for someone who has hirutism, i cannot explain how much it angers me when white girls complain about shaving when all they have is peach fuzz. MAYBE WHEN YOU HAVE TO THREAD HAIR THAT IS ON YOUR FACE, NECK, CHEST, PLUS ALL THE OTHER PARTS YOU NEED TO SHAVE ALL TOGEHTER, THEN YOU CAN COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT SHAVING.

in the mean time sit the fuck down recognize your privilege of not looking like a gorilla.


A Surprising Way to Treat Your PCOS-Related Acne


PCOS causes acne in many women and if you suffer from these painful breakouts, you are certainly not alone. Though hormonal influences can initiate skin problems, you may be surprised to find that your pillow case can really add insult to injury!

Pillow cases can be especially harmful if you’re a side sleeper, as your face is up against the material every night. Here are a few ways you can improve your skin by paying attention to your sleeping habits:

  1. Sleep on your back. It may be difficult at first, but getting into the habit will be worth it.
  2. Change your pillow case more often. Though we all would like to say that we wash our sheets once per week, the reality of a busy schedule is that they often do not get washed that frequently.
  3. Switch detergents. If changing your pillow case more regularly doesn’t seem to help, try a fragrance-free or extra sensitive detergent, as that may be what is irritating your skin.

Of course, changing your pillow case will not completely heal your acne, but it will help stop making the skin condition worse while giving other treatments a chance to work.

Sincerely,   Christine DeZarn Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association, Inc. (PCOSA)  SOURCE:http://www.pcosupport.org/
I'm loving the warm, beautiful weather and all but..

when it gets warmer and everyone else wants to wear less, i become more insecure, cause of my hirutism. i wish it was easy to shave everything off. but this isn’t peach fuzz that we’re talking about. and i hate every bit of it. i hate how i have to put into 4 hrs of shaving and have to put in more effort cause the amount of body hair i have. and its hot, and i can’t hide under a jacket forever. and its like i’m in this battle of shaving and wearing short sleeves, or not and just wearing short sleeves or covering myself. being a Pakistani-Muslim, i’m not even allowed to wear a tank top in the house. and i’m always been so used to wearing jeans all summer long, cause i don’t have a choice, i have to cover myself. and walking around campus, seeing all these girls in shorts, dresses, and bikinis. i want to wear those things but   i can’t cause a) i’m too hairy b.) i can shave, but i have too much hair to shave off, its really bad. c) i’m not even allowed to show that much skin anyways.

and i’m so embarrassed about all of this as i’ve always been. and i think my only way out is laser hair removal surgery. cause that can only permanently take it all off. but i’m a broke ass college student. and this whole week, everyday after school, as i sit at the mall, i feel so insecure cause i can’t even enjoy warm weather in just jeans and some t-shirt.