Simon Hirst: Radio DJ reveals he is to become a woman called Stephanie

The presenter of a popular breakfast show on Capital FM Yorkshire has announced she is to undergo surgery to become a woman and has started calling herself Stephanie.

Feel really pleased for Hirsty to finally be able to share this with the public. Go, Stephanie :) (and get back ont radio because I think Yorkshire misses you!)

And then in the middle this woman just commented “his voice grates on me” and I’d just had enough by this point, I was fed up, so I just commented “well so does your face so I guess we’re even” and by this point Daniel commented on Facebook asking if I maybe wanted a glass of water or a tampon and I replied “No. I want your mum to stop sending me naked pictures.”
—  *Context: Hirsty complaining about unnecessary hate on Instagram.*
Hirsty- Capitol Radio.

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