. I usually don’t get star struck because I work with actors and musicians as well but I could just feel my knees get weak when I saw him. First word that struck me about him was aloof because of the way that he walked around. Josh Aubin close behind and then Lilah Larson at the back. They went around a corner and then I didn’t see them again. At this point me and my friends were low key freaking out at the close proximity of the band.

We wait some more and people started eventually going into the bar. On my way up, I see the band and Ezra’s bodyguard sitting at a table waiting to get served. Struck again by awe by the casualness of it all.

So we get in and find some really good seats right by the edge of the scene at the bottom of the stairs that were there. We order beers and just start chatting again about how excited we all are.

I decide to go out to smoke to try and take my edge off and pass by the band’s table where they are all engaged in conversation. I hurry on out cause I really needed that smoke now. Finish smoking, pass the table again and rejoin my friends.

Time passes and eventually Ezra’s bodyguard comes to take a look at the accessibility point for the band to get up on stage. Some people were moved out of the way because they were sitting on the stairs. Me and my friends look at each other and concluded that the band was going to pass right by us when they were gonna go up on stage. We get even more excited.

The time finally comes. I see Ezra’s bodyguard closely tailed by Liliah, Josh & Ezra. They walk right past us and get up on stage. Ezra’s bodyguard stays down by the end of the stairs right next to me.

Lilah, Josh and Ezra then proceed to hug each other in one big group hug before settling at their instruments and starting the show. They started off with my favorite song, U.S. Gay. Lilah managed to break the A-string on the guitar early in the show. She was rocking out too hard I guess. The band proceeds to play songs (even with guitar) and change between singing and playing different instruments.

All in all, the performance was amazing! They all really did great. The energy shared between them was just awesome and ugh…I just can’t put into words how happy I am to have experienced them.

After they finished the show, we just sort of bask in the glory that was SOAIF.

Afterwards we see Lilah standing by the merch table so we walk over and wait in line to say hi to her. There was a lot of movement all of the sudden and I just remember being hella confused as to what was happening. My friend then proceeded to tell me that Ezra was out and that our new friend had made a beeline towards him. We had promised each other to take pictures of us interacting with him earlier in the evening so I just tried to keep up with them with my phone ready. So I’m there taking pictures of our new friend while he is talking and taking pictures with Ezra. After he was done with his interaction, people started moving again. My friend asks out loud what we’re all asking “Wait, what’s going on?”

Ezra heard her and replied back with “Oh, I’m a fire hazard so we’re just moving over here.” All smiles and everything. We just laugh at each other and then wait in line in front of Ezra. My friend starts talking to Ezra and I’m just behind her playing paparazzi cause we’re probably not gonna have an opportunity like this again. Everything must be documented! After a few hundred pictures (gonna be honest, my finger barely left that camera function) and some more waiting it was my turn. My friend managed to tell me that Ezra had stolen her pen and that I needed to get it back. No probs! Now it was my turn.

Eek. My mind turned to mush as I stepped in front of Ezra. This was a whole new thing compared to watching him perform. I lean in to talk to him because the venue had now turned into a club and loud music was blaring out of the speakers and some partygoers had arrived. I was super clumsy with my words cause, hahahahaha, introvert here! I am verbally incapable of making a good first impression. Didn’t tell him anything remarkably memorable because brain was mush. All I could manage to say to him was that I’ve been a fan since I saw him in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. He replied with “Oh, that’s a long time!” I forget to tell him that I actually only saw that movie last year and just start giggling nervously. The one thing that I did notice throughout our interaction was how intense his eye contact is. He kept eye contact the whole time I was fumbling with my words and I swear he has the most kind eyes ever. I proceed to ask for an autograph and he just looks after a pen. “Oh, yeah you kinda stole my friends pen” I tell him as I find it on the table next to him. “Ah, yeah I have a habit of stealing things” he jokes to me whereas I reply with “Don’t we all though sometimes?” I then ask to take some pictures with him. He just goes “Alriiiight” and smiles at me. I tell him that I’m gonna take a few hundred pictures and he says something that I can’t remember and starts to laugh a little.

