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Look at my adorable alien taking his friend’s advice, after fully admitting he’d been sucking so far as he’s NEVER BEEN IN AN ADULT RELATIONSHIP EVER and “wants to not be terrible…” and stopped trying so hard…and was just THERE for her.

And the second she got the call to arms and was ready to go into fight mode, he was IN because he knows that’s what heroes do.



You said you’d never leave or forsake me
When you said, this life is gonna shake me
And you said this world is gonna bring trouble on my soul
              When everything falls apart your arms hold me together


clarke is in love with bellamy and bellamy is in love with clarke. 

the end. 

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headcanon: shiro likes "traditional" dates (ex: candlelit dinners at fancy, expensive restaurants) but pidge is like "if it requires putting pants on, i'm not doing it" so the majority of their date nights are spent at home watching netflix

OMG THIS IS REALLY CUTE I LOVE IT…. it’s not even the “going out” aspect shiro loves as much as just the act of doing something romantic together? so when he and pidge start going steady it takes him some time to adjust to netflix dates being PIDGE’S ideal romantic activity LOL (sometimes he wares her down into going out to museums and aquariums and stuff like that together tho)

Unpopular opinion “One honest statement”

I don’t thing it’s about Alec or Magnus declaration of love for the other, I think it’s about the “new sexuality being introduced” thus a coming out

deltora quest anastasia AU

because everything deserves an anastasia AU

  • endon and sharn are dead in this au sorry
  • barda as vlad, lief as dmitri, jasmine as anya, the shadow lord as rasputin
  • there are rumors that the deltoran heir is still alive 
  • street rat orphan lief and former palace guard barda are searching for the heir (its not a con in this one, they’re genuinely trying to find him/her)
  • but neridah as the ‘grandma……. its me…… anastasia” lady omg
  • orphan-with-memory-loss jasmine literally stumbles into the abandoned Palace of Del and into their search efforts because she was told she could get passage to Tora
  • hold up - she’s the right age, she looks Del tribe, she has no memory of her past, her parents are missing or dead
  • perfect
  • they convince her to join them despite her doubts of her being royalty (actually she plans to ditch them once they reach tora)
  • let the journey of belligerent sexual tension begin
  • so many of the lines work omg
  • “lief, do you really think i’m royalty”
  • “you know i do”
  • “then stop bossing me around!”
  • and barda keeps a ‘shots fired’ tally between them (jasmine: 35 lief: 4)
  • jasmine: ugh, men are such babies
  • jasmine: *wakes up violently and accidentally smacks lief’s face* “oh, sorry! i thought you were– oh. its you. well, that’s okay.”
  • the shadow lord begins to stir because he can feel deltoran magic returning 
  • but like everyone else he believes jasmine is the heir
  • lief and barda try to teach jasmine how to be a royal
  • “if i can learn to do it/if he can learn to do it, then you can learn to do it”
  • turns out lief is actually much better at the whole royalty thing
  • he can remember names, history, events, etiquette; he can turn on the ‘royalty switch’ and become someone completely different and regal
  • slowly but surely he finds himself falling for this fierce green-eyed girl and he can try to fight it but nope
  • jasmine’s an awful dancer but lief leads her through the steps and they do just fine
  • and for that sunset moment he forgets who they are. that he’s an orphaned street rat and she is likely a princess. that if she really is the heir then he will have to let her go 
  • and just for a moment jasmine feels something for lief - she doesn’t know what it is but she doesn’t want to let him go
  • when they’ve stopped dancing and she feels their closeness, she almost leans in
  • almost
  • the shadow lord sends terrible nightmares after jasmine and lief pulls a sleepwalking jasmine away from a sea cliff as she’s seconds from jumping
  • and as he pulls a distraught jasmine from the edge of death and into his arms he begins to loathe himself for bringing her into this
  • he takes the nightmares as a sign that she really is the deltoran heir and somehow the shadow lord knows and he’s active once again
  • she doesn’t even want to be the queen; he knows that; but he’s put her through this and its his fault she’s had horrid nightmares because her identity is suspected; and he’s fallen head over heels but he can never have her
  • anyway
  • when they reach tora they have to go through lindal before they can see doom – the man who was once a friend of the king and who has access to the belt of deltora to determine the true heir
  • lindal says doom won’t see anyone else because all these heir-claimers just want an excuse to see/try on/attempt to steal the belt of deltora
  • barda convinces her to let them be the last ones because ‘we think she’s the real deal’
  • when they come before doom he sees the girl they present as the heir and recognizes her as part of himself
  • but he also sees the boy behind her, the spitting image of his childhood best friend
  • doom pulls out the belt of deltora
  • the glittering belt is more magnificent then lief could have imagined
  • but why is doom putting it around lief and not jasmine
  • wait what
  • OH
  • the belt lights up and banishes the shadow lord’s forces that were rapidly closing in
  • tears and confusion abound as everyone tries to sort out exactly wtf is happening
  • barda, lindal, doom, jasmine, lief, all of them are in awe and shock of what they are witnessing
  • jasmine and doom cannot believe they found each other
  • lief, jasmine and barda can’t believe the true heir was lief all the time
  • the full weight of hit hits lief. he’s the king. he can have whatever he wants. but he can’t have jasmine. he refuses to ask her to stay because to have her would make her queen, the one thing she never wanted to be
  • and she found her family now, she can go live her life
  • but her father has returned to del, so she chooses to stay in del
  • not for lief – but with lief
  • now, at last, they could begin

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idk if it was her kissing kito, but i feel like if it was #4/ orangish would suit her to compliment kitos hair color too

👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 when did u see that pic………………………………………………… 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀



Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*


“Things have changed.”