Hirotoshi Ito


“A smile on the beholder’s face is the main motivation for my work.“

Hirotoshi Ito comes from a family of stone masons who for the last 130 years have been in the business of working stone primarily for monuments and grave markers.  Though stone is his primary media, he often combines different materials, incorporating metal, ceramics, and pigments in his works.  He makes his sculptural works while at the same time attending the family business.
For his personal work he collects stones and rocks from the riverbanks in his neighborhood, then utilizing the stone’s natural shapes and qualities he fashions them so as to express a warmth and humor in the hard stone.


Hirotoshi Ito’s work with stone is incredible - his sculptures are designed to reveal a hidden existence in an ordinary thing, and an exploration of texture and tactility. Whilst studying metal work during his education, Ito discovered a desire to transform the traditionally cold, hard, rigid material of metal into something which seemed warmer, more fluid in its form. Ito reverses the common relationship with materials - instead of using stone to create a solid, monumental feel, he brings ordinary elements to the stone, turning it into a more gentle and, if you’ll forgive me, a more human material.

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