After the photos, I just thank him for coming somewhere remotely close to where I’m from (Denmark), give him a big hug and then I went on my way cause I wanted everyone that came to have a chance to talk and take pictures with him. I really didn’t want to take up more time than was necessary even though I could have stayed in front of him babbling like in idiot for hours. Also if you get a chance to get hugged by Ezra, GRAB HIM AND HOLD HIM CAUSE HIS HUGS ARE SO WARM AND LOVING. I could’ve died a happy woman on the spot.

I then turn to Ezra’s bodyguard who was standing right behind him and I just had to pay him a compliment. I told him that I had always seen him in pictures and thought that he had the most awesome style. He thanks me and pulls me in for a hug and gives me a kiss on my forehead. I then ask him how long they’ve been in Sweden for and if he has enjoyed himself. They were here for 2 days and yes they had been enjoying themselves. 

I regroup with my friends and we’re just so fucking excited cause we just met friggen’ Ezra Miller. Our new friend had to leave so we said goodbye to him.

Me and my girl then scan the room and see that Josh is now by the merch table so we finally go there to take a look at the merch as well. I found the pin that I had previously seen on their website but was sold out. So I ask for one of them and ask how much it costs and how to pay for it. We were told that we could download an app to pay for it or pay in Swedish kroners. New dilemma. I thought that they would have had a terminal to buy merch with so I’m slightly distressed by the thought that I wouldn’t be going home with that little pin as something else to remember the night by. So I ask the lady that I thought was in charge of the merch of what we could do so I could pay for it. She said that I had to ask Josh about it cause it was after all the bands’ merch. My friend jumps in and starts asking Josh if there was any other way that we could pay for the pins for (cause she wanted one as well). We tell him that we came from Denmark to see them and that we didn’t have any Swedish kroners or card to pay with. Josh just looks at the pin and then at her and me and quietly just tells us to take it. 

MY heart! My itty bitty heart couldn’t handle him being adorable. We thank him profusely and I gush about how I loved the gig that night. The whole vibe and them were just absolute love. Then I ask him if I could take some pictures with him. He gladly obliges and I take a few photos with him as well and invite him and the band to Denmark. I also got his autograph.

I had a much easier time talking with Josh cause he felt somewhat as awkward as I normally am. I then tell him that if they ever need a tour guide or a friend in Denmark then they can just go ahead and contact me as I dig out one of my business cards and give it to him. I then tried to look around after Lilah but I didn’t see her anywhere. I then ask out loud where she is and Josh starts looking around for her as well. “Hmm, I don’t know actually.” I thank him a lot again and then try and move out of the way cause I noticed that a lot of people had started queueing up for the merch.

I get out in the middle of some open area and reestablish some composure again. My friend and I have literally turned into teenagers again and are just so completely stoked by the whole concert and meeting the band. We compare autographs and I honestly felt a little let down because Ezra had written “Get it” along with his autograph on hers while he only wrote his name on mine. She said that she was gonna go back to him and get some new pictures cause hers didn’t turn out that well. I asked her if she could get him to write something a little more personal for me as well and then she was off. There were still a few folks in line waiting to meet Ezra and honestly….The face he makes when he’s hugging is just ugh…So serene, so peaceful. I couldn’t help but take a series of photos as well when he was hugging another fan.He hugged her for the longest time also and I was just thinking…”Yes, girl…I understand. You hug the hell out of him!”

I got some more photos of her with him and could see that she got some more photos in as well. She then takes out her little booklet with our autographs in it and I can see that she’s explaining what I asked to him. He took the longest time to write out the note and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw what took such a long time.

What an adorable bean!

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t just ask him myself. Now looking back at it, I could’ve gone back for more hugs and a more personal note. I’m an utter idiot. 

But yeah, she got new photo’s and I got myself a more personal note. All in all a happy camper! 

