hiroyuki hayashi


Breaking News: POLYSICS will return with a new album titled “That’s Fantastic!” to be released on November 29 and introduced a new member with Ryo Nakamura (Guitar, synth).

CD Tracklist
1. That’s Fantastic!
2. Crazy My Bone
3. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
4. ルンバルンバ
5. Sea Foo
6. Pretty UMA
7. Shut Up Baby
8. Toisu Non Stop
9. You Talk Too Much
10. I Have No Idea
11. Ga Ga Ga Ga Gaping
12. ダンス グミグミ
13. ロックンロー


Constant reminder that Tim Sheehy of Japanator thinks these scenes are poorly animated and “quality”.
People like him what have that reaction where they call anythin’ that’s a smear, an under-detailed distance shot, or havin’ anythin’ remotely off model as “LOL QUALITY”, make it fuckin’ impossible to have an ACTUAL discussion of the technical merits of an animated work.