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POLYSICS 20th Anniversary Fun Facts or Die!!! #9

When Hayashi asked his high school classmate Kayo to join POLYSICS in 1998, she never played a synthesizer before beside from playing a little bit piano. From a rookie she became one of the most iconic keyboard/synthesizer players in Japan.

Since leaving the band in 2010 POLYSICS keeps a empty keyboard/synthesizer on stage to memorize Kayo.


I’ve didn’t find these at Tumblr, so here I am uploading them.

DJ Hiroyuki Hayashi in Rock In Japan Festival 2011~!

LOL. It seemed to be really, REALLY fun! I hope there are any performances of him DJ-Ing soon :P

God. I’ve wasted my day sleeping for school when I’ve could go to Japan to see Perfume, POLYSICS and him.