Still think that I’m an idiot though for not going back for seconds.

But yeah, that was our night. Totally worth all the anxiety.

We never saw Lilah but if I get another chance to see the band again, then she is the first person I’m going to after the show!

I wanna talk about Holden’s more selfless moments last night:

  • BEING HONEST!!!! ABOUT ALMOST!!!! NOT COMING TO SAVE THEM!!!! I wasn’t sure if he would be and I’m glad he was. He gave Alex all the credit for the Somnambulist.
  • Pushing Amos out of the way when the Caliban threw the crate at them. Like!!!!! He sees the crate coming and shoves Amos away. If someone’s gonna get hurt, it’s gonna be him. It’s gonna be the captain. It’s his job to protect his crew. And when Amos tries to help him he makes Amos leave. LIKE!!!! He tells Amos to leave him because he clearly can’t get him out and he’s gonna run out of air or get killed himself. 
  • Faces down his trigger alone. Like come on. COME ON. He’s spent a whole season scared to death of the protomolecule and it’s staring him right in the face and he powers through all on his own.
  • That Whole Nolden Scene. I mainly want to focus on two parts though. First of all, when his suit alarm starts going off due to his dropping vitals, he SHUTS IT OFF. The camera focusses on it. He’s doing it so Naomi won’t hear. So she won’t worry even more. So she won’t listen. He doesn’t want to scare her. and SECOND he tells her to NOT DO WHAT HE DID! He tells her to move on and stay safe and take care of herself and the crew. What he thinks he should have done after the Cant. Don’t lose yourself like I did, don’t be what I was. 
  • MAKING SURE AMOS WILL DO THE THING IF THEY CAN’T STOP IT AND SAVE HIM. Like shit dude like “kill me to save yourselves” like how he was GLAD when he thought that Naomi left him behind on Eros because she protected the crew even if it meant his death and he STILL feels that way but this time he leaves it with Amos because no matter what he knows Amos will let him die if there’s no other option. If there’s no other way to protect Naomi (and everyone else). 
  • Lastly, when Naomi wants to talk to him. “How bad could it be?” AS IF NOTHING SHE SAYS MATTERS. He’ll love her anyway or forgive or move on from anything she says he doesn’t care. he told her he’d love her through it all and he MEANT IT. even if it can hurt him. “whatever it is, we’ll be all right” AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW he wants to forgive her because he doesn’t want her to be upset or scared of his judgment because he WILL LOVE HER THROUGH IT ALL.

anyway James R Holden is too good and i’m so glad he’s come back

anonymous asked:

I just love the way Harry acts as Magnus!!! The way he moves his body is just so interesting as Magnus?? Like the way he moves his shoulders and hands and the angle of his head tilt. Especially his shoulders and how he twists, what gestures his hands make when conveying different things (and obvs magic too), the cadence of his voice, the emotion in his eyes all the time!!! IM SORRY I JUST LOVE HIM AND HOW MUCH WORK AND EFFORT HARRY PUTS INTO MAKING MAGNUS HIS OWN PERSON WITH MANNERISMS <3

i completely agree! i’ve actually said that many times but i’m gonna say that again… the way harry moves, his gestures, his facial expressions, the way he rises his eyebrows, the way he moves his hands… all of that often speak so much louder than any line that he’s saying in that moment

i’m gonna be honest, whenever magnus is in a scene, he’s got my complete attention. because even if he’s not saying anything, he’s always doing something, sending a message to other character and us, viewers

the way harry portrays magnus will always make me more and more amazed
and he really deserves every award for his acting because not many people can play emotions that well. you can actually feel what magnus feels, whether it’s pain or joy or love

harry’s talent has no limits and i’m so so happy more and more people appreciate him because nobody deserves it more than him

Chibs Telford - A Fighting Chance

Requested: Jax is like your brother and he doesn’t approve of you and Chibs, Chibs tries to prove he loves you to Jax.

“You need to stop seeing him, [Name].”

Jax told you. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the man who told you this for the you couldn’t even remember how many times now because you lost count.

But regardless of how many times he told you your answer was always the same. There was no way you were leaving the man that you were with right now because of the reasoning that Jackson was continuously giving you.

He always told you that it was dangerous for one. Well that was obvious you had been around the club long enough to know that you were his childhood friend after all and had grown up extremely close with him to the point where he acted as if he was a big brother towards you.

The dangerous part wasn’t even hardly a threat because like you and he already knew you had been around the club long enough to know how to take care of yourself if anything were to happen.

The next was the whole age. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at that as well. You didn’t care about his age and he didn’t seem to mind too much about yours either. You were extremely mature for your age and you could handle the baggage that he carried when he would allow you to know about it.

You were probably one of the most mature women of your age that you had ever met before. And your man knew that as well. That’s why he was with you, at least one of the reasons why he was with you.

And then there was the whole you’ll end up getting hurt and he’ll break your heart speech. You swore if you had a dollar for every time he told you this you’d feel just like a stripper. You’d have money raining down from the skies and he do a little happy dance in it.

“Jax, just stop it. Please you’re gonna make me upset and it’s all over nothing.”

You told him as you rested your elbow against the bar as you stood there talking to the blonde.

“I swear sometimes you play more of the jealous boyfriend than the big brother.”

“I’m just trying to look out for you like I always have. He’s extremely loyal, but it’s to the club. If things go bad and he has to end up picking you or the club – it’s gonna be the club.”

He told you his honest opinion. You rolled your eyes again.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it Jackson.”

You told him as you pushed away from the bar and headed outside. You seriously needed some air right now thanks to Jax’s fatherly talks again. Reaching outside you took a deep breath and sighed.

“Tough day?”

The voice asked causing you to look toward him with a small smile.

“Chibs you have no idea. Jax is in there trying to get me to leave you again.”

You told him honestly. You knew that if you were honest with him, he’d be honest with you – for the most part. Chibs raised a brow as he flicked his cigarette off to the side before standing up and walking over to you.

He knew it upset you when Jax would try to pull this and honestly it upset him as well. The two of you had been together for nearly five months and it had been rocky thanks to Jax and his little talks with you.

Yet the man had yet to come talk to him.

He kissed you on your forehead as he stopped in front of you. He looked down at you as he had his hands on your arms.

“I’ll talk to em.”

He told you. You sighed softly as you nodded and watched as he walked back inside. You had the urge to go back inside and listen to them talk, but you knew this was something they needed to do alone. Shaking your head you figured you’d go talk to Gemma in the office.

About an hour passed and you were leaning over a car in the garage as Juice was teaching you a few things about engines. You were so focused you didn’t even hear Chibs walking up behind you until he placed his hands on your hips causing you to jump.


Chibs said with a slight grin. You scoffed, slightly annoyed by the fact that you knew damn good and well he wasn’t sorry about it by the look on his face.

“Jax should back off a bit now. I had a talk with the lad and we came to an understanding.”

He told you causing your eyes to widen. You shook your head baffled wondering what in the world it was that he could have possibly said to the man that made him agree to back off.

“What did you say?”

You wondered looking up at him. How could he have gotten Jax to back off so easily?

“Nothing much. Just a friendly talk about how if he made ye upset again I’d wallop em regardless of em being my VP.”

You blinked with widened eyes. You couldn’t believe he had actually told Jackson that. Then again he always seem to surprise you with how he handled things.

That was one way of doing it you guessed.

I Just Wanted To Be Loved: Anti oneshot

Anti leaned against the wall of the recording room, heaving a frustrated sigh as his body glitched. What were those idiots doing? He thought they wanted him but now they were all turning against him. What did he have to do to get them to care for him like they did for Jack?! It was so unfair! He worked so hard to please them but they always went running straight back to Sean. No more. If they wanted him so badly, they would have to fight for him. He was tired of catering to their wishes.

              He was broken from his thoughts when Skype on Jack’s computer began to ring. BumBum is calling, accept or decline? This was the last thing he needed right now. His form glitched again, and when it settled he looked exactly like Jack. Couldn’t let Mark know that Jack wasn’t in control after all. He put on a false smile before accepting the call. To his surprise, it wasn’t Mark “D-dark?” Why was he calling?

               "You can drop the facade Anti. I know it’s you,“ Dark said, his cold expression unreadable. Anti flickered back to his normal appearance. “What do you want Dark? I’m kinda busy at the moment,” Anti said, annoyed. “I saw the video. What kind of stunt are you pulling here? People are gonna figure out you’re real. And if they know you’re real, they’ll figure out I am too. Your little tantrum is gonna get us in big trouble. Why must you be such a child, throwing a fit whenever people don’t give you the attention you want,” Dark said angrily, scolding Anti as if he were a bratty little kid.

               "You don’t understa-“ Anti began before getting cut off. “What don’t I understand Anti?! Do you have any idea wat could happen to us if we’re found out?! In case you’ve forgotten, normal people don’t have things like us! We could get sent to some sort of secret government facility and be experimented on just because you’re being a spoiled brat!” Dark shouted, beyond pissed. 

               "You really don’t get it do you? I’ll die without their attention Dark! I’m not doing this because i like the attention, I’m doing this because I need it! Not all of us get be a nightmare creature that doesn’t have to rely on anyone you know! I’m just a tulpa! And tulpas disappear if they are forgotten or not given enough attention! I’ve always been a ‘glitch bitch’ but the glitches have been a lot worse lately! And I know for a fact that that isn’t a good sign! I did this because I don’t want to die. I’m scared Dark,“ Anti said, his body glitching sporadically and his voice trailing off towards the end.

                 This was all just a last ditch effort to stay alive. He didn’t want to go, there was so much he hadn’t gotten to experience yet. He was their creation, why were they letting him die? Why didn’t they love him? That was all he ever wanted. He was just following the guidelines they set down when they created him. After all, how many fanfictions and art feature him being a bad guy? A psychopath? A murderer? A threat to Jack?

                 "A-anti….I’m so sorry. I had no idea,” Dark said, guilt evident in his voice and expression. “I don’t need your pity. It’s not like there’s anything you can do anyway. And to be honest, I don’t think I’m gonna make it anyway. I’m pretty sure that video has only made things worse for me. My glitching is coming more frequently and, for once in my life, I feel tired. So, so tired. I’m not sure how much longer I’m gonna last. Please, just don’t forget about me okay? Even if everyone else does. Promise me, please,” Anti replied, sounding absolutely exhausted, his voice pleading. “I promise Anti. I won’t forget you. I promise,” Dark said. A soft smile graced Anti’s face. “Thank you." 

              Anti made to sit down in the computer chair but his legs gave out from beneath him. "Anti!” Dark shouted worriedly. Anti lay on the floor, his whole body trembling, tears pricking his eyes. It was happening so fast now. He didn’t have long at all. Shit. He didn’t want to go! Why?! Why did it have to be like this? He just wanted to be loved.

              His vision started to darken around the edges and he struggled to stay awake, knowing that if he lost consciousness, Jack would take over again and he would be gone. For good this time. “Anti hold on! I’ll shadow travel to you. Please, just hold on till i can get there!” He heard Dark call from the computer. “I’m sorry Dark, I don’t think I can,” Anti said, his voice shaky. The next few words from Dark were garbled, his eyes drifting shut as the last of his strength faded away. “Anti? Anti?! Anti please, say something! Don’t give up! Please! You’re my best friend! Don’t leave me!”

(( Had the idea of Anti needing our attention to survive a while back. I was thinking about the little tantrum canon Anti had yesterday and the idea came back. I immediately wrote this down. To be honest, i teared up a bit while writing this. Sequel: https://narutofoxlover.tumblr.com/post/163886592211/save-him-sequel-to-i-just-want-to-be-loved